Charmed (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead - full transcript

The Charmed Ones must learn to navigate the new world they now inhabit. Macy tries making sense of some very intense dreams and Mel and Maggie try to accept their new roles. Harry isn't ...

Previously on "Charmed"...

Who the hell invited him?

It's a portal! But you need to jump!

Where on earth are we?

Welcome to the command center.

Why would the Elders put

a portal in a closet
to SafeSpace Seattle

and take away our powers?

Macy seems to have retained

her demon capabilities.

This map is a monitoring
system for witches.

Two red lights. Two dead witches.

The witch board must be an alarm system.

So we can't ever go home?

The house... It went
through the portal, too.

It's bound to you forever.

It's not safe while
that demon-like assassin

- is still out there.
- Did you get a good look at him?

No. He was cloaked.



You scared me.

You happy to see me?


What... what are you doing here?

What do you want?

For us to be together.

That's what I want.

We can't.


But we must.

It's our destiny, Macy.

Can't you feel it?

But first, you need to
tell me where you are.

Tell me where you are.

You need to tell me where you are.

Tell me where you are.

The assassin.

He shot me with some sort of dart.

The assassin must have been here.




Oh, no.


- Oh.
- What are you doing?

Oh, I couldn't sleep.

I thought I could perhaps find

some clue left by the assassin

as to who or...

...what he might be.

Any luck?

No. No, not yet.

And you?

You couldn't sleep?


But I did find something.

What's that?

Another victim.

Oh, my God.

"Rest in Peace, Maggie Vera"?

What are you doing?

It's 5:00 a.m.

We've got no powers,

no money, no "Book of Shadows",

and a crazed assassin
who wants to kill us.

Well, he's too late.


We're dead, Mel.

I mean, everyone thinks we're dead.

That we burned in a house fire. Look.

Kappa's even holding a vigil for me.

- Are you nuts?
- What are you doing!

Dead girls don't text.

They don't call. They
don't use social media.

It's not like I'm commenting.

No one can know we're alive

or where we are, or it's
just a matter of time

before that assassin tracks us down.

Mel. Maggie.

We have our first mission.

I'm visiting my aunt
in Vermont tomorrow,

so it's finally time to
answer the age-old question:

Am I a vest person?

No road trip is complete without...

...a cheese puff challenge!

She's a witch.

Went missing yesterday right
before the attack on the B&B.

Police have issued a
missing persons report.

Vermont state police are investigating

the brutal murder of two women

who own the historic Mary's
Magickal Inn in Eden.

Details are few,

but police are also looking
into the disappearance

of their 18-year-old niece Layla Chapman

who is reported to be
staying with them at the inn.

Layla was last seen at a gas station

a mile from the crime scene
with this unidentified man

and is believed to be in extreme danger.

Oh, no.

That's that big-ass demon from Vermont.

Haven't you heard?

There's a war going on.

We're comin' for you...


He said, "There's a war going on",

and they're coming for us.

Let me try something.

That "7" on the back,
maybe it means something?

What-what are you doing?

Reverse image search. Obvi.



Got it. The Seventh Circle.

An old industrial nightclub

30 miles south of Portland

- in Colton, Oregon.
- The assassin could be

- behind all of this.
- We need to get

to the witch board, find Layla,

before it's too late.

- _
- Seriously?

Of all the days.

Harry, can't you just orb
through the door and let us in?

Ever since I extracted
that poison from Macy,

my orbing's been wonky.

Define "wonky".

Oh. Yeah, that's wonky.

Exactly. Yes, I can't even
travel from here to there.

Well, we can't just wait
around for this place to open.

If she's in Colton, it's-it's
only a few hours away.

We go the old-fashioned way.

Road trip.

- I'm in.
- Well, actually, Mel,

perhaps it's best if you
and Maggie stay here.

- What?
- Why?

You have no powers. You're...

What, dead weight?


Macy has some firepower.

I can heal her if anything goes wrong.

But the command center,
that's the safest place

for you both right now.

