Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Retaliation Hit - full transcript

Severide has to face the consequences of Tara's accusations and the firehouse is ordered to attend a sexual harassment sensitivity seminar. Mills does a great job rescuing a man from an overturned tanker, which raises Hadley's envy. Shay and Dawson need to get past a poisonous snake in order to reach its victim. Matt and Hallie reunite, only to find out that their old nemesis Voight has been released from prison.


Previously on Chicago Fire.

How are the classes going?

I couldn't get into the vertical rescue.

Call Lieutenant Brunson,

tell him I want you in his class.

I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

I see the way that people look at me.

You just have to remind yourself

that you're not doing it for them.


This is the guy who
helped Antonio bust Voight.

[Siren blaring]

According to Boden, the DA's office remains

committed to its case
against Detective Voight.

This conversation becomes about favors.

Uh, sorry, we're closed.

- Hey, Matt.
- Hallie?

When I told her I was
gonna be working at 51

she warned me about you.

She said that you were just my type.

A subordinate has accused you

of luring her to your apartment

and trying to force yourself upon her.

What did she say that I did?

You're gonna want to see
about getting a lawyer.

How long was she in your apartment?

1/2 hour. Hour, tops.

And how many beers did you have?

- Two.
- In 30 minutes?

First time in history
anyone's ever drank two beers

in 1/2 an hour?

Ms. Little stated that it
was hard to keep up with you.

She felt buzzed.

That's what happens when you drink beer.

She'd know since she
brought the six pack over.

She said you tried to kiss her,

but she was uncomfortable
and tried to leave.

You backed her against the
wall, leaned into her body

and put your hand on her buttock.

- Unreal.
- Care to respond?

Lieutenant Severide is
not obligated to respond

to any of these questions, Commander.

He came in good faith to
hear the charges against him.

Actually, I faked a
yawn and said I was tired

and she should probably get going.

Because I started thinking
she was a little...


[Door buzzing]

[Door opens]

You're up, Voight.

[Handcuffs clicking]

How's Dawson?

Good. Great.


Don't even pretend.

Um, she's dating young Peter Mills.

That sneaky little bastard. Good for him.

How about yourself? Seeing anybody?

Nah, no one serious.

You heard about Curtis, right?


Um, is Voight behind it?

I have no idea.

I mean, the kid was in a gang, but still...

That doesn't make any difference in terms

of Voight's case, right?

Apparently there's a
dismissal hearing today,

and his union is pushing
hard for entrapment.

All I know is I can't
get sucked into it again.


I'm hungry.

Let's go.

Drink coupons?

It's called a "loss leader," okay?

It gets people in the door.

Once they're inside, they keep spending.

I'm already confused, all right?

It's a bar, not the
New York stock exchange.

It's actually not that
complicated, Herrmann.

Well, we have a soft opening in a week,

and we don't even have
our decorations up yet.

Call it a drink special. I don't care.

Oh, marry him.

Okay, everybody listen up.

In light of recent events...

recent allegations, rather...

personnel division has flagged this house

for sexual harassment sensitivity training.

Uh, Chief? I think actually
it's sexual harassment

and sensitivity training.

'Cause the way that you just said it,

it makes it sound like
we have to be sensitive

toward sexual har...

All right, what the
hell? This house needs it.

All right, listen up, everybody.

CFD special, okay?

Happy hour prices all night long

when Molly's opens.

[Murmuring and applause]



What you're going through ain't right.

So if there's anything I
can do to help, name it.

I mean, if you just want to grab a beer

or put on some gloves...

Appreciate it.

Hey, Mills.

His shoes need shining.

[Alarm blaring]

Truck 81, Squad Three.

Engine 51. Ambulance 61.

Car accident. 3464 Morgan Street.

Casey, I just heard from
the state's attorney.

Voight's out.

- All right.
- Yeah.

[Sirens blaring]

What's the story here?

- We got two people stuck.
- What happened?

Driver got shot and lost control.

Word is this is the guy that shot Curtis.

Retaliation hit.

