Charmed (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - Don't Look Back in Anger - full transcript

An urgent problem leads Mel and Maggie to seek help from their father, while Macy discovers a shocking secret about her past.

- Previously on Charmed...
- KNANSIE: You may live

as a happy family for
the next two years,

and then you may never see Macy again.

If you were to lay eyes
on her, she'll die.

The Faction has Harry.

No, no.

MAGGIE: Last time you
saw Harry, he drove

- away with Nadia?
- She was calling him Jimmy.

MAGGIE: Julian's the bad guy.

You must be the mysterious Maggie.

I was starting to
think you didn't exist.

Oh, my God.



MACY: I forgot what it
was like to want someone.

I want you.

Who are you, exactly?

For the last bloody time,
my name is James Westwell.

My friends call me Jimmy.
My mum called me Sprog.

Once had a girlfriend call me an arse.

But never, not in a million
years, have I gone by Harry.

He doesn't remember any of it.

Any of what?

Witches, demons, Whitelighters.

- MAGGIE: Okay, so,

you don't remember any of us?

You don't remember any of the
events from the last 60 years.

Do you remember anything
from the Shea Group?

No, I told you, it was a blur.

Look, Harry... uh, Jimmy.

Whoever you are, or think you are,

actual lives are at stake.

You must remember something.


Well, there was one thing
that stuck in my mind.

Just a phrase.

The Forty Stone Parasite.

Forty Stone Parasite?

What does that even mean?

You have to give us more than that.

No, as a matter of fact,
I don't, because I don't know you.

And I refuse to be held
hostage by a trio of girls.

That is definitely not Harry.

Alligatum est.

Who the hell are you people?

We have to figure out what this
Forty Stone Parasite means.

If it means anything at all.
Well, first things first.

I'm gonna whip up a Lost Memory Balm

I read about in The Book of Elders.

Do you think that could
bring back the old Harry?

It's worth a shot.

If I have to spend one
more minute with "Sprog,"

- I think I might scream.
- MAGGIE: Meanwhile,

we'll figure out what else
the Faction's been up to.



I think I know someone who can help.


I can't believe you've been

talking to Dad behind my back.

It's not a big deal, Mags.

He's just been feeding me
information about the Faction.

Then why keep it a secret?

understand why you're upset,

but you're the one who told me
to get over my issues with him,

so that's exactly what I'm doing.

No, you're... you're right.

I... I've...

I shouldn't have, um...


I sh...

No, I'm-I'm happy for you, I...

- Are you okay?
- I-It's just...

My skin is burning.

[PANTING]: My arms... burning.

[WHISPERS]: Something's wrong.

Something's wrong.

Maggie, what's happening? Talk to me.

I think I'm dying.




Damn it. [EXHALES]

Once your memory's
back, maybe you can try

and magic your way out of there.

Oh, right. Fairy dust
and potions and all that.

Sounds delightful.

It is, actually.

Watching you save others
without a second thought,

fighting the forces of evil, together.

[LAUGHS] "Forces of evil."

You're a good man...

... Harry.

And how do you know so much about me?

We were...


... a team.

My arms felt like they were on fire.

It could be a poison.

Some sort of magical neurotoxin?

Did you touch anything at home?

Any potions, old artifacts?


It's Ray.

He wants to know our ETA.

Just go.

Not till we figure out
what's wrong with you.

I'll be fine, Mel.

Look. Already feeling better.


But if it happens again, call me.



Classic Ray.

Okay. I need to get you out of there.

Uh, to perform this spell,

I need to be able to rub this on you.

Like hell you will.

I'm not exactly thrilled

about it either, Sprog.

But you do want your memory back, right?

Can I trust you not to run?


How about now?

W... All right, what's
that gonna do to me?

Ideally, it'll dig out
your lost memories.

But there may be some side effects.

Side effects?

If I unlock memories
that are too traumatic,

there could be psychological
and/or neurological damage.

I-If it goes wrong, I know
a spell to stop the process.

But right now, I just need
you to be still and trust me.

This other Harry fellow, he trusts you?


All right.

Dimitte ex carcere.

Release the blockage.

Thaw the frost.

Open your eyes to what was lost.



Hey, lady?

You all right?

- [FAINTLY]: ♪ I see you driving... ♪
- Miss?

You okay?

Talk to me.

