Charmed (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Dance Like No One Is Witching - full transcript

When Harry comes down with a mysterious illness, Macy, Mel and Abigail must work together to save his life, and Macy turns to Julian for help. Meanwhile, Jordan and Maggie embark on a dangerous mission in New Orleans.

- Previously on Charmed...
- HARRY: Jordan is cursed.

By the dying breath of a witch.

JORDAN: The curse isn't broken until...

You balance the scales of justice.

That was her direct quote.


What do you have for me this time, Ray?

Black amber.

Where did you get this?

RAY: You crack this code,

you'll find out who's
behind all of this.

HARRY: Abigael, you and I

can never be.

You bring out the best in me, Harry.

I see you for who you are.

You have feelings for her.

I'll take care of my affairs,
you take care of yours.

There's a handsome billionaire
awaiting your call.

MACY: I only went out with Julian
to stop him from demolishing

the command center.
I can't help it if he likes me.

You know damn well how I feel about you.

So, please, don't make this
harder than it already is.

You should have what

and whomever your heart desires, Macy.



Mom? Mom!

Somebody help!

Somebody help me!

JULIAN: That night...

It left a hole in my heart.


I mean, that's horrible.

Losing your parents like that.

I can't believe you survived.

There's a lot about that
night I can't believe.

But you...

I mean, you've dealt
with your fair share

of tragedy when it
comes to your parents.

That which doesn't kill us

makes us stronger, right?

Or maybe... it's just human nature to

bestow transformative power onto trauma

to make it more...


Uh, bacteria that aren't entirely killed

by antibiotics mutate and
become resistant to it.

♪ Just keep breathing... ♪

I mean, I-I was gonna
say the exact same thing.

[LAUGHING]: Oh, God.

- I'm sorry...

No, really, though, it's, um...

It's kind of incredible.

Even after all that
tragedy, you still...

Bbloomed. Became a tech
entrepreneur, humanitarian.

Well, I owe a lot of
it to my Aunt Vivienne.

- Your mom's sister?
- Mm-hmm.

The one who raised you?

Uh, saved me, really.

She took in this

grieving, confused...


... frankly, pissed-off little boy and

taught me that I could

either wallow in my own self-pity...

Or I could use it,

change the world.

And I...

I chose the latter.

It's really lucky you
had someone like that.

I've been fortunate to have...

Inspiring women in my life.

♪ Just keep breathing... ♪

And it seems I'm on a winning streak.

♪ Hold on... ♪

I'm just...

♪ It'll be all right ♪

♪ If I just keep breathing... ♪

Sweet dreams.

♪ We'll just keep breathing ♪

♪ If I just keep breathing ♪

♪ Hold on, hold tight ♪

♪ It'll be all right ♪

♪ Just keep breathing. ♪

Damn it, Harry!

What is the point of having
Abigael as the Overlord

if this crap keeps on happening?

Well, the Demon World's a big place.

There's always going to be
bloodthirsty rogues who act up.

That Malignant preyed on young witches.

If we hadn't shown up...

I know.

But Abby has kept the
other 99% under control.

As far as leaders go,

that's pretty effective.

Tell that to this
gaping wound on your arm

from that Malignant's claw.




Well, someone has to rule the demons.

Preferably someone we
have a relationship with.

And what is that... relationship,



Mel, look.

These black spots.

How long have you had these?

Well, they weren't there
when I got dressed this morning.

How do you feel?

Tired after the rescue mission,



Maybe The Book of Elders has something.



♪ ♪

JORDAN: Truth is powerful.

Not because it makes you
right and someone else wrong.

Not because it makes you better

and someone else worse.

Because it doesn't need
others to believe it

to be so.

And my truth is...

The ghost of a dead
witch tried to kill me.


JORDAN: I've been cursed,

and I'm trying to un-curse myself.

Make things right.

Now, it may sound crazy.

The truth often does.


My family abandoned me.

My friends stopped calling.

I'm just so grateful to
have found this MESS.

Thank you all for listening.

ALL: Your mess becomes your message.

Your test becomes your testimonial.

LEADER: See you next week.



Think you even made one guy cry.

Maybe he's been dragged through
a hallway paranormal-style, too.

- That should be its own club.
- Hmm.

Any sign of that tattoo?


Dad's, uh, cop friend Choochi

said the license plate
on Nadia's getaway car

was registered to this address.

So, it's no coincidence this place

hosts support meetings for the occult.

MAN: Hey.


I just, I really
connected with your story.



I-I couldn't help but notice

that cool toy you've got there.

Oh, yeah, an Army buddy and I found it

on patrol one night in Afghanistan.


A local did say it holds
some kind of power.

Uh... I'm Bruce. [CHUCKLES]


Uh, we should talk.

