Charmed (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Deconstructing Harry - full transcript

Macy (Madeleine Mantock) and Mel (Melonie Diaz) join forces with Abigael (Poppy Drayton) to track down the Assassin; Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) starts her new gig and has a breakthrough when ...

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MACY: The assassin,

he shot me with some sort of dart.

MEL: There's a shape-shifter out there

who looks exactly like you.

HARRY: My fellow
Whitelighters, they're dead.

I am the last Whitelighter.

You're applying for the management gig?

You, too?

My name is Maggie, and I am
the new assistant manager.

You're closing the studio?

Needed the gig to cover the rent.

And you won, fair and square.

- I'm here to help you.
- I was kidnapped.

You're a demon.

I'm a witch. And a demon.

GODRIC: The Demon Overlord
who will unite us has come.

Now you will pay,

Demon Overlord.

It's you. Isn't it?




The thing that came for you,

it came for me, too.

ABIGAEL: Evening, supplicants.

What sort of reindeer games
are we playing tonight?

♪ ♪

How dare you start without me?

♪ J'traîne un sourire bancal, tâché ♪

♪ S'enlise ♪

♪ Ils ne m'ont jamais cru ♪

♪ Mais ce n'était pas moi ♪

♪ Dans la nuit noire,
noire, le c ur... ♪


♪ Elan de l'âme, élan de
l'âme, élan de la mélancolie. ♪

That's all I remember. [PANTING]

I passed out after that
and woke up freezing and

shackled in the back of
a refrigerated truck.

With green luminescent
poison coursing through me.

How is it you're still alive?

Oh, it weakened me momentarily,

but he underestimated
what I'm capable of.

You escaped.

Found myself on a road to nowhere.

Colstrip, Montana.

Did you see its face?


Never took his hood off.

You pretended to be a
witch to smoke us out

and then enlisted us
to destroy Callum. Why?

I was trying to unite the Demon World.

He stood in the way.

You. You're the Overlord.

I took an old myth and
used it to my advantage.

My limited species doesn't

recognize people without penises,

so I pretended to have one.

Sue me. [GRUNTS]

Why should we believe anything you say

when all you've done is lie?

- And try to kill me.
- Only because I thought

you were behind that thing that
attacked me and my comrades.

Which is why I decided
to teach you a lesson.

The dead witches in
Vermont, that was you?

I extracted some of the
poison from my side,

found a way to titrate it
and turn it into a weapon.

It was payback.

Though it seems that was a
slight miscalculation on my part,

since we apparently
share the same enemy.

Now, why don't you remove
this stupid containment spell

so we can strategize
as to what to do next?


There is no we.

You stupid witch!


You may not like me, but you need me.

And why is that exactly?

Because you have limited powers,

and your sisters have none.

Frankly, you need all
the help you can get.

I've never had my own office before.

Oh, we don't say "office."

Oh, we-we don't?

It's a microaggression against people

who worked corporate jobs.

[CHUCKLES] We prefer "creative cocoon."

Note taken.

- So, your first task is...
- Good Karma Project.

I'm already on it.

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Four, three, two... ♪




- You're still here.
- Yeah.

I... I still have a few
days left on the lease.

I told Zach he'll get my keys
back at the end of the week.

Okay, what if you didn't have to?


Twice a year, SafeSpace Seattle
funds a Good Karma Project

to support surrounding communities,

and I've been charged with
generating fresh ideas.

So I thought, why not
a wellness program?

You know? For people
who can't afford it.

I read that boxing is good for
physical and mental health,

and increases confidence.

You've been reading about boxing?

Yes. I read about a lot of things.

You don't have to feel guilty
about getting the job, Maggie.

- I'm all right.
- It's not guilt.

Part of my job as an
assistant manager is

looking out for other visionaries.

[SCOFFS] Is that so?

Yes. Look, all we would have to
do is put together a proposal

and pitch it at the managers' meeting.

[EXHALES] What do you say?

I say I'm in.



I love you.

What... uh, what did you say?

You saved my life.


