Charmed (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Past Is Present - full transcript

Harry and Macy make a startling discovery; Maggie teams up with Abby against an unlikely foe. Mel must save Kat from an uncertain fate.



What is going on?

Have you had any weird
residual side effects?


Like what?

Images of worms...


If I do what you ask,

will you leave me alone?

"Marisol wants you to know

what you're looking for
is between the sheets"?

How does she know about Mom?

You want to try on my ring?

You're pretty obsessed
with this thing.


Maggie, wait.

I can see why my loser brother
was so taken with you.

Parker is not a loser.

He's decent and kind.


Don't talk about Harry.


He's special to you, isn't he?

But I think you like me better.

You'll never be enough for her.

("Look at Me Now" by King Flexx

Yeah, like that

Yeah, yeah, I was born
to be the greatest

Uh, yeah, I was born
to be your favorite

Look, Ma, I'm on a billboard,
I made it

That's what I dream
every day, so I say it

Yeah, I used
to be broke, though

Money was so-so,
used to be loco

But I was born
to be the realest

Yeah, yeah, I was born
to be the illest

'Cause anything is possible

Uh, if you don't know,
it got to go

Uh, I'm about to,
'bout to blow

Uh, I'm about
to start the show, aah!

You try to knock me down,
you try to take my crown...


Yeah, look at me now...

(exhales, panting)

Not bad. You're pushing me hard.

Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee, right?

Ali. I'm impressed.


So, uh, we gonna talk
about the elevator incident?

Thought we were
pretty talked out.

You, uh,

tried on my ring on, and then,
and then ran away, Maggie.

Commitment spooks me.


I give.

Oh, make sure you're not
dropping your shoulder

during your cross.

Leaves you vulnerable.

Right, yeah, wouldn't

want to be


You cannot stop me, no

Hey, you cannot stop me,
you cannot stop me, go.

Uh... (chuckles)

Wh-What is that?
Is that a cloning serum?

Sorting through these old
potions seems to be paying off.

Do you think he's really gone?

The darklighter?

It would seem so.


You-you must be relieved.

Are you?


(door opens)

I got it.

Good morning, visionaries.

Change your thoughts,
change your world.

Vegan breakfast taquito?

Oh, no.

I'm good, Swan.
Kat's store is closed,

and I haven't seen her
in a while.

Any idea when she might be back?

I heard she had some kind of...

Vegan breakfast taquito?

Thank you.

Some kind of what?



Apparently she kept on seeing
worms everywhere.



Word is, she's not coming back.

Stealing someone's sweat?

Feels like an invasion
of privacy or something.


A necessary one.

According to
The Book of Elders,

this spell could reveal
what magic is present

in any given person
or creature.

What if I'm blowing this
whole thing out of proportion?

Maybe there's a perfectly
reasonable explanation.

For Jordan's magical ring
that gave you new powers?

And a vision of him in danger.

But, Maggie,

you said you couldn't tell
if he was good or bad.

And if we have an
enemy in our midst,

we need to know.

All right. You ready?


Ostende verum tuum.

(low rumble)

Symbols. Write them down.

Let me see.

Let me see.


What's it say?

Jordan is cursed... the dying
breath of a witch.

Why would a witch curse Jordan

unless he'd done something
really horrible?

I don't believe it.

He seems like such a decent man.

How could I be
so wrong about him?

Well, sometimes emotions
cloud our judgment.

Well, we need to get
to the bottom of this

before something
terrible happens.

(witchboard beeping)

Sacred Grove.

What are those lines?

Ley lines.

Ley what?


supernatural currents.

They intersect
at great sources of power,

like Stonehenge, Bermuda
Triangle, and the Sacred Grove.

Which is under the
jurisdiction of the Elders.

Or was.

I'll explain when
we get there,

but we need to go now.

Sorry, we're closed.

Yes, I saw the sign.

I'm a friend of Katrina's.

I was hoping you could
tell me where she is.

Actually, I'll take that.

What did you say your name was?


I'm Amita. Kat's mother.

Kat's not well.

