Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 10, Episode 7 - Whom Shall I Fear? - full transcript

Gallo clashes with the new lieutenant temporarily filling in for Casey; Severide closes in on a dangerous and deadly arsonist.


- You're all so photogenic.

- Cara's clearly making
a move on Gallo.

- She is something.

- I have to move to Oregon.

- I wanna stay together.
- Me too.

- When I lost my family,
it was the fire chief

that made sure I didn't
fall through the cracks.

I think it's great those boys

are gonna have you
in their lives.

[dramatic music]

- I thank that Lord
that Sister Montclair

wasn't hurt in the fire.

- I wasn't there.

- I think we go right
to Father Anthony

and find out what he's hiding.

- Anybody home?

[muffled screams]

- I need an ambulance
at Saint Sebastian's rectory.

Suspect headed north.

- Can we talk to him?
It's urgent.

- We're gonna have to keep him
in a medically-induced coma.

[suspenseful music]

- This is all of it?

- Everything they could pull
off the PODS after the hack.

- I just got off with Atwater.
Forensics is a bust.

No prints, fibers, blood.

Any sign of your guy?

- We can only track him about
three blocks from the rectory.

Then we lose him completely.

- So our only
hope of identifying him

is Father Anthony
coming out of a coma.

- And that could take weeks.
If at all.

- PD's all in on this case now,

so I can't really justify
keeping you from 51 anymore.

If you want to go back--

- So OFI is dropping
the case then?

- Of course not.

We have
a dangerous arsonist out there.

- Then I'm not going anywhere.

Boden's okay with me
staying on.

- That's good to hear.

So what's the next move?

- I say we go back
to Sister Montclair.

Father Anthony
thought she knew something,

even if she doesn't realize it.

- Maybe we just didn't ask
the right questions.

- Okay. Go talk to her.

- Anyone seen our relief
lieutenant yet?

- Nope.

- Is that him?

- Uh, no, Capp. That is not.

- You need glasses.
- Did you swipe my queen?

- Morning.
- Good morning.

- Do you know anything

about the floater
lieutenant for this shift?

- Just that his name's Pelham.
He's not here yet?

- Pelham?

Yeah, he's right over there.

- Ah. Mm.

- Yeah, we noticed
a hydraulic leak last night.

Pelham came in early
and said he could fix it,

so he grabbed a wrench
and got on in there.

- [groans]
- Lieutenant Pelham?

Randall McHolland.
Chauffeur and aerial operator.

- Ah. Jason Pelham.

- You look familiar.

- Did you work the
Copes Warehouse fire last year?

Back of the Yards?

- No, but that's where
I've seen you.

On TV, hauling those
two kids outta there.

- You know,
it's the craziest thing.

I'm floating at 41,
thinking I'll catch a few winks

since it's usually
the slowest house in Chicago.

I got a three-alarm
hellscape instead.

- What a rescue, though.
- Ah.

Just right place, right time.

- Lemme guess.
Something from Casey?

- It's been hard to connect
over the phone

because of our schedules,
so he sent me a letter.

- Aww.
- I know.

- Look how cute
his handwriting is.

- Real cute.

- You book your flight
to Portland yet?

- Yep--I fly out in ten days
and seven hours.

But who's counting?
- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, hey, Gallo.

Casey said to give this to you.

- Four pounds beef brisket,
one tablespoon brown sugar.

What is this?

- That's Casey's recipe
for corned beef.

He's passing you the torch.

[sentimental music]

[alarm blares]

- Engine 51, Truck 81,
Ambulance 61.

Person trapped. 3623...

[suspenseful music]

- You must be Gallo.
Good to meet you.

Lieutenant Pelham.
- Yeah, same.

[sirens wailing]

- All right, grab your machine
tools and some cribbing.

Let's get in there.

[dramatic music]

All right, give us some room.
- Make room, make room.

- Give us some room, folks.
- Thank you.

- He was not supposed to be
on the conveyor.

- [panting]

Please help me!

- All right, take him
to the service box, now.

- Mouch, lock out, tag out,
grab all the webbing we got.

- Copy that.

- Gallo, I want you

to stabilize the arm
and turntable.

Let's have the 9 inch
cut-off standing by.

- On it.

- [speaking incoherently]

- Try not to talk.

Try not to talk.
You're doing great.

- What you need, Lieutenant?

- Let's lash those
wrapping arms down.

- Copy that.

