Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 10, Episode 8 - What Happened at Whiskey Point? - full transcript

Severide and Herrmann clash over office space. Boden looks at Pelham's past as he considers making him permanent. Gallo's resentment of Pelham comes to a head. Brett and Ritter force Violet to confront her true feelings for Gallo.


- Did you ever find out where
Gallo and Cara

went off to last night?

- You do know that pain
in your side is Gallo.

- Pay attention.
- To what?

- Your feelings for Gallo.

- Lieutenant Pelham
is staying on with us.

- I'm used to having a little
more latitude to act on my own.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop.

When I give you an order,
I expect you to follow it.

[dramatic music]

- Doesn't it make you wonder

why he's never got a command
of his own?

- That's a really good

- All of the preschools
have waiting lists.

And Chloe's friend said
that you need to sign them up

before they're even born
to have a chance.

Otis is doomed.
- Nah, he's better off.

Preschools near me,

kids just sit in the front yard
and eat dirt all day.

- Preschool's for
the slow kids, right?

Just send them to real school.

- [sighs]

- Morning, Herrmann.

Need a hand?

- No, no, I got it.

- What's in there?

- Nothin'.
Just some bibs and bobs.

- Morning, guys.

you need a hand with that?

- He doesn't want any help,

- Yeah.
But, uh, thanks for offering.

- Of course.
See you guys inside.

- Okay.

- Hey, Pelham, gonna be with us
for a little while, huh?

- Yeah. Maybe a long while.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.

The lieutenant
that Boden wanted, I guess,

got involved in some kind
of side project, so.

After you.

- Thanks.

- So you have a problem
with Pelham?

- No, no. He's a great guy.
He's really solid.

- And yet doing some legwork
of our own--

- Yeah, Chief,

did you know that
in the past two years

that Pelham has only
had temporary assignments?

- Six of them, in fact.

Just bops around from one house
to the next.

- It's almost as if nobody
trusts him enough

to give him a command
of his own.

- Look, I like Pelham too.

Enough that I requested
his record

so that I could fully vet him.

If there's anything
that we should know,

it'll be in there.

- Okay, we'll get
out of your hair.

- It's barely 8:00
in the morning.

- We need objective feedback.

- This has the potential

to be Fire Goat's
Winterfest submission.

- There's no drinking
in the firehouse.

- Well...

Take a sip outside?

Cara's coming by later
to get the rest of it,

and we need to know
if it's good.

- Brett, please.

Winterfest could mean life
or death for Fire Goat.

Yes, okay.

[hopeful music]

- Hmm. It's good.

I'd like it more if it was
coffee, but it's--it's tasty.

- Morning.
- Howdy.

- Morning.

- You two getting along okay?

- I will be a good soldier
for however long he's here.

[alarm blares]

- Truck 81, Squad 3,
Ambulance 61, person trapped.

- I'll take that.

- Gallo, I want you
on my hip today.

Don't make a move
without my say-so.

We're gonna get to know
each other.

- You got it, Lieutenant.

[sirens wailing]

[suspenseful music]

- I saw the whole thing!

- Was anybody working up there?

- No, but there was a lady
walking right there

when it all came down.

- Okay. Stay back.

- Yep, I see her.

- Hey, Pelham! Don't.

[suspenseful music]


- Hey, Capp, Tony,
grab a rope bag.

Head up to the third floor.

- All right, 81,
let's position the aerial

just above
that collapsing section.

We're gonna secure it
to the façade.

- Copy.

- I'm good on the ladder,

and I work fast with ropes.

- Negative, Gallo.
You stand down here.

Clear some of this debris.
Keep an eye on the scaffold.

You see anything falling,
just give us a heads up.

- Copy that.

[machinery whirrs]

[tense music]

- Hey, ma'am, can you hear me?

We're gonna get you
out of there.

- Please hurry. I'm pregnant.

- Okay, just--
just hang in there.

- Got it.

- Good to go!

- [sobbing]

Oh, thank God.

- Hey there. I'm Joe.
What's your name?

- Stacy.
- Stacy?

Oh, well, how far along
are you?

- Seven--seven months.

- You're almost there, huh?

First one?
- Uh-huh.

- You're gonna love it.

I got a brand new baby boy
at home.

It is the best.