Can I talk to her?

I-I think I could be helpful.

Are you a doctor, Mel?
If not, I think you should

mind your own business.


I told you to wait
outside, Kitty.

Kat, can I have five minutes?


I already told you...

It's okay, Ma.

Five minutes.


So, why is the grove sacred?

Somewhere here,
there's a hallowed tree,

the fruit of which provides
temporary immunity

from all things magical.

Dangerous in the wrong hands.

Guess we should stock
up while we're here.

The fruit is not ours to take.

This land belongs to the dryads.

Peaceful creatures.

They live in harmony
with nature.

Oh, no. The tree.

It's dead. Worthless.

The grove was under the
protection of Whitelighters.

But they're
all gone now.

A-And so if someone had
stolen some of that fruit?

They'd be unstoppable.

(twig snaps)

(groaning in distance)

Over here.

Her wounds are severe.


Are you all right?

Who, who are you?

Uh, we're witches. You're safe.


What happened here?

I sensed that the dryads
were in danger.

I came here to help.

You're a telepath?

When I got here, there were

a dozen demons.

Carnals and Malignants

working together, taking
what doesn't belong to them.

And the dryads?

The dryads.

They're all dead.


Carnals and Malignants
working together.

Can't imagine
who's behind that.


Perdu parmi vous, vipères

J'ai perdu l'envie

Ou que j'aille, je m'écaille

Et mon sang-froid
s'est enfui...

Susan, you talented woman.


You could at least knock.

Apologies, ladies.

We need to talk.

Excuse us, Susan...

and Susan.

For the tenth time,
I didn't destroy

any sacred tree
or take any damned fruit.

God, you're worse
than Greenpeace.

What, and we're supposed
to take your word for it?

After all we've been through,
you don't trust me?


tell them how close
we've gotten

after our little adventure.

I'm starting to think
we'd be better off

without you altogether.

Ooh, someone's getting rough.

Perhaps your time
with the darklighter paid off.

Maybe it did.

Macy, we need her.

I'm touched.

And much as I'd love one
of your damn apples,

I'm not the lucky bastard
you're after.

Who is, then?

You won't
believe me.


What are you
talking about?

It's not me you want.

It's him.


GODRIC (on mirror):
All hail...

the Overlord!

(crowd cheering)

CROWD (chanting):
Caine! Caine! Caine!

Caine! Caine! Caine! Caine!

Caine! Caine!
Caine! Caine!

Caine! Caine...


Parker... is the Overlord?

I don't believe you.
Parker wanted

nothing to do with
his demon side.

That's why he left
Hilltowne and me.

Well, things changed,


When you all kept me hostage
in your command center,

my compatriots
got restless.

They had teed up the Overlord.

They needed to deliver.

Enter my idiot half brother.

With the Caine family name,
they assumed the Demon World

would fall into line.

And they
were right.

I laid
the groundwork,

he waltzed in
and took the throne.


If she was
calling the shots,

I doubt we'd
find her here,

with a pair of...
lazy Susans.

Now, if you don't mind,

either kill me

or let me get back
to what's left of my life.

Take me to him.

What? No.


I know him better
than anyone else.

He's not behind these killings.

Maybe he can help us
figure out who is.

And we can get back
the sacred fruit.

What if you're wrong?

Well, then I'm the only one

who might be able to stop him
from whatever's coming next.

Let's go.

Excuse me,
I'm not the metro train.

Well, you're my ticket in.

And, frankly, I'm your ticket
back from exile.

Stress-induced hallucinations?

That's what the doctors
call them.

I've had them
my whole life.

My mother found a facility

in Utah that will take me.

Maybe this time they'll
actually fix what's broken.

Or at least stop me
from sending you crazy texts

because voices tell me

that you need to look
"between the sheets."

I'm so embarrassed.

That "crazy text" you sent...

saved my life.

What if I could

prove to you
that you are not crazy?


The worms.

I saw them, too.


Mel, I have to go.

My mother's taking me
to the airport today.

Do you trust me?

Then come with me now.

