Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 10, Episode 9 - Winterfest - full transcript


Your work the other day
really impressed me.

If you can prove your
paramedicine program works,

they'll make
the funding permanent.

There's that thing
between us.

That means something.

I'm kind of seeing Cara
right now.

I'm sorry about how I acted
in the laundry room.

It's nothing.
It's something.

How's Pelham?
He's gotta be the right fit.

Doesn't Kidd seem like the
natural replacement for Casey?

She's not back yet.

Hey, Stella.
I just wanted to make sure

that you're keeping
Boden in the loop

about your furlough.

If you're looking
for a drinking buddy,

happy to meet up at Molly's,
or wherever.

I don't know what's going on
with her

or where we're gonna be
when she does come back.

All right, so let's meet
at the brewery after shift,

and we can load up
supplies for WinterFest.

Oh, I rented a truck.

How many beers
do we have to give away?

100 of each style.
And a dozen of your IPAs.

Oh. No, I was just monkeying
around with that recipe.

No, I tasted it.

And it was my first attempt
at brewing.

No, it's awesome.

Well, maybe we
shouldn't include it.

What? No, forget that.
It's in.

You got the all clear.

Minus one appendix,
but plus one amazing wristband.

You do know you can
cut that off

the moment you leave
the hospital.

It's a fashion statement now.

Oh, and I spoke to
the WinterFest coordinator,

and apparently we got an
amazing location for our booth.

They said our association
with Charles DeWitt scored it.

That's great.

Or maybe Cara
took care of it for us?

That's--that's, um--

that's not, uh--

Oh, the jump bag
was lying out

behind the ambulance unzipped
for some reason.

Oh, shoot, that was me.

I was replacing the ACE
bandages and I got distracted.

I figured. I zipped it up
and put it back. It's fine.

My brain is all
over the place.

I have the oversight panel
presentation on Friday.

For full funding.

It either passes,
and paramedicine

is officially in business,

or they put the kibosh
on the whole thing.

Well, you will rock it
like you always do.

Oh, I don't know.

I tried calling Chief Hawkins,
get his support,

but he hasn't returned my call.
Do you think he's ducking me?

He will back this
program publicly. You watch.

Giant tower fire downtown in
a resident apartment building.

We were, like,
the fourth truck on scene.

All of 51 was there.

Yeah. Cruz met his wife
in that building.

Wait, were you the rescue guy

who carried the kid outside
the window and down a floor?

There was no other way out.

I was swapping my air bottle
out in the street,

and I look up--my jaw dropped.

Anyone in CFD would have
done the same thing.

Okay, okay, it is time
for morning briefing.

Everybody make
your way next door.

Truck 81, Squad 3,
Ambulance 61.

Persons trapped.
201 East Randolph Street.

Is that the Park Plaza?

Somebody help!
Can you move?

Help me!
Help me with it.

Oh, my god, it fell.

A big gust of wind,
and it just fell right on them.

2-6 to Main.
Get me an EMS Plan One.

Park Plaza on Jackson Street.

Copy that.
Multiple ambulances en route.

My husband! Help!


Hey, grab the struts.

And get two chainsaws.
One for us, one for squad.

What are we thinking?

Use the struts
to stabilize the trunk.

Move on either side
of the tree.

Cut the branches
slow and methodical.

Don't step on any victims.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
will you please back up?

Let these people do their work.
Thank you.

Give us some space.
Please. please.

Make way.

Clear back, please.

Give us some room
to work here.

All right, Gallo,
have the Hurst ram

standing by in case we need
to lift it.

Back up.

It's a chainsaw.

Lift this right here.

This here.

Hang on. Okay.

Here we go.

Okay, where are you hurt?


There we go. Hey!

Hey, are you okay?
Can you walk?

Here you go. I got you.
Come on. We got you.

Please. Please.

My husband.



Here you go.

Good. Okay.

Sir, can you hear me?

My legs.
I can't feel them.

Okay. You hang tight.

We've got to clear
a few more branches.

We're gonna get you
out of here.

There are a couple little
bitty kids in yellow parkas.

Are they okay?

Yeah. I see 'em. They're safe.



Okay. Hey, what's your name?

Okay, listen, Hugh,

we're about to cut
the last branch, all right?

Hold my hand. Right.

Hugh, I'm not gonna lie.

You got an impalement.

These paramedics are gonna
take care of you, all right?

You stay tough
for another minute. Okay?

His name's Hugh.

we're gonna give you an IV

and a shot for the pain, okay?

He's gonna be all right.

You got the best
in the business working on him.

