Charmed (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Needs to Know - full transcript

A mysterious SOS call from Whitelighter Helen draws Harry, Mel, Macy and Maggie into a perilous conflict with Darklighter Helen. In an attempt to reignite the Power of Three, Macy resorts to drastic measures.

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Parker. Please.

- You're better than this.
- Oh...

What did you do?

He's dead.

I'm gonna make you pay
for this.

Get in line.

It's Helen, right?
You're a Whitelighter.

You don't have a sister,
do you?

She's part of you.

I am half.

The Elders did this to you?

(thunder crashes)

Time for medication.

You gonna be good?

Don't need trouble tonight.


Your hair.

(thunder crashes)

It's so tangled.

Why don't you let me send
an orderly in here with a brush?

Pretty you up.

(glass breaks in distance)

(people yelling)

(glass breaking)

I'll be right back.

(door creaking)

Season 02 Episode 12

Episode Title: "Needs to Know"

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Restitue potentiam trium.

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Restitue potentiam trium.

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Restitue potentiam trium.

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Restitue potentiam trium.

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Restitue potentiam trium.

Damn it.

I don't understand.

What's the problem?


The problem is me.

(classical music playing,
utensil clinking)

A cassoulet.

Mmm. With sausage.
My favorite.

Don't look so surprised

that I'm an expert cook.

You went to quite
a bit of trouble.

Not really.

You just cook it slowly

until the duck is tender

and can be easily
pulled from the bone.

Abby... you invited me
for dinner.

(whispers): But you really
came for dessert, didn't you?


I came to check in on you,

make sure
you're doing all right.

Harry, you're
attracted to me.

There's nothing wrong with that.
You're a man with needs.

And Macy's not
meeting those.

We've been through this.

- You're a demon.
- Half.

And it's not
sexually transmitted.

(laughs quietly)

Harry, life is long
for creatures like us.

Full of pain and suffering,
and that's if you're lucky.

I can make you feel things
you never thought possible.

Why deny yourself that?

Now you came up
here for something.

To finish
what we started.

It's time to get
what you want.

(phone vibrating)

That had better be a toy
you brought for me.

(vibrating continues)


Helen? Helen? Hello?

(line clicks, beeps)

I'm sorry.

I have to go.



♪ It's a valentine,
let's go... ♪

Dark and Stormy?

I'm sorry?
Dark and Stormy?

That's your drink, right?

Dark rum, ginger beer,

slice of lime?

Good memory.

The order stood out.

Not many people know that drink.

I used to be a bartender

in another life.

I'm lying.
Excuse me?

It's not the drink
I remembered.

It's your face.


Sorry, I've got no game.

I just...

I always come in too direct.

No, direct is... good.

I'm Ruby.

I'm Mel.

Nice to meet you, Mel.


I'm heading out

after work with some friends later
if you want to come.

You said direct is good?

It is. Uh...

It's just that tonight
isn't really a good night.

Well, if your night opens up...

And the drink's on me.

See you around,
Dark and Stormy.

MACY: There was a
connection between you two.

Right, Mel?



The restoration spell
for the Power of Three.

You and Maggie had this...
electric connection, and when

it reached me, it fizzled.

I'm the weak link, obviously.

We don't know that yet, Macy.

Yeah, but for some reason,

the black amber hasn't restored
your witch powers.

The question is why?

(phone vibrating)

What's wrong?

Oh, nothing.

Just Jordan inviting
me to a party.


And you're not interested?

- In a party or Jordan?
- Both.


I like parties, and...

I really like Jordan.

I just...
I don't think I'm ready.

You know, after everything
that happened with Parker.


Relationships are hard,
given what we do.

That's why we made that
"no relationship" rule.

Which I have officially broken.

With Julian.

Maybe that's why I don't
have my witch powers back.

I'm being punished
for experiencing a drop of joy.

Hey, don't say that.

There is no reason we should be
doomed to a life of loneliness.


to happiness,
wherever we may find it.

We may be displaced
for the moment,

but at least we have each other.






Uh, one...
one matter displaces another.


What if my demon powers

are displacing my witch powers?

I think I know
how to get them back.

(line beeping)




(door creaking)



Helen... are you all right?

That man with the gun...
He killed those people?

She... your other half...

Killed him?