Yeah, if it wasn't for
my friend Marjorie here,

I'd be all alone.

Is that right?

Yeah, so, uh, Bruce, that
tattoo on your hand, it's...

It's really interesting.

What does it mean?

These support groups are nice,

but you get a lot of fakers.

A lot of wannabes.

I belong to a group

that's a little more off the grid.

Good people, powerful people.

And they're looking for the real deal.

Real how?

Well, for starters, they
collect things like that.

May I?

I've been using it as a...

Good luck charm.

But you think there are
buyers in your group...

What did you say they were called?

We don't have a name.

Let's just say we're, uh...

True believers.

Oh, well, we're true believers, too.

Maybe you should introduce us.

I tell you what.

There's a party happening tonight, uh...




It's at this address.

If you bring anyone else,
you will be turned away.


Your photos will be at the door.


Wish he hadn't done that.

It's bad enough they
saw Mel in the alley.

Hopefully, they won't put it together.


there's good food in New Orleans.


Harry, I've scoured the
Book, searched remedies.

There's nothing that addresses
these plague-like symptoms.

I think this is a demon-based infection.

Who are you calling?

Macy. Before you faint again.

We need her help.


That's not the help we need.

Harry, no.

I need you to make the call. Please.



Hey, it's Mel.

And to what do I owe this annoyance?

MEL: It's Harry.

He's sick and he...

Needs your help.

♪ ♪


Don't forget to kiss the chef.


Sorry. I-I thought you were Julian.

Oh. I get that all the time.

It was a joke.

- Uh... Oh.

I'm Vivienne Laurent.

A-Aunt Vivienne?

- Wow, I've heard so much about you.
- Oh.

Oh, gosh, uh, forgive me.

Oh, please.

Never apologize for being a stiletto

in a room full of flats,

especially this early in the morning.


You must be Macy.

You're all Julian can talk about lately.

- Huh.

- Viv.


I thought you were in Telluride.

I was. My meetings ended early,

so I thought I'd come
back to Seattle with you,

see how your projects are doing. - Ah.

Good morning.

My Aunt Vivienne is always
helping some charity

or serving on the board
of a Fortune 500 company.

Her latest endeavor might
just win her a Nobel Prize.

Oh. Julian and I funded a
biotech startup ages ago.

It was the little engine that couldn't.

And now it can.

She's being modest.

They're coming out with a machine

that can do what Theranos couldn't.

It's called the Airmid.

The Airmid. I-I think

I read about that in
Scientific American.

Ah. Macy has a PhD in
genetics from Columbia.

Well, that's very impressive.

Well, this machine

is capable of running a complete

DNA sequencing test in an hour.

That would take three weeks
with any other technology.





Everything okay?

His fever is getting worse.

I came as soon as I could.
How long has he been like this?

How was Aspen?

Uh, his fever and spots started
after he was attacked by a demon.

And you called her?

Harry asked me to. And you
didn't pick up, by the way.

Some Malignants carry a
certain kind of parasite,

which could've gotten
into Harry's bloodstream.

Do you know how to treat it?

Yes. I can make an antidote.

I have all the ingredients
at my apartment.

Oh, yes. You know all about
antidotes, don't you, Abigael?

Look, he called me.

You may not want my help, but he does.

How does this antidote work?

It'll bind to and destroy
parasitic cells in Harry's blood.

- And it's safe?
- Yes.

If he has the parasite.


And if he doesn't?

It will bind to his other
cells and... kill him.

Instantly. But I would
never offer this antidote

if I didn't believe my prognosis.

I'd never do anything to harm Harry.

That's a risk we can't take.

I-It could be a-a virus,
bacteria, from that claw. We...

We need to rule those out first.

I'll start by drawing his blood.

We don't have that kind of time.

I've seen creatures die within
24 hours of being infected.

- You're being stubborn.
- You're being reckless.

I agree with Macy.
First we do the blood test.

We don't put Harry's
life in danger unless

we absolutely have to.


JORDAN: So they took the bait.

They want to buy the chakram.

MAGGIE: Yeah, that gets us in.

Then comes the hard part:
keeping them on the hook

long enough to figure
out what they're up to.

So, tonight's a recon mission.

- Done plenty of those.
- Mm, not like this you haven't.

We could be walking into a
room of psychopaths, assassins.

Really dangerous magical creatures.

"I've seen things that
would make a grown man cry."

Are you quoting me back to me?


I just...

I finally understand what you meant.

I haven't cried yet,
but... It's still early.


Mmm. Mmm-mmm.

You know, you really
don't have to do this.

Put yourself in harm's way like this.

Actually, I do.

Remember, I'm still officially cursed

until I can "balance
the scales of justice."

Might as well start here.