He's lost consciousness.

I can't lose him.

You won't, ma'am.


Capp. Grinder.

Okay, backboard.

Okay. Hang tight. Hang tight.

Easy. Easy.

Moving forward. On three.
One. Two. Three.

He's gonna be okay.

It's okay, sweetie.

She'll bind him.

All right.
Pelham, you hold steady.

Yes. All right.


Okay, let's lift him.

You can ride with him.

Oh. Oh, I can?
Yeah, yeah.

Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.

Hey, nice work, Truck.

Hey, Pelham.

Nice work back there.

It was all them.

They make a lieutenant
look good.

Hey. How was that call?

There was a victim...

a little bit older
than you and me.

An impalement.
Tree branch right in the gut.

Was he stable?

Can't say.

He was still breathing when
we got him into the ambulance.

His wife was with him.

After that, no telling.

You know, the older I get--

maybe it's a cumulative thing,

but the rescues
where we don't know

what happened to the victims--

they weigh on me more
than they used to.

Yeah. It was simple.

You know, just drop them off
at the hospital

and forget 'em
when we first started.


I go through
the same thing now.

See the faces sometimes.

Any advice on how
to deal with it?

I'm all ears.

Just do our best.

Leave the rest to God.

I was very skeptical,

but dating Cara
does have its benefits.

Good placement for our booth
at WinterFest, for example.

About that...

I've been thinking
about her a lot.


Oh, no.
Like, a lot, a lot.

I'm gonna need to sit down.


You've messed up with Violet
at every turn,

for literally years.

You're gonna make
her head spin with this.

And right
before the biggest event

our microbrewery?

Okay, clearly in whatever state
this is, you're not listening.

But can you at least
not destroy things with Cara

until after WinterFest

so our booth doesn't end up
stuck by the porta-potties?

Our booths are over
by the porta-potties?


Brett. Violet.
Can I have a word with you?

So I did
a little reconnaissance

on the oversight panel

you're making on Friday,
and I know one person

on the committee--Jean Gilmer.

Lovely woman.
Our families go way back.

I--well, I went ahead
and primed her for your pitch.

Oh, really?

And the good news is,
she was very receptive.

As she should be.
This is a great program.

Is there bad news?

Not necessarily,
but she did say

that one member, Tom Jensen,
is a bit of a stickler

on anything
involving cost increases.

Oh, no.

But she thinks
she can sway him

because it's such
a good program.

Her words.

Well, that makes me
feel better.

Speaking of, Violet,
how's your, uh--


Who needs an appendix anyway?
Not me.

Good. Good.
We were all worried about you.


I gotta take this.

Brett, I will see you
at the presentation.

Yes, you will.


You know, when Chief Hawkins
first got that job,

I was unimpressed,
but he's growing on me.


And the way he made sure
you were taken care of

at the hospital...

What do you mean?
He was on those nurses.

Made them get you the best
recovery room in the hospital.

He did?

Checked on you more
than once too.


All right,
I'm gonna look over my binder.


Hey, Lieutenant?
Hey, Kylie.

Chief Boden wants to see you.

You asking for me, Chief?
I was, yes.

Take a seat.

Look, I don't like
to mix personal business

and firehouse business,

but I believe I need
to make an exception.


Stella Kidd.

She was approved furlough
for four weeks.

Now, the fact that she was
taking Girls on Fire

to a new city, that's--

well, that's the Stella Kidd
that I know and appreciate.


Four weeks became eight.

Boston became Concord,
became Philadelphia.

Now, I was willing to help her
cover the additional furlough,

but now, after she knew

that we had an open spot
for a truck lieutenant,

she didn't immediately come
and claim it.

So you tell me...

is there something more going
on here that I'm not seeing?

I appreciate you coming to me
with this, Chief.

I'm in the same boat.

Casey told Stella
he was leaving.

I told her there was
this floater lieutenant

who was impressing everyone,

and it's like
she didn't hear me.

She was so gung-ho
about expanding Girls on Fire

that everything seemed to go
in one ear and out the other.

Here's the hard truth.

Pelham is
a top-tier lieutenant.

If I don't hear from Stella
that she really wants this job

by the end of next shift,

I'm gonna be forced
to make a difficult decision.

I will...convey that message.


Hey, Stella, give me a call
when you can, okay?

It's important.

If memory serves--
and I'm told I have

a hell of a memory--
you owe me a beer.

I vaguely recall
something like that.

Mm. Like an elephant.

Plus, I want you to look over
some crime scene photos.

So you came all the way
over here

to show me pictures
you could have emailed?

