Charmed (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Sudden Death - full transcript

The Charmed Ones must track down an enemy to save one of their own. In course of their mission, Maggie comes face to face wih Parker, Macy solicits Julian's help, and Mel and Harry uncover a monstrous truth.

Previously on Charmed...

Parker! Please. You're better than this.


MAGGIE: What did you do?

MACY: Parker. You're alive.

Vivienne Laurent.

Aunt Vivienne?

You're all Julian can talk about lately.

My aunt Vivienne is always
helping some charity

or serving on the board
of a Fortune 500 company.

GUARDIAN: The Power of Three has
come to sisters of great promise.

It always ends the same.

The destruction of the sisterhood.

To breaking the cycle.

MACY: Your powers. They're back.

HARRY: Darklighters

can't kill Whitelighters?

And Whitelighters can't
kill darklighters.

You aren't taking magical creatures,

you're taking their magic.

It's not me. It's them.

I want out.

Why would I ever help you?

Because I know what's coming.

But if you want any
chance of stopping it,

you're gonna have to set me free.



Where are you?


DIRTY HARRY: Harry. I'm in trouble.

I need your help.


Did someone bring out the sage?

Oh, it's on the porch.




Sorry. Sorry about that.

Uh, I-I guess my powers are still...

A work in progress. [CHUCKLES]

Appreciate the save.

I saved you from a shiner, an ice pack

and a bunch of those
little cartoon stars.

Okay, who is ready

to restore the awesome Power of Three?

Let's do this.


ALL: Restitue potentiam trium.

Restitue potentiam trium.

Restitue potentiam trium.

We're going backwards.

It's her. Abigael.

When she stripped Macy's demon power,

she did something to block us.

We don't know that for sure.

M-Maybe it's for the best.

The Power of Three always ends

in the destruction of the sisterhood.

No. We're different.

We defeated the Source of All Evil,

we fought against the darklighter,

we saved Jordan from his curse.

We're not gonna get done in

by some old prophecy.

Which is probably what
the other sisters said.

Look, I'm not sure we
have a choice here.

If these people are
extracting magical powers,

it's only a matter of time

before they the send the
darklighter after us again.

HARRY: He's not coming.

For us, or anyone.

I-I think he's in danger.

But that means...

You're in danger.

He dies, I die.

Simple as that.

♪ ♪

My darklighter, he was desperate.

Telling me we had to work together.

Then he just went silent.

I tried contacting him. He's just gone.

Did you see anything? In the mind space?

A flash of something. A dead
body and some strange number.

- I have no idea what any of it meant.
- MEL: Okay,

so we retrace his steps, go
everywhere we know he's been,

hope to find a lead.

MAGGIE: And if we don't

find him?

Well, we have to find
a way to cut the cord.

Well, think about it.

The Elders found a way to
sever their connection to you.

There has to be a way to do the same

with White and darklighters.

Hey. We're clear.

Descubre el Camino secreto.

MEL: Okay, uh, we'll split up.

Harry and I will find his darklighter.

Maggie and I will scour
The Book of Elders,

find a severing spell.

Anything to uncouple
you and the darklighter.

You're not gonna die, Harry.

We won't let that happen.

In my experience,

death is not something
one can will away.

MACY: Harry.

We'll see you soon.

That look between the two of you.

Okay, I'm just gonna ask:

where were things left
between you and Harry?

They weren't. Left anywhere.

I... I don't know where he stands.

And you?

Where do you stand?

With him and with Julian?

I... I stand...

Right here.



This spell

splits a human's consciousness
from their psyche.

I think the Elders might
have used this as the basis

for the Whitelighter's memory wipe.

Okay, and that helps us how?

Doesn't directly,

but maybe we could adapt it,

try and use it to split the connection

between White and darklighters.

Okay, well, I see one major
problem with your plan.

I think this spell requires
the Power of Three.

Which we don't have.

Which it's about time we got back.

Don't you think?

This is it,

where the darklighter was
keeping all of those creatures.



Well, he's gone and so are they.

They've gone underground.

We've been to his apartment,

Schmitty's bar.

No one's seen him.

We're at a dead end, Harry.

Mel, in the event that
something should happen to me,

- I need you to...
- Nothing is going to happen.

We need to be realistic.

This is like me having
a Widowmaker heart.

At any moment, I could take a
breath, never to take another.

So, please, let me just say this.

You need to forgive your mistakes.

You're a born leader, but you're
harder on yourself than anyone.

- Harry...
- Tell Maggie to trust her powers.

She has more than she thinks.

Well, more than she knows.

And Macy...

Tell Macy...

- Harry.
- I...

We are going to figure this out,

and then you can tell Macy
whatever... yourself.

MACY: You're going to see Abigael?


No way.

We need the Power of
Three for this spell

and if she did something to block us...