He's right, Mel.

We're a liability.


Now, how exactly did you imagine

we'd get on the road for this trip?


How much cash do we have?

Honestly, I don't know how
people lived before cell phones.

Even though I did.

Thanks for driving. By the way.

I find the right side of the
road to be utterly barbaric.

Of course. Whatever gets us to Layla.

Macy, have I done something wrong?




You just seem...


We can't.

Uh, how about some music?

♪ Turn the lights down low ♪

♪ Turn the lights down low ♪

♪ Gonna love you all night long... ♪

A liability?

I have spent the past year

trying to be anything but.

I'm sorry, Mel.

But sometimes it's okay
to be on the "B" team.

I am not "B" team.

I'm "A" team.

A-minus at worst.


Good morning, visionaries.

Welcome to SafeSpace Seattle.

So, how will you change the world today?

I won't, Swan, because apparently
I'm a useless waste of oxygen.

I'm sorry.

She just lost her power...

...of attorney, for her start-up.


We need a better system.

If we steal any more of these,
someone's gonna notice.

Descubre el camino secreto.

Aw. The Founder's
Carnival's in two weeks.

I always loved that parade.

And Mrs. Alfaro's beagle
won the Hilltowne Dog Show.



Do you know what this is?

A moldy baked potato from the '90s?

Make that 1890s.

It's Himalayan mandrake root.

Unbelievably rare.

I think I remember from
the "Book of Shadows",

if you grind it down, it forms
the base of a cloaking serum.

I bet that fake witch upstairs

has some other ingredients in her store.

This is fantastic.


If we can remember
some spells and potions,

maybe we can recreate
the "Book of Shadows"...

- Mel.
- What?

Turns out we're not the
only ones who are dead.

I was looking for our obituary,

- but I found his.
- _

He's dead, Mel.

Dad's dead.

I hate not knowing
what we're driving into.

Mm, the fog is thick, isn't it?

No, I-I mean this assassin.

We don't know anything about him.

Where he gets the poison from,

if he is working with
those demons in Vermont.

We don't even know what he looks like.


Look out!

Are you all right?



Save her, please.

She's slipping away.


The last time you took on that poison,

when you healed me, it compromised you.

- Who knows what this will do to you?
- She's a witch.

I'm a Whitelighter. This is what I do.

They're coming together tonight.

The Seventh Circle.

You have to save her.


Save her, please.

No, no, no.


Harry, she's gone.

The Seventh Circle.

That's the club from Maggie's search.

♪ I was high on the Moon... ♪

We're saving Layla.

We're not losing her like this.

♪ And drunk on the rain ♪

♪ I heard every small creature ♪

♪ Singing your name ♪

♪ Well, you're damned if you do... ♪

Ginger matcha latte something.

They're giving free samples.

♪ Sometimes you just sit there... ♪

A heart attack.

Dad probably heard what happened.

Dying in a fire.

Just couldn't handle the stress.

You can't blame us.

There's a funeral.


Absolutely not.

We're not going anywhere.

The assassin's out there. It's not safe.

We owe him a proper goodbye.

We don't owe him anything.

He left us, Maggie.

He was a ghost in our lives.

He was the only parent we had left.

Have you forgotten?

All the missed birthdays,

no-show dinners, blown-off holidays?

Okay, maybe he wasn't perfect.

I know that.

And maybe I'm not his
biological daughter.

But he's the only father I knew.

The one who sang me to sleep.

"Duermete Mi Niño".

The one who gave me

that ballerina music box on my birthday.

That is the man I want
to say goodbye to.

That man, Maggie, was a loser.

And when are you gonna grow up

and face reality?

If growing up means erasing my past...


♪ If I thought I had to ♪

♪ But all these great unknowns ♪

♪ All these battles ♪

♪ That shattered the calm... ♪

You keep hitting with a loose fist

and in heels,

you're gonna be the one
who needs first aid.


I'll, um... I'll get out of your way.

And I know I owe you
a first aid kit still.

Everything all right?

