Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - One Minute - full transcript

A homeless man dies in a warehouse fire. Peter Mills might have saved him if he had another minute, but Chief Boden had called everyone outside, as the building was about to explode. Boden ...

Previously on Chicago fire...

- Stabilizers!
- She's going!

Hey, I need to talk to you.

You said you were gonna
get your arm looked at.

A part of me doesn't wanna know.

There's a surgery which can
take pressure off the nerve.

How long would I be off work?

Six months to a year.

How long you been
dating this guy?

He's taken.

I got a scar on my back

that reminds me about the price
of playing beat the clock.

Field test this idiot.

Look, detective Voight... that
was his son driving this car.

He's a dirty cop.

You filed a report

that said my son
was drunk that night.

He was.

I can take this to
the next level real easy.

Believe me,

you are gonna retract
that statement.

What you're asking me to do...

I'm not asking!

Why didn't you call Alexa
back? I liked her.

What does a lesbian bring
on a second date?

A moving van.

You have major
commitment issues.

Yeah, yeah.

Please put this out in front.

I'm gonna take this stuff
to the kitchen.

I'm not carving this thing.

Some developing
local news now...

Yo, do we have any spices
around here

besides salt and pepper?

What else do you need besides
salt and pepper?


This is for
the trick-or-treaters.

And heads up...

Halloween is chief Boden's
favorite holiday.

Oh, I'm dead serious.

We can see
where you're putting that.

Hey, nobody touches the candy.
We ran out last year.

I graciously donate
my in-laws' television,

and I cannot get
a piece of candy?

I keep coriander, cumin, and
bay leaves in the back cupboard.

Um, I used up all the saffron
last time I cooked.

Engine 51, truck 81,

squad 3, ambulance 61.

Warehouse fire, 6620 Oak Park.

This is the old
Triskin warehouse.

Looks like the door's
been pried open.

Could be squatters inside.

Smoke's already coming out
pretty quick.

We don't have long on this one.

Engine 51, give me
a 2 1/2 in the front door

truck 81, open up the back
and vent the skylights.

Kelly, give me
that primary search.

You got it.

Raise the aerial
and take out the skylights.

Herrmann and Mills, let's open
up the back and get in there.

Let's go.

Smoke's bad.
Get the doors down fast.




Going left.

- Mind your step.
- Call out.

Fire department!
Anyone in here?

That smoke's turning ugly.

Fire department!
Anyone in here?

There's someone in the back!

Let's go!

Hey, guys, over here.

Fire department!

Anybody here?

Call out!

I got you.
Come on.

Hang on to me.
We're gonna get you out.

We got him.

Fire department!


All companies,
evacuate the building.

Come on, Mills, let's go.

It's gonna flash.

Herrmann and Mills
still inside?


Repeat, evacuate immediately.

Let's go.
Come on, now, guys.

We gotta get out of there.
Let's go.

Come on, men.

Come on, Mills.

There's a guy still inside.
I saw him.

Chief, give me one more minute
to go back in there.

No, it's over.
No more minutes.

He could be alive.

Just give me one more minute.
I know I can get to him.

I know.

You're not going anywhere.
This building's about to flash.

- Chief, I could...
- Enough!

All officers, take count
of your firefighters.

Nobody goes back in.

All members out
of the collapse zone.

- Everybody, back up.
- Back up.

Fire up the water cannons.

- Come on, let's go.

We got it!

Hey, give her back
the wand now.

Hey, hey.
Here you go.


I thought you were gonna
be a superhero.

I am.
I'm superboy.

That's the whole costume?

That's pretty half-assed.

What, he can't put on a cape?

He doesn't have a...

All right.

I walked in on your dad again.

The man refuses
to lock the door.

And you refuse to knock.

This came for you.

Aw, crap.

Were you there, daddy?

Yep, and we kicked
that fire's butt.

Love you, okay?

- Bye.
- Bye.

You can't leave. I put
a force-field around the door.

If you had a cape on,
I might believe that.

- Come on, I'm late.
- No.

Lukie, hey.

I told you, you don't have to
worry about me so much.

What if you get hurt again?

I'll get better,
just like last time.

And like you did,
when your bike went over.

Us Herrmanns,
we're tough bastards.

You said "bastards."

Don't tell mom.


Come on.
Come on, buddy.


I love you, buddy.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween.

Guess what?

After school,

I'm gonna break out
a bottomless bowl of treats.

Gonna come back and get 'em?

- You'll bring 'em back?
- Yeah.