Maggie, we can't
let you go alone.

It's too dangerous.


Parker will
feel ambushed.

If he really is uniting
demons against witches,

I might be the only one
who can do something about it.

(Abigael clears throat)

Can we get on
with it, people?

You're prepared
to trust her?

I don't...

but I have leverage.

If the Demon World were to find
out that Abby's half-witch...

I wonder what they
would do with her.

Right, Abigael?

I've got this.

Also got... this.

A truth serum.

A truth serum.

Emotions cloud judgment.

I'll get the truth from Parker
one way or another.


Well, while you're gone,

we will get to the
bottom of Jordan.

One way or another.


Don't be a stranger.

The Susans and I
could use a fourth.


Are you and her, is...?

What, do you really think
I'd be that stupid?

She's dangerous.

Yeah, well,

sometimes danger
can be exciting.

Not when you're
thinking clearly.

Now, back to
the task in hand.

Jordan-- I have an idea.

(guards speaking
foreign language)

(dogs barking)

Okay, so it looks like
about eight guards.

But I think if you give
us a fiery distraction,

we can make it
to the side door.

(intercom beeps)

MAN: Front gate.

One of the Charmed Ones
here to see the Overlord.

Maggie Vera, to be exact.

(static crackles)

(dogs barking)

What are you doing?

Getting us through that door
without getting us killed.

(lock buzzes, latch clicks)


Jab, jab, cross.

Jab, cross,
hook, uppercut.

Ah, nice!

Not bad for
a beginner.

You ever had any
fight training?

Well, you know...

(grunting and shouting)

...a little here and there.

Well, you never know when

self-defense skills

will come in handy, yeah?

Yeah, you know, uh...

the drills are great
and everything, but, um...

do you think we could spar?

In your first session?

Yeah, I-I just, I want
to know what it feels like

to have a punch come at me.

Fake punch.

Go easy.


We'll take it slow, yeah?


You ready?

(short laugh)

The Charmed One, sir.


And her.

Hello, brother.




You have nerve
showing your face here.

Parker, stop!
She's not the enemy!

That's funny.

Because two days ago,

my sister here tried to kill me.


Isn't that right, Abigael?

(Abigael gasping)

Sorry, sis.

Powers don't work
with that cuff.

Or have you

(Abigael choking)

(Abigael panting)


You tried to
kill him?!


Nothing like finding a basilisk
under your pillow.

You haven't a shred of proof
I was behind that.

Oh, but he does.

Thought I smelled a turncloak.


Ah, Godric.

It seems my
dear sister

here's been working
with my ex-girlfriend.

Parker, I had no idea, I swear.




Smells of poison.

It's truth serum.

I can explain.

Lock them up.


I just want a minute!

After everything we've been
through, don't I deserve that?!


Everyone out.

Leave her
with me.

(both grunting)

My Overlord, I suggest...


I thought you were dead.



Oh, yeah.

("Good Day" by C.J. King

Ooh... hey.



But spend that on cheesecake

But I got a father
who will never...



Girl, don't even bother

Swervin' on the old me

So, girl,
don't even bother...


Cheap shot.

That's not cool.

My bad.

Lesson number one--

always keep
your guard up, right?

Lesson number two...

Don't pick a fight

with someone above
your weight class.


Can I help you
with something, buddy?

Uh, no, I'm just waiting
for my friend here.

Well, thank you so much,
uh, for the, uh,

for the tutorial.

It was very fun.

I can't believe I just
whacked him in the face.

Please tell me that
cloning serum worked.

Mission accomplished.

(keypad beeps)

Welcome to my home.

You blindfolded me
so you could show me your foyer?

Not exactly.

MEL (over video): Really?
I cannot believe they let you

graduate with that Spanish...

Mel! Higher angle, please.

Oh, don't be silly.
You look beautiful.


I'm proud of you both.

You're so cheesy, Mom.

That voice.

That woman, she spoke to me.

Told me to call you.
Who is she?

My mother.

She died last year.

You are not crazy,

You're a medium.