According to that witch,
it's still my responsibility

to make things right.

Otherwise, the lives of
every boy born to my family

will be cut short at 25.

That's a big responsibility.

Not as big as the one you're carrying.


It's nice to have a partner in crime.

And I quite like these beignets.
And a nice vegan gumbo?

- Mmm.

MACY: Harry's blood is highly inflamed.

His white cell count is soaring.

This is a huge immune response.

MEL: Do you have any
idea what's causing it?

Yes. A Malignant parasite.

Not necessarily.

No, I-I need to know
antigens, antibodies.

The genetic makeup of
what I'm seeing here.

If I were in Hilltowne,
I'd use the University lab.

ABIGAEL: Blah, blah, blah.
May I remind you

that there's a perfectly good antidote

lying just minutes away at my apartment.

Perfectly good if you're right.

Otherwise, Harry dies.

He's dying now.

There has to be another way

for you to get the equipment you need.

I have an idea.


It's Macy.

♪ Don't stop, keep the beat going... ♪

♪ ♪



Remember, take no unnecessary risks.

And we stick together.

Got it?

Copy that, Sarge.

♪ ♪


Oh. Hey, Bruce.

Not all the animals are
friendly around here.

Keep your arms and legs
inside the vehicle.

Follow me!


♪ ♪

Where did you say you got this?

An Army buddy of mine and I found it.

And you're willing to part with it?

Paying for grad school.

Every little bit helps, you know?

NADIA: Of course it does.

How much?

Hold on.

First we want to know more about you

so we can decide if we want
to do business with you.

Don't think you're our only buyer.

MAGGIE: So, what exactly

does your group do?

Why? Do you want to participate?


What are these?

Let's just say they help open your mind.

Take them, you can join us.

And by us, you mean...


Don't you want to be part of a movement?

Something bigger than yourself?


I'm vegan, so if there's any
animal gelatin in there, I'll pass.

- We're done here.
- Wa...

Wait. I'll take them.


Now we'll decide if we want
to do business with you.


Harry, can you hear me?


[WEAKLY]: Yes.

Wh-Where is she?





[STAMMERS] When Julian said
he was sending someone, I-I

did not expect him to send you.

Well, the Airmid is my baby.

You think just anyone
has access to this?

No, and-and-and,

look, I-I know it's a big ask, it's...

- Who are you working or?
- What?

Come on.

I mean, Julian might be
blinded by your... PhD,

but I'm no fool.

This whole thing has been some

corporate espionage ruse.

Seduce Julian Shea,
take all his secrets.

No. No. That...

I mean, I-I can see where
you might think that.

If your friend is so sick, why
not just take her to the hospital?

H-He doesn't have health insurance.

Well, you're going to great lengths

for this male companion of yours.

He's like family to me.

Well, I am happy to pay for any
medical expenses that he incurs.

We can't accept that.

- 'Cause your friend's not really sick?
- Because this isn't

the kind of problem you
can just throw money at.

It takes time to get results,
time he doesn't have.

You know, Julian is very busy

trying to change the world.

He doesn't need any distractions.

don't know what you're

thinking about me, but you're wrong.

Time is precious.

My friend is dying.

Do I have access to the Airmid or not?

If your friend's life is so important,

and you need this
machine so desperately,

I'm willing to guess that
you'd do anything to get it.



Break it off with Julian
and we have a deal.


♪ This is the freak show ♪

♪ This is the freak show... ♪

Are you crazy?

You have no idea what's
in those candies.

I had to do something.

We couldn't afford to get thrown out,

not when we're this close.

Yeah, well, the only
time I've seen something

green like that is the
darklighter's poison,

and that nearly killed Macy.



Uh, Jordan, something
really weird is happening.

- We need to go now.
- No.

We need to dance. [LAUGHS]



None of the spells in that
damn book are gonna work.

How long are we gonna wait

before Macy's science
brain is satisfied?

You really care for him, don't you?

You came up with that all on your own?

Or was that in The Book of Elders?

Page 2003, paragraph 14:

"Demon Overlord has feelings."

Forget I said anything.

I try, but then there you are.

Harry could never allow himself

to love someone as wicked as you.

You know, he's not as I thought he'd be.

Under that coiffed hair and tailored

sport coat lies the heart and tongue

of an adventurous, sexual creature

who knows exactly how to please a woman.


You two?

Would it surprise you if we did?

Or would you rather hear that we sat

and talked about our feelings?






♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Oh, my God.

It's a resurrection.



Harry! You need to lie down.




Abby, help!


Close your eyes. Stay asleep.

You're less trouble when
you don't make a peep.

So you about ready
for that antidote now?

[OVER RECORDING]: Hi, this Julian Shea.