[Engine humming]

Looks unstable. Be careful.

He's pinned in. Foot's stuck on the gas.

[Screams] Oh, God! Oh,
God, help me, please!


Hang on, ma'am. We're
gonna get you out, okay?

- Hurry, please.
- Driver's got a head wound.

We've got to get him out of there.

Hey, we budge this car,
it's gonna take off.

We lift the car. Kelly, you get the woman.

We stabilize this on the truck

and get the driver at the same time. Go.

Capp, Hadley, air bags and halligans!

Cruz and Mills,

we need bottle Jacks and cribbing.

As much as we have. Mouch,
take the center punch.

- Herrmann, Sawzall, let's move.
- Got it. What do we got?

Looks like a perforating head injury.

The driver's still alive.
You're gonna have to move fast.

We're on it.

[Woman whimpering]

Okay, help me out with
this. We gotta lift it.

Don't worry, ma'am.
We're right here with you.

Don't let it touch that wheel!

Hang in there. Hang in there.

Watch your back.

All right, let's get that board in!

[Woman cries out] Easy, easy.

- Watch it.
- You got it?

Keep her away from that wheel.

- [Whimpering]
- Good job, guys, good job.

- Pop those hinges.
- I got it.


There you go! Get the board in now.

- He's got a pulse.
- Barely.

- Watch his head.
- Okay.

- Watch it.
- You got it?

Yeah, I got it.

Did I hear right? Voight's out?


Let's go.

[Siren blaring]

You're not doing what I
think you're doing, are you?


What if I just meet her face-to-face and...

Do not contact this woman, you hear me?

We have a follow-up interview tomorrow,

and we have the upper hand right now.


Single gunshot to the
head through and through.

- Entrance is at the cheek.
- Pressure?

- 50 over 30.
- Get him into six.

I told you that Tara chick
was bad news... now look.

So there's no way that Severide could have

gotten a little too frisky with her?

Against her will? No way.

- Well, what's Severide saying?
- Not much.

Whenever he gets this look on his face,

I just steer clear and
let him figure it out.

'Cause me trying to fix
it never does any good.

She's not gonna get away with this, is she?

Well, that's what they said about Voight.

Ugh, crazy town. I mean,
how does that guy walk?

I don't know.

It reminds me of this
joke my dad once told me.

Why is Chicago style pizza so thick?

- Why?
- Don't worry about it.

- She's not here.
- Who?

- Hallie.
- I'm not looking for Hallie.

[Cell phone vibrating]

- Who is it?
- Blocked.

Who blocks their phones
anymore other than drug dealers?


Nice slacks! Acceptable compliment?

Yes, no, or depends.

I don't think people
call them slacks anymore.

Oh, come on, come on.
No, you know what I mean.

[Laughter] Pants, dungarees, whatever.

- Depends.
- On?

- What part of the pants?
- Exactly.

A female coworker is
standing in front of you...

"Nice pants," is acceptable.

Walking away from you, no way, Jose.

- And why not?
- Isn't it kind of obvious?


Look, I know all this new
political correctness-type deal

is a head-spinner, 'cause it was

a little more loosey-goosey
back in the day.

I mean, hell, when I first
started working for the city

you'd walk into some locker rooms,

they'd have hustler centerfolds taped up.

You do that nowadays,
ninjas drop from the ceiling

and will airlift your
ass right out of there.

[Laughter] Tell me about it.

When I started there was
this guy, Eric Weinburger...

[Chuckles] and if it was
somebody's birthday, he would

walk around with his testicles
hanging out of his fly...

[Laughter] Okay. Okay!

Look, tap the brakes, pal.
That's what I'm talking about.


Voight's got a condo in Myrtle Beach.

And there's a good shot he threatens

to sue the department
for wrongful prosecution,

settles for a chunk of change

and then goes to play golf year round.

That's according to my buddy
who used to work for Voight.

He's dirty, but he ain't stupid.

He knows he dodged a bullet on this one.

And with his son already doing a year,

there's no way he's gonna
come after you again.

