Charmed (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Sweet Tooth - full transcript

The sisters devise a plan to find a murdering demon while still taking instruction from Harry on how to use their magic.

- Previously on Charmed...
- I have three!

- No!
- Mom!

I think I'm your sister.

You are the Charmed Ones.

Witches who are destined
to save the world

from impending doom.

They call me a Whitelighter.

Apparently, a woman from the
cleaning crew claimed a black

blob tried to choke her, and then
escaped through an air vent.

A black blob?

I didn't tell you what
I knew about that demon.

- Left this behind.
- That black ooze,

it's a primordial form of the Harbinger.

It's probably hunting for
a vessel... a human vessel...

And if it finds one,

everything is going to change.

You guys, when I said
we should do more cardio,

I meant more like a spin class.

Macy, we're gonna have to bind it.

Take out the elements. This thing
is too strong for me to freeze.

Maggie, your matches.


Tell me you are not texting
during our binding spell.

I don't think you realize how
precarious my situation at Kappa is.

Oh, God.

I'll stop it.

Oh, God.

What are you waiting for?!

Hit him now!

Screw it, I've got a spell for this.

- What are you talking about?
- Solaris incantatio!

Failed simulation again.

Melanie Vera, what were you thinking?

You know, save the day,
kick some demon ass.

With one of the most dangerous
spells in all of witchcraft.

Yeah. And it worked.

Only because I ended the simulation

before you killed your sisters.

Speaking of, can we...
Can we dial back the realism

of these training sessions,
because that was super traumatic.

I'm a witch, Harry.

You can't tell me to hold back from

being the best witch possible.

I am simply telling you
to proceed with caution.

As often as magic is
the solution to a problem,

it can also be the cause.

As for you, I am deeply disappointed.

- I don't know what happened.
- Macy, you need to relax.

I am relaxed.

Magic isn't some test you can ace.

It should come as natural as breathing.

So, please, try and
stay out of your head.

The only person who should
be in it is Maggie.

A little telepath humor there.

- Hey!
- Witchcraft isn't a game.

It requires constant focus.

You said it was critical we
keep up our civilian lives.

Not at the expense of your duties.

And not when the Harbinger of Hell

is running rampant in Hilltowne.

Fine. I'll pay more attention.

Just please don't do that
horrible speech again.

That black substance Macy found was

a telltale sign of the Harbinger,

one of the most powerful
forces in the underworld.

- And here we go.
- According to the ancient texts,

its sole purpose is to raise
the Source of All Evil,

summoning its master
by tipping the scales to evil

with a deluge of blood...

And the deafening screams
of human torment.

It sounds better in Sumerian.

What does that even mean?

We're not sure.

As with most ancient texts,
it's heavy on metaphor.


What we do know is that
the Harbinger couldn't

have traveled far in
its primordial form.

So it must have taken a human vessel

somewhere near Macy's lab.

Then let's get out there and find it.

But there are three

academic buildings
on that side of campus.

- Plus the hospital.
- Don't forget half of Greek Row.

They're right, Mel. Let the Elders

work out where this vessel is.

You want me to sit back
while a bunch of washed-up

old witches do what I
was destined to do?

No. I want you to keep training
and show some respect

for your wise and powerful
governing council.

Because as soon as they do find

this demon of unspeakable horror,

it will fall upon you
three to vanquish it,

as the Charmed Ones.

I'm never gonna get
into this sorority, am I?

Radical feminists have
criminalized masculinity.

They call it "toxic."

Why? Because they want
all the power for themselves.

And believe me, they have power.

Some of these witches have
more power than men...

This better be good,
because I am in the middle

of recording a pod...

How do I find the Harbinger of Hell?

Oh, my God, Niko. Hi.

- You scared me.
- Sorry.

You weren't in bed
when my alarm went off.

And I'm a detective,
I have to investigate.

Well, everything's okay. Case closed.

Have you been up here all night?

I couldn't sleep so I
started going through

some of Mom's old papers.

Please tell me you're not back
to obsessing over her death.

That's not what this is.

I promise.

It's for a class.

I just don't want anything
to come between us again.

Trust me, nothing ever will.



Wow, when you put it that way...

Come on.


I didn't know you spent the night.

See, I told you we weren't that loud.

And she was just leaving.

Have a great day.

Sorry, I didn't know.

It's not your fault.

She almost busted me with
The Book of Shadows, too.

I don't know how much longer I'm

gonna be able to keep this from her.

What were you doing with the Book?

My duty as a Charmed One.

Turns out there's a way
to lure every demon

within a 26-mile radius straight to us.