♪ I guess the change in
my pocket wasn't enough ♪

♪ Forget you and forget her, too ♪

♪ Said if I was richer,
I'd still be with you ♪

- ♪ Now ain't that some? ♪
- Go, Macy!

- Yeah, Macy!
- ♪ Although there's pain in my chest ♪

♪ I still wish you the best ♪

♪ With a forget you ♪

♪ Now, baby, baby, baby ♪

♪ Why you want to, want
to hurt me so bad? ♪

- ♪ So bad, so bad ♪
- ♪ So bad ♪

- Macy!
- ♪ So bad ♪

♪ I try to tell my mama ♪

♪ But she told me
"This is one for your dad" ♪

♪ Your dad, your dad ♪

♪ "Your daddy," why? ♪

♪ Why? ♪

♪ Why, lady? Yeah ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ I still love you ♪

♪ Whoa, I see you driving 'round town ♪

♪ With the girl I love ♪

[FADING]: ♪ And I'm
like, "Forget you..." ♪

Bloody hell.





Hey, hey, hey, hey.

You all right?

Yeah. Yeah.

Come on. Come on, sit down.

There you go. Breathe
in through the nose.

[INHALES] One, two, three.

And out through the mouth.
One, two, three.

Again. [INHALES]



Have you had panic attacks before?

- Panic attacks?
- Mm-hmm.

I saw a lot of them when I was deployed.


No, no, this is, like,
a magical neurotoxin...

- Something.
- Oh.

That mimics the exact
symptoms of a panic attack.

Mind if I ask what was going
on when this first started?

Mm, nothing, really.

Just me and Mel were, um...

Talking about...


I mean, my dad and I,
we have issues, but...

He doesn't have that
kind of power over me.

I'm a frigging Charmed One.

Those soldiers I treated...

They were tough, too.

But having a panic attack
doesn't mean you're weak.

It just means you're human.

Uh... look, I appreciate
your medical opinion,

and truly thank you for the help,

but this is not a mental
thing. This is like...

A virus.

Or magical, or magical virus.

So, a little Purification
Tea and I'll be fine.

Oh, thank God. Come on.

Come on, wake up, please.
Come on! Wake up!

Look, I'm sorry. I tried to help, but...

I can't get whatever happened
to you pinned on me, all right?


That portal. It gets me every time.

I know, right?

- Hey. Are you okay?
- Mm-hmm.

Little Bug.

- I missed you.
- Missed you, too.

MEL: Ray.

MAGGIE: What is this?

This is what Dad's been
up to since he left.

Piecing together everything
he could about the Faction.


- You've been busy.
- Yeah, well...

ChooChi helped.

Hey, Mace. Long time no see.

Uh, well, yeah, not, not
since class this morning.

Saw you getting your freak on earlier.


Come on, lighten up.

Did you just...?

What, you see something you like,
you think it belongs to you?

So you're not gonna twerk for me now?

Yeah, how about that drink?

[WHISPERS]: You're so uptight.


Don't ever touch me again!


MAN: You're on fire!

CLASSMATE: What the hell was that?

MACY: What's happening?

What's happening?

MEL: Secret meetings in Florida,
shipping routes in the Midwest.

The Faction's everywhere.

Look at these private jet manifests.

The same people you saw at
the Shea Group fundraiser.

All flying together somewhere.

All with their destinations left blank.

Mm-hmm. Wherever these
people have been going,

that's where we need to be.

Nothing about Forty Stones?

What did you say?

That was the only clue Harry gave us.

Something about a Forty Stone Parasite.

The Iguazu Circle. It's
the Stonehenge of Brazil.

There's a ring of 40
stones thought to have

- supernatural powers.
- That must be it.

The rain forests down there are
filled with parasitic monsters.

Maybe the Faction's going after them.

I don't know, Mel.

I've looked and there's nothing
about Brazil on that board.

RAY: That's because these people are

very good at covering their tracks, hon.

Okay. Let's do this.

I think I'm gonna sit this one out.

You're still not feeling well?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

[QUIETLY]: You haven't
gone soft, have you, James?

Ah, damn it.

I know you must've lost
your whole-ass mind

to think you can walk into
my house at 3:00 a.m., drunk?

Uh, no-no-no, Dad... No-no-no.

You may be in college,

but you are living under my roof,

and saving money on room and board,

which means you got to play by my rules.

