Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - God Has Spoken - full transcript

In the wake of the accident, the Chief orders Peter to join Gabriela in the ambulance, while Shay is in recovery. When he realizes that he could lose both Leslie and Renée, Kelly finally decides to get help and turn his life around. Herrmann is not too happy with the investor he found for his new business project. Cruz is consumed with guilt and wants to confide in Casey. Meanwhile, tensions arise between Casey and his sister when he shows support for their mother.


Previously on Chicago Fire...

[Gunshots, screaming]

We're not police. You're
gonna die if you stay in there!

- Cruz!
- Coming in.

Leon! [Coughing]

- Leon!
- Help me. Help me.


- Those are old.
- I'm out.

- What do you mean?
- I mean I'm out.

Hi, mom.

So you're still defending her?

I'm not gonna turn my back on her.

Don't you miss dad?

You think if I asked him to
my cousin's Christmas party,

- he might take it the wrong way?
- Shouldn't you be asking Casey?

Saturday, what are you doing?

Are we just here as
friends, or is this a date?

Well, I was right about Casey.

He's still into Hallie.

[Horn honks] [Tires screech]




[Pained groan]


Shay. Shay.


Shay, sweetie. Sweetie.


Shay, Shay.

You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay.

[Sirens approaching]

You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay.

You look good, you really do.

- I'm so proud of you.
- Thanks.

How's Hallie?

- We broke up.
- Oh.

But you were together
for, what, four years?


Well, I never liked her.

Do you talk to your sister?

Not really.

Well, the reason I'm asking
is my hearing's coming up.

I know.

And I thought maybe this time...

I've been thinking about
this a lot, Matthew...

you could talk to her.

It's still hard for her.

It's hard for her?

Look, I need to turn the
page on this too, you know?

When am I gonna be allowed
to do that, stuck in here?

Maybe you should've thought
of that before you killed dad.

Mom. [Door buzzer sounds]

All keys, cell phones, any metal objects

must be placed in the basket.

BP's 180 over 100. Pulse of 56.

Respirations of ten and irregular.

Her pupils are unequal, but
she responded to light on scene.

Is she allergic to any medication?

- No.
- Gabriela.

You okay?

We're going to need a blood test, stat.

[Indistinct chatter]


She's gonna be fine.


Gonna get you looked at,
okay? Get you cleaned up.

Come on. It's okay.

Go ahead.

Is that her? Is that Shay?

Let them do their job. Kelly. Kelly!

I want to see her.

Right now, there's nothing you can do.

What are they... what
are they talking here?

She's got a head injury? How bad is it?

I don't know.

What have you heard?

Moderate traumatic brain injury.

And they've located the brain swelling,

so they're gonna do an M.R.I.,

try to determine the extent of the damage.

If anybody can find a
way to rally, it's Shay.

And Dawson's all right?

She has a laceration on her leg,

but other than that, she's fine.

They're gonna release her here in a minute.

The other driver, this
tow truck, was he D.U.I.?

No. Breathalyzer came up negative.

Stupid freak thing. Truck blew a tire.

What about Shay's family?

Mom's in Tacoma. Dad's in Baton Rouge.

I left a message for them both.

Every thought, every prayer

needs to be directed down that hallway.

All right?

This house needs a run, big-time.

- Hey, Dawson.
- Hey, Dawson.



She's still in I.C.U.,

but the brain swelling subsided,

and she won't need surgery
or the I.C.P. catheter.

They're hoping she's out of the woods.

Just spoke with Chief Hatcher.

In the absence of Shay,
candidate Peter Mills

will fill in the vacated
post in an E.M.T. capacity.

For how long?

Till Shay's back in this house.

Hey, hey. Finally some good news.

Listen to this. That
fire on North Hamlin...

guess who the body was.

"The Chicago medical examiner identified it

to be that of Manuel 'Flaco' Rodriguez,

purported leader of the
street gang, Insane Kings,

wanted for a string of
unsolved West Side murders,

said a C.P.D. spokesman."

So long, Flaco. God has spoken.

I don't throw the word
"karma" around a lot,

but that's exactly what that is,
my friends, with a capital "K."

Your brother can breathe easy, Cruz.

So can you.

Well, you got that right.

Hey, Dawson. Hey.

- What else did the doctors say?
- It's a head injury.

They're hoping to get a better
indication of where she's at

in the next 24.

Hey, she looked a little better.

