Charmed (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Triage - full transcript

- Previously on Charmed...

Jimmy, what if I told you
that we may have a way

that changes how you see yourself,

and in turn, how the world sees you?

- You all right, sir?
- My name's Jimmy.

I'm a good man.

Jimmy's a good man.

I need to get a message to someone.

- JORDAN: Who?
- ABIGAEL: My sister.

I'll be trading this for the
list of witch descendants

- I need to make amends with.
- What is that?

JORDAN: I don't know.
Something Abby wants.

GUARDIAN: It always ends the same.

The destruction of the sisterhood.

One of you will die.


GUARDIAN: If a human touches
the black amber in this chamber,

- it will poison the magical world.

MACY: Every light on this board is red.

Which means

every witch is in danger, including us.



Got what you asked for.

ABIGAEL: In here.


You all right?

Peachy, Jordy.

Now where is it? [PANTING]

Right here.

What's this?

Hey, I'm just the messenger.

- Oh.
- Whoa. Hey!

- You sure you're...?
- I'm fine. Just a little...




The leaves from the tree...
They're dying.

It's because of Viv.

The Guardian said if human
hands touched the amber,

it would be catastrophic.

GUARDIAN: And so it has come to pass.

Her poisonous touch has
desecrated our sacred tree,

corrupted its magical powers.

What's happening to you?

She's sick.

We need Harry to heal her.

GUARDIAN: I'm afraid this is beyond

the power of a Whitelighter.

There must be something
we can do to help you.

My fate is tied to that of the tree.

As is every magical being in this world.

When the last leaf falls,

we're done for.

But we're not sick.


I'm afraid not even the Charmed Ones

can survive the death of all magic.

So, we're doomed then? This is it?

To restore life

to the magical world
requires the greatest power.

And the greatest sacrifice.

MEL: "The greatest power."

What does that mean?

[ECHOING]: Ask your sister.


What is she talking about?

The Source.

Did she say how much time we have?
Weeks? Months?

Just until the last leaf
falls from the tree.

Well, if this is any indication,
it's only a matter of days

before all magic is gone.

Unless we can infuse the power
from the Source into the tree.

Reigniting the Source.

That's beyond anything
you've ever attempted.

Yeah, that's far too dangerous.

MACY: We don't have a choice, Harry.

We need to find the
pieces of that necklace

and put it back together. Now.

MAGGIE: Slight problem.

When we split up the Source,

we hid each of our pieces
somewhere in the world.

And I wiped your memories
so we could never find them.

They're lost... forever.

MEL: Maybe not.

There might be someone who can help.

Melanie, involving her...

She helped you dig out
your lost memories.

She can help us.

After all the lies and deceit,

- are you sure that's a good idea?
- Am I sure?

No. But I am positive that
if we wait around here

debating this any longer,
we're all gonna die.

You want me to perform a demon
mind-meld in this condition?

You did it for Harry...

Recovered his memories
of the Castle Breithe,

how he became a Whitelighter.

Yes, when I wasn't
heaving up an ash pile.

The demon mind-meld takes a huge
amount of energy, of life force.

Frankly, I'm not really
feeling the helping-hand vibes.


If you don't help us, the
magical world will die.

All of us.

Including you.


Do you really think we should trust her

with the locations of the
greatest power on Earth?

I mean, we could try a lost memory balm?

Not doing that again.

This is our best hope at figuring out

where we hid the pieces
of that necklace.

MAGGIE: Well, even if we do get

the Source back, that's only half of it.

What about the "greatest sacrifice"?

One thing at a time.

Okay, let's do this.

Before I change my mind.






MEL: 2070...

[ECHOING]: 70.


MAGGIE: Well, what did you see?

2070 Evergreen.

That has to be an address, right?

But where? Seattle? Singapore?

At least it's more
specific than sandals.

What does that even mean?
I hate the beach.

I don't wear open-toed shoes.

Why would I hide the Source there?

