Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 10, Episode 6 - Dead Zone - full transcript

A major security breach in the city's computer networks forces Firehouse 51's senior leaders to take matters into their own hands. Severide gears up for an arson investigation.


- My Deputy District Chief
Office is now at 51.

- That's great news.

- Wanted you all to be the
first to meet this little man.

We're calling him Otis.

[dramatic music]

- You notice a dead cat
at that church fire?

- That was weird.

Cats usually make it
out of fires.

- It was soaked in gasoline.
That was your origin point.

- When you get back,
you should bring

some of your things over here.

- I have to move to Oregon
to take care of those boys.

I want you to come with me.

- You made this firehouse
a very special place.

- I love you, man.

- I'm not moving to Oregon,

but I wanna keep
being you and me.

- Nothing's gonna change.

[soft dramatic music]

- A cat soaked in gasoline?

- It's creepy, right?
- To say the least.

That doesn't seem like a very
efficient way to start a fire.

- It is if you lay down
trailers of accelerant

set the cat on fire.

Let the cat do
the rest of the work.

- Does OFI got any suspects?

- No witnesses, no lead.

Van Meter's gonna stop by later
to check out

our incident report.

Maybe one of our guys
saw something that might help.

- I have a feeling
that's not the only reason

why he's stopping by.

- What do you mean?
- Hmm.

- So what house
did you float in from?

- 31,
over on Damen and Addison.

- Armitage.
31's in Bucktown.

- I lose track of where
all the houses are.

- [chuckles]

- Whoa, Cruz.

Hey, you--you spilled coffee
on your shirt.

And it's inside out.

- Let's pump the brakes
on the caffeine, Joe.

You gotta use it tactically
and not a meal replacement.

I learned that one
the hard way.

- If I could just get three
hours of uninterrupted sleep.

- Yeah, now trust me,
your body, it'll adjust.

You know, when Lee Henry
first came home, that kid--

[phone ringing]

you plan on answering that?

- It's Trudy's cousin,
the talkative one.

- Just silence the call

so the rest of us
don't have to hear it ring.

[phone ringing]

- Huh, when did that button
start doing that?

- Uh, about as long
as the phone's been out.

- Come on,
it's like cellphone 101.

[fire bell rings]

- Truck 81--

- No, sorry, uh,
Engine 51.

Ambulance 61, person injured
at 1056 Hudson, uh, Avenue.

- That was an actual person.

- I haven't heard that
in a long time.

[dramatic music]

[sirens wailing]

- What are you doing, Herrmann?
Trying to poach our run?

- Like hell, Acosta. We were
dispatched to this location.

But where's the emergency?

- Did we get the right address?
- Ah, 51--

- Down here!

We've been waiting
for, like, over 20 minutes.

I called twice.
- Okay, what's going on?

- We were balling.

Al did this crazy dunk
and then all of a sudden,

the whole thing
just came down on him.

- Okay.
- We haven't moved him.

My mom's a nurse.
She schooled me on that.

- All right, good deal.
Come on.

- [groaning]
- Hey, guys, give us some room.

- Back up, back up.

- [groaning]
Help me, please.


- Engine 51 to main,
we have an impale victim.

We need a truck sent over
to cut through a steel rim.

- We have a truck company
en route.

- No, you sent an engine.
Two, actually.

- [groaning]

- Herrmann, he's lost
a lot of blood.

We need to get him to Med

before he has permanent
nerve damage.

- Hey, Acosta, can you grab
your crew, go knock on doors.

See if you can find anything to
cut through this steel brace.

[dramatic music]

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, what's your name, pal?

- Alistair.
My friends call me Al.

- Uh-huh. Yeah.
Are you a junior?

'Cause I know an Al who liked
to showboat on the court, too.

- [groaning]

- Hey, hang tight.

Gonna get this off you,
all right?

- Look, they did send
a truck company.

- Hey, Cromwell,
I need your angle grinder!

- Sampson,
grab the angle grinder!

- Copy that!

- As soon as he's free,

I'll wrap a figure eight
to hold that rim in place.

Let's grab the Kerlix.

- What are you guys doing here?

- Dispatch sent over half
the CFD for some reason,

I know.
They got their wires crossed.