That's what they told me

right before he tried to
have my skull cracked open.

You'll keep up apprised,
won't you, Antonio?

Of course.


Do not get drawn back into this.

- Leslie Shay!
- Hey, dad.

What's wrong?

That was Voight.

What'd he say?

He's calling in that favor I owe him.

You're gonna call Voight back?

I mean, gonna I guess I have to.

- Want me to?
- No. No, no, no.

But that's really nice of you to offer.

You let me know.

And we're cool. No matter what you do.

I don't want us going down the same road

we did last time and not talking
to each other for a month.

You're too important to me for that.

Thanks. I feel the same way.

Which is why I wanted
to bring you in the loop.

So that you didn't think
I was scheming with Voight

or anything behind your back.

Dawson, I'm serious though.

You try to deal with Voight on your own,

you'll end up in quicksand.


Can I borrow you two for a second?

[Clears throat]

- "You look very nice today."
- "Thank you."

"A bunch of us are gonna
get some beers after work.

- Care to join?"
- "Sure, yeah.

That sounds fun."

- Keep going, or...
- Please.


Oh, look, he just groped
her. Did everybody see that?


I'm just saying. That's
all it takes, right?

"Have you been going to the gym?"

"Um, yeah, you know, here and there.

Not as much as I'd like."


"Because your physique looks really good."


"Well, thank you. That's
really nice of you."

Now freeze it. Freeze it.

What did we talk about
behavioral modifiers?

I think he means stop the role-play.

- Oh.
- Matt should not be making

comments about Gabby's body. We know that.

[Cell phone vibrating]
But Gabby should not be

accepting compliments
about her body from Matt.

Keep your radio on.

Uh, why don't we break for lunch?

- Yes.
- Sure.

Thank you.

- Hey, candidate?
- Yeah.

- You park across the street?
- Yeah, why?

Oh! Son of a bitch!

Oh, man.

Man, right in front of the house! God!

Whoa, wait a second. Wait a second.

- Isn't this an '03?
- Yeah.

I think this is the model they built

with the spare window.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hang on a second. Hold on, let me show you.

[Engine starting]




Yeah, funny.

Give my keys. That was a good one.


I just wanted to talk, you know.

Human being to human being.

I don't want to talk about the other night.

It's still so painful.

Tara, come on. We were both there.

And if I said something
that offended you...

Look, IAD is pushing me
to file a police report.

And despite what happened,
I'm not interested

in making this a criminal case.

For what?

Look me in the eye. Tell me what I did.

But there is another option.

If you apologize on record,
it's called an alford plea.

You won't be admitting
guilt, but we could both...

avoid the embarrassment
of reliving this in public.

You're crazy.

I knew I shouldn't have agreed to meet you.

I'll take care of it.

Look, I don't have a problem calling him

to see what he wants.



Don't do anything crazy.

[Alarm blaring]

Truck 81, Engine 51, Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Overturned tanker. Eleanor and Fuller.

[Sirens wailing]

Squad's set to pull the driver out.

We just need engine to
get some water on this fire

so we have some clearance.

This first tank is
leaking sodium hydroxide.

We have an active chemical spill.

That is a negative on the water.

That's going to spread
the spill out even further.

We need to get foam on this fire...

and masks on!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, get me out of here!

- Squad three.
- Get me out!

Suit up for rescue. Call in Hazmat.

Hang on in there!

We're gonna come and get you!

Battalion 25 to dispatch,
we need the closest available

foam engine to Bridgeport right now.

We are on Eleanor and Fuller.

Copy that, 25.

Let's dyke off this area right now.

If it gets into the river,
it'll spread into Chicago.

Got it. Shovels and pick axes!

Right here. Start digging!

- Chief, where's our foam?
- We're working on it, Casey.

Chief, if you need us to pull him out now,

we're ready.

That diesel fire's
impinging on that tanker.

It's getting ready to blow!

You can't go in yet.

Driver's gonna get burned inside and out

if he stays in there much longer.

Where the hell is that engine?

That foam will cover up
the vapors. You ready?

