Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Better to Lie - full transcript

After her break-up, Shay decides she wants to have a baby by herself. Gabby, Herrmann and Otis track down the owner of the box they found in the safe. At the scene of an accident, Peter ...

Get down!

Previously on Chicago Fire...

We all lost Darden,
and that ain't changing.

14 years at this station,
and it all fits into a box.

Andy loved being a firefighter.

It was our dream since we were kids.

You sure it wasn't just your dream?

Peter's got this whole idea

of living up to his father's memory.

That is not the life I want for him.

Stephanides didn't say
anything about a safe.

We didn't buy that bar hoping
to find buried treasure.

Yeah, we're gonna open the safe.

We never should have opened this.

I know I wasn't there for
you like I could have been,

and I'm in no position to give you advice,

but there is no replacing rescue squad.

Am I getting in the way of you and Casey?

I'm only seeing you. I only wanna see you.

Daniel offered us split custody

if I move to New York with the baby.

- Just stand up to him.
- I'm gonna go to New York.

[Vacuum shuts off]

Did I wake you?


Sorry! I just wanna get the place clean.

Look, my dad's only coming for a few days.

He won't care about the carpet.

[Groans] Is that this week?


Oh, the bags. I just, I...

everywhere I look, I see Clarice,

and I just want to get it out

so I can move on or whatever.

All right, listen, I'll
get it down to the dumpster

when I get back up, okay?

And I'll get that to Goodwill.

No, no, no, that stays.



I want to have a baby.

Look, Clarice ripping my
heart out for a second time

was, you know... devastating,

but when I held Wesley in
my arms for the first time,

I never felt so much purpose

or so connected

to anyone ever...

and it's really expensive,

but I'll figure it out.

I'll work extra shifts,
or, you know, whatever.

Shay, you don't need to be
making any decisions right now.

I've made the decision.

I'm gonna have a baby.

- Hey, dad.
- Hey, Kelly.


Seeing you here is... I don't know.

I'm humbled, and...

very proud.

I'm cursed.

Herrmann, this contract,
if you wanna call it that,

is ancient.

Doesn't matter.

It states right there that Stephanides

and whoever the hell that
this Clifford Baylor is

held a 50-50 stake in our bar.

It's handwritten.

It might've been just a rough draft

that wasn't probably executed.

It's not even dated.

Should've never opened the safe.

Shut it, Mouch.

- Oh, my God.
- What?

[Laughs] Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God, oh, my God.
- What, what?

What the hell is it?


You think it's okay to open it?

Think we're down the road on this one.

- Yeah.
- Dawson, please, don't.

It is a gateway to hell, I'm telling you.

Besides, it's not even rightfully ours.

Possession is 9/10ths of the law.

Shut it, Mouch.

I'm opening it.

Smoke eater in the house!

- Nice meeting you.
- Candidate, front and center.

You don't let a smoke
eater hump his own bags.

Hey. [Groans]

- Peter Mills.
- Bennie Severide.


Yeah, yeah, I got it.

Okay, well, welcome.

Thank you.


It's good seeing you.

Here for the Academy dinner, I take it?

Yeah, among other things.

- You going?
- Giving the opening speech.


Well, you always were
good at telling stories.


How long you in town for, Bennie?

A week or so.


Hope it's not an inconvenience
my hanging out here.

Not at all.

[Beeping alarm]

Truck 81, Squad 3, Aambulance 61.

- Multiple injuries.
- Hey, new candidate.

- Is that Henry Mills' kid?
- Yeah.

Come on. Ride along.

[Sirens wail]

[Horn blasts]

[Siren whoops, vehicle radio chatter]

What happened?

Dude flipped out on the dj

and threw these smoking cans.

People are trapped in there!

Battalion 25, give me an ems plan one

and a level one Hazmat.

Mask up. It's game time.

- I'll bet it's orbital.
- What is that,

- some kind of drug?
- No, it's a underground rave.

They break into abandoned
warehouses each week,

and by the time the cops show up,

they're usually long gone.


[Indistinct screaming] Help me!

They're in there too tight!

Then we pull them out from the back.

Help me, please!

Hey, hey, don't move!
We're coming to get you!

Cruz, Mills, assist Severide!

Everyone else with me.

Mills, get me a 35-foot ladder.

Got it.

[Bangs on door]


Get everyone in the room
evacuated through the back.

We'll handle the entrance.

Help! [Sobs]

Hang on! I'm coming!


[Loud techno music playing, people wailing]

All right, let's pull people from the top

and get them out the back. Let's go.

- Take the stairs!
- [Crying]

Oh, I'm gonna fall!

Ladder's almost here. Just hang on.