I-I'm fine. Really.

You never told me your name.

Oh, sorry.

I get it. Most girls don't want
to give personal info to...


I'm 20 years old, dude. I'm not a girl.


- I didn't mean...
- Why does everyone

always think I'm too young
to make adult decisions?

Uh, not what I said.

It's like, just because I have
clear skin and a positive attitude,

the whole world thinks I'm a child.

But I am a grown-ass woman.

- Okay?
- Okay.

I am formidable.

And if I make

a decision about how to live my life,

people need to respect
that I am mature enough

to deal with the consequences.

♪ I heard every small creature... ♪

And I still don't know your name.

♪ Singing your name. ♪

Screw it. I'm dead, anyways.


You can carry them

around with you, if you want.

And we also have these
amazing bath salts and soaps.

Uh-huh. All right, so...

You'll have me start maybe tomorrow?


Thank you so much.

Hello, there.

Looking for anything in particular,

or just wanted to borrow my phone again?

Oh. I'm just, uh... browsing.


since you seemed to
be a skeptic last time

- you came around.
- Oh, I am.

I'm just looking for
a gift for a friend.

Great. Will that be cash or charge?

I'm sorry?

I saw you taking those herbs.

Oh. Of course. I was just...

I was gonna pay for it.

I'll ring you up.

I was until I realized that

I left my wallet in the car.

Look, I know you think I'm some
ditzy, dime-store Wiccan...

- I didn't say that.
- You didn't have to.

Maybe you believe in this
stuff, maybe you don't.

But I do have certain
powers of perception.

I recognize a soul in distress.

You obviously need this more than I do.

Pay it forward when you can.

Thank you.

But if you steal from me again...

I'll put a hex on you.

They're here.

The demon bloodlines.

Which ones?

All of them.

The Vagrants, the Malignants, Carnals...

And the Primordials,

the one-percenters of the demon world.

Each has unique demon
powers and agendas.

But I thought they were
at war with each other.

Well, they were... until now,

it seems. And if they're all here,

coming together, Layla's in more danger

than we ever could have imagined.

Well, we are not exactly dressed

to infiltrate a demon party.

But we need to fit in

if we're gonna get past
our Rat Pack from Vermont.

If you're suggesting we try to find

a proper haberdashery around here,

I think we're out of luck.

I think we're finally in luck.

- Is that...
- Glamour powder.

Courtesy of Maggie Vera.

God, I love magic.

What do you think?

Is it demonic enough?

Most definitely.

Not so bad yourself. Just...

Try not to look so...


Okay, how's this?

You all right?

I'm... I-I'm fine.

No, you saw something.

Macy, tell me.

I had a dream.

About you.

Someone like you. He...

He was you,

but different.

Like this.


Don't see that on the "B" team.



Guess who disappeared an apple?



Damn it, Maggie.

Let the darkness of this grief be lifted

by the peace and light of Your presence.

Would anyone else like to
say anything in remembrance

of Santiago Raymond Vera?

Well, then... let's continue.

Our Father, who art in heaven...

Goodbye, Dad.


I had a feeling I'd find you here.

You look... different.

Oh, do I?

I thought

I imagined it.

Or perhaps I just desperately wanted

to believe that it wasn't real.

But you saw him, too... in your dream.


He's very seductive.

He must be a shape-shifter demon,

or something even more powerful.

And he might be inside that
club, so from here on in,

if you see me, you mustn't trust me.


So... you got your powers back?

Some of them, yes.

And when I heard the
news about your father,

I wanted to make sure
nothing had happened to you.


Hmm? Let's get back to your sisters.

I don't know who

- or what you are, but...
- But what?

You're all alone, Maggie.

A lamb lost in the woods.

No daddy. No sisters. No powers.

I assume that portal must have stripped

them somehow to keep you off my radar.


But not clever enough.

If you want to live,
take me to your sisters.

It's me. Run.

How could you do
something so damn stupid?

I'm sorry. Okay?

But did you... did you see that guy,

that thing, whatever that was?

