Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - A Little Taste - full transcript

One month later, Severide returns to the station after a full recovery, only to find out that the person who filled in for him is his ex-fiancée's brother. Otis reconsiders his decision to transfer. Herrmann, Gabby and him buy a bar. Casey's mother is released on parole and moves in with her son. Gabby sends a text to the wrong person. Clarice goes in labor. Also, there's a spike in heroin overdoses and Gabby's brother Antonio is determined to go after the guys who are behind it, no matter what it costs him.

[siren wails]

Look out!

Previously on
"Chicago Fire"

They granted her parole.

There is one condition.

She has
to move in with me.

- Your place, ten minutes?
- You're on.

- I moved out.
- What?

I told Daniel
it wasn't gonna work.

Stay with me.

Recovery time could be
four weeks instead of one year.

How come I didn't hear about
this from my other surgeon?

It's experimental.

There are real risks here,
including partial paralysis.

Disappoint everyone,

but don't ever
disappoint yourself.

You want to stay.

I can't go with you.

[dramatic music]

Fold your arms
behind your back...

Lifting your hands
as high as they'll go.

And extend
your arms forward.

Bend your elbows.

Press up against my hands.

Ah, thank you, Lieutenant.

Be right back.

[toaster pops]

[door closes]



Full duty
starting next shift!

- [Leslie gasps]
- [Kelly] Bang!


- Pretty great, huh?
- Yes, so great.

So happy for you.

Thank you.

Uh, hey, just a heads-up.

Eric Whaley's still there.

I got no beef with him.

How's the little one?


Yeah. I mean, things
are working out surprisingly well,

considering Clarice
is in the bathroom

every ten minutes.

Severide is just... He's been
totally cool since she moved in.

That's nice of him.

I mean, going up and down
that spiral staircase

with a baby,
that's gonna suck.

But we should probably just
leave him up there

until he
can walk down himself.

Um, I get that you're not
a huge fan of Clarice,

but we're a couple now,
and I'm looking

to basically be a stepmom.

So I need your support.

I'm sleeping with Mills.

I knew it!

You skank.

You kept it from me
this whole time?

We agreed to keep it
cool at work, so...

Does Casey know?

I don't think so.

- Are you gonna tell him?
- Do you think I should?

So you're over him?

Look, he zigged,
I zagged.

Wasn't meant to be.

How's the sex with Mills?


I... I really like him,

but it's not just
a physical thing.

So let's just say
he's very...


But here's the problem.

He wants me to meet his mom,
and I'm... I'm just not there yet.

What would you do?

Detail-oriented, huh?

[station alert]

[over P.A.] Ambulance 61, truck 81,
squad 3.

[overlapping chatter]

Driver fled the scene,
but the passenger's pinned

in there pretty good.

Door's jammed.
We gotta cut her out.

Cruz, Otis, be prepared
to assist squad with the pin in.

Are you hurt anywhere?

It's okay.

All right, sweetie, this is
gonna go around your neck.

Can you tell us your name?


Oh, yeah?
You working tonight?

A little.

And you were in my dreams.


Whoa! Hey, hey, hey!
Come here, sweetie.

Hon, what did you take,

Dawson, track marks.

Hey, Casey,
how long till we get in there?

Five, maybe ten.
Let's go!

Capp, be ready
with the spreaders!

Hadley, we need the ram
for a dash roll!

Got it!

[metal whines]

[clanging and squeaking]

[radio chatter indistinctly]

[whirring and shattering]


All right.

[shattering and clanging]

All right.

- Okay, good.
- Good?

All right, guys,
watch her head.

- Try to keep her steady.
- Okay, good.

She's gonna arrest.

We gotta get her
to the hospital now.

Let's get her up.
Let go of the handle.

There you go.

I'm barely getting a pulse
on her.

Fifth heroin O.D.
this week.

What the hell's going on?

Chicago Fire S01E14
"A Little Taste"

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio

Yeah, I asked Nancy
what was on her bucket list

once she got out.