Everything all right?

HARRY: Abigael's not wrong.
We need allies.

We can't do this alone.

Any luck decoding The Book of Elders?

Even with the cypher, it's slow-going.

Some of it translates to
Latin, some to Sumerian.

There's even a section in Coptic.

Best I've got so far is that
Whitelighters were created

"at great cost," whatever that means.

Okay, well, I'm gonna follow
Abigael's clue, head to Montana.

Meantime, you stay on
The Book of Elders.

I'm coming with you. It's too dangerous.


The Book is our only hope
to getting our powers back

and helping us understand what
the hell we're even doing here.


That assassin is out
there impersonating me.

We need a safeword.

So you know it's me and not him.

Um, how about Hut 8?

The British intelligence
unit where Alan Turing...

Cracked the German's
World War II U-boat code.

Clever and poetic. I approve.

I thought you might.

Be careful.

She's half demon.

So am I.


MAGGIE: Mel? You home?

What... what are you doing?

Recreating The Book of Shadows

one spell at a time.



I think I'm getting my powers back.

Or a more advanced version of them.

How? How did you do it?

I don't know.

Something happened with Jordan.

I shook his hand, and in
my head I had this vision.

I knew what he was thinking or feeling.

He looked me right in the
eyes and said "I love you."

I think I need to go back and
figure out a way to touch him again.

Margarita Emilia Vera.

It's not what you think.

I think you like touching him.

To get my powers back.

Maggie, you better not
be falling for this guy.

You always treat me like
I'm some lovesick puppy.

[SIGHS] One word: Parker.

Another word: Niko

Exactly. We need to keep
our distance from everyone.

Otherwise we end up nearly
killing the ones we love

or they end up nearly killing us.

You know what? I'm
getting my powers back

and I thought you would be happy.

I am.

Powers are good.


Powers are something we need.

And if Jordan is the key
to getting mine back,

I have to figure that out.



It's all in there?

Yes. My little bag here has
every potion I've recreated

from The Book of Shadows,

some of which work-ish.

What if she made it all up?

The truck, Montana?

What if it's a trap?

A very real possibility, which is why...

Dimitte ex carcere...

I'm taking her with me.

Smart girl.

- You bet I am.

You come, no powers.

And if anything goes sideways, well...

That'll be one less demon in the world.

I'm going, too.


I'm not gonna let you
go out there alone,

with this double-crossing demon.

You need backup.

Oh, I feel so much safer.

All right.

Colstrip, Montana, here we come.


Is this it? Are we on the right track?

Okay, the woods...

That sign.

We're in the right place.

The truck was headed this way.

You know, you should take off my cuff.

If we get into trouble, I don't think

Little Miss Fanny Pack
is gonna be much help.

Can we get another cuff
that disables her mouth?


What the hell?


Whatever you do, don't move.


Anything in The Book
of Elders about having

your powers restored
by a boxing instructor?

Take a look at this.

I believe this symbol is the
hieroglyphic for "Whitelighter."


Let me ask you something.

What letter do you think that is?

Maybe an "E"?

Ah. Yeah, interesting.

That would make it "Tessera."

Which is Latin for "password."

Follow it.

MAGGIE: Over here.

Help me.



What the hell was that thing?


A Kyon... or Skincrawler.

Blind, like ants.

They hunt by sensing sound and movement.


They normally keep to
themselves, far away from humans.

She set us up... again.

Oh, stuff it, Potion Princess.

I'd never knowingly wander near Kyons.

They're vicious hunters,

the velociraptors of the magical world.


[QUIETLY]: Why does it keep doing that?

It's hungry, I think.

And what does our friend eat?

Whatever's slowest.

Probably her.

All right, we're done.

Pull out the marble, Macy.

- Let's go home.
- No.

If the assassin took her here,

then there's a Kyon enclave nearby,

which means we're close to something.

Maybe he's using them as
some sort of army of minions.

Take off my cuff and I'll
help you kill the Kyon.

Or feed us to it.

Macy, we need to go home.

