Charmed (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - Divine Secrets of the O.G. Sisterhood - full transcript

While the Charmed Ones reel from a shocking turn of events, The Unseen infiltrate every corner of the magical realm and get closer to destroying the Power of Three forever.

Exemplum recrea.

Exemplum recrea.

Exemplum recrea.

Tonight we finally
break the curse.

Tonight the Lost
One will rise again!

Where's Josefina
when you need her?

She knew exactly what to say

after Macy died. She
must've been running late.

It's okay. We got this.

Hey. Hey.

I'm sure you're feeling
a million emotions right now.

All I can say is...
we're here for you,

and we get it.

Losing someone is never easy.

Yeah, it is, actually,

if you don't get too
close, but I slipped.

I let this guy in, and
now he's gone, so...

Believe me, we understand.

I don't think we're
ever gonna get over

what happened to Macy...

but time has a way...
Look, I really appreciate

the whole sisterly concern,

but I just, I-I can't
right now, okay?

I got to go.

Can you just give
me some space, please?

I'm sorry.

I wish we could just
curl up on the couch

and cry together, but we can't.

Not while the Unseen
have The Book of Shadows.

The Unseen?

You're seriously gonna
bring that up right now?

I know it's not easy,

but this is the job...
We're the Charmed Ones.

No. You're the Charmed Ones.

I'm not even your
biological sister.

You are our sister.

Biological and chosen.

I didn't choose any of this.

You know,
there are better ways

to ask a person for help.

I tried reasoning with you.

You hit me over the
head with a flashlight.

I took the batteries out. Oh,
you're a true humanitarian.

Peace offering? No.

I don't want your discount
brand candy choices.

I want you to stop lying to me.

I know the face of every
Whitelighter who's ever lived,

but I've never
seen yours before.

Because you and I are
from different worlds.


Start talking.

I'm Diana.

Where I'm from,
there's a Charmed One

with incredible
powers of premonition.

Maggie Vera?


Someone else entirely.

15 years ago, she
used her powers

to create this space,

recording every possible version

of your world's history,

right here, on these tapes.

You're telling me this witch
had the power to do all that,

and she put them on VHS?

I don't make the rules.

I don't know, maybe time
magic isn't compatible

with digital file format.

The point is, for some reason,

she knew that our world and
yours were connected somehow,

and that these tapes
would be important.

Why on earth would a
Charmed One from your world

do all this for our world?

That's what I'm
trying to figure out.

I take it you've
watched everything?

More times than you can imagine.

And all I know is,
the connection...

It has something to do with
you and your Charmed Ones

and the Day of the Fall.

That's why I need your help.


What are you doing?
I'm sorry, Diana,

but I've got to go
help my friends.

And this place, it's all
too absurd, even for me.

No! No. No.


: Oh! Jordan! Mm!


You have to try these.

They're amazeballs.

I... O-Oh.

Mmm, wow.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Mmm. Excuse us.

Chloe. : Thank you.

What are you doing here?


It's my sister Daphne.

She's gone missing.

Maggie and the others are
still at a friend's memorial.

I'm not here for the
Ones who are Charmed.

I came here to find you.

You're the Whitelighter

for the rest of us.




Tell me about Daphne.

I didn't know you
had another sister.

I woke up this morning to
the strangest note from her.

Strange? How?

There was no joy or whimsy.

It was just ranting,

and she was saying
the oddest things

about our sister Annie
coming back from the dead.

Can I see it?



"We can bring Annie back."

"A savior is coming."

"The Lost One chose me."

What is it?

Is she in danger?

I need to show this to Maggie.

Right away.

Knock, knock.

Oh, I'm sorry, did I scare you?

No, I-I just...

uh, have a lot on my mind.


No, it's not that. I mean...

I will miss him, but...

we've got this house band.

Oh, the Bee Bops.
Got to love a band

the size of fleas that can
play any song on the planet.

Well, they haven't missed
a show in a century,

but I checked their cage
and they're not here.

You think something happened?

I don't know, but I
have to find them.

I need to make sure
they're okay before...

Before what?

Mel, we got to go.

: Uh...

Right now?

Yeah, Jordan has a
lead on the Lost One.

What kind of a lead?

He's not sure yet.

Look, maybe you can handle
this one on your own,

at least till you know
what it really means.

Mel, this could have
something to do with our book.