- Here we go, Capp.
- Got it.

- Good to go!

[saw whirrs]

Okay, uh, it's gonna get
a little loud for a bit,

but we're gonna get you
outta here real quick, okay?

[saw whirring]

- You guys might wanna
step back just a bit.

- Hey, you're blocking my view.
Can't you move?

- No, I can't move.

We're trying to save
this woman's life.

What is wrong with you?
Act like a human.


- Okay, let's get
your foot here.

We're just gonna--
here we go, Stacy.

- Get the backboard!
- Right in.

- Easy.
- One, two, three.

- This is Stacy.
She's seven months pregnant.

- Hi, Stacy.
Where does it hurt?

- Here and here mostly.

Everything started
falling around me,

and I just got to my knees
and tried to protect the baby.

- I can hear
the baby's heartbeat.

- Oh, thank God.

- Heads up.

- Let's get you outta here.

- Oh, my God.

What are you doing?
You scared me.

- Violet,
this is an intervention.

- A what?
- As your friends, co-workers,

and co-brewers, we can't let
this side pain continue.

- It's getting worse,
making you agitated

and short tempered.
You're losing it on bystanders.

- You need to have an
honest conversation with Gallo.

Tell him how you feel instead
of bottling it all up inside.

- First of all,
that bystander was a jerk.

Okay? Second of all...

Second of all...

Damn it.

You might be right.

- Hey, Chief.

Somebody from HQ
just dropped this off for you.

What's it say?

- It says it's a confidential
personnel file, Mouch.


Please tell Lieutenant Pelham
that I need to see him.

- Aw, come on.


- Herrmann, what are you doing?

- Hey there, neighbor.

- Boden's letting you have
Casey's office?

- Ah, Boden's got
bigger fish to fry.

I arrived at this decision
on my own.

- Oh, I figured this office

was going to the next
truck lieutenant.

- Right.

Little history lesson
for you, right?

Back in the day before Squad 3
came to Firehouse 51

and, you know, started acting
like they owned the place--


That was the engine officer's

So now that there's a vacancy,

seniority dictates
that this office is mine.

- Ah. Okay.

But the last time you tried
to give yourself an office,

you almost burned down
the firehouse.

[knock at door]

- Hey, Chief.
You wanted to see me?

- Come on in, Pelham.
Close the door.

How do you like working at 51?

- Oh, you've got a great team.

Very glad to be subbing in
for however long you have me.

- You've impressed me enough

that I've thought about
bringing you on full time.

So I did a little research.

- Found out
about my suspension.

- Not just any suspension.

Longest suspension
ever issued by the CFD.

- Hmm.

I'm not sure if I knew that.

Maybe they should have given me
some kind of plaque.

[solemn music]

- Wanna tell me what happened?

- You got the file right there.

- It's a little light
on details.

- I'd love to fill the blanks
for you, Chief,

'cause I have great respect
for you.

But I can't.

- I can't bring you
on full time

without some kind
of an explanation.

- I understand.

- And you have nothing to say
on the subject?

- Not on that subject, no.

I'll say this, Chief.

I think I fit in in 51.

I'm a great firefighter
and a commanding leader.

I am loyal, tough, honest,
and I'll lay it all on the line

for the men and women
I work with,

which is what I see here.

Look, I've been a floater
at a lot of houses,

and I haven't fought to be
part of any of them.

But I will fight my ass off

and do whatever it takes
to be a part of this one.

- Whatever it takes
except tell me

what happened at Whiskey Point.

- [sighs]

That's right.


- [scoffs]

Hey, do you know how much
preschools cost?

Or at least
the one that Chloe likes?

- Uh, no.

- I mean, how can somebody call
themselves "The Happy Village"

when they're just
taking your money?

- Oh, look at
those little cuties.

They do look happy.

- They really do.
- [laughs]

Um, I was cleaning out the rig,
and I found this.

It's Stacy's, the pregnant
victim from this morning.

- Oh!

- You two had
such a nice connection.

I thought maybe
you'd wanna drop it off.

- Yeah. Yeah, of course.

- She's already been released
from Med, and she's back home.

- Oh, that's so good to hear.

Her home address
is on her ID in there.

- Thanks. Who knows?

Maybe she'll have a hook up
to The Happy Village.

- Violet. Hey, come here.