What about you, Mags?

Yeah, what did you see?


Your sorority in Hilltowne?

Apparently, I thought it
was a good idea at the time.


Well, we need to figure out
what these clues mean, fast.

Time is running out. For all of us.

We have no idea what
havoc this is wreaking

for magical creatures around the globe.

- _
- ♪ Ooh-ee! ♪

Just a few more carnations
to fill out the ears,

and one purple Monte
Casino for the collar.

♪ This is who I am, this is what I do ♪

Here we are.

♪ This is who I am, I'm
the living proof... ♪


- ♪ This is what I do ♪

- ♪ This is who I am ♪

- ♪ Coming with the truth... ♪

Nice knowing you, Harry. [GRUNTING]

♪ It's all math, I make
sure this pass... ♪




James! What's the holdup
with the Fiesta Fifi?

Pickup times are inviolable
here, you know that.

- ♪ I'm out of the Matrix ♪
- ♪ Ooh-ee! ♪

♪ This is what I do ♪

The name's Jimmy.

♪ This is who I am ♪

♪ Coming with the truth. ♪

So, you tracked down Abigael's sister?

In exchange for a name
in that book of hers

so I can be rid of this curse, finally.

If I even believe her.

And... what was her sister like?

She never came outside.

I got there and there was a
package waiting on the doorstep,

- along with an envelope.

- Weird.
- Yeah, tell me about it.


Jordan, you don't have to come with me.

Look, I could say this is just

about me trying to help another witch,

break my curse, but that would be a lie.

I care about you, Maggie,

and your sisters. I don't want
anything to happen to you.


Well, then prepare for
a trip unlike any other.

To where?

Memory lane.

Damn it!

There are thousands
of Evergreen Streets,

and that doesn't count for the Roads,

Avenues, Courts and Places.

And none of them mean anything to me.

What was I thinking?

Oh, how should I know?

I'm not wired like you, goody-two boots.

Why don't you ask Maggie, the empath?


You just called her "Maggie."

Not some dumb nickname like

"Pretty Petunia" or "Shorty Spice."

I'm not feeling particularly
creative, Mel. I'm dying.


You're not. We'll fix this.

Well, forgive my lack of faith,

but you've misplaced the
Source like a set of car keys.

We didn't misplace anything.

We hid it somewhere safe,
and Harry wiped our memories.

And as a result of your
brilliant, disastrous plan

to protect the world from the Source,

we're all gonna be six feet
under in a matter of days,

if not hours.

- Six feet under.

Yes, it's a synonym for "dead."

- Oh, my God.

This is it.

Evergreen isn't a street.

It's a cemetery?

MEL: Where my mother was laid to rest.

I must have hid it there.

Your own mother's grave?

That's the best you could do?

Do you use your pet's name
as your password, as well?

Look, all I'm saying is that
you're smarter than that.

You're right.

I am.

It doesn't explain 2-0-7-0.


[EXHALES] Maybe it's a...

A combination.

A code.

Or a year?

Could you have hidden it in the future?

You were a time witch.

I was.

But not anymore.

Okay. So even if we're right
about the time and place,

we have no way to get there.


But I think I know someone who can help.

♪ Stop ♪

♪ Freeze, where you at? ♪

♪ Where the piece? ♪

♪ Got these... ♪



[QUIETLY]: Bee costumes.

Such a cute idea.

I bet they're serving vodka stingers.

First Saturday of each month,
all the sororities gather

at Delta House for Midnight Masquerade.

It's... amazeballs.

Did you just say "amazeballs"?

I just meant we have
at least an hour or two

until the bees fly back to their hive.

Okay, so what exactly is the plan

if we run into a straggler or two?

Maggie Vera's supposed to be...

Dead, if memory serves.

Well, no one's gonna recognize me.

Or you.

Costume party.

Perfect cover for a dead girl.

[INHALES] Prepare to be glamoured.