Okay, Cromwell,

you guys grab this backboard
and hold it steady, all right?

Ritter, clamp your vice grips
on this brace

right above the impale,
all right?

Hold it steady while I cut.

Hey, Al, Al, Al, I need you
to stay perfectly still.

[tense music]

[angle grinder whirring]

[steel grinding]
[Al screaming]

- Yo, y'all are hurting him!

- Hey, we gotta cut
the brace free

to transport him to the
hospital, okay? Come on.

- [screaming]

All right, we're good.

- One, two, three.
- [groaning]

Bring it toward me.

Thank you.

Help me out, Herrmann.
- [groans]

Yep, right there.

- Keep breathing. There you go.
Hard part's over.

- All right, let's get him
on the stretcher.

- Yeah.

- One, two, three.
- [groaning]

[soft dramatic music]

- Nice to have all the
extra hands around for once.

- Okay, let's go.

- The incident reports
are yours to take,

and we can run copies of the
logbook if you need them.

- Great, although I'm not
seeing anything here

that we don't already know.

None of your guys saw
anything suspicious

in or around the church?

- No, the only thing we felt
was out of place was the cat.

Hey, Seager.
- Hey, Severide.

Sounds like the sharpest
arson investigation team

in the Midwest
is back together, huh?

- Is it?

- I haven't broached
the subject yet.

- Van Meter...

you trying to commandeer
my Lieutenant again?

- We got a very
twisted arsonist out there.

We don't know
the first thing about him.

- Or her.

- Which means we don't know the
first thing about their motives

or their intentions.
Are they planning more attacks?

- I got it.
Save your breath.

You want in on
this investigation?

- Yeah,
I wanna find this psycho.

- Okay, I'll put Cruz
in charge of Squad,

try and find a floater.

He's all yours, Van Meter.

- Thanks, Chief.
- Go on, get out of here.

- What's our first move?

- We need to tell the priest
that what happened

to his church
wasn't an accident.

- Father Anthony?
I met him on the scene.

- Good. Let's go see if he has
any idea

who'd wanna do something
like this.

This is gonna be fun, Severide.
- [chuckles]

You're the only person I know

who thinks arson investigations
are fun.

- The only one?
- Yeah.

- I saw how fast
you got to your feet just now.


- Did you hear those paramedics
arguing outside of Med?

Turns out they had all
been called to the same OD

over on 123rd.

- Yeah, dispatch is having
some major issues today.

I'm gonna reach out to Hannah
at the call center

and see what's going on.
- Yeah.

- What's wrong?

- My phone, it's not here.

Hey, will you call me?
- Yeah.

I saw you on it this morning.

- Yeah, I was leaving Casey
a voicemail.

It's his first shift.

I'm waiting for him
to call back.

- Do you have the
Find My Phone app?

- [sighs]

Yes, only on my phone.

- Okay, um,
maybe you left it at Med.

We can swing by there
on our next call.

- How did I lose my phone?

My head is not
on straight today.

- Mm.
- [sighs]

- With the love and support
of this neighborhood

and this great city, I know
that it won't take us long

to rebuild and to make
our church whole again.


Till then, remember
what the Lord said to Joshua,

"Be strong and steadfast.

"Do not fear or be dismayed
and know the Lord, your God,

is with you wherever you go."
all: Amen.

[birds singing]
- Thank you.

Thank you so much
for your support.

Thanks for coming.
Thank you.

- Hey, Father.
Do you remember me?

I was one of the firefighters
from the other day.

- Oh, yes, bless you.
You folks are extraordinary.

- This is Lieutenant Seager.

She's with the Office
of Fire Investigation.

- Hi, Father, can we have
a moment of your time?

- Of course, how can I help?

- We're investigating
the cause of the fire,

and I'm afraid
we have reason to believe

someone set it intentionally.

- I see.

- In fact, we think someone
actually used

the church cat
to spread the fire.

- That poor thing.

- Father.

Why do I get the feeling that
none of this is news to you?

- How do you mean?

- Well, we just told you
someone lit your cat on fire

and burned down your church,

and you don't have
a single follow-up question.

Like, do we know who did it?

- Do you?

