Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 11, Episode 10 - Episode #11.10 - full transcript

- Lower the bridge!

- I can't. DOT has
a strict policy.

- There wasn't
time to be polite.

- He says Carver
put hands on him.

- IAD's here.

You're gonna wanna see this.

- Your friend, Carver?
He's in the clear.

- I'm just happy that
I was in a position

to help 51 on this one.

- Don't pretend like
you just did 51 a favor.

You may have IAD fooled,

but we know exactly who you are.

- Martucci, they're
taking him down now.

- Pryma's there?
- Yeah.

- That thing's still in his leg.

It didn't detonate.
I don't know how.

- What's in his...
- Rocket propelled grenade.

- Carver, you're with me.

- Where's Stella?

- We're not going anywhere.

- We are getting out of this.

- Take cover!
- Cover him!

- Stella?

Hey, report...


Squad 3, search and rescue!

- Chief, there could
be more explosives.

We didn't have time
to clear the place.

- My men know what
they're doing.

- Stella, Carver, call out!

Capp, check him out.

Tony, get on that.
- Got it.

- Carver, Kidd?

Hey, talk to me.


Hey, back here!



Stella. Hey.

Hey. Hey.

- Try not to move, okay?

Looks like you
took some shrapnel.

Hey, Chief, everybody's
accounted for.

We need two stretchers.

Just take a breath.

Any exit wound?

- Not that I can see.

- Don't worry,
Stella, we got you.

- Not bad. Hey. Come here.

- What happened?

- She took the
brunt of the blast.

- Go.

We'll meet you at Med.

- Pryma?

- He's on the way to
Med because of you.

- Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

- My heart rate must
be breaking records.

- Yeah, it's a little elevated,
but you're gonna be okay.

- And my breathing
feels shallow.

Is it pneumothorax?
- I don't think so.

It could be the shock.

- Out of the way. Move!

You guys okay back there?

- Don't worry about
us. Just keep driving.

I need you to keep pressure.

- I'm sorry. Yeah. I know.

- You want something
for the pain?

- Yes. Hell yeah. Give
me everything you got.

- All right.

I can't... okay.

- Then there is this
burst of gunfire,

and there's this loud whoosh.

And then there was nothing.

- That was the racket?
- Yep.

And we're all just
sitting there waiting

for the other shoe to drop.
- But it doesn't.

And then someone's
yelling, "Medic!"

Next thing you know,
Kidd and Carver

are suiting up and
heading inside.

- Damn.

- Okay, thanks.

- Hey, Carver,
you need anything?

Coffee, something from
the vending machine?

- I'm good. Thanks.

- That must have been one
hell of a scene in there.

- Yeah, it was, yeah.

- Well, let me know
if you need anything.

We're all here for you.

- Hey, uh...

She'll be okay.

She's heading into surgery now
to get the shrapnel removed.

The wound is deep,
but they say that, uh,

she won't have any
serious internal damage.

- Thank God.

- So what are we looking
at, recovery time wise?

- Um...

Knowing her, she'll
wanna do the next shift,

but realistically, a few weeks.

- I'll take Truck and
Squad out of service

for the remainder of the shift.

Just keep us posted.

Come on, 51. Back
to the firehouse.

- You wanted to see me, Chief?

- Come on in. Have a seat.

You know, with Kidd out,

I'm gonna need you to write
up 81's incident report

since the two of you
were in there alone.

- Copy that.

- Given the high profile
nature of the call,

it's already reached
the news cycle.

Well, headquarters, they want
their side of things ASAP.

- I'll get right on it.

- I am... not finished.

You know, in my day, when
something like this happened,

they would give you a
bunch of sleeping pills,

a pat on the back, you
never speak of it again.

But wisely, they figured out
that isn't the best approach.

Just because you were
not physically harmed

does not make it
any less traumatic.

No one would hold
it against you.

If you wanna take
a few shifts off,

decompress, get your
head straight...

- Thank you, Chief.

I prefer to stay
on if that's okay.

- No one's here to
force your hand.

But if you wake up tomorrow
morning and you feel otherwise,

that offer, it's still good.


You're dismissed.

- Hey, I got it.

I got it.

- I feel so groggy
from the pain meds.

What do they have me on?

- Hydromorphone.

- No wonder I
can't feel my legs.

Have you been here all day?

- I'm not going anywhere.

- Can you point
me to Stella Kidd?

- Yeah, right around the corner.

- Thanks.

- You ready for this?

- Hell, yeah.
- Listen...

You looked out for me when
I had trouble sleeping.

And you're having
your own lately, so...

- I'm fine.

Listen, after three weeks
off, I've got enough energy

built up to lift a truck.

