Charmed (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Episode #4.1 - full transcript

Kaela! Outside, now!

Look, Sal, if this is
about the Scrambler,

I called the
distributor weeks ago,

said I needed a right
foot support for a 450.

Idiot sent me a left foot
support in crap condition

and then gave me manitude
when I demanded a replacement.

It's not about the Scrambler.

The owner of the building
called. Very angry.

Does not like to
see his wall covered

in graffiti. Whoa, whoa, dude...

Got to be careful throwing
around the G word.

I mean, look at it.

The technique, the
clever use of metaphor.

This is a serious piece of art.

Kaela, I know it was you.

I see the paint
on your coveralls,

the spray cans in your locker.

Well, I mean, technically
they're cubbies,

'cause someone was too cheap
to spring for actual lockers.

But, um... For months,

I see you rubbing your head.

You come in late, tired.

Can't be good, sniffing fumes.

It's not me, Sal.

Kaela, you're a great mechanic.

No one better.

But I worry.

And for your own good,
you got to choose.

Work for me,

maybe someday even own the shop.

But you got to stop with
painting on the walls.

So I quit.

Sal said I could apologize
to the owner of the building

and, you know, paint over
it, but my art comes first.

As your cosmically assigned
BFF, I support you.

"But I'm concerned you have
accrued a substantial amount

of debt due to prior
medical complications..."

I don't sound like that.
Yeah, you do, bitch.

Okay, well, I have to
blend in with the suits,

if I, you know,
want to keep my job.

Mm-hmm. Look, I get
where I'm at financially

and health-wise, but
life's too short.

And even if I don't, I
got you to fall back on.

So I'm sweet.

Speaking of, I have
something I need to show you.




Oh, hi!


Hi, baby.

You guys are so sweet.

Happy five years
in remission, girl.

Batter up.

All right, y'all gonna meet
me on the bottom, okay?

Hi, baby.

Wait, can you... can you
hold this for a second?

You think you're bailing
before I start doing The Brynn?

Another headache?

I don't understand
why you won't go

see a doctor, for peace of mind.

Because if I'm sick again,
I don't want to know.

It's not just the headaches.

For the past six
months, I've been...

I've been having these dreams.

Dreaming of, um, people
that I've never met.

Places I've never been.
I-I think I'm going crazy.

Who are they?

I have no idea.

Brynn, what's happening to me?

Look, we know you stole
whatever's in the backpack,

so hand it over and
we'll let you go.



Take it.

Such a bad idea.

Jordan, blade. Got it.

Thanks. I owe you.

Maggie, behind you!

Hey, um, you want to
come back to my place?

We can just hang out and talk.

Uh, yeah, sure. Be right back.

Your neck.

Luckily, I've got
the magic touch now.

Well, I think you have
something on your lip.

Hey, Duncan, send me home.

Quickly, please.

Hold-hold that thought.

What is that?


It's a Zamba Zaraa.

Some demons like
to snack on them.

I know, it's horrible.

Especially seeing as
they're super sweet.



So much for super sweet.


How was your night?

It was fine. You know,
nothing too exciting.


Well, I'm gonna grab
a snack and crash.

I have Abnormal Psych at 8:30.

Yeah, I have to get up early
to finalize the new syllabus.

See you in the morning? Yeah.

Hope you said hello from me.

I do every night.

Everything quiet inside?

Ah, yeah.

They're both home,

padding around the
house until all hours.

Now they spend all day

searching for the other,

then all night trying to
distract themselves from

what happened.

At least Maggie and
I are putting a dent

in demon stupidity, but Mel...

I don't even know
where she goes.

Any luck getting
her to talk about

what happened with her and Ruby?

No, she just
changes the subject.

Mel and Maggie...
They're a complete mess.

For everyone's sake,

they need to find the
third Charmed One.

If she even exists.

Well, the Guardian said... I
know what the Guardian said,

but if she were all-knowing, we
wouldn't be where we are now.

Hey, your finger. What happened?

Uh, I got bit.

By a Zamba Zaraa?

That's not likely.
Zamba Zaraas are tame.

I don't even think
they have teeth.

Okay. That's weird,

'cause this one
definitely had teeth.

Do you think that's something
we should look into?

If you want.

So it's a
pixie fledgling ceremony

for my new friend Annie.

It's a big deal, like a
quinceañera or a Bat Mitzvah,

only with Pixies.

It's when they finally
get their wings.

Could you do that a
little bit more quietly?

Sorry. You're hungover.

I'll make some sopa
de pollo con fideos.

You don't need to keep
taking care of us, Josefina.

It's what family does, prima.

And I'm going to stay until
you and Mags are okay again.

Speaking of.Morning.