- Can you think of anyone
who may have wanted

to target your church?

- I'm sorry,
I can't help you there.

- Can't or won't?

- I can't.
I'm sorry.

- Father, did you receive a
confession related to the fire?

[soft dramatic music]

- All I can say is...

I thank the Lord that

Sister Montclair wasn't hurt
in the fire.

Good luck
with your investigation.

- Father--
- He can't talk.

- And we can't have a deranged
arsonist roaming the city.

- I'm guessing
you weren't raised Catholic?

- Sure, I was.

Sort of.

- I've got a devout mother

and 12 years of Catholic school
under my belt.

So believe me when I tell you,

the sacrament seal outweighs
any form

of professional

- So he's gonna protect someone
who tried to kill him

and his entire church?

- He has to.

Who's Sister Montclair?

Somebody you guys
pulled out of the fire?

- No.
I don't know why he said that.

- If he can't give us
any information,

maybe he's pointing us
towards someone who can.

- Okay, okay.

[computer chimes]


- Okay, okay, yeah,
I will--

I will tell him right away.

- Chief, headquarters
is on the phone.

[overlapping chatter]

- Okay, everybody.

Listen up.

Just got off the phone with HQ.

There has been
a major security breach

of the city's
computer networks.

The hackers have taken down
a number of municipal servers,

and they are refusing
to put it back online

unless their ransom demands
are met.

[overlapping chatter]

The city has no intention

of playing ball
with cybercriminals.

The office of communication is
working to restore the network,

but the breach has
infiltrated the server

that operates the
computer-aided dispatch system.

- Wait, does this mean that--

- The entire 911 call center..

is down.

[dramatic music]


- With CAD down, we're turning
back the hands of time.

- Uh, how far back are we
turning them?

- A couple of decades,
give or take.

- That was when we had to rely
on our instincts,

not just gadgets and gizmos.

- Oh, come on.
You use them, too.

Not to their full potential,

I don't see you
flipping through a road atlas.

- I'm actually impressed
you know what that is.

My point: I know how to exist
without them.

- Are we gonna need
all this stuff?

- Yeah,
some are for us and some

are to lend to new houses,
you know, that aren't stocked

with the same old equipment
that we got.

- That's where you three
come in.

Meet your new best friends:

walkies, landlines,

and something I'm positive was
a little before your time,

pen and paper.

- Everything that comes
in and out of here

has to be logged by hand.

- Or we could create
a digital spreadsheet

and share via
a cloud-based service.

- Gallo, have you received
a single notification

since the routers went dead?

- Hmm, I don't have a...

[soft dramatic music]

Ritter, can you load anything?
- No service.

- Without Wi-Fi,
this place is a dead zone.

- Um, can I steal you two
for a moment?

- Yeah, sure.
Everything good?

- Yeah, my friend, Hannah,
she's a senior operator

at the 911 call center.
She wants to speak with you.

- She asked for us? By name?
- Not exactly.

She asked for the BG guys.

- Yeah, she meant the OG guys.

- No, she means the guys who've
been here since before Google.

- Oh.

- Yeah.

- That sounds
like a nightmare, Chief.

Let me know if you need me
to come back.


This ransomware thing did
a real number

on the alarm office.

- It's got computers
locked up at OFI, too.

Van Meter's having
a nervous breakdown.

How's Stella doing?

- Kicked ass in Boston
setting up "Girls on Fire."

Now they want her
to go to Connecticut

to set it up
in a few cities there.

- Wow, that's great.

How long is she gone?

- I'm not sure yet.

It could be a few more weeks.

- Well, if you're free,

looking for a drinking buddy
in the meantime,

I'm happy to meet up
at Molly's or wherever.

- Cool.
[door opens]

- Hello, I'm Sister Montclair.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

This church fire has thrown
the whole school into disarray.

- Thanks
for letting us interrupt.

I'm Lieutenant Wendy Seager

with the CFD's
Office of Fire Investigation.

This is
Lieutenant Kelly Severide.

- Uh, what can I do for you?

- We're here to investigate
the cause of the fire,

and we wanted to see

if you might know
anything about it.

- I wasn't there,
so I don't know

how I could have.

- You weren't at the fire?
- Nowhere near it.