Um, come take a look at this.
- What's up?

- Uh, I showed Ritter
but I need your take.

Cara mocked up
some Fire Goat logos.

- Um. Hmm.

I like that one.

- Yeah, me too.

Ritter liked this one
with the flaming eyes.

- No. Yeah, too creepy.

- That's exactly what I said.
- [laughs]

- Ah, s--I--
I moved up super close.

I'm sorry. That was weird.
- No, no, no.

Um, it wasn't.

[sentimental music]

There's that thing between us.

Always has been.

And I ignore it, or I try.

Uh, but then there's
this pain in my side,

and that means something,

- Do you mean a pain
in your heart?

- What?
- What?

Well, you said--
you said a pain in your side

and I thought
you meant--never mind.

Never mind. Uh.

If I'm understanding
what you're saying,

it's really awesome and sweet.

But the thing is I'm--

I'm kind of seeing Cara
right now.

So I'm just not in a place--

- You--you don't have to.

Brett and Ritter were like,
"You have to say it."

And I was like, "Why?"

Because I'm so not
in that place, either.

And also the pain
is in my side,

which is nowhere near my heart,
so yeah.

- Hey, Stella, it's me.

I know you have
a pretty full day.

I just wanted to make sure
that you're keeping Boden

in the loop about
your furlough and everything.

Like when you're planning
on coming back.

'Cause I'm not sure
he's really aware.

[jazzy music playing]

Uh, okay, just gimme a call
when you get a break.

Love you.


- Hey, buddy!

- Can you turn that
down please?

- Yeah, sure.

- A little more.

Just a little more.

[music stops]

There you go. Thanks.

- Hey, uh, Severide, that lady
from the scaffolding collapse

left her purse in the ambo.

Should we take a ride
and return it?

- Yeah, I'm not really getting
any work done here anyway.

[jazzy music playing]

- Hi. What are you--

Oh, my God.
You are such a sweetheart.

- Ah, the medics found it
in their rig.

- I thought I left it
at the hospital.

I was gonna stop by there

- [chuckles]

- I've had to scale back since
I'm going it alone right now.

I was working at Finley's
Diner, but my doctor said

that I need to stay off my feet
the rest of the pregnancy.

So that was that.

But once the baby is born,
I'll get back to work.

Get back on track.

- Well, it sounds like
you're doing everything right

to take care of yourself
and that little one.

And it's not easy. I know.

- Do you wanna come in,
have some coffee?

The whole team is welcome.

It's the least I can do
after what you all did for me.

- No, that's very generous
of you,

but we actually gotta get back
to the firehouse.

- All right, but if you're ever
in the neighborhood

and could use a cup, my door
is always open to...

Squad 3.

- Thank you, Stacy.

And, uh,
good luck with everything.

- And good luck to you
and your little boy.

[gentle music]

- Forget what Gallo said.
He doesn't know what he wants.

- Um, apparently he does.

- He probably had no idea
how you felt

and was just
completely shocked.

- And you know he doesn't
handle that well at all.

- Give him a little time
to process.

- He was very clear
that he and Cara

are a thing right now, so.

- But that could help us
get a great slot at Winterfest.

- You had to tell him.

And I bet something
good comes of it.

Does your side feel better?

- Maybe a little.

- Violet.

Did you berate a pedestrian

on that scaffolding
collapse call?

- I wouldn't say berate.

- That's exactly what he said
when he filed his complaint.

- [sighs]

Chief Hawkins is gonna come by
the firehouse later

to talk to you.

- And it's official.
Worst day of my life.

- Chief!

I found out what Pelham did.

- How?
- Worked my union contacts.

Tracked down an engineer
who used to work with him.

- Did this person mention an
incident at a warehouse fire?

- Oh, yes, he did.

- Okay. Enlighten me.

- Apparently, what he heard--

Pelham punched his superior
officer square in the face.

- What? Why?

- Nobody knows. And get this.

The officer surprises everybody
a couple weeks later

by retiring out of the blue.

Pelham punched the guy
clean out of the CFD.

[alarm blares]

- Truck 81. Automatic alarm.
1450 Crenshaw Street.

[suspenseful music]

- Hey, is this your house?

- No, it's my neighbor's,
Mitch and Alison.

