Charmed (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Ripples - full transcript

(siren chirps)

(indistinct radio chatter)

OFFICER: All right, ma'am,
walk this way.

We're taking you in
for booking.

(door slides shut)

Eyes to me, please.

You're up.

JUDGE: Battery. Released on
your own recognizance.

(gavel bangs)

You got someone you can call?

(brakes creaking)

(bus door opens)

Thanks for picking me up.

Of course.

You ready to go home?

Come on.


Why won't you stop?


Come on.


Damn it.

(door creaks open)

Maggie, I'm sorry,
I think I


(sighs) What's wrong?

I screwed up.

(inhales, sighs)


(projector whirring)

TALLYMAN: The patient spider watched
their lives.

Saw them dither,

worry, cry.

No need for action,

just stand by.

For she will be there

when they die.

[♪ ♪]

I can't believe
she didn't call me first.

No offense.
None-none taken.

Or Harry, or Jordan.

Look, I don't... want to get
involved in couple stuff, but

she made it sound like her and
Jordan had some kind of fight.

And, um,

Harry... (exhales)

I don't know
what's going on with him,

but I think he's burned out.

He told me last night
he was gonna go live a little,

whatever that means.

Great time for a midlife crisis.

Did Maggie say anything
about the arrest?


And... I didn't want
to push her.

I had no idea
she was this out of control.

I should've known.


(sighs) I know
I can fix this

if I can just get
Maggie to open up.

I think Maggie
just needs time.

No, we don't have time.

Not with the Tallyman out there
planning God knows what.

I just wish I could
take her away.

Okay, well, what if you could?

I know I'm not an expert witch,
but I did

survive being swallowed
by a Snake Lady yesterday,

so I'm sure I can hold down
the fort for a few hours.



I picked one up
at the Blue Camellia.

It's mostly just crowdsourced

complaints for
the magical world,

like, "Kyons are getting
into my trash,"

but it's a good way to keep
tabs on the non-witch

and demon action
out there.

Next is the witch board...
Oh, yeah, right. (Chuckles)

How do I use that thing?

All you need to know is that
if you see a red light,

that's bad, and you call me.

Okay. I've got you
on favorites.

No cell reception
where I'm taking Maggie, so... need to call me on this.

Call you on this?
Blow into it.

All right.

(tone sounds)

I hear this,
and I will

get back to you
in less than a minute.

Is this all too much?
No. I used to be

a temp night watch person
back in high school, so

I know how to sit on my ass

and stare at some screens
for a few hours.

Go. Get out of here.


Wait, uh, where exactly
are you going?

What the hell is Ripples?

Ripples is
the number one

magical spa
in the Midwest.

Josefina tried
to get us to go there,

Mel, I...

I'm really tired.
Maybe another time.

Well, listen to this,

"Powered by an ancient,
crystalline spring

that refreshes
and renews."

Sounds like a bath,
which we have here.

I just...

I really want to be alone, okay?

What you want
and what you need

are two
different things.

You've been through
a lot, Maggie.

You need this.

I need this.
We need this.

Okay, fine, I'll go,

on one condition.

Please don't interrogate me
about last night.



This is gonna be great
for all of us.

You and I are gonna get
a little R&R,

and Kaela is going
to get an easy

first solo flight
in the command center.

"I Want It"
by Midnight Riot playing...

I'm the queen of the world!

♪ Ch-checking in the mirror ♪

♪ Come in a little clearer ♪

♪ I swear it's getting near ♪

♪ I shout it on the megaphone ♪

♪ The crowd is getting louder ♪

♪ I got this wild power ♪

♪ Heartbeat count to three ♪

♪ I'm stepping out ♪

♪ And showing off ♪

♪ I'm busy buzzing
in the street. ♪

This can't be too hard.

Welcome to Ripples,

the spa at Merrow's Spring.

I think he's a merman.

Please don't pander to me, Mel.

Hey, Arnold?

You have a reservation?

Yes, for Mel
and Maggie.


Vera! The Charmed Ones.

Yeah, I put that in the book,

and I thought
it might be a joke.