Who told you I was?

- Father Anthony.

He didn't say
you were actually there,

but he seemed to suggest

that you might have
some idea who started it.

[soft dramatic music]

Do you know of anyone
who might have--

- Mosiah Adler.

- Who's that?

- A student--a former student.

We expelled him last year

after he lit
a classmate's hair on fire.

- All right,
slight change of plans.

Alarm office has requested that

51 to operate
like a 911 satellite office.

- What does that mean?

- It means emergency calls

will be routed directly
to our bullpen

and we will now dispatch
for the city of Chicago.

- Wh--what happens
if we get dispatched?

- You won't be.
I'm taking 81, 51,

and Squad out of service
until further notice.

The city is low on ambos,
so 61 is still active.

- Figured.

[overlapping chatter]

- Hey, listen up.

'Cause we're gonna go live
any minute.

We all know that there are
98 firehouses in this city

and we are gonna be
tracking all of them.

- There's no way
that we can keep up

with all of Chicago's
companies manually.

- Where there's a will,
there's a way, Joe.

Okay, everybody
empty your pockets.

I need--I need loose change.

- We're getting this back,

- Capp, just put the coins
in the cup.

- Eyes on Mouch.

- Right this way.

This here is our holy grail.

It's how we will track
which fire companies are home

and which are on a call.

- That's where your change
comes in, all right?

Okay, engines are quarters.

- Why do engines
get to be the quarters?

- That is a valid question.

- All right, we put out the--
okay, fine.

Squad is quarters, engines
are dimes, trucks are nickels,

and ambos are pennies.
Everybody happy?

- Not really.

- When a company is on a run,

remove its assigned coin.

When they return, put the coin
back on the square.

- All right, Cruz, Capp, Tony,
you guys are our call takers.

We need to know
the who, what, when,

and where of the emergencies.

- Ritter and Gallo,
you two will be

deciphering their call notes
and logging them.

- Legible notes without
the techie shorthand

or the nonsense abbreviations.

- I'm talking to you,

- Okay, let's do this.

On a wing and a prayer.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

- Yo, what's up?

- We're looking
for Mosiah Adler.

- Who is?

- We're with
the Chicago Fire Department.

- So what do you want from me?

- You're Mosiah?
Mosiah, are your parents home?

- You don't need my parents.

You got something to say,
say it to me.

- Okay.

Are you aware there was a fire

at St. Sebastian's
on Wednesday?

- [scoffs]

You think I got
something to do with it.

- You do have a history.

- Yeah,
that's gonna dog me forever?

It was a prank.

I threw one of those
tiny firecrackers at her.

I didn't know it was gonna
light up her hair gel.

It was stupid. I get it.

Now you think
I'm some kind of firebug?

- So you don't know anything
about the church fire?

- I know I ain't got
nothing to do with it.

- But how do we know that?
- 'Cause I'm telling you.

I have--[sigh]

Wednesday, you said?

- The fire was
Wednesday morning, yes.

- Oh, I got you now.

- Yeah, read it and weep.
That's my uncle.

His funeral was on Wednesday.

Now you tell me how I'm gonna
start a fire in the church

when I'm in Evanston
helping my cousins

carry my Uncle Eddie's coffin,

- [meows]

Yeah, you can tell
Sister Montclair

she can stop worrying
about what I'm up to.

She got enough to worry about
with Father Anthony.

- And why should she worry
of Father Anthony?

- He's in big trouble.
That's what I heard.

- What kinda trouble?
- With the church.

Yeah, I still got
a lot of friends at school.

They said the archbishop
is all in his business.


He said
he might lose his parish.


[indistinct radio chatter]

- 67 and the group
returning to quarters.

- Is she still breathing?

Can you tell
if she's still breathing?

- 911, what's your emergency?

- She overdosed in the bathtub?

They both overdosed.

- You smell smoke?

Oh, you see smoke.
Do you have an address for me?

- Kylie, call Firehouse 41
on the marshall line.

They're not responding
to the radio.

- On it.

- Is he breathing?

- Hi, this is Kylie--

- Has Engine 17 returned
from the car fire in West Town?

- Um...

[indistinct chatter]

About 16 minutes ago.
- Where's their dime?