They left town early
this morning,

and now their smoke detector
is going off.

And I tried around back,
but it's locked too.

- All right,
we'll check it out.

We got nothing showing,

so this could just be
a malfunctioning unit.

Let's try to get in
with minimal damage.

- Want me to do a walk around?
See if I can find a way inside?

- No, Gallo,
you wait by the truck.

Be ready to fetch any tools
we might need.

- At least I graduated
from street sweeper to gofer.

[fire alarm beeping]
- Fire department.

[knocking at door]

Fire department. Anybody home?

[gate rattles]

[knocks at door]

All right,
let's just shim it open.

Gallo, bring me--

Where the hell is he?

[fire alarm stops]

- All clear, Lieutenant.

- You better wipe that grin
off your face, Gallo.

Go wait in the truck.


[loud banging]

- Does that look level to you?

- Do you have any idea how to
share a space with someone?

- I live with six other people.

- I-I-I was right beside Casey
for ten years.

We've never had any problems.

- Geez.

- What's happening here?

- Chloe just dropped
all this off.

We had so much stuff
from the shower

that we don't really need.

I thought we'd drop it off
at Stacy's place.

See if we can
help her out a little.

- I gave this to you.

- We got, like,
four or five of those.

So that might not be yours if
it makes you feel any better.

- It does not.

- Kylie, Chief Boden
in his office?

- No, he stepped away
for a while.

- Wait. Are you serious?

You're gonna
report me to Boden?

I got us in that house
with no damage whatsoever.

What's your problem?

[tense music]

- What you did was defy
a direct order.

You went freelancing, Gallo.

You could have fallen trying
to get to that window

or found a vicious dog
waiting for you inside

or an armed occupant

who thought
you were breaking in.

- I can handle myself,

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Not like you'll ever see it

treating me
like a little kid, right?

"Stay on my hip.
Wait by the truck."

I'm not a candidate anymore!

I've been riding 81 since way
before you got here,

and I'll ride it way
after you're gone.

- Captain Will Stafford?

- Yeah?

- Deputy District Chief
Wallace Boden.

I'd like to talk with you
about Jason Pelham.

Two years ago at a warehouse
fire at Whiskey Point,

you and Pelham, you got
into a tussle out front.

He hit you.
- Correct.

- Can you tell me
what that was about?

- [sighs]

Well, the argument started
when he accused me

of pocketing
some antique jewelry

that we came across in the
storage unit during overhaul.

Chief, I've been waiting
two years for some white shirt

to show up at my door.

Now that you're here...

It's almost a relief.

What happens to me now?

- I'm sorry.

Are you saying that
you did steal the jewelry?

Captain, I'm not here
to investigate

any charges of theft.

I only came to vet Pelham.

- Oh, well, Jason Pelham
is about the most stand-up guy

you're gonna find in the CFD.

Or anywhere else,
for that matter.

Could've had me arrested,
my pension stripped away.

Instead he gave me an out.

Return the goods,
take early retirement,

and he would keep
his mouth shut...

Which I guess he has.

- At considerable cost
to his career.

- How so?

- He lost his command.

He's stuck in the floater pool.

- All this time?

[solemn music]

- Chief Kilbourne was
on the scene.

He saw Pelham hit me.

Lousy luck.

He must really
have it in for Pelham.

Nobody deserves it less.

- I would've bet $100 Pelham
was gonna punch him

in the teeth
right then and there.

- But he didn't, huh?
- No.

Kept his cool.

Can't help but admire the guy.

Boden's out now trying to get
to the bottom of it all.

- Must be keeping him
pretty busy.

He hasn't noticed
that I set up shop

in the empty
officer's quarters.

- You did?
- Yeah.

- Hey, good for you.

- Yeah.

- You gonna claim
squatter's rights?

- I'm not squatting.
It's--it's seniority.

- Okay. All right.

- Severide sure is cranky
about it, though.

- Ah, probably just missing
his old neighbor.

Casey was his best bud,
you know?

They had a real camaraderie
back there.

- Well, this says you were
very aggressive,

and that you loudly berated
the pedestrian.

- I shouldn't have
raised my voice, agreed.

But he got in the way just
to take a video of the victim--

- That happens all the time.

And I realize how frustrating
that can be.