- You saw her?
- Yeah.

- They told me no visitors.
- I wasn't a visitor.

I was getting examined myself.

You're right. I'm sorry.

Sorry, sorry.

How are you doing?

Great, thanks.

The thing is, me and
Shay had a disagreement

right before she went on shift.

Yeah, I know. She asked if she

could stay at my place for a while.

Yeah. But in light of things,

I think she should come back
home after she's discharged.

I'll take care of her.

I mean, that's her call to make.

But I'm not really worried
about that right now.

Of course. Yeah.

I just want her to be okay.

Yeah, me too.


What are you doing, waving
that thing around in here?

- Yo, did you read this?
- Yes.

I thought you would have
been doing cartwheels.

Yo, when nobody saw
him come out that blaze,

there was crazy stories flying everywhere,

like he was hiding out somewhere.

This confirms it, bro.

- Flaco's dead.
- I know, Leon.

You did this for me.

That's why you've been
acting all shook lately, huh?

Yo, we take this to the
grave, just me and you.

Thank you. Thank you!

Me salvaste la vida. So quit trippin', bro.

This wedding job I booked,

the father of the bride
and I, we hit it off.

Anyway, he's the C.F.O. of
this sewage treatment plant.

Really? You're into sewage now?


Anyway, turns out he's a
family guy, a really good guy.

He has some venture capital
that's burning a hole

in his pocket,

says he might be willing
to invest some start-up cash

in a fleet of limos.

- What's the catch?
- None.

The only hitch is that I invited him here

to the firehouse today to hash things out.

But with everything going on...

If Shay gets wind that you screwed up

this business opportunity 'cause of her,

she will kick you in your nuts.

Yeah, but...

Go ahead, take the meeting.

We need to get back to normal around here.

I appreciate it, Chief.

No catch, huh?

Not unless he tries paying
me with Monopoly money.

[Station alert sounds]

Truck 81, squad 3, ambulance 61,

woman trapped from unknown cause.

[Indistinct chatter]

The ground just collapsed.

Okay. Get back. Get back.

We got a sinkhole.

Guys, get these cars moved in
case of a secondary collapse.

I tried to get close, but
the ground started to pour in.

- She your neighbor?
- Our mail lady.

Help me, please hurry!

Somebody, help me! Help me, please.

Lieutenant Kelly Severide,
Chicago Fire Department.

We're gonna work on getting you out.

- What's your name?
- Sylvia.

I need to get out of here.
It's getting hard to breathe.


Hey, air struts and shoring, right now.

- Call the Chief.
- Got it, Lieutenant.

[Strained breathing]

Please help me!

- Is that all we got?
- That's it.

That won't be enough.


Get me more boards! Grab
anything you can get.

Please help me. [Coughing]

- Hey!
- Sorry, ma'am.

[Indistinct chatter]

Come on.


Hey, Sylvia, put these
on to protect your eyes.

Up on green. It's in.

Okay, go ahead down. Check the shoring.


All right, Chief, good to go.


I can't breathe.

Got something for you.

I can't feel anything.

Here, put this on.

Deep breaths, Sylvia. Good to go.

Where's the line, Lieutenant?


Come on.


All right, get her out of here.

Pull her out. Pull her out now.

[All grunting]

[Crying out]

[Ground rumbling]

Get out of here!


- Let's move.
- Let her in.

I got her.


Thank you.

- All right.
- Way to go.

Good job.

Eye, motor, verbal responses

have improved steadily
in the last two hours.

We still have to monitor her
closely, see how she progresses.


Hey. You're working?

Well, you know, with you faking it,

someone's got to step up. How you feeling?

Oh, a little beat up, but I'm all right.

Be a little while before
I see the ambo, I guess.

You really scared me, girl.

Don't do it again, okay?

So you were telling me,

last thing I remember,
about your date with Casey.

It didn't go so well or something.

Oh, no. Jeez. The date was a disaster.

And Casey kissed me on the cheek.


listen, it's not too late to switch teams.

You already moved in. Let's take it slow.

[Knock on door]


Oh. You're up.

- Yeah.
- [Chuckles]


They're so beautiful. Thank you.

Be good to get you home.

The place feels really
empty without hipster music

blasting from your room. [Laughs]

I'm still gonna stay with Dawson, Kelly.

I think the way we left it is best.

Let me know if you hear any more updates.

Are you high?


You've got pinpoint pupils.