- Dime down.

[phones ringing]

- All right,
I will take your--

- Hey, Gallo, I need to see the
call logs from two calls back.

- Copy.

[phones ringing]
Here you go.

- How we doing?

- Eh, good, chief,
but we got our hands full.

- Mm-hmm.

- Bathroom break.
Cover me.

[phone rings]

- 911, what's your emergency?

I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
Can you repeat the address?

521 East Randolph.

- Ritter,
it can't be East Randolph.

That would be in Lake Michigan.

- I can't hear her.

I think there's a short
in the cord. It's staticky.

- Bring the phone over.

we need another phone cord.

- I'm on it.

[soft dramatic music]

- Ma'am, can you repeat
that address for me?

- I think I cut an artery.
Please, I don't wanna die.

There's blood everywhere.


- I feel lightheaded.
- Hang in there.

We're getting someone
over to you now. Chief.

- 89 should be close.

- Main to Ambo 89.

I repeat, main to Ambo 89.

- Herrmann, Ambo 89 hasn't
returned from Lake Shore yet.

- Then why aren't they
answering the freaking walkie

and telling me that?

- Don't shoot the messenger.

- Okay, who else is nearby?

- Uh--oh, 61 is a block away,
just leaving Med.

- Main to Ambo 61.

- Okay, you need to apply
pressure on the wound

until the paramedics arrive.

Is there anything nearby you
can make a tourniquet out of,

like a belt or a tie?

- This is 61.

- Hey, we have a caller
in distress

at 521 West Randolph.

Uh, she's in need
of assistance ASAP.

- Copy that.

- I have the belt on my apron.
- Perfect.

Now, take that belt and tie
it above the wound carefully.

Can you do that for me?
- Okay.

- 61 to Main,

we're en route about a
block north of that location.

- Ah.
Music to my ears, 61.

She sliced her artery
while she was cooking.

She's bleeding out fast.

- We're on it.

- Okay, I did it.
- Okay, great.

Do you have a pen or pencil
nearby or anything similar?

- I have some chopsticks.
- Even better.

Okay, you're gonna place
the chopstick in the knot

and twist it
until the bleeding stops.

[suspenseful music]

Has the bleeding stopped?



- Ritter, did we lose her?
- We're still connected.

- She could've passed out
from the blood loss.

- Main to Ambo 61,
what's your location?

Main to Ambo 61, do you copy?

[feedback screeches]

Will someone give me
a new walkie?

- Hello?
Brett, is that you guys?



- We got her.

She's unconscious,
but breathing.

I'll keep you updated.
- [sighs]

[soft dramatic music]


- Is the idea Father Anthony
burned down his own church?

- Anything's possible.

All we know for sure is that
Mosiah Adler is in the clear.

- If his alibi checks out.
- It will.

I mean, come on,
you saw him with that cat.

He's not our sicko.

- I guess we could head over
to Archdiocese,

see if they'll answer
some questions.

- Then let's do it
'cause there's a chance

the good Father
deliberately led us astray

with that whole
confession thing.

- All right, then.
Off to Archdiocese.

[tires squealing]

- Hey! Help!

I need help now!

- Copy that, six is out.

- Hey, his garage is on fire.
He just ran over here.

- I try calling 911,
but it just kept ringing.

- What's the address?
- 1317 South Throop.

It's just a few blocks over.
- Got it.

- Damn, nearest engine's 46,
and they're on a run.

- Nope, the nearest engine

is sitting right there
on our app floor.

- It's out of service.

I need Herrmann
on the board with me.

- Herrmann, make me
acting Lieutenant

I'll take Capp
and Tony out there.

- How am I gonna clear that
with HQ

while they're in knots
over this cyber-attack?

- Your newly-appointed
Deputy District Chief

approves the personnel change.
Cruz, take command of 51.

- Capp, Tony, let's go.

[dramatic music]

[fire bell ringing]

- Oh, when did that button
get there?

- When the room was built.

That's like Firehouse 101.

All right.

- Well, new phones have all
sorts of cool updated features

and the cameras
are amazing now.

- Yeah, it's just the old one

had tons of photos
of me and Casey

and voicemails he's been
leaving every morning

since he got to Oregon.