- I've got a clear view
of the bolt.

Gonna cut, Lieutenant.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop!

If that arm has
any tension built up,

it'll move as soon as you
clear the obstruction.

- I know, and I stabilized
it with wedges.

- And if the wedges fail,
then what?

Get up there and lash down
those arms with webbing.


- On it, Lieutenant.

- More trauma pads.

- Here you go. Here.

- Good to go here, Lieutenant.
- All right.

Now start cutting.

- Cutting.
[saw buzzing]

[worker yelling]

[metal groans]

- Okay, on my three.
One, two, three.

- [groaning]

- Leg is free.

- All right, great work,

Let's pack up.

- Those wedges totally
would've held.


- I'm honestly relieved to know

that Mosiah had nothing
to do with the fire.

But if it wasn't him,
I have no idea

why Father Anthony
pointed you in my direction.

- We understand the archdiocese
was investigating him.

- Can you tell us anything
about that?

- Nothing to tell.

There's absolutely nothing
to it.

They opened an investigation
based on an anonymous tip,

and they found
nothing improper.

- Do you have any idea
who made the accusation?

- You have to understand,

the church is as divided as any
other institution these days.

You've got some folks
who've gotten very rigid

about what it means
to be a "proper" Catholic.

- Father Anthony's not
in that camp?

- He made it his mission
to minister to the needy,

the sick, the outcast.

And believe it or not,
that ruffles some feathers.

I'm sure that's at the bottom
of the accusations against him.

But a brutal attack
over matters of doctrine?

[suspenseful music]

I can't imagine.

- You'd be surprised what
some people are capable of.

- Thank you for your time,

Please keep thinking on it.
If anything comes to mind--

- I'll reach out.
- Thank you.

- Where to next?

- Arsonists, they don't just
wake up one day and decide

to burn down
a church during mass.

They start small,
work up their courage.

- Then let's turn back
the clock,

see if there were
any past incidents

that slipped
through the cracks.

- Hey.

Maybe those wedges
would've held.

Maybe they only held
because of the webbing.

We don't know.

And when we don't know,
we play it safe.

- Oh, I hear you.

I-I was just trying
to save time.

See, I'm used to having
a little more latitude

to act on my own.

Casey, our old captain,
he knew that

I had a pretty
good nose for risk-taking.

- Oh yeah?

I'm not Casey.

And when I give you an order,
I expect you to follow it.

We clear?


- Hey, don't worry about that.

He's just trying to mark his--
- I get it.

- Mouch, you have a sec
for Chief Boden?

- Sure.

- Yes.
I've seen both proposals.

Neither has the numbers

that the CFD are willing
to sign off on.

Yeah, well, you just have
to let me know.

Thank you.

- Proposals and numbers.
- Nonstop thrills.

Anyway, I wanted to see
how things are going on truck.

How's Pelham?

- Seems like a good guy.
- Yeah.

He was a floater over on 77,
they loved him.

But he's got to be
the right fit.

- Are you thinking about
keeping him around for more

than a couple of shifts?
- Too soon to say.

I don't want a revolving
door of lieutenants,

so I'm keeping an eye out.

- Hope it's not
out of line to ask, but...

doesn't Kidd seem like the
natural replacement for Casey?

- And she's not back yet.

I don't have an answer
for that right now.

- Fair enough.

[phone ringing]

I'll let you get to it.

- Yep.

Hey, Mouch, um, keep me posted.

- Will do, Chief.
Hang in there.

- Yeah.

- Look at that smirk.
Ah, he's such a wiseacre.

- He looks just like you.
- Yeah.

They always do
when they're born.

Then suddenly, you got five
little Cindys eyeballing you.

- Oh, look.
Deep in thought there.

What are you
thinkin' about, Otis?

Ah, he's gonna be
such a brainiac.

You can just tell.

- Takes after Chloe.

- We gotta get moving on a plan
for Winterfest.

It's our best shot
to get seen and sipped

by all the top bar
and liquor store owners.

- Yeah, we need the perfect
beer for the occasion.

And we need to reserve a tent.

- Which means we should reach
out to Cara and get her help.

- Didn't think you were
the biggest fan of hers.

- We're already in bed
with her,

we may as well use her
and Bare Moon's connections

for all they're worth.


What's that look about?

Did you get
bathroom duty again?

- No, I'm just a little
hung over, that's all.

- Speaking of--how would you
feel about calling Cara,

asking her to meet us
at Molly's, talk Winterfest?