Stop pushing! The rear exit is clear.

Keep going up. This way, this way.

- Everybody out the back.
- Get up there!

Try and get a good hold on that windowsill.

Hang on, hang on. I got you.



Here we go. I got you.

Go! Take it upstairs.


This is Casey.

Cancel the Hazmat. It's pepper spray.

You all right?

Come on, let's go!

What's going on with you?

Yeah, sorry.

It's just...

seeing everybody hustling into a building,

not knowing what to expect,

that rush,

and, then, remembering all the guys

that never came out.

I don't know.

For some reason, it just got me thinking

about all the brothers I lost on the job.

Well, you got a key to the place.

Why don't you hang out there
until I finish the shift?

No, no, no, I'm good, I'm good.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm good, thanks.

[House alarm bloops]

[Over P.A.] Casey, you
got a visitor up front.



I didn't know you'd be coming by.


- everything okay?
- Yeah.

- The kids?
- They're doing good.

We're starting to find our rhythm again.


- You look great.
- [Laughs] Thank you.

Why don't you come in
and grab a cup of coffee,

say hi to everybody?

I actually just wanted to...


I got this invitation
to the Academy dinner.

Best party all year.

Everyone would love to see you.


This is gonna sound really insensitive,

but I'm over being the grieving widow.

I wanna put it behind me, but every time

I walk into a room alone,
I'm swarmed with condolences,

which doesn't exactly help.

Would it be a big imposition

if I just tagged along with you and Hallie?

Oh, I thought you knew.

Me and Hallie broke it
off a couple months ago.

Oh, God.

Matt, I'm sorry.

No, it's fine.

Come anyway. A bunch of us are going.

We'll hang out.

It'll be fun.

[Sighs] Okay.

The sperm donors with college degrees

I organized under this
yellow tab right here.

If their majors were lame, I
put them under the blue one,

and there's a lot.

I just need your input here. Check it out.

Okay, yeah, yeah, sure.

I'm still just digesting all the news.

Well, you look like you're
gonna hork it back up.

No, hey, I'm happy. I am.

I'm happy for you. I'm just...

are you sure this is the
right time for a baby?

Dawson, I'm asking for your
opinion on sperm donors,

not your permission to reproduce,

'cause that's happening.


Are we opening the box or what?


Wow, that's cool.

- A war medal?
- Silver Star.

Third-highest military
decoration for valor.

Of course.

"For gallantry in action, Clifford Baylor."

We gotta find this
Clifford Baylor, Herrmann,

get this back to him.


[Newscast on television]

You feeding an army?

- [Exhales]
- Hey.

What's going on?


Being a complete five-year-old.

What do you mean?

What's going on?

Severide being able to have
his dad come to the house.


Your dad would be so proud.

[Footsteps approach]


[Door closes]

How's this for irony, huh?

Yeah, life's full of them, I guess.

Listen, just so I got my story straight

in case the subject comes up,

what version is the Mills kid
dealing with about his dad?

He's living with the truth.
His father died a hero.

Don't insult me, Wallace.

Look, Bennie, I respect you.

You had a hell of a career,

and you can believe what you want,

but the subject of how Henry Mills died...

that isn't gonna come up
unless you bring it up.

I'm just here to spend time with my kid.

Then do that.

- Did Heather come by?
- Yeah, she, uh...

this whole Academy dinner thing,

she wanted to tag along with me and Hallie.

You're back with Hallie?

No, no, no.

So I told her she should
come along anyway, right?

Yeah, it's good you're doing that.

Yeah. And listen, after Andy,

I know she took her frustration out on you.

That wasn't right.

Well... she needed time. We all did.

[Dishes clatter]

It'll be really good to see her.

Hey, Shay, you eatin'?

No. No thanks.

I'm not gonna eat that stuff anymore.

You on a diet? 'Cause that...

That's intervention time, honey.

Okay, okay, fine.

[Clears throat] I have
an announcement to make,

"A", because I'm completely
proud of this decision,

and "B" to avoid
everybody here from acting

like a bunch of gossipy
bitches behind my back.

Uh, I'm gonna be artificially inseminated

and hopefully have a baby.

So I need to eat healthily,

and, yes, I'm going to
be eating mostly fruits

and vegetables and organic lean meats,

and avoiding such things

like the sausage turbo
cheddar scramble and the like.

And now I'm going to browse
through potential sperm donors,

which was something I was hiding...

I don't feel the need to anymore...

and continue to look for
the perfect applicant.

All right, so listen,

we still need a name for our bar.

I think that's great.

Thanks, Casey.

All right, this baby thing,

she's just overreacting, right?

