Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 11, Episode 1 - Hold on Tight - full transcript

Kidd and Severide's honeymoon is interrupted by a dangerous person from their past.

I now pronounce
you husband and wife.

Could I get
a moment of your time?

Your relationship with Mikami,

I know all about it.

Let me take the hit for this.

That whole relationship
has been a mess for us.

How much longer
can we keep this up

with so much time apart?

My work is here, life is here.

But we're together tonight.

Thomas Campbell,
one of the biggest players

in the Midwest opioid trade.

You saw Campbell on the scene.

- A thousand percent.
- You think you could be

that convincing in front
of a grand jury?

I'm in.

You have no idea what
you just stepped in.

Those guys are still out there.

It'll be OK, I promise.

What was that?

- You just hate the cabin.
- Admit it.

What is it?

Get dressed,
then go out the back.

- This way.
- Come on.

- I got him!
- I got him!


Benny's old ice fishing spot...

When we get to the shed,
keep running.

I'm not leaving you.

Just do it!

- Kelly...
- Go, go.

- Please, tell me...
- Go!

No... Kelly.





You're kind of
screwed now, Kelly.

Drop it.

What are you doing here?

How'd you know?

And that's when Pryma figured
out there was a mole inside PD

working with Campbell.

So we shook down the mole,
and he him to admit

that as soon as Dell
got out on bail,

he and Campbell were
going after Severide.

So Pryma put a tracker on Dell
the day he got out

and followed him
right to the cabin.

Whoa. Something like that
happened to me,

I'd take retirement on the spot.

Can't believe they were back
at work two weeks later.

They were back two days later.

Man, I wish I'd seen
Severide pin that guy

- down with a fishing spear.
- Yeah.

Oh, hey, Lieutenant, uh, did
they name that PD mole yet?

Nope. I guess they're keeping
it under wraps

until the hearing.

Don't worry, he'll get his.
I'll make sure of that.

Well, straighten it out,
'cause I'm gonna be

stuck in that damn
meeting all day tomorrow.

Come on in.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's up?

Well, I just got
a text from Mason.

He's doing great,

loves being back
fighting wildfires.

I'm happy for him.
But this Munsell kid,

he's no replacement.

Perfect timing.

There was a firefighter at 132

who I think is a great fit.

I've asked him to swing
by later on today.

- Just to say hello.
- Great.

- What's his name?
- Is Chief Ebbott on the phone?

I guess the schedule's
not working out.

He's not happy.

I'll show him not happy.

- I'm out of here.
- Yup.

- Um...
- Yes?

No, Tabrizi, you can't have it.

I have to say,
almost losing my job

gave me a new found appreciation
for the little things.

Like, like, washing
the ambulance

doesn't even really
bother me anymore.

Well, oof, at least
the outside of it, yeah.

It's been over a week since
Matt and I talked on the phone.

But you had fun
in Portland, right?

And then he came
out for the wedding.

Yes, but somehow it all
had this sadness to it.

Long distance is hard, but
someday soon it'll get better.

Yeah, someday,
that's the key phrase.

Enough of that.

Any... any contact with Hawkins?


I never called him back.

I'm kind of paralyzed.

Hey, it looks like you guys

are doing more moping
than washing over there.

It's distracting me.

- Yeah.
- Come on, join in the drill.

- Let's see what you got.
- Oh, but it's hot out.

Ritter, they're medics.

They're not cut out
for the tough stuff.

Does he really
think we're gonna be

- suckered in by that?
- We have to do it now,

- though, right?
- Yeah, totally.

Just the man I was looking for.

- What's up?
- We're going to fuel up,

but I wanted to check
on you first.

- Check on me?
- Well, you seem

a little on edge, so I decided

you need one of these.

- I'll never turn that down.
- Mm.

- But I'm fine, I promise.
- Mm-hmm.

You are now, yes,
'cause I worked

my wife sorcery on you.

Well, thank you.

Munsell, you wanna fill us up?

Uh, this is not
one of my strengths.

- Oh, f...
- I had an incident.

It's like the 10th time
you've said that, Munsell.

I've got it.

When are we getting
a real replacement for Mason?

- Mouch.
- Oh, I don't mind.

- I got my eyes on O'Hare.
- Ah.

I'm meeting with a potential
long-hauler later, actually.

Can they start today?

How's it going, Chief?

Hey, Gallo.

- Everything OK?
- Do I look that bad?

No, sorry, it's just...

Things are a little bumpy.

