Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 10, Episode 13 - Fire Cop - full transcript



- Stella Kidd...
brave, beautiful, strong.

I am actually
the luckiest man in Chicago.

- I am still very excited
to become a lieutenant.

Once I get on that train,

there will be no time
for Girls on Fire.

- You have a long
important career ahead of you.

You cannot lose focus.

- Feelings have developed
between me and Hawkins.

- Did something happen?

- You look great.
- So do you.

- You ghosting me
in my own bedroom?

- No, I just wanted
to let you sleep.

- Let me make you some coffee.

- I shouldn't stay
'cause, you know,

I shouldn't be here at all.

- That's not true.

- Evan, come on, we both know
that this is a disaster.

You--you are my boss.
We could get fired over this.

- It's not a fireable offense.

It's not even officially
against the rules.

I mean,
it's--it's frowned upon, yeah.

- Okay, frowned upon means
it is trouble, okay?

And neither of us need trouble.

And, as fun as it was,

and it--and it was--
it was very, very fun--

this--this is a bad idea.

- Violet?
- I'll just--

I will see you
around at work.

- So I was hoping to set up
a Girls on Fire session

this shift since I'm trying
to catch up from my time away,

but only with your permission,
of course.

- Sounds like a great program.
I'm all for it.

- Great.

- But what happens

if we get a call
in the middle of it?

- I can step in
if Squad isn't out on a call.

- I'd love to help.

I mean, I know
the program really well

and I won't get called out
of the firehouse.

- Yes, that is a great idea.

Thank you, Kylie.

- Truck 81, Squad 3,
Engine 51, Ambulance 61.

House fire,
9340 DuPage Avenue.

- Hurry!
My sister might be in there.

I'm not sure.
- All right.

- I just came home,
I tried to go inside but--

- How old is she?

- She's not a kid.
My big sister, Courtney.

- All right,
looking for an adult female.

Squad, let's do
a primary search on one.

Truck, you take two.
It's pretty hot up there.

Try a vent-enter-search.

- Kidd, Gallo,

Grab a ladder,
start at that window.

Mouch, get the aerial
to the roof.

- Copy.

- I've tried calling her
but she doesn't pick up.

Please, she's the only family
I have.

- Hey, listen--listen to me.
We're going inside.

If she's in there,
we'll find her, okay?

- Hey, come with me, okay?
Let these guys work.

- Move.

- Looks good.
I'm going in.

Fire Department!
Call out!

Fire Department!
Call out!

Call out!

Fire Department!
Call out!

Call out!

Hang on, I'm coming.

Fire Department!
Call out!

Where are you?
Call out!

Call out!

- I didn't get that.

Please repeat.
Please repeat.

- Son of a bitch!

- I didn't get that.

- Gallo, where the hell
are you?

Gallo, report.

- Gallo?

Squad, can you get
to the second floor?

Gallo's not answering.

- Negative, we can't
get up the stairs.

- I'm going in after him.
- Copy.

- Gallo!

- Okay, Gallo!

- Hey, you okay?

All right, okay.

- Julia, Julia!
- Oh, thank God!

- Julia, what happened?

- I tried calling you.
Why weren't you answering?

- Julia, what happened
to my house?

- I don't know, I wasn't here.

- Were you cooking something?

Were you using the fireplace?

- I wasn't here.

Why is everything
always my fault?

- Hey, what the hell
happened to you in there?

- I don't even wanna tell you,

- Well, you damn well better.

- I thought I heard a victim,

but it was just
some smart speaker.

- All right, all right,
just get ready for overhaul.

- I'll be ready, Lieutenant.

- Hey, Chief.

- What's this I hear about
Gallo getting jammed up?

- Yeah, it wasn't
really his fault.

Kept hearing someone,
turned out to be

one of those smart speakers
that talks to you.

- You kidding?
- I wish.

But Kidd was on top of it,
really saved his bacon.

He's fine.

- Look, I'm really sorry

you don't have
your own quarters, Pelham.

- Oh, all good.
This works fine.

- Does it?

You know what?

The blue room in the bullpen,
it's just sitting there empty.

Why don't you set up in there?

- Thanks, Chief.
- You're welcome.

- So this is today's plan.

I was thinking of doing
a fun obstacle course,

and then a refresher on the
basic ropes and knots drill.

- We did that my first class.

- That was what, two years ago?

- Yeah...

It's so crazy to think
about how much my life

has changed in the best ways.

