Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Leaving the Station - full transcript

After seeing the remains of a victim crushed by a train, Peter is shocked and considers leaving the station. Gabriela attracts her superiors' wrath again, when she accuses a mother of poisoning her daughter. Kelly's addiction to painkillers spirals down, Leslie is confronted by Clarice's husband, and Mouch is very unfriendly to some Canadian visitors.

Shooters are in the window!

Previously onChicago Fire...

Leon? What the hell
are you doing here, Leon?

- You know this guy?
- He's my brother.

I can't do it.
I don't love him.

I mean, I can't have a child
growing up like that.

I don't mean to butt
into your business or anything,

But it's Thanksgiving.

Why don't you go home
and spend it with your husband?

- Crystal meth!
- Masks on!

Everyone on "c" will have
a baseline drug test today.

I may have taken something
this morning.

Will these narcotics show up
on a drug test?

You severide?
Fill her up.

Mom has just got to realize
I'm not gonna run

From something I want to do
with my life

Just to make her feel better.

We have a woman

About to give birth
on the highway.

- It's coming!
- One more big breath.


I want us to have a baby.

I don't know if I'm ever going
to want kids.

Why the hell
are you studying Japanese?

I read online
that once you turn 50,

Your brain starts to atrophy
unless you keep it in shape.

I think that train's already
left the station, Mouch.

Say something in Japanese.

- Hey, where's Herrmann?
- Tony Robbins seminar?

You won't be able
to string along a sentence.

Easiest money I ever made.

What's today?

Um, 29th.

Damn it.

Everything all right?

No, I just forgot something.

Hey, everybody.

We have the pleasure of hosting

A couple of visiting
firefighters again.

This is Gavin and Presley.

They will be observing
over the next couple of shifts.

Lieutenant Casey,
lieutenant severide, and...

The rest of knuckleheads.

Hey, guys, thanks so much
for allowing us to be here.

And let us know
if there's anything

We can do to help out.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Was that a Canadian "out"
I heard?

- Yes, sir. Toronto.
- We both just finished

Our probationary period.

You know what?

Welcome aboard, guys.

No offense, but someone else
will have to give you the tour,

'cause it ain't gonna be me.

Ignore him.

Truck 81, squad 3,
ambulance 61...

Injury on the blue line,
Logan square station.

Be aware, men, the third rail
could still be hot.

You heard him, guys.
Everyone keep your eyes forward.

Let's do this the right way.

Main, do we have a hold

On the blue line power
in Logan square?

Stand by.
We're waiting for confirmation.

Chief, we might have a victim
on the tracks.

You and mills walk
back down toward the tunnel.

Mind that third rail.


C.T.A. Confirms power
has been shut down.

Cruz, we got the all-clear.
Throw the chain.

Hey, I see somebody!

Three, two, one, go!

Main, we still have power
on the southbound track.

Please help me.

His leg's stuck in the axle.

I need this rail turned off.

We're working on it, Casey.

My name's Matt.


- What happened, Jacob?
- My sister Kayla and me

Went into the subway
through an access door,

Just to look around.

But it locked behind us.

We were... we were trying
to get out through the tunnel.

I'll go.

Chief, there's another kid
in the tunnel.

I have two victims
on the track.

I need that damn power off now.


Supervisor has confirmed
the power has been shut down.

Cruz, throw the chain again.

Three, two, one, go!

Power's off!

- What's his name?
- Jacob.

Hey, Jacob.
My name is Kelly.

We're gonna get you
out of there, all right?

Let's get that
pressure dressing ready.

Here we go.

All right, right there.
That's good.



This is gonna hurt, buddy.

Okay, buddy, hang on, hang on.

Watch his head.

Right here.

Are you Jacob?

My sister...

We're looking for her now.

All right,
pressure dressing's in place.

Let's go.

One, two, three.


You're gonna be okay, Jacob.


Yeah, we...

Found the victim.

I need two body bags,
more lights,

Two teams scour each side
of the tracks.

Call out whatever body part
you find.


You okay?

Department counselor.

Wasn't easy, what we saw today.

And there is no shame
in reaching out

To talk to somebody.


Take a seat, guys.
Make yourselves at home.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Act right.

Copy that, chief.

So how's that
socialized medicine

Working out for you guys?

- Mouch.
- To get your tonsils out,

I heard you got to wait
in a line around the block

For the same doctor who
just finished a colonoscopy.