DC Hill is transferring
me to the Southeast side,

basically across
the street from Indiana.

What? Why?

I, uh, put all the
options on the table

to get her help with Violet,

took full responsibility
for the Emma situation.

However it ended up,
Emma's gone,

and Violet's still at 51.

I'm OK with it.

I... I didn't know
you went to DC Hill.

Yeah, right before
Emma flamed herself out.

Violet doing OK?

Think so.


Gotta roll!

Well, um, take care
of yourself, Chief.


How are you, Sylvie?

I'm good.

Wow, uh, it's...

It's really nice to see you.


Um, I'm in town for a few
days, just making the rounds.

I thought I'd stop in say hi.

You know, it's been a while.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, it has.

I w...

- Truck 81, Ambulance 61.
- Oh, no!

Oh, can you come back?

I'd love to catch up or...

- Of course. Yeah, we'll...
- We'll figure it out.


Who's that?

My ex-fiancé.



I can't hold him!

All right, Mouch,
grade the aerial.

- Yep!
- Munsell, drop the jack.

Gallo, grab the roof ladder.
You're going up with me.

- Copy.
- Hold on tight!

We're coming for you!


Got it.

Munsell, rope bag.

OK, what happened?

- No idea.
- He just keeled over.

Gallo, can you untangle him?

Yup. Yeah.

Moving up.

I'm losing my grip.

All right, just hold on.

I'm gonna get you.

All right.

- Got it?
- I got it.

All right.

Mouch! Safety.


- Set!
- All right, dropping!

Hey, what can I do to, like,
help out?

You can get out
of the way, Munsell.

Pulse is weak.

- Let's get the monitor on him.
- Yup.

- What do you think?
- Heat stroke?

I don't know.

He doesn't feel hot.

OK, Brett, we've got
a sine wave pattern.

All right, look for
a catheter or a fistula.


Oh, got a catheter.

- What's that?
- It's an access point

for peritoneal dialysis.

- Kidney failure.
- Oh, man.

He never said anything about it.

He's got a buildup of
potassium in his bloodstream.

He could have a heart
attack if we don't start

- pushing calcium chloride.
- Yeah, let's do it.

Oh, God.

Thank you.


Heart rate's stabilized.

Oh, thank God.

You're OK, Richie.
Hang in there.

All right, let's get him to Med.

Let's go.

All right.

Hey, boss.

Tony figured out
that exhaust issue,

says we need
a new injector pump.

Cool if we put in a request?

Oh. What's this about?

You got a big job
interview coming up?

Giving grand jury
testimony right after shift.

Damn, you still have to do that?

Mm, I don't have to.

I want to.

Why? They caught
the guy red-handed.

Anything I can do to help
pile on the charges, plus I

wanna make sure they
deal with Campbell's

mole in the CPD.


Hey, don't... you know, after
all you've been through,

man, I'm just... I would wanna
put all that business

in the rearview mirror.

So you're gonna put in the
request for the injector pump?

Yup. On it.

Hey. How's our victim?

He's doing well, totally
stable when we left him.

Not surprised.

You and Violet were
rock stars out there.

Chaplain Sheffield said to give
this to you, new cell number.

Oh, great.


- Hey.
- Hey.

So I ran into Hawkins
at the fuel depot.


Did you know DC Hill
transferred him out

after he blamed the
Emma situation on himself?

No, I... why did he do that?

To make sure you didn't
have to take a hit.

Oh, I...

I had no idea.

Yeah, I guess he kept
it close to the vest.

He seemed a little spun out.


Thank you for telling me, Gallo.

Yeah, you bet.

Hi, you've reached Evan Hawkins.

Please leave a message.

- Oh, uh, you didn't pick up.
- That... that's cool. Um...

Well, uh, Gallo told
me what you did, and, um...

And I'm so sorry I didn't
call you sooner and that I...

I spun out over everything.

You didn't deserve that, and...

Maybe... maybe call me.

I... I'd love that.

OK. Uh, yeah, bye.

- Hey, Lieutenant.
- I'm trying to turn this

into a makeshift office.

The first shift keeps coming
and rearranging my setup.

Mm, time to get
you your own space.

Uh, Boden wanted me to let
you know that the firefighter

- from 132 is here.
- Oh, great.

All right.

- Walk around.
- Have a good...

Oh, there she is.

- Carver.
- Hey, Stella.

Or should I say Lieutenant Kidd?

- Congrats.
- You two know each other.

Mm-hmm, we went
to Academy together.

A long time ago.

