Charmed (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Truth About Kat and Dogs - full transcript

Mel and Maggie attempt to find a missing Macy with a spell while Harry uses a different method allowing Abigael to help him access his subconscious in an attempt to connect with his dark side.


HARRY: But you need to jump!

Go now!

Do it!

There's a shape-shifter
out there

who looks exactly like you.

My fellow Whitelighters.

They're dead.
I'm the last Whitelighter.

You're a demon.

a demon.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Abigael Jameson-Caine.

Daughter of Alistair Caine,

half sister to Hunter Caine,

both of whom
your family murdered.

You've got to be kidding me.

The sentinel. They're rumored
to live on the astral plane.

Then let's go find
the sentinel.


the greatest secrets and spells.



But you can.

Just remember,
nothing is without consequence.

It's Helen, right?

Oh, my God.
You're a Whitelighter.

Helen's quiet. It's her sister

that's the problem.



That thing in there,

she's part of you.

Macy, it's time to go.

Harry's here. Go. Go
through the portal.

Where's Macy?

She's not with you?

We saw her leave
with you. Unless...

It wasn't me. It was him.

My darklighter.

(wolf howls)

(metal clanging)

Where is she?

Where's our sister?

Don't know what
you're talking about.

We know you've got
a witch here.

Are you working for
him? The darklighter?

Just give her up,
and there won't be any trouble.

Want to ask me a question?

Come a little closer.

We'll stay right here.


Caeca hunc daemonem!

Caeca hunc daemonem!


Damn witches blinded me.

We have an antidote.

Tell us where Macy is,
and we'll give it to you.

We just want

our sister back.


There has to be...

some kind of deal...

we can make.

What kind of deal?



Mel, no!

What did... what-what did...

what did you do that for?

He was our last lead to Macy.

I saved your life.

Maggie, look.

WOMAN (muffled):


Help me!



Thank you. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Oh, God. Thank you.

No red dots anywhere.

Well, while you
were in Clay City,

I went and checked
on the last two.

One in Jacksonville,
the other in Provo.

Witches in trouble, yes,
but no Macy.

What was that demon even doing
with her in a barrel?

Marinating her, most likely.

A small sect
of Malignants

have gone... well,
a tad cannibalistic.

Once they get a
taste for witches,

their appetite is insatiable.

Good news is you saved that
woman before she became lunch.

Yeah, and the bad news
is no Macy anywhere.

How is this possible?

Could the darklighter
have cloaked her?

Or worse?

Don't go there, Mags.

Perhaps it's time you do.

"Dead" is the word
you're so assiduously avoiding.

Macy is not dead.

You sure of that?

The other Harry has had her
for, what, 36 hours?

That's plenty of time to...

I swear, if you don't stop
talking now, we will... you.

I'm telling you,

Absum Veri,
which I'm pretty sure

I still remember.

Absum Veri?

What is that?

A tracking spell.

Very powerful and also banned.

How do you even know about it?

Well, I spent some time
studying the list

in the back
The Book of Shadows.

Those spells are banned
for a reason.

Absum Veri
was found not alive.


Guantanamo guards.

You can't keep me in this
containment spell forever.

Even demons have rights,

and I have things
I need to do.

What kind of things?

I'm not sure your imagination
could handle them, Perky Peanut.

What did you call me?

Perky Peanut.

Pretty Pony.

Primping, Prancing Princess.

I can see why my loser brother
was so taken with you.

I can see why my loser brother
was so taken with you.

Parker is not a loser.

He's decent and kind.


He walked away from ruling the
Primordials. He was too weak.

Ignore her, Mags.


Angry Spice has spoken.


We need to focus.
We're running out of time.

I'll scour
The Book of Elders

for information about
the darklighter,

any clues as to where he
might have taken Macy.

And we'll take our chances

Absum Veri.


Macy is missing, Harry.

Banned or not,
this is our best shot.

Sorry, Harry.

I agree with Mel
on this one.

(Maggie sighs)

Perky Peanut?

Half sister demon's
really starting to piss me off.

Still looking
for a "shut your piehole" potion

for her.



Oh. Uh, Maggie, this is Kat.

She helped us find a path
to the astral plane.

Oh. Sounds like
it was a real trip.

Yeah. About that...

have you had
any weird residual...

side effects since then?

Uh, like what?

Images of... worms.

What's going on?

What is happening?
Get them off of me! Help!

Uh, no.

No side effects.

Kat, I'm sorry
to have to rush off,

but we've got
a sort of family emergency.

Maybe we can grab

coffee later?

Of course.

Nice to meet you.

You, too.


Okay, what was that?

I thought you said
she didn't remember anything

from the astral plane.

She wasn't supposed to.

Well, what happened there?

Can we please just
stick on task here?