MACY: We'll go back

and regroup.

Come back with Harry and a plan.

Okay, let me put this another way.

Oh, no, you don't.


Mel, don't move.






Get ready.


Got to assume the Elders left this here.

A fair assumption, given they
put the passcode in the book.


Magical driver's license.


HARRY: "Alpha."

"Tulipe Institute."

Why does that sound familiar?

Tulipe... same name
as the women's asylum

that burned down here.

Most definitely not a coincidence.

I'm so close to a breakthrough here.

I can feel it.

MAGGIE: Me, too.

You pursue your breakthrough.

I'm gonna pursue mine.


So, the first qualification for

the Good Karma Project
is community connection.

Mm. Well, I've got that down.

The Chase family... mine...

Was one of the first black families
to settle in these parts.

So your family has a real...

- History here.
- Yeah.


S-Sorry, you just...

You had a piece of lint.

- Um, so, you were in the Army.
- Yeah.

I was a medic.

You came back home after?

Yeah, I was forced back, really.


I have a complicated family.

[EXHALES] Join the club.

My grandmother, who raised me,

uh, she got sick.

So I came back to take care of her.

I'm so sorry.

What about you?


Yeah. You.

How did you and your
sisters end up here?

My-my parents... uh, both died.

Not at the same time, but...

My sisters and I needed
a fresh start, and, uh...

We decided to leave our
home in, um, Pittsburgh.

- So...
- Mm-hmm?

You finished college in three years,

and you're now going
to law school at night.


You seem to really know who you are.

Hmm. "Know thyself." Isn't
that what Socrates said?

Don't ask me. I dropped out of college.

You'll get back to it.

I hope so.

♪ ♪

- Everything okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

It's just, um...

Let's just move on to the financials.


Are you sure she went this way?

I'm not sure of anything,

except that we'd better keep moving.

When we find this woman,
the first thing we do

is serve her up for dinner.

Well, you'll be happy to
know I'm 100% delicious.

Like this apple.

- What kind of game are you...

- ... playing?
- This is not a game.

You cowards wanted to go
back, I wanted to go forward.

And I was right. Look.

This is the assassin's poison.

He was here.

Or maybe she planted it.

Oh, bloody hell.

You used this to kill those
innocent witches in Vermont.

Maybe you brought it here, too.

You witches, so high and mighty.

If anyone's the murderer, it's you.

What did you say?

Look at my face.

Look closely.

Do I remind you of anyone?

Allow me to fully introduce myself.

Abigael Jameson-Caine.


As in...

Daughter of Alistair Caine,
half sister to Hunter Caine,

both of whom your family murdered.

The pleasure is all yours.


NURSE: Visiting hours are over, sir.

Yes. I'm sorry it's so
late, but it's urgent.

I would appreciate your
assistance with this case number.


That patient has restricted access.

Only people on the list can visit.

Can I see your ID?

You'll find my name on the list.

Alex Graves.

If you're really part of the Caine
dynasty, what's with the accent?

I grew up with my mother in Sussex.

I despised my father.

In my family, if you weren't
a boy, you were nothing.

I'm sorry.


Do you know how many innocent
witches he and she killed?

Probably no more than the innocent
demons your people killed.


All hunters are heroes until

the lioness tells her side of the story.

Macy, let's go,

before whatever's out
there finds us here.

Wait a second.


So, do you have everything you need?

MAGGIE: Quarterly projections...

- Yeah.
- ... personal statement, résumé.

That should do it.




- Uh, Maggie,

you seem, you seem weird.

And you keep tapping me, which...

Which is also weird.

Yeah, sorry. I'm...

I'm j... I'm just trying
to figure some things out.

You know, know thyself.

It's-it's a long story.

Mm-hmm. I won't bore
you with that. [CHUCKLES]

[CHUCKLES] I love you.

What did you say?

You saved my life.

I was looking all over
for those damn keys.

- Where were they?
- In the bathroom,

- wrapped in a towel with your AirPods.
- Mmm.