Not that long.

Well, I'm glad to get
you two reacquainted.

- Mm.
- How've you been?

I've been great, thanks.

You don't have any
questions for him?


No, I remember him well.

And when Chief Boden says
that you

are a top-notch firefighter,

I know it's true.

And he's told me a lot
about this firehouse.

Sounds like it's the
best in the city,

which makes it
a perfect fit for me.

There you go.

Thanks for coming by, Carver.

- We'll talk soon.
- Looking forward to it.


This'll be fun.

Sam Carver is trouble.

We did not get along
during training,

and it's mostly because
he's an arrogant... he's...

All due respect,
he is not 51 material.

Actually, I think he is.

He's a hell of a firefighter,
seen it firsthand.

- It...
- Maybe your leadership

is just what he needs
to work out the kinks.

OK, then. I...

I'll do my best.

I know you will.

Well, how'd it go?

Well, I just told them
everything in detail.

That's all you had to do, Kelly.

Look, the case against
Thomas Campbell

is about his bulletproof
as can get,

mostly because of you.

They didn't say
anything in there

about the mole, not a word.

Yeah, well, we're on top of it.

- What's that mean?
- It means we're on top of it.

It's being handled.

Has he been named,
outed in the department?

Because you can't charge
him until that happens.

Kelly, you don't have
to worry about this.

You're safe.

I'm not worried about me.

My wife almost got
killed because of

some cop on the take.

Opening courthouse side
doors for Campbell's goons,

feeding him information
about my whereabouts,

and it doesn't seem like you're
doing everything in your power

to take this guy down.
I mean, what's the holdup?

- Hey!
- What are you waiting for?

- Hey, hey!
- I don't report to you.

It's a police matter.
Let the police handle it.

You're not!

Stay in your lane!

- Hey, Upton.
- Hey, Kelly.

- Thanks for coming out.
- Oh, are you kidding?

I'm dying to know what it is
you want to talk about inside.

Yeah, I'm just
trying to be careful.

Turns out Thomas Campbell
had a mole inside CPD.

- Cop on his payroll?
- Yeah, and your buddy Pryma,

he's not doing much of anything
about it.

- My buddy...
- I barely know the guy.

I'm just saying
you're both cops.

I'm hoping that you
could help me understand

why he would drag his feet.

I don't know.

It's a tricky thing,
bringing down a dirty cop.

- I don't care how hard it is.
- It has to be done.

Pryma's been solid up
till now, but he got

really defensive about this.

Look, I can't speak for Pryma,

but there may be reasons
that he doesn't wanna

- drop the hammer on this.
- Like what?

Like maybe the mole
can be exploited

if he has information
that makes him an asset.

- An asset?
- Wait, so, Pryma might leave him

- in place if he cooperates?
- I know it's not

what you wanna hear,
but the world of

confidential informants can be
pretty messy, believe me.

It's not the world I live in!

The guy almost got
Stella and me killed.

I want his head on a pike.

An asset?

I knew you'd pick this place.

Best hash browns in Chicago.

And then you drown
them in hot sauce.

Well, that's true.

So what brings you back to town?

Uh, I visit every so
often, see my CFD buddies,

and I heard about that
paramedicine program

that you started.

That sounds really incredible.

Yeah, it's a challenge,
for sure, but I love it.

Well, the brass I talked to said

it's making a big difference.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

So what's up with you?

I've been pretty busy, actually.

I just got engaged.

Oh, my God!

Congratulations, Kyle.

Well, you're gonna have to
give me more details than that.

- Come on.
- OK, um,

well it was the craziest thing.

Last year when I was visiting,
I did the Mag Mile race

with a bunch of firefighters,

and the place was packed, OK?

It was like a sea of people,
but at the starting line,

I hear this voice
call my name, right?

I turn around, and right behind
me is one of my best friends

from high school
in Downers Grove, Cassie.

Like, we hadn't spoken in years.

So we started spending
more time together,

and then long story short,

the wedding's in November.

That is amazing.

It is.

The stars aligned, I
guess you could say.

It's magic when that happens.


Nothing, no response, nada.


That's weird.

I blew it.

He's over me, and
I don't blame him.

Pfft, there is
no chance of that.

That guy would do
anything for you.


Look, she may be deep in her
cups, but I think she's right.

Chief Boden was telling me
about a meeting he had today,

one of those CFD gatherings
for the brass that goes

on all day, you know, where
the HR pencil pushers lecture

about how you can't make jokes
anymore about women or race

or old people like me?