You wouldn't believe
how many reservations we get

for Morgan le Fay
and Stevie Nicks.

(bell rings)

(bell rings)

Thank you, Robert.

Uh, please take
the Charmed Ones' bags

and such
to the lockers.

ARNOLD: Putting away the tail...
(tea pours)

Right this way.

Sorry about Robert. He's new.

And this is our lounge

and gift shop
with unique items

you will not find
anywhere else.

All bath bombs
are 50% off today only.

Well, maybe tomorrow as well.

And as you can see, our majestic
water lily has just bloomed.

I think
it's an omen that

you are about to have
the most soothing day.

We'll start with
the Phoenix Facial.

Then the Kraken Callous Nibble...

Don't worry,
they're just babies,

don't have their
adult teeth yet.

And then, my favorite,
the scalp massage.

Do you have a treatment
for sore muscles?

From, like...
fighting too much?


We've been here ten seconds, and
you're already fishing for info.

We agreed, Mel.
That is not

what I meant, Maggie.
No, no, no. Uh...

We eschew tension
here at Ripples,

so, for you two,
the, uh,

the Premium Treatment
will be gratis.

Can we just try to have fun?

I don't know, can we?

No talking,
no questions, just...

Kraken nibbles, okay?

Great! We'll have that parched

and dull skin of yours
glowing in no time.


Not again.

I really got to figure this out.

Queen of the world, my ass.

(inhales) Okay.


(grunts) Ah.

Crap. Did I do that? Oh, no.

Um... (screams)

Oh, no.

Maggie and Mel...


Oh, no, no.

Everything has to be perfect

for the Charmed Ones,
so when you are finished here,

- I want you to polish the lily pads.
- Of course.

(door closes)
(lock clicks)

(Tallyman humming)


Hey, this isn't funny.

Come on, this is dangerous.
It's really hot in here.

(humming continues)

Donnie, is that you?

Don-Donnie, I swear...

(grunts) Please.

Help! Somebody! (Grunts)

I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.

Donnie, I'm gonna
break down the door!

Let me out!


I can't...


You good?

This is so great.

After everything,
you know?

It was really hard

to talk to Ruby. Hard, but good.

I-I have so much work
to do on myself.

But, I mean,
we all do, right?

We're not supposed to talk
with the masks on.

Right, but I was
wondering, since

you're the expert,
if there was a healthier way

for me to redirect my anger.

Respect the mask, Mel.

Sure, but...
And also

respect my intelligence.

We're talking about me,
we're not talking about you.

We had a deal.
No, I wasn't...



Hey, Mel,

so there's been
a slight issue, um...

One of my doodles came to life,
and then there was a ruckus,

and then your lights went red
for a second,

and I'm pretty sure
no one is in danger,

but now... the conch

is... (sighs)

The conch is in pieces,

and I just, I just need
to make sure you're okay, so...

(sighs) What's the point?

You're not gonna get
this message anyway.


Hey, don't worry, I'm...

I'm gonna fix this, okay?
I promise.


Hi, there.

Excuse me. Sorry. Hi.
I'm looking for Roxie.

I'm hoping
she can help me fix this.

She expecting you?
Uh, no, but I...

Then she's not in.


Been to friendlier
bars in South Philly

on days when
the Eagles lost.

(clears throat)
Maybe I could help.


I've seen you around.
Was hoping we'd meet again.

Oh, right, I didn't recognize
you with your pants on.

(chuckles) Seriously,
I can help you.

That's a Summoning
Conch, right?

Or at least... was.

Mm. Yeah, uh,
here's the thing,

I'm kind of
on a tight time line,

and I don't know you,

and I don't put
my personal business

on the street
with strangers, so...

Fair enough.
Name's Dev.

And you are...?

Very hard to impress.



What was that?

It's like I was saying,
I can help you.

I'm what's known
as a Ghandarva.

The intersection
of music and magic

happens to be my sweet spot,
so you might as well let me try,

you got a better option.



I give.

We did not come
all the way

to a magical
freaking spa

to sit side by side
like bitchy statues.

I told you

how I proposed
to a wonderful woman,

and she ran away screaming.