Trust me.
- Hot.

- More likely the ton of
paperwork I'll be lifting.

Is that still hot?

On you? Very.

- Hey, you'll take a break
if you need one, yeah?

- Absolutely.

Yeah, yeah, I'm back.

I love you all.

Thank you for the well-wishes,

the gift baskets
while I was gone.

But if you're planning prank
or had my shrapnel framed

or anything like
that, you can save it.

I have way too much to do
and no time for any of that.

All right. Okay.

Now, if you will excuse me,
I gotta check in with Boden.

And we can all officially
consider me welcomed back.

- All right. Hey.

Do we tell Capp to
forget about wearing

a bomb suit to the
morning briefing,

or can we hang him out to dry?

- Nobody better say a word.

- Somebody should film it.

- Hey, are those my new hoses?

- No, it's for Brett.

- Ooh, it's finally here.

- What's a safe surrender box?

- You'll see.

- Oh, like for weapons?
- No.

- Does it have anything
to do with magic?

- Ooh.
- No, you guys,

it's a place for
people to safely

and anonymously
drop their newborns

under the state
safe haven statute.

- Oh, way off.

- Don't we have a sticker on
the door for that already?

- Yes, but this is
temperature controlled,

which is important for
the cold winter months.

And it has a built-in
alert system.

Very high tech.


I guess I assumed it would
be arriving assembled.

You guys wouldn't
mind helping me

put this together, would you?

It is for abandoned babies.

- Let me see those instructions.

- No, I know, but last
week, you said he'd call me

by the end of the week,
and that never happened,

which is why we're having
this conversation again.

Okay, by the end of this week?

Great. Yeah. I'll be waiting.

Thank you.

- What's all that?

- I've been trying to get
ahold of Emma's boss forever.

But apparently, he's the
busiest person in the CFD.

- Why do you wanna
get a hold of him?

- To explain why Emma
shouldn't be working

in the Internal
Affairs Division.

- Are you sure you
wanna get involved?

- I don't want to. I have to.

Emma's a psycho who
shouldn't be able

to hold people's livelihood
in the palm of her hand.

I let the dust settle
on Carver's inquiry,

but now it's time to
have that conversation.

If I can ever get a call back.

- Hey, just um...

You're right, of
course. Just be careful.

- Oh. Sorry. Should
have knocked.

I can just wash my
hands in the kitchen.

- Carver, it's no big deal.

We shower and sleep together.

You know what I mean.

Anyway, I am done.

Hey, how did it go
with Lieutenant Walback

while I was gone?

- All good.

- Really?
- Why wouldn't it?

- Because everything
is awesome to him,

and your good mornings
sound sarcastic,

so I figured you two would
be like oil and water.

- Nope.

We actually hit it off.
Sorry to disappoint.

- Oh.

- I mean, he's a
fine lieutenant,

but he's no Stella Kidd.

- Why do I feel like
you're messing with me?

Truck 81, automatic alarm.

- All right.
- 438 Fillmore Street.

- This the place?

- 438 Fillmore.

- Let's check it out.

Fire department.

Hello? Anyone here?

Fire suppressant went off.

- Wow, that stuff works fast.

I don't smell any smoke.

- And just like that,
our work here is done.

- You hear that?

- Yeah, it's coming
from up here.

- Got it.

- Whoa!

Someone's in the vent.

- Get me the hell out of here.

- Hey, stay calm.
We're firefighters.

We're gonna get you out of here.

What's your name?
- I gotta get out of here.

I can barely breathe.

- How did you get in?
- From the roof.

I was cleaning the vent.

I fell in.

- He must have tripped the
alarm when he came down.

- Gonna take a while to cut
through all this duct work.

- It looks pretty tight. How
are we gonna protect him?

- We're gonna get him out
the same way he came in.

So Mouch, you stay down here

in case we need
leverage from below.

Gallo, Carver, we're
going up to the roof.

Hey, hang tight, all right?

We're coming for you.
- Okay. Hurry up.

- All right, I'm
coming down for you.

- Okay. Hurry, please.

- You good to go?

- All set, Lieutenant.
- Okay. Carver?

- Give me a second.
I'm gonna re-tie this.

I'm not sure if it's good.

- It's good. Let's go.

All right.

Okay, hang on.

- Hold.

- Go.

All right.

- I got you.

All right, hold.
- Hold.

- All right, listen up.

I'm gonna slip this
around your wrist.

And then you're gonna hold
tight, and we'll pull you up.

- Okay. Okay, yeah.
- All right?

- All right.

- Look at this place.

What happened here? I
got an alert on my phone.