Go on, then. Get out
of here and come back.

- Y'all look great.
- Thank you!

can I ask you something?

In general,
when the chief says,

everybody out of
a building now,

how much time
do we really have?

A minute? 30 seconds?

Don't beat yourself up, Mills.

See, the thing is, I was
closest to the victim.

I-I could see him,
you know?

When chief says "now,"
he means now.

Not 30 seconds,
not any seconds. Got it?

Yeah, I figured.



Morning, lieutenant.


You get hurt the other night?

Mind not turning the locker
room into a chat room?


Just take the damn piece
of candy already.

She won't notice.

I'm not climbing
onto the counter.

Hey, did you guys hear
that Casey's gonna testify

against detective Voight's son?

Apparently, Dawson's brother
says it's a risky move,

and Voight's a dangerous
son of a bitch.

I wouldn't put my ass
on the line like that.

Uh, lieutenant,

you need any help with the
detective Voight situation,

you let me know.

When I became a union rep,

they sent me
a bunch of brochures.

I'm good. Thanks.

Just need to testify at
the arraignment, once it's set.

You see this crap?

Why is it crap?

I just mean that that's
what happened, isn't it? So...

Where is the headline
about how we busted our humps

and saved three guys, huh?

Okay, everybody, listen up.

Today, our very own Jose Vargas

transfers from truck to squad.

As of now,
he's officially a member

of rescue squad 3.

- Whoo!
- Big time Vargas.

Make sure to bow
next time you walk by.

- Best of luck.
- Thanks, lieutenant.

Hey, lieutenant Casey,
I just saw your car out front.

Something happened to it.

What the hell?

This is why I can't stand
Halloween, man.

The punks, they go wild.

My gym bag got lifted.

Right in front of the station.

Call the cops.
File a report.

Yeah, I should.

Truck 81, squad 3.

House fire, 220 South Kilbourn.

Fire is out on arrival.
Hold all incoming companies.

We'll do a little overhaul.

- You okay, ma'am?
- I'm fine.

I must have dropped
a cigarette or something.

I was cleaning out the garage.

So stupid of me.

Well, good job putting it out.

We were here a few weeks ago.

Fire in your car,
parked out front.

The car is old.

Two fires in two weeks?

Bad luck always comes
in streaks.

I need to check inside,

make sure the fire didn't get
into the adjoining wall.

All right.

No heat.
That's good.

Me and my late husband.

How long were you married?

45 years, till he passed.

What's the secret?

I never asked.

Just counted my blessings
every day.

- She say what happened?
- Mm-mm.

- What the hell happened?
- It went out.


It just needed a new cord.
Nobody panic.

Go ahead.
Try it.


Halloween horror marathon,
channel 11.

We are back.

My brother died because
he was homeless and poor.

If he had been
a firefighter or a banker

in a fancy apartment,

they would have found
a way to save him.

It was recorded
on a cell phone.

Chief, give me one more
minute to go back in there.

No, it's over.
No more minutes.

He could be alive.

Just give me one more minute.
I know I can get to him.

I know.

Not going anywhere.
This building's about to flash.

- Chief, I can get...
- Enough.

Even his own men
wanted to go back in

and save my brother's life,

but the chief on the scene,
Wallace Boden, said no.

So the investigation

Hey, there's another request

for an interview about the fire
from some blogger.

The answer's the same.
No comment.

Got it. And Peter Mills
wanted to see you.

Send him in.


Hey, Mills, what's up?

Um, when I asked to go back in,

I apologize
if that was out of line.

Not another word.

That is exactly the attitude
I want from all my men.

Forget the news report.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, we got
our first trick-or-treater.

Hey, guys.
Happy Halloween.

- Happy Halloween, lady.
- Sweet shoes.

Thanks. Uh,
are you a runner too?

Uh, I just did my first 10k
a couple months ago.

Oh, wow, that's...
that's my race too.

I've been training
for the next one.

I'm trying to get in
under 48 minutes.

That sounds like a good goal.

- How'd you do?
- 45:20.

Wow, that's great.

Casey's in his quarters,
I think.

Awesome. Thank you.
I'll see you guys.

- Yep.
- Bye.


I think it was somewhere
around there.

Everything okay?

Of course.
Why do you look worried?

II'm not worried.

Just surprised.

Well, I was thinking about
our new plan to start fresh,

and I realized...


That there is something
that we talked about doing

and never did.


Chief, this is Sondra Sherman.

I'm an attorney
with the city's office.