Absum Veri

requires us
to say an incantation

over three items belonging
to the missing person.

We need something
that Macy dreads,

something she denies herself,

and something she desires.

The dread

should be specific
to her and current.

(indistinct chatter)

What are you doing?

Pouring out the exact number of
shots I can take before I say

something I regret.

She dreads
being out of control.

Do it.


Now for what
she denies herself.


Remember the almond
milk incident?

Oh, yeah. She went ballistic
when we ran out.


Now what she desires.

It's obvious. Family.


She wanted that job at the
Bioethical Research Lab

in Ann Arbor.


I mean, yes, her ambition,

but Macy's deepest desire
was growing up with her mother.

She accepted that.

People don't just accept loss
overnight, Mel.

Look, I'm sorry
to pull rank here,

but I'm the empath,
and if anyone

understands emotion,
it's me.

Tantric sex takes less time

than whatever it is
you're doing.

This is supposed to
help me translate.

Every time I pass over the text

dealing with Whitelighters,

it disappears.


Guess the Elders
didn't want Whitelighters

to see it and learn the truth

about their naughty
darklighter selves.


Perhaps the truth is lying
somewhere else entirely.

Stop playing games.
If you know something, speak up.

Macy's in danger.


But I'm guessing

if you share the same origin,

it's conceivable you share
a psychic connection of sorts

where you know what he knows...

and vice versa.

Well, even if
you were right,

how to access
that connection?

Start at the beginning

where you and he were created.

I'm trying.
The Elders wiped my memory.

Oh, yes.

And deleting porn
cleans your hard drive.


What if I could help you
access them?

Your memories.

The good, the bad
and the ugly.


You bust me out of here,

and we'll talk.

Nice try.

Don't you see?

We share a common enemy, Harry.

He came after me, too.
I want him dead as much

as you do.

Stop talking.

I'm trying to concentrate.

Well, the clock is ticking.

Ticktock. Ticktock.

Hesitate long enough,

Hesitate long enough,

and it might be too late.

Oh, come on. Come on.

Oh, damn it.


Against my better judgment...

(indistinct chatter)

What are you doing?

my demon magic doesn't work

in your precious command center.

Now, before we do this, I have
some legal liability forms

I'll need you to sign.

That was a joke.

Look, what I'm about to do
is dead serious.

I have a special skill

that demons in my family line

You will experience joy
and pleasure,

but you may also experience pain

and suffering.
And it will feel

as real as it did
when it actually happened.

Are you prepared for some pain
and pleasure, Harry?

Yes. Just do it.


♪ ♪


What the hell?

Not hell.

But close.

Where are we?

We're in a
demon mind meld.

to your subconscious, Harry.

Let the games begin.

If this goes wrong...

It's not going wrong.

We got this.

Ancient spirits, Macy Vaughn,

our dear eldest sister,
has up and gone.

We must retrieve her.

Heed our call.

Track down our sister
before night's fall.

Qui abest reperietur.

Nothing's happening.


Okay, so this is why
we don't try banned spells.





We got the
desires wrong.


I told you.


I don't understand.

My subconscious is
SafeSpace Seattle?

It takes on the physicality
of wherever I perform the meld.

So, welcome... visionary.


Somewhere in here,

smothered under layers
of teapot cozies and mushy peas,

is your connection
to the darklighter.

If you can access him,

his thoughts,

well, that might lead us
to where...

Where he took Macy.

("'Arry, 'Arry, 'Arry"
by Alec Hurley playing)

I know that song.

♪ With 'Arry Brown, a pal of
mine, at nights I used to go ♪

♪ Round to a pub, a cozy pub,
a quiet little show ♪

♪ A widder lady keeps it ♪

♪ And there's one thing
pretty clear... ♪

Happy birthday,


♪ And while he tells his tales
of love to her across the bar ♪

♪ I keep me chivy chase
inside a pot... ♪



♪ I'm always whisperin'
in his ear ♪

♪ Every opportunity
I've got... ♪

♪ ♪

My human name was
James Westwell.

Before I became a Whitelighter.

And that's...

♪ ♪ grandmother.

Her name was...


You've gotten so big.


Yes, it was Willa.
I'm sure of it.

Now, take a
deep breath

and make a wish.


This is a memory.

No, no. No, no, wait.

Don't get lost
in the morass, Harry.

Good evening, everyone.

It's Michael and Penny again...

It's Michael and Penny again...

What's that?

...bringing you
a delightful song

with a funny little title called

"I Do Like to Be
Beside the Seaside."

♪ Now everyone delights to spend
their summer holiday ♪

♪ Down beside the side
of the silvery sea ♪

♪ I'm no exception to the rule ♪

♪ In fact, if I'd me way ♪

♪ I'd reside by the side
of the silvery sea... ♪

My father.

