Charmed (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript

MACY: I don't even know
where to start.

But in case this does
all go to hell,

I just want to make sure there's
a record of what happened.

So, a year ago, we were
just living our lives

as the Charmed Ones,
when out of nowhere

an assassin came for us.


We escaped through a portal
that transported us

across the country.

Welcome to the Command Center.

We had to live in hiding.

"Witchness Protection"
we called it.

Meanwhile, we made
some new friends

with magical problems
of their own.

JORDAN: I'm still
officially cursed until I can

balance the scales
of justice.

MACY: We figured out the
assassin who was hunting us

- was Harry's darklighter.
- Miss me?


MACY: We thought Abigael
Caine, the Demon Overlord,

was behind all of it,

but the culprit was something
far more dangerous.

(yells) Humans.

Specifically, tech billionaire
Julian Shea and his Aunt Viv.

They, along with a group
known as the Faction,

had developed a technology
to steal our magic.

But now they know who we are,
and we know who they are.

And the only question left is:

Who's going to
come out of this alive?

(computer key clicks)

Hello. I'm Julian Shea.

I don't know where else to turn
except maybe all of you.

Someone for whom I care
very deeply has gone missing.

When did he upload?

Couple of hours ago.
Jordan sent me the link.

It's gone viral.
He put you on blast.

What does he want?

(computer key clicks)
JULIAN: Her name is

Macy Flores.

I'm offering a reward
of $1 million

for any information that helps
lead to her safe return.

Don't worry, Macy.

I'll find you,

no matter what it takes.

♪ ♪

*CHARMED (2018)*
Season 03 Episode 01

Episode Title: " An Inconvenient Truth"
Aired on: January 24, 2021

♪ ♪

I can't believe it.

The world is so messed-up
and scary.

I introduced her to Julian,
you know,

and now...

Yeah, that was Swan.

Macy's trending like crazy
at SafeSpace.

Everybody's talking about her,
and the reward.

We shouldn't have underestimated
Julian's ability

to throw money
at a problem.

So what's the next move?

Oh, you need
to get out of there.

They know who you are.

Yeah. See you at the house.


you need to stay clear of us
until this dies down.


are you
benching me?



You're already in too deep
on this. I'm sorry.

Stay safe.

You, too.

♪ 'Cause heroes never die ♪

♪ Never, never ♪

♪ Never die. ♪

(door closes)

Everyone at SafeSpace
is looking for you.

And us.

(sighs) If only we
could talk to Julian,

convince him
he's misguided.

Oh, convince
the evil mastermind

to abandon his evil plan.

Why didn't I think of that?

Well, maybe Maggie's right.

We can convince him
with a little help.

The Clarion Potion.


that potion was banned.

By the Elders.

When have we ever
played by their rules?

All right, time-out.

What, exactly, does this
Clarion Potion do?

It plants the seed of an idea
into the mind

of one individual.

And as that individual comes
into contact with others,

it continues to
spread the idea.

Like a mind virus.

We infect Julian's mind

with a single thought:
Magic's not real.

Julian then infects Vivienne,
Nadia, all the members

of the Faction,
and eventually...

It destroys the belief system
that created this monster.

HARRY: Wait, to give him that potion,
we'd have to capture him.

Which means finding him
and catching him off-guard.

We have someone in the attic
who can help with this.


Mel, be careful.

He's dangerous. Yeah, well,

so am I.

Don't worry.
I've got her back.

Okay, we will get to work
on the potion.

Are you sure?

Yes, I am sure.

I-I don't know, Harry.

It's a new power.

I'm not sure if
it would work.

HARRY: I'm waiting
for the right time.

All right, well, we'll
talk about this later.


You coming?


(wind whistling softly)

(ice crackling)

♪ Run, run, go away ♪

♪ Run ♪

♪ Run, go away ♪

♪ Live to die another day. ♪

Geez, you nearly
scared me to death.

Maybe that was the point.

Time is ticking, my friend.

I'm doing everything I can
to balance the scales.

If this is not enough for you,
then tell me what is.

Before the last grain falls,

a descendant must save
a descendant.

A descendant of
the Tulipe witches.

- Wait, where am I supposed
to find them?! - (shrieking)

Time is running out.

Where's Julian?

Where is their center
of operations?

Well, wouldn't
you like to know?

Listen, we don't have
time for your games.