Are you out of your mind?

You didn't answer the question.

I'm worried about Shay.
Is that okay with you?

Herrmann, relax.

I can't, okay? I got a lot riding on this.

Me and Cindy, we just need 5 grand more

to make the down payment,
so we can move the hell out.

I thought you got along
with your father-in-law.

You want to drastically
alter your relationship

with your father-in-law? Move in with him.

Used to be that I was a fireman hero.

Now he treats me like I'm
Mr. Frickin' Belvedere.

You're putting too much
pressure on yourself.

Herrmann, there's a Lance
Ebbott out front for you.

He's punctual.

- Mr. Ebbott.
- Lance, please.

- Lance, good to see you.
- You too.

Fantastic wedding the other day.

Oh, well, thank you.

Your daughter looked
lovely. So did your wife.

Not that I was staring or anything.

You're very kind to say so.

So I looked it over... or
rather, my business manager did.

And it looks good.

Just one last step, and then I'm in.

Take me for a ride after your shift.

Show me how the business operates,

or more importantly, how you operate.

Relationships, trust, loyalty,
that's what's important to me.

As it is with me, sir.

- Lance.
- Lance.

- See you at 7:00?
- Yes, sir. See you...

Lance, see you at 7:00.

[Train horn blowing in distance]

Can I help you with something?


Can I help you with something?
This is private property.

Where am I? What is this place?


- Gary?
- Yes, sir.


- Hey.
- Hey.

So Shay's good, huh?

Well, she still has
some recovery left to go,

but we definitely got lucky.

What about you?

Should probably have
taken a couple days off.

Right. Like you would have.

Listen, uh...

the Christmas party.

If I seemed distracted, it's because...

I guess I was.

There's some stuff I'm dealing
with, stuff I gotta figure out.

Well, you know you can talk
to me anytime you want, right?

About any of that stuff.

[Station alert blares]

Ambulance 61. Difficulty breathing.

800 East Cottage Grove.

I hope it works out... whatever it is.

If we set a shift record for
calls, it's on you, you know.

So you setting me up to
be the firehouse jinx?

I'm just saying I'm counting.

I'm not one to shy away
from labeling folks.


C.F.D. Anybody there?

Whoa, there is a woman
on the floor in there.

All right, we got to get in. Break it.

All right.

[Dog growling]


All right. Here.

Shh, shh.


Okay, good, good... good poochie.


[Sighs] Oh, man.


That woman is in bad shape.

- We need to get back out there.
- This is ambulance 61.

We need a company for manpower and C.P.D.

Copy that, 61. Sending backup.

Here, take this out of the wrapper.

[Dog snarling, barking] What?


Here goes.


[Clears throat]


It smells nice.

It's, like, a vanilla candle or something.

Uh, that... that's my body lotion.

[Dog panting]

[Dog whimpers]

Yeah, we're good.

You got her I.D., medical info?

Yes. We are all good.

Just don't miss any turns
on the way to the E.R.

Ha. Funny.

This thing always catches.

You should look into getting it fixed.

Yeah. Unfortunately,
Jim's dangerous with tools.

If only I knew a contractor.

Thanks for having me.

I wanted to talk to you about something.

Let me guess.

Just wondering if maybe you'd be willing

to dial it back this time.

This coming from you or her?

From me. She'd be on parole.

There would still be restrictions in place.

[Scoffs] She could've asked for help.

She could've moved far away from him.

But she didn't. She killed him.

Yes, I realize that, Christie. I was there.

You were in a campus dorm on
the other side of the country.

I heard all the things he said.

I saw him belittle her...

break her.

She paid the price.

Listen, 15 years ago,

I'm not having this conversation.

Now I am.

Nothing excuses what she did.

I'm not asking you to forget.

Damn, I'm glad you're back in town.

Yeah, me too. I was in Madrid.

How often do you have to go there?

This was for an interview, actually,

for a promotion.

You taking it?

I am.


They need me there next week.


You know, it's funny, 'cause
we've only dated a couple times,

but it just feels like longer, doesn't it?


My stomach's been in knots
just thinking about telling you.

Do you get any vacation time?

A little, here and there.

So then, would you think
about coming out to visit me?


Now my stomach's back in knots again.

Hey, congrats.


And, yes, I will come visit you when I can.

You will?

So then, should I pop
open a bottle of champagne

- to celebrate?
- Absolutely.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Okay. [Sighs]

[Car banging]

Hey, hey, where you... get back here.