JORDAN: Oh, uh, sorry. Maggie,

This is Lola, my, uh...

Law school classmate.

Are you, uh, doing an internship here?

I, um, I'm actually, I'm a manager here.

Um, I'm sorry, I, I have to,

I have to go now. Sorry.

Um, okay, bye.

Uh, I'll see you at 7:00 for the pitch.

Yes, yes.

Our dear friend, the assassin,

he was here.

What the hell is that?

Wait. Don't go any closer.

That was bait for his trap.

MEL: And he clearly caught something.

MACY: Is that a piece of antler?

Some Kyon's not happy right now.

Not just any Kyon.

See these markings?

He took their queen.


And now I think it's time to go.



Here you go.

I wouldn't expect any
sparkling conversation.

I'm sorry to intrude.

It's Helen, right?

You mind if I sit down?


My name's Harry.

I found a part of your file in a...

Well, you see, there's
this underground...

[SIGHS] Oh, it's all
rather hard to explain.


Can I ask you something?

Are you a witch?



[SIGHS] I'm sorry.

It's just...

Well, I was hoping you could
help me understand something,

that perhaps the reason
your information was left

where I could find it
was that the Elders...


I'm not one of them.

Oh, my God.

You're a Whitelighter.

I save you from the maw of a Kyon

and my reward is the
cuff and the blindfold?

Well, we couldn't let you see

how we got here.

Ooh. 19th century Victorian chandelier.

And that side table's sublime.

Not my aesthetic, but could be worse.

And I was so worried
you wouldn't approve.

You said Kyons communicate
through pheromones, like ants?

Yes, that's right.

We have the queen's antler,
maybe we could commandeer

the pheromones, use them
in a tracking potion.

To help us find the queen.

Find the queen, find the assassin.

Okay, let's see what I've got.

Another potion, really?

Oh, shove it, demon spawn.


I can see the future.

It's not my old powers coming
back, it's a new one, foresight.

Wait, she's in the house now?

Shouldn't you have
really seen that coming?


You're a Whitelighter.

Helen, Whitelighters were
created "at great cost."

Do you know what that means?

Mr. Graves.

Time's up.

This key...

I believe it belongs to Helen.

Does she have a lockbox

with personal items?



The Alpha.

The first.

NURSE: Still here?

I see from the records

she's been moved around a lot.

There are a group of
women who would come by

and check in on her and her sister,

pay the bills, but...

Haven't seen them in a while.

Sister? What sister?

Helen's quiet but lovely.

It's her sister that's the problem.

But we're under strict orders

to never separate them.



ABIGAEL: Is this how you did it?

Killed my father?

Some dark mysterious

potion in the family cooker?

- Listen, Abigael...
- No, no, I'm glad you killed them,

my father and Hunter, they
got what they deserved.

Is that how you demons roll?

Just stab each other in the back

with no remorse, no sense of loss?

Alistair had a relationship

with a witch, my mother,

and then he called me an
abomination and cast me out.

Hunter, Parker, I was smarter
than both of them combined.

The patriarchy is still alive and well

in the Demon World.

So tear it down. I'm working on it.

So your demon powers,

where did they come from exactly?


I was stillborn. My parents
used a necromancer to infuse me.

With demon blood.


You and I have a lot in common.

More in common, perhaps,
than you and your sisters.

MAGGIE: Wait, she's
Parker's half sister?

[GRUNTS] Does she know where he is?

I don't know what she knows,
and frankly I don't care.

We need Harry's compass for the potion.

He was my boyfriend, Mel, I-I'm
entitled to ask her questions.

Stay away from her, Mags.
She is the devil.

I would have vanquished
her seven times over by now

- if I had any powers.
- Mel...

Don't "Mel" me. I had to put up with her

treating me like I'm a
piece of crap all day.

Well, ignore her then.

- I can't.
- Why?

Because I think she's right.

I went from being one of the most

powerful witches in the world

to this...

Fanny Pack Franny.

Here it is.

All right.

Let's do this.

HARRY: Helen.

Can you hear me?

