Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Viral - full transcript

To make up for the crushing feeling of guilt, Cruz becomes overzealous at work, to the point where he puts a colleague's life at risk. Otis, Herrmann and Gabby find a hidden safe in their bar. Kelly finally confronts Renee Whaley. Casey meets with his sister to decide what to do about their mother, who has been acting quite recklessly. Meanwhile, Leslie struggles to prove she could be a fit mother to Clarice's baby, but to make matters worse, a homeless man sticks her with a needle, possibly exposing her to HIV.

- Gunshot wounds
to the abdomen and left chest.

- Previously
on chicago fire...

There is one cop
who could have helped out.

- Don't even think
about it.

- This conversation
becomes about favors.

- Sometimes you gotta dance
with the devil.

- Voight tried
to take me out.

- You know,
daniel's planning on using

The fact
that I was on antidepressants

As proof
that I'm mentally unstable.

- Screw daniel.

- You got two weeks
to find a new place.

- What?

Where am I gonna live?
Where am I gonna go?

- I got no right
to ask this,