Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Hanging On - full transcript

Kelly's arm problem worsens and he turns to an ex for help, as she happens to be a pharmaceutical rep. Gabriela risks suspension after hitting a patient's friend. Meanwhile, she bonds with Peter over food. Herrmann becomes involved in a pyramid marketing scheme. Also, Matt gets tired of Voight's harassment and decides to fight back, even though both Hallie and Chief Boden warn him not to do anything stupid.

How long have you been a firefighter?

Since the day I was born.

Previously on Chicago Fire...

Getting you out.
Come on.

You maybe want to hook up for a beer?

Peter Mills, are you gay?

- Me? No.
- Because I am.


I don't sleep at night
when he's on shift.

I'll look after him.
I promise.

There's a surgery which can
take pressure off the nerve.

You're lucky
that you can feel pain at all.

If I have to eat the pain,
then I will.

How long you been dating this guy?

He's taken.

She's going!
She's going!

Arrest this idiot.

Detective Voight--that was
his son driving this car.

What would you have done?

If I held that information
out of the report,

I thought about how I'd feel

looking you in the eye.

You are going to retract
that statement.

- What you're asking me to do--
- I'm not asking!


- Just checking in.
- I'm fine.

Really, I should be checking on you.

Not a care in the world.
Turn here.

Some gang cop breaks into our cars,

and you don't have
a care in the world?

That's right.
Just another day.

I want it noted for the record

that I don't believe
a word you're saying.

Good thing you're
a doctor and not a lawyer,

because I'm just
gonna let this blow over.

Call you later.

Just be a minute.


Sir, you can't go in there.


Listen, I have a visitor.

I'll get back to you.

Stay away from me.

Excuse me?

I'm telling you to back off.

I'm telling you

and whatever garbage
you have working under you

to stay the hell away from us.

Sir, I don't know
what this department did to--

- I mean it.

Get your ass out of my office

before I throw you
through that window.

The threats don't work, Voight.

I'm not some scared banger

begging for a look the other way.

Know this--I'm not
retracting my statement.


What, you all afraid of this guy?


Someone tell me why.

All right, come on, get back to work.

Show's over.

Truck 81, factory accident,
Ogden and Ash.

[Engine starts]


He's over here.

Move out of the way, move, move!

How we doing?

I just need some help getting it out.

Okay, well, stay with us.

The power's off, it's locked out.

- Holy cow.
- Bone saw.


What have we got?

- Excuse me.
- Trapped arm.

How are you feeling?

Not so good, to tell you the truth.

[Quietly] That's a lot of blood.

What's you're name, hon?


Garrett, how long you been stuck, hon?

[Moans] I don't know.

- How long's he been stuck?
- Going on 15.

- [Groans]
- Here it is.

Here we go.

Okay, we gotta get him out now.

All right, loosen it up a little bit.

- [Groans]
- All right, Garrett.

We're just gonna put
some morphine in, all right?

Give us a minute.
You good?


All right, sweetie,
I gave you some morphine.

You should feel better soon, okay?

Garrett, we're gonna try
to ease your arm out now, okay?


Here we go.

Both: Two, three.

[Screams] Stop!

I can't!
I can't!

Gear segments come right off.

If we get the gears off,

we can separate the casing
and travel with it.

We need power drills,
1/4 inch hex, an Allen key.

- Mills, do the gears.
- Here you go, lieutenant.

- Okay?
- [Grunting]

- God.
- Let me in.

Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it.

- Okay.
- God!

Come on.

[Drill buzzes]


Watch out, buddy.

- Come on, Mills.
- Support it, support it.

Gurney's coming in, guys.

- Okay.
- Back up, back up, back up.

We're clear?

- Here you go.
- Okay.

- You good?
- Take it.

Got it.

- Oh, God!
- Watch it, watch it.

- Got it, got it.
- Sit down, sweetie.

- Sit down.
- Sit down. Do his legs.

- Just lay down. Lay down.
- [Groans]

All right, let's get him out of here.

Casey, Severide, we need you guys.

- We gotta get this rig off.
- Yeah

[train horn blaring]



Grab the I.V.
Set it to 5 ml drip.

We need 4x4s to stop this bleeding.

- And call Lakeshore...
- Ohh.

You all right?

I didn't sleep well.

Hey, let's go.

[Sirens wail]

Possible crush syndrome,
gave four of morphine,

heart rate 130, his BP 110 palp,
2 liters of saline.

Call my boss, tell him
that I'll be there tomorrow,

so don't worry
about covering my shift.

Dude really loves his job.