She didn't get
the reference.

You forget how closed off
these prisoners are

In terms of movies

and popular culture
and stuff.

Little things
that we take for granted.

I'm just gonna give
my congratulations,

and then I'll let you two
have your time together.

Sounds good.


Can't believe
this is really happening.


Thank you.

I'll drop by
once you get all settled.



All right, mom.

- Oh, boy.
- Is that him?

[all cheer and applaud]

Hey, buddy.

Welcome back.


Welcome back.
About damn time.

Thanks, Chief.

And the neck's 100%,

Yeah, you wanna spar
a few rounds

after shift and find out?

- No, I'm good.
- Hey, this is, uh, Pouch.

The best damn thing
to ever happen to this house.

Otis is transferring.

What? Come on.

It's like I'm being rocketed
into space.

I'm going over
to Morningside.

Kelly, your relief Lieutenant,
Eric Whaley.

It's been a while.


You two know each other?

Yeah, I was, uh...

engaged to Eric's sister.

Ah, got it.

The original Renee?

There was a second one?

Well, now that you're back,
Whaley will move over

to engine
and relieve Jeff Turner

for the next few shifts.

Okay, everyone, listen up.

Some of you may know
Gabby's brother,

Detective Antonio Dawson.

He has some information
from C.P.D. for us.

Thanks, Chief.

Last few weeks, I've seen
a spike in fatal overdoses.

M.E.'s office
has connected

at least a dozen deaths
to a toxic batch of heroin.

Now be aware,
it's laced with fentanyl

and in most cases
does not respond

to the normal protocol
of naloxone.

We are now approaching
each overdose

as a potential homicide.

[station alert]

[over P.A.] Truck 81, squad 3,
engine 51, ambulance 61.

Structure fire.


You're on the front lines
on this thing.

Yeah, I'll look into it.

See, that's exactly
what I don't want you to do.

The crew that's pushing
this bad dope...

They don't mess around.

As opposed to all those
amicable drug dealers out there?

I'm serious.

Be careful.
Don't go Gabby on this.

Hey, you look like hell.

Good morning to you too.

[sirens blaring]

[radio chatter]

Looks like the fire's
in the back,

probably where the kitchen is.

Truck, get inside, open up
the windows and the exits.

Give me a primary search.

Engine, get an attack line
in the front.

Herrmann, Mills,
open up the back.

Otis, secure the utilities.

Mouch, Cruz...
Where's Cruz?

Cruz, put your mask on!

There's somebody in here!

All right,
we'll find him!

Fire department!
Is there anybody in here?


Fire's in the exhaust system.

We gotta get
that aerial up to the roof.

Herrmann, Mills,
get that ladder set.

Just get me a line up there.


give me a progress report.

Primary search
of the kitchen negative!

Let's cut a vent.

- Hey, he's over here!
- Okay, let's clear a path.

[saw buzzing]

Grab the end.

All right, that's good!

We got you.

[saw buzzes]

Keep feeding me line!

Vent's open.

Send the water!

Push him
all the way up.

Board-up crews.

Why do they always
look like gangsters?

Because they are.

Do you have any idea
what these contracts are worth?


Hey, it's not as bad
as it looks, old-timer.

Kitchen ceiling is gonna need
some patching up,

but other than that,
it's just a lot of smoke damage.

It's a sign to finally
get my ass to Florida.

Wanna buy a bar?



So you a fireman
or a kamikaze pilot now?

Saved the old man, fire's out.
That's all that matters.

It matters
if you get yourself killed.

[siren blares]


Look, man, when
the whole thing went down,

you and I are weren't talking,
obviously, and...

I never got a chance
to apologize.

I really am sorry
for what happened.

We used to be friends once,

I'm only here
a couple more shifts.

[engine hums]

So how is your neck?


You'd tell me
if it wasn't, right?

Wouldn't be here
if it wasn't.

Yeah, right.

Otis, Casey, my office.

Otis, your transfer
just came through.

You report to Morningside
next shift.