It had Harry's face. Like,
exactly Harry's face.

And it would've killed
you if I hadn't shown up.

You wasted some of my cloaking serum

and put us all in jeopardy.

I screwed up, okay?

I'm sorry, but Mel,

there was almost no one there.

At Dad's funeral.

Because he alienated
every single person he met.

He wasn't always there,
but... when he was, he...

He always made sure to bring
us a gift or something.

What was that look?


If you want me to grow up, you
have to stop protecting me.

For your seventh birthday

Dad promised to take you to the ballet.

You were so excited.

It's all you talked about for days.

So that night you got dressed,

and you did your hair...

Put on my little ballet shoes.

And when the time came to pick you up...

He didn't show.

Just cried myself to sleep.

The next morning,

he left me that...

That music box...

With a note...


It wasn't from him, was it?

Mom couldn't bear to
see you disappointed.

So she told you he got
called away on business.

And the next morning,

I bought you that music box,

and left it on your bed with the note.

From him.

If you hate him so much, why
would you do that for him, Mel?

I didn't do it for him, Maggie.


First one's Layla.

Second one, Macy?

A security system.

They're testing for demon
blood. I can't pass.

We need to find some other way in.

There's no time.

I've got demon blood.

I have the firepower.

I'll go in alone.

Macy, that's suicide. You don't
know what you're up against.

Layla is in there.

She's not dying on my watch.

If that Harry thing can find me...

Maybe he can find her, too.

If we split it, it could last

about ten minutes, 15 at most.

Well, then...

Let's make it quick.


The hell you think you're goin'?

I passed the test.

Which means you win the prize.

No powers in the club.

♪ I'm a gravedigger ♪

♪ I'm a, I'm a gravedigger ♪

♪ Six deep single fish
floatin' on the river ♪

♪ You're goin' on a devil dance ♪

♪ Do the Macarena ♪

♪ Black on my eyes ♪

♪ And I'm cold as a cadaver ♪

♪ I'm immortal, mother... ♪

♪ Can't see me in the mirror ♪

♪ Crown on my head ♪

♪ And the thorns on my mind ♪

♪ Blade in the flesh ♪

♪ And you're drinkin' my wine ♪

♪ I kiss, you disappear ♪

♪ You wanna keep it a secret ♪

♪ I know you wanna... me

♪ And you'll never forget it ♪


♪ I'm a gravedigger. ♪

Who or what are you exactly?


We're not telling you who we are
until we're sure who you are.

One part sweetened condensed milk.

One part coconut cream. One part rum.

Add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla.

Mom's coquito. Only the
real Harry could know that.

There's a shape-shifter out there

who looks exactly like you.

Yes. And he could be anywhere,

including there... with Macy.

Greetings, demon scum!

It's been over a thousand years

since we've all come together like this.

I'm not here on behalf
of my fellow Primordials,

but on behalf of our host,

the rightful heir of Zagan the Great.

That's impossible.

That's right.

The prophecies are true.

The demon overlord who will rise up

and unite us has come.

And if this overlord has risen,

then where is he, Godric?

Watching... closely.

Since the death of Zagan
over a millennium ago,

we have been been at
each other's throats.

Primordials killing Carnals,

Malignants killing
Vagrants. And for what?

Our division ends now.

And we believe witches
to be responsible.

But the overlord has a plan for us

to put down our oppressors

and finally reign
supreme once and for all.

The Elders are gone.

The Charmed Ones burnt to death,

a fate they deserved.

The only thing standing
in our way is each other.

We are demons!

We are one! Together,

we will rid the world of the witches

that have plagued us for so many years.

And it all starts tonight.

With this one.

Burn the witch!

- Burn the witch!
- Burn her!

If you think I'm going to let one drop

of Carnal blood spill for
some Primordial power grab,

and an invisible overlord

who doesn't have the
nerve to show his face...

Walk away, Callum...

...and you walk alone.

So be it.


Get out of my way!

Bloodline leaders, step forward.

Let's burn this witch.