So, please, just let me in.

All right, third strike.
I'm out.

Okay, I'm-I'm sorry. I just,
I want to make things right.


You want to fix broken Maggie.

Just like Jordan.

Cross me off
your to-do list, Mel.

I am a person.
I'm not a project.

That is not fair.

You attacked a human.

That is so bad.

He was harassing me.

And I was...

It's okay.

I am not here to judge you.

I don't want

to talk about it, Mel.

If you want
to help me, just...

leave me alone.



I'm going home.

I'm staying right here,

where you're not.


Finally, some peace and quiet.


No, no. All right. Mm.

(resumes vocalizing)

Okay. (Laughs)

- Okay, can we just speed this up, please?
- You know, um,

magic like this
is more of an art

than a science.
You should know all about that.

What do you mean?

That searching look in your eye,

trying to pry beauty and meaning

out of everything
around you.

Every artist has it.

Uh, no. (Clears throat) No.

(chuckles) No.

Okay, you get what art
means to me,

and then...

you get me.

And, um... (clears throat)
then I'm in trouble.

So, can we... can we just...

Professionally speaking,

what is your power?
Oh, um...

I'm a manifester.

You're a manifester? Then what
are we messing with this for?

You can just draw a new one.

Uh, you could draw anything.

Yeah, okay, well, clearly,
you don't know squat

about manifestationing,

and I don't really
have time to explain it

to you, so can you just...
get to it.


you're a newbie.

(clicks tongue) You're
very lucky you ran into me.

I can help you
with your real problem.

The conch doesn't need fixing,
you do.

(chuckles) And what
do you mean by that?

What I mean is,
if you want this done fast,

pick up your pen.


I'm here for the neck and shoulder massage.

Okay to proceed?

Yeah, of course.

Don't worry.

You're in good hands.

(alarm beeping)

♪ Close your eyes
if you want to feel like ♪

♪ You're the only one in here ♪

♪ Singing... ♪

Like Harry said...

"Embrace the magic."

I'm embracing the magic.


This... barely works
when I need it to, and

it never works the same.
I mean,

it basically only works
when I don't want it to.

'Cause you're thinking too much.

(scoffs) Okay, well,

you're doing too little.

Give me your hand.

Can you trust me
for, like, one second?



what do you feel?

A martini glass.

I know it's a martini glass,
but what do you...


In your heart?

Artists like us,
we don't just create

from what we see and think,
but from our experiences.

So, yes,
you're right,

this is just a martini glass,

but that's only half of it.

I want you to draw a martini,

but this time,
don't just think...


(bell ringing)

Hello? Anybody?

I just want to get my things.

Good to know customer service
sucks everywhere.

(Arnold grunting)

ARNOLD: So much heavier
than you look...



Remember the anticipation
of the drink.

The first taste
on your lips.

The sensation
of the vermouth

as it hits the back
of your throat.


I, um...

I've never manifested anything
without the drawing coming off

the page before.

And now, the final test.

What? Oh, no, no, no.
Please don't do that. Last time

someone tried one of my
creations, it-it turned badly.

Like, they turned

- bad.
- Yeah, because you hadn't met me yet.



Is it...?



What... what's happening?

Oh, no. Help.


No, no, no. This has way too
much vermouth in it. (Laughing)

Dude. (Laughs)

What the hell?

See? I told you
nothing bad would happen.


Oh, no.
Oh, no.


I jinxed it, didn't I?

I think so.
Should we get out of here?

- E-Even for me, that was
- (glass shattering)

Probably one martini too many.

Dude, I finally got
my power working,

- and now I can't switch it off.
- (glass shattering)

Well, maybe
deep down inside

you don't want
this moment to end.

Oh, no, I really do.

Especially since I'm no closer
to having a working conch.

All right,
but you got to admit,

things are trending
in the right direction.

You're beginning to master your power,

and you made
a new friend.

(clears throat)


That-that was a mistake.

I'm really sorry.

Oh. (Chuckles)
That's how you stop it.

Yup. (Blows)


Who are you?


It says your sister
was supposed to be here.

Will she be joining?


No, I-I don't...
I don't think so.