Oh, wow.

So it's official?

Only if you
want it to be.

Look, we know
you made this decision

based off of one shift there,
but you have had a month

to think about it.

We want to give you
an opportunity to...

I'm ready to go, Chief.


we do a lot of ball-breaking
in this house.

It's not
that we don't appreciate you,

but if anybody
ever crossed the line...

It's not personal,

a smaller house.

I'll have
a better chance

of getting
off elevators sooner,

and they'll let me drive.

They'll be lucky
to have you.

Thanks, Chief.

Good luck, Brian.

[chuckles] Lieutenant.


what are you doing here?

I need to talk
real quick.


Wait, wait,
wait, wait.


This ought to be good.

If anyone calls you
asking if we went

to a movie last night,
the answer is yes.

This heroin thing

is starting
to blow up a little bit,

and I'm damn close
to making some busts.


The thing is,

the guys over in narcotics,

they get real territorial,

and they don't want
a guy from vice

taking collars from them.

So I told a little white lie
to my boss

'cause I wasn't where I
was supposed to be last night,

and I said that you and I...

Can you just say yes
if anyone asks?

Why do I feel like
I'm not getting the whole story?

Because you're not
getting the whole story.

I'm working a case.

Will you cover for me,


Of course you will.
Thank you.

Hey, I just did a little recon
on that bar owner.

You're not actually
thinking of buying it?

Me alone? No.

But would I be willing
to be a part of a consortium?


All right, first of all,
that guy was as old as dirt.

Second of all,
he did a faceplant off a ladder.

I doubt he even recollects
making an offer to sell.

You heard him.
He wants to get his ass to Florida.

He's gonna sell that place.

It's in
an up-and-coming neighborhood,

he owns the property,

and he's got
the brass ring...

A liquor license.

There's the worm.

It's right there.

Who's gonna be
the early bird?

Why not us?

I'm telling you, if this place
hits the open market,

some hipster douche bags
are gonna swoop in

and print money.


[all laugh]

No vision in this house.



[all laugh]

So, um,
who was this new Renee?

I'm curious.

I apologized.

I offered
to put it past us.

If that's not something
that you're up for

and you'd rather keep it
frosty till you leave,

I can do that too.

What are you
apologizing for?

For dumping her two days
before the wedding

or for what happened after?

You're not
in full possession

of all the facts here, Eric.

Then enlighten me, Kelly.

That's what I thought.

You were a coward then,

and you're a coward now.

Before this goes
any further south,

why don't you walk away?

Or what?

Excuse me?

Is Matthew Casey here?

Yeah, he's right this way.

How'd you get here?

I took the bus.

What's going on?

Just wanted to see
where my son works.

This is where I work.

Well, are you embarrassed
that I'm here?

No, of course not.

Well, then can I get a tour?

Yeah. Uh...


- You saw the truck.
- This is your truck?

- Yeah.
- Wow.

And... Oh, this is Peter,
behind you, mom.

This is Peter Mills,

our candidate.
This is my mom.

- Oh, hey.
- Hi.

Oh. [laughs]

You have got
a great son.

That's very kind
of you to say.

Oh. May I?

Oh, yes.
Please help yourself.

Thank you.

Oh, this is,
uh, Gabriela Dawson.


You... You were
at my hearing?

Yes, that's right.

Oh, thank you so much.

That just...
That meant the world to me,

and I'm sure it did
to Matthew as well.

Oh, ma'am, it was...

it was my pleasure,
and, uh...

congratulations for...

Well, you know,
getting out of... You know.


Yep, prison.

The big house.
The big house... is...

They even call it
the big house anymore?

- Probably not, I'm guessing.
- Ohh.

She's adorable!

She's an absolute joy.

Forget Hallie,
this is the kind of woman

I've always envisioned
you being with.

[nervous laugh]

[water running]

You given any more thought
to dinner on Sunday?

I g... I just gotta tell my mom
if you're coming.

Yeah, sorry.

Dispatch has been
pounding us with runs.