You're the only guy I know
that could have

A beef with Canada.

Let's just say I got
a snoot full

Of how things really work
up there.

Nothing against these two,

But pull that curtain back
a little bit.

You might be surprised
at what you find.

Yeah, again,

You can ignore him.

Mouch, you are
out of your damn mind.

Shay, you got a guest
on the apparatus floor.

I thought you were going home.

Well, Daniel's not back from
Phoenix until later today, so...

You want to have some lunch?

It's not a good time, Clarice.

I got to get back to...

Look, it's Turkey and brie

With cranberry,
from Martinelli's.

I thought they closed.

They opened up again
over in forest Glen.


Here, here, here, feel this.

Whoa. What is that?

It's his elbow.

Wait... or, no,
maybe it's his foot.

That is crazy, right?


Did you guys
pick out names yet?

No, we are still in the middle
of negotiations.

Daniel really wants to name him
after his father.


I remember when we
used to pick out baby names.



Look, maybe I shouldn't have
said that.

Ambulance 61,
difficulty breathing.

I got to go.

thanks for lunch.


I can't eat a sandwich?

Hi, Gabby.

Hi, Clarice.

She had a seizure,

Then couldn't breathe.

Grace, can you hear me?

She's responsive.
Has this ever happened before?

No. I mean, yes.
She's had a seizure before.

Is she taking
any anti seizure medication?

No, the doctors
never found anything.

But she has celiac disease.

She's... she's been
on a gluten-free diet

For the last two months.

Diminished lungs.

Okay, let's get her
to Chicago u.

Ma'am, we got to get Grace
to the hospital.

Not Chicago u.
My father died at that hospital.

Please don't take her there.

Okay, fine. Lakeshore.
But we got to go now.

Hey. Easy, Grace.

I don't like the way it smells.

You don't like
the way what smells, sweetheart?

Sixyear-old girl,
respiratory distress,

of undiagnosed seizures.

Exam room two.
We'll take her from here.

I'm right here.

My God.
Please help her.

Something's up with that chick.

Works better
if you turn on the heat.

Hour, hour and a half, tops.

Okay, I'll have Cruz
cover truck until you're back.

Got it.
And I'm sorry about this.

You know this isn't
my style, but...

Handle your business.

Keep an eye on mills for me.

Yeah, sure.

Hey, quick favor?


Shay and I feel a little weird
about this call

We need someone to pull
some medical records for us.

So I was wondering if maybe
Hallie could do us a solid.

Yeah, the only thing is

Me and Hallie
are taking a break, so...

Right. Got it.

Say no more.

And I'm sorry to hear that.


You're calling kendra.

This is gonna cost me
a dinner too.

I mean, guaranteed
she asks me to dinner,

And I really don't want to hear
about her drama...

hey, kendra.



Huh. Okay.

All right, thank you so much.

And, hey, this conversation
never took place.



Um, can I get back to you?


So Grace was taken
to the E.R. Twice

In the last six weeks
for seizures...

No mention anywhere
in her record of celiac disease.

Truck 81, squad 3,
ambulance 61.

Heart attack victim,
dearborn and elm.

Frank's dead!

He must've had a heart attack
or something.

One minute, he was fine.
He was dropping branches to me.

And the next thing I know,
he's just hanging there.

Cruz, you get that aerial
up in that tree, now.

I can get close,
but there's a lot of branches.

I don't see a clean path.

Well, then we make one.

On it.

Won't you need a Stokes basket?

That limb's not gonna give us
enough time.

We rig a two-to-one
pulley system.

We bring him down the fast way.

Got it.

Path is clear.
Here we go.

When severide drops his line,

You take up the slack.

When he cuts the old line,
it's on you.

He's alive!

Get him down here fast!


Hadley, move.

Get his back.

Grab it!
Grab that rope!

Got it, Kelly.

Tie it off.


Load is yours.


- You okay?
- Yeah, fine. Just...

Let's get on the ground.

Easy, easy.

- Watch his head.
- There we go.

All right, he's breathing...
shallow respirations.

Hey, he's carrying candy.

He could be a diabetic.

Let's check his blood sugar.

Okay, it's low...
below 20.

I'll give him an amp of d50.

What happened?

Sir, you're gonna be okay.

Your blood sugar dropped.

Are you diabetic?


Hey, Matt.




Sweetheart, do you remember
your Uncle Matt

From Thanksgiving
a couple years ago?