- The system tripped while
your guy was cleaning out

the grease vent and fell in.

But don't worry, we're
getting him out now.

- Wait, what? Who?

- He sounded kind of young,

said he was working
on the vents.

- We're closed today.

Nobody's working.

- Oh.

- There have been break-ins all
up the block last few weeks.

- Be advised, the
owner just arrived,

and I'll be calling in a 10-1.

- So you don't work here?

You robbing the place?

- I just want out, please.

- You got any weapons on you?

- No, no, I swear.

- Pull her up. This
guy's a criminal.

- Kidd can handle it.

- Gallo.

- It's her call to make.

- All right. He's
clipped in. Pull me up.

- Copy that.

- Hold on.

- Don't do anything stupid.

- I won't, man.

I think my foot's broken.

- I can get these.

- Hey, Chief, do
you have a second?

- Come on in.

- I... I really didn't
wanna bother you with this,

but I'm not sure
who else to turn to.

I don't know how
much you know about

all the stuff Emma Jacobs did
back when she was working here.

- I have a sense of it.
- Okay.

Well, I've been trying
to get a meeting

with Emma's boss at IAD.

I think he should know that
one of his investigators

tried to blackmail
her previous boss.

But he won't return
my phone calls.

- You'd like me to
facilitate the meeting?

- Well, yeah, I was hoping.

I know, for sure,
he'll take your call.

- Well, I know that the
subject of Emma Jacobs,

it's a fraught one for you.

- This isn't about
our history, Chief.

No, it's about making sure that
Emma Jacobs isn't in a position

where she can ruin
people's lives.

She could have tanked
Carver's career.

I am not looking
for payback here.

- Good.

Because revenge is
a dead end road.

- Agreed.

So you'll call him?

- I will.

- Thank you, Chief. Thank you.

- Hey, how'd it go?
- Hey.

- First call back.

- We caught a weird one.

- What's all that?

- Oh, decades of
Italian beef grease.

Yeah, I'm never
touching one again.

- So you saw some action?

- Yeah, always wanna
be on the ropes.

I will fill you in later.

I just... I gotta go talk
to Carver for a minute.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

Did you fall and hit your head
or something while I was gone?

Because whoever was on that call

is not the Carver that I know.

- Is this about the knot?
- You hesitated.

- It didn't look secure.
- Come on.

The double figure
eight knot was perfect.

Do you wanna tell me
what's really going on?

- Sorry about the hesitating.

I'll do better.

- You were better before.

Just bring the old Carver back.

- Hey, look who's here,
just in time to lend a hand.

- What can I say?

I have impeccable timing.

- Mouch, don't get
too comfortable.

We still need help
installing this.

- Hey, nobody cares about
abandoned babies more than me.

But I just got back from
a truly harrowing call,

and I need some time to process.

- Okay.

I put the app on
your home screen

so you miss any notifications.

Whenever the box is opened,

it will trigger an
alert on your phone.

- Okay, well, shouldn't
everyone have one of these?

- There's a wireless
alarm that goes with it.

If it's loud enough,
we don't need it.

Here. Let's see.

- For the love
of... turn it off!

- I'm trying.

There's probably an automatic
number of chimes so you...

Can't ignore it.

- This is not staying in here.

- It says to find
a central location.

- This is where
we come to relax.

- There's gotta be a
way to change the tone

or lower the volume.

- I don't see any
settings for that.

- My teenage daughter
can't even make that noise.

- You guys, it'll
barely ever go off.

It's meant to be annoying.

That's the entire
point of an alarm.

It's letting us know
that a baby is out there

waiting to be saved,
so no unplugging it,

and no assuming someone else
is gonna take care of it.


- Good morning.

Violet Mikami. I'm
here for Frank Silva.

Mr. Silva? I'm Violet Mikami.

- Yes, currently assigned to
Ambulance 61 at Firehouse 51,

formerly Ambulance
99 and Firehouse 20.

I got a call from a deputy
district chief telling me

I should take a meeting
with the paramedic.

It makes me awfully
curious about the medic.

What's this about, Mikami?

- This is about
Emma Jacobs, sir.

She doesn't belong
in Internal Affairs.

She doesn't even
belong in the CFD.

- If this is about her washing
out of the paramedic ranks,

I'm well aware. You
don't need to worry.

She's not seeing patients
in her current position.

- It's not about that.

It's about Emma
attempting to blackmail

Paramedic Chief Evan Hawkins

into securing her a
permanent spot at 51.

- She tried to
blackmail him how?

- By threatening to manufacture
allegations against Hawkins

that would have put him
in a very difficult spot

that would have been
impossible for him to refute.