47's out of service,
so we've just been slammed.

And, um, my cousin might actually
be staying with me that week.

Are you nervous
about dinner?

Not at all.

I mean, I'm the one
who extended the invitation,


- Yeah.
- Right.

- Of course. No, I just, uh...
- Am I getting in the way of you and Casey?

Absolutely not.

He's just a friend.
I'm only seeing you.

I only wanna see you.

I just wanna make sure
we're not

moving too quickly
or anything.

[door slams]

Text me.
Let me know.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Why don't you
tell Whaley what happened?

[sighs] What difference
would it make?

He'd get off your ass,
for one.

if I was gonna say anything,

I would have
said something then.

Maybe he needs to know.

You think I'm in a big hurry
to revisit the whole thing?

It's over.
It's done.

He can say what he wants.
I don't care.

Lieutenant, I gotta
talk to you about Cruz.

- What about him?
- He's been acting a little off.

You notice that as well?

I figured
it was a private matter.

Yeah, and I keep asking him
to tell me what it is,

but he won't open up.

Then stop asking him
about it, Mouch.

[station alert]

[over P.A.] Ambulance 61.
Person in distress.

Wallingford Motel.

[siren blares]

So why are you guys
keeping it on the sly?

It started out
being what I wanted,

but then Boden
called him on the carpet,

gave him some vague B.S.
about putting the time in

to "master your craft."

And Mills really took it to heart.

I don't know, if I dug someone
as much as you dig him,

I wouldn't be able to hide it, especially working
together 24 hours a day, side by side.

Are you trying
to make me feel worse?

[chuckles] Dawson, for someone

who's such a mad woman
on the job,

you are so timid
in your personal life.

I mean, take some risks,
have some fun.

You know what,
thank you.

Excellent point, which you
have made before, granted.

But I'm at a place in my life

where I could really
embrace the message.

I'm texting him right now.


When's Clarice due?

Ugh, two weeks.
Getting butterflies.

Oh, plenty of time.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

I heard screaming,

but we never have
any trouble around here.

- Nothing.
- I hate hotels.


Don't tell my wife.

- She took a hot shot.
- Hey, honey?

Can you hear me?

Agonal respiration.

She's barely breathing.

Fight for us, girl. Come on.

You get your rocks off
watching girls shoot up?

I never force them
to do anything.

That was completely
their thing.


There's another girl
in here.

61 to main.

We need another ambulance
and C.P.D. for a D.O.A.

Oh, God.

Can't get a line in.

Her veins collapsed.

I'm gonna go sublingual.

If this is
the same bad dope,

we don't have time
for anything else.

I can't get her jaw open.

Come on, come on,
come on.

[silently] Come on.

- [woman gasps]
- Hey.

What's happening?

You're okay.
You're all right.

My name's Gabby.
This is Leslie.

We're gonna get you to
the hospital, all right?

Come on, let's get her
in the chair.


Man, this stuff is gonna
wipe out half the city.

Hey. Antonio.

Hey, Victoria.
It's me.

What the hell happened?

It wasn't enough for you
to hit this junk on your own?

You had to bring natalie
back into it?

She was clean!

I told you
to stay away from her!


What's the problem?


What the hell's going on?

There's this new crew
out of New York

that's been pushing their way
into prostitution,

looking for a cut
of everyone's action.

Those who don't pay,

their girls are getting hit
with bad dope.

That's what's going on.

That's who I'm trying
to bring down.

And I'm trying to get close
to these animals,

but it's difficult
when my informants

keep getting spiked
left and right!

Okay. All right.

I get it, okay?

But I've never seen you
like this before.

You're starting
to worry me a little bit.

You're keeping secrets
from your boss.

You're asking me
to lie to mine.

It's different being a cop
than a paramedic, Gabby.

There's a little more to it.

I would've put on
a pot of coffee

if I'd known
you were coming.

If you knew
I was coming,

this wouldn't be
an unannounced visit.

Yeah, those...
those are personal letters.