You remember when Clarice first dumped her?

- The dragon tattoo thing?
- Yeah.

We watched for an hour while
the guy traced that pattern

all down her side before she backed out.

Yeah, but this seems different.

She seems, like... serious.

So she has a kid.

So what?



Are you kidding me? Right now?

So Stephanides called back, right?

Turns out he and Cliff did, in
fact, go into business together.

However, the two of them
had a nasty falling out.

- That's it?
- Well, here's the kicker.

Stephanides said he hasn't
seen or heard from the guy

in over 40 years, so chances
are he's not interested,

or, you know, dead.

That's good enough for me, pal!

All right, let's find Cliff or his family,

let's mail that metal out,

and let's open up our bar!

- Both: Hey.
- [Chuckles]

Hey, so my mom gets invited

to the Academy dinner every year,

and she usually brings me and my sister,

but elise can't go, so
there's an extra ticket.

Wanted to see if you wanted to go,

be my date.

Uh, yeah, I'd love to.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.


Mills, why are we meeting out by the trash?

'Cause that's our deal at work, right?

Yeah, I mean, I know, but...

Do you still want it to be our deal?

Do you?


So maybe we just come out as a couple.

- Hell yeah.
- Yeah?

You wanna do it at the Academy dinner?


You know some jaws are gonna drop.

Oh, let them. [Beeping alarm]

Ambulance 61, person in distress.

[Sighs] So close.


It was like a sudden
flash of pain in my head.

Next thing I know, I'm blind.

It took me five tries to dial 911.

Yeah, you probably just
took a good bump to the head.

Concussions can cause temporary blindness.

But how did I get a concussion?

I was... I was just sitting here.

Wait a second.

- Ow, ow.
- Hold still.


The bleeding's not coming from the bump.

That's a bullet.


All right, Dave, do you
have any firearms around here

that we need to know about?
No, I don't have any guns.

Dave, did you try to harm yourself?

What? No!

You've just been shot
in the head, all right?

All right, sweetie, let's get you up.



[Muffled arguing coming from below]

Let's get him up.

Need a medic. I got another gunshot wound.

- Go. I'll call go for another ambulance.
- Okay.

Where are you going?

This is my house.

We're out here every couple
weeks on domestic calls.

It's only a matter of time.

Stop! Let me go!

Here, put these on.


His thoracic cavity is taking in air.

Here, take this. Put it over the hole.

We need to keep air from
getting into his chest.


Okay, good. We have a seal.


[Exhales] Damn it, he's got a pneumothorax.

It means his lung's collapsing.

Move back. There might be spray.

[Air hisses]

What do we got?

Single bullet wound
that went into a pneumo.

We had to decompress. He's all yours.

[Baby crying]

Hi, baby.




Hey, hey.

Oh, it's okay, baby.

Hey, if you're all done here, we gotta...

[Cooing to baby]

[Baby crying]

Unh! Let me go!

Don't you take my baby!

That's my baby!

That's my baby!

Don't you take my baby!

[Sighs] You know what?

I think I prefer day sex for some reason.


Hey. What's up?

I went to the Academy this morning.

Um, looked through some old files

and found out that Severide's dad,

my dad, and Chief Boden
all were in the same house

when my dad...

when he died.

Now, isn't it weird that
no one would tell me that?

- Did you ask Cchief?
- Yeah, twice.

Both times, he just smiles,

nods all serious-like, and
says, "your dad was a hero.

Your dad was a hero."

He pats my shoulder and walks away.

Maybe it's just hard for him to relive.


Yeah, maybe.

What does your mom say?

[Scoffs] Nothing.

She doesn't want to talk about it.



Bennie Severide's in town?

Yeah, that's right.

And he's hanging out at 51?

He has a son who's a
Lieutenant at the station,

so... yeah.

Is he gonna be

at the Academy dinner tomorrow night?

I believe so, yeah.

I don't want that old fool

saying anything that would hurt Peter.

And I have a magical mute button

that can stop people from talking.

Try and find a way.

You owe me that at least.

I should've known.

Ingrid, the day I stopped worrying

about what people were gonna
say or what they were gonna do

was the day I became a happier man

and a much better Chief.

Do you really not care if it all comes out?

Ingrid, I have a speech to write.

I'll see you at the dinner.

So... lesbian, huh?

Pop, what the hell?

[Laughs] Yes, sir, I am.

You guys have come a long way,

what, with marriage rights and the like.

Mm-hmm, we sure have.

- Tough growing up?
- Um, no.

I mean, two big obstacles growing up gay

are confusion and lack of acceptance,

and I was lucky I didn't
suffer in either department.


Um, yeah.