[SIGHS] Long as I don't
have to climb in a body bag

and die again.

That was nasty.


What happened?


Magic is dying faster than we thought.

We need a real-world solution.



Ahoy, me hearties.

How much money you got?


MACY: Damn it.


Well, that's every
shelf, rack and drawer.

No sandals.

Anywhere else we can or should look?


Maggie's room?

She likes to borrow, doesn't she?

My shoes would look
like flippers on her.

I've left no stone unturned. [SIGHS]


Harry, get up.



No wonder I hid these.

If only these shoes could talk,

tell us where they've been.

Oh, but they can.


Volcanic ash.

Looks like lichen.

What the hell is this?

Kerguelen cabbage.

Cabbage. Well, that's specific.

MACY: "This Brassicaceae is only found

"at the 50th parallel
on remote locations

"such as the Desolation Islands."

The Desolation Islands
on the Indian Ocean.

Near the Antarctic. One of the

most isolated places in the world.

It's the antipode to Hilltowne.

The diametrical opposite on the globe.

Or as close as I could get,
without being in the ocean.


You banished the Source to
literally and mathematically

the furthest place on
Earth from Hilltowne.

- Only you.
- Well, let's go.


Magic. It's slipping away.

We have no time to lose.

Arcana revela.

CELESTE: Pretty nifty, huh?

We built that during
Prohibition to smuggle booze in.

I figured I'd take it
for a spin one last time.


Um, Celeste, when I
said I needed your help,

I didn't mean cocktails.


I'm afraid I'm...

In no shape to travel right now.

Celeste, I must have used
my time-witch abilities

to send the piece of the
Source to the future.

And now you need to get it back.

From the future.

Evergreen Cemetery in 2070, to be exact.

Yes. But I don't remember
how I traveled through time.

Perhaps I can offer an assist.

With a few adjustments

and the right spell,

this can get you there and back.

But the future is alluring.

If you don't say the return
spell within 15 minutes,

there's no coming back.

I advise that you take
a timekeeper with you.

The more emotionless and unfeeling

the better.

[SIGHS] Better than sitting here dying.


[SIGHS] Celeste, that watch
slows down your aging.

If you alter the watch...

Then I'll age and die.

Like everybody else.

Time is a wild animal.

I've kept it as a pet for far too long.

Traditio praecipua.



Hold hands.

And close your eyes.

Time is a river that flows both ways.

Carry this witch to later days,

where she will retrieve
the power she needs

at Evergreen Cemetery,

2070 AD.




Holographic flowers.

Pretty futuristic.

So is that.

In 2020, the tallest
building in Hilltowne

was the university bell tower.

50 years later, the world is still here.

We didn't destroy ourselves after all.

Okay, no time to stop
and smell the holograms.

We have 13 minutes and 48 seconds

to find the Source and save the day.

♪ ♪

♪ Hey, I'm at the club,
thinking 'bout the money moves ♪

♪ Gotta get it on my own... ♪

Wow. How often do you get a perfect fit

when you buy right off the rack?

Yeah, my guy was only, like, five-ten.

If these pants were any
shorter, they'd be... shorts.

All right, this is it.

There's a secret
compartment here somewhere.

On pledge night, they
tell you if you ever need

a safe place for anything...

So you think you hid the
Source in this bookcase?

I don't know. But it's as
good a place to start as any.

So, these were your BFFLs.

Eh, for a minute.

It seems like forever ago. [EXHALES]

And they've probably forgotten

all about me by now.


I don't think so.

Oh, wow.


You left a legacy.

"Kappas do the Maggie."

- Aw, they named a dance after you.

that's-that's not a dance.

It's a... a drinking game.



Hopefully this time I
leave a real legacy behind.

Maggie, you're not gonna...

Got it! I found the secret compartment.

Gummy bears?


Those kinds of gummy bears.

It's not here.


Oh, my God.


Is that you?

Uh, uh...

Uh, no,

this is...




That's Magster Vera.