Helen, where is she?


(radio playing indistinctly)

- Whoa!
- (tires squealing)

What the hell?!

Hey, are you okay?

You really shouldn't be in the
middle of the road like that.

Somebody could hit you.

Is there someone I can call,
or somewhere I can take you?

You don't think it's weird
that she ran out of there

without telling us
where she was going?

You know Macy.

She still goes at it
alone sometimes,

even when she
doesn't have to.


What is going on?

Mel, Maggie,

this is Helen.

The first Whitelighter.

Something terrible's happened.

(elevator bell dings)



Well, this is
an unexpected twist.

Can we talk?

Uh, privately?

Though I do love girl time,

I imagine you've come here
for a reason.

I need your help.

And she's the only survivor?

Why didn't her darklighter
kill her, too?



Can't what, Helen?


kill me.

What does she mean?

Darklighters can't
kill Whitelighters.

And Whitelighters
can't kill darklighters.

But that means...

My darklighter's
still alive.


If Helen's other half
is as ruthless as mine,

we need to find her.


Am I, uh, interrupting?

Oh, no, Harry left
a little while ago.

After we finished.

Harry was here?

What, did you expect him
to wait around for you forever?

I'm not here to talk
about Harry, Abigael.

I need you to help me

strip my demon powers.

Why ever would you do an utterly
stupid thing like that?

Do you have any idea how coveted

the fire-based powers are
in the demon world?

I'm not part of the demon world.

And I have my reasons.

Oh, you think
they might be blocking

your witch powers somehow.

And you need those
to reclaim the Power of Three.

Am I getting warmer?

You know what, forget it.
This was a mistake.

All right, I'll help you.

Why would you do that?

You're getting what you want,
Macy... why question it?


You want to
impress him.

Convince him that you're
worthy by helping me.

Looks like dinner was just
dinner, and you want more.

Am I getting warmer?


I wouldn't mind
if Harry caught word of

my charitable side.

That I'm helping
a friend in need

and all that nonsense.

So, there's something in it
for both of us.

It would seem so.


Any idea where
she might have gone?

Maybe I could try
and get a vision?

See something
that could help?

Do you mind if Maggie here
holds your hand?

She has the power
of foresight.

They're, uh...


The Charmed Ones.


Go on.

What did you see?

Street signs.

Chapel Way and
Alderman Avenue.

An intersection.

In Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Okay, well, we can't
leave her here alone.

I'll stay, see what else I can
find out about what happened.

Maggie, let's go.


What happens
when we find her?

We have to be prepared
for anything.

Where are we going?


Nos sub terrestri regno deduce.

What's "S.D."?



What is going on?

I told you.

It's subterranean.


What the hell are we
doing here, Abigael?

You want your demon
powers stripped?

I'm taking you to the
one person in the world

who can help you do it.


He's alive.


I guess you're not hungry.

No pressure.

Is there anything else
I can get you, Helen?

More tea?




Your records.

Harry must have brought
them back last time.


Your life, it's all here.

You were born
Helen Chambliss.

McGantry was your
married name.


Plymouth was
your home.

I saw you kill him...
How is this possible?


I pierced him
with a homing device.

It returned his smoky
little self back here.

Then we healed him up.

And sealed him up.

And you took over the throne.

Obviously, if the truth
were to come out,

my authority
would be questioned.

More likely, you'd be killed.

And that would be bad
for all of us.

It helps to have
friends like me,

in case you hadn't noticed.

Emperor of nothing, get up.

This isn't Club Med.


We need the ritual dagger.

The one you used to try
and strip me of my powers.

Where is it?

Well, if you're so brilliant,

why don't you find it yourself.

Better yet,

why don't you ask
your demon BFF Godric?


Why do you like to embarrass me
in front of my friends?


It's hurtful.

And counterproductive,
when you know how much

I enjoy our little spats,

(grunts) Macy...

Is this really necessary?


(Parker grunts, coughs)

Screw you, Abby.

I would rather die
than help you.

Oh, well, that can be arranged.

- Guard?
- GUARD: Yes, my overlord?

Prepare to kill my brother.

Recognize anything?

Yeah, those are
the street signs.

This is the right place.

Harry, look.

Why here?

Let's just hope she
stopped for a snack.



We're too late.