Or it could be a dead end.

Or it could be the
end of the world.

Maybe, but it's that
kind of obsession

with saving the world that
blew up my last relationship,

and I refuse to do that again.

So, you're seriously
picking her?

I am not "picking" anyone.

And how am I supposed to know

this isn't some wild-goose chase

because you are so
desperate to figure out

where you and Jordan stand?

I know where me
and Jordan stand.

You guys had sex, like,
four times the other day

and still haven't
talked about it.

Wow. Okay.

You have fun with
your new girlfriend.

I'm gonna find Kaela
and save some lives.

Kaela, I know you're upset,

but I really need your...


: Hey, it's
Brynn. Leave me a message.

Or, you know, just text
me like a normal person.

Hey, B. I know you
hate voice mails,

but I just... I'm
kind of spiraling,

and I really need
to talk to someone.

Just someone who really
gets me, you know?

I just need to be at
home with you and my mom

feeding me banana
fritters, you know?

I swear I just charged it.

Oh, my God.

The hell did she go?

So, you've known these little
dudes for a long time, huh?

Feels like forever.

The Bee Bops came to me in 1917,

when their village was
destroyed during the war.

Hmm. And you took them in?

Well, they needed a home,
and I needed a band.


That's the only reason you
let them live with you?


They are ridiculously adorable.

Iron Maiden my
ass. Yeah, yeah.

I'm softer than a
baby Zamba Zaraa,

but don't you dare tell anyone.

I have a reputation to uphold.

Okay, this is amazing.

Wait until you look inside.

Oh, God, you need to see this.


you guys.

I feel like I'm on a TV show.

Magical Victims Unit.

I'm-a guess I shouldn't ask
why Kaela and Mel didn't show.


All right, well,

if you want to talk
about it... I...

Here we go.

"Praeterita alii vide."

The Flip-side Spell.

This will show me Daphne's
most powerful memories,

exactly how she saw them.

So, you think this will show
how she was radicalized.

And what the Unseen are doing
with The Book of Shadows.

I think they're
planning something big.

Is that, like,

a sacred, magical lasso

that's been passed down

by generations of witches?

Nope. It's, uh,
it's just a rope.


With memories
this powerful,

it's possible to get
stuck in the spell.

For how long?



I'll be fine.
Just hold on tight

and pull me up
when I tell you to.

And if we run into any trouble,
we can use these to communicate.

Kind of afraid to ask
where you got 'em.

Uh, let's just say,

Ray has a "friend" in the CIA.

Oh, Chloe.

I need something that
belonged to your sister.


Right! Oh, okay, um...


Let me think of something,

Think of something.

Not that.

Oh! Found it.

It's her favorite
shade of lip gloss.

Rainbow Sparkle.


Should be interesting.

Radiator, water pump,
starter, electrical, all good.

It should be starting.

Where the hell are my tools?

You call a mechanic?

you just standing

in the middle of the road,

like, three minutes
ago in a dress?

Hmm, nope. Wasn't me.

So, what's up with your bus?

Which is dope, I might add.

Reminds me of this groovy
tie-dye bus I used to

drive around to all the
national parks way back when.

Called her Suzie Q.

Wait, what were
we talking about?

I don't know.

Um, so, who-who even called you?

Would you believe me
if I said... fate?


The first Charmed Ones:

Ishta, Inara, Ishani.

You're one of the
original Charmed Ones.


I just don't get it.

Why would anyone want
to kill a Bee Bop?

We'll figure it out.

Someone got out of
that dollhouse alive.

They'll have answers.

I'm just so glad that Maggie
isn't here to see this.

I borrowed her pants,
and she will kill me

if she knew I was getting
bar floor all over them.

Everything okay with you two?

She seemed pretty upset earlier.

Honestly, I don't know.

This whole year has
been so hard on her,

on all of us, but we can't
keep making the same mistakes.

And I just wish she understood
that I wasn't abandoning her

by being here with you.

Thank you, by the way.

It means a lot having
you here... today.

Especially because of everything
you have on your plate.

Rox, I'm exactly

where I want to be.


whoever escaped that house

must be hiding in this
crack in the wall.

So, what do we do?

Drink Me Potion. Oh, God.

It makes you
whatever size you need to be.

Yeah, I know what it does.

Hence the condescending voice.

I know what you're gonna
say, and I promise you,

this isn't going to be like
my cockamamie 1920s plan.