- That makes me really happy
to hear, Kylie.

- Ah, there you are.

You know how much I hate it
when you almost die.

Why did you do that?

- My apologies.
I really did screw that one up.

- Oh, well,
don't beat yourself up.

That's my job.

- You never showed
at the alt-gala.

- Oh, yeah,
I'm--I'm sorry about that.

I got stuck
at the uptight actual gala

making small talk,
you know, so.

- With Chief Hawkins?

- I saw Hawkins there, yeah.

- It's not a good idea, Violet.

- What isn't?

- This thing with your boss.

Sorry, but it makes you
look pretty bad.

- Wow.

Okay, first of all,
it's not against the rules,

it's just frowned upon.

And second of all,

you were the one
who rejected me,

so it is time for you to step
back with this jealousy crap.

- Severide, that house fire
this morning,

you get any whiff of arson?

- Arson?
No, why?

- Police have asked OFI
to get involved.

PD had been called out to that
house a lot over the years,

domestic disturbances between
two sisters that live there.

- Julia and Courtney?

- The mother died
a few years back.

The older one was stuck
raising her half-sister,

a real problem child,

But now that she's 18,
theory is

she's making
grown-up-sized trouble.

- They think Julia
torched the house?

No, no way.

- What makes you so sure?

- 'Cause my gut instinct

from interacting with her
on the call.

- Well, the cops
don't share your gut.

They've already arrested her.


- Hey, just hold tight
for a bit.

This shouldn't take long.

- Copy that.
- Why are we back here?

Severide forget something?

- You see all these
OFI vehicles, don't you?

Severide's playing
fire cop again.

- Hello, anybody home?

- This is a closed scene.

Severide, I was about to boot
you from my crime scene.

- Is it really a crime scene?
- For now.

Did you work the fire?

- Yeah, didn't see any signs
of arson though. You?

- Not yet, but the cops are

pretty sure about
their suspect, Julia Davis.

They're trying to get
a confession

out of her right now.

- Do they have anything on her?

- Neighbors overheard
her screaming

at her sister this morning

and a couple of hours later...

Plus, the fire
apparently started

right here
on her sister's bed.

It's like Julia was sending
a message, right?

- You find any signs
of accelerants?

- Not yet, but we're taking
plenty of samples.

- I don't think she did this.

- Why not?

- I saw her reaction
in the moment

and the thought of her sister
being stuck inside here

scared the hell out of her.

- All right, maybe she's
just a good actress?

- Or maybe I'm
a good judge of character.

- Sounds like
you're pretty invested.

- Yeah, whoo.

- Nice, Macy.
- Oh, yes.

- Yvette, knees up.
Go, go, go.

Come on, ladies.
Keep it going.

Good hustle, good hustle.
Keep it up.

Yes, good hustle,
Macy, good hustle.

- All right,

do I sound that intimidating
when I yell at you guys?

So much worse.

- Yeah.

all: Whoo.

- Nice job, Becca!

- Hey, Macy, how's it going?

- Happy to see you back,

I've been wanting
to tell you something.

- Yeah.
- I'm turning 21 next month

and--and I'm gonna apply
for the next CFD test.

I wanna be a firefighter,
no matter how long it takes.

I'm all in.

- That is--damn, come here.

You--you're my first
official recruit.

I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.

- Bad idea there, Pelham.

The blue office
is a no-fly zone.

You know, I tried to, you know,
stake my claim in here,

but Boden declared
it is off-limits.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- 'Cause he just told me
to move in here.

- He did?
- Yep.

- Your own thermostat, nice.

I got to live with whatever
temperature Severide wants

and that man's a yeti.

- Hey, look, if you want
the blue office,

I'm happy to swap with you.

- No, thanks.
Yeah, if I'm being honest,

most people think
that this place is cursed.

Kidd tried to turn it into a,
you know, a woman's lounge,

total disaster.

And oh, and Gorsch,
you remember ADC Gorsch?

- Mm-hmm.

- He burrowed in here
for a while

and he made our lives hell

so, you know,

you might want
to bring in a priest

and get an exorcism going.

- Mmm, what is this?
It's amazing.

- Martha Stewart's
firehouse jambalaya,

one of my favorite recipes.

- So why aren't you
eating anything?

- Ms. Davis, I'm not sure
if you remember me.

I responded to the fire
this morning.

- Oh, hi.

- I'm Lieutenant
Kelly Severide.

This is
Lieutenant Wendy Seager,

with the office
of Fire Investigation.