Hey, Violet.

You're so grown up.

15 years...

It's crazy.

I still miss him.

Well, we'll,
let you have some time alone.

- You don't have to go.
- No, it's okay.

We were just leaving.
We've been here a while.

I guess I'll see you
in a couple weeks.

Yeah, I'll see you there.

We've all been there.

It usually happens first few
months after being on the job.

Right now you have nothing
to compare it to.

But you will.

The longer you work,
the more good you do...

You'll be able to take
days like this,

Put them into context,
and then move forward.

It's just that afterwards,

I'm looking at Mouch
telling stories

And Cruz playing video games.

I don't know how they do it.

Everybody has their own way

In how they deal with things.

You will get on the other side
of this, Peter.

You know what?

Take the rest of the shift off.

Go easy.

I'm serious, though.
Talk to someone.

Counselor's available.
So am I.

So is your lieutenant.



Yeah, it stays with me.

For sure.

Thank you, dude.

My buddy Eddie over at 61,

"sworn to secrecy."

The Canadians?
Guess where they're from.


- Cleveland.
- What?

Herrmann put 'em up to it.

That sneaky son of a bitch.

He's the only one I confided to
about me and Canada.

And this is what he does to me?

I don't know what
Herrmann's end game is

In this prank,

But if you're asking me,
I say we beat him to it.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Yes. All right.

Hey, shay.
You got a visitor again.

Clarice again?

Her husband.

Nice to see you.

I'm looking for my wife
and my unborn son.

Would you be kind enough
to point me

In the right direction?

Yeah. She's been staying
with me a couple days.

So, in light of the fact
that you have

Zero boundaries,
I will tell you now

Very directly
that if you think that I'm...

Daniel, you might want
to bring it down a peg,

Right, you... you have nothing
to do with it.

She came to me as a friend
needing a place to stay.

So I, as a friend, took her in.

I sympathize with what
you're going through,

But if you keep coming at me
like you're coming at me,

I'm gonna tell you
to kiss my ass in two seconds.

What can I do?

This is my Family
we're talking about.

I can't get it out of my head.

Just... I can't get it
out of my head.

There was a time when
your father couldn't either.

And his way of fixing it
was to just shove it down.

And then that turned
into shutting off

A part of himself.

It's the part
that makes us human.

Then what do I do?

Walk away.

You come back
to the restaurant.

I don't want you
to become a block of ice.

I mean, having seen that
in your father,

Believe me, you don't want that
for yourself.

It's not who you are.


Come home.

Anna. Hey.
It's me.

Look, um, I need a refill...

Somewhat urgently.

I know, I know, I know.
I just... I...

Can you please
just help me out?

I can't.
I-I don't have the time.

I could... I could pay you
for them, if that's easier.



She's pissed.

Hey, kendra.
Thanks for doing this.

I thought I was done.

Well, you know...

Anything on Grace wilkinson?

Yeah, she accidentally
swallowed some turpentine.

Her mom told us
she had celiac disease.

Mom told us
she was doing some painting

And left the turpentine out
by mistake.

We pumped the girl's stomach,

Then moved her upstairs
for observation.

She didn't want to take her
to Chicago u, remember?

Could be hospital jumping
to hide abuse.

Abuse that she's causing
for attention.

It fits.

That would explain
the mom's behavior,

The inconsistent symptoms
that Grace is having,

That smell
that she was talking about...

Munchausen by proxy?

It's quite rare.

I don't really care
what you call it.

That woman is poisoning
her own kid.

I want this reported
to d.C.F.S.

Right now.
Will you back us up?

Dinner, Friday...
On me.

I'll get the number.

Four years ago,
my old partner and I

Reported this girl
with cigarette burns

All over her arms and legs
to d.C.F.S.,

And the investigation
was a mess of red tape

From beginning to end.

They eventually sent the girl
back to her father.

And that same week,

She died of a brain bleed
from a beating he gave her.

That ain't happening again.

Hey, Mrs. Mills.

Hello, Kelly.

Chief Boden's office
is this way?


How's Peter doing?

He saw a girl
cut to pieces today.

I believe you all did.

How are you doing?


It's been a long time.

Yes, it has.

Please, have a seat.

No, I won't be long.

Peter's not like Henry.

No one expects him to be.

He does.

And Peter's got this whole idea

Of living up
to his father's memory.