You can trust me. That
is exactly what you said

before your
cockamamie 1920s plan.

Just think about the
exact size you want to be,

and the potion
will get you there.

And then all we need to
do is take another drop,

and we go back to normal.

: Is it
supposed to feel like this?

Oh, that is so your color.


Praeterita alii vide.




is Daphne, um...

down there?

No, not the real Daphne.

I'll just be watching
one of her memories,

trying to figure
out where she went

and how she's connected
to the Lost One.


don't let go.

That rope is my only way out.

I would never.


Uh, when I get back,
we should talk.




Annie, I can't do this anymore.

I can't keep waking
up every single day

not hearing your laugh.


Oh, my God.

How are you... How is this...

supposed to be dead.

I am, Daph.

But I don't have to be.

Not for long.

How are you even alive?

Aren't you, like,
10,000 years old?

Would you believe
me if I said...


Ugh. You know what?
No. Forget it.

I'm so tired of all
of this. No, Michaela.

Wait. You can't leave.

If you do, it'll be just
like the Day of the Fall.

The day of the what?

You can't walk away
from your destiny.

My destiny.

This is not my destiny.

And Mel and Maggie
aren't my real sisters.

Well, guess what. We weren't
sisters by blood either.

Ishta, Inara and I, we
chose to join each other.

That wasn't in my
history lesson.

Do you like banana fritters?


Come! Sit.

Everything's better with food.

Dude, seriously. You
got to try these.

They do smell


These taste just like my mom's.

It's funny.

The American doughnut
gets all the buzz,

but Ghanaian fritters are
where it's at.

Mmm. You're wild.

You say that now. Just wait
till the drugs kick in.

The what?

I'm gonna say this fast

because you only have,
like, 11 seconds.

But something terrible
is coming, and it can't

be stopped without
you. Only I know

how stubborn you are, so
instead of telling you,

I figured I'd just show you.

Are you for real right now?

It'll be fun! Just
like a road trip.

Without roads.


But when we get back,
we're gonna have

a very serious
chat about consent.

How are you even here?

With the Lost One,
anything is possible.

I don't understand.

Long ago, the nine
original tribes of magic

came together to forge
the ultimate power.

Lamias, trolls,



Now the nine

are coming together again
to raise the Lost One.

And you've been
chosen to join them.

Why me?

Because you're special, Daph.

And you're hurting.

The Lost One

can bring me back,

and you and me, Chloe,

we can finally have

the life we were
always meant to have.

Where do you need me to go?

Just south of Baghdad
to the Akahtu Mines.

Other Unseen creatures have
been there for weeks, digging.

Now they're finally
ready for you.

They found the Lost One's tomb.

: You're
not supposed to be here!

Who are you talking to?

Flip-side Spell, eh?

Nice try, Charmed One.

Good luck getting
out of here now.


Anyone here?








How are you...? Why...?

Drink Me Potion.

This is what you get
for dating a witch.

So, what the hell happened?

You know Pip's dead, right?

I-I don't know. It
was all s-such a blur.

Did you see who did it?


Look out!

How could you do this, Rox?
Sleeping with the enemy?

Roxie, he's one of them.

Lloyd, she's not the enemy.

That's exactly what Pip said.

Before I killed her.

He's trying to grow.

Now, where did you come from?

Jordan, can you hear me?

I'm coming down
to help you. No, no, no.

No, you'll just get
stuck down here, too.

It's fine. We got this. At
least we'll be together.

Jordan, you have to stop.

Give me a minute.
I'll be right there.

Please, Jordan. Just...

Just listen to me.

You have to stop

risking everything for me.

What? And I have to stop

running to you anytime
something goes wrong in my life.

This isn't a healthy
foundation for a relationship.

But how will you...

I mean...

You're all alone down there.

: I'm
gonna figure it out.

And then we'll figure us out.

Hey, Jordan, I need
to talk to Chloe.

Hey, Chloe? Oh!

How do you make
your wings come out?


That's kind of a private matter.

No, I mean...

If the Lost One
was strong enough

to interact with me in a spell,

maybe I can interact with
Daphne and borrow her power.

And with wings, maybe I could...

maybe I could fly out of here.

Oh, why didn't
you just say that?

You just close your eyes,

think of happy thoughts,

and imagine you're floating.

That's it?