- Sure. She'd be glad to.

She was just
texting me about it.

- Oh, so, you--you guys have
your own text chain going?

- You know, I'm gonna--
I'm gonna call her now.

- Wow.

You don't have to ask him
twice to reach out to Cara.

He is all over that.

Just saying.

Winterfest, here we come.

- Hmm.
- Yay.

- Here's one.

A grease fire in the kitchen
of First Baptist back in 2009.

I know it's not
a Catholic church.

- And it was 12 years ago.

If this guy started to set fire
to churches way back then,

we would've
heard more from him.

There's got to be
something more recent.

- But we've looked
at everything.

Church fires,
fires involving animals.

There are no obvious hits.

You got something?

- 746 West 19th.

- Dumpster fire behind
an apartment building?

- It was two months ago.
- Yeah.

I'm not seeing the connection.

- That's because it was
reported by a tenant

of the apartment building,

but the dumpster was
in an alley

between the building
and a Catholic church.

[suspenseful music]

- Okay.

If you think
it's worth checking out.

- Until we find a better lead.
Van Meter.

- Hey, what's wrong, boss?

- Father Anthony suffered
some kind of complication.

He didn't make it.


- These hydraulic lines
look solid.

Nice work there.

Everything all right,

- Yeah, yeah.
Uh, you seen Gallo?

- Did you try the bunk room?

- Nah.

- Anything I can help with?
- Nah.

We just got off
on the wrong foot.

You know, I don't like having
to come down on any of my guys

right at the jump like that.

- Don't worry.
Gallo can handle it.

- Eh.

Tension's not good
for the team.

Hey, let me ask you something.

Is it true that Casey
would just

let him off the leash on calls?

- Well, Casey really took
Gallo under his wing.

And sure, Casey had to rein him
in here and there,

but less as time went by.

- Captain Casey meant a lot
to this house, huh?

- [sighs]

More than I could put
into words, to be honest.

We were real lucky to have him.
- Hmm.

[sentimental music]

Well, he was lucky too.

You know, being in a house
like this,

that kind of loyalty
from his crew.

Anyway, thanks for the help,

- We really didn't think
much of it, to be honest.

We put the fire out
with a mop bucket

before your people
even got here.

- Do you have any idea
how it might have started?

- The firefighters said it was
probably just a cigarette butt.

We try to keep it
locked up now.

- Around the time of the fire,
was there anyone acting strange

or--or threatening
towards you or your staff?

- There were a few unpleasant
messages in the comment box,

but no, no threats.

- What kind of messages?

- Oh, I'm just referring to
some tension

at our parish
the last few years.

Some people,
older members mostly,

complaining that we've gotten
a little too "woke,"

I guess you'd say.

But those folks
are all well-meaning.

- Um, what is it, Father?

- There was one thing.

I guess it was around
the time of the fire,

now that I'm thinking about it.

The altar boys discovered some
missals that had been defaced.

Drawings, mostly.

I thought it was some bored kid
entertaining himself,

but it seemed more
than doodling.

It seemed angry.

- Can we see one
of these missals?

- We tried to weed
them all out,

but there might be some
in the recycling still.

Let me check for you.

[suspenseful music]

- Maybe our arsonist was some
kind of religious hardliner,

targeting progressive churches?

- So what you're saying is,

my dumpster fire lead wasn't
a complete waste of time.

- Found a bunch of old missals
back there.

Not sure any of them
are defaced,

but you're welcome
to have a look.

Take them with you.

- Thank you, Father.

- Getting ready for your trip?

- Yeah, Casey hasn't had
a chance to see the sights,

so we're gonna do
all the cheesy touristy stuff.

I can't wait.

- How's he--
how's he doing there?

- He's good.

Really busy
between work and the boys.

Ben got into some advanced
coding class,

and Griffin is talking about
the fire academy after college.

- Wow.

I guess Casey's feeling, um,

pretty settled, then,
in Oregon.

- He misses everyone here,
of course.

But with the boys
doing so well,

he knows he did
the right thing.

- That's--that's great.

You'll have to give him
my best.

When are you--

- Oh, ten days and one hour.

Oh and no,
strike that--59 minutes.

[alarm blares]

- Engine 51, Truck 81,
Ambulance 61, automatic alarm.

- Hey, Chief. What's up?

[sirens wailing]

- Not exactly an inferno.

- Looks like a false alarm.