Cavendish tobacco.

(inhales deeply)



Moving on.


You think she
dealt with Mom,

but you're wrong
about that part.

Or you're wrong
about Macy.

I should have trusted
my instincts.

Macy and I are in
a different place in our life.

What is that
supposed to mean?

Uh, meaning
your obsession with guys

has always trumped
any career ambition.




Uh, that's rich,

coming from The Haunt's
former Bartender of the Month.

(fabric ripping)

And Parker's not just some guy.


Yeah, he was a demon guy
who tried to steal your powers.

He said he was sorry.
Stop being so judgy.

(microwave beeps)


(fabric ripping)



That should work.

Hmm. So should this.

Let's hope this demon
hound likes tofurkey.



Truth or dare?

(bottle spinning)


I choose dare.

Close your eyes.

First kiss.


(chuckles softly)

Who's that?


There was a woman.

She was right here.

Seems there are

some things lurking out there
you don't want to face, Harry.

But if we're looking for psychic
connections to the darklighter,

you're going
to have to go deeper.

How, exactly?

Time to break down your walls.

Considering it's you,
it might take a sledgehammer.

Come on.

Let's go find out what's
in the dark recesses of Harry.

Please stop.


If I do what you ask,
will you leave me alone?

Fine, then.

Let's get this over with.







Is that you?

Where have you been?

I don't know.

You bastard!

How could you
do this to me?

To your son?

What did I do?

I gave up on you being faithful
to me a long time ago.

But another family.

Another family.

You are a scoundrel, aren't you?

Do you know how many nights
Carter falls asleep in my arms,

asking where you are and
if you're coming back?


You're insatiable and greedy.

Clara, forgive me.


It's too late, James.

I'm sorry.


Well, I guess now we know
where the "dark"

in your darklighter came from.

All right, demon hound,
come and get it!



All right, take two.

(muffled snarling)

♪ ♪

(phone ringing, buzzing)

(recorded): Hi, this is Mel.
Leave a message.


I'm trying.

You broke the rule.


The no relationship rule.

We agreed not to make
the same mistakes again.

And I haven't.

I swear.

(hound growling)


Now, can we just
get on with this?


(sighs) Okay.

Ancient spirits, Macy Vaughn,

our dear eldest sister,
has up and gone.

We must retrieve her.

Heed our call.

Track down our sister
before night's fall.

Qui abest reperietur.


(hound growling)

(glass breaking)



How could I have done
those things?

Perhaps the memories
weren't real.

Maybe the Elders planted them.

We're in a demon mind meld.

I'm afraid those memories
are real.

But they're over.

Well, you've done this,
luring me into the darkness.

What was the point of all that?

Well, the point...
is to find Macy

and end the threat that hunts
us all, that assassin.

I warned you
it would be painful.

Look, the dark version of you

killed two
of my favorite playthings

with a flick
of his wrist.

Now he has Macy,

and something in your brain

might hold the key
to finding him.

♪ A quiet little show... ♪

(Harry exhales)

Happy birthday, James.

(woman screaming)


(woman crying)


Sounds like we're in
the right place.


(hound snarling)




Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

Did you see its teeth?

I was too freaked out
by its eyes.

Every time we get it wrong,

that demon dog gets
more dangerous.

Every time we get it wrong,

it's another minute
that Macy's missing.

We just need to get
it right next time.

(hound growling,
scratching at door)

If only we could get
into Macy's head.

If only.



Normally, it's fun to watch
someone struggle and suffer,

but this is getting old.



My brain won't let me in.

What would you like me to do?

Well, we don't have time
for therapy.

She's back.

Who is that?

You tell me.

I don't know.

She's gone again.

Harry, this door,

it's locked for a reason.

The thing
the Elders feared most,

your connection
to your other half,

it must be
on the other side.


It's a mental firewall.

(grunts, exhales)

You won't get through it
with brute force.

It's not about fighting,
it's about surrendering.

To what?

To the scariest thing of all.

The truth.

♪ ♪



(hound growling,
crashing against door)

Wouldn't this be the worst way
to die, after everything?

Being a dog sack
for a demon hound.

Being a dog sack
for a demon hound.

I'm sorry, Mags.

I wasn't right about
this spell either.

Well, it's good to know
we're both wrong sometimes.

You weren't wrong
about everything.

I kissed Kat.

I mean, not
really kissed.

It happened when we went
to the astral plane,

so it was sort of like a dream.

The real Kat has no
idea it even happened.

Well, that's okay.

You didn't break the rules
in the real world.

But I wanted to.

And I look at Parker's Insta
every day.

We all have secret desires.

Secret desires.

get into Macy's head.

Her journal.

In her nightstand.

In her room.

Could he be asleep?


Dogs do love to nap.