We released you,
as promised,

in exchange for your
offer to help us.

An offer that expired the moment
you put me inside this.

Whatever this is.

(echoing thud)

Because you tried to kill us.

Couple of times,


And you did the same to me.
The only reason I'm still alive

is that killing me destroys
your beloved Whitelighter.

So, I'll enjoy
your little bubble.

More space and a better view
than the old bottle.

You know what?

Maybe that's what we'll do.

Just put you back
in the bottle.

Let you spend the rest
of your days in darkness.


It's not about a plan
or a next move.

It's about a "why."

Why does Julian Shea
do what he does?

What drives him?

And the answer is

one word.

Siren's Tongue?

Yeah. The Clarion Potion
calls for it explicitly.

A fresh one, no less.

Not exactly something we keep
lying around the house.

I wouldn't normally suggest it,
but we could take a trip

- to Ragnar Row.
- Ragnar Row?

The magical black market?

I... I thought that place
was just urban legend.

Ah, because that's what the
Elders wanted you to believe.

It's... a bit dodgy.

You know, unseemly characters,
illicit goods.


We'll need currency
to get what we want.

What kind of currency?

How do you
feel about... this?

The necklace Julian gave me?

Our money is useless
on the black market.

Diamonds, however,
are a gargoyle's best friend.

Trading this for
Siren's Tongue?

Can't think of
a better use for it.

And we'll need a change
of clothing to blend in.

I can help with that.

What did you have in mind?

Well, think, uh...

Now, then, think



Say no more.

Damn it, Jimmy,
lives are at stake here.

The only life
I care about is mine.

So why don't you let me go
and I'll tell you

everything you need to know
about Julian, Viv, Nadia,

- the whole lot of them.
- MAGGIE: Sorry.

We can't do that yet.

But if you tell
us the word,

I'm sure we can
work something out.

(Jimmy laughing)

I do love this "good cop,
bad cop" thing you've got going.

Is this the part where bad cop
makes an empty threat?

(sighs) No, Jimmy.

This is the part
where you give me the word,

or I melt you into a puddle,
wipe you up

and throw you
into the trash!

JIMMY: Oh, I'd like
to see you try, but sadly,

I'm protected by this precious
containment spell, aren't I?

Come on.

You know you want to
have a go at me.

So go ahead.

Let me out and we'll see
who's more powerful.

- Game on.
- Game on.

- Dimitte ex...
- MAGGIE: Wait, Mel.

No, no, no, you can't do that.

No, no, no!


Two things before we go.

First, our magic
is no good there.

- "No good" as in...
- Doesn't work.

Levels the playing field,
I suppose.

What's the second thing?

The smell.
It's, uh...

well, how shall
I put this?


Welcome to Ragnar Row.

Everything magical
that you can imagine,

and much you can't,
is here...

and for sale.

(echoing laughter)

For a price.

Let's just hope
that price isn't us.

Come on.

What's your problem?

You started today
at a low boil

and now you're at
volcanic eruption.

That beast in there is
the reason why we're stuck here.

Witchness Protection,
hiding, losing our powers.

But we have our powers back.


And we need him to help us.

For what, Maggie?

What does it matter?
We might as well be stuck

in a containment spell, too.


I mean, is this
the rest of our lives?

B-Believe me, I get it,
but we have a duty.

That is all we have.


We fight every day
for what's right.

Day in and day out.

But there are people out there
just living their lives.

Like Ruby?

Mel, I understand
how hard this is.

There's a super hot,
awesome guy out there

who's constantly
putting out vibes,

and... I have no choice
but to push him away.

For his own safety.


We can't have date humans,
witches or Whitelighters.

So what's the point?
Of any of it?


What, so we-we're gonna
be trapped in Vera Manor

the rest of our lives,
the three of us,

like we're in Grey Gardens
or something?

Mel, I know you're upset,
but I need you to calm down.

No. I am going to go back
in there

and get what I need from him
if it's the last thing I do.

Mel, I need you
to chill.



Mel, did I just do something?


I'm good, I'm great.


Oh, no.

MACY: Ooh, you were
not kidding about the smell.

(creatures snarling)

Uh, where is everyone?

They're here,
but we can't see them.

But they can see us.

Harry, um,

I need to ask you something.

What were you
whispering about

with Maggie?

Whatever it is,
you don't have to protect me.

Uh, Macy.