- Yeah, let's do it! Hadley!
- Yeah!

Have the descender ready
to send up the aerial.

It's new. I don't know the set-up yet.

I'll just rig up a rope and pulley.

No, that's not enough. We're
gonna need the descender.

Ask Mills to do it.

On it.

Let's go.

Hadley, stand by.


Take that, run it up.


[Motor humming]

Capp, make sure you stay tight to Severide.

Chemicals flooding the cab.
Driver's losing consciousness.


Hey, buddy, hang in there.
We're gonna get you out!

Watch your eyes! Okay.

Okay, throw me the rope back.

It's coming down.

Got the harness attached.

Okay, pull him up!


[Man groaning]

Keep it going!

Okay, Mills, the driver's clear.

We're good!

Let's go, let's go!

- All right.
- Bring him over, Mouch.

This way!

Keep it going! Keep it going!

Keep coming!

Let's go!

Good job.

Hope we weren't too much
of a pain in the ass.

Not at all.

Fully aware that you work
24 hour shifts together

and you see the things that you see.

And there should be consideration for that.

You just have to be careful,
or you can find yourself

- in a real predicament.
- Did everybody hear that?

- We got it.
- Mm-hmm.

Still using the Elkhart
brass nozzles, I see.

Is that a 75/100?

Yeah, how you know about nozzles?

Ah, I took the CFD exam.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Made it all the way through,
then got dinged on the last day.

- What happened?
- Color blind.

What are you gonna do? It all worked out.

You know what's gonna work out on my end?

Molly's bar.

This thing takes off we're gonna brand it,

franchise it.

We're gonna have Molly's Kansas City,

Molly's Des Moines...

Easy, tiger. Let's get this
one off the ground first.

Who put dog food in there?


- That's funny to you?
- Relax, mutt.

What did you say to me?

- Hey! Hey!
- What did you say?


Take it easy.

Mutt? You out of your mind?

When I was a candidate
over at 38, they put menthol

in my underwear. What is the...

No, no, no, what you did
was so far beyond that,

that if you can't tell the difference

you are dumber than you look.

[Chuckles] What...

I mean, this house was
already under a microscope.

You really couldn't put that together?

You are so lucky Mills is
not filing an incident report.

Not to mention knocking your teeth out.

Did I not apologize?

You don't talk to me. I'm serious.

Everybody shut up. He's coming in.

I told my boss that the course work

was complete here

but that a follow-up might not hurt.

I did not mention the infraction,

because it would turn
into a major, major deal.

I've seen folks lose their jobs over less.

And in my sense, this
was an isolated incident

involving otherwise good people.

First of all, let me say thank you.

And second of all, I can assure you

that I will deal with all of this


How, exactly?

Look, anybody asks,

I'll tell them you wanted
a change of scenery.

A lot of guys like to float
from house to house as it is.

You know, if I had known that kissing ass

was the way to move up in this house,

I would have bought some lip balm.

Good luck, Hadley.


Yeah, good luck.

Come on.

Why are you calling my sister?

I got an ethics panel over at
the I.G.'s here in a little bit.

I was looking for some
character references.

Not her.

You helped me out of a
jam. I don't dispute that.

But if you got a favor you need done,

you come to me man-to-man
and leave her out of it.

- I hear you left Vice.
- What about it?

Working in that intelligence unit

here in the district?

You got backbone, Antonio.

You've always been an aggressive cop.

I respect that.


You may be asked to go
back in, so sit tight.

- I told you not to contact her.
- Fine, I screwed up.

Big time.

Now they're looking into your history.


Other women you've...

banged on the job.

- What?
- Remember Nicki Rutkowski?

- What about her?
- Her name came up.

- Did it end bad?
- No!

We slept together a couple times,

and she went on her merry way.

Ask her.

Oh, they're going to.


The new place is very, uh, zen.

I'm hardly here.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

To new beginnings, I guess. Right?

I like it.

Well, uh, this is all your stuff.

Just some pictures and jewelry.

And here's yours.