- I know.
- No-no-no!

No more excuses. [SIGHS]

Macy Vaughn, you have
got to buckle down.

One minute you want to be
a baker, then it's music;

now you're studying science?

You got to pick one and focus.

And if I catch you like this
again, it'll be game over.





Macy, what is it?

Oh, no, you'll just think
I'm being drunk and...

And stupid.

I'm on your side, always.

Even when I'm upset.

Now tell me, what's going on?


there was this guy,

this idiot from my class.

He-he said things.

- What did he say?
- D-D-Doesn't matter.

I got mad.

Really mad.

I lost control

and then there was... fire.

Fire came out of my... hands, Dad.

Am I, am I crazy?

Mm. You're tired.

You've had a lot to drink.

Why don't you just lay down, and...

We'll talk about it later, okay?

DEXTER: You'd better get out here.

That thing we always
worried might happen?

Well... it happened.



Let me guess.

Wasn't the place?

[SIGHS] I don't want to talk about it.

- I could have sworn that that was it!

I mean, come on, where
else are we gonna find

a Forty Stone Parasite?

MAGGIE: Nowhere.

Because that's not what
Harry heard them say.

MEL: What?

He was delirious, Mel.

So what if he thought he
heard "Forty Stone Parasite,"

but he actually heard
"Fort Easton Power Site"?

It's an abandoned
military base in Oregon

built around a hydroelectric dam.
Six months ago,

the government sold it
to an undisclosed buyer.

The Shea Group.

It's big, it's isolated,

and it's got a built-in power supply.

So it's basically a
supervillain's dream house.

[CHUCKLING]: Way to go, Little Bug.

I'm not little anymore.


JORDAN: Hello?

Macy? Hello?

H-Hello?! Hello?!

Who's there?

Oh. Harry.

Hey, man, uh, I'm trying to reach Macy.

Maggie was pretty upset earlier.

She didn't pick up when I
tried to check in, so I thought

she might be with Macy.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Oh, there's a woman here convulsing.

- I need to get her help!
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Turn her on her side, keep her
from choking, but stay put.

- What?
- Stay put.

I'll be there in five.

Hurry up, will you?

Come on. It's all right.

It's all right.

- Okay. We're good.


Do you hear that?

This place generates enough
power to run an entire city.

Then we got to find a way inside.

See what the Faction's using it for.

Sure, but how?

You can't just melt human guards,

and I am not bringing
a baton to a gunfight.

This kind of reminds
me of the Lonely Lair

in BattleDown.

- Oh, my God.
- Huh?

- Huh?
- You're right.

- Uh-huh.
- What's BattleDown?

Well, it's an online
game we've been playing.

You two... you've been playing...

Games together?

Only a couple of times.

You're not even a gamer.

I know, but Dad, well,
he got me into it.

It's not just the Faction
you've been talking about.

You have this... you have this
whole secret relationship.

And I'm not, I'm not... More guards.

More guards. We have
to get off the road.

Right now. Let's go, let's go, let's go.

DEXTER: I've brought someone to help.

But whatever you do,

do not, do not look on the
other side of this sheet.

Dad, you're scaring me.

Promise me.


I promise.

WOMAN: Hello, Macy.

Do I know you?

No, sweetheart.

But I've spent the last 20
years wishing that you did.

Because, you see,

I'm your mother.

- Dad!
- Macy!

- Dexter!
- Macy!

- Macy, Macy, please.
- No! No...

- Please.
- Dad, no, no, don't.

- Macy! Don't!
- Don't keep her from me.

- [CRYING]: Don't...
- Baby.

You need to hear her out.


MARISOL: I wish I had more time, Macy.

But this barrier

between us, it is a
matter of life and death.

So, please, do not do that again.

I've needed you so many times.

How can you come this close
and not even look at me?

Ay, my baby, I'm so sorry. I know.

But they're the necromancer's rules.



That's not a thing.

Before tonight, you
probably didn't think

fire could possibly come out
of a young woman's hands.

[SIGHS] My baby.

This world is

far more complicated than you know.

So then what... what am I?

Many things. But...

Right now,

the only thing that matters

is that you are my daughter.

And I love you.

So much.


We're up here.

How's she doing?

- She stopped convulsing.
- That's good.

Yeah, but I didn't do anything.