Easy peasy mac and cheesy.



You got talent, kid.

What is all this?

It's our story.

In a language I figured
you'd understand best.


Is that the Conqueror?
After he tried

to steal all the world's
magic for himself,

an ultimate weapon was
needed to fight back.

So the nine original tribes
came together and gave up

their remaining power.

Into the Unity Bowl.

That's right.

It was their collective magic

that created the Power of Three.

And knowing only a trio
of witches would be

strong enough to
hold all that power,

they asked us to
drink of the bowl,

making us the
first Charmed Ones.

After we defeated him,

the three of us no longer had

a shared purpose.

We had chosen to
be Charmed Ones,

but we had never
chosen to be sisters.

So when the battle was
over, we drifted apart.

Sounds familiar.

That's when Inara
wanted to release

the Conqueror's stolen power
back out into the world.

To put magic everywhere.

But Ishta and I knew
it was too risky.

The temptation would
always be there

for another
Conqueror to rise up.

That's why we put it all

in one place and hid it away,

where no one would find it.

Into the Source.

You know your stuff.

I had a good teacher.


the argument tore us apart.

Inara grew to hate us.

She wanted to take
on all that power

and fix things as a
"benign" Conqueror.

But we knew where
that would lead.

So Ishta and I made the
hardest decision of our lives.


We sealed her up in a
tomb in the Akhatu Mines,

where she wouldn't be a
threat to us or the world.

You buried her? Alive?

We thought we had no choice.

But the magic that
empowered us, it punished us

for destroying the sisterhood.

Ishta was bound to the
Tree to serve as Guardian

to future Charmed Ones,

and I was left to
wander the Earth alone

for all eternity.

This original sin,

the Day of the Fall,

it's also why every
sisterhood since

has been doomed to be destroyed.

Even when they are
bound by blood.

But this time I couldn't
watch from the sidelines.

I thought maybe, if I could
somehow get through to you,

she could be stopped.


After spending all that
time alone in a tomb,

Inara's grown even more hateful.

Her dream of sharing magic has
warped into something terrible.

So the Lost One isn't just
some ancient monster, it's...

it's Inara.

And she's going
to get out tonight

unless you and your
sisterhood can stop her.

What happened to your arm?

Oh, it was... it was
just an accident.

Broken bottle, so...

I-I'm just gonna slip
out and go see a doctor.


I was just about to do that.

Yeah, sure you were, Har.

What the hell
happened to you?

Why did you kill
your own bandmate?

I did what I had to do
to protect the Lost One.

Not you, too.

It was Sunny who opened my eyes.

Told us what was coming,

about the new world
we could be a part of.

Where it didn't matter
how small we were.

We'd finally have a voice.

And Pip didn't fall
for it, did she?

That little maggot said
she was going to tell you

about the resurrection ceremony,
so I had to shut her up.

But it was worth it.

We just had to make it
to the Day of the Fall.

The Day of the Fall?

There's nothing you can
do to stop it anyway.

The Lost One found
another way to rise.

But first the Power of
Three had to split apart,

just like in the past.

I need to find Kaela and
Maggie and patch things up.

Go. But promise me
you'll be careful.

No more cockamamie plans.

I promise.

What was that for?

I just, I'm gonna miss you.

I'll see you when I get back.

Are you coming?

Actually, I think there's
somewhere else I need be.

That was close.

Jordan, we can't
keep doing this.

Mags, come on.

Just look at Kaela and Dev.

Look at Harry and Macy.

This life is too dangerous to...

To love each other?

To need each other.

This whole codependent,

"lean on me when the
world goes to hell" thing

we've had since Macy
died... it's not healthy.

And when the fight's over,
what are we gonna have left?

A future.

I'm sorry.

I have to stay focused,
and I can't do that

when I'm constantly
worried about us.


I get it.

If you have to leave to
process this, I understand.

I'm not going anywhere.

Whether or not we're together...

I'm still gonna be
there for you, Maggie.

I'm still a Whitelighter.

I'm sorry you had to see that.

I'm sorry, too.

But, um, my sister?


Um, that change that came over

your sister?

It's because she was
talking to Annie.

What? Not the real Annie.

It was the Lost One
using Annie's body.

Just like the Tallyman
did with his dead brother.

Yeah, turns out the
Tallyman's attacks

weren't entirely random
acts of terrorism.