Why would Darklighter Helen
do this?

Her target seems to be
whoever stands in her way.


She could be anywhere.

"All I can think of
is having you near me,

feeling your skin
against mine."

It's signed "Daniel."

You loved him?

He was your husband?

Zachariah McGantry
was your husband.

You were 16.

And he was... 40.


You were married off?

"My darling Helen,

"words fail to
capture my pain

"at knowing
you're with him,

"of knowing
what has been denied us.

"Yours forever...


I am so sorry, Helen.

You have been denied
so much.

The freedom to love.

To live your life.


..been free.

(phone vibrating)


Mel, we need you
to figure out

where Helen's darklighter
might have gone.


was her home.

Maybe she was looking
for a house.

Yeah, well, it's a
convenience store now.

We're here with no
clue where to go next.

Is there anything
you might have learned

from Helen that would help?



I think I might have something.

Apparently Daniel Rayburn was
her true love.

And he's buried here
on Cavalry Hill.


(hinges creak)

It's so sad.

Forbidden from being
with the one she loved.

She's just trying
to get back to him.

Now, Maggie, remember this
isn't Helen we're dealing with.

It's her dark side.

And she's incredibly dangerous.

So if it
comes down to it...

She has to be destroyed.

Helen can't do it.

So it's up to us.

Come on.

You're not really planning
on killing him.

What kind of amateur
do you take me for?

We'll torture
him first

to find the location
of the knife,

- then we'll kill him.
- What is it with you?

You demons.

Your first impulse
is to destroy.

What is it
with you Charmed Ones?

You claim to be
strong women

but haven't the fortitude
to do what needs to be done.

This isn't about fortitude.

This is about choices.

Women finally have a say
in how things go.

Let's not resort
to the same nonsense

men have been perpetuating
for centuries.

I know you have
a complicated relationship

with your brother.
Let me talk to him.


I'll get us the knife.

I know you don't want
to help her.

She ruined my life.

And now you show up
arm in arm?


Yeah. Sorry.

No, thanks.

She manipulated things.

But you made your own choices.

For good
and for bad.

I know.

Here's what I need you
to understand.

There are forces
out there

that want to capture
the Charmed Ones.

Destroy us.

That dagger...

might just be the key
to restoring the Power of Three.

Power we need
to survive

whatever chaos is
coming our way.

I know you love her.


Don't do it for me.

Do it for her.


I'll tell you
where the dagger is,

but I want something in return.

What's this?

It's a letter...

to Maggie.

I never thought I'd get
a chance to send it.

I want her to know
I'm still alive.

She's finally starting
to move on.

I don't...
want her to move on.

Give her the letter,
and I'll give you the dagger.

Those are my terms.

Take it or leave it.


Let's see, there's Hawthorne.

This one's Edwards.

Looks like "Devil Red" to me.

Ah, the moon?

The lipstick.

Or is that a demon hickey?

For the record, nothing happened

And certainly nothing's
gonna happen in the future.

Harry, you don't
have to feel...

ashamed to have
feelings for a demon.


you're speaking to a woman
who nearly married one.

It doesn't matter
if I have some fleeting desire,

because it was wrong.


maybe we... you and me...

we see the good in people

even when it's
not that apparent.

And that doesn't make
us stupid or naive.

The world isn't black and white.


shades of gray.

I'm a Whitelighter.

I'm programmed
not to have gray.

Gray was...

me before.

Before the Elders
tore you apart.

Just like they
did to Helen.




"Daniel Bradford


Died 1685.
He was only 30.

Those were harsh times.

Happiness and fulfillment
wasn't exactly on the agenda

for most people.

Harry, look out!



I can't hold her!

The knife! Now!

Kill her!

We don't have to kill her.

- We just have to reach her.
- She's too far gone!



I know about Daniel.

I know you loved him.

And I know you
couldn't be together.

(hissing exhale)


I know how that feels.

When you can't be
with the person you love.

I also know what
the Elders did to you,

how they hurt you...
and used you.


But my sisters and I,

and Harry, we...

we want to help you.


We're not like the Elders.

Or that man
who tried to kidnap you.

We can take you
somewhere safe,

where no one will hurt you.

Just give me the knife,




Last chance to back out.

No. I'm doing this.

As you wish.

A moment of privacy,
please, boys.