I know you can't duck me
while you're on shift.


Let me see the envelope.

Not a chance.

Meet me at the Map Room Bar
tonight, 8:00 p.m.

And I know my winning smile
and flawless personality

may not seal the deal,

but you can't resist
what I have in this envelope.

You're an arson investigator
through and through.

You know it, and I know it.

I can't believe
WinterFest is finally here.

It's make-or-break time
for Fire Goat.

Okay, Gallo, you gotta be at
the brewery 10:00 a.m. sharp.

I figure 30 minutes load,

a 30-minute drive,

and 30 minutes to set up
our booth.

All right. I'll be there.
I'm so excited.

Okay, we need a slogan
when we hand out the beers.

Like, um, "Fire up your night"

or, "We'll put the fire
in your belly."

Really? Nothing?

Welcome to WinterFest.

Oh, that's our new
gingerbread brew.

Thank you.

And this is
the Fire Goat Pale Ale.

It puts the fire in your bell--

you know what,
I'm not saying that.

Just enjoy, y'all.
What's this brew again?

Fire Goat Pale Ale.

Made by firefighters,
drunk by firefighters.

Damn good.

Much better.

Hey, looking good, Fire Goat.

You have your bottles
for the Best Brew Contest?

Right here.

You guys place top ten,
stratosphere for this brand.

Well, we have
our fingers, toes,

and everything
in between crossed.

Where are the freebies?

Uh, how about
a couple koozies?

Look, we're low on beer,

and we need to save the bottles
for real customers.

Hey, everybody,
I have an announcement

to make about Fire Goat beer!

Okay, okay, okay.
Fine, fine, fine. Here you go.

But you have to split it.

Never mind.

Thanks, guys.

I don't mean to disturb you.

You're the firefighter that
talked to me at the incident.

Yes, ma'am.
My name is Randall McHolland.

Oh, I--

I can't thank you enough.
I'm Sandra, Hugh's wife.

How is he?

Well, there was
some internal bleeding,

but surgeon said he put a stop
to that,

and doctors and nurses tell me

he's on schedule
for a full recovery.


That's great.
It is.

I just couldn't imagine.

I know.

I, uh--

I brought your husband
some, uh--

a little Christmas
get-well-soon stocking,

from all of us at Firehouse 51.

You're so sweet.

We were just
thinking about him.

He'll love this.

Hugh has been playing
Santa Claus

for the past 20 years.

Malls and schools and stores.

He loves it.

You don't say.

We go to the tree every year
for inspiration.

And we were standing there
like we always do and...

this freak gust
of wind came up.

Well, that's Chicago.

And then when Hugh
saw the tree falling,

he--he leapt forward and pushed
two boys out of the way.

Well, I'm grateful
you stopped by.

I will pass on your well-wishes
when he wakes.

Please do.

And, as a firefighter,
let me tell you,

it's always amazing to hear

about the heroism
of our fellow citizens.

Oh, thank you.


Okay, I'm gonna head back
to the truck

and get the last few cases.

Turned your bottles in
just in time.

Judges have already started.


You look extra cute today in
your little Fire Goat T-shirt.

Cara, we need to talk.


you're great and everything,
and fun, and nice,

and all of that stuff.

But listen, I'm gonna come out
and say it.

I have feelings
for someone else,

and I don't want
to lead you on

'cause, like I said,
you're--you're great.

Are you through?

Well, I'm, uh, yes.

But I wouldn't characterize--
Is it her?



Thanks, y'all. Enjoy.

What happened?

She's upset.

Of course she's upset.
I told you not to do it here.

Not to do what here?

The WinterFest Best Brew
top ten

is posted at the main stage.

Things didn't work out
with Cara.


But we do have a winner
to announce.

And I, uh, didn't want
to wait to tell her

because there's, uh--

The 2021 Best Brew
goes to...

There's something else
I want to admit.

The New IPA by Fire Goat!

Did that just say Fire Goat?

It did. It did. The IPA!

Your IPA!

Oh, my God!

both: Fire Goat.
Made by firefighters.

Drunk by firefighters.

Here you go.

Come on!

Every time.

Here you go. Drink up.

Come here.

If you look here, here,
and here,

you can see the origin point
is the transformer

next to the factory, right?

At first blush,
I'll give you that.

Which the insurance company's
fraud department

took as cause
to rule accidental.

But that's not
what you think,

or I wouldn't be sitting here.

You got a blueprint?

Are you guys Chicago PD
or something?

Arson investigators.

You see? Cool.

Do you know if this door
was forced open?

