Charmed (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - The Rules of Engagement - full transcript

Maggie makes a life-changing decision that her sisters and Harry fear will destroy her.


GODRIC: All hail!

Caine! Caine! Caine!


is the Overlord?

This land belongs

to the Dryads--
peaceful creatures.

There's a hallowed tree,
the fruit of which

provides temporary immunity
from all things magic.

It's dead.

Help me figure out who's
responsible for the massacre.

I thought you were dead.

I missed you, Vera.

I missed you, too.

I can't lose you again, Maggie.

Will you marry me?

Are you insane?

Not the response
I was hoping for.

let's... let's get married.

I have the perfect
Pinterest board ready to go.

Let's just forget
the fact that you're...

the Demon Overlord and I'm...
I'm a Charmed One and our worlds

are at war.

I know it sounds crazy,

but everything revolutionary
sounds that way at first.

You're not Tim Cook
unveiling a new iPhone.

These are our lives.

and we have a chance
to do what no one else has:

bring peace
to the witch and demon worlds.


Look, when I became Overlord,

demons swore an oath
to follow me.

What greater calling,
for both of us?

And we could do it together.

I'm 20 years old.

I'm not ready
to get married to you.

Or to anyone,

for that matter.

I love you...

but I... I can't.

I'm sorry.

(whooshing, crackling)

You guys aren't gonna believe...




Wha... What happened?

After the Sacred Grove massacre,

a group of us witches

banded together to patrol
the magical communities,

protect them
from attacks.

MACY: But while

Layla and her cohorts
were ambushed...

by demons.


HARRY: We got to her
just in time.

But the others were taken.


We can't go
on like this.

We have to do something.


Meet fire with fire.

The only thing demons understand
is strength.

This isn't a Twitter
clapback, Mel.

Violence begets violence.

There are two
missing witches

who may still be alive.

The last thing we want to do
is incite war.

We're already
at war, Harry.

An entire species
was massacred this week.

We can't do nothing.

I told you,

Abigael confessed.
She's not a threat anymore.

And Parker wants peace.

And we believe him why,

Because. We do.



I spent the last 24 hours
with him.

(sighs) Exactly.

Emotions cloud judgment.

He did try
to take away

our powers, Maggie.

For the millionth time,

he apologized.

Okay. We all want
the same thing here.

No. You know what?
I am tired of this.

Being treated
like a child.

I can stop the violence.
All of it.

With the wave

of my hand.
This hand,


I'm marrying Parker Caine.

This is insane.

I thought so, too, at first.

Which is why I said no,
but then I realized

I can do so much more good with
him there than I can with...

us, here.

According to something called
the Oath in demon tradition,

you can only forge
an enforceable peace

with those who are family.

S... So you're marrying him
to become family?

Not only that.
I love him.

And maybe I
wouldn't do this

under ordinary

But nothing about our
situation is ordinary.

Witches are dying.
Every day.


The Power of Three?

The Power of Three is... AWOL

right now.

We don't know
if it's ever coming back.


if Parker
really wants peace,

why doesn't he just
order it himself?

Why does he need you?

Because I bring witches
to the table.

It'll be like a
power partnership.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z.
Barack and Michelle.

Brad and Angelina.

Marriages go south, Maggie.

And then what?

You think they're just
gonna let you walk away?

Did we not all
just witness Layla

bleeding out
an hour ago?

How many more names
on that blackboard

is it gonna take
before we change course?

This sacrifice
is too great.

Not if it ends
the violence.

I'm done playing
orange keycard girl.

I'm done playing
orange keycard girl.

(dogs barking)

This is where the ambush
took place, my Overlord.

Look who's back.


My sisters rescued
a witch named Layla.

Other witches in her coven
were kidnapped

by Vagrant demons.

I need you
to have them released.

Order the Vagrants to
release their hostages.

Are you sure you wish...


Very well.

That was amazing.

That was the power of...


Parker, the Oath.

Tell me everything.

It's written in our prophecy

that when the Overlord
rises to power,

the Demon World swears an oath
to honor and protect him.