Her plan might have worked,

except she flamed
out on the job first.

- How do you know
about all this?

- The allegations
were about me, sir.

Hawkins told me all about her
scheme as it was playing out.

- How did he tell you?

In texts, emails, anything
that could serve as evidence?

- Our conversations were
generally in person,

one on one.

Sir, you have to believe me.

- It doesn't matter whether
or not I believe you, Mikami.

This is all hearsay.

That's all it'll ever be.

The sad fact is, Chief
Hawkins isn't here

to speak for himself.

Listen, I appreciate you
bringing this to my attention,

and I'll keep an eye on Emma.

But there's nothing
actionable here.

- Thank you for your time.


Hey. Hey, honey.


Babe, you're okay.

You're okay.

It's just another bad dream.

You're okay.

- I'm just so sick of this.

Like, is this ever gonna end?

- Hey, Gallo.

Been looking for you.

- What's up, Lieutenant?

- How's everything
going on Truck?

I know it's been a few
weeks, but your team

took the brunt of that call.

- It's been great
to have Kidd back.

But, uh...

Carver's been
struggling a little.

- Struggling how?

- When we roped Kidd
down into that vent,

he kind of panicked.

Just for a second, nothing huge.

But he hasn't totally
been himself lately,

none of that cocky
stuff, you know?

- What the hell is that?
- Somebody turn it down!

- Gallo says it
doesn't work that way.

- Okay.

So FYI, it has a backup
battery and a setting to go off

whenever it loses power
or someone unplugs it.

- I was all the way over here.

- Wait.

You guys, that means...

- Someone opened the box.

Wha... what is this,
someone's GrubHub order?

Why in the world would
they leave it here?

- Because the delivery
instructions say

"place in outdoor slot."

- Hey, my burrito.
It's still warm.

That alarm is amazing.

I heard it all the way
from the locker room.

Never do that again, any of you.

- Wow, I don't think I've
ever seen her that angry.

- Do we blame her, though?

- Nice going, Capp.

- I'm sorry, guys.
I feel terrible.

- Hey, Chief, any
updates on Pryma?

- Last I heard, they
could save his leg.

He's doing PT to get
him walking again.

- That incident messed
with a lot of people.

- Yeah, it did.

There's a buzz about
a medal ceremony

for everyone involved.

No doubt Kidd and Carver,
they'll got some kind

of special recognition.

And the city, they will
milk the favorable press

for every single drop.

- Yeah, I'm sure they will.
- Huh.

- Thanks for the update.
- Yeah.

- There's 11 million
texts between me and Evan,

and not once do
we overtly discuss

the situation with Emma.

- Did you check every variation?

Emma, Jacobs, EJ?

- Yeah, and every other
term we ever use to refer

to her, no matter how profane.

- It makes sense you
didn't put much in writing.

You guys were playing it
pretty close to the vest.

- I can't keep reading
these old texts.

It's killing me.

- Do you want us to look
through them for you?

I didn't think so. I
was just trying to help.

- Did you check your voicemails?

- Yeah, I even called
Evan's old assistant

to see if he ever mentioned
Emma in any emails or notes

or those voice memos he
was always recording,

but they cleaned out
his office months ago.

There's nothing left.
- Don't worry, Vi.

It's only a matter of time
before Emma pulls some new scam

and they see her true colors.
- Totally.

People like her, they're
their own worst enemy.

- Disagree.

I'm her worst enemy.

And I'm gonna be the
one to bring her down.

- Psst.

Boden says Pryma should be on
his own two feet again soon.

- That is pretty
amazing, considering...

- Yeah.

Thanks to you and Carver.

How'd he seem to you?

- Carver?

Uh, I had to come down
on him a little bit

after that call, just try
to kick him back into gear.

But he's okay.

- It sounds like he's
still going through it.

- Carver's tough.

He'll be fine.

- Tough or not, this stuff
is hard to go through solo.

It might help to talk to someone

who was there for both of you.

- You going soft on
me, Kelly Severide?

I am not gonna hold
hands with Carver

and sing songs and talk
about our feelings.

- Good, because if he touches
your hand, he's a dead man.

But the talking part, that
can't hurt either of you.

- Hey, you mind tending
bar without me tonight?

Cynthia, she's been
feeling real tired lately,

and I figured I'd give her a
break by taking all the kids

out for pizza, you
know, let her stay home

and take a bubble
bath or something.

- Go for it.

I mean, I'm pretty sure
I can handle the, uh,

Tuesday night Molly's
rush on my own.

Hey, Carver, make sure you stop
by Molly's tonight, all right?

- You got it.
What's the occasion?