♪ ♪

(phone ringing)

Shut it up.

I'm trying.

Do you think...?

We're good.




Castle Breithe.


Heavily guarded.

No one enters.

No one leaves.

Rumor is it was enchanted.

Take me back.


Take me back now.

(grunts) You're gonna have
a headache for a bit.

Probably like the
worst hangover.

Wh-What are you doing?

I'm tired of secrets.

I'm going to Scotland.

Are you coming?

♪ ♪

I've been here before.

where I learned to heal.

An Elder cut her hand.

I can see her face now.

She was so calm.

Dear God.

What happened?



He's still alive.

Don't go near it.

What do you mean?

It's-it's sick.
We have to help.

Harry, don't!


Why the hell did you do that?

It would have killed you.

These are Caliban.

Hired assassins.

Their hands are lethal.

Anything they touch dies.

You're welcome.

Well, they must have been
placed here by the Elders

to defend the castle.

They have no mouths.

That's one way
to keep them silent.

How do you know
so much about them?

When I was 13,
I reached out to my father,

thinking the great
and mighty

Alistair Caine would welcome
a daughter with open arms.

Instead, he sent them
to kill me.

Turns out Daddy isn't big
on bastard witch daughters.

I'm sorry.

You're not the only one with
memories you'd like to repress.

Sigillum ianuam.
El oblinito ilud.

That should hold it.

At least for a little bit.

This is where she keeps it.

It's not here.

What do you mean?

Th-Th-The journal,
it's not here.


(hound growling)


He's slamming
into the wall.



What is this?

(breathing heavily)

Oh, no.

Oh, no, I can't.

You can.

(groans, pants)

(breathing heavily)


(men chanting
in foreign language)



(screaming stops)


(breathing heavily)

What did you see?


What are these?

A prison.

For every darklighter
they created.

The Elders used their acolytes
to separate us into two--

Whitelighters and darklighters.

I met this woman--
Helen McGantry--

the first Whitelighter,

their first attempt,
which went very badly.



They must have decided
it was too dangerous

to give the dark halves
a corporeal form, so they...

turned them into smoke.

They locked them
up for eternity.

This is all that's left.

The ash.

Darklighter residue.

The Elders died,
the Whitelighters died.

It makes sense.
So did all the darklighters.

Well, except yours.

My connection

with the Elders was severed.

I became a free agent.
So did he.

What are you looking for?


Ah, that's me.

(breathing heavily)


Yeah, that's me.

Her journal is not here. We've
turned the place upside down.

(loud thud)

(hound barks)

You wouldn't be

so cranky
if you'd taken your nap!

(thudding, growling)

(phone ringing)

It's Kat again.

(banging on wall)


Well, that's
a design flaw.

(phone chimes)

"Marisol wants you to know

what you're looking for
is between the sheets."


How does she
know about Mom?

She doesn't.

Well, she was wrong.



Her journal. It's here.

How did Kat...?

I don't know...

but she did.

Why is Macy drawing Harry?

And keeping it in here?

Secret desires.

What-what if...?

What if he's all of them?

Dreads, denies, desires--
not three things but one.


(slamming into wall)

(hound growling)

So the assassin,

the killing machine who
slaughters witches and demons,

who came after me
and Macy is...

My other half--
the darklighter.

I'm half a man.

And someone or something
let the other half out.

The darklighter...

has a master.

Perhaps there's fingerprints.

No, no, wait.

(glass shatters)

Final line of their defense.

The jars were never meant
to leave this place.

Ancient spirits, Macy Vaughn,

our dear eldest sister,
has up and gone.

We must retrieve her.
Heed our call.

Track down our sister
before night's fall.


Qui abest reperietur.

(both screaming)



(dog panting)


Who is a good
demon doggy?

(whines softly)

Hi. Hi, puppy.


Oh, my God.


I am no closer to Macy

than I was
before all this started.

Aren't you?

If he's your other half,
then you share memories,

emotions, feelings.


My mind. One more time.

I need you to take me there.


I need to find that woman.

Maggie, look.


She's got to be

here somewhere.






I was so worried.


I'm sick, Harry.

Can you heal me?

She's talking... to him,

my darklighter.

This is his memory.

The psychic connection.

You seem different, Harry.

You seem different, Harry.

I am different.

Do you like it?

Do you like it?


(overlapping crowd chatter)

(overlapping crowd chatter)



Damn it.


Harry, we did it.

We got the coordinates
for the tracking spell.

New York City. Lower
Manhattan. Tribeca.

But there are
no red lights

anywhere near there.

Doesn't make any sense.

If she's in danger,
why isn't it showing up?

Because she's not.

In danger.

At least not yet.

How do you know that?


he has feelings for her.

How do you know that?

Because... do I.

For better or worse...

...he and I are the same person.

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