Yeah, to honor

Demons, like the Mafia,
honor the family.

Anyone who's bonded to me--
like my wife--

has equal rights
and protections.

You represent
all witches.

Any attack on witches
is an attack on you.


And that's forbidden.

We could really do this.

Stop the bloodshed.

We really could.

I'm not gonna wear
a veil, though.

Wear whatever the hell
you want. (chuckles)


Marriage, how retro.

If the Demon World loses
its common enemy in witches

by making peace with them,

demons will turn on each other.

Preaching to the choir, Godric.

I could give a TED talk
on tribal warfare.

But we're not gonna
let that happen.

So we stay the course.

Kill Parker?

With one small twist:

we get the blushing
bride to do it.

Thereby cementing the rift

between demons and witches.


There's something rotten
in the land of demon,

and this wedding is smack
in the middle of it.


Abby denied being involved
in the Dryad massacre,

and yet she suddenly
confesses to it.

She's obviously
been set up.

Set up?

More likely she's doing
the setting up.

Well, you can't be
sure of that.

Either way...

how do we prove to Maggie

that she's making the biggest
mistake of her life?

We need intel

on whose hands
are really dirty here.

Starting with the groom.

What I wouldn't give
to be a fly on the wall.

What if you could?

What are you doing
over there, Vera?

Guest list?

(sighs) Peace treaty.

Terms between
witches and demons.

No slaying each other.

No vanquishing.
No sacrificing.

You think I need to say
no eating?

Know what?
Better safe than sorry.


I love this.

This side of you.

I tested very high
for executive functioning.

Is that right?

Did you know
I'm a manager at...?



Come on, Maggie,
we're getting married.

We have to trust each other.

(knocking on door)


Godric requests an audience
with you.

Malignants are planning

an attack on the coven
near Magic Waters.

They want your approval

to cross through their
territory to get there.

Absolutely not.

No more
attacking witches.

Did you miss the part
where I'm marrying one?

Sir, you haven't
married her yet.

They have no reason
to hold back.

Well, then, let's give them one.

Before more of
my people die.

We're getting
married tonight.



At which point, a peace treaty

between witches and demons
goes into full effect.

As you wish.

I'll prepare the dagger
for tonight's blood ritual.

Slow your roll there, Godric.

Slow your roll there, Godric.

Tradition dictates

that Parker draw blood
from your palm

with the Dagger of Zagan.

A blood rite

that will render you
obedient to him

for the rest of your life.

Did you know
about this?


Demons won't
trust a witch

unless her obedience
is guaranteed.

They'll trust her
trust her.

Now send out
the wedding invitations.

As you wish.

Hey, what's wrong?

I don't trust him.

Look, I'll keep him in line.

I promise.

I'm certain I remember

a shape-shifter passage


Where is it? Here it is.

You really think you can turn me
into an actual fly on the wall?

Well, anything's possible
with the right spell.


Well, that's
Latin for...


Like metamorphosis.

"Shoulders to wings.

"Feet to flight.
The human shall fly.

A curse to spite."

Wait, what?

It's not a spell,
it's a curse.


So, we're not
doing that.


Curses can be broken.

This is dangerous, Mel.

A curse has no protection.

Just to be clear,

if we turn you into a fly,

and someone
were to squish you...

You would die.

This is for Maggie.

I'm going behind enemy lines
with or without you.


Well, if you're doing this,
we're gonna need

a whole heap of these buggers.


Poor little guy.

I'd hate to spend my whole life

as something so annoying
and insignificant.

Don't tell that
to the fly.

Significance is in the
eye of the beholder.

All about perspective, I guess.


I just wish Harry would get some
when it comes to Abigael.


He's always
making excuses for her

when she does
inexcusable things.

It's the Whitelighter in him.

He sees the good in everyone,
I guess.

Even demons.

Or maybe
he has feelings for her.

Or... you have feelings for him.

Maggie and I found the sketch
of Harry in your journal.

You read my journal?

When we were doing
the tracking spell to find you.