A darklighter assassin came for
you and other magical creatures

and was sent by...

We don't know who,

but we had
to disappear

to save ourselves.

So where have you been
all this time?

I... I'm-I'm sorry.

I just...
Don't trust me?

Parker, last time I saw you,

you were going on a walkabout
to figure out your life.

Now you're sitting on a throne

with demons calling you
"my Overlord."

Forgive me if I'm
a little freaked out.

Believe me,
this wasn't the plan.

Godric found me,

said I could
"unite the Demon World"

because of who my dad was.

The Caine name meant something,


But you hate everything
your father stood for.


Which is why I'm doing this.

Not to start a war like him,
but to end one.

Between all
the demon bloodlines.

No more scheming,
no more bloodshed,

just peace.

If this is about peace,
why kill the dryads?

Abigael told you that was me?

And you believed her?

Look, I wouldn't lie
to you, Maggie,

not after everything
we've been through.

And I'll prove it.

No, wait. Don't.

I don't want to
start like this.

Trust is earned,

not forced.

Tell me how
I earn it back.

The dryads.

Help me figure out who's
responsible for the massacre.

Help me recover

Help me recover

the sacred fruit before
it can be used against us.

Some kind of Overlord
you turned out to be.

Is it not enough
to betray me?

Now you've come to gloat?

I wasn't the one
who disappeared, Abigael.

The masses needed an Overlord,
and I found one.

They'll follow him.

He's a Caine.
So am I.

You can't seriously
think that twit

can hold the
bloodlines together.

He's simple,
he's soft.

And weak enough to control.


Oh, you still think you're
the one controlling him.

That witch has already crawled
inside his bleeding heart

and made
a little nest.

And I'll prove it to you.

Where are we going?

To find out if someone
here is responsible

for the dryad

What is this?

You asked us to find the killer.


is how we demons

do it.

Let the torture


Who was behind the killings
in the Sacred Grove?

Parker, there has to be
another way.

Demons won't give themselves up

unless their lives
are on the line.

Torture isn't
the answer, ever.


But I thought...


So what exactly is your plan?


Well, I can't move it,

so I guess the ring
did not reignite my powers.

Well, perhaps rejuvenating
Maggie's abilities,

whatever power the ring
had was depleted.

This ring holds the key
to so many questions.

We need to find out its history,

where it's from.

A provenance spell.

Yes. Uh, we-we can extract
its essence.

Yes, rip out its essence.

Just like me.

What the Elders did to you... make him.

You felt something for him,
didn't you?

My darklighter.

I-I don't know what I felt.

You liked him.

he was a piece of you.


Because that's all
I am now-- pieces.

Let's get on with this,
shall we?

So your dead mother

talked to me
from the spirit world?

When we first met,

you said there are things
that we can't explain.

Just... all this time.

The doctors, the tests,

everyone thinking I was crazy.

I'm so sorry.

Mel, how do you know
so much about this?

Mediums, supernatural phenomena?

Let's just say

my family were

I'm a believer, too,

in fate.

I believe

the universe brought us together
for a reason.


I can't.

I have been down this road
before, and it doesn't end well.

I don't understand.

I know.

I'm sorry.

(door opens)

(door shuts)

(footsteps approaching)

How's the food?

Compared to what?

How's the food?

Compared to what?

Oh, you brought

Much harder to get a table
for four down here.

I wouldn't get
too comfortable, sis.

We have some questions
for you.

And you're gonna
answer them... truthfully.

You dosed me with truth serum?

Godric, you double-dealing
demon scum.

Why, thank you.

So, how do you
feel about Harry?

I find him adorably,
wretchedly endearing,

and I'd love to corrupt him
in a sexual way.

Bloody hell.

Oh, good,
it's working.


Who stole the fruit
from the Sacred Grove?

Who are you



Who killed the dryads?

I did.

All right? I did. It was me.

For the sacred fruit.

I thought it might give
me a fighting chance

of destroying him and
reclaiming what's mine,

but when we desecrated the tree,
all the fruit turned to dust.


And will you
ever stop...

to kill me?