Uh, old people are still funny.


Anyway, my point
is, Hawkins probably

had to be at the same meeting.

Maybe that's why you
haven't heard from him.

Mouch, I love you.

I like the vibe of this place.

Thanks for the invite.

I just wanted to clear the
air before you started at 51.

How do you mean?

Let's be honest, Carver.

We were not exactly best
friends at the Academy.

We're two competitive,
driven people.

That's all.

Probably more what
we had in common that

kept us battling back then.

That and your cocky attitude.

I hear that.

But I was a newbie.

It's one of the reasons
I'm so stoked to be at 51,

is to show you the kind
of firefighter I am now.

Well, tell me about you and
this fast track to lieutenant.

How'd it all come about?

A hell of a lot
of work, studying,

training sessions,
leadership seminars.

I'm sure Chief Boden
was a big supporter.

He was.

And DC Hill gave me a boost.

- Ah, DC Hill,
- that makes sense.

What do you mean?

Just that I can
see her being a fan.

Let me get the next round.

Good chat with Carver?


I mention getting a little
support from DC Hill,

and he says that makes sense.

What the hell do you
think he meant by that?

- You're asking me?
- Or you already have...

He thinks that only
reason I got promoted is

because I'm a woman of color.

Or he's trying to get to you,

but either way, not cool.

What are you going to do?

For some reason, Boden
loves this guy, so I...

I just... I... I got to do
my best to make it work.


You connect with Upton?

Can she help?

Some things cops
and firefighters

don't see eye to eye on.

I mean, just... inside
man needs to be outed.

I just don't know how
to force the issue.

You could go a little
further up the chain.

Listen, maybe it's
time you checked

in with Commander Pearce.

You kidding?

Forget it.


Uh, I... I left you a voicemail.

In the meeting, I
had a million messages.


Never thought one
would be from you.

I thought you were done with me.

Are you really here?

I am here.

Yes, completely and totally.

Knock, knock.


I don't think I've seen you
since your father's funeral.

How are you?

Eh, pretty good.

Yeah, just got married.



It's a good thing.

Hey, uh, do you have
a minute, Commander?

I need some help with,
uh, a little situation

I got roped into.

You did him wrong.

Your father loved
you above all else.

He'd've done anything for you.

I know that.

Then why toward
the end of his life

did he have to lean
on friends like me

instead of his only son?

I think you know that
Benny was a complicated man.

He was your father,
and he deserved

better than what you gave him.

So what makes you think
I'm inclined to do

any favors for you?

When I was 16, uh, I
came home late one night,

and I saw Benny
sitting in the dark,

halfway through a bottle
of rye, tears on his face.

I asked him what was
wrong, and he just

kept muttering on and on
about some big mistake

he almost made, the kind
of thing you can't undo,

that he'd be rotting in jail
right now if Marty Pearce

hadn't set him straight.

Yeah, the next day
when he sobered up,

I asked him about it.

He just acted like he didn't
know what I was talking about.

But from then on, one
thing I knew for sure,

you are a man of honor.

Benny was not an easy man to
steer in the right direction.

I'm not here because I think
you'll do me any favors.

I'm here because I know
you'll do what's right.

OK, I'd like you all
to meet Sam Carver.

Carver was assigned
to rig rescue

when Ray Salazar
took a ride down

that collapsing stairway
a few months back, in

that two-flat fire in Austin.

Carver was the first
to locate Salazar,

and he managed to reach
through the wreckage,

get a grip on him before he
slid into the basement, which

was fully aflame.

And he held onto him and
worked to dig Salazar out,

even when the building
started shifting.

35 minutes to extricate,
Carver never wavered.

And it's because of him
that Salazar got to go home

to his four-year-old
twins, and that's when

I knew he was 51 material.

I just did what I had
to do to make the save.

It helps when you're born
without the fear gene.

Welcome to 51, Carver.

Thank you.

OK, get to work.

New guy's bringing
that attitude.

Yeah, well, you came in with
plenty of swagger yourself.

Well, yeah.

That's because I'm awesome.

Good to see s Carver.

Hope you can live
up to the hype.

Just the kind of
challenge I like.

Heard a lot about you,
Lieutenant Severide.

Violet, you are
literally glowing.

What happened with Hawkins?

Well, we worked it all out.

Well, is there any way
to stop the transfer?

He doesn't want to.

He is actually happy
about it since it

means we don't have to hide
our relationship anymore.

We can be like a real
couple out in the world.

Can you believe it?