- You coming, Seager?
- Uh, yeah.

I-I think I'll keep
chipping away at these.

- I'm awfully sorry
for the trouble.

I have no idea
who pulled the alarm.

- It's okay, Father.

The most important thing
is keeping everybody safe.

We'll let you know
when you can go back inside.

- Just another false alarm?

- All clear, Chief.

Not so much
as a puff of smoke in there.

- Ah, there you go.

Sorry for dragging you
out for nothing.

I heard "church"
and my radar went up.

- Yeah, me too.

All right, thanks, Chief.

- Thank you, Father.

- All units, back in service.

- Oh, Mrs. Callahan, hi.
- Hello--ah! Sylvie.

- You look great.

You must be taking
your Trexall, I can tell.

Did you walk all the way here
from your house?

- Don't look so impressed,
it's only three blocks.

I don't care how permissive
Saint Dom's gets,

I'll keep coming here
till they put me in the ground.

- Oh, well, that'll be a while,
so take care of yourself.

- Just another dead end.

- Yeah, well,
I don't think this is.

[suspenseful music]

- "Damnable heresies bring
swift destruction."

- This has to be our arsonist.


- Van Meter's not gonna
bother you.

Okay, have a good day.
Hey, Brett.

- Hey!
- Hey.

- Do you get to go home now?

- No, I'm on my way
to headquarters.

- Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.
- [chuckles]

You talked to Kidd lately?

I can see that she's extended

her furlough
by another two weeks.

- Yeah, she's pretty invested
in getting

those Girls on Fire programs
up and running.

It's been kind of strange
with her

on the East Coast
and Casey in Oregon.

Everything feels
a little askew.

- Yeah, I agree.

- But change can be good,

You know, brings excitement
and new energy, new challenges.

What does Donna think
of your new job?

- She's always happy

when I'm not running
into a burning building.

Doesn't bother her one bit that
she's married to a desk jockey.

- [laughs]

Well, good luck
over there today, boss.

- I'm gonna need it.

- Hey, one black and tan.

You know,
that's Gallo's drink too.

- So I hear.
- Yeah.

- So you telling me
that Pelham's the guy

with the double rescue
at the back of the Yards?

The one that got splashed
all over the news.

- Yeah, he was floating at 41
when it happened.

- Oh.

You know, guys like that,
sometimes they get a big head,

but you know, Pelham,
he seems pretty low key.

I'm telling you now,
he's going places.

- Thanks.

- I've been asking around
about Casey.

Sounds like he was
one hell of an officer.

- He was.

- You know...

Adjusting to new
leadership is always hard.

Trust me.

Had to do
a lot of it in my career.

But a great firefighter has
to be adaptable above all else.

Just like no two fires
are the same.

- Hey, you.
- Hey.

- Oh, sorry.

I hope I'm not
interrupting anything.

- Not at all.
- Sorry.

Cara, this
is Lieutenant Pelham.

- [chuckles]

- Sorry to rush out,
but we actually have plans.

We gotta get moving, right?

- Yes. Definitely.

It was nice to meet you, Jason.

- Oh, thanks for the beer,

- Guess we're not talking
about Winterfest tonight.

- Guess not.

What's going on there?

- Uh, nothing.

It's just a side stitch
that keeps bugging me.

When I said we were in bed
with Cara and Bare Moon,

I didn't mean he should
literally get in bed with her.

- Okay.

Look, they could just be
going to grab a bite somewhere.

And he gets to avoid
his new boss at the same time.

- Yeah, Gallo is not a fan.

Good thing Pelham's only
with us for a shift or two.

- [scoffs]

- "There were false prophets
among the people,

"even as there will be
false teachers among you

"who will secretly
bring in damnable heresies,

and bring upon themselves
swift destruction."

- Sounds pretty Old Testament.

- No.

2 Peter 2.

- Don't laugh at me.
- I'm not laughing.

Anyway, it seems like
we're dealing with somebody

who thinks
these so-called false teachers

are destroying Catholicism.

Progressive priests like
Father Anthony, Father Marcus.

Which means our arsonist
isn't some psychopath.

This is very personal to him.

- I think I found something.

[suspenseful music]

The arrow going
through the heart.

In every book,
it points to this same verse.

"The Lord is my light
and my salvation;

whom shall I fear?"

- Wait a second.
I-I know that quote.

- Well, you've been staring

at Bible study websites
for hours now.

- No.
No, that's not why.