Siblings, right?

They never do what they say
they're going to.

(groans) Tell me about it.

You know, she said we were
coming here for some relaxation.

Do you know what's
not relaxing? (Sighs)

Discussing and dissecting
how you went off the deep end.


Well, you don't seem nuts to me.

Thanks, uh...


You're the second Robert
I've met today.


Okay, moving on
to your scalp.


You know, I know she's just
trying to help, but...

we're kind of out of practice
with the whole...

sharing and talking thing,

This isn't like,
"I, you know,

borrowed your sweater
and got salsa on it."


this is serious.

I abused my power.

I've just been angry all the...

Yeah, I've been angry
all the time, since...

Anyways... Now we're dealing
with a real psycho,

and I'm acting like him,
which is just

disgusting... Ow!


I'm so sorry about that.



Come on.

What are you doing?

Oh, Ms. Vera.

Uh, how can I help you?

Have you been enjoying yourself?

What is in the bag?

What bag? This bag? (Chuckles)

There's nothing in this bag.

Oh, no, no, no.


This isn't what it looks like.

Okay, fine, this is exactly
what it looks like.

I just want you to have
a five starfish experience.

You need to tell me
what is going on right now.

You're gonna stay
right here.

Great. I'm gonna
get some matches

and then
you're gone, okay?


- Where are the extra ones?
- (alarm beeping)

Merrow's Spring.
That's where Mel and Maggie are.

What? Who-who did you say?

So the rumors are true.

You're the new Charmed One?

Uh, I can't
do this right now, dude.

You know, there are, like,
theories out there about you.

Like you're some sort
of Charmed One puppet meant

to keep them in power.

Some people say
you're not even related.

I-I don't think that.
You don't seem like one of them.

What the hell's
that supposed to mean?

- Uh... You know what?
- Never mind.

That red light means that
Mel or Maggie are in danger.

And I'm the only one who can
help if I can figure out

how to get
this damn thing working!

Okay. Let me.
No! Don't!

(high-pitched whirring)

What the hell did you do?


There's got to be
a circuit box here somewhere.

Anything I can do?

Obviously not.

Only witches are supposed
to touch the board,

not randos
who can't take a hint.

Damn it. I had one job
to do, and I blew it.

You need three pinches
of henbane,

six teaspoons of red salt
and a dash of mugwort.

It's a reconfiguration potion.

It fixes objects back
to their original state.

It should help with the board.

And the conch, too.

You could have fixed the conch
this whole time?

I was... kind of hoping
to get to know you first.

To get to know me?

Okay, dude, I like
having a good time,

but not at the expense
of people who trust me.

Yeah, honestly...
People who count on me!

I honestly didn't realize
how dire the situation was.

What's wrong with you?
You're so cool,

and the more we talked, the
more things snowballed, and...

I'm sorry.

You said henbane?




Listen, I'm still pissed at you,
but I need your help,

so you're gonna come
and help me.

I am so sorry. It's just,
there's never been a death

at the spa before, so of course
it happens on the day

the actual Charmed Ones are
here. I guess I panicked, and...

Please shut up!



Please don't vanquish me!

What? No.

- (exhales)
- We'll figure out what happened here.

But first, I need to make sure
that my sister's okay.

Oh, yes, of course.
And I can help with that.

According to

the schedule, Maggie should be
in the aromatherapy room.

And where is that?
It's just down the breezeway,

third door to the left,
but, uh, fair warning.

Our aromatherapy room
is a little different.

It uses scents to bring people
back to a needed happy memory.

So when you do enter,

you will be in
Maggie's session, and

it may be... personal.


Hello there.

(water gurgling)

(liquid gurgling)



What the hell?

Mel, where the hell are you?

I'm right here.

I think they're ready.

Wait. Are you the real you?

Or was the you
that passed through me...?

I'm me.

Oh, thank God you're okay.


Are you okay?

I was just watching us
from four years ago,

you know,
before all the witch stuff.

We were so busy, and we thought
our problems were so big,

but we always found time
to raid the fridge.

And make the most monstrous
garbage nachos imaginable.