How can we help you today?

I need to ask you
some questions

the Triskin warehouse fire.


The city's been contacted

by an attorney for Marc Thorne,
the victim's brother.

There are some concerns about
the way the fire was handled.

My sympathies go out
to Mr. Thorne,

but if I hadn't handled the fire
the way that I did,

not only would
his brother be dead,

but so would my men.


And how long was it

after you called your men out

that the structure exploded?

I don't know exactly.

About a minute.

And did one
of your men tell you

there was someone still inside?

Yes, he did, and he wanted
to go back in and get him.

I said no. Seconds later,
there was a flashover.

I wouldn't ask you
these questions

unless I had to, chief.

We don't think you did
anything wrong,

but an M.E.'s report
will be released soon,

and if it says
his brother was alive

up until the explosion,

Thorne will come after you,
the department,

and the city of Chicago.

The city
completely supports you.

You shouldn't feel bad.
I don't.

If we're done here,
I have some work to do.

Wait here, guys.

Hey, Bobby.
Thanks for coming.

- Hi. How you doin'?
- Good.

So, what's the deal here?

You tell me.

Mrs. Grady, how are you, ma'am?

I'm fine.

We just had a few questions
about those fires that you had.

They were accidents.

I don't know any more
than I've already told you.

Okay, well,
we just want to make sure

that there are
no more incidents.


Someone set fire to her car
two weeks ago.

This morning,
her garage burns, she says...

she said
they were just accidents.

But they weren't.

Why do you think

somebody would come after her?

I mean, she lives alone.

She keeps to herself.

Pick a reason.

I have a suggestion.

If you do a sit-down
with Marc Thorne,

that could help
minimize the damage.

- A sit-down?
- Yeah.

A "beer in the rose garden"
kind of thing.

You, Thorne,
attorneys for both sides.

Sitdown was his.
Beer was mine.

Sometimes a simple conversation
can avert a major lawsuit.

Maybe all he wants
is an apology.

I doubt that.

Chief, I don't think
you understand.

If we can't make this go away

before the M.E.'s report
comes back,

your job and your livelihood
are at risk.

I am not going to apologize.
I did nothing wrong,

neither one of my men.

Look, the city
completely supports you.

You keep saying that,
and in the same breath,

you tell me
my job's on the line.

I really do have work to do.

I'm gonna go do it.

I have a favor to ask you.

Can I borrow your house key?

I just want to set
a little something up

for Kelly in his room.

Champagne, candles.

I think my dad showing up
at your apartment

maybe pushed him away.

Yeah, I don't think it's
your dad showing up so much

that's the problem

as much as him announcing
that you're engaged.

I wasn't hiding that.

Where's your ring?

It's being resized right now.

So, can I have the key or not?

Not. At all.

Ambulance 61.
Hand laceration.

310 east Pearson.

Oof! You got a nice bleed
going there.

Yikes. What happened?

I was chopping,
and suddenly there were screams,

so I took my eyes
off the onion.

Next thing I know,
my hand's gushing blood.


A reaction to a two-tier
baby carriage

and matching car seat.

Wiggle your fingers for me.

Ah, it's not bad but, yeah,
you're gonna need stitches.

The mom-to-be had a dizzy
spell when she saw the blood.

Can one of you guys
take a look at her?

Oh, yeah, sure.

You're not gonna believe this.


Hey, Clare.

Oh, my God.

Um, honey,

this is Leslie Shay,

my old girlfriend.


There are two patients

we'll take this one with the hand lac, so
you can grab the other lady if you don't mind..

Actually, I just put Clarice
in the back of our rig, so...

And I said we would take him,

It doesn't matter to me.

Here you go.

All right, I'm just
gonna check your vitals

and then have a listen

and make sure everything's okay
with the baby.

And then the dizzy spell
came on so suddenly.

I'm sure everything
is fine, sweetie.

Blood pressure's good.

All right, I'm just gonna lift
your shirt off your belly

and have a listen.

Heart rate's 140.
It's perfect.

Thank you.
Thank you, Les.

See? That baby's already
got a flair for the dramatic.

The teen years
are gonna be fun.

You know what
I still have of yours?

Those old blues records
that your mom gave you.

Oh, yeah.
Forgot about those.

Yeah, I mean, you know,
I can get 'em back to you

at any time.

Why don't you, um,
just give me a call

and we can figure it out.

Who was that?

That's Mills' sister, Elise.

When is the next family picnic?

Hey, let me give you
a hand with those.