(snaps fingers,
speaks foreign language)


Sorry, but this requires you
to subjugate yourself.

On bended knee.



This Power of Three must be
pretty important to you.

You wouldn't understand.

Oh, that's right.

It's about the power
of sisterhood.

Stronger together,
blah, blah, blah.

I best get this over with
before I wretch.




(groans, grunts)




Did it work?

You tell me.



It's gone.


I hope you get
what you wanted.

(phone chimes, vibrates)

We put her

in a containment spell
as a precaution.

So, what now?

Well, we're not sure.

But they can't go back
to the way they were living.




Merging could be dangerous.

It's never been done.


live like this.


she's never had a choice.

How to live her life.

Let's give her one.

It can't be
worse than this.

They've been apart for too long.

All right.

Dimitte ex carcere.


There must be some kind
of merging spell

The Book of Elders.

Macy, you can't touch it.


It really worked.


She thinks we're the Elders!

We're not them!

Helen, stop!

Let her go!


(both grunt)


(knife slashes)





Harry, heal her.

HARRY: It's a
self-inflicted wound.

I can't heal her.

Helen, why?




(breathing shakily)


(gasps softly)


I can't believe
you went to Abigael

to strip your demon powers.

And that she even helped you.

Oh, well,
she did it for Harry.

Yeah, she made that
pretty clear.

- She did?
- Mm.

♪ Every day,
nothing's changed... ♪

And why did you do it?

Because I think it's the answer
to getting my witch powers back.

And the Power of Three.

I guess

I-I have to get rid
of the dark energy

to make room for the light.

Mm, that's a lesson we've all
been learning these days.

I've been holding on
to Parker and...

all that dark energy.

I-I want to move on

and-and make room
for good energy.

Think I'm finally ready
to let the joy in.

Thinking about Helen,

I realize that we are so lucky

to be women in this day and age.

To have choices.

Who we love,
how we love, when we love.

Let's not squander it.

For Helen's sake.

♪ Are you waiting for me? ♪

♪ Are you waiting for me,
lover? ♪

I'll be right back.

♪ Is it too late? ♪

♪ Is it
too late? ♪

RUBY: Hello, there.
It's last call.

Uh, did I miss my window?


♪ I'll be waiting for you... ♪

Haven't seen Mel smile
like that in forever.

- (phone chimes, vibrates)
- ♪ Is it too late? ♪

♪ Is it
too late? ♪



(laughs softly)

♪ Where I'm going ♪

♪ Long nights ♪

♪ Roll the dice,
it's the moment... ♪

I want her to know
I'm still alive.

(Maggie laughing)

♪ We are not alone ♪

♪ Moving fast ♪

♪ Hard to grasp
where I'm going ♪

♪ Long nights ♪

♪ Roll the dice,
it's the moment ♪

♪ Hold tight ♪

♪ You'll find
that you're not alone ♪

♪ We are not alone ♪

♪ Is it too late? ♪

♪ I'll be waiting for you ♪

♪ I'll be waiting for you,
lover ♪

♪ Is it too late? ♪

♪ Are you waiting for me? ♪

♪ Are you waiting for me,
lover? ♪

Oh, God.

♪ Is it too late? ♪

♪ Is it
too late? ♪

♪ Is it too late? ♪

Come on. No.


♪ I'll be waiting for you ♪

♪ Is it too late? ♪

Damn it!

♪ Is it too late? ♪

♪ Is it
too late? ♪

♪ I'll be waiting for you... ♪


Are you all right?


♪ We're stuck... ♪

It didn't work.

I gave up

my demon powers,
and now I have nothing.

..didn't work.

It's not too late.

It's not?

It's not too late.

It's not too late.

It's, uh...

It-It's not?

No, of course not.

We'll figure it out,
all of us.


What's your angle, Abby?

My angle?

- I prefer sharp ones.
- Mm.

There's no way you gave
the Charmed Ones back

the Power of Three
just to be nice.

Oh, unless

Abigael Caine's gone soft.


You stripped Macy's powers
and stole them for yourself.

Give the boy a prize.

He's not as dumb
as he looks.

And call me soft again,

and I'll roast you
on a spit,

then present you to Maggie
as Christmas dinner.

What's your endgame?

Wouldn't you like to know.