- Courtney, we'd like to talk

to you about the fire
if you have a minute.

- I'm sorry,
all I've done today

is answer questions
from the police,

from the insurance company,
from my boss who doesn't get

why I can't deal
with work right now so.

- We'll try
and make this quick.

We're just trying
to get the full picture

of all the events
leading up to the fire.

- All I can tell you is that
when I left for my 10:00 a.m.

doctor's appointment,
everything was fine.

And then when I got back
an hour later,

my house and everything
I own was on fire.

- Julia was still there
when you left?

- We heard you two got into
a fight this morning.

What was that about?

- What it's always about,

I've been taking care of her
since she was 13.

So now it's time that she
starts pulling her own weight.

- You two don't get along?

- It's complicated.

I mean, she was still young

when our mom died
in a car accident.

And then all of a sudden
big sister's calling the shots.

That's pretty heavy stuff
for a kid.

She started acting out

and she was in
and out of trouble.

But things started
to get better last year.

- How so?

- She chilled out a bit,

got her grades up
and managed to graduate.

She even started
looking for a job.

I really thought
she was turning it all around.

- Do you think Julia might've
actually started this fire?

- I don't wanna think that,


- Julia Davis called 911
at 10:41 this morning

to report the fire.

We're just trying to see

if anyone saw her returning
home around that time.

- I wasn't around this morning,
but whatever she told you,

take it
with a big old grain of salt.

That girl's been trouble
her whole life.

- Okay, thanks for your time.

- Help me understand, Severide.

I mean, her own sister
thinks she's guilty,

but we're freezing
our butts off

trying to find someone
to corroborate the timeline?

- You can go back to the office
if you want.

- Okay, I'm just saying this
girl's kicked holes in walls.

I mean, she threw

a brick through
her sister's windshield once.

- So what?

You're--you're just doing
what everybody else is doing

and judging her
for things she did in the past

but people can change.
I did.

You know,
I was a nightmare in my teens.

I mean, the Julia that I met
this morning at the fire

clearly loves her sister.

She was a mess at the thought
of her in danger.

I think she deserves better
than to be boiled down

to a rap sheet
of her past offenses.

- Let's keep knocking
on doors then.

- I'm just gonna call Stella,

and make sure she knows that
I'm gonna be gone for a while.

- Okay, yeah, it sounds like
you got your hands full.

Good luck.

- What's that?

- Oh, that's Kelly.
He's gonna be late.

You know, I guess
the arson case is a tough one.

And you know, he's working with
Seager who is very attractive

and obviously in love with him,

but I'm okay with it
because Kelly and I

just got back to being solid
as hell and there is no reason

why I should feel weird about
how well they work together.

- I just meant
what's all that paperwork?

This is Girls on Fire stuff.

- Cool.
- Mm-hmm.

- I'll help.

- That would be awesome.

God, now you see why I can't
be a Lieutenant right now.

You know, supervising
all of this,

it's endless hours
of paperwork,

plus the time and energy
it takes to run the sessions.

- It's a lot.

- It is but, you know,
I can't drop the program.

Look at the difference
it's making.

Macy is going to become
a firefighter.

- Yeah, it's pretty amazing.

No way you can
drop the program.

- Did you hear that?
- Yeah.

- Kylie.
Kylie, where are you?

- Kylie's not out there.

Is there something
wrong, Chief?

- Everything okay back here?
- Shh, quiet.

There's a critter in the wall.

all: Oh.

- Little guy is just trying to
escape the cold weather, right?

No harm, no foul.

- Yeah, and then
he'll die in the walls

and turn the firehouse
into a hazmat situation.

- Yeah, we had a carcass
in the bunker

in the wall
one time, Mr. Sprinkles.

- He was a guinea pig.

- Okay, I doubt
there's a guinea pig

living in my office walls.

- No, most likely
a swarm of rats.

- Shh.

- Ambulance 61,
person injured...

- Oh, sorry,
I can't stay and help.

- Northwood.

- What are we looking at?

- Stabbing in the holding cell,

a couple of dirtbags
mixing it up.

One of 'em got ahold of a soda
can and turned it into a shiv.

Never a dull day, right?

- Hey, let me see that wound.
Oh, hi--

- You better keep that bitch
away from me, you hear?

- You open your mouth,
you see what happens?

- Hey, shut up, huh.

- Aren't you from the fire
this morning?

- I didn't do anything,

but they threw me in here
like some criminal.