Divorced, but both on board, really cool.

- Well, that's great.
- You good?

I mean, you got everything you need?

When are you gonna get Kelly a good woman?

Can I just make a sandwich here?

Hey, my buddy at Station 48,

he's gonna be at the Academy dinner,

and he's got a daughter your age...

very, very sweet gal.

I'll introduce you.

- Oh, nice.
- You're coming as my date.

- What? No.
- You're coming. Yes.

'Cause I'm not dealing with this.

Dude, I'll be a boring date.

- I'm not drinking until...
- Great, that's even better.

You can drive home. [Sighs]

- Perfect.
- Oh, whatever.


Hey, I'm glad you're here.

Well, I'm glad to be here.

And, like I said, I'm
gonna make more of an effort

to come down and spend time with you.

Yeah, sounds good.

This Mills kid...

does he got plans on
moving to Squad one day?

Yeah, last I heard.

Vet him first.

Make sure he's got what it takes

before you go in a
burning building with him

covering your back.

Anything I need to know?

I said what I said.

Just vet him.

[Siren wails]

[Fire truck honks]

Looks like our driver took off.

My legs are stuck. I can't get out.

Capp, Hadley, get the spreaders.

The driver, did you see which way he went?

Well, he tried to avoid that bike.

- What, a motorcycle?
- No, a... a bike messenger.

He came out of nowhere. We swerved, but...

Hey, is he okay?

Yeah, I think you missed him.

Listen, just hang tight while we try

to get you out of there, okay, buddy?

I found the biker!

Okay, Cruz, Mouch,

let's get cribbing set
up on the driver's side.

Herrmann, air bags.


Grab a jump bag. Track down the driver.


This much blood, he's gotta be close.

Hey, hey, please, don't jump.

Leave me alone.

You're losing a lot of blood, okay?

I can help.

Wait, wait, okay. What's the problem?

What's going on, man?

You know why.

I don't.

Seriously, tell me.

I killed that guy back there.

No, he's alert and stable,

movement through his extremities.

He was crushed.

I called out to him.

He was unconscious, and
then, he went into shock.


Okay, a couple weeks ago,

we pulled a kid out of the lake

basically frozen solid, all right?

We brought him back to
life ten minutes later.

Sometimes, the body, it shuts down

and it needs to re-boot.

You'll say anything to get me off of here.

I'm not a crisis negotiator guy.

I'm a paramedic.

I came here to check on
your arm and help out.

If you're thinking of killing yourself

because you think you killed somebody,

I'm sorry, you're working off bad intel.

Hey, Lieutenant.

Bike messenger guy, can
you give him an update?

He won't believe me.

Broken right femur,

a couple broken ribs.

Apart from that, he's gonna be fine.

What did I tell you?

Promise me you're not lying.

I promise.


All right.

Got 'em.

Okay, we got him.

[Breathes heavily]

I figured it was better to lie to him

and get him down,

and he could get over it later.

You figured right.

Come on.

There's talking somebody off the ledge,

and then, there is talking
somebody off the ledge.

- He wasn't gonna jump.
- Oh, look at you, all modest.


All right, yeah, it was pretty cool.


Look, I don't know that I'm gonna be able

to wait until the Academy
dinner to come out as a couple.

Then don't.

Uh, don't mean to interrupt.

Just wanted to get through.

Sorry, yeah. Uh.

Sorry. Appreciate it.

- [Sighs]
- [Exhales]

Oh, hey, Dawson.

We need to speak to you
in the briefing room.



What's up?

- Is Mills okay?
- Yeah, why?

Well, you were giving him a
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,

and I didn't know if... [Laughs]


You weren't supposed to say anything, man.

- Who cares?
- I do.

I told you to keep your big mouth shut.

Ah, who cares, man? You're shocked?

Is that why you guys
called me in here, or what?



We found Clifford Baylor's address.

He's in a retirement home in Elgin,

so we figured we'd drop the
medal in the mail, and...

[Pops lips] done with it.

Drop the what in the what? No.

What do you mean "no"?

I mean, we're gonna make
the one-hour drive to Elgin,

we're gonna hand Baylor
his war medal in person,

like he deserves,

and then, we'll make sure
that he wasn't screwed

by Stephanides on the bar deal.

Stephanides is sure...

Stephanides was paying hush money

to that building inspector.


So I think we can all
agree that Stephanides

is a little... slippery.

Okay, look, new deal.

We go to the old folks' home after shift,

and if Baylor is still alive and coherent,

we give him the medal.

Then we bring up the
legally unrecognized document

that we found,

and if he makes no claims

and everything is hunky-dory,

then, kuh-ping, we're out of there

like ricochet rabbit, got it?