: Hey.

Pixie fledgling ceremony today.

Mel's totally gonna
rally and go, right, Mel?

Hey, Josefina,
could I talk to Mel

for a second, alone? Sure.

And would you
turn down the music?

I got to go get ready.

This hair isn't
gonna fix itself.

If this is about you and
the apartment again...

A unit finally opened
up at Northgate.

It's, like, the
perfect size for me,

and I'll have a
view of the woods.

I just need someone
to cosign the lease.

So you're taking off?

Mel, this... this isn't working.

Believe me, I know.

We've looked into the lineage
of every witch on that board,

gone through Mom's old letters

to see if we have
another secret sister...

Yes, that, but also us.

Something has to change.

Just like that?

Like you said,

something has to change.

Well, thanks, I guess.

Revela daemonem inimicum.

She didn't even fight for me.

Time for some demon
ass-kicking in.

Mexico City.

What the hell?



Bring it on.

Mel? What are you doing here?

And what was that smoke?

It's nothing. I...

I realized I forgot my
jacket... somewhere.

And I went to grab
it and go home, but

where are we?

Philadelphia. I was trying
to go to Mexico City,

but the board sent me here.

That doesn't make any sense.

Think we should go home.

By "home," do you
mean Vera Manor

or a crappy apartment
in Northgate?

Seriously? You want
to do this here?

I don't want to do this at all.

Maggie, look out!

Are you crazy?

You're lucky I installed
new brakes. I got...

It's you.

Maggie, look.

How do you know
about that symbol?

Wait, we need to talk.

Her? I mean, do
you really think...

That would explain why we
both ended up in Philadelphia.

Like some magical
fate brought us here.

You saw the lightning.

The same as when
it happened to us.


Great time for the clutch to go.

What the...


We need to get her
back to Seattle,

explain this all, like
Harry did with us.

I'm not saying we tie her
to a chair in the attic,

just, like, a
gently forced trip.

Pretty sure that's the
definition of kidnapping.

Well... whatever it is,

we may have lost our chance.

If someone slipped me acid
again, I swear to God...

Oh, no.

This is what I've been
seeing in my dreams.

We should have
never left her alone.

She needed a minute, Mel.

We don't have time for that.

We need to figure out who she is
and what the hell is going on.

Mel. Look.

Okay, we go back to
the command center.

Tell Harry, Jordan and Josefina.

We found her once. We
can find her again.

Ugh, what is this? And why
did that thing bite me?


Hey. You seen Mel and Maggie?


Not since, uh, late last night.

Everything all right?

Uh, well, I can't
identify this coin

or figure out if it had anything

to do with my getting
chomped by a fuzzy wuzzy.

You ask Harry?

Dude's a walking
magical encyclopedia.

Yeah. Wasn't the
least bit interested.

Welcome to my world.

I've been trying
to get Mel and Mags

interested in
anything for weeks.

Grief is a mountain

surrounded by a murky moat
filled with crocodiles.

That's it.

You're coming with me.

Vamos. Levántate.

Pixie fledgling
ceremony. I have to

pick up a present first,
so I'll meet you there.

I don't know, I... Come on.

It'll be goodfor you.

It'll be good for both of us.

Losing my damn mind.

Keep it together.

Keep it together.

Are you new here? Nope.

I don't work here.

Don't even know where here is.

All I do know right now

is that I really need a drink.

At 11:00 in the morning?

Look, dude, some things
excuse drinking before noon.

Why do you think
they invented brunch?

Don't tell me you've never
needed to take the edge off.

Why don't I make you a cuppa?


Y-You've got good technique.


My agya, he loves his tea.


Father. Ghanaian.

He gets hibiscus and
blackberry leaf delivered.

Says that drinking tea
transports him back to the sea.

Uh, Cape Coast is beautiful.


I'm kind of out
of my mind today.

Think it's probably been the
strangest day of my life.




Oh, my God.

You found her.

What do you mean, "her"?

Text Jordan.

Running a little late.

See you in 15.

Are you here for the ceremony?

Yeah. Um, but my friend
who gave me the address...

Uh, she isn't here.

Are you the guest of honor?

Oh, no, that's Annie, my sister.

She gets her pretty,
pretty wings today.

I'm Chloe. Got mine years ago.

I'd show
you, but we just met.

Wait. If you don't

know Annie, who invited you?

Um, Josefina?

Oh! The best triple scoop.



Does that mean you know
the ones who are Charmed?

OMG. Macy.

So sad. And Mel, so cool.

Maggie? I so, so, so love her.

Yeah, hey, I'm just
gonna text Josefina.

Oh, no need. All good.

Until she gets here,
you're my plus-one.