I'm pretty sure that's why
I decided to go vegan.


I-I'm sorry
for what I said earlier.

I don't want you
to leave me alone.

But last night,

I lost control.

I hurt a man.
I felt his nose break.

I mean, the sound
he made was...

Now I have a court date
in a week.

And I knew that telling you
would mean I'd have to face it,

and I wasn't ready.

But I guess now
I'm glad I'm telling you

because you can help me
through it.

And I'm here to help
with the whole Ruby situation.

But just promise me
we'll share all the stuff,

not just the trauma.

I want to, like,
do your hair and gossip

about stupid
reality shows.

I just really want
to be with my sister.


You know, I know it can't be
exactly how it was, but...

...maybe it could be close.




Hey, why'd you come back here?

Well, there's no easy way
to say this, but...

there's been a murder.

What? Someone died,

and you didn't
immediately say something?

Well, you were having a moment.

ARNOLD (distance): Step away
from the fountain, and...

(indistinct shouting)
What was that?

ARNOLD: Stay back!
For your safety, please.

Donnie, get these people
out of here.

definitely not right.

- Sure doesn't smell right.
- Oh!

What the hell...
Phew! going on?
I don't know.

Someone must
have tainted the spring

because the bloom,
our pride and joy,

looks and smells
like a nightmare.

Oh, just when I thought
things couldn't get any worse.

First Robert dies,

and now...
Did you say "Robert"?

He just gave me a massage.

♪ Uh-hmm-hmm,
uh-hmm-hmm, hmm ♪

♪ Hmm, hmm, uh-hmm-hmm. ♪

Okay, if this doesn't work, and
you're messing with me again,

I'm gonna manifest
an anvil over your head.



(whirring, beeping)

So, we gonna save
the day now or what?

No. There's no more "we."

I got to go.

- Now.
- Right, well, then, till next time...

Oh, I didn't
get your name.

It's Kaela.

if you need me, Kaela,

You know where to find me.


Okay, y'all, I'm coming.

Right this way.

- Thank you. Please remain calm.
- MAGGIE: I'm gonna have to take

at least four showers.

I can't believe

this Tally-weirdo had
his hands all over me.

The lamia, the leprechaun,
and now here?

How does he know where
to keep finding us?

I don't know. But I know
that when I do find him...

I don't...
I don't feel so good.

Hey, it's okay.
We got you.

Oh, my God.

What the hell is that?

What is going on?

Someone poisoned the water lily.

It's shooting thorns.

(woman yelling)
I'll stay here

and help him. You
go get the Tallyman.

Are you sure?

Positive. I think I've beaten up
enough people this week.


(thorns whooshing)

(woman gasps, thuds)

What in
The Little Shop of Horrors?

(thorns whooshing, smacking)

(Arnold groans)

(Maggie gasps)

Hey, you!

(thorns whooshing)

What the hell?

Mel? Maggie!

Kaela? What are you doing here?

I saw your light,
and-and it went red,

and... I broke the conch.

We'll talk about that later.
Just get over here, stay down.

(whooshing continues)



What's going on?

Oh, you know,
you try to relax for a day,

have a mai tai,
get a foot massage, and then,

the Tallyman poisons a magical
spring, and you're under attack

from a killer plant.

Tuesdays. Am I right?

(man groans, Kaela gasps)

MAGGIE: I got to get
to those bath bombs.

If I can do a purification
incantation over them,

lob them into the spring,

it might counteract
the Tallyman's poison.

Though I might die
in the process.

I have an idea.


I'm in the Tallyman's memory.

Come on.
You can do it.

I... I can't.

Listen, this
is our power.

We can stop any mechanical
object, and it can't hurt us.

It defines you as a gremlin,

and there's no way

that my little brother
doesn't have it.

Here. Watch me.

(mechanical rumbling)

What the hell
is this?

Your turn.

I know what I have to do.

Great use of color and space,
but how is this helping us?

Just wait for it.

You need a lot
of bath bombs,

I'll get you a lot
of bath bombs.

(whooshing, thudding and
overlapping shouting continue)

Yes! Yes!