The one
between the factory floor

and the chemical storage vault?

Because these claw marks look
like they came from a crowbar

like the one you'd find
in the back of a car,

not from a Halligan
that the fire department

would use during the incident.

If this door was open
before the fire was set,

the arsonists could count
on the change in airflow

to bring fresh air
inside the building.

But you already knew that.

It's fun watching you work.

I knew you were up
to something.

All right, come on, Severide.
Come back to OFI.

I'm begging you.

I mean, Van Meter's great,

but you and me--
we're the Avengers.

I'm not leaving
the squad anytime soon.

You keep saying that,

but someday, this is going
to happen.

Just so you know.

Thank you
for a nice night out.

I needed this.

How are things going
with Kidd?

Excuse me.
Can I get one more?


Well, if you excuse me,
I'm gonna hit the ladies'.

Don't go anywhere,

'cause I have more cases
for you to agree with me on.

Thanks for taking me
to WinterFest.

Well, your mom was busy.

Yeah, she had a doctor's--

I didn't want to alarm Brett,

but that friend I have
on the oversight panel--

she had a death
in the family in Texas.

She's not gonna be there to
push through Brett's program.

Oh, man!
Is there a way to postpone it?

I did have an idea, though,
which is why I'm here.

I need your help.

I talked to Chief Boden.

He's bringing in a floater
for you today.

Can you take a ride with me?

Uh, sure.

So, yeah, I may have fumbled
that breakup with Cara,

but A, it was for the best,

and B, we still freaking won

I mean, how amazing is that?

Best brew of 2021.

We're gonna have bars
in Chicago just begging

to stockpile your IPA.


Hey, Brett, has Violet
checked in yet?

Yeah, she's here.
I saw her in the locker room.

Cool. Wish me luck.

Hey. Violet.

What's up?
Uh, I--listen,

I was just, uh--

I was trying to talk to you
the other day,

and then back at the hospital.

Ambulance 61.
Person in distress.

5542 West Argyle Street.

My brother David

was hanging decoration
on the Christmas tree,

and he put one of those
glass ornaments in his mouth

so he could use both his hands
to decorate the tree.

And, well, it's stuck.

Oh. Wow.


Hey, David.
David, I need you to calm down

and just breathe evenly
through your nose, okay?

Like this.

Through your nose.

You got the Magill forceps?

If the glass breaks,
you could cut him

or he could swallow it.

Right. I just want
to try something.

Stay still.

Ah, you're right,
I can't squeeze and yank.

We could try
the Yankauer suction tip.

Maneuver around the object
and hit his gag reflex.

It's worth a shot.
Okay. Here.


Okay, sir, sir, sir,
you need to calm down, okay?

David, David, listen to them.
Slow breaths.

Okay. Screw it, I'm gonna do
the Heimlich maneuver.

Okay. Here we go.

All right. Whew.

Have a seat.

Well, merry Christmas to us.

Thank you.

You idiot.

Hey. Where you been?

Chief Hawkins wanted me
to drive around,

show him the routes Brett and I

have been taking
on our paramedicine runs.

Asked about each
of our patients.

He's nervous

about the oversight panel

He thinks most of them
are just gonna--


Sandra, I believe.

How's Hugh?

Well, he insisted that I come
and tell you exactly that.

Said the firefighters
would want to know.

So he's recovering, then.
He is.

stitched up and stable.

Ah, that's great.
Of course he'll have to

take the season off
to recuperate,

but that's okay.

I mean, the malls
and the department stores--

they have plenty
of replacements.

Still, I'm sure
he's gonna miss that.

Yeah, especially
the Boys & Girls Club.

He shows up for free
there every year.

When is that event?

Hugh is hoping
that he'll be released

from the hospital in time
to at least make an appearance.

I mean, if anybody can do it,
he can.

Well, give him our best,

and thank you so much
for stopping by.

We were just talking about
how sometimes we never know

what happens
to the people we help.

Well, I'm glad
to bear the good news.

God bless you, Randall.

And thank you both
for doing what you do.

Thanks. Bye-bye.


I left several messages,
but she went dark on me.

She's never done that before.

I don't know what's going on

if she cares, if she doesn't.

I can't tell you,
because I don't know.

Then I am very sorry
to hear that.

I am too, Chief.

I don't know where the term
"Nervous Nellie" came from,

but I am so there right now.

It originated in the 1920s

to describe Secretary
of State Frank B. Kellogg.

And I realize I'm not helping.

Look at me.

You've had every kind
of sickness and injury

and accident thrown your way,

every shift your whole career,
and you never blink.