Where you going?

- He's going away.
- Yeah, aw.

This is good. This is good. You good?

- Great.
- This is great.

- So really great.
- Okay.

So what I'm thinking is that,
once a week or every two weeks,

we go on a run, you know? We meet clients,

we drum up new business, and
that'll be our cover story.

And then we, you know, have a good time.

- Sounds good to me.
- Good.

- So give me, like, ten minutes...
- Uh-huh.

And then we'll be out of here, all right?

[Indistinct chatter]

[Siren in distance]

My family had a German Shepherd.

They are great dogs.
I'm not scared of them.

Please, please. You screamed like a girl.

I am a girl. What's your excuse?

Hey, Cruz, you okay?


You sure? You look like
you're gonna throw up.

She literally almost hit the ceiling

when the dog lunged at us.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yes.

He jumped higher than I did.

No, I jumped higher to make myself bigger.

Like, when you encounter
a grizzly bear in the wild,

you... you...

That survival tip doesn't
even make any sense.

All you're doing is, you're standing there,

making yourself a bigger serving
size for the bear or whatever.

Where I'm from, you haul
your ass out of there.

Oh, really? [Both laugh]

Hey, Cruz.

Lieutenant, I have to talk
to you about something.


My brother Leon, he might be a screw-up,

but he's got a really good heart, you know?

Yeah, of course.

And these scumbags, the Insane Kings,

you know, he's nothing like 'em.

But they got their hooks in him,

and they weren't gonna let him go.

When I was in that building,
I was checking floors.

And there he was, you know, Flaco.

- He was...
- Let me stop you right there.

If you're about to say
what I think you are,

then you and me can
walk right out this door,

down to the police station.

The second option is,

you sleep on this one more time.

Think about why you did it or didn't do it,

'cause at this point, I have no idea

'cause you've told me nothing.

Sure as hell sounds like your
brother got a new lease on life.

Next shift, come to me.

And either we go to the cops,

or you shake my hand
and say, "good morning,"

and we go about our business.


I understand.

I really appreciate it. We'll speak soon.

Okay. Bye. Who was that?

The business manager for that investor guy.

- He's in.
- You're kidding me. How much?

Full boat. 30 grand.

- Dude.
- Let the ink dry first.

Let the ink dry first.

These things have a way of going south.

He already wired the
money into my bank account.

Well, egg on my face. Congrats.

You and Cindy can get that house now.

- Looks like it.
- Hey, go on. Show 'em.

Nice little two-story
over in the west loop.

Go ahead, show them.

Oh, man, Herrmann, congratulations.

- Wow.
- That's awesome.

- Cindy's gonna flip.
- Yep.


[Clears throat]

You got a sec?


I need help.

You got it.

[Station alert blares]

Truck 81, squad 3,
battalion 25, ambulance 61.

Traffic accident, university
village marketplace.

[Horn honking, siren blaring]

He drove right through...
through everything.

He hit that child. Didn't even stop.

- Get him out of there.
- Come on.

Crowd control, before they kill that man.

Severide, get your men
on that storefront glass.

Hadley, Capp, let's go.

Back up. Back up, please.

Back up! Back up. Come on.

Sir, you okay?

All right, boys.

Glass is cleared. Treat the victim.

- Here we go. Sit down.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, get back. Come on.

It was a shortcut. It's
the way I always go.

- I didn't see 'em.
- Okay.

I didn't see 'em.

How much did you have to drink today, sir?

- I think a bottle.
- A bottle?

That man is drunk off his ass. Look!

Stand back and let the
paramedics do their job.

Stay still. Come on, stay still.

Calm down. Severe ataxia.

What did you have to
drink in that bottle, sir?

Since we were been playing
football all day at school...

Playing football at school?
You taking us down memory lane?

The coach said drink a lot
of water, keep up your energy.

What's the score?

We'll need a sobriety test from the drunk.

I cannot believe this, man.

- Hey, hey, hey!
- Hey!

Come on, please.

You smell anything on his breath?

No, nothing.

All right, sir, open your eyes wide for me

and track my finger, okay?

Nothing but a drunk!

He's not drunk. He's having a stroke.

What? Are you sure? I
mean, he's not slurring.

There's no signs of partial paralysis.

It could be at the base of his brain stem.

We got to get him to
the hospital, right now.