: Come on.

Look, just stay away from me.

Kaela, wait. Look... What?

I'm gonna do
something that I think

is gonna make you
feel a lot calmer.

No. You're not gonna do anything

that's gonna stop me from...


What... what was that light?

I incepted you with calm.

You should feel less anxious.

There's a lot we need
to explain, but first,

how did you get here?

I was on my bus, and

a ball that I painted

came out of the canvas,

and then there was, like,
this circle of light.

A portal.

A portal.

And I, um.

I got sucked through it
to this weird-ass bunker.

Command center.

How did you find
us back at the bus?

Did you use a dousing rod?

What-what are you talking about?

Uh, you are a witch, right?

Or magical

in some way?

Magical, like, um, like, "Poof",

watch me make this elephant

She's not a witch.

Look, I-I was
brought up to respect

whatever version of
spirituality works for you, but

wands and broomsticks?

Try Potentia Trium.

If she's the one,
it should work.

We need to hold hands.

And say Potentia Trium.

This is a cult, isn't it?

We know this sounds weird, but

it'll clear something up.

I got to say, "polenta" what?

Potentia. Potentia Trium.


On the count of three.

One, two, three.

Potentia Trium.

Well, I guess that's that.

Harry, wait.

She's not it, Maggie.

Harry, she knows about the tree.

And Mel and I saw
the same lightning

when we first met Macy.

She's not a witch, doesn't
know anything about magic.

Look, we would've
said the same thing

before mom unbound our powers.

It doesn't make sense.

This random person,

seemingly unconnected
to either of you,

and she's the one who's
supposed to replace Macy?

Harry, is there any part of you

that doesn't want her to be
a Charmed One because... No,

she can't be it.

And I'm gonna prove it.

Whatever trick you
used to get me here,

just reverse it
and send me home.

No. We need to talk some more.

About what?

How Hocus Pocusis a documentary

and there's a Quidditch
field out back?

You're not joking,
are you? We think

you might be one of the most
important witches alive.

You might be the
third Charmed One,

a protector of
the magical world.

You guys are actually nuts.

I'm not sure who you're
looking for, but I am super

not that girl.

Look, we get it.Mel.

It's hard to even

Wait, is that...

Josefina. Yeah.

'67 Bonneville, you say?: Yeah, I've been thinking

about buying it, and I need
someone to check it out.

Bring it in. I'll have
my new guy look it over.

New guy? Oh, I came here

because I was told
to ask for Kaela.


Yeah. Uh, she's on vacation.

Ah.But let me get a photo
of my new guy's work.

He's really great.

: Now,
that is interesting.

It has to be some form of

transformational magic.
Like that witch Jordan found

trapped in the painting.

How could this have happened?

No one else has access

to the command center.

Wait, could eating this
have caused it to happen?

Where did you get that from?

It's like the

the thing that happened
on my bus, with the ball.

Her art comes to life.

So she has manifestation powers,

which would make sense
for the new third.


What do you mean,
new? MAGGIE: Guys.

We're not alone.


That's my sister.

Annie. Yes!

You go, Annie!

Attagirl, Annie!

The box of dreams.

She'll put a token in there.

A gift to our goddess of flight.

She says a prayer
of empowerment.

And now the gossamer wings.

Is that supposed to h...

No, it's all wrong.

Everyone, get down!

What the hell is that?

Hey! It...

It's like a black hole.

Get down! Get down.

Should we get out
of here before that thing

swallows one of
us? There's no way

we're opening a portal and
we can't get to the door.

Uh, hold on.

Hold on to each other.

Wait. Josefina.

This is insane.

This is completely,

certifiably insane. Oh, God,

I ripped her arm off.

I'm sure it's fine.
We don't know for sure

if Josefina is
actually in that paper.

Well, we don't not
know that, either.

Um, I'd kind of like
to know where we are.

The Blue Camellia.

Exclusive bar.
Magical patrons only.

You have to know someone
who knows someone.

Are those horns?

So this is where you've been
sneaking off to every night.

Oh, no. You don't get to judge.

Not with the whole
Batgirl and Robin bit

you and Jordan have going on.

You know about that?

Look, guys, um, I'm not usually

one to get in between
a family beef, but

can we go back to the part

where you said that
I was the new one?

You've done this before?

Just a few years,
like, three or four.

Can we talk about that
after we figure out

how to reverse our
paper doll cousin?

Let's ask Roxie. She can help.

Who's Roxie?

I don't care what some
banshee scream-called you.

You know my rules.

Keep your business out
of my business. Duncan.

Smoke him out.

No, no,


That's Roxie. She
runs the place.

Hide your girlfriends, folks.
Mel Vera is back in the house.