He was targeting
nine specific groups,

the nine original
tribes of magic.

Ruining their lives so that
they would turn against us.

And, Chloe...

your sister's one of them.

feremus in vitam.

Amissam feremus

in vitam.

Amissam feremus in vitam.

Amissam feremus in vitam.

Why does it have to be me

who stops Inara?

I-I'm just someone
who-who got leukemia

and had a fluke
stem cell donation.

There are no flukes, Michaela.

Not in our line of work.

Macy Vaughn's stem cells went

to five other people,
and none of them

became a Charmed One.

Forces much stronger
and older than I am

chose you for this because
of who you are, deep down.

And now you need
to make a choice.

Are you going to be
their sister or not?

We need a distraction to
get around the guards.

I have an idea.

How about a couple sisters
fighting like idiots,

when they really should
be working together?

I'm sorry.

It's just everything's
been piling up with...

with Jordan and my two dads and
the end of the friggin' world.

I shouldn't have
taken it out on you.

It's all right. I'm sorry, too.

Still no Kaela?


Then you guys should
go find Daphne.

I'll stay here and
cause a ruckus.

Thanks, sis.

Good luck.

Hey, asshats.

Goddess of gray, conceal my way.

I thought there were
supposed to be nine.

I offer myself to you,

Lost One, for the
world that was,

and the world that
is yet to come.

Oh, my God.

They're giving up
their lives for this.



You can't do this.

Daph... Daph.

Chloe? Y-You're not
supposed to be here.

Neither are you. No.

I was chosen for this.

You're being lied to.

The Lost One understands
what I'm going through.

So do I, Daph.

What it feels like to be alone
and-and... and powerless.

Hey, I understand. Believe me.

You're a Charmed One. You
wouldn't know the first thing.

Daphne, I lost a sister, too.

And I became something
I'm not proud of

because I didn't
want to feel anymore.

But there are no easy fixes,

and anyone who tells you
there are is lying to you.



I can't lose you, too.

I'm sorry. It's too late.

No! Chloe.

You got to get her out of here.

What about you?

She'll be all right.
She's got her sisters.

Come on, Chloe.

Thought we'd never
see you again.

Yeah, lost myself
for a minute there,

but nothing a drugged
fritter couldn't fix.

I-I'll explain later.

rising, isn't it?

Not it. Her.

Wait, what?

You know that thing you saw,

in your vision, with
Sunny and the cauldron?

It was just an illusion,
what she wanted

the Unseen to think
she looked like.

The Lost One isn't some

ancient monster.

She's an original Charmed One.

Hello, ladies.

Hey, it's
Mel. You know what to do.

Hey, Mel.

I should have told you
this sooner, but...

you were wrong.

When you said that you're
hard to be with, you're not.

All right, I'll, uh...

see you around.

Tell me you found a
way to get me out of here.

Not exactly.

Then why'd you come back?

You said something about
the Day of the Fall.

Where did you hear that?

I told you, the tapes.

Which one? You need to show me.

I'm not showing you anything

until you help get
me out of here.

You may not care about
this world, but I do.

Now show me what you've seen,

or I won't even
consider helping you.


But you're not gonna like it.

It's on one of these.

I just don't know

which one.

If you really are one of
us, why would you do all of this?

Kill people, ruin
our reputation?

I needed followers.

And fear brings people together
much more easily than love.

Don't waste your
time with her, Mel.

If she wants a fight,
we'll give her one.

Oh, I have no intention
of fighting any of you.

You don't?

If I wanted you dead,

I would have had that
ridiculous Tallyman do it.

I didn't go to all these
lengths to start a war.

I did it to end one.

For thousands of years, I've
seen trios like you come and go.

Sure, you'd settle little
conflicts here and there,

vanquish the
occasional rogue demon,

but you were always just
treating the symptoms.

I want to cure the disease.

Which is?

A fundamental
imbalance of power.

Your sister said
you tried to take

the Source's power for yourself.

She is not my sister!

We were just three
witches who did a job

together once.

They mean nothing to me.

What about those nine innocent
creatures you just killed?

Do they mean anything to you?

They gave of
themselves willingly.

You manipulated them.



Power of Three. Okay.

Why isn't it working?

There can only be
one true power.

And by redoing the ceremony

that created it all
those years ago,

that power is right
back where it belongs.

Screw this.

See you in paradise.

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