Uh... That's a big if.

Well, do you have any better theories?

Didn't think so.

So I'm gonna find the knife,
the one she used on you,

we'll do a provenance spell on it,

see exactly what she did to you

and then reverse it.

And you think you're just
gonna find it in her apartment?

Well, you said she had a
bunch of hidden compartments.

A weapon that strips
demons of their power?

She's gonna keep that close.


And we are out of mugwort.


Hey, Mags, t-this is just
about the knife, right?

Yeah, as opposed to...?

A certain someone...

... in her dungeon?

What? Parker?

Of course not.

Because you can't tell
her you know he's alive.

Our truce with Abigael
and the demons require

- we keep that secret.
- Got it.

Well, while you figure out a way

to save Harry, I'm off to steal a knife

from Evildemon Hornypants.

There were 50 pods here. Computers.

It's like they were in a hurry
to get everything out of here.


Well, maybe not everything.

It's coming from over there.

Looks like an operating suite.

They were experimenting.


but on what?

Or whom?

Do you think they were experimenting

on your darklighter?

It's possible.

[SNIFFS] You smell that?

Ugh. I wish I hadn't.

- It's this vat.
- Uh, Harry, maybe we shouldn't.


- Oh, God.
- Ugh.

What-what is it?

What that is...

Is death.

- Here you go. Have a great day.
- Maggie?


Hey, Jordan. Hi.

Uh, Wicca shop reopened?

Yup. Yeah, uh, Kat asked Mel

to find someone to manage it.

- You avoiding me?
- What? No.

No, I'm not... No. [SCOFFS]

You sure?' Cause we haven't
really talked since our mission.

Yeah, about that, um...

I get it, Maggie. We had a moment.

It's cool. I'm cool.

Yeah, I just... I have a lot
going on in my world right now,

and I don't really have
time for... moments.

I know. I'm just offering to help.

Every time you offer to help,

- you almost get killed.
- And if I don't help

balance the scales of
justice, I get killed,

so I'd rather risk it
for you and your sisters.

Are you ever a jerk?

Like, ever?

Hell, yeah. When people
steal my first aid kits.

Or punch me in the nose.
Come to think of it,

Mel's the only one who's
still totally clean.

Oh, give her time.


Whatever you're doing,

let me come with,

for both our sakes.

MACY: Experiment to sever the connection

between White and darklighters

using hair samples from both Helens.

Nexum in aeternum divide.

[SIGHS] Exstingue.

Let's, uh, let's try this again.

Nexum in aeternum divide.


Nexum in aeternum divide.


MEL: Ugh!

Is that a lycanthrope?


- And the tentacle?
- Maybe a hedorah?

Though I was pretty
sure they were extinct.

And the horn?

Enenra. They have two forms.

One is scales and
horns, the other smoke.

You said there was a
computer with a list

of what they'd captured.

Were hedorah or enenra on the list?

I don't remember, and we
let those creatures go.

Well, clearly, they found more.

We know they're extracting magic.

Let's say they succeeded,

from the lycanthrope, the hedorah...

- And the enenra.
- They take that magic and what?

We need to know what happened here.


Hey-hey there.

so I have a yen for ramen,

and there's a place up on West Pine

where the chef owes me a favor.

Uh, technically she owes
me the entire restaurant

because I own it, but...

I-I would love to go, but I-I can't.

I'm, uh...

I'm on a deadline.


'Cause, I mean, it looks
to me like you're just

separating an egg.

Uh, you're back...

From, uh, Paris?

Barcelona, but yes.


you know, if you, if you
didn't want to see me...

No, no, it's-it's not that. I'm just...

I'm just, I'm stuck on an experiment.

An "eggsperiment"?

It was there, so I took it,

- so I...
- Mm-hmm.


It's-it's my friend,

the one I had to borrow
the Airmid machine for.

He's really sick.

Life and death.

I'm sorry.

Bell's inequality theorem?

Yeah, I'm-I'm exploring genetics

vis-à-vis quantum entanglement.

When disparate particles

are so intertwined that any action

performed on one affects the other.

- You-you know quantum mechanics?
- Mm.

I could use your help.

You know, your coming
here compromises me.

Makes it look like
we're in bed together.

Though there might be
some merit in that.

Um, I asked her to bring me here.

I've been cursed by the
dying breath of a witch.

And this involves me how?

He has to balance the
scales of justice, but we

don't know what that means.

If he doesn't succeed, his
descendants will be cursed

and his life will forever be...

In danger.

I like a good challenge.

Always a thrill succeeding
where the Charmed Ones fail.


Um... Text from Mel.
She says it's an emergency.

Is there some place I can take this?

A little privacy, of course. Tori.

Keep an eye on our friend.

Don't want her snooping around.

Thought she'd never leave.

Now let's see if we can't
get to the bottom of this...