- Herrmann won't be around,
so we can dip into a bottle

of Macallan I know he's been
hiding in his back office.


- What the hell
are you doing here?

- I just wanted to tell you

I know all about your
visit with my boss.

Why'd you do that, Violet?

- Because you're a sociopath,
and everyone should know.

- I don't understand, Violet.

I cleared your friend, Carver.

I did you a favor.
We were even.

But now...

- Ms. Goodwin?

- Hi.

- What brings you by 51?

- Well, I heard you had
one of these new boxes

and wanted to come by
and see for myself.

They're not easy to get.

- Oh, I know.

I went a little aggro on
this and wouldn't let up,

maybe wrangled a few
of the higher-ups

and my housemates too.

- You know, we get newborns
in the emergency room at Med

who've been left in
dumpsters, parking lots.

Just last week, we had
one who couldn't have been

more than a few hours old.

Someone left her on a
bench in Union Station

wrapped in a blanket
stuffed in a shopping bag.

She might have
survived if they chose

to leave her here instead.

- Sadly, I have
stories like that, too,

which is why I put
in for one of these.

- It was worth
all the wrangling.

You know, I also heard
that you fought hard

for that paramedicine
program too.

We could use more Sylvie
Bretts in Chicago.

- You must be Kelly.

Girls, let's go to the kitchen

so your dad and Lieutenant
Severide can talk.

- I'd get up, but...

got shot in the leg

with a rocket propelled grenade.

- There's not many
people that can say that.

- Grab a seat.

- I didn't know you
had three daughters.

- Yeah.

Those girls could wreak more
havoc than a whole block

at Cook County Jail,

but I couldn't love them more.

I'm feeling grateful
every day I'm still around

to watch them grow, you know?

- I heard a rumor
you're getting an award.

- For what, being
a human shield?

- Hey.

If that RPG hadn't
hit you before arming,

it would have blown half a
dozen SWAT into the street.

- I didn't stick my
leg out on purpose.

- Just shut up and
take the award.

I will.

And the early pension.

- Maybe Emma's boss confronted
her about the accusation,

and she put two and two together

and figured it
must have been you.

- Knowing her, she probably
has his office bugged.

All I know for sure is
that Boden was right.

I was blinded by vengeance.

And now I'll be
checking my six for Emma

for the rest of my life.

- Well, you know, whatever
happens, we have your back.

- I know.

- Herrmann marks the bottle.

So I'll catch hell
for this, but, uh...

worth it.

- Why do I feel like I'm about
to be led to a firing squad?

- Oh, we really don't trust
each other much, do we?

- Mm.

- Gotta work on that.

- Just a suggestion, but you
could start by explaining

why you asked me here.

- Fair.
- Mm-hmm.

- We never really got a chance
to talk about the explosion.

- We were both there. So?

- Yeah, and then I
was out on medical,

and you were back on
shift two days later

like it was nothing.

- Mm-hmm.

- I've been, uh...

Having these nightmares lately

pretty much every night.

And I thought that they
would go away eventually,

but, uh, here we are.

- Hmm.

- What about you?

- Nightmares? No.

Not more than usual.

- So you're 100%?

Except all of a sudden,
your overconfidence,

bad attitude is completely gone.

- You miss them?

- And that's called deflection.


- Mm-hmm.

Truth is...

I keep trying to put the
whole thing behind me.

But every day I wake up,

I see this scar on my side.

And it all just
comes flooding back.

- Scars are good for that.

My older brother, he
was always a bully.

But one night, when
I was nine years old,

he took it up a notch.

We were at this
big family bonfire,

something we did every July 4th.

But this year, when no
one else was around,

he snuck up behind me, and he...

shoved me into the flames.

- No.

- I dragged myself out of there.

I'll never forget the
hell of that pain.

Meanwhile, he ran
and told everyone

that I tripped and fell,

and he saved me,

like he's the big hero.

No one believed my version,

what actually happened,

because that's too insane.

Why would a
15-year-old kid do that

to his own little
brother, right?

I must be lying.

Let's put the whole
thing behind us,

pretend it never happened.

- I'm sorry, Carver.

- Yeah, well...

Guess I'm not used to being
the one who gets saved.

And that's what you did.

You got hurt by covering me.

And I walked out of that
house without a scratch.

And it's been hanging over me,
probably messing with my head.

But I will pull it together,

per my lieutenant's

- Hey, maybe that's
all I need, too,

you know, a higher-up just to
order me to pull it together.

- Well, I was higher up
than you at the academy,

so I could do it.

- Mm. And there's
that attitude.

- Yeah.
- Hey.

See? It's working already.

- Yeah.