- Keep talking, girl.

- Hey, you're not
doing yourself any favors.

- I didn't start that fire.
I swear it.

- Hey, we need to get her
to the hospital.

- Why, can't you just
patch her up?

- It won't stop bleeding,
might have nicked an artery.

She needs a doctor.

- I gotta run this
by my Sergeant.

- Look, we'll handle this
however you guys want.

Just know we fill out
very detailed reports.

- Go with them.

- Come on.

Let's go then.


- Hey, guys.

- Hey, she's over there.

- The room
with the armed guard.

- Thanks for the heads-up.

- We are with the Office of
Fire Investigation.

Do you mind
if we have a word with her?

- Sure.

- Hey, Julia.
Do you remember me?

- Yeah.
- My name's Kelly.

This is my friend, Wendy.
We're investigating the fire.

We just have
some questions for you.

- You have to believe me.
I didn't set that fire.

- Okay, then help us prove it.
- How?

- Just tell us everything

that you can about
what happened this morning.

What you did, where you went.

- Oh, it was kind of
a normal day.

It started out
with a big screaming match

between me and my sister
about what a burden I am.

But after she left, I tried to
chill out with a hot shower.

Then I kicked back on her bed

for a while
and listened to music.

- On your sister's bed?
- Yeah.

- Were you burning any candles
or incense, anything like that?

- Smoking?

- No, I gave up weed in case
I have to get drug-tested.

I'm looking for a job.

That's where I went
this morning, walking around,

for "help wanted" signs.

- Okay, did you fill out
any applications

or even just talk to anyone

that could vouch
for your whereabouts?

- The only openings I saw
were for car mechanics,

stuff like that,
so I gave up and headed home.

- Julia, the fire started
on your sister's bed.

- It did?

- How were you
listening to music?

Headphones, earbuds, anything
with a lithium battery in it

that you might've left
on the bedspread?

- No, Courtney has one of
those smart speakers.

You don't even
have to touch it.

Just tell it what to play.

- That was a bust.

Weird thing is I'm starting
to agree with you.

I think she's
telling the truth.

What's up?

- Some of those devices, when
they're given an instruction,

they store the audio
recording in the cloud.

It might be a long shot

but if her sister
can access those recordings,

maybe that'll help us
figure out

what happened in the bedroom
when the fire started.

- You know how once
they go past stale

and then go another
six months or so,

and reach a whole new texture?
That's what we're at.

Check it out.

I'm telling you,
it'll cheer you right up.

Sounds like you're
chewing sandpaper.

- That's not me.

- I think it's coming
from in there.

- What's that--

- Shh, shh, there could be
1 or 100, who knows?

- You okay, Lieutenant?

- Did you get the 20?

- Hey, yeah. I'm thinking
this general area.

- Okay.

- As tough as she was
playing it, she was scared.

And she didn't strike me
as a type

to try and burn a house down.

- Yeah, that's what Kelly's
been saying too.

- I'm glad we got her out
of that holding cell,

at least for now.
- Yeah.

- Does anybody
have moisturizer?

- Yeah, in my locker,
green bottle.

- Stella Kidd, what is this?

- It's a ring.
A ring that Kelly

gave me at the gala
on a freezing cold terrace.

- Why didn't you tell us?

- Because we've already
been engaged for a while.

And so I didn't wanna make
too big a deal out of it.

- Oh, but it is a big deal.
- Yeah.

- Maybe it's time to plan
an actual wedding now?

- I was thinking
the same thing.

- Just curious,

has it ever been tricky
with you and Severide,

with him being a Lieutenant
at 51 and you guys dating?

- Well, we're not on
the same rig so that helps.

But even if we were,

who gives a damn
what people think?

- Yeah, yeah, who gives a damn?

- Spill.

What happened
with you and Hawkins?

- Okay...

There was a thing

and we--we kinda
hooked up at the gala.

- At the gala?
- Just--just for a minute.

And then we left
and we went to his house.

- Whoa.
- I like him.

- Well, he is very likable.

- Truck 81, person trapped...

- Okay, no time for deodorant,

but I will still smell better
than the rest of my unit.

- Hurry.
He got himself stuck.

- Okay, show me where he is.
Can you tell us what happened?

- Well, my neighbor said that
if I told you the truth

that you probably
wouldn't come.

- What do you mean?

- Well, it's not a person
who's trapped.

It's Tyson.

Now, I know they say
that cats land on their feet,

but Tyson is up so high.
If he fell, I know he'd die.