All of a sudden, she seemed so at ease.

Like she was dreaming.

Whatever you were poisoned with,

it must be resistant to that tea.

It's not poison.

It's panic.

I've been having panic attacks.


Since when?

Since this morning.

Actually, that's not true.

Maggie, do you remember Dr. Gordon?

- Yeah, Mom's work friend.
- Yeah.

She was a therapist.

Now, we didn't want to tell
you that it was therapy

because, well, you were already
so upset about the divorce

and you were refusing to go to school,

you were hyperventilating to
the point where you passed out,

so, well, she was treating you for...

For panic attacks.


See, this is the problem.

All the secrets and lies

because no one in this family

thinks I'm strong enough
to handle the truth!

That's why you didn't tell me

that you weren't my biological father,

and why you didn't tell
me that you guys are BFFs.

Maggie, you're right.

I screwed up.

- But this may not be the best time.
- No, you know what, Mel?

It is. Because I am pissed and I'm hurt

and I am tired of pretending I'm not!

Look, I get that it must have sucked

finding out your wife cheated

and had a kid that wasn't yours.

But it's also really
hard to be that kid.

Living a life with so
many missing pieces,

and not being able to
talk to the one person

who can fill in the blanks,

because like it or not, Dexter is gone,

Mom is gone, and that just leaves you!

Ray, it is just you!

- I understand. I...
- That's why I needed you

to talk to me about this stuff!

Not Mom, not Mel, but me!


- Why didn't you just tell me?
- GUARD: What are you looking at?

- Maggie...
- What?!

- Look.

What happened to them?

You did it.

When you were letting
out all of that anger,

it's like your powers expanded.

It's almost like they were
feeling all of your emotions.

Okay, listen. Listen, Maggie.

Let's just go in there, okay?

And let's see what the Faction is up to.

And then when we get back home,

I will start filling some
of those missing pieces in.

I promise.





She's not breathing.


Uh, seizures can cause

chest muscles to tighten over the lungs.

- You've got to heal her.
- What?


- Heal her?
- I can't.

- You really don't remember anything?
- No.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

I'm losing her.

All right, do something.

Stay with me, Macy!

HARRY: Yeah, quick.




I know the world can be a cruel

and frustrating place.

But when you feel yourself
start to lose your temper,

I need you to breathe.

Because when women like you and I

lash out,

there is no second chance.

And I know it's unfair,

but as more powerful women
rise up in the world,

things'll change for the better.

Do you understand?

I think so.

And in the meantime, my sweet girl,

please, clamp down on your emotions.

It's the only way to
keep the fire at bay,

and keep you safe.


W-W-Where are you going?

MARISOL: I promise, our
paths will cross again.

But until then, please know
that I will cherish this moment

for the rest of my life.


What's happening?


MARISOL: Be careful with her.

She can't remember any of this.

MAN: Of course, ma'am.

Hello, Macy.

She called it a balm. It
was supposed to restore

lost memories or something,
and then there was a blast

and she went flying across the room.

Okay, so clearly, the spell backfired.

The question is why?

When did you get this cut?

- Where?
- Right behind your ear.

I-I don't know.

A scar that fresh, raised...

The Faction probably implanted
something in your head.

The Faction? What are you talking about?

A magic blocker of some kind.

That'd explain the-the spell
blowback, the memory loss.

Hey, what are you doing?
Isn't that keeping her alive?

It's just delaying the inevitable.

The only way to save Macy is with magic.

Which means you, Harry.

We're gonna have to cut
this thing out of your head.

I beg your pardon?

Who are you?

I'm someone who helps people.

Special people, like you.

So, you're gonna stop the
fire from happening again?

Not exactly.

But I will take away the trauma,

so you can live the life you
were always meant to live.


It's okay.

Macy, I would never do
anything to hurt you.

You have my word.


What's your name?


Call me Harry.

HARRY: Hold on.

No bloody way are you
cutting into my head.

I know what I'm doing.

I have emergency field training.


JORDAN: She needs you.

Just do it.

Before I change my mind.


How'd you get in here?

The main entrance.

You're here for the demo?

Exactly. Now where is it?

We've heard so many great
things about this damn... dam.

So far, we're not impressed.

Well, you're a bit early.

Yeah, because we don't have all day.

You don't get to where
we are by being late.

Follow me.

RAY: Right.