- That sucks.
I know.

Hey, but think of it this way.

You'll take more pictures
when you go visit

and he will leave
more voicemails.

- I'm sorry
for all of the wallowing.

I've been trying really hard
not to wallow.

No more, I swear.

Let's just head back to 51

and see if we can help
with all the craziness.

- And maybe get Lulu's hotdogs
on the way

if we don't get a call first?

- Oh, yes.
- Okay.

- We just need to talk to
someone about Father Anthony.

- It could be anyone
with information

on the church's investigation
at the St. Sebastian.

- I understand,

but that meeting would have to
be approved by the archbishop,

and he's traveling right now.

- Can someone call
the archbishop, get approval?

It's urgent.

- If you leave your name
and number,

his office can contact you
when we hear from him.

I'm sorry. Right now,
that's the best I can do.

- Thanks.

That was a brick wall.
- Yeah.

But you know who has the tea
on every tenant in my building?

The super.

- Hi.

I'm Wendy.
This is Kelly.

- Hi, my name's Louis.

You're asking about
Father Anthony?

I heard you.
- You know him?

- I've seen him
in and out of here a lot

the last couple months.

[soft dramatic music]

I don't know exactly what's
going on, but I can tell you,

they've been looking into
St. Sebastian's donation books.

Everyone knows
Father Anthony is old school.

No computers, paper only.

And I heard he stalled
on handing over his ledgers.

- Stalled? So he eventually
turned them in?

- No, because all
his parish papers?

They burnt up in that fire.


- So far, all the sharpest
arson team in the Midwest has

is hearsay
from a juvenile delinquent

and a janitor.
Do I have that right?

- When you put it that way,
it doesn't sound so impressive.

But, Van Meter,

my gut's telling me
there's something here.

- How about your gut?

- I think it's worth
digging deeper.

And frankly,
it'd be reckless not to.

- But if the archdiocese
is icing you out,

what's your next move?

- We could talk
to Father Anthony's flock,

see what the parishioners know
about this audit.

- Waste of time. They're just
gonna be circling the wagons.

I think we go right
to Father Anthony

and find out what he's doing.

- Okay, give it a try.
Divide and conquer.

You talk to the parishioners,

and you see if you can
trip up the priest.

- Mouch and Herrmann haven't
come up for air in hours.

I'm gonna try and convince them
to take five.

- Those two
are wired differently.

I'm exhausted just
looking at them.

- Hi, how can I help you?

- Friend of mine got
hurt today.

Think one of the medics
who treated him

might have dropped this.

- Yes, this is Brett's.
She's been freaking out.

You have no idea.

[soft upbeat music]

How's your friend doing?

- Docs say the medics
really did right by him.

A little physical therapy
and he'll be back on the court.

Tell them I said thanks.

- I will, for sure.

- 911, what's your emergency?

- Here's another one.

You spelled the street "Throop"

There is an H
after the T.

- That would make it "Throop"
instead of Troop.

- The H is silent.

It's that weird Chicago thing
like the invisible L in Wabash.

How do you not know this?

- I'm sorry,
I'm not a human spellcheck.

- They're not back yet?

Oh, okay, let me check
to see their last location.

Ah! Who--I said no liquids
in the bullpen!

- Oh, uh, sorry, Mouch.

- And then whose--whose
chicken scratch is this?

- Serial killer handwriting?
Yeah, that's Ritter.

- Spell "serial"?
- I can't work like this.

- All right, Mouch, hey,
you're tapped out.

Come on. Take 20.
- I got it, Mouch.

I got it.
- Go rehab.

Come on.
- Can't--can't. I can't.

- You got it.
- I can't.

- Hello, hello?

- Oh, hey, sorry about that.

[crow cawing]

[soft suspenseful music]

- Father Anthony?


Anybody home?

[thumping upstairs]

- [muffled shouting]

[tense music]


- [muffled screaming]

[muffled screaming]


- How did--

Hang in there, Father.

- [groaning and coughing]

- Hang in there.

[phone line trilling]

Come on damn it, pick up.

[line continues trilling]

[phone rings]

- Firehouse 51.

- Herrmann, it's Severide.