- Casey.
- Let's kill him!

- Back her up.
- What are you helping him for?

Why should we move?

Yeah, yeah, why?

Because he needs treatment.

All right, everybody, back now!

We're not going anywhere.

Back up, or I'll knock you on your ass.

Pass me an I.V.



I need your help. We're
short on medics right now.

You're crazy, man.

Hold this I.V. bag high in the air

to start the flow of saline.

- We use it to help the victims.
- You sure?

Man, give me this.

Like this?


All right, back up.
Let's give him some room.

Yeah, give me some room, people.

Back up for the medics.

You heard the man, back up for the medics.

- Nice.
- Learned that one from you.

Seriously? I'm a paramedic.

You're a patient. Wheelchair to the door.


- Take care of yourself.
- Yeah, you too.

What's going on?

We have a great plan.

It was gonna be sound of music,

but my mom is saying the
kids are too young for Nazis.

I don't care if they watch Scarface.

They're occupied, and we're celebrating.

You ready? Christopher, honey?

Oh, no.

- Did the money not go through?
- No.

- It went through.
- What's the matter?

This guy...

he's not my kind of guy, Cindy.

Then we'll give the money back.

Then there's no house.

Or I got to find another
schmo to invest 30 grand.

Let's rent.

I love you so much for working your ass off

to get us a house again,
but we just want you home.

Margie, from school,

they're gonna have a vacancy
in their complex next week.

We'll make it our dream home.

You're my girl. You know that?

Well, I made it for Shay, but she canceled.

So I figured, why let it go to waste?

- Oh, wow.
- And you're the only friend

I have who'd appreciate the
work that went into this meal.

Oh, so this is where the magic happens.

You know it. All right.

Juniper-braised short ribs.


And roasted asparagus.


The only thing I didn't make was dessert.

Oh, hey, well, I'll whip something up.

Can you make something to follow this meal?

Okay, let's not get too cocky, now.

Oh, well, it ain't being
cocky if you can back it up.

Oh, didn't Peter Mills just
say that not too long ago?

Damn straight I did,
but you watch and learn.

- Okay?
- Okay.

[Knock on door]

- Hi, Matt.
- Hey.

Come on in.

I just wanted to talk to you
about the mom thing first.


I realize that one of our
problems is we don't talk.

And I wanted to tell you,

whether or not you're speaking
up against mom at the hearing...

I will be.

Then so am I.

And I'm going to argue
that she should be paroled.

And I respect you and
where you're coming from,

and I hope you can do the same with me.

Can you wait here for a sec?


Violet's school picture.

I was going to give it to you after dinner.

"An epic arctic hurricane,
all-time low king crab supply,

and two mutinies aboard ship."

[Both laugh] Awesome.

See, this is why we're best friends.

Kendra, sweet as she is,

she gets me Pride and Prejudice.

- Nah.
- Yeah.

I mean, get to know me already.


And mint chocolate chip ice cream?

I mean, what are we talking about here?

Welcome home.

You know I'm gonna be with
you every step of the way,

right, Kelly?

I'm meeting with the surgeon next week.

They say they can get the whole procedure

on the books soon after.

And I got to get Boden involved.

And... the painkillers...

I'm gonna go cold turkey.

But if I feel like I'm
gonna slip on a banana peel,

the union has an employee
assistance program

for substance abuse.

Dawson looked into it.

I am so damn proud of you, Kelly.

And if I were straight,

I'd throw the biggest
hump into you right now.



I really don't know what I would've done

if anything happened to you.


I felt the exact same way.

All right. All right, all right.

All right. [Sighs]

I feel like going to med school's a way

to push myself further, you know?

- Yeah.
- Take it up a notch.

But that's all on hold
until my finances improve.

See, you did take it up
a notch today on shift,

calling out that stroke.

I mean, you take it up every
day right where you are, so...

[Chuckles] I don't know.

It's funny, though, the things
that you keep in your head

and the things you forget.

Like what?

[Chuckles] Don't laugh.

Sometimes I have a hard time remembering

all the bones in the body... basic E.M.T.

I don't think I could name them all either.

You don't have an excuse.

It should be fresh in
your mind, Peter Mills.

Well, let's find out.

Like, what is that?

Uh, radius.

- And that?
- Ulna.

- Right? Ul... ulna.
- Good.

What is that?


It's actually more the...

costal margin.

What about this?

[Cell phone vibrating]