We were desperate to save you
from the darklighter

and the spell called
for something you dread,

something you desire,

and something
you deny yourself.

That picture of Harry,
it worked for all of those.

I'm sorry.
I know you see it

as an invasion
of privacy, but...

No. It's not that.

It's not him.

The sketch, it wasn't Harry.

The darklighter?

I know.

I was disgusted by him, but...

strangely intrigued
at the same time.

It was all
very confusing.

(fly buzzing)

That is confusing.

Especially since Harry
clearly has feelings for you.

Did... Did he say that?


He sorta did.


You could always
give it a go with Harry.

Take it slow.




I mean, it's Harry.

That would be weird, right?


(fly buzzing)



Not a moment too soon...
Have you checked your texts?

Maggie and Parker

are getting married... tonight.


Then I better brew...


But we don't know how to break
the curse yet.

Guess we'll have
to figure it out...

"on the fly."

Dive in the deep end...

So let me get this straight:

The Book of Elders,

the only way to break
the shape-shifter curse

is for the cursed one...


To land on a mirror
and see my own reflection.

To land on a mirror
and see my own reflection.

No, actually self-reflect;
there's a difference.

Reflect on what?

Whatever it is
you need to learn.

Which is...?

offer specifics.

It's for you to
work out, I'm afraid.


You will save us
when we cross the line

Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh

Dive out in the deep end

Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh...

Nothing like being
the odd witch out.

Dive out in the deep end

Ain't no shelter
from the storm

Ain't no sunshine
where we're going

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh

In the deep end, deep end...

You came.

I'm sorry about before.

We both are.

We just want
what's best for you.

Thank you.

And you're sure about this?

It's not too late
to change your mind.

No, I'm... I'm good.

I better go get ready.

It is a wedding, after all.

Out in the distance,
breathe and you'll miss it

In the blink of an eye...

It's go time.

Hey, Mel,

I can't stress enough
how vulnerable you'll be.

Flies have a very short lifespan
for a reason.

Don't worry.

I got this.

Good luck.

Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh

Dive out in the deep end

Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh

Dive out in the deep end...

Where are you going?

Ain't no shelter
from the storm...

We need to find Abigael.

They're holding
her here somewhere.

I doubt she wants this wedding
any more than we do,

which means our interests
may be aligned.

So let's use her
to our advantage.

Come on.

Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh

Dive out in the deep end

Ain't no shelter
from the storm

Ain't no sunshine
where we're going

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh

In the deep end, deep end,
deep end

Bum-bum, ba-da-bum,
mm, mm

Da-dum, da-da-da-dum

Dum-dum, da-da-dum,

In the deep end.


(buzzing continues)

My apologies for pulling you
from the wedding prep.

Here goes nothing.

Just tell me
what's so urgent, Godric.

Last week,

I received word

that the Sacred Grove's security
was compromised.

Is this necessary?

Especially now.

You said Abigael was responsible
for the Dryad massacre.

I knew it.
They stole the apples.

(Mel yelps)

But Maggie thinks
we had nothing to do with it.

Always protecting your
interests, my Overlord.

This apple...

will protect you
from falling prey

to magic that may
compromise you.

We can't take any chances.

You'll need every advantage
to be an effective Overlord,

to keep the peace.

That is what your... bride
wants, doesn't she?

You have no idea
what she wants. Ow!

Insignificant creatures.

I need to reverse this curse.

A moment of self-reflection.

What do I have to learn?

There's no place like home?

I-I'm bossy? I'm judgmental?

Oh, come on.


Why aren't there any?

Can't get into bed
with the devil, Harry,

unless you want to get burned.

I don't know.

I'm powerless. I'm useless.

I'm utterly insignificant.

No. I'm only as small
as I allow myself to feel.

I may not have powers,

but it doesn't mean
that I'm powerless.

I'm fierce, loyal,
devoted to my sisters,

and if that's all the power
I have again--

the power to love--

it'll be enough.

(knock at door)

You have a visitor.


Wow, you look


Maggie, we have to talk.

Oh. Michelle, could you
just give us a second?