- Hey, you okay?
What's the matter?

- I need an ambulance
at St. Sebastian's rectory.

I need a squad car
at 51st and Western.

Suspect's fleeing on foot,
headed north.

- Okay, hang on.

- I'm tapping myself back in,
what do you need?

- Get an ambulance
to St. Sebastian.

Hey, get on the phone
to the 21st district.

- Copy that.

- [gasping]

- 61 is on their way
back from Med.

Ritter, get them on the radio.

- 61, do you copy?

61, do you copy?

- Damn it.

- [gasping]


- It's a good thing
you got to him when you did.

We'll get him to Med
as quick as we can.

I'll let you know
what they say.

- Thanks, Brett.

[soft dramatic music]

[indistinct radio chatter]

- Hey, you okay?

- Yeah, just furious.

- Okay, you wanna go ahead
and give me that description?

- Uh, male, roughly 6' tall,
buck-eighty, give or take.

I--I really didn't get
a good look.

- Caucasian?
- I think, I don't know.

He went that way.
He hooked a left at the corner.

Your cameras must've
picked up something.

- All of those
cameras are down.

That was part
of the cyber-attack.

We won't even have access
to those files

until the city pays the ransom,

but hopefully,
they were still recording.

- I had him right there.

- But you also had a victim
to worry about.

Don't beat yourself up.
- I'm going to Med.

I wanna be there when
Father Anthony is able to talk.

The confession might have
kept him silent

about the church fire,

but there's nothing stopping
him from telling me

who did this.
- I'll go with you.

- Okay, well, listen as soon
as he wakes up, you let me know

and I'll come down
and take a statement.

- It might be time to crawl
into a bunk and die of fatigue.

- Or we could borrow
some of Cruz's energy drinks.

- Those are for amateurs.

It's gonna take
a lot more than that

for me to survive this shift.

- Oh, glad you're back.

- What?

- A young guy brought it by.

Said he found it
at the basketball court.

He said to tell you, "Thanks."

- Oh, I never thought
I would see this again.

- I guess you two
saved his friend's arm.

He was super grateful.

- I call the key lime jolt.

[phone chimes]

- Oh, man.
- What?

- Blackhawks lost.

- Your phone just got
a notification?

- Kylie,
are the routers working?

- Let me check.

- When is the last time
we received a call?

- Almost six minutes ago.

- Someone call 911.

[line trilling]

[line trilling]

- The phones aren't ringing.

- 911, what's your emergency?

- This is Firehouse 51 here
just testing the line.

- Authorities traced
the ransom payments

when the hackers cashed out
their digital currency.

Criminals and funds
are apprehended. It's over.

- Oh, yes!
- Hot damn!


- Oh!

- Yeah.

- Sylvie, I hate that we keep
missing each other.

I'm about to head on shift,

so probably can't talk
for a while.

Maybe we should make a call
schedule when we're both free?

We'll figure it out.
I love you.

- I can't believe that the guy

who didn't know how
to silence incoming calls...

almost single-handedly
ran a 911 call center.

You kicked ass today,
Mouch, seriously.

- Well, thanks, Gallo.

You know, you're not
a spelling bee champ,

but you're not
totally useless, either.


- Are these all yours?

- Did you think you were
the first one

to buy me a beer tonight?
- [chuckles]

- He's right, you know.

You and Herrmann,
you went all in.

Made us BG-ers be proud.

- Yeah, these young kids
forget sometimes.

There's a lot to learn
from the past.

- Yeah. Good, bad, and ugly.
- Mm.

- Hey, guys.

- Hey.
- How'd it go?

- Well, he's got full-thickness
burns around 40% of his body

and his wounds
were contaminated

with fibers from his vestments,

so that required
extensive debridement.

- Can we talk to him?
It's urgent.

We need him to ID his attacker

before the guy
does anything else.

- Yeah, unfortunately not.

Look, it's a good thing you
pulled him out of the flames

as fast as you did,
but because he didn't suffer

much damage to the nerves
under his dermis,

he could feel everything
that happened to him.

We're gonna have to keep him
in a medically-induced coma.

- For how long?

- At least a few days,
maybe weeks.

[somber music]

[wolf howls]