I got it.

Good morning, Sister.

- Hello.

You've heard
about Father Anthony?

- Yes.

And we're very sorry
for your loss.

- It's a profound loss
for this entire community.

- No doubt.

Sister, can we come in?

We need to talk to you.

- Of course.

How can I help?
- Can I ask where you got this?

- It was a gift
from Mr. Muller.

Our former groundskeeper. Why?

- What can you tell us
about him?

- I don't know.
He was a good employee.

Always on time.
Kept to himself.

Very devout.

- Where is he now?

- He left
a couple of weeks ago.

Said he found a better job.

- He left on good terms?

- Yes. I was happy for him.

That's actually why I wasn't in
church on the day of the fire.

I was interviewing
a possible replacement.

- And Father Anthony knew this?
- Of course.

He was aware
of all personnel matters.

What's wrong?

- That's the question

Father Anthony wanted us
to ask you.

Where were you during the fire?

- He wanted you to tell us
about Mr. Muller.

- The search
for a new groundskeeper

was put on hold after the fire,

so no one's been in here
since Mr. Muller.

- Do you notice anything

or out of place, Sister?

- Looks like
he cleaned it out.

- What was over here?
- Some bags.

I'm not sure--soil or mulch.

Something from
the garden supply store.

- How many bags were there?

- I don't know. A dozen or so?

- Whatever this guy
is planning,

it involves a whole lot
of ammonium nitrate.


- I'm looking at a purchase
order from the school.

This Larry Muller could have
as much as five hundred pounds

of ammonium nitrate-based
fertilizer in his possession.

And we believe him
to be capable of planning

a mass casualty incident.

Is that urgent enough for you?

What's driving this guy,
do we know?

- Seems like he has an issue
with Catholic priests

who he thinks are too lax.

- His methods are escalating

with every church
he goes after.

And the fact that he quit
his job makes me worry

that he's getting ready
for something big.

- So what's his next target?
- He might go back

to Blessed Mother or continue
on to some other church.

Impossible to say.

- Good. We'll head right over.

- Atwater's getting the
warrant now.

He'll meet us at the house.

- Great, let's go.

- How's it going there, Pelham?

- No complaints. Oh, hey.

Pete Tipler from 111 says hi.

- How do you know Tipler?

- Ah, worked together
for a couple months.

I filled in for McPherson

when he was laid up
after back surgery.

- Oh. That was last year, huh?

- Yeah. He's much better now.

- Good to hear.
- See you.

All right, guys.
We're gonna try something.

- What's this?

- One of the best parts about
being a reliever is you get

to see all the different ways
of doing things.

Now, what you have there is,
in my experience,

the most efficient compartment
organization there is.

- Casey's system was based on
15 years' experience

running Truck 81.

Good luck improving on that.

[tense music]

- You know, one day I hope
I have a firefighter

who gets that starry-eyed
when he talks about me.

I'll tell you what, Gallo.

When I leave 51, you can put it
back the way Casey had it.

Until then, let's do it my way.

- When does he leave?

- Flores, Jackson,
cover the back.

- Copy that.

- Is this your friend
you said tried

to knock you down the stairs?

- Just might be, yeah.
- Okay, let's go.

- How you doing, ma'am?

We're looking for Larry Muller.
Does he live here?

- Oh, he--he hasn't been home
in over a week.

I don't know where he is.
I've been worried sick.

My son, he isn't well.

Um, I don't--I don't
have the key.

- What the hell is this?

you all are probably right.

- Severide.

- Has Larry hurt anyone?

- Yes, ma'am. He has.

- Looks like he wants
to hurt a lot more.

What's this right here? A bomb?

- Looks like
a fuel injection system.

Seager, come here.

Is that Saint Dominic's?

- Sure is.

- This is nice. Lemon scent?

- Orange.
- You sure?

- Hey, Ritter.
Come here for a sec.

Does it smell like lemon
or orange to you?

- It's orange.
- Hey!

- Did you ever find out

where Gallo and Cara
went off to last night?

- I didn't think it was
my business to--

- But it is our business.

As co-owners of Fire Goat,
we should know

if he's sleeping
with our investor, right?

Or whatever she is.

- Violet, you do know that pain
in your side is Gallo, right?

- What? Get out of here.

- I think he might be right,

Your body's telling you
to pay attention.

- To what?

- Your feelings for Gallo.

If you don't, you might
get stuck with that pain

for the rest of your life.