An oversight panel?
I mean, that's nothing

compared to what happens
when the bells go off.

Yes. That's a much better
pep speech than I gave.

Thanks, guys.

Is the presentation
at Headquarters?

It's today at 4:00.

Mind if I come?
I want to be there for you.

Oh, absolutely. I'll take
all the help I can get.


Chief Boden wants to see you
in his office before you leave.

Hey, Chief.

Kylie said you wanted
to see me.

Uh, yeah.
Come on in.

I have been impressed
with your leadership

on Truck 81
and in the firehouse.

Like I told Severide,
these guys make me look good.

That right there--

what I'd expect
a good leader to say.

And that is why
I want to offer you

the full-time lieutenant spot
on Truck 81.

You're serious.

I am.

Then I accept.

Thank you, Chief.

This is, um...

Thank you.

You're welcome.


And you didn't want
to submit your IPA?

Bet you're glad
I talked you into it,

'cause who's
the brew master now? You.

Every bar in Chicago


I, um...

I didn't write down
the recipe.


I was just trying some hops,

and I can't remember
what I used.

Magnum or Nugget
or Galena.

And then there's the Columbus,
which I'm pretty sure--

do you-what do you mean?

You didn't write down
the recipe?

Even I know to write down
the recipe!

Well, look, I tried
to recreate it, but--

Ugh. No. No.


Get out.

Get out.

What Mr. DeWitt is saying
is that your brand

is no longer welcome
at our facility.

He said that?
Is that because we broke up?

Because we were barely dating.

Mr. DeWitt believes
your brand no longer meets

the standards
of Bare Moon Brewery.

This paramedicine program
is working.

I've seen the difference
it makes.

We've seen the difference
it makes.

And like its success
in San Diego,

which is noted in the binders
I provided you on page five,

you can see that our program
will succeed here in Chicago.

But only if you support it.

Thank you for your time.

Ms. Brett.

I appreciate your enthusiasm
for the program,

but I don't think
this is the right time

for the Chicago Fire Department
to be incurring--

Chief Jensen.

So sorry I'm late.
I'd appreciate it

if you could give me just
five more minutes of your time.


I'd like to say,
as paramedic field chief,

that I've seen the benefits

of Sylvie Brett's program

And as I'm sure
she laid out for you,

she's reducing
non-emergency calls,

but more importantly,
she's spending more time

with her patients
and promoting wellness

and mental health awareness
while she's there.

I could go on
for hours about it,

but rather than hear from me,

why not hear about
the difference this program

makes from the patients
whom it benefits?

My name is Cheryl Reddings,

and I'm a flagship patient
in the paramedicine program.

Before this program
came into my life,

I called 911 two
or three times a week.

I don't know where I'd be
without this program.

It has changed my life.

So please,
consider keeping it on.

It went really well.
At least I think it did.

And I love you, and I miss you,

and I'll call you
when I hear a verdict.

No matter what happens--
and with the CFD bureaucracy,

you really never know--

you did an absolutely
terrific job, Brett.

Hear, hear.

Your program is smart
and effective

and forward-thinking.

And they heard that today.

Well, I appreciate
you both being there.

It meant a lot to me.

What's going on?

Mouch, can we store
our equipment here?

Uh, yeah.

Well, they voted unanimously.

You're fully funded.



That was really amazing
what you did for Brett.

She's a great paramedic.

And it wasn't lost on me
that you were there,

off shift, backing her up.

Oh, I wouldn't
have missed it.

Oh. That's right. I gotta go.

Congrats, Sylvie.
I'm so proud of you.

Help yourself to any of
the good champagne back there.

That's for everyone.

Uh, stay as long as you like.

Hey, we cleared it
with Chief,

so third shift is using
the spare rig

for a few hours,
we're taking 81.

We got to scoot
if we're gonna make it.

Yep. Load up.

Okay, do you have a ride,

or do you need me
to have someone drive you?

Hugh, Sandra.

Think you can ride
on a fire truck?

What do you got in mind?

Over there! Ho ho ho ho ho!

Ho ho ho ho ho!

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

Hey, look who we got!
Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!

Who wants a fire truck?
All right.

There you go.
I'm gonna make you all happy.

Who else wants one?
What do you want?

All right, hang on.

Merry Christmas!
All right, who wants this?

There you go.
Here's an action figure.

Oh, way back. Way back.

You're next.
What do we got? Oh, yeah!

See Santa Claus? Oh, yeah!

Hey, Santa!
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho ho ho!

Hi, Kelly.