- I'm good, thanks.
- You sure?

If this food ends up
on the floor

instead of the table,
it could cause a riot.

You're Severide, right?


Peter called, said he was
supposed to make lunch.

He got busy.

He didn't sound so great.

Is everything okay around here?

It's just another day
on the job.

Your brother's a good kid.
Yeah. He is.

I gotta get back
to the restaurant.

Thanks for the help.

Give me the ball,
give me the ball.

- Oh.
- Oh!

My name is Marc Thorne.

I'm here to talk to
chief Wallace Boden.

Is he here?

I'm very sorry
for your loss, Mr. Thorne.

Chief Boden!

You knew my brother
was in that warehouse.

Did you?

The guy was homeless,
keeping warm in a warehouse.

You're his brother.

Where have you been?
Herrmann, come on.

No, sorry,
I'm not gonna be quiet.

'Cause a few weeks ago,
I almost bought the farm,

trying to save a stranger.

It's what we do, every day.

It's what we tried to do
for your brother.

Chief Boden made the call
he had to make.

Just be glad
you never have to do that.

What is this?

We heard you represented,

So, I'm gonna throw out a name.

- Clarice Carthage.
- Oh ho ho...

- Ow.
- Wait, who?

The bitchy ex-girlfriend.

She wasn't a bitch, per se.

She was a little
full of herself.

Well, she's got
a new status update.

She is now Clarice Schwartz,
married to a dude,

and seven months pregnant.

Did I not call that?

Did I not say she had
one foot in, one foot out?

You did not say that.

Well, not to you, maybe,

but did I not call that?

He called that.

Look, he's got candy.

He's got a bunch of candy.

Oh, look at you.
That costume is terrifying.

You're about to scare
the neighbors to death.

Want some treats?
Give me that. Whomp.

I saw your picture online.
I read about what happened.

Keep your chin up.
You did the right thing.

Appreciate that.

Halloween is about the kids.

Thank you for coming.

Come on, guys, let's go.

Get some more candy?

Should we get some more?

Let's go.

Truck 81, ambulance 61.

Vargas wants back
on truck already, huh?

Yeah, yeah.

Coming through.
Excuse me.

Everybody, make way.
Coming through.

Anybody seen an injured person?

Is that our guy?

Okay, never mind.

Halloween sucks.

Looking for an injured person.

Thank God.
He's over here.

Okay, got a location
on the victim.

"Witches' brew."

Copy that.
Right behind you.

- Watch out, guys.
- Hold his head steady.

Guys, come on.

I got it.

- Hold his head.
- Yeah.

- Did he take any drugs?
- No, just a couple beers.


And he... he dropped and
just started jerking around.

Does he have a
history of seizures?

I don't think so.
This is only our second date.

All right, ready.
Turn him over.

- Hey, let me help out, fellas.
- Stay back, sir.

Yeah, how about giving me
a c-4 tube

and a Lidocaine drip?

Let 'em do their job.

All right, come on.
Move it out.

Don't tell 'em you're homeless.

They won't help ya.

Hey! Hey!

Go, go.

You got your head
screwed on straight?

These people,
mouthing off at us.

You rise above it.

It won't happen again.

Let's get the hell out of here.

Chief, I wanted to let you know

the M.E.'s report came in.

Jonathan Thorne
died from injuries

sustained during the explosion.

The department is putting
together a committee now.

This doesn't change anything.

Lieutenant Casey, there's
someone out front for you.

Detective Voight.

Got some good news
for you, Casey.

Yeah? What's that?

Well, I heard about
what happened to your car.

I don't normally handle
this kind of thing,

but to be honest,

I felt like I owed you
an apology

after my behavior
the other day.

I was out of line.

So I put my guys on it,

and we caught
the little scumbag.

And how'd you know it was him?

Come here.

This yours?

There you go, he had it on him.

And make sure nothing's missing,
will you?

This isn't mine.

Well, the kid must
have stashed it in there.

You know, there's
a simple, honest solution

to all our problems.

One that keeps
my son out of jail

and lets you and I
get on with our lives.

All you gotta do
is change that report.

I'm not gonna do that.

Last year we
went through four of these.

This year,
we barely finished one.

Not the best day.

What is it?

Detective Voight
showed up here,

tried to bribe me
with a wad of cash.


Wha... we've gotta call
my brother and tell him.

I'm just gonna testify
and let the courts handle it.

Well, what does Hallie say?

I didn't tell her.

- Why not?
- I don't know.