- I think
it's too much caffeine.

Or I just need a new mattress.

[phone dings]

[alarm blares]

- Engine 51, Truck 81,
Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Automatic alarm,
1334 North Flournoy.

- That's Saint Dominic's

[sirens wailing]

[suspenseful music]

- Chief,
it's just another prank.

I-I-I'm sorry
to drag you out here again.

- We need to check it out,

Let's get these stragglers
out of the building, shall we?

Engine, Truck,

sweep the inside.

Squad, stand by.

Herrmann, Pelham.
Give it a thorough look.

Let me know
if anything seems off.

- You got it, Chief.
- Okay.

- Hey, this is his next target.

- What? Are you sure?

There's no sign of any fire.

- He's not setting a fire.

That last alarm pull,
he was just--

he was just doing
his reconnaissance.

Chief, he--he set a car bomb.

- All units,
evacuate the building.

Help me clear out
this parking lot right away.

Now! Come on, let's go,
let's go, let's go.

- You heard the man.
Let's move, let's go!

[indistinct chatter]

- Let's keep moving, everyone.
Keep moving, thank you.

- We're moving everybody
across the street.

Come on. Come on. Hey!

- Hey! Hey!

- Easy, folks. Slow down.

[intense music]

- Go. Go! Get back!

[trigger beeping]


- Move!
- Back up!

- Come with me.

Move! Move!

- Go! Get back!


[car alarm beeping]

- Everybody okay?

- Medic!

[tense music]

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- How about you, Chief?
- You okay? I'm fine.

Oh, God.

- "Pride goeth
before destruction...

A haughty spirit
before the fall."

Proverbs 16:18.

- Crazy false alarm, huh?
- Yeah.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- Really?
- Uh.

Casey has been wanting to do
this wildfire training program,

and there's usually
a long wait list,

but uh, a spot just
opened up last minute.

- Oh, man. And it's--

- Yeah, it's right
when I was supposed to visit.

So it turns out

I will not be seeing him
in seven days and six hours.

- I'm sorry.
- I hate change.

I don't know
why I said change was good.

It's not.
It's stupid and painful.

It messes everything up.

- Yeah, it does.

It messes everything up.

[sentimental music]

- I just--I really miss him.

- I do too.


- What are you laughing about?
We're in crisis.

- We totally are.

But I was just thinking about
what Casey would say

if he walked in here
and saw us like this.

- [laughs]


Well, to me, he would say,

"What're you doing?
I'm not dead, I'm in Oregon.

"And you'll see me
in three weeks.

"Things might be different,
but we're still us.

So get up off that bench."

- To me he'd say, "You still
crave the rolled up

"newspaper, don't you, Gallo?

"Are you actually gonna just
sit here and mope about

"how I was your mentor?

"Or are you gonna get up,
get back to work,

and actually act like I was?"

- I don't know how you go back
to chasing cats out of trees

after a case
like that, Severide.

- I'll manage.

- I'm really glad
you were on this.

- I'm glad we were both on it.

- All right, now,
go on and play some cornhole

or whatever it is you guys
do around here.

Stick me with the paperwork
once again.

- I'll make it up to you.

Next round on me at Molly's.

- I will take you up on that.

[phone beeps]

- You are flirting
with someone.

I can see it in your fingers.

- That's not a thing.
- Well?

- The guy from Soul Cycle
asked me out.

- Look at you.
Back in the game.

- [chuckles]

- Too much caffeine,
I told you.

- Hey, would you all just
give me a minute?

Just want to let you know
that Lieutenant Pelham

will be staying on with us

for the next month or so,

Okay, so everybody,
please make him feel at home.

- Good to have you here,

- Hey, thank you.

- Great having you out there
with us today.

- Thanks.

- All right, lunch is up.

- Hey, great work
out there today.

- Gallo, is that
what I think it is?

- Yeah.
Casey's corned beef.

- In that case, I'm definitely
staying for lunch.

- And the first plate
goes to the lieutenant.

[heartfelt music]

- Oh, ho ho.
Looks delicious.

- Don't get used to it.

Took a lot longer
than I realized.

- I'm glad Pelham's
sticking around.

He's one of the good guys.

What's wrong?

- I don't know.

But Mouch, a guy that great,

doesn't it make you
kind of wonder, you know,

why he's been floating
for so long?

So many different places?

Never got a command of his own?

- That's...

A really good question.

[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]