Leave a message and I'll call
you back as soon as I can.

Hi. It's Macy.

Look, I just wanted to say I-I
had a really nice time in Aspen,

but we are very different people

from very different worlds.

And I don't think we should
see each other anymore.


A woman of her word.

So am I.

You have 24 hours.

We make the antidote,

but we don't use it
until we hear from Macy.

All right, Mum.


You're using viscum
album and herb of grace?

Mm, Potion Princess has
been doing her homework.

You can't mix that with silver weed.

You can if you add one little thing.


Why would you do that?

It's a little trick I learned

from one of my favorite potion books.

Return it when you're done.

Who's Francesca?

My mother.

I forget that you're half-witch.

Who also lost her mother.


It's Macy.

It always is.


Mel, where did you go?

I've got the machine.

♪ ♪


Jordan! Jordan!

Something horrible is happening.
We need to get out of here.

The green poison is sucking
the life force out of everyone.

To raise the dead.



MACY: We should know within the hour.

But that machine won't help
us identify demonic parasites.

No. But it will tell us the
exact biological signature

of everything in Harry's blood.

If there is a demonic parasite,

he'll show elevated
levels of tetrodotoxin.

It's a rare neurotoxin.

I, uh, I saw it in Parker's blood

when I worked on it in the lab.


Oh, no. Maggie's in trouble.

Jordan's in danger. What do we do?


Help your sister.

You must.


We can't leave you.

It's okay.

I trust her, Macy.

Well, don't you dare die on me...

Or I'll have to kill you myself.


And you, promise me,

you only give him the antidote

if the results show tetrodotoxin.

We waited this long; why risk it, right?


Thought they'd never leave.



MAGGIE: Jordan!

Can you hear me?

Open your eyes. Please, Jordan.




What the hell?

They're raising the dead.

What? How?

With the black amber?

And the darklighter's poison.

They've put it in candies
to connect everyone

and drain their life force.

You guys stay here with him...
I have to go break

the connection with the
shaman before it's too late.


MAGGIE: Hey, shaman dude.

Over here.



26, 27, 28, Come on, Jordan!

29, 30.

Maggie, your-your baton.


We can be a human crash cart. Mel.

Freeze this end; I'll heat up this end.

The temperature differential will
create an electrical current.






That was some strong candy.

[PANTING]: Harry.



What did you do?

What did you do?

Apparently, I saved his life.

You were right.

It was a demon parasite.

I didn't need a machine to tell me that.

Sometimes you have

to leap before you look,

or it's too late.

How are you feeling?

A little fatigued, but, uh...

Well, otherwise...

- Strangely fine.
- MEL: All right,

let's get you home.

I don't know how to thank you.

[SOFTLY]: Yes, you do.


Oh. Thank you.


[SIGHS]: So...

You saved my life.



It's, uh...

It's getting pretty embarrassing.


I think you've thrown yourself

in the line of fire for me, so...

I think we're even.

If you say so, Sarge.


Well, congratulations.

You survived your first mission.

Oh. Yeah.


Six weeks of boot camp
didn't kick my ass

nearly as bad as one night
in the magical world.

♪ All the loose ends find ♪

♪ That they have tied... ♪

I'm sorry.

Good soldiers follow orders.

Great soldiers are willing
to take one for the team.

I've never had a partner
like you, Maggie.

I've always had to...

Go it alone.

Which is why...

♪ Someone ♪

... I really wanted to impress you.

♪ Will find you... ♪



You didn't have to try very hard.

♪ Give it one more try... ♪

You're pretty, uh...

Pretty formidable.

♪ Fragile ♪

♪ Fleeting ♪

♪ New ♪

♪ Inversion ♪

♪ Where the ocean... ♪

JULIAN: Most companies

measure their value
in quarterly earnings

and market share, but for us...

♪ Everything made good ♪

... our social capital

is just as important
as the bottom line is.

♪ Everything made right ♪

- ♪ Let your cards... ♪
- I'm sorry. Um...

♪ Dissolve... ♪

Could you excuse me for one second?

Thank you.

Breaking up over voice mail.


Not your finest hour.

I, uh, I hand-delivered

the Airmid back to Vivienne's office.

Thank you.

And I am sorry about the voice mail.


She put you up to it, right?

♪ Only there you'll be... ♪

She's meddled in my
relationships before.

The last thing I want

is to come between you
and your family, so...

Yeah, well, the last thing that I want

is for my family to
come between you and me.

She doesn't like me.


I'll make you a deal.


Let me handle my aunt.

As long as you can handle me.

NADIA: We had a little
incident last night.

Security has their photos.

I'll send them to you.

Not to worry.

It still worked.

He's alive.

For the most part.

We're ready to move
on to the next phase.

Now it begins.