Revela su procedencia.

This will show us what happened here.

- Thought we'd get more of a reaction.

- Sedatives, quick!
- Yes!


No. No.

No. No, please.



We need help! [SCREAMS]

What the hell was that?

What about quantum sudden death?

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

I thought about that, but it
would decay both particles.

I need to sever the connection
without killing either subject.

Which are...?

Mental metaphor, um,

imagine he's got sick cells...
Let's call them dark cells...

And healthy, light cells.

I need to disconnect their fates.

I thought about
disrupting the environment

using quantum teleportation...


No, it's just, the way you think,

the questions that you're asking

about unseen forces that
control the universe.

You know, this-this may
not be the right time, um,

but I'm on the board of a foundation

that's working on malaria abatement,

and we just lost our lead epidemiologist

to another project, and...

I don't know, I-I was just wondering

if maybe you would consider, um,

like, consulting?

You-you want me to work for you?

Not for me, but with me.

TORI: Hey.

What are you doing?

Sorry, just quick
hydration for the skin.

And you need to do that now?

Never underestimate
the power of skin care.

[WHISPERING]: Finge cor.

Muta Mentem. Alia Eventa Mihi.

Shape the heart, change the mind,

give me results of a different kind.




Why don't you show me where
your Overlord keeps her weapons?

They're in the dungeon.

Like, where the prisoners are kept?


Of course they are.

MEL: That monster.

Have you ever seen anything like that?

Something that can turn to
smoke, spit acid, change form?

There isn't a single creature
with all those powers.

The husks.

The enenra can turn to smoke,
the hedorah can spit acid

- and the lycanthrope...
- Can change form.

Put them together and you
get some sort of monstrosity.

But it'd still need a host
to contain all that magic.

Your darklighter.


Found it.

That's an old-fashioned burner.

- Huh. That doctor.

The last call she made
before she was killed.

Someone in Duluth, Minnesota.

Daunting, living with that sword
of Damocles over your head.

I mean, what's to stop me
from killing you right now?

That's, uh... that's rhetorical, right?

Suppose I could help
you with your curse...

... give you a foolproof way

of balancing the scales of justice.

What would that look like?

There are witches out there

seen as threats by demons.

Now, I can't help them, per Se.

The optics could be
damaging, to say the least.

But if you, however, can rescue them,

your debts will be paid.

How do you know this will work?

I've done my homework.

I always do.

Now if you want the names

of those witches,

you're gonna have to tell
me why you're really here.

Like we said, to get help.

Oh, Jordy. Come on.

I could put my hand on your head

and yank it out of your consciousness,

but that's such an unsporting
way to deal with a human.

The "woe is me" curse business,

the fake text from Mel,

the scurrying to places unknown?

Oh, how sad.

Oh, she's brought her new flame here

to try and rescue her old one.

Now, I like you, Jordan.

You smell sweet and you have nice eyes.

I can think of a lot of ways
that you could be utile to me,

but Maggie made the mistake of
telling you Parker is alive,

and I won't have people knowing that.


... is alive?

[QUIETLY]: Just get in and get out.

[GROANS] You've got to be kidding me.


demon-stripping dagger,
which one are you?

- PARKER: Hey, Vera.




This is where the call came from?

According to Ray's cop friend Choochi.

He did something with
cell tower tracking.

Not that I think that
we should trust somebody

who goes by the name Choochi...


DIRTY HARRY: I'm in trouble.


That's what I saw,

in the mind space.

My darklighter.

I think he's in there, somewhere.

Julian, it's a really
incredible, uh, o-opportunity...


Now is not the right time.


Why do I get the feeling

you're not telling me something?

WOMAN: Mr. Shea?


- Thank Pierre for me.
- Will do.


What's this?

This is food.

From this French pop-up
that my buddy owns.

So, here's the thing.

[CLEARS THROAT] When I get stuck,

I eat.

The secret is in the ganache.

They emulsify the chocolate

and the cream together, and voilà.


Maybe that's the answer.

Wait, did my dessert
thing actually work?


Thank you. [LAUGHS]

Thank you for helping. Uh, thank you

for the job offer, for-for everything.

I'm sorr... I...

PARKER: Can we just talk?

There's nothing to say.

Well, then, let me explain.

I don't have time, Parker, and
honestly, I... I don't care.

Look, I'm sorry for
everything that happened.

Stop! Really.

I cannot do this with you right now.

And I'm-I'm not here for you.

Maggie, that wasn't me.

Yes, it was you. It was part of you.

The part of you that is
never going to change.


What are you looking for?

Please, just...

Let me at least help you.

The ritual dagger.

The one used for stripping
demons of their powers.

The second pipe from the left.

Eye level.

There's a hidden compartment.


So glad you two could catch up.


WOMAN: All right. Let's unload this.