Pictures and blackhawk memorabilia.

I was wondering where all that went.



You know, I found this
contract that we both signed

after we had that argument
about where to spend Christmas.

- Do you remember it?
- I do. Yeah.

Let's always keep the fighting clean

and the sex dirty.


[Coins clinking]

I.G. office on a Tuesday afternoon.

That can't be good.

Just remember, squeakiest
wheel always wins around here.

Looks like it.

You're Benny Severide's kid, huh?

- That's right.
- Ol' Benny.

[Chuckles] I'll be seeing you around.

Yeah, I don't plan on making it out

to Myrtle Beach anytime soon.

Well, neither do I. I just got reinstated.

Where on the job?

- No, he didn't say.
- God, has the world gone crazy?

- What the heck's going on?
- I know. Tell me about it.

Well, they'll just park him
somewhere behind a desk, right?

Let him collect a paycheck for nothing.

I mean, if I'm CPD,
that's what I would want.

That's got nothing to do with it.

- It's what Voight wants.
- [Whispers] Damn it.

Maybe I should have just
played ball with him.

- No, absolutely not.
- But now I'm on his enemy list?

[Door opens]

Who's that?

Nicki's dad.

[Knock on door]

- Hey! Big Al!
- Hey, Wallace.

[Chuckles] What brings you out?

I guess that Severide
character's got himself

in a bit of a pickle, huh?

How'd that get on your radar?

Well, the girl he attacked,
her lawyer contacted me.


Since when do you believe
everything lawyers tell you?

[Scoffs] Yeah, well, regardless,

I guess they want my account of events.

They're looking to establish
a pattern of behavior.

And I wanted you to hear it from me first

out of respect for our friendship.

Hear what?

How I came here to pick Nicki up,

and I saw him guiding her
out of that change-out room

after doing God knows what.

How she came home in tears

after being over at his apartment.

How she broke off her engagement
with a guy I happened to like.

And how Nicki came in and quit her job

and ran off to Europe,
and she hasn't been able

to get her life back on track since.

Al, I spoke to him. Nothing happened.

No, he was screwing around
with a subordinate on the job.

My daughter.

And shame on me for not having made

a bigger stink of it back then,

because now it looks like a girl got hurt.

Al, I know you're pissed at him,

but if you, as a Chief in the department,

if you go forward with your beef,

you will sink him.

Do you really believe that
he didn't push that girl

up against the wall because
she didn't want to be

another notch on his belt?

We go way back.

I'm going to vouch for Kelly Severide.

Yeah, well, like I said, I
want you to hear it from me.

Please don't do this.

I already did. They have my statement.


Nice knowing you, Al.

[Alarm blaring]

Ambulance 61, fallen person.

1610 Kedzie Street.

[Siren blaring]

Hurry, I think my dad's sick.

- What's your dad's name?
- Terrence. I'm Patrick.

And that's Buddy.

Okay. [Snake hissing]


Okay, see ya.

Okay, here we go. What was that, a pet?

What about my dad?
Something's wrong with him.

[Groans] I don't believe this!

Patrick, how long since
that snake bit your dad?


My dad says not to tell anyone about Buddy.

- We're not supposed to have him.
- How long, sweetie?

Ten minutes.

Okay, I'm gonna call animal control.

- What kind of snake is it?
- Rhino viper.

- He got out of his cage.
- We gotta go back in there.

Bitch, are you out of your f...

Dear valued colleague, I strongly disagree

with your suggested course...

Okay, God only knows what rhino viper venom

does to a person, okay? We
can't wait on animal control.

He might not even have 30 minutes.


Patrick, hi, um, what does
your dad use to handle Buddy?

The hook.

The hook. Come on.

[Man groaning]

Here it is.

[Hissing] That is a longass snake.

- Here.
- Whoa! What?

You do it. I can't. I can't.

[Exhales] Um, okay, Patrick.

What do I do?

Dad puts the hook under
him and grabs his tail.

Mm-hmm. Grabs his tail. Right, of course.

Hey, Buddy.