(rapid whooshing and thudding)

That's enough.

and thudding continues)

Let's do this.
You know the Purification Incantation?

I did a little light reading
in the command center.


BOTH: Hoc expurga
ad omnia mala pugnanda.


Yeah. (Grunts)

(whooshing continues)


(both panting)

Oh, my God.

MAGGIE: If this works, it should
reverse whatever he did.

(overlapping shouting
and chatter continue)

It's-it's never worked for me
before, and-and Mom says...

Don't listen to her.

You were a baby, right?

Now you're 18. You're a man.

You just have
to believe in yourself.

I-I believe.

(engine rumbling
and clattering)

I believe!

I-I believe!

I believe.

(yelling, bone crunching)

What a disappointment.

This is a happy memory?


(distant screaming
and whimpering)

Oh, God, what is he up to now?

(both grunting)

Hey. You good?

Hey. Huh.


Most soothing day ever.


Oh. (Laughs)

Hey, look, I love
being a part of this,

but I'm thinking
maybe I should

tap out
of serious witch business.

Today, you guys left me alone
for four hours,

and I broke Mel's conch,
shut down the witch board,

and accidentally let some guy
into the command center.

I think maybe I'm not ready.

Screwing up is part
of the process, trust me.

We need you.

♪ It can't be that easy... ♪

Okay, well,
there is another issue.

People are talking.


About where I came from,
about who I am really,

if I'm legit or not.

I know

that I've been saying
I don't want

to look
into my biological parents.

Which... we respect that choice.

I think maybe now I have to.

We'll figure out a way...


Are you sure?

I mean, like, it could bring up

some messy family secrets.


Everything about us is messy.
Exhibit A.

- Yes.
- (giggling) It's a lot of chili.

More cheese.

Chili peppers,
more cheese.

Oh! (Laughs)

♪ It's fine... ♪

Oh, Brynn's got our backs.
What's up?

I told her
about our non-relaxing spa day,

and she used
the Marriott Bonvoy App

to book us a vacation
away from our vacation.

Ooh. No magical spring?
I am in.

MAGGIE: Speaking of our

zero-starfish-rated experience...

I can't stop thinking
about the Tallyman.

- Hmm.
- I mean, he literally had

his cold hands around me,

and didn't do anything.

Maybe he was too afraid
to take a shot.

He's not the boogeyman.

Seems like he doesn't
have any power at all.

He's just a really angry
gremlin with a grudge.

I saw that little gremlin's
happiest memory,

which was seriously messed up.

Total psychopath fuel.

So, what's his endgame?

We'll figure it out... tomorrow.

- Okay? Tonight, we're gonna have fun!
- MAGGIE: Mm-hmm.


Did you do that?

D-Don't look at me.


That's the time it disappeared.

Earlier today,
I was trying to stop time,

and I thought
I destroyed the clock, but...

Oh, my God.

I think I sent it through time.

- ♪ Every time they call your name ♪
- Whoa.

♪ Getting signals
building up to a new state ♪

♪ Don't you want it? ♪
♪ Don't you want it? ♪

- (chiming)
- MAN: Hey, did you see this?

- WOMAN: Is this real?
- (chiming)

I know. I know.

You'd think
I'd had enough of these,

but I had a close encounter of
the very confusing kind today.

Dunc, my man,
question for you.

Have you ever met someone
who is more and less...

and more
than they appear to be?

- (chiming, whooshing)
- FEMALE: You can't be serious.

MALE: The Charmed
Ones are disgusting.

It's so callous.

MALE: They just let
that poor lamia die.

That's awful.

She tried to kill Kaela.
That's enough for me.


Hey, did you see that?

And did you see what
happened at the spa?

FEMALE 3: They just
sat there and laughed.

MALE: Maybe someone
doctored those videos.

They could be fakes.

I never trusted them.

(indistinct chatter)

This can't be true.

You're so gullible.

The Charmed Ones
are no heroes.

If you're not a witch,
you're on your own.

Can we just have one nice night
out without a tirade, please?

Fine. If you don't want to hear
the truth, then that's on you.

It's shocking,
but you know what they say.

Never meet your heroes.

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