Burn the witch! Burn her!


Callum is right.

Unless the overlord
shows his cowardly face,

all of us should walk out
of that door right now.

I'm sorry.

Who are you, exactly?

Who I am...

is the overlord.

And you will all bow to me.

Whoever said demons don't
have a sense of humor?

If you're the overlord,

let's see some proof, shall we?

How are your powers working
with that cuff? Who are you?

Like I said, I'm the overlord.

Don't worry. It's me.


You're gonna pay for that.

I did it.

- Who are you?
- A friend.

We're taking you home.

This way.


Macy, it's me.

And he might be inside that club,

so from here on in, if you
see me, you mustn't trust me.

What can I say to prove it to you?

I know, Harry.

- Witches!
- Damn it. So close.

Uh, time to go, people!

Come on!

This way.

Are you okay?

Now that I know that you were the one

who gave this to me, I...

Kind of want to keep it.

But it's...

It's also a piece of the past,

part of the lie I told myself...

That I need to... let go of.

Mags, I didn't mean to make you feel...

No. Part of... growing up is...

Letting go of what was.


...uh, embracing what is.

An application?

Part-time receptionist at SafeSpace?

We're gonna need constant
access to that command center.

No more 7:00 a.m. lockouts, so,

until I get my powers back,

this is my way of pulling my weight.

Especially now that you're
back on the "A" team.

I'm a B-plus,

A-minus at best.

For now.

But... in the meantime,

at least we have each other.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Since when did you become the sappy one?

Maybe we all have a little
bit of growing up to do.

Oh, crap.

♪ Here's for all the days ♪

♪ You feel like you're drowning ♪

♪ Too many days you feel like ♪

♪ You can't carry the weight... ♪


Hey. Sorry it took me
so long to return this.

- I've been... distracted.
- You can just set it anywhere.

So how'd it go with the
whole adult decision?

Uh... honestly?

Not that great.

Want to talk about it?

I respect that.

Why have you been so nice to me?

I mean, so far, all I've
done is steal your supplies

and act like a complete

crazy person around you.

Fair point.

And I'm not your type, clearly.


No, you're not.

So then... what?

I guess I just find you...



Thank you.

I needed that.

♪ We'll fall asleep and
stay with each other... ♪

Oh, um, it's Maggie, by the way.

My name.

Mystery solved.

Good night, Maggie.

♪ I've got a shoulder... ♪

♪ I've got a shoulder ♪

♪ Ah, ah-ah-ah-ah ♪

What's that?

♪ I've got a shoulder. ♪

Uh, the three witches we've
lost since we came here.

The list is so we never forget.

'Cause they're more than
just lights on a switchboard.

They are... women with names and dreams

- and people that loved them.
- May I?

Remember your losses.

Celebrate your victories, too.

Thanks to you,

Layla's back home.


Macy, I'm sorry.

I should have told you sooner.

About what I saw.

For as long as I can remember,

I've had only one purpose...

To protect witches.

That's the only reason the
Elders gave me a second life.

And when I saw myself...

Whatever twisted version
of me that was...

Trying to...

Harm you and your sisters,

for the first time in my life,

I felt...


Truly scared.

Well, maybe now is a good time for you

to figure out who you are beyond

Harry Greenwood, last
of the Whitelighters.

Well, I wouldn't know where to begin.

You could start a business.

Become a visionary.

I hear all the kids are doing it.

Well, perhaps one day.

Yeah, but right now, we
have far greater concerns...

Namely, coming up with a
system to make sure you

always know it's me and
not that demonic charlatan.

- Harry, I don't need a system.
- Just a simple gesture.

- Harry?
- Or a code word.


All I need is a look.

Like this.

Eye to eye.

And I'll know.

I'll just know.

Well, I hope you're right.

Because I'm afraid there's
a storm coming, Macy.

If those demon bloodlines unite,

it'll be unlike anything
we've ever faced.

Then it's a good thing
they think we're dead.

You were right.

The Charmed Ones are alive.