I didn't want
to worry her, I guess.

You should tell her.


Yeah, I probably should.

I'll see you later.

Yeah, later.

I mean, you should
have seen Clarice's apartment.

It was like a museum.

All this fancy
breakable crap everywhere.

The place she and I
used to live,

there was peeling paint,
dripping faucets.

You wanted to hang out there
all day long, you know?

- Will you pass me a lime?
- Yeah.

They had a floor-to-ceiling
wine rack.

I mean, she used to hate wine.

She drank beer.
I loved that about her.

I guess she drinks wine now.

- How long did you two...
- Three years.


Yeah, I mean, it wasn't,
like, you know...

A casual thing.

It was... uh, we were serious.

Or at least I thought we were.

Turns out I may have
overestimated her lesbianism.


No offense... I'm not taking
advice from you right now.

This is a new low.

Wanna help with this?


I was engaged once too.

Just wanted to pass along
some positive news.

The Thorne situation
has been resolved.

Resolved how?

Marc Thorne has dropped
all plans to sue the city.

You gave him a payout.

There's a settlement
in the works, yes.

You yourself said
we did nothing wrong.

Well, you should
be happy about this.

Thorne was willing
to settle quickly

and for a reasonable amount.

There's no further risk
of impact on you,

and you continue to have
the city's full support.

Appreciate that.

Take care, chief.


- How many?
- Three.

House fire, 220 South Kilbourn.

Engine 51...

- 220 South kilbourn.
- Damn it.

Truck and engine
are near the scene.

They'll meet you there.

What happened?

Molotov cocktail
through the front window.

Fire's under control.

The woman who lives here,
Mrs. Grady?

With Dawson.

Just breathe in, nice and easy.

We're gonna get that smoke
out of your lungs, okay?

- Is she okay?
- Yeah, smoke inhalation.

Oxygen will clear her up.

Hey. Can you give me a second?


We could have lost you.

I won't go to the police, okay?
I promise you that.

But you gotta talk to me, okay?

Who the hell are you?

Hey. What you doin'?

Shut up. Sit down.

Mrs. Grady.
On Kilbourn.

We don't even
know who that is.

She's the one who called
the cops about the drug dealers

on her block.

She's also my aunt.

Listen to me.

I hear about one more ember
going anywhere near Mrs. Grady

or her property again,
I'll come back here,

break your kneecaps,

and drag you down
to the police station.

You don't have drugs on you.
I'll plant them on you.

- You can't do that.
- The hell I can't.

It's a firefighter's word
against a couple bangers.

Who they gonna believe?

Extra, extra.

Firefighters are off
the front page.

Back in the black smoke we go
until another tragedy.

Another day, another story.

I wonder how much that Thorne
is getting from the city.

Why work for a living when
you can sue someone instead?

Morning, chief.

Our assistant Nicki has quit.

According to her father,


left for Europe for a while,
so will y'all just let me know

if you hear of anybody
available for the position?

Leslie Elizabeth Shay.


It's... it's not a big deal.

No, it is.

And I'm sorry,

but I'm not gonna pretend like

I don't remember
peeling you off the floor

after that woman
broke your heart.

She is married now.

Taken. Unattainable.

I know.

I just wanted my records back.

I'll buy you a new set,
I promise.

You wanted to see me, chief?

Yeah, Mills, come on in.

I know you've been struggling
ever since the warehouse fire.

I was close enough to see him.

If I'd had one minute,
I might have...

Let me tell you
about one minute.

I've been there.

Most of us have.

In my case, I was sure.

Surer than you are
right now, even.

That if I'd had
that one minute,

I'd have been
able to go in there,

rescue those people.

My best buddy and I,
we were running back in.

The fire was trapped
in the ceiling.

Couldn't see it,
so we didn't know.

We didn't have one minute.

We lost the victims.

I lost my friend.

I got a scar on my back
that reminds me

every single day about the price
of playing "beat the clock."

And it's my job to make sure
that you never get

any kind of reminder.

You understand me?

Yes, sir.

You got it in you.

You will make
one hell of a firefighter.

Just like your dad was.

Go on.

We'll be opening up
the phone lines shortly

to take your calls

to talk about the bears game
on Sunday...

- Hey, Karen.
- Hi.

- How are you doing?
- Good.

So where should we go?
Restaurant? Bar? Strip club?

Yeah, okay.

Hey, you all right?


I just always thought
she was the one.

Strip club it is.


Oh, hey, Hallie.

You all right?

Hold on.



What is going on?