Ready on three.
One, two, three.

[Screams] Oh, God!


He's out.

Tourniquet's on.

And we're ready to go.

All right, let's get this thing off.


This piece should just slide out.

- Here. Ready?
- Yeah.

- Thank you.
- Ease his arm.

I got it.

Type and cross four units stat.

I need compression.
Get him to O.R. five.

Go, go, go.

What a way to start the day.

Not exactly.

- Good to see you, Hallie.
- You too.


Went to the cpd this morning.

Talked to Voight.

You two talked it out?


I yelled.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Don't suppose you could point me
towards the toradol?

I might have twisted
my shoulder again.

You're dreaming.

All right, don't point.

Just look toward it.
I'll do the rest.



You don't have to do it yourself.

Then who else is gonna do it?

We ready?

I want you
to come home to me--


So wait, this bioactive refreshment

can only be found
on what, Chebeague Island?

No, genius, it starts there
in a natural spring.

They infuse it with
the protein and enzymes after

in a laboratory.

Listen, all I know is
this kid that I grew up with

is making a mint hocking this stuff.

You should see his status
reports on Facebook or whatnot.

I'm sure he's got a brand-new
Mercedes and a hot wife.

- Something like that.
- [Sighs]

Where's Casey?

Guy got his arm buried in a machine,

so he went with shay and Dawson
to the hospital unbury it.

You guys know anything
about a visit to the cpd today?

Yeah, we made a stop
coming back from Caldwell.

Said he needed to talk to somebody.


That's pretty good, actual

yeah, sells itself.

I got plenty more, guys.
Drink up.

You were good under there,

with that machine.


a little thank-you

from the paramedics regulatory board

for saving the Madeline girl
last month.

That's your copy.


"This serves as an acknowledgment

"that you have read and understood

why this written reprimand
was issued."

Dawson, I've said it once,
I'll say it again.

You did the right thing,
you know that.

That girl would have died.

Hey, it's barely a slap on the wrist.

I know Carla over there.

I'll make sure this goes
right into her circular file.

Thanks, Mouch.

Oh, chives in the eggs.

My day is getting better already.

Thank you.

Hot sauce?

Ugh. Sorry.

Lieutenant Casey, you eating?


Casey, come with me.

- The allegations are unfounded.
- Unfounded?

I'm sorry, chief Grogan, this has got

Voight's name written all over it.

There are no witnesses that
detective Voight was anywhere

but on the job Halloween night.

Do you know how many tires
got slashed that day?

15 years he worked gang unit.

You don't think he's got a few locals

who can do his dirty work?

And that is exactly

why we have internal affairs

and the A.S.A.'s office

But I gotta tell you,
without a direct link,

what do you suggest we do,
chief Boden?

I suggest you handle your precinct.

Wait just a damn minute.

My lieutenant and his fiancee
are being harassed.

Don't you tell me to wait.

Forget it, chief.

Cpd isn't gonna help.

I'll do it my own way.

Casey, no.

Give me a better alternative.


I'll be the primary.

I.A., A.S.A., they got fish
frying all over the city.

I'll take the lead on this.

That's fine by me.

We good here?

Yeah, we're good.

Anna, hey, it's Kelly Severide.

Sorry I haven't called you
back sooner.

I changed cell phone numbers,
and it was a big hassle.

Anyway, look forward
to hearing from you.

Um, give me a call back
when you have a chance.

[Alarm sounds]


Squad three, truck 94.

Construction accident,
6248 South Francisco.

[Sirens wail, horn honks]


I can't hold him!

Help me!

He's slipping!

- I can't hold out!
- Help!

I'll need your aerial on
the other side of the church.

Do the best you can,
we'll do the rest.

- Let's gear up.
- I can't hold it!

Vargas, when they lock it down,

have the rope bag
at the ladder ready to go.

Got it.

Get that truck over there!
Let's go!

[Horn honks]

I can't...I can't hold him.


[Chatter on emergency radio]

Talk to me.

- He's slip--
- I'm loose!

Try to stay still.

Coming to you.
You hold tight now.

- I can't--I can't hold him!
- Help! Please!

- All right, hang on me.
- I-I can't move.

Can you reach out with your other arm?

- I can't move it, no.
- It's my fault.

All right, it's all right.
Just be calm, okay?

We're gonna get both of you down.


This blue line's for you.

Gonna hook you up.
Take you down first.

Line secure!

Okay, you can let go
of him, we've got it.


No need to push off.
Small steps.

Here we go.

Keep it steady up there, Hadley.