But you're dead.

Well, unless you're back from the dead.

[GASPS] Wait till I tell everyone

Maggie Vera's back from the dead.

Oh, my God.

Maggie Vera's ghost is here!

- Okay, we have to get out of here

- before anyone else sees this ghost.
- Mm-hmm.

This potion should
help retrace the steps.

Olim in Via.

The Old Road.

MACY: Reveal the path you once made.

Bare your soles before time fades.

After you.


Hi, Mom.


All right.


Arcana revela.

Got it.

ABIGAEL: Mel, look.

"Melanie Vera,

"loving daughter and sister,

"died February 14, 20...




I'm supposed to die...


So you think the great
sacrifice to save the tree is...

Destruction of the sisterhood.

I have to die

for the rest of the
magical world to live.

- WOMAN: Almost there. Here we go.

Someone's coming.

what are we doing here?

Honoring a hero.


TEENAGER: So you come here every year?

On the day of her death.

We must never forget the witches

who sacrificed so the
rest of us could live.

Okay, baby girl.

Let's get going.

She made it.

ABIGAEL: I've seen her before.

Ruby. Who is she?

A friend.

Two minutes.

We should go.

Mel, if you go back,
you'll die... today.

You could stay here, live
out the rest of your days.

I'd rather it be me than one of them.

You'd sacrifice your
life for your sisters?

They're lucky to have you.

I'm lucky to have them.

Yes, you are.

All right, Martyr Mel,
let's get on with it.

Hands of time turn around.

Help us back and homeward bound.

- Oh!

[PANTING] Oh, God.

Man, it took us three floors

and a broom closet just to ditch Heidi.

That girl has the tracking
sense of an Irish setter.

Yeah. And the tolerance of a Chihuahua.

Based on her bloodshot eyes,

I'd say she's four skinny margs deep.

So she should pass out pretty soon.

Yeah, along with everyone else.

That's basically how
all these parties end.

Ah. So we wait it out

an hour or so, then head back
inside, do a full search.

I don't know that we have an hour.

Magic is disappearing fast.

My sisters and I were supposed

to go to the corners of the Earth

to hide the Source, and...

I came here.

To my sorority house?

I don't know. It just
doesn't make any sense.

Maybe you liked the familiarity
this place provides.

My legacy is a one-armed keg stand.

Come on, Maggie.

You were a freshman in college.

It was just dumb fun.

Super dumb.

So, you've grown.

It's not about hating on who you were.

It's about being proud of who you are.

You know, I can't
picture you as a dumbass.

Trust me. I have the photos to prove it.

Maggie, what you said before,

about leaving a legacy.

- You're not gonna d...
- Hey, it's a full moon tonight,

if you, uh, like stargazing.

Actually, the moon's an
impediment to stargazing.

It's better when it's dark.

But you can still see

the constellations with the naked eye.

Didn't know you were an astronomy buff.


My dad and I used to look at
the stars when I was little.

He said as long as we
could see the same ones,

we were never really that far apart.

I get lost somewhere between
the Big Dipper and Orion's Belt.

Oh. Well, that's easy to spot.

You see those three stars?


That's the belt, and
those two are the arms.

Was that your favorite?

Actually, you can't see
my favorite from here.

The Jewel Box.

Jewel Box? I never heard of it.

I've only seen it in pictures.

It's only visible from
the southern hemisphere,

but it's bright and colorful,

sparkly, like a beautiful necklace.

Hence the name.

Nickname, actually.

For the Kappa Crucis Cluster.

Sister stars.

Oh, my God.

Kappa Crucis.

It all makes sense now. Sister stars.

Jordan, we're at the wrong Kappa.


HARRY: You think...

You hid it out there?

MACY: There's a small sea
cave at the tip of that rock.

We'll have to wait for
the tide to go out.

Look at this.


Perissodonta mirabilis.

Translates from Latin and
Greek to "very amazing."

And it is.