- Don't worry,
cats always figure out

how to get down
all by themselves.

- But he's been up there
for almost an hour.

- Lieutenant,
so Gallo could use a boost.

He's been pretty hard
on themselves

since the fire yesterday.

Climbing is his specialty.

Maybe let the kid loose?

- Gallo.
- Yes, sir?

- Think you can
get that cat down?

- Yes, sir.

- Thank you, thank you,
thank you.

- Come in, come in.

So I logged into my account
like you told me to.

It took me a while
to figure it all out,

but eventually I found where
they store the recordings.

Anyway, listen to what I found.

This is from yesterday morning
right before the fire.

- Hey, computer,
pause the music.

Hey, girl, what are you up to?

- Who's she talking to?

- She's on the phone
with a friend, Mya, probably.

- Cool, well, I gotta go pound
the pavement for a while.

My sister is making me
get a job.

But later, you wanna meet up

and get some boba
or something?

Okay, call you then.
Computer, unpause.

- Is that the only recording?

- It's the only one
from yesterday,

but it's good, right?

She was telling the truth about
going out to look for a job.

- It's good.
It's helpful.

But I don't think
it's a silver bullet

that's going to get your sister
out of police custody.

- What's this about?

- Nothing, it's a rash

that I woke up
with the other day.

So you really don't think this
is gonna make a difference?

I mean, she's not plotting
to burn the house down.

She's talking about
getting boba.

- You woke up with that?

Had your sheets been washed
the day before?

- Yeah, actually, why?

- I might know
how the fire started.


- Now we just wait?

- Right.

- For how long?

- What, you want me
to find you a magazine

to read or something?

- Whoo, that was a fun call!

- And you can see why she named
him Tyson, he's a real fighter.

- What's going on over here?

- It's just
a little experiment.

- We're testing a theory about
how the fire started yesterday.

- What's the theory?

- When Julia took a shower
then she applied

an alcohol-based gel
to her wet hair.

Then she laid down on sheets

that were washed
with too much bleach.

- And that's bad?

- No, not at first.
Not while it was wet.

But then she left the house,
the moisture evaporated,

- Whoa.

- I'll let PD know.

We're ruling this
an accidental fire.

Nice work, guys.

- Sure, she's cute and all,
but come on.

You're the one he looks at
when he's showing off.

- That's true.

- Well, looks like
Gallo's got his mojo back.

- Yeah, figured
he just needed a win.

Help him hit the reset button.

- It's a nice piece
of leadership, Kidd.

Really impressive.

- I'm not proud of myself.

- Did you find it?
- No.

- It's in the air duct.

- Right.

- You ready?

- I...

I turned on the heat
when I moved in.

So must've been the first time

in a while there's any air
flowing through there.

- I'll get this room
put back together right away.

Good as new.
- Ah...

No rush.

You know, I think a briefing
room might be better after all.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You have a second to talk?

- Of course, yeah.

- I'm sorry if this is out
of line at all,

but I have something
I need to say to you.

- Okay.
- For like two years now,

you've been
my mentor and my hero.

- Oh, that's--that's nice
of you to say, Kylie.

- Well, during that time,

I have watched you work so hard
for that Lieutenant position.

Put all you had into it
and kick ass.

And I know how important Girls
on Fire is to you,

but the truth is
I can take over

a lot of
that organizational stuff

and even run the sessions.

- You're great.
- So I was thinking...

What's so awesome
about Girls on Fire

is that it makes girls like me
and Macy

from all over the city
feel like becoming

a firefighter
could really happen.

But just becoming one
isn't the only goal.

Moving up, working to become
a leader, that's the dream.

And that's what makes you
so inspiring.

That you're capable
of all that.

Of becoming a Lieutenant.

So why wait to show it?

- Hey.

- I don't think
your assistant likes me.

- She doesn't like anyone.

- I told her we had a meeting
off the books

and she frowned.

But she let me in so.

- You are lucky.

Others have perished trying.

- Well, I have decided not
to let the frowning bother me.

Hers or anyone else's.

So call me
when you're done here.

And we'll make some of
that good kind of trouble.

- Thanks for pitching in
on the paperwork. For once.

- Well, don't get used to it.
It's just my way of

thanking you
for taking this flyer with me.

- My pleasure.

I'm happy to follow your gut
instinct wherever it leads us.

- I'll see you around, Seager.

- See you around, Severide.

- Julia!

Thank you so much.