He told me not to walk along
the top, and I didn't listen.

- What's your name?
- It's Ty.

- All right, well hold on, Ty.
- No, don't, don't, don't!

My leg!
My leg!

All the way to the pavement.
You've got it.

Give me your hand.

[Rope tightens]



Hey, hang on!

Hadley, get that rope up here!

Doing great, doing great.


All clear.
Pick it up.

Hang on.

Aah! Aah!

Ty, reach up.

In my right leg pocket,
there's a knife.

- I can't.
- Ty.

Hey, listen to me.

You have to.
Gotta lose that extra weight.


Come on.


Cut the line.
Watch out below!

Ty, grab the line.
Clamp it to your harness.

I got it, I got it, I got it.

Okay, Hadley.

Ty, just slow now the rest
of the way, all right?


- I got ya, I got ya.
- Ahh!

[Breathing heavily]

Hey, lieutenant, just so you know,

I've completed
all the descent rescue training.

When I think you're ready,
you'll be the first to know.

Right, I just didn't want
you to waste...

- Hey!
- All your resources.

Let it go.

I've got other things to worry
about besides your career track.

Hey, Anna, it's Kelly again.

Listen, I really need you
to call me back.

If I don't answer,
you can just leave me a message.

I'll get back to you.


Red carpet treatment.

- I like it.
- Mm-hmm.

My dad wants to know
when he can put his snow blower

- back in the garage.
- Oh, yeah?

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.


We'll be running through that water

faster than a blizzard in December.

Trust me.

Just don't put too much
pressure on this idea, please?

We'll be okay.

We're getting a house, Cindy.

The kids need their own space.

- We need our own space, hmm?
- Mm-hmm.

Tell your dad to sell
that metal lathe.

There'll be plenty of room in there.

Don't even mention the lathe.

Eh, your mom uses it as a drying rack.


- Anyone home?
- No--oh! [Laughs]

Get over here.
[Door slams]

[All grunting]

No cracked ribs.

You're next in line for the ct scan.

Will you sit up for me?


I need you to take
some deep breaths, okay?

[Breathes deeply]


[Breathes deeply, raggedly]

It sounds clear.
That's good.

I'll be right back.

Casey, how are you?

No faces for these guys?

Anything distinguishable?

One of them had a tattoo.




- Oh, God, maybe right.
- Think.

I am thinking!

All right.

All right, rest for a few.

Matt. Matt!

Believe me, I know
what you're going through,

and I know what you're thinking.

But we are gonna figure out
how to do this the right way.

Do you hear me?



Okay, talk to me.
What are you gonna do?

For starters, we gotta identify

at least one of the attackers.

Doesn't matter.

It was that detective yanking
those kids' strings.

I'm sure it was.

But if I can't connect
the hitters to Voight,

and Voight knows this better
than anyone,

we don't have a thing.

What can we do now, chief?

Well, I'll tell you what I'd do.

Grab a halligan and ring
that son of a bitch's doorbell.

You guys, you keep your eyes
forward, and you stay out of it.

Support your lieutenant.

Have his back, that's it.

Think the chief's right.

I am not gonna sit back and take it.

I'm not saying that you should.

But you make one wrong decision,

and suddenly you're the bad guy,

and that's exactly what he wants.

Promise me you'll be careful.


I promise.

Oh, my God.

How long's the wait?

[Laughs] What?

Did I screw up that 'do of yours?

No more than you usually do.

Oh, now you're just
begging for a long wait.

Can I see you for a minute?

Be right back, DJ.

I got me a problem with a cop.

White cop.

Not the first time I've heard
that complaint around here.

He's a dirty cop, Terrance.

I need me someone who'll wear a wire.

Dirty white cop.

I'm into it.


I about died when your name
came up on my phone.

Well, I'm glad you didn't.

Are you still fighting fires?

Yeah, most of the time.

We were good together.

Am I right?

Yeah, sure.

We had our moments.

For a while.

The coat room at the Drake.

Definitely a moment.

I have a favor to ask you, Anna.

I knew there was gonna be a catch.

I'm staying at the peninsula.

Conference B.S.
for the next three days.

Pick a night,

and ask me for your favor then.


What's up, Hermann?

- Nada.
- Yeah?

You look like your dog just died.

That's just insensitive.

All right, look.

It's just when I--
Hey, lieutenant.

You should take
a few more days, Casey.

Well within your rights.

Eh, I'd just be staring
at the ceiling.

I'm going to look at mug shots.

Speaking of,
where do you wanna do this?