So long as I live,


Well, thank you
for your honesty.

Take her.

Wha... What's happening?

Where are they taking her?


Get off me.

To be executed,
of course.


Look, I'm no fan of Abigael's,
but she's your own blood.

She tried to kill me, and she
just admitted she'll never stop.

Look, what choice
do I have?

There's always another choice.

If you choose
to kill your own sister,

there's no coming back
from that.

Not for you
and not for us.

Running the Demon World
is about strength.

I'll look weak.

They'll come for me, Maggie.

Then give them
something else to fear.


It's time.


This should show us
the most significant moment

in the ring's history.

And hopefully reveal

how this inexplicably cursed
boxing instructor

managed to get his hands
on a ring of such power.

Revela su procedencia.

(rattling, sizzling)


(wind whistling)

The ring doesn't
belong to you,

Mr. Chase.

Does now.

Where's the rest
of the black amber?

I'll never tell you.

None of us will.

Then you and your coven
can burn.

I'll find what I
need in the ashes.

Take her.


Take all of them.

No matter how long
your seed may strive,

it shall never take hold
nor stay alive,

cursed to wither
five by five.

I curse you,
Lawrence Mortimer Chase!


(scream fading)

A curse...

on Lawrence Mortimer Chase.


That's Jordan's
last name.

Abigael Jameson-Caine,

you've admitted

to crimes
against the Overlord

and the dryads.

Such treachery

can only be met with death.

I disagree.

(others murmuring)

A quick death
is too kind for her.

Dying a demon

too noble for her.

So, instead, sister...

I sentence you to be stripped
of your demonic powers

and your immortality.

You will spend the rest of
your life incarcerated... a mortal.

Sir, I must protest.

You dare question my judgment?



(exhales weakly)

(others cheering, clapping)

OTHERS (chanting):
Caine! Caine! Caine!

Caine! Caine! Caine!
Caine! Caine!

Caine! Caine! Caine! Caine!
Caine! Caine! Caine! Caine!

Thank you.

For saving her.

Thank you for saving me.

Wake me up

Pull at the seam

Wake me up

I don't want to be

Lost in the dark

Pull at the seam

I don't want to feel

I don't want to feel

Heavy like the,
heavy like the sun

I don't want to be

Wake me up

I don't want to be
lost in the dark

Is this a dream?

I don't want to feel...

I missed you, Vera.

I missed you, too.

Heavy like the sun.

Lawrence Mortimer Chase,
also known

as the Witchfinder General.

Born in 1864.

Died 1889.

25 years old.

"Five by five."

"Cursed to wither five by five."


Lawrence's son,

Rudolph Chase,
also died at 25.

And his son Herman, too.

Jordan's not the only one
who's cursed.

All the men
in Jordan's family died

before their 26th birthday.

Macy, how old is Jordan?

He's 25.

What did you tell her?

What she wanted to hear.

That the voices stopped.

And she believed you?

It's hard to have to hide
your truth from the world.

But I guess
you already know that.

(footsteps approaching)

You ready, Kitty?

Be right there.

Wait, I thought...

Mel, I'm still leaving.

I don't need

but... I do need
some time away

just to... figure
out my life.

In the meantime...

...would you find
someone fitting

to watch over Spellbound?

Manage the store?

I'd be honored.

To what could have been.


Where are you going?

I have to go.



Because I don't belong here.

What if you did?

Look what you and
I did together.

A witch and a demon.

We found a way forward
without bloodshed.

We found a way forward
without bloodshed.

What if... we could make
the world like that?

What if we could make peace?


What if?

I can't lose you again, Maggie.

I don't ever want us
to be apart.

What are you doing?

Margarita Emilia Vera...

...will you marry me?

(footsteps approaching)

That was quite a gamble.

But it worked.

They won't be looking for you
now that they think

I was the one who stole
the sacred fruit.

And thanks for the snack,
by the way.

That truth serum
had no chance.

And your powers?


What's next,

my Overlord?

Parker's going down.

And anyone
who gets in the way...

is going with him.

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