That's amazing, Vi.

I know.

And so was the night
we spent together.




I will tell you later.

You have to help them, please!

What happened?

The idiot DJ set off
pyros inside the tent,

and half the wedding
party's still in there.

Squad, search and
rescue under the canopy.

Truck, search the other half.

Got it.

Medics, set up triage!

- Hey, squad, let's go!
- Let's move!

Watch your step!

Gallo, Mouch, you're
coming inside with me!

I'm good to go, Lieutenant.

Negative, Carver!

You stay here.

Figure out a way to
kill that PA system.

Copy that.

Right here, buddy.

I got you.

Let's go!

- Come on.
- Come on.

- Come on.
- Fire department!

- Call out if you can hear me!
- Careful.

Watch your feet.

Over here!

You hear that, Lieutenant?

Where are they?

Help us!


That way, I think!


Over here!

Got a victim!

Gallo, keep looking
for those kids!

I'm on it.

It's melted to his skin!


- Cut him free!
- Get him out of here.

Where are you?

Call out!

We're under here!

All right, come on, guys.

I got you.

I got you.

All right, come on.

Garrett, my husband,
he was right next to me

- when the tent came down.
- All right.

We'll get him out.
We'll get him out.

- Cruz.
- Yeah, yeah, I got it.

- Watch out.
- I got you.

I got you.



And they're going.


Gary, can you hear me?

Hey, Cap!

Cap, give me a hand!

All right.

OK, 1, 2, 3.

Garrett, oh god.


All right, just stay back.

- His pulse is weak.
- Garrett.

- Step back.
- Let her work.

Let her work.

He's breathing.

Let's get oxygen on him.

On it.

Garrett, I'm right here.

You're OK.

We got a victim coming
out, pretty bad shape!

Hey, Michelle, get
this smoke inhalation.

All right.

We need to intubate.

Violet, give me an opening.

I'll try my best.


OK, I think I got it.

I'm in.

Let's get him to Med.

Kylie said you wanted to see me.

Come on in.

Something wrong?

Saw the assignment that you gave

to Carver during the call.

He is capable of
much more than that.

I hope you're not gonna let
your personal feelings for

the man get in the way here.

I am not, I assure you.


So you know, Chief, I
was not sidelining him.

He needs to know
his place on my rig.

He has not proven
himself to me yet.

Mouch and Gallo have.

And I needed to see
if he would handle

that well, which he did.

You told me to take him
on board, and I did that.

But now I respectfully ask
that you take a step back

and let me lead him my way.

I can do that, but
just a small step.

Thank you, Chief.

Now, it was insane.

The vinyl was melting
off the tent like cheese

off a cooking pizza.
You know, just...

Yeah I'm yanking
out power cables,

and suddenly Gallo busts out of
the tent, kid under each arm,

like something out of a movie.

What do you think
of the new guy?

I haven't got him figured yet.

Lieutenant, can we
get another round on me?

I like him so far.

Include this lovely
stranger over here.

Hey, Brett.


How did it turn
out with the victim

you and Violet brought to Med?

Um, he didn't make it.

This feels a little strange.

Mm, well, if by "strange"
you mean amazing, then yeah.

That's exactly what I meant.


I got to go.

Well, you... you just got here.

Yeah, and I...

I got to...

I got to take care of something.


Look, I don't know how you have

so much pull inside
the department,

but you just cost
me a useful CI.

Campbell's mole.

Danny Cavanaugh, everybody
knows his name now,

so you may as well, too.

He's been stripped of his
badge, facing charges.

- Good.
- Like hell.

He wasn't just
connected to Campbell.

He could've helped us shut
down a major heroin pipeline,

but he's burned now.

Got what he deserves.

He did.

And you just lost yourself
a valuable friend.

You lost a friend?

What is that?

Is that... is that
some kind of threat?

Pfft, I doubt it.

Pryma's a good man, but I...

I couldn't back down
from this battle.

Yeah, I noticed.

Is everything OK?

When I agreed to testify
and take Campbell down,

I was only thinking
of the risk to myself.

But we're married now, a team,
and after everything happened

at the cabin, it hit me
hard that the moves I

make affect you just as much.

I could've gotten you killed.


Don't do that.

I was with you every
step of the way.

I always will be.

You sure about that?

I mean, I did give you
the worst honeymoon ever.

Every day I spend with
you is a honeymoon.

I know.

Our stars just didn't align.

That's all.

The timing just wasn't right.

But, Matt, maybe someday...