(hissing, growling)

(laughs softly)

I can protect myself.

Of that I have no doubt.

Can I interest
you in some...

witch blood?

100% pure.

Oh, no.
No, thank you.

Um, I-I have a ton of that
at home.

We're here for Siren's Tongue.

I know the best dealer
in town.

But that's expensive stuff.

We're prepared to pay.

I could guide you there
if you like,

but you understand
my services

come at a high
price, too.

Oh, let me guess,
one of our souls?

- Hmm?
- Perhaps possession

of our bodies for a day?

No, weirdo.

A more...

worldly possession.


Follow me.

Aren't these flowers
crazy pretty?

Mel? Mel, no, no, no, no.
Stop, stop.

I need you to stop so I can
try and fix what I broke.

What'd you break?

'Cause everything feels
pretty much perfect.

You, Mel.
I think I broke you.


This feels different
than my inception power.

I-I wasn't giddy, I was just
trying to calm you down.

Well, I have never felt better.

(sniffs, laughs)

W-What are you doing?

I'm baking cookies.


Okay. Giddy Mel needs
to giddy up and get out.

Did it work?

How do you feel?

Who cares?

I'll be on the couch.

Oh, no.


Piss off.


Someone's thirsty.

Oh, you're judging me,

little mortal?
Oh, well, not so little.

Pretty lanky, actually.
I approve.

Where are all your...


One doesn't need guards
if no one is trying to kill one.

I'm such a loser
I don't even have enemies.

Well done, Charmed Ones.

- Hmm.
- Anger.

Feels a lot better
than self-pity, doesn't it?

You feel like
the world's against you?

Join the club.
Sad you don't have any enemies?

Have some of mine.

Your curse? Sure.

That, too.

Oh, you're angry as well.

Every day.

But I choose
to do something positive.

I tried to smash
the demon patriarchy, so there.

Did you?

Or did you just
try to take it over?

So how are you saving
the world?

Right now, I'm just
trying to stay alive.

And I need to save
a descendant of Tulipe

before my
time runs out.

Oh, you are in trouble.
Right, so if you could

put down the whiskey long enough
to give me a name

from that book of yours,
with the list of witches

in trouble,
I would really appreciate it.


Here's one.

Eleanor Anderson,
descendant of Tulipe.

Hmm. Currently imprisoned
by an ogre.

Can't exactly
put that in my GPS.

What if I could help you
find her, Jordy?

I'd be forever grateful.

Yes, I suppose you would.

Wait here,

unless you want to see
how the sausage gets made.

Thanks, but we'll pass.

Suit yourself.

So, Harry,

you're not
off the hook.

Your conversation with Maggie.

What aren't you
telling me?

CELESTE: Your relationship
with Macy compromises your duty

to serve and protect.

Your new power...
To change people's feelings...

Do you think
you could use it on me?


I know you can protect yourself.
I am well aware of that.

But I'm a Whitelighter.
It's what I am.

What you are is a man.

I still feel I have a duty
to keep you safe

and alive,

and that must take priority
over any romantic feelings

I have...

no matter how strong
they may be.

You asked Maggie to take away
your feelings for me.


(door closes)

He's gone.

So is the necklace.

I'm afraid
we've been duped.

And this is precisely why
we can't pursue a relationship.

We're vulnerable
to distractions.

Life is distractions, Harry.
What's the alternative...

Being alone forever?

You'll... find someone else.

I don't want someone else.

Nor do I, but...

It's complicated.
It is, Harry. I get it.

But we'll muddle through.
We'll be fine.

Not if I make a mistake
and you die.

I can't live with that.

Well, dying
can't be so terrifying

that we just stop living.

(rapid footsteps)

Let's go.

What's the point of even trying?

As Kierkegaard once said...

Okay, stop.

Clearly, I have incepted
you with despair,

which is causing me despair.

Okay, let's
try this again.

Mel, you've got this.

We've got this.

Everything is going
to be just...


You know what?

You are right.

We are going
to stop the Faction.

And then I am going
to work out everything

with Ruby,

and you are going to work
out everything with Jordan.

It's gonna be great.

Ugh, this is worse than
my playlist on shuffle.

The darklighter
is up there,

with one word
that can apparently unlock

the key to everything

and I can't figure out
how to get you back

to you. Well,
whatever this feeling is,

it's a ton better than
what I was feeling before.

I mean,
what is this?