But that is not the life
I want for him.

Peter's not coming back to 51.

If that's what he decides...

I'll abide by it.
You have my word.

You're not hearing me.

Peter's time as a candidate...

Is done.

I'm asking you
to respect my wishes.

Now, you owe me that at least.

I can tell you that this soup

Already smells
like socks, Otis.

Just wait till it hits
your taste buds, man.

Listen, if we've done
anything to offend you...

No, no, no.
Eat up.

Enjoy your free American meal.

- Is Peter coming back?
- Of course.

He's just clearing his head.

Today was a tough one.

Here we go.
Dinner's served.

- What the hell is this?
- Borscht, baby.

Mama's Sunday night go-to.

It's good, right?

We're ordering in.


Nice job up there in that tree.

Thanks, chief.

What up with your arm?

I said,
"what up with your arm?"

Tweaked it a couple days ago
lifting weights.

Looked like more than a tweak.

Really, I'm fine.


I see it again,

You're going in for an X-Ray,
for your own safety.

Yeah, absolutely.

D.C.F.S. Looked
at the wilkinson girl's case...

Not gonna pursue.

Let's take a ride.

Listen, all I'm saying is,

That I'd pull up on the reins
if you started to go sideways.

This is me pulling.

We're just having
a friendly conversation.

Mrs. Wilkinson,
sorry to bother you like this.

You've got some nerve...

Fabricating lies against me?

Lies? You want to talk
about lies?

What was that today...

A seizure related
to celiac disease

Or accidental ingestion
of turpentine?

This is harassment,
and I'm calling my lawyer.

You should call your doctor,
because you need help.

You are poisoning
your own daughter.

You have no idea how miserable
your life is about to get.

I've been on the phone
for the last hour

And there wasn't a damn thing
I could say in your defense,

Because what you did
was dead wrong.

Chief, she's poisoning
her daughter.

Did you talk
to the d.C.F.S.?

- Yeah, but...
- But nothing!

You let them handle it.

What you don't do
is go knocking on doors,

Start throwing out accusations.

- It's not just her, chief.
- I will get to you in a second.

Answer my question.

Yeah, chief.
I get it.

Do you not like your partner?

I like her
very much indeed, sir.

What you do when you have
a hothead for a partner

Is you talk them out
of doing stupid-ass things

That can get them
into serious trouble.

Gabriela, this, um...

Crusade that you are on,

It ends now.

You take one step further,

There will not be
a suspension hearing.

There will be
a good-bye party.

You two, my office.

We need to talk about mills.

- Hey, Kelly.
- Hey.

Is your brother here?

He said he was gonna go
for a drive,

But I haven't heard from him
for a while.

Yeah, he hasn't been
picking up his phone.

I've never seen him like this.

Okay, well,
if you talk to him,.

Could you tell him
that I stopped by?

I just wanted to check on him.
I will. Thank you.

You have to go home.

To what?

To a husband

Who's at least owed
an explanation.

Okay, but I just...
I didn't even realize

How unhappy I was
until you showed up

At the baby shower.

You don't get to come back

Married and pregnant
saying that you miss me.

You walked away.

You broke my heart.

And, hey,
that's the way it goes,

But this isn't good for me
right now, Clarice.

I've been fooling myself
these last few days.

I made a mistake.

Okay, if that's Daniel,
I'm just... I'm not here.

I will leave.
I will go home. I will.

But just not right now, please.


Hey, Corrine.

I texted you a couple times.

I know. I'm...
and I'm sorry.

I've just been dealing
with something.

- Is everything okay?
- Fine. Yeah, it's fine.

It's just... I think I left
my earrings here.

I'll find them,
and I'll get them back to you.

I'm sorry. Just... now is
really not a good time.

What was that?


Okay, um...

I'm gonna go.


Look, I didn't mean
to bring up any bad memories.

I don't have any.

I just can't go back.

This should've been ours.

See, this is where
you belong, baby.

Just give me
a little room, mom.

All right, everybody.
Gather round.

We're gonna trade t-shirts
and patches in a bit,

But first,
a little competition.

The first one of you
to climb up to the top

Gets a c.F.D. Jacket.

Sound good?

- That jacket's mine.
- Yeah, we'll see.

All right.

And... One...

Two... Three!

Take that
back to Cleveland, boys!

What the hell
are you doing, Mouch?

They're not from Canada.

Herrmann put them up to it.