The guys who assaulted you
have a record, guaranteed.

Means they've been processed,
and we have those tats on file.

See if you can recall one of those.

Oh, sorry to interrupt.
I'm just grabbing my stuff.

Hey, any progress?

We'll get there.

Unless you got a magic wand on you.


I gotta--
I gotta take it.


I, um, I'm just
holding to our agreement.

I'm checking in with you.

You okay?

Just looking at photographs
of tattoos.

- You never know.
- That's right.

I love you.

I love you too.

Do this the right way,

or I may have to come down there.


So maybe the right way isn't so right.

Maybe not.

[Alarm sounds]

Ambulance 61, head injury,
northwest corner of Hyde park.

- Gotta go.
- Go get 'em.


What's his name?

What the hell difference does it make?

His name's Vince.
Fix him!

Vince, can you hear me?

All right, if you can hear me,
don't move, blink twice.

- C-collar.
- Yeah.

How long are you gonna leave
him lying there?

Get him in the damn ambulance already!

What happened?

We rode it off down this ramp,

we flipped, he hit first.

You're on something, huh?

- What are you on?
- You need to shut up.

Fix him, not me.

- Come on.
- All right.

Here we go, on three.

One, two, three.

We'll see you at the hospital.

- I'm going with him.
- No, you're not.

This ain't up to you, lady.

On behalf of the paramedics
association of America,

I offer my sincerest apologies
for the forceful actions

I exhibited here today.
[Engine starts]

[Onlookers laughing]

[Siren blares]

Thank God.
I missed that.

[Exhales deeply]

I need a favor, Anna.

Can we just order
a little room service first?

You asked me
to meet you here, and I did.

Fine, go ahead.

You want a favor.

Let's hear it.

I need something...

Something strong.


- Whoo.
- What is that?

That is my leftovers.
Chicken mac and cheese.

- Whoa! Hey!
- No, no, no.

That smell,
I can't be held responsible.

Where'd you get this?

Oh, screw you, Mills.
I made it.

Okay, well, name the ingredients.

I'm not gonna tell you that.

It's handed down
from my grandmother--hey!

It's a secret.

I will figure it out.

Many have tried, young Peter Mills.

All have failed.

Come on.

Let me get one more bite at least.

Wa--you accepted the shipment?

No, it's okay.

Just don't open any of them.

I'll deal with it when I get back.

Thank you.

are single-handedly

cutting my life expectancy in half.

What is going on with you?

Just hanging on for dear life.

Spill it.

I have cases
of this damned energy water

in my in-laws' garage,

and I'm never
gonna be able to off-load.

I'm in for a grand already,

and they just keep coming.

They call it
multi-level marketing,

but it's a pyramid scheme.

And I don't know
what I'm gonna tell Cindy.

So return it.

It's non-refundable.

is a word made up by lawyers.

I signed a contract.

Give me the number.

That is absurd.

Well, then, fine.

I guess you'll know where to find me.

On the job!

What was all that about?

That frat kid, he filed
a complaint with the city.

Oh, the kid's just embarrassed.

No way he'll ever
follow through on that.

Well, he just did, shay.

Well, that's ridiculous,
and screw them.

You know I would have done
the same thing.

Well, you didn't.
I did.

And that makes two,
for everyone keeping score.

County said that they
could suspend me this time.

[Alarm sounds]
Ambulance 61.

Altered mental status,
west Madison street.


I rerouted that call to 34.
Dawson, I need to see you.

Come on.

Reckless infliction
of emotional distress?

Are you kidding me?

You have a bit of a track
record lately, wouldn't you say?

Apples and oranges.

Except both involve me saving a life.

Which I did.

Both involve violations
in a very short time span.

- That--
- But--

this isn't enough to warrant
suspension, chief. No way.

Well, be ready for the possibility.

And be absolutely certain
that your memory of the event

is accurate to the best
of your knowledge.

Like what?

That I kicked the belligerent
jackass with one foot or two?

Is there a date set for this hearing?

Not at the moment.

There won't be one, chief.

This will be a written warning
just like the other.

One call.
[Phone rings]

Well, whatever you need to do.

You take care of this.

[Quietly] It's fine.

I have someone.

I know a guy who lives
in Voight's neighborhood

who knows a kid
who's willing to wear a wire.

We're gonna meet him
at the end of the shift.

[Siren wails]

[Indistinct radio chatter]

[Car door shuts]

Evening, ma'am.

Got you rolling
through a stop back there.

What stop?

I can let it go
with a warning this time.

Just do me a favor.

Talk some sense into your man.