But these complaints
go on your record,

and if you get another one,
then I'm gonna have to--

- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

I--I just--

Ow. Oh, what the hell?

Oh, my God.

- Is it all on your right side?
- Like a stabbing.

Oh! Ow!

- Okay, Violet, I think
your appendix just burst.

- [groans]

- We're gonna have to get you
to the hospital right now.

- [grunts]


- [moaning]

I need some morphine, stat.

- All right, we got you.
- [groans]

- I'm gonna take her
right to Med.

- We'll call ahead.

Do you need anyone
to go with you?

- I can go.
- No need.

I'll stay with her in back.

- Great.

- [panting]

[tense music]

[siren wailing]

This is all your fault!
You and Ritter!

- I'm so sorry, Violet.

- This pain! I'm dying here!
What's taking you so long?

- I'm gonna give you
25 micrograms of fentanyl.

- Make it 50.

- Okay. 50 micrograms.

- Yeah, you put me
through an intervention.

An intervention.
Can you believe it?

- Intervention for what?

- No, it's not that
kind of intervention.

It's just love trouble.
That's all.

- Give me the drugs!
I'm dying in here!

- Pushing the fentanyl.
- About time.

Don't listen to Brett.
I am very good at love.

I don't have
any troubles there.


You're not a bad paramedic.
You know that?

- You feeling better?
- Don't talk to me.

I'm gonna survive, right?

- Yes, you'll survive.

- Hey, it's confirmed.

Violet's gotta get her
appendix out.

- Yeah, I figured.

- Yeah.
[clears throat]

I ran around the corner
to the gas station,

and I got us
a little something.

You up for a cigar chat?

- I'm good, thanks.

- Come on.
I got some dirt on Pelham.

- It's all right.

- We could talk about Stella,
how long she's gone.

I mean, it's gotta
be stressful.

- Herrmann!

I said I'm good.

- Okay.


I got it.

- Chief Hawkers?

- Pretty close.

How are you feeling?

- Kinda like someone's stole
one of my organs.

What are you doing here?

- Well, I promised
that you'd survive.

So I thought it was my duty
to stick around.

Make sure you actually did.

- Do you have any bubbly water?

- Not on me.

- The cafeteria at Med
has the best bubbly water.

- Well, I'd be happy to go
get you some.

- No, no,
you don't have to do that.

- Hi, Chief.

- Kylie, um,
any updates on Violet?

- Surgery went well.
She's in recovery now.

- That's good to hear.

Okay, let's send her
some flowers.

- Chief.

Can I get a minute with you?

- Sure.

- I think this should probably
be my last shift here, Chief.

- Why? What's this about?

- I just don't think
I fit in in 51.

Don't wanna create
unnecessary conflict.

- Is that why you didn't report
Captain Stafford for stealing?

[solemn music]

- Where--where'd you get that?

- Why'd you cover for him?

Help me out here.

- Okay.
Stafford was a great leader.

Great mentor to me.

Then his wife left him.

Took the kids. Took everything.

He just went off the rails.

When I caught him stealing,

I knew he was
no longer fit for the job.

He didn't like that opinion.
Got physical with me.

So I had to subdue him.

- You could have explained
all this to Chief Kilbourne.

Kept your command.

- Man's life
was in pieces, Chief.

Wasn't gonna send him to jail
on top of that.

- Don't be so sure that you
aren't right for 51, Pelham.

[alarm blares]

- Engine 51, Truck 81,
Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Structure fire.

[sirens wailing]

[tense music]

- Mouch,
get the aerial into position

in case we need
to vent the roof.

- Copy that.

- Don't like the look of this.
- Hey, do you live here?

- No, across the street.

I think there might be
a young girl inside.

- Okay, let's do this quick.

Truck, give me
a primary search.

Squad, stand by for RIT rescue.


Don't waste any time in there.

- No, sir.

- All right, you,
you're coming inside with me.

- Really?

- There might be
a 10-year-old girl inside.

We have one chance to find her.

- Let's go, let's go, let's go!

- Lieutenant, there's something
I have to tell you.

- What?

- House fires with children,
kind of a heavy thing for me.

- Just stick with me.

All right?
- Yeah.

- Fire department! Call out!

Fire department! Call out!

- 81, report.

- All right.
Second floor is clear, Chief.

We're coming out.