We're from Canada!

No, no, no.

Otis said...

Otis... ot...

Ambulance 61,
respiratory distress.

26 orchard street.

- That's Grace's address.
- Hit it.

I didn't know what to do!


You okay?

In here!
In here!

Doxepin, 150 milligrams.


Why don't you take Grace
back into the living room?

Come on.
Come on.

Shallow breaths, rapid pulse.

All right, let's get her
to Lakeshore.

I'll start an I.V.
In the rig

And get an order
to push bicarb.

She's gonna be okay, Grace.

You wanted to see me, chief?

That time you put

All that hot sauce
in Hadley's burger,

That was funny.

I can't take credit
for that, chief.

I got that from dumb & dumber.

And the other time
you put the blowup doll

In Herrmann's bunk,
that was equally funny.

That was all me.

Today that was not funny.

I mean, breaking balls
is one thing.

But those men...

They did not pay their own way

And drive ten hours
to come here

To be the butt of a joke.

When we have a guest
in this house,

You will treat them as such.

Do you understand me?

Yes, chief.

So now you're gonna walk
back out there

Like the man I know you to be.

You're gonna look 'em
in the eye,

Shake their hand,
and apologize,

Because when they go back home

And their men ask them
what the c.F.D. Were like,

They will be able to say
we are stand-up.


You need to get to Lakeshore.

That'll be all.

And she couldn't get
into the United States,

So I agreed to meet her
in Toronto.

An immigration attorney there
was going to facilitate

Her American citizenship.

I gave her the five grand
for his fees...

Never saw
either one of them again.

Well, yeah,
but if she was Russian,

Why hate on Canada?

Two extra weeks I'm up there
getting the runaround

From various
government agencies.

I end up at
the Canadian anti-fraud centre.

Want to know what they said?

Buyer beware.

And didn't the weasel
behind the counter

Get a little chuckle
at my expense?

Mouch, on behalf
of the commonwealth of Canada,

We apologize.

I appreciate that.


Listen, I don't want to get
in anyone's business here,

But if I may...

Only because I was recently
in Peter's situation.

I received a call
that involved...

An infant mortality.

And, it really got to me.

But our lieutenant
at the time...

He did something
that really helped us out.

She's on a ventilator now,

And dialysis to help clear
the doxepin.

We just have to wait and see.

Are you gabriela Dawson?

You're the one who accused Nina
of poisoning our daughter?

- Sir, your wife...
- You did this.

You did this to her!


I notified the union,

Just in case the cops want
to talk to you.

You need to be ready.

Mills, it's Casey.

Listen, I know lots of people
have been talking to you today,

But before you make a decision,

I want to show you something.

I can swing by the restaurant
after shift.

And, um, please,
just trust me on this.

Don't worry.

We'll get through this.

It's all right, sweetheart.

Tell her what you told me.

She made me drink it.

It's okay.

It's okay, sweetie.

You really outdid yourself
this time, Otis.

- I feel horrible.
- Well, you should.

And what's worse,
they were so classy about it.

So you were in love
with that woman.


Lesson learned, though.

Lesson learned.

Those dicks.

Is shay here?

- She's not.
- I just want my earrings.


Come on in.

You want a beer?


You know, I don't know
why she's been so opposed

To calling me back.

She's been going through
some ex-girlfriend drama.

See, all she had to do
was tell me.

I'm not looking to bring
any drama to her life.

No, I hear you.
Keep it short and sweet.

That's my policy.


Hey, it's me.

Um, real quick, Corrine...

Um, do you have any claim
to her?

Kelly, why?

Because if you do,
then I'll walk her to the door.

Knock yourself out.

- You all right?
- Have fun.

Lieutenant Casey.

Gary. Thanks for letting us
stop by.

- This is Peter mills.
- Hey. How you doing?

Hey, nice to meet you.

Come on in.
Make yourselves comfortable.

Thank you.

Sophie, lieutenant Casey
is here!

Their last house burned down
a couple years back.

We responded to the call.

How's she doing?

She gets her learner's permit
next week.

Can you believe it?

Sophie's driving?

Well, not till next week,
she's not.

- Lieutenant Casey!
- There she is.

Peter, this is Sophie.


Come on,
I want to show you something.

What have you got?

What is this?

"Second place,
girls sectional finals."



Don't be.
I don't mind.

Lieutenant Casey
pulled me out of that fire.

I'm alive.