It's not like you to stop and admire
the seashells while on a mission.

It's a beautiful night, Harry.

I just want to enjoy every
minute here with you.

For as long as we have left.

Macy, you're not gonna die.

"The greatest sacrifice."

What else could that be?

The destruction of the
sisterhood is inevitable.

Every day we cheat death,

there's a life force here between us.

I refuse to...

You don't have a choice, Harry.

One of us has to die.

I am the eldest.

The universe can't be this cruel.

I wanted to take you to Paris.

I had these plans.

We finally found each other.

Well, maybe we will
find each other again,


Please, please,

let me go instead of you.

- Harry, it doesn't work that way.
- Damn it! Why not?!

I'm supposed to protect you,

so you can fulfill your destiny.

You have.


I was isolated and lonely,

just like these islands.

And then I found you, Harry.

And I will find you again,

somehow, somewhere.

If these are truly our
final hours together...

...I want us to savor them.



Dance with me.


MEL: Thank you, Celeste.
I know what you had

to sacrifice to help me get this.

What is witchcraft, if
not a life of sacrifice?


So tell me,

what did you see in the future?

That everything is gonna be okay.

When I was eight, I was obsessed

with the Jewel Box constellation.

Since I couldn't see it outside, I...

Pasted the stars of the Kappa Crucis

on the bottom of this jewelry box

my dad gave me.

A secret compartment?

Doesn't have one.

At least, it didn't used to.

Arcana revela.

It's pretty damn clever.

- Yeah.

Jordan, thank you for everything.


Your friendship has meant more to me

than you will ever know.

- Maggie...
- I-I got to go.


MACY/MEL/MAGGIE: Infinite power

of light and dark.

Heed our call

and make your mark.

Risen and bound by the Power of Three.

Return magic to earth, sky and sea.

Join and fuse.

Create the Source.

With your help, we will use its force.


Now there's only one way
to transfer the power

back into the tree.


The destruction of the sisterhood.

There has to be another way.

The tree's almost gone.
We're running out of time.

MACY: We knew this was coming, Harry.

The Guardian's prophecy.

Her warning about the
greatest sacrifice.

It was always going to be one of us.

I was so afraid of...

Of dying or losing you both,

but I'm not afraid anymore.

- I'm ready.
- MACY: No.

I'm the eldest. It should be me.

It has to be me.

It's not either of you.

- It's me.
- MAGGIE: What?

- Says who?
- MEL: I saw the future.

My own gravestone.

I'm supposed to die today,

and I'm prepared to make that sacrifice.

No. No, I saw Jordan's

future once, and I changed it.

- There's no reason that it has to be...
- What are you doing?

What needs to be done.


MACY: Candelas incende.

Guardian, I have the Source,

and I give it freely.




Maggie, no!



Please, no! Let me go!

No! The sisterhood can't be destroyed.

Our destiny is our own!

Whatever it is, we face it together!


♪ ♪


Hello, Harry.

You miss me?


I woke up in the strangest of places.

Thankfully, I orbed myself out

before I couldn't orb at all.

But the door...

It's concealed.

Oh, no, no, no. Not anymore.

Wake up, Harry.

Magic is dead.

And whatever bond there was

between us is severed.


I can kill you.

And you can kill me.

Nothing personal.

But the world only needs one of us.


Maybe you're ready to die,

but I'm just starting to live.


Mel, no. Don't let go, no matter what!



Macy, Maggie, I can't. I-I can't.

I-I love you... both.



Mel. Mel!



Nice knowing you, Harry.



- Macy.


Where's Mel?

♪ ♪

We did it.

Our destiny was our own.

The greatest sacrifice
was our willingness

to give our lives for each other.



What the hell just happened?

They did it.

"Dear Sister, enclosed is
the item you requested."

"Mother and I want
nothing to do with it..."

"... or you."

"Please do not attempt
to contact us again."


♪ ♪

Reunited at last.



Now there's no stopping me.