As long as you're on parole,
nothing in here

is personal.

Yes, we understand, officer.

Thank you.

Pretty straightforward,

You're to be in this house
from 9:00 p.m.

to 9:00 a.m. every day.

You're not to consume alcohol
or illegal drugs.

You are not to associate
with any known criminals.

And we have an appointment

on the 23rd in my office.

It's yours to screw up.

Well, then you have
nothing to worry about.

[phone rings]

Be a second.


Can I call you right back?



Uh, no,
I... I called that off.

Why? He...
He seemed nice.

He was too nice.

So then
who was that on the phone?

Uh, a friend.

Another pen pal?

Wow, you make it sound
so tawdry, but, yeah.

He was someone kind enough
to visit me in prison.

[door shuts]

Morningside, huh?

- All right.
- Yeah.

Yeah, I've heard
all the speeches,

so, you know, thanks all
the same, but you can save it.

What speeches?

"It's a dead house."

"You're throwing
your career away."

"All you're gonna do
is sell t-shirts."

Oh, I don't have
any speeches.

I made a hundred bucks
off this.


Wh... What do you mean?


When you first started,
there was a little side action

on if you had what it took
to make it at 51.

I took the under,
so to speak.

Well, who else bet against me?

- It was a confidential pool.
- Hmm.

Hey, you made it
four years, man.

I'll give you that much.

Okay. I get it.

It's like
a reverse psychology ploy

to get me fired up
and make me stay, right?

Son of a...

You got a minute?

[clears throat]

I, uh...

was a little confused
by your text last night.



"You're right, I think
it's time to meet your mom,

and I'm really
looking forward to it."

If I'm not mistaken,
you met her.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

No, I sent that
before she got there.

That's so weird 'cause I...

[clears throat]

That was...
That was for somebody else.

I'm sorry.


That explains it.

All right.

Hey, can I have everybody
in the briefing room?

Moment of your time?



As you can see
from the prospectus,

the offer on the table

based upon how many of us

get on board
with the actual offer.

Now, it also entails
that the owner

be carrying
the loan himself.


He'll never take it.

Guys, nothing ventured,
nothing gained.

If he turns us down,
he turns us down.

I'm just looking
for the 7k in cash

to get the 10% down.

Who's in?

I'm in.

Otis, buddy.

All right,
we'll keep you apprised

while you're over
at Morningwood.

Oh, no, no.

I'm actually happy
to announce

to all you people

who bet
that I wouldn't make it here

that I've withdrawn
my transfer request.

Get out of here
with that.

No one was betting
against you.


All right, look.
Anyone else?

Look, it's a neighborhood bar
in Bucktown.

We're looking to bring
in the new families

that have moved in and have
thus far been neglected.

You're gonna pass up
a deal like this?


Too volatile.

All right, Mouch is out.

He thinks the bar
is built on a volcano.

Anybody else?

I'm just looking
for one more to put in 2,300,

and we're whole.

I'm in.


I'm making an investment.

I gotta make money to pay
for med school, so...

Are you crazy?


Plus it sounds like fun.

So then just tell me
what happened!

We've already
been through this!

You haven't told me
a damn thing!

How is this your business?

How is this
my business?

Yes! How is it your business?

It wasn't just Renee's life
you screwed up!

- It was our whole family!
- Look!

I moved on with my life,

Maybe you should too.

Tell me,
how do you move on

from seeing your sister's car

wrapped around
a telephone pole, huh?

- Come on.
- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah,
your boy here,

the great Kelly Severide,

after he dumps my sister,
she goes out drinking,

ends up in a coma
for three months.

Where was Kelly?

Never heard from him.

Your sister hooked up

with an ex-boyfriend
before the wedding.

- Shay.
- No, he needs to know this.

Kelly found out about it,
so he called off the wedding.

And he didn't say anything

because your entire family
was in the hospital

after Renee hit that pole.

He didn't wanna dump
more grief on you guys.

So he took the hit.

That's what happened,
all right?

So lay off.