What's better than that, Mags?


Oh, my God.
That's the answer.

That's what
we need to give him.

You mean, we incept
him with hope?

We give him actual hope.


you can't use your powers
in Ragnar Row.

You have exactly five seconds
to get me Siren's Tongue.

I'm not playing.

She is not playing.

ABIGAEL: Jordy, you're
quite the locksmith.

We didn't exactly ring bells
back in Afghanistan.

So handy.
But unnecessary.

I could have blasted that
thing in two minutes.

The curse says
that I have to help witches.

So no
blasting by you.

Why would an ogre want
to imprison a witch here?

Why do ogres do anything?

Perhaps he was a
frustrated artist.

(wailing in distance)

You hear that?

I don't think I can pick that.

If only there was someone
here who could help.

All yours.

You're not the only one
with moves, Jordy.

You were right.

You are a victim.

The Elders did you wrong.

Same with the Faction.
Same with us.

We only released you
from the bottle

to coerce information
out of you.

We're still playing
by the old rules.

But we are gonna
try a new rubric,

change everything.

What's with her?

She's happy.

It'll wear off.



in the spirit
of hope,

what if I told you we may
have a way to release you?

Release me? Give
you a fresh start,

where the world would see you
in an entirely new light.

You want me to trust you?

Jimmy, I'm afraid
you have no choice.

Because, like
it or not,

we're on the same side now.

They're coming
for all of us.

So what's the word?



MACY: Final ingredient,
Siren's Tongue,

and voilà.

Magic isn't real.

Magic isn't real.

It worked.


All right.

That's it, that's the
Clarion Potion done.

Are we, uh...

Thank God you guys are back.

We have information,
and it's a doozy.

Uh, what kind of information?

What's been driving Julian...
The why behind all of this...


Julian's sister?

She's alive.

And thanks to Jimmy,
we know where to find her.

I'm sorry, Mr. Shea,
her vitals are still the same.

Nothing has changed.

I thought she was getting
better with the new treatment.

(phone vibrating)

I want hourly updates.

Of course.


I think we should talk.

I agree.

I know about Rosemary.

That she's alive.

- What? How do you...
- Are you with her now?

Yes, but I don't understand...

Allow me to explain.

Where is she?

Maybe you can sing
a little song, lure her out.

Must be exhausting,

acting like you've got
no heart 24/7, 365.

Who says I'm acting?

'Cause if you were
really some unfeeling monster,

you wouldn't be spending day and
night drinking your pain away.

See that?

The chimney... it's alive.

What the...


Oh, okay.

Eleanor, don't be scared.

I'm here to rescue you.

(alarm blaring)

Hold on tight, Eleanor.

You know, I have a lab
working on a force field.


But this, I mean,

what you've done here...
It's amazing.

And was that teleporting?
How I got here?

That for me?

Was any of us real?

Or were you just
using me?

- Or bewitching me?
- I can't believe you'd ask me that.

Well, I mean, I-I can, actually.

You have blood
on your hands, Julian.

A lot of it.

- I haven't murdered anyone.
- The darklighter has.

And what about those magical
creatures you captured?

Stealing their powers,
killing them in the process?

Magical creatures

have the power to make
the world a better place.

To save lives,
to help humanity. I...

If it were that simple,
don't you think

we would've done it
a long time ago?

We can't meddle in the
human world, Julian.

That's not
how magic works.

I've seen it
with my own eyes.

A few drops of black amber
brought Rosie out of her coma.

I know
you've been searching

all these years
for answers.

But black amber can't do
what you think it can.

I've seen it raise the dead.

And turn them into monsters.


Not their former selves.

What if I could show you

that you're wrong?

Vivienne has proof that
black amber healed my sister.

That's not possible.

Black amber doesn't heal

I know. If only
I could prove it to him,

maybe he'd abandon
all of this insanity.

HARRY: Well, Mace,
that's quite a gamble.

Playing with people's
minds, also a gamble.

Speaking from recent
personal experience.

So, I mean,
we could...

use a-a banned mind virus.

MAGGIE: That could
have unforeseeable

and irresponsible results.


we could find a human solution
to a human problem.

(monitor beeping steadily)

I'd like to reiterate that I
don't think this is a good idea.

I have to prove to
Julian Viv lied.

Black amber didn't
help his sister.

I have tests to run.

- Using magic?
- No.

(device beeping)

Using this.