You don't have a sister, do you?

That thing in there,

she's part of you.

That was the great cost.


Am half.

The Elders did this to you?


And you.

This will point the
way to the Kyon queen.

[SIGHS] Well, this is exciting.

I followed the directions exactly as

I remember from The Book of Shadows.

Maybe you're missing an ingredient.

Or maybe you just suck at this.

MEL: Or maybe

the antler doesn't
have enough life force.

The Kyon is dead, and the
potion requires a living agent.

A host.


Someone has to drink it.

Suck this, Abby.

Mel. Don't. Mel!






Oh, my God, what's happening to her?

It's working.

She's connected to them.





Mel, can you hear us?

- Mel.

MAGGIE: You did this to her.

Pushed her to it.

MACY: Hang on.

I think she's trying to
track the Kyon queen.



Mel, wait!

Find the Kyon queen, find the assassin.

Let's go.





What are those?





Did-did that just move?


That's the banshee empress.

She went missing a few weeks back.


Top of the banshee food chain.

You don't want to mess
around with that one.



[COUGHING] There's a basilisk,

a griffin, a Kyon.

It's like a zoo.

MACY: The empress of the banshees,

the queen of the Kyons.

The assassin is a hunter,

collecting the most powerful
of magical creatures.

- Like the Charmed Ones.
- And me.

- MACY: And he's holding them alive.

The mist being pumped into those tubes.

- He's keeping them sedated.

We have to find Mel and get out of here.



Mel, where are you?


Where are you?

Mel, stop!

ABIGAEL: She's trying to free them.




ABIGAEL: It's the Kyon queen.

Nobody move.

[QUIETLY]: Or make a sound.



- You and Maggie ready?

Can't wait to hear the pitch.

Yep. She'll be here any minute.

[RECORDED]: Hey, it's Maggie.

- [BEEP]
- Maggie, it's Jordan.

I can't reach you, and
you're 20 minutes late.

Are you all right?

Did something come up?


Guys, cuff. Cuff.

It'd be ideal if I don't have this on.

Macy, no.


I'll distract her.

- Here! Over here!




What's she doing?



ABIGAEL: She's grateful.






- Guys, the other creatures are coming.

Macy, it's time to go!

MEL: Macy, get over here.


- [PANTING]: Harry.
- Quick. I can orb again.

Long story. Tell them to go.

Harry's here. Go.

I'll meet you at home.




Let's go.



Well, well done.

Whatever our friend is up to,

at least he doesn't have
creatures to do it with.

Thanks to you, Mel.

I underestimated you.

Yes, you did.

Alligatum est.

You've got to be kidding me.


She doesn't kid.


That was crazy.


The tracking potion?

Drinking it without
knowing what it would do.

You could have gotten
yourself killed, Mel.

I'm sorry.

It was... stupid.

But it was also incredibly brave.


- Hmm.


It's Harry.

He's home.

Just give me 30 seconds.

♪ Don't ♪

♪ Take the night... ♪



Jordan, can we... can we talk?

♪ Just make it right... ♪

She appears.

Like magic.


So, so sorry. I...

An emergency popped up.

You seem to have a lot
of those, don't you?

There's no excuse.

- I'll reschedule the meeting.
- No.

No need to.

I pitched anyway, and...

They loved it.

They did?

That's amazing.

Can I...

Buy you a drink or something?

To apologize.

Maybe some other time.

I'm gonna head out, but, um...

Thank you.

The program was your
idea after all, so...

♪ Adios ♪

♪ My best friend ♪

♪ You won't be here ♪

You felt something?

♪ When the day ends... ♪

My powers?

That's not what I'm talking about.

Let's go home.


♪ Only one kind of love ♪


♪ Will survive ♪


I'm so glad you're okay.

Where's Macy?

♪ The night ♪

What do you mean?

She's not with you?

What... we-we saw her leave with you.


Oh, my God.

♪ The night ♪

It wasn't me.

It was him.

My darklighter.

♪ How long ♪

♪ Will you? ♪