Got it.


You can be an honorary sister.

By the power of the pouf.

Jump! Now!





Come on.




Where are your sisters?

Oh, they-they went to
track down your, uh,

uh, Forty Stone Parasite.

I was afraid you were gonna say that.

We need to find them, now.

Damn it. They must have put

more of that green poison in my system.

Well, what is it, Harry?

What do you remember?

What are Mel and Maggie walking into?


AUTOMATED VOICE: Access confirmed.
Viewing station activated.

Beautiful, aren't they?

And right on schedule.


AUTOMATED VOICE: Lockdown initiated.

Please stay where you are.

Nobody move.

Hell no.

Mel, don't. There's too many
of them. They'll shoot.



What are you doing here?

I'd ask you the same thing, but...

Everyone knows the
handsome billionaire's

always the bad guy.

[QUIETLY]: Macy.


Macy was right.

It really was Julian all along.

But now he knows what we are.

And where we are, which means
SafeSpace is no longer safe.

MAGGIE: So, Mom really came

to see you, back when you
were living in New York?

I was so wrong about so many things.

Are you crying?

Just feeling a lot of feelings.

See, my whole life, I-I believed that

restraint was this
essential part of who I am,

but maybe it's not.

Maybe it was something Marisol
and my dad imposed upon me

to protect me

from the demonic side that
I-I didn't know how to handle.

I want to know what
Harry was like back then.

Ah, well, he was Harry.

Our Harry.

Or at least, the full
Windsor knot version.

But he was sweet and kind,

and in my darkest moment,
he was there for me.

Mom must have wiped his memory, too.

So he wouldn't be tempted to tell you.


Yeah, I-I wonder if she
knew that we were...



MEL: Speaking of destiny,

I think we might have
to save the world again.

MAGGIE: Yeah, I don't know

what Julian has planned, but if he needs

a magical army for it, it can't be good.

Then we'll just have to take him down.

♪ For another year ♪

♪ Oh, death ♪

♪ Whoa, death, won't you spare me ♪

♪ Over for another year? ♪

You know, psych was your
mom's major too, right?

Well, before she got
into women's studies.

Oh, I had no idea.

Come here.

Sit with me.

Maggie, you're 20 years old.

Your life can still be whatever
it is you want it to be.

Now, no pressure...

... but I do have some
friends on the faculty

at the University of Washington

if you ever need me to make a call.

Don't they think you're dead?

Yeah, well... [LAUGHS SOFTLY]

for you I'd gladly be resurrected.

Maggie... you have
every right to be angry.

No kid should have to go
through what you went through,

and for that, I am sorry.

I am.

But the reason why I never told you

the truth about not being
your biological father

was because it never
really mattered to me.

From the day you were born,

you were my daughter.

And to admit otherwise would have been

a little too painful,
because the truth is,

see, the truth is...

♪ The years... ♪

... I love you too damn much.

♪ But tears ♪


♪ Never quite left my eyes... ♪

I love you, too, Dad.

♪ 99 good things, just one bad... ♪

You're a real softie, huh?


♪ Driving me mad ♪

♪ Every time I breathe ♪

♪ Every time I'm dreaming in my bed ♪

♪ Seven days a week ♪

♪ Thinking of the words
that I once said to you... ♪

What are you doing?

I feel like dancing.

That spell blew you back with
quite a bit of force earlier.

You might have a concussion.

No, Harry.

What I have is... clarity.

I don't want to overthink this anymore

or temper my feelings or keep
waiting for the right moment.

So, what do you want?

For you to get your ass
over here and dance with me.

♪ 'Cause every second ♪

♪ You won't get off my mind ♪

♪ 99 good things, just one bad ♪

♪ But that one's driving me mad ♪

♪ Every time I breathe ♪

♪ Every time I'm dreaming in my bed ♪

♪ Seven days a week ♪

♪ Thinking of the words
that I once said to you ♪

♪ I still wake up wishing ♪

♪ I could just move on ♪

♪ Tell myself I'm okay ♪

♪ I did no wrong ♪

♪ That day comes back to me ♪

♪ Every time I breathe ♪

♪ I still wake up wishing ♪

♪ I could just move on ♪

♪ Tell myself I'm okay ♪

- ♪ I did no wrong ♪

♪ That day comes back to me ♪

♪ Every time I breathe. ♪