MAN: Let's put it in lockdown.


MAN 2: One more.

Roger that.


AUTOMATED VOICE: Lockdown initiated.


The number I saw in the mind space.


West side, floor two.

We need to work fast. Come on.

That's it. The door in my vision.


Something's preventing
me from getting inside.

Allow me.

Where's Jordan?
What did you do with him?

I set him ablaze and
served him to the guards

as an amuse-bouche.

Way to use the influencer spell.

Only problem is it wears off.

This was all my plan.

- Leave Jordan out of it.

I'm the one who thought
we could distract you

- with my curse.
- Oh, look at you two

trying to protect one another.

So cute. Don't they make
the sweetest couple, Parker?

Let them go, Abby.

Little bro still trying
to play the hero.

Shall I break the news to him, or you?

You really were the dupe, my friend.

She used you to try and get
this dagger so she could strip

all the nasty demony
parts out of Parky-Poo,

and the two of them
could run off together

as witch and human.

Right, Magdalena?

Is that true?


Then why else would
you want this dagger?

Because when you took
Macy's demon powers away

with that knife, you took
something else with it.

Something that's blocking
the Power of Three,

and I want it back.

Oh, so that's what this is all about?

Go on, then.

Do your little provenance spell,

or whatever other
nonsense you had in mind.

You won't find anything.

Because I didn't do anything to Macy.

It's not me. Which means...

The Power of Three problem is you.

The lot of you.

I guess the sisterhood has
some issues to work out.

Now, after you've finished
examining that dagger

to your satisfaction, feel
free to take your luggage

and get out.

PARKER: Hey, Jordan.

Take care of her.

She can take care of herself.


- Ah...

[FAINT VOICE]: Harry... Harry...



Harry... help.



Oh, God.


Mel, stop!

I found him. They put
him back in the jar.

Okay, but if he's in there...


What's behind that door?





The jar.

- Oh...

HARRY: What's he doing?




That was close.

Thank you for risking your
life again to help me.

I-I'm sorry I didn't
tell you he was alive.

I just... I was sworn to secrecy, I...

No, Maggie, I don't care about that.

I care about you.

You all right?

I'm-I'm fine. really.

If some piece of you went
back there for him, it's okay.

I didn't.

You know, when I thought he was dead,

at least there was... closure.

But now it's like...

The wound is reopened?

The last few months have been... a lot.

And I've been trying
to put on a brave face

and act like I'm all right, but...


Takes time.

So you take yours. Whatever you need.

I need to figure out what's
blocking me and my sisters.

You will.


You're alive.

So are you.

The host.

The corpse.


The one they brought back to life.

They're reanimating the dead.

Giving them magic.

To what end?

MACY: Well, did you get any answers?

No, just, uh, more questions.

How about you? Did you, uh,

figure out a way to sever
Harry from his darklighter?

No. I don't think it can be done.

Okay, well, what's this?


Taking two separate compounds

and turning them into
one stable mixture.


Duo colligentur.


I couldn't separate
Whitelighters and darklighters.

But I might be able to
put them back together.

MACY: How are you?

It's strange.

All this time in fear of him, running.

And now we're protecting him.

Did you find anything out
about severing the two of us?

I don't think it can be done.

But you did figure out something else.

I'm not recommending it...

... but it's your life,
so you should know.

There may be a way

to put you and him...

Back together.

Merge us?

We-We'd need the talisman

to get him back out of
the bottle and, uh...

Since someone's still controlling him.

But if we merged, I'd control him.

We don't really know who'd
be in control, Harry.

It's a... It's a very
dangerous proposition.

I never even thought

I'd get a chance to be whole again,

or what that even looks like.

You know, obviously, it's
your choice, your journey,

but, um, I wouldn't
want to risk losing you.

♪ When all your demons come... ♪

This you.

Macy, this journey I'm on
has caused me to feel things,

do things that are
foreign and terrifying,

and I fear have

diminished me... in your eyes.

♪ I feel you now ♪

♪ I can feel you... ♪

And if today turned out differently,

if this were my last day,

the loss of our friendship
would be my greatest regret.

♪ Don't cry, my dear... ♪

What can I do to get my friend back?

♪ We've only got so much time here ♪

You just did it.

♪ I worry about you at night. ♪

Running into Parker...

I'm sorry you had to go through that.


It was a lot.

And the whole Power of Three thing.

It's not Abigael who's holding us back.

It's us.

Well, whatever the issue is,

we need to figure it out, fast.

'Cause I think what I saw today

is the tip of the iceberg.

I'm afraid that there are
more monsters out there,

And they're coming for us.

♪ ♪


I'll keep this brief.

We experienced a breach this afternoon

at our site in Duluth.

Nothing to worry about.
We still have the upper hand.


Is threatening our very existence.

And it's up to us to stop it.

Only we can save the world.