- Lieutenant, hang on. Hang on.

Can we get one more look
in the kid's room?

- Come on.
We already searched it.

- Just one more. Real quick.

- Chief,
give us one more minute.

- Copy that. Make it fast.

- Gallo, come on!
We need to move!

- Pull!

[both grunt]

- Oh, my God.


- Go!

Get down!


[objects clattering]

- Get to the window!

[tense music]

- 81, report.

[glass shatters]

Squad, get a ladder
up to that window.

- Ladder up!

- One victim coming out!

- You first. Go, go!

Okay, you're good.

- Vitals are strong.

Let's get her to Med.

- Good work.
I think she's gonna be okay.

- Stacy.
- Hi, guys.

- Hey.
- How you feeling?

- Great. Thanks.

Joe, I'm gonna guess it was you
that left

the wonderful collection
of baby things on my door.

- Oh, it was--
- The onesie was from me.

- That was so nice
of all of you.

- You've gotta be kidding me.

- I figured it would help
keep your little boy--

what's his name?
- Otis.

- Well, I figured it would help
keep Otis nice and warm

through his first
Chicago winter.

- Oh, he's gonna love it.

- You know, Joe,
the one thing my mom

always said about parenting--

"Remember to see
the big picture

"and how lucky you are to bring
a loved child into the world.

[heartfelt music]

Because that's all
that really matters."

- Thank you.

If I ever complain
about getting Otis

into the right preschool again,
hit me.

- Gladly.
- You got it.

- I heard the little girl's
doing well.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

So what made you think
that the little girl

was hiding under her bed?

- Just a feeling.

- Huh.


That was pretty big of you
to admit how you get

when there's a kid in a fire.

- Casey taught me
to recognize that

and, uh, work around it.

This guy--Otis they called him.

He worked at 51 before me.

And I used to get real pissed
anytime someone would say

that I was replacing him.

Like I wasn't my own person,
you know?

- Yeah.

- But here I am doing
the same thing to you.

Comparing you to Casey.

I'll try not
to do that anymore.

If you're sticking around.

- I appreciate that, Gallo.

Hope I am.

[sentimental music]

- Well, you look good.

- You're just saying that
'cause you feel bad

for giving me appendicitis.

[knock at door]

- Hey there. How's the patient?

- A little groggy still.

- And a little hostile.
- [chuckles]

- Hey, I had a dream

that Chief Hawkins
brought that for me.

- He was actually here.

He insisted on staying to make
sure you were taken care of.

- He did?
Didn't--doesn't he have a job

he's supposed to be doing
or something?

- Any guy who provides
painkillers and bubbly water

is A-okay in my book.

- All right, so we have to go,
but we'll check on you later.

- Okay.

I haven't forgiven you yet.

I mean,
they're my best friends.

[both laugh]

You're good people too, Gallo.
Don't forget it.

- [exhales]

I'm sorry about how I acted
in the laundry room.

You know,
I kind of freaked out.

- It's nothing.

- No, no, it's, uh,

it's something.

I've been--

I've been having a harder time
than I realized

with Casey leaving.

Pelham sure felt it.

I have a tendency
to go a little dark

when the people
I care about disappear.

And that triggers this whole
routine where I keep a certain,

you know, uh...

Distance from the people
I care about the most.

Cara's really easy
to be around,

but that's 'cause
she's not in that category.

But you--

Violet, you weren't
wrong when you said--

- [snoring]

- Severide, hey.

- Third shift lieutenant
narced on me

for hanging pictures,

so you won't hear
any more hammering

coming from my office.

- Falcone?
- Yeah.

He's a jerk.
- Uh-huh.

- Your décor adds atmosphere
to the place.

- Yeah. Thanks.
I thought so too.

- I don't know
when Stella's coming back.

- You don't know?

- Well, she tells me,
but then it changes.

And I know Girls on Fire
really means a lot to her.

It's just...

We've never had this much
distance between us.

- That's rough. Hey...

[sentimental music]

I'm trying to think
of a time Cindy and I,

we had something
like that happen, but--

- Herrmann, the thing
about cigar chats is...

You don't always
have to have the answers.

It's enough to just listen.

- Okay. I can do that.

- I don't know what's going on
with her.

Or where we're gonna be
when she does come back.

[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]