All we have to do is sacrifice a goat.

Shouldn't we be doing as we were told

and leaving it to the Elders.

Remember what happened
with the spirit board.


No, I take it black.


Shouting is not going to
make me want it any more.

The other day, when I tested

that black residue at the lab,

it contained sulfuric acid.

Everybody knows what happens

when you combine that with sugar.

Hate to break it to you,
but that is in no way

common knowledge outside
the nerd community.

You know how vinegar and baking
soda causes a chemical reaction?

Sulfuric acid and sugar...

Same thing, on steroids.

Another reason to love Stevia.

Wait, this could work.
Especially on Halloween.

We give out candy at the lab,
the Women's Studies department.

Anywhere it could have taken a vessel.

And if anybody pukes up
black stuff, we'll know

it's the Harbinger and then we use

the binding spell to trap them.

The sugar ratios would have
to be precise, though.

Maybe I could bake something.

Cookies, shortbread. I make
a mean chocolate soufflé.

What? Baking calms me.

- Yeah, let's stick with cookies.
- Okay.

Well, as much as I'd love to help

with Operation Cookie Monster,

I've got bigger problems.

Let me guess. Kappa crisis?

I owe Lucy 200 bucks
for a pledge retreat,

so I had to pick up an extra shift.

You're right. That is way more important

than saving the world from certain doom.

Snark away, but I'm not
the only one with priorities.

- Right, Macy?
- Boundaries!

Sorry. But just because
you were wondering, relax.

Galvin's gonna think you're
a snack in that outfit.

And I'm really sorry.

Our delivery truck broke down, I...

Sweetheart, I didn't
come here for excuses.

I came for the chicken.

Excuse me.

I hate to interrupt. I'm not a doctor,

but I've watched my fair
share of Grey's Anatomy.

I think this man's going through
acute poultry withdrawal.

Hey, smart-ass,

- nobody asked you.
- See?

Key symptoms are irritability
and being a dick

to service professionals.

This man needs help.

There's a KFC two blocks away.

Thank you.

I so badly wanted to tell him off,

but you know, the
customer's always right.

Is he, or is he just a douche
looking to score a free dessert?

I come here for brunch all the time.
I've never seen you.

Um, maybe you... maybe
you just didn't notice me.

Not possible.

Oh, well, I...

I usually work nights.

Then maybe I'll see you
for dinner sometime.

I hear this place does a mean chicken.

It took a lot or personal sacrifice,

but thanks to our vigils,
Angela is now back on her feet.

Maybe the administration
will overturn their

fascist booze ban now that she's awake.

Yeah, I'm not sure my
slutty baby costume

is appropriate for a
sober Halloween mixer.

Oh, Maggie.

You've been so MIA lately,

missing all those pledge events,

I didn't know how else to find you.

I am so sorry, I just...

I've been juggling a lot.

Oh. Okay.

Will you excuse us for a moment?


Girl, you have been
through so much lately,

and I get that, but I fought super hard

for you to get this bid,

and I need to know that
you're taking it seriously.

I-I am. I really am, I...

It's okay, I'm still on your side.

And I want to make this work.

Which is why you have
to convince the rest

of the house that you still want in.

What if I found us a place off-campus

to host the Halloween mixer?

I mean, if you could get us
around the booze ban,

you would me a Kappa legend.

G.T.A. evals are coming up,

so I've decided to bribe
you all with cookies.

I've got regular,
vegan, and gluten-free.

Says she has no memory
of how she went into the coma.

Wait. Who are you talking about?

Angela Wu. She's awake.

I thought we agreed to stop being

so reckless with our magic.

You gave a pompous lecture,

I chose to ignore it
and take some initiative.

Have you seen this?

Was that exactly where you were

standing when you stopped time?

It's in the general vicinity.

What if, when you restart time,

one of your students notices your arm

just appears in a new position,

and they get curious
and snoop and discover

you're a witch? You
could get blackmailed,

you could lose your job.
People would fear

- you've gone mad.
- Uh, do you have to turn

everything into a teachable moment?

Do you remember Angela Wu?

Yes, your mother's student.

The one harassed by Professor Thaine.

It turns out, she woke up from her coma

the same night we found
the Harbinger's residue

in the hospital,

right next to Macy's lab.

She could be the vessel.

Please do not take credit
for my ideas, white man.

I figured it out,

I get to give her the cookie.

You're gonna feed a demon
a pumpkin biscuit?

Pumpkin cookie.

And Macy figured out how to use sugar

to react with the sulfuric acid
in the Harbinger's blood.

Oh, well, that... yes,
that's actually quite clever.