Son of a bitch.

- Get the helicopter. Now.
- Yes, ma'am.


Celandine flower.

This demon scent releases
prisoners from paintings

with a few strokes of the brush.

Does this come up often?

You'd be surprised.


Don't put me back.

- Just kill me.
- JORDAN: Hey, no, no, no.

It's okay.

We won't hurt you.

Come on.
Sit down.

You're free.

Thank you...

whoever, whatever you are.

I'm-I'm Jordan.

I'm just a run-of-the-mill guy
who's been cursed

by the dying breath
of a witch.

ABIGAEL: Seems you've
got some more time.

(Jordan exhales)

Thank you.

Not so fast, Jordy-poo.

A favor for a favor.

Not that.

Oh, please.

And nothing that hurts
the Charmed Ones?

It's personal.

I need to get a message
to someone.


My sister.

We could go back to the house,
give Julian the potion

and be done with this.

That potion has
potential consequences

we can't predict, Harry.

We have to convince Julian
without magic, just science.

It's the only way
to solve this madness.

Okay, let's assume
Julian is telling the truth.

We know black amber didn't wake
his sister. Then what did?

If I'm right, zolpidem.


Certain sedatives
have an inverse reaction

in coma patients,

giving the illusion of lucidity.

You're saying his aunt...

Gave her Zolpidem to make Julian
think she was getting better.

To justify what she was doing
and ensure he'd keep going.

Well, that would make her
quite the monster.

Well, we'll let science
be the judge of that.

(device whirring)

Take the rear. Down
the hall, to the left.

Remember, I need her alive.

Rosemary led to Julian.
Thank you.

Meaning, I held up
my end of the bargain.

And we'll hold up ours.

What's that?

It's a potion.

Changes how you see yourself,

and in turn,
how the world sees you.

It's a fresh start.

What happens after that
is up to you.

Or you're lying.

We can't kill you.

You said so yourself.

I don't want to fight
anymore, Jimmy.

Aren't you tired of all this?

- Dimitte ex carcere.
- Dimitte ex carcere.


Should only be
another minute or so.

You know, I understand why
Julian wanted to believe Viv.

Wouldn't it be nice

if magic was the answer
to all our problems?

Macy, I'm...

I'm really sorry I-I asked
Maggie to erase my feelings.

I know
magic isn't the solution to us.

I don't want
a solution to us, Harry.

I-I just want us.

Our feelings for each other...
They inform our decisions

and yes, it might be
complicated, but it's not wrong.

- I know.
- (clattering in distance)

Oh, no.

We've been found.
Time to orb out.

But-but I can't leave
until I have these results.

Well, in a few moments,
you won't be leaving at all.

They've got guns
loaded with green goo.

That disables both of us.

Do not orb me.

Macy, you're not
thinking clearly.

Neither are you.

This-this is the answer
to everything.

If there's going to be an us,
we have to leave.

Right now.

Come on.

Do it!

(lock breaks)

(indistinct radio chatter)


I'm sorry, Julian.

My entire life I always thought
that magical creatures

were the enemy, except...

The enemy was
in your own home.


Vivienne's been doing
horrible things.

And you were her accomplice.

But you have
the chance

to make things right,

Help us,
before it's too late.

So Julian's really
gonna help us stop her?

So he says.
It's not gonna be easy.

Cruella De Viv's got a stockpile
of money, manpower and magic.

Well, after today's
emotional roller coaster,

I can say for a fact that

even magic has its limits.


But maybe there are some things
magic can solve.

MAGGIE: Do you think
Jimmy's gonna be okay, Harry?

That the Clarion Potion
will work?

♪ But I hear you... ♪

Well, I hope so.

For all of our sakes.

♪ Inside me ♪

- ♪ Hear me roar...
- ♪ (Horn honking)

You all right, sir?

♪ I am the chosen... ♪

You all right, sir?

♪ This is your warning... ♪

My name's Jimmy.

I'm a good man.

♪ Never, never ♪

♪ Never die... ♪

I'm a good man.

Jimmy's a good man.

Let's get you
somewhere safe, Jimmy.

Somewhere safe.

I heard about the breach.
Do you need me to step in?

Not necessary.
I'm handling it.

Now, where are we?

Talk about a leap
for mankind.

No one else knows about this?

Just you.

Let's keep it that way.


magic will belong
to humans.

will belong to us.

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