What is it?

The Sacred Grove.

It wasn't Abigael,
it was Godric.

He has the apples.

So Godric lied.


Well, I was right
not to trust him.

He's exactly the scum
I thought he was.

Parker will have him thrown out

as soon as
he finds out.

(sighs) Parker already knows.

Godric offered him
one of the apples

in Parker's office.

How do you know all of this?

I saw it myself.

How did you manage that?

I... turned myself into a fly.

You know, I was, like,
on the wall and all of that.

I just wanted to make sure...

I can't believe this.

I know. I'm sorry.

No. I'm...

I'm talking
about you, Mel.

Spying on Parker?

Trying to undermine my wedding?

I was trying to get
at the truth.

Protect you from...

I don't need you
to protect me, Mel.

I need you to respect
me and my decisions,

and clearly, you don't.

I'm sorry.

I can see from your perspective
that you think

it was a betrayal, but...


I think you should leave.


Now. (sniffles)

The apples.

Check his office.


(gasps softly)

I don't know why you put

so much faith in Abby.
She's done nothing but

double-cross us.

Perhaps it's the Whitelighter
in me, seeing the good.

Where there is none?

I could ask
you the same.

My darklighter?

(phone chimes)

It's Mel.

Uh, she's all right, but...

Maggie's kicked her out
of the wedding.

Damn it.


This is a

You're right about Abby, though.

She didn't kill the Dryads.

Godric did.

He's given a sacred apple
to Parker.


Oh, thank God.

You're here.

There's gonna be an
assassination attempt

on the bride
and groom.


And we're the only
ones who can stop it.

I pretended to have my powers
stripped, and then I escaped.

That's when I
overheard the guards

talking about an
assassination attempt.

If Parker ate that apple,
he's protected from magic.

And Maggie is not.

In a room full of demons.

Abby, why should we believe you?

All you've done is lie.

Your sister's in danger,

and I have a plan.

Ignore me at your peril.



Get a grip, Mel.

What the...?

So if someone had

stolen some of that fruit?

They'd be unstoppable.

The ceremony is
about to start.

It's my duty to keep you
abreast of all truths,

favorable and otherwise.

Cut the Shakespeare,

Your bride is
stealing from you.

Isn't it convenient
that she showed up

just as we
got the apples?

I don't believe you.

Maggie... what
are you doing?

I should ask you
the same thing.

You swore you had nothing to do
with the Sacred Grove massacre.

Godric masterminded
the whole thing.

Well, I didn't know
that... till today.

Godric lied to you.

What are you gonna
do about it?

He was trying to protect me.

Protect you?

Wait, did you...

Did you eat
one of the apples?

They provide immunity, Maggie.

From harmful magic.

And clearly, you have no problem
stealing them for yourself.

Dryads were murdered

for these.


If you can't see
that that's wrong...

You're gonna lecture me

on right and wrong?

Who did I just catch
sneaking in here,

spying on me?

Maybe you're the one
who can't be trusted.

That is ridiculous.

What are you doing?

(indistinct whispers
and chatter)

overlapping chatter)



Who the hell is Jordan?


He's a friend.

A friend.

I want nothing more

than peace for demons
and witches, but...

it's clear that this-- us--

isn't gonna work.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

We're getting married... Vera.


Prepare the dagger.

We're doing the blood ritual.



Black amber.

An upside-down tree.

In the command center.

This must be it.

The source of our powers.

(sighs softly)


(dogs barking)


Something happened.

Maggie's changed her mind.
She wants out.

Good, because we're
not leaving without her.

The moment it looks like
you're double-crossing Maggie,

I'll have no problem
exposing you, got it?

Maggie will leave
here unscathed.

You have my word.

She better.

She better.


be seated.

You are about to witness

the first blood ritual
in millennia...

(guests murmuring)

...since the bride
of our beloved Zagan the Great

displayed her undying devotion

by spilling

her blood.

With this, you...



(Godric yells)


Dirty witch! (yells)

Come on!

Thank you.

Get off me.

Parker's good side is so good.