Excuse me?

I'd really hate
to see things get uglier

than they already are.

Thank you, Hallie.

Have a good night.

So what's the process here?

If the kid's willing to go
on tape, we'll set up a sting.

Hey, baby.

What's wrong?
Everything all right?

I-I get it.

Just why didn't you call me
last night when it happened?




Come on, let's get out of here.

Where do you--
where do you wanna go?

Someplace loud?

Go to Jenson's?
They have good music.

Wanna go someplace quiet, get coffee?

Library maybe?

Want to peruse a novel or flip
through some microfilm?

Do they even make microfilm anymore?

I think I already have a plan.


I'm gonna cook.

Well, the terms of the note
are misrepresented.

Why, yes, I am an attorney.

Are you?

Oh, you're in marketing.

So you should know
that the basic premise

of a pyramid scheme
was found to be illegal

in accordance with the case
of Landers versus Holcroft 1985.

And so if you are illegally refusing

my client's rights on page one,

trust me, it's not getting any better

on pages 10, 11, or 12, guaranteed.

I do this for a living, sir.

All it's gonna cost me
are the filing fees.

That's right.

Small claims, better business bureau.

I can turn this
into a real, three-ring circus

and not lose a minute of sleep.

I am gonna drain your pockets
of 10 grand so fast,

all the fake energy water in
the world won't rehydrate them.


Overnight it, please.

They wanna know
where to send the refund.




- You seen Vargas?
- Yeah, he's heading in.

Oh, hey, you got a phone call
a few minutes ago, by the way.

Some woman.
Name was Anna?

Oh, okay, thanks.

Hey, Vargas,
grab your rappelling gear.

Shift's ending.

You heard me.

This is Darell.

This is detective Dawson.

What have you got for us, kid?

Voight bad, man.

Whole West Side up and down
know to step back.

- You done favors for him?
- Yeah.

Hell, enough to get tight.

What's he told you?

Mess with the lady, expect a payday.

But go after you?

He said he'd take care of all of us.

"Anything you need," he said.

"Get out of jail free" passes
for me and some others.

So you'll wear a wire?

Hell, yeah.

When did Voight reach out last?

Two weeks ago.

Two weeks?

Maybe a week.

Which is it?

A week then.


Whatever you want it to be
you tell me.

This guy's full of it.

Look, I get paid,

I get you what you want.

Everybody makes out.
Problems go away.

It's capitalism, man.

Get the hell out of here.

It ain't gotta be like that.

I said get the hell out.

I thought he was legit.


Sorry for the wait, Peter Mills.

- Bon appetit.
- Thank you.


- So good.
- Good luck.




- Mm-hmm.
- Bacon, red peppers,

sweet onions, a tablespoon of butter.

- Mm-hmm.
- Uh, oil, olive oil.



- Gruyere cheese?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- And parmesan--

No, please don't spot me.

- I can get it.
- I gotta spot you

'cause you're not gonna get it.

What won't I get?
What am I missing?

The thing that makes it
a family secret.

- Ah.
- Ah.

- Tell me what it is.
- [Chuckles]

Look, I will tell my mom
to put it on the menu tomorrow.

We can call it "Grandma Dawson's
mac and cheese."

- Come on.
- Another one bites the dust.

Oh. Bam.

All right.


- Nobody ever gets that ever.
- Ooh!

- Yes, yes!
- How did you do that?

- You are lucky.
- Nobody but me, baby.

Oh, my God.
[Cell phone rings]

That's just--
that's friggin' luck.

That is talent.

That is all that is.

One sec.

Mouch, what do you know?

Yeah, I've got bad news.

They've scheduled a hearing.

I tried like hell to fight it off,

but that's the way it stands.

I'll call you later with more.

Mills, where do you keep the liquor?

[Exhales deeply]

- There he is.
- And time!

6:42, ladies.

He obliterated your old time.

Get up here.

I'm not helping his ass up here.

Now sit your ass down, vargas.
You earned it.


Welcome to the squad.


Before breakfast?

After shift.

Have a seat.

Did you ever call Anna back?


Oh, now I remember.


Yeah, she was a pharmaceutical
rep or something like that.

Was she?

We never talked.

I know I shouldn't have
called the firehouse.


Thank you.

Be careful with these.

Take them only when necessary.

I will.

I'm in town two more days.

I'll let you know.

[Engine roars]

[Cell phone vibrating]


Give it to me.

I'm only gonna tell you
one more time, Casey.

Give it to me.

Go on and get out of here.

Go home.

[Engine starts]