Got it.

Hey, Lieutenant.

- Hey.
- Hi.

I heard you did some
nice work at the bridge.

Oh, you know, thanks.

Um, hey, is your dad gonna
come back to the house at all?

Uh, I'm not sure.

If he isn't,

do you think he'd mind going
to grab a beer or something?

I don't know his schedule, so.


He worked with my dad,

and I just wanted to hear, you know?

I need to know how my dad died.

I've spent my whole life wondering.

These places give me the creeps.

No, this one ain't so bad.

What? No way, man.

When my time comes,
I'm going eskimo-style.

Put me on an iceberg, give it a shove,

and bon voyage.

[Music over tv]


[Mutes tv]

Mr. Baylor.

My name is Gabriela Dawson.

This is Christopher
Herrmann and Brian Zvonecek.

Both: Sir.

We recently purchased a
bar from Spiro Stephanides.

Okay, sure.


In the bar were some personal affects.

Oh, my goodness.

Korean war, sir?


I lost a lot of friends there.

Thank you.

Thank you for bringing this to me.

Sir, there was also a note
along with the personal affects

regarding an ownership stake in the bar.

We didn't know if this
had been resolved or not,

but we're honorable people,

and if you feel that you've
been cheated or anything,

we'll be happy to work something out.



Spiro got the bar.

I got the girl.

We were married 40 years.

Spiro didn't think we'd last a day.


Oh, the bar is yours.

Have a drink on me.

That's... that's very kind of you, sir.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, sir.

Clear conscience. Done deal.

Kuh-ping! We're outta here!

Dawson, don't. Come on.

Whatever it is, we're
walking down the hallway

and out the door.


What was your wife's name?

All right, let's get the
other hoof up here, partner.

- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.


What the hell's going on?


you're really gonna call it "Molly's"?


If that's okay with you.



- Thanks.
- [Laughs]

- Come on, just one sip.
- Hey! Whoa!

Oh, you suck. Really?

Gotta get your oven
ready for that bun, baby.


Hey, listen, thanks for backing me up.

I mean it.

Come on. You're my girl.

You know that.


- Hey!
- Hey, guys.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- Hey, Heather.
- Hey, Kelly.

It's good to see you.

I'm really glad you could come.

[Exhales] Yeah, me too.

I mean that.

- Drink?
- Yes.


- [Laughs]
- All right.

When's the last time you
heard anybody say that?

Mm-hmm. David's out.

[Indistinct chatter]

Hey, ma, you remember Bennie Severide?

He and dad worked together.

Yeah, I know.

Looking sharp, Lieutenant.

You too.

Treat her right.

I will.

I would like to thank
everyone for coming out tonight

to support the Academy's scholarship fund.


When I look around this room,

I think of the importance
that this institution

has had on each and every firefighter here.

The discipline, the tradition,

it's what ties us all together,

the young and the well-seasoned alike,

and I'm very well-seasoned, so...


This was made clear the other day

when I watched a young candidate's
bold actions save a life,

and he's sitting right there.

He's Peter Mills.

Now, for me, it was like
looking back 20 years

to the same candidate's father, Henry,

a firefighter who I served with

and who selflessly gave his
life in the line of duty.

This father and son,

they attended the Academy many years apart,

but, somehow, they shared the same capacity

for exceptional heroism.

Truth is...

every soul who knocks
on those Academy doors

asking to serve,

they're already heroes

because they were born that way.

When we are gone,

they will be the ones
left holding the torch,

assuring that, for generations to come,

the CFD Academy will be the stalwart

and the bedrock of this department

and this great city.


Mom. You okay?

Yeah. [Sniffles and sighs]

Hi. Oh, I'm Gabriela
Dawson, and I actually...

So, Bennie, you proud of yourself?

Oh, you know, I guess I'm at an age

where I don't want to
listen to fairy tales.

Yeah, well, you take
care of yourself, Bennie.

You know, what I can't reconcile

after all this time is
how you can still play up

your Saint Boden act about Henry

when you're part of the reason
he never made it out of there.

Henry was trying to prove
himself to you that night,

and he took unnecessary
risks because of it.

- He was doing his job.
- My ass!

He was trying to prove himself

to the guy who slept with his wife.

Yeah. I knew.

Henry told me.

Bennie, you should walk away from me,

right now, before I lay you out.

You got it...


[Laughs] That was... so fun.

Thank you so much.

I'm glad you had a good time, Heather.

It was great seeing you.

You have always been there for me, Matt,

and I can't even tell
you what that means to me.

It's my pleasure.

Good night.


Oh, man.