But... the demon in him--

it's always...

always gonna be there,

no matter how hard
he tries to fight it.

I'm sorry, Mags.

No. I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have kicked you out
like that.

And I should have respected you.

We shouldn't treat you
like the baby.

I definitely acted like one.

A dreamer.

So naive,
thinking I could

change thousands of years
of history with...

Daring to dream is
a revolutionary act.

Dreamers change the world.



What happened here?

I thought I found
black amber.

Like the amber in Jordan's ring?


Is that
a root?

It's a tree.

I saw it poking out
from the floor.

When I pulled on it,
black sap came out.

And your powers,
did they...

I tried.

It didn't work.

(inhales sharply)




My vision.

It's Parker.

He's coming here to kill Jordan.

Jordan's curse.

It's coming to fruition.

Unless we stop it.

(breathing sharply)

Hey, man.
Can I get a quick lesson?

Oh, God.

He's here.

We've got to get
people out of here

before a full showdown
with Parker.

We need a distraction.


could you create a flame
under that smoke detector?

(alarm beeping)


What is this stuff?

It's a halon
fire system.

We had one in the lab.

Puts out fire with halon gas
instead of water.

Make sure everyone gets out.

(alarm continues beeping)

We'll pick this up another time.

Mm. Actually,

I think I want to finish this.


Parker, leave him alone.

Ah, sweetheart.


You came.


You know this guy?

Oh, is this a thing, Vera?

Parker, you're not
thinking straight.

My dude, listen,

we don't want trouble.

If you take another step
in her direction,

I'm gonna have
to show you out myself.


You done?





Let go of him!



Come on, Maggie.

Let's go home.

She is not going

Stay the hell back!

Oh, my God.

It's me.

I did that.

It's the amber.

Molecular manipulation.


Damn it.


The apples.

He's immune from magic.


Am I interrupting something?


you're better than this.


maybe I'm not.

I'm a demon.

Always will be.

Get out
of the way,





What did you do?


Harry... heal him, please.


It's not gonna work.

He's immune to magic.

I just can't believe



Went so dark
so fast.

You know, it was
probably the apples.

I can feel you

Caused, uh, some
sort of mania.

Slipping through

Nobody forced him
to eat those apples.

Mind is pleading

He wasn't able to resist.

Power of that magnitude
always comes at a cost.

I know how painful this is.

But you can't let it
break your spirit.

You have so much good

that the world needs right now.

A young visionary
once said,

"This is not the end.

This is the beginning."

Did you just compare me to AOC?

It may take you
a while to...

dream up another way
to bring peace, but...

if anyone can do it,

it's you.


Daring to see things
differently... me thinking, too.

Hands of the giver


Thank you.

For doing the right thing.

Though I'm sure it was
for the wrong reasons.

Perhaps I've grown fond
of playing

the demon
in shining armor.

We owe you one.

Can I cash in my IOU now?

That depends what
you had in mind.


Oh, did I scare you?

Taken too soon


Taken too soon


Nothing like a little magic
to end the day.

I don't want to let you go

Don't be a stranger, Harry.

I don't want to let you go.

It's an apple a day
keeps the doctor away.

Three apples a day
incites mania.

I thought Dad was the most vile
demon who ever lived.

You're so much worse.

Those apples

may have amped you up,
but that demon jealousy streak--

that's 100% you.

And if anything,
you should thank me.

I cleaned up your
little scratch.

Got you out of a marriage
that was doomed from the start.

And I extricated
you from a job

that you most certainly
would have failed at.

Don't you think a
little gratitude is due?

But you know I...

I will make you pay for this.

I never could

Get in line.

(indistinct chatter)

I want to stand

Where the light
from the night

Taking the dark

Witches took my brother.

I cannot help

I will avenge

my bloodline
and our kingdom.

I am your new Overlord.

It's time
for a matriarch to ascend.



Well played, Abigael.

Vanquishing Parker
to save that human,

ensuring the trust
of the Charmed Ones.

(chuckles softly)

You finally got everything
you wanted.


I want it all.

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