[Groans] Oh, God. Oh, God.


[Exhales] Oh God! Okay.


- We've got to try again.
- Yeah.

Just... try again.


Come on.

Yes. Yes. Yes.


[Panting] Nightmares.
I will have nightmares.


Okay, let's put him in the
chair and get him out of here.

Watch the cabinet.

Let's go.

- Is he gonna be okay?
- He'll be okay.

Hop in.

- What's up?
- Uh, a couple things.

Internally, Tara's not gonna
be acting on the charges.

What do you mean, internally?

Are the charges dropped or not?

Well, that's where it gets complicated.

She's been reinstated as
commander of operations

at field division headquarters.


IAD felt an administrative post

might be a better fit for her.

For a liar?

IAD lacked the sufficient
amount of confidence needed

to disprove her claim, so
they wanted to move quickly

to have this go away.

Great! You know what? Make
her the Queen of England,

I don't care.

Are we done?


Because of Chief Rutkowski's
rather incendiary statement,

the I.G. has sustained Tara's allegations.

They're kicking the case up

to the State's Attorney's office.

- Meaning what?
- Meaning they will review it.

And if they feel there's a
case, they'll file charges.

Criminal charges.

You need to get an attorney, Kelly.

You need to be ready.

Listen... this is not coming from me.

But it was put out there
that if you did apologize

for what she's claiming,

it might go a long way towards...

I walked her to the door.

We're gonna fight this.

We're gonna be all right.

I don't trust anyone in
this world other than you.

Hey, buddy. We heard.

No one can believe it.

Look, we're doing our soft opening tonight.

Maybe you want to come down,

tie one on, be around your friends.

I'm not up for it.

- No. Of course. All right.
- Hang in there, man.

- This is it, you guys.
- Ready or not.

I got jitters, I ain't gonna lie.

This is probably, like,
the craziest, riskiest,

insanest thing any of us has ever done.

And for Herrmann, that's saying something.


But if nothing else, I have had so much fun

spending all those days
off and all the wee hours

building Molly's with you guys.

And I know that you guys
have heart because I saw it

when you put it in the business,
and I just want you to know

that I consider you guys family.

You're my brothers.

Wow. You're beautiful.

I know it's been a tough
couple of shifts for everybody.

But that is why this place
is gonna rock tonight.

Because we're gonna put aside our worries,

and we're just gonna have a good time.

- Amen.
- Amen.

- Amen.
- To Molly's.

To Molly's.

Does it sound like we're saying, "tamales"?

What... who cares? This
place is gonna rock!

I hope so, 'cause I'm a little concerned

about the number of hits
we're getting on Facebook.

- Oh, my gosh.
- Not as much traffic as I want.

Not to mention...

Will you please celebrate
the moment, for God's sake.

To Molly's.

Come on, another one.
All right, another one.

- Throw it out!
- Unh! Unh!

Come on! Come on.

- Come on, man.
- [Grunting]

[Labored breathing]

- Are you guys good?
- We're great!

All right.

[Chatter, laughter]

- Who is this guy?
- That's my Uncle Zoozie!

Hey, so I cannot stop thinking
about Tara being promoted?

Oh, she is a bureau bitch
now. We're never gonna see her.

Oh, if I do, I'm gonna drop her.

Not joking.

- Good to see ya.
- Thanks.

- [Clears throat]
- When did that happen?

Good for them.

[Sighs] Oh, yeah...

Cop walks into a bar.

[Chatter dies]

Wow. It's a nice place.




Listen, there's been a lot of bad blood

between cops and firemen in this district.

Since we're all gonna be working together,

I want to be the first
to put it all behind us.

This round's on me.

So what was that about?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

- What?
- He was promoted to Sergeant,

and he's running the Intelligence Unit.

You're in the Intelligence Unit.

Don't I know it.

I want to apologize. To you both.

It got way out of hand.

You know, as it turns out

my son needed to hit rock bottom.

Prison has certainly provided that.

I just want to say I'm sorry.

And I am looking forward to
working with you, Lieutenant.