Look, if Lady Picasso
here really is

a manifestor, especially
one who doesn't know

her abracadabra from gesundheit,

then what attacked you was a
being from the negative space.

From the what? KAELA:
A negative space.

The term for the unused
area around a drawn figure.

So you're saying

that when my apple manifested,

and Josefina took a bite...

She became part of the
manifestation, leaving behind...

Unstable negative space.

Kind of like some of the ladies
you've ghosted around here.

All right, how do we fix it?

Look, I'm just spitting
theories. You want a pressurized.

Mumford trap to catch
a problematic dwarf,

I'm your lass. I don't know

what to tell you
about your little

paper doll
predicament other than

get your crap together before
your cousin bleeds out.


Bleeds out?

Well, you did rip her arm off.

Oh, my God.

If I'm the cause of this, we
need to go back and fix it now.

Do either of you have
any idea how to do that?

You're the artist.

Yeah, I paint on
walls and canvas,

not negative space beings.

I have Josefina's arm.

Okay, well...

I have some paints in my bag.

Maybe I can go back and
fill in the chaotic space?

We can't just go rushing back.

Someone's gonna get
hurt. We need a plan.

Kaela, you don't understand.

This is really dangerous.

We can't just go
running back there.

What I can't do is be

the reason that
somebody bleeds out.

Supe totes thanks
for healing me.

And the others.

I thought Harry Greenwood was
the only Whitelighter left.


I'm not a Whitelighter,
exactly. I...

Honestly not sure what I am.

Well, whatever you are, I
can see why Maggie likes you.

call her and Mel,

This is a pixie matter.

We'll find her, fix it.

Do you have any idea

what caused your
sister to hulk out?

Maybe the goddess was
displeased with her offering?

But that wouldn't explain
the super cray bat wings.

Be right back.

Do you think

we could staple
her back together?

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Uh, you go for the paints,

and I'll try to cover you.

I'm sorry Josefina!
I'm so sorry.

I'm going.

What the hell do you want?

Take that, you suck monster!

Well, that didn't work.Yeah.

And this is why we make a plan.

Magic is... is real.

And you're both... Yes,

we are.

And I'm probably... Yes.

Oh, my God,
it's all real,

and your cousin's probably
gonna die because of what I did.

Hey. You couldn't have known.

But we'll figure
this out together.


Is that the Power of Three?


Fill it in. With what?

Wait, I got it.


What... what happened?

Who are you?


I think I'm the new Charmed One.

So, I'm actually a...

Manifesting witch. Yeah.

And that sparkly
blue thing was...

The Power of Three.

Yes, it's what we
thought would happen

when we tried that
thing in the gym.

Why'd it work this time?

Maybe because the
first time we tried it,

you thought we were nuts,

and this time, you believed.

And the reason
you're the "new" one

is because, um

six months ago, our sister died.

Her name was Macy.

And, um

we, like, haven't
been the same since.

The Charmed Ones
have always been

sisters. It's where we
get our strength from.

And I know it's a
lot to step into.

But, if you're up for it

we want to invite
you to stay with us.

We can help you learn how
to control your power.

Figure out how we three are

all connected.

Can I have some time
to-to think about it?

Yeah. MEL: Yeah, of course.

I did some digging
in Philadelphia.

It turns out "Kaela"
is short for...


So, Mel, Maggie, Macy...

And now Michaela.

And there's this.

Adopted at birth.

No name of a mother or father.

Meaning her biological
parents could be anyone.

So she could be related to us.

Like, through Mom?


Well, it's good she's here,

'cause something is up.

I found two of these.

One with the fuzzball
Mags and I saved,

the other with the pixie

who turned into
something terrifying.

Two docile creatures.

Both turned violent.

That's not a coincidence.


I just wanted to let you know

that there was
tostones downstairs.

Even with her bum arm, Josefina
made them before she went home.


I just needed to
be in Macy's room.

Is that the...

Contract for the apartment.

I said something had to change.

Something changed.

Is it weird that I feel
Macy's hand in all this?

Something made sure
that we ended up

in Philadelphia together.

Even though we were breaking up.

Now we're not.

We have to
get Michaela ready.

Because something is coming.

We're gonna need her.

You feeling better now?


Thank goodness
for pixie potions.

They cure all.

Even hideous bat


I don't understand
what happened today.

I'm so sorry.

I was worried I wasn't gonna
be able to get my wings.

I heard about this guy

who could help.

He told me that if I used
his coin as my offering,

I'd get what I wanted.

What guy? What was his name?

I can't say.

He told me if I did,
terrible things would happen.

Look, you don't
even have to say it,

'cause you can
write it



Annie, what...





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