Hospital just called.

Clarice's water just broke.


Anything else
need to be said

beyond what's already
been screamed or yelled?

- No, Chief.
- Nope.

You gonna make it
another three shifts?

Do I need to find you
a new home?

I like to fulfill
my obligations.

So, yeah.

I'd like to stay
till I'm done.

You got a problem
with that, Kelly?

I don't.

I have been on vacation

for the past few weeks,

so you probably
haven't got a chance

to know how I operate.

I say things once.

Copy that.

Both of you,
back to work.

Part of my frustration,
I guess,

is that I don't know

where she is
half the time.

She doesn't really talk
to the family anymore.


- Ah, that's amazing.
- Yes.

Thank you so much.

You guys saved my life.

If you want the place,
it's yours.


- Thank you.
- Okay.

Just got two favors.

Name it.

Don't turn this place
into some kind of hipster joint

that caters
to all these new arrivals.

Are you kidding me?
Hell, no.

Just keep the charm.

You have our word that
we're gonna bend over backwards

to try
to accommodate that.

Oh, you said
you had a second favor?

Oh, yeah.

I promised someone else
a little taste,

if you know what I mean.

Strictly off the books,

depending on what
he brings to the table.

But it's your call as
to what size that piece will be.

Uh, we're not...
we're not really looking

for any more partners.

Relax, sweetheart,
he's a silent partner.

Just take care of him.

Sorry I'm late,
Mr. Stephanides.

No problem, Arthur.
Come on in.

Arthur's crew boarded
the place up after the fire.

Free of charge.

You're gonna get along
just great.

[sports announcer in background]

Uh, what are you doing?

I'm going out.

To do what?

Have dinner.
[car horn beeps]

With this pen pal guy?

Yes, indeedy.

Your parole officer
said you...

I'll be back
before my curfew.

Don't worry about it.

I'm worried about it, mom.

You're not even 24 hours
into being...

I am not going out
to sell crack!

I thought you invited me
into your home

so I could live my life,

but if your intention
was to parent me

or... or... or somehow get back
at me for what happened,

then you shouldn't
have bothered.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
hold up!

Nobody talks to me like that,
all right?

Especially in my own house.

I'm going to have dinner,

I'll be back before my curfew.

I hope you have
a wonderful night.

[line trilling]

The number you have reached
is no longer in service.


It's a boy.

- All right!
- [laughs] Come on.

Oh, God, he's healthy,
beautiful, adorable cheeks.

- He can't wait to meet you.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- [Kelly laughs]

Sorry about that
back at the firehouse.

No, you're not.



That's amazing.


Do you wanna hold him?

[baby cries]


Look, I don't know
what your plans are,

but, um, of course
I'd love for you

to be a part of our lives

as much as you can.


Father of the year
right there.

Clarice Carthage
and Leslie Shay?


You've been served
in the case

of Daniel Schwartz
versus Clarice Carthage.

What is it?

Petition for full custody.


[phone vibrates]

It's okay.

Oh, my God.
You're not answering.

I hope that's good news.

Um, I'm in the parking lot.
I'm sorry I'm late.

Be there in a sec.

Hey, what are you doing here?


Hey, Antonio,
what's wrong?

The girl you brought in,
the O.D.

Ye... Victoria.

She bolted.

Nobody's seen her
for at least an hour.

All right, well, what's...
what's up?

The D.O.A.
was my informant for years,

and I was gonna start over
with Victoria,

and now she's gone.

you need some rest, okay?

You're barely making
any sense.

Let me take you home.

I gotta go.

[tires screech]


[car peels out]

Oh, God!

Oh, God! Antonio!


[whimpers] Antonio! Oh, God.

Oh, God.
Come on.

- [Antonio coughs]
- Come on! Oh, God.

- Hold on, you hear me?
- [Antonio coughs]

Hold on.

Somebody help!

Hold on.
I got you.

I got you.
You're gonna be fine.


Somebody help me!

Sync and corrected by Gianluca Belfiglio