Or at least, it would be, if I hadn't

- given explicit orders to wait.
- For the Elders?

Yeah. I ignored that, too.

I mean, we don't have
time to wait for some

old-fashioned bureaucracy
to get this done.

What the hell is this?

A jaunty bit of arm bling.

And a lecture you can't ignore.

From now on, every time you
use magic, I'll be notified.

You can't do that.

It's for your own good.

No costume?

I didn't want to wear
something weird and

embarrass myself in front
of the entire lab.

What, you mean, like,
a group DNA helix outfit?

Even worse,

DNA helix without cytosine.

- Berkowitz called in sick.
- I don't blame him.

All right, now you're in trouble.

You are in trouble.


What are you doing?


Macy Vaughn, you complete me.

So, Dr. Cytosine,

what do you say we, uh,

grab dinner tonight?

Costumes optional.

So what did you say?

- Well, I said no.
- Macy.

He's obviously so in love with you.

We work together. The last thing I need

is some tumultuous breakup
jeopardizing my career.

Sex and booze are a sure way to lose.

Sex and booze are a sure way to lose.

You realize this is the exact same thing

you were doing with your powers?

Getting lost in your head instead of

letting this love story play out?

No, Maggie, I'm being realistic.

Now, I need to go get
more cookie supplies,

so I'll see you at home.


- Hi.
- Mel.


I've been looking all over for you.

Would you mind if we went
somewhere to talk in private?

No, I wouldn't mind that at all.

Oh, please tell me
there's a spell in there

to make this place Kappa-worthy.

"Glamours. Spells to alter

"the appearance of people and objects."

Yes, please.

I just want to walk across
that quad without everyone

staring at me like I'm
some helpless victim.

Not Professor Thaine's
accuser, not Coma Girl.

Just a normal, unassuming student.

That sounds really tough.

I know a cookie won't
make things better, but...

I brought you these.

Oh. Thanks, but I...

Still haven't really gotten
my appetite back yet.


So what did you want to talk about?

How's your mom?

My mom, um...

There was an accident.

She's dead.


I'm so sorry.

She was really special.

These were actually her recipe.

You sure you don't want to try one?

I guess one couldn't hurt.



I'll let you get some rest.

It was really good seeing you, Angela.

You, too, Mel.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Niko. What are you doing here?

Uh, a student's parents
reported him missing.

- Really?
- It's probably nothing,

just sleeping it off
in a bush somewhere,

but I had to follow up.

So, you gonna tell me why
you came to see Angela Wu?

She woke up from a coma.

I wanted to see how she was doing.

This has nothing to do with Mom.

Then why do I feel like
you're hiding something?

Because I am, all right?

I am a demon-hunting witch who's
supposed to save the world,

and all I want to do

is tell you, but I can't.

You've got to be kidding me.

I assumed the only reason
you'd use magic would be

if you found the Harbinger
and required assistance.

No. I checked Angela Wu,
and it wasn't her.

Now can you leave?
This is a private moment.

- You do know you can never tell her.
- Of course I know that.

Why do you think I'm freezing time to

have an honest conversation with her?

I'm sensing a bit of cynicism.

Yet another one of your
astonishing powers.

Now get out of here.

'Cause I'm restarting
time in three, two...

I promise, I'm not hiding anything.

Get back to work.


Got it, thanks.

Lab mates ate all my cookies,
so back to the kitchen.

At least none of them are the Harbinger.

Same goes with the Women's Studies
department and Angela Wu.

Uh, shouldn't we just check
if Harry has any better ideas?

- No, we're not gonna call him...
- Harry.

I must say, it's awfully

nice to be summoned by a witch

who respects my position

and the sanctity of magic.

What's he talking about?

Our Whitelighter, the head of

the Women's Studies department,

put a tracker on me to alert

him any time I use magic,

because he is threatened by
the idea of a powerful woman.

- Harry.
- Now just wait a second.

That last part is fake news.


Does anyone know anything

about a party here tonight?

- Maggie.
- Maggie.

You guys,

I'm pretty sure Martha
Stewart is a witch.

You invited Gavin behind my back.

I wanted to surprise you.

Do I look like someone
who enjoys surprises?

Okay, I know.

Boundaries. But hear me out:

I was thinking about this
whole Harbinger thing. I...

- No, you weren't.
- I so was.

And I thought to myself,

"Maggie, why walk around campus
handing out one cookie at a time

"when you could invite 200 people here

and test them out all at once?"

So this has nothing to
do with your sorority?

Well, I mean, coincidentally,

it might keep me from
getting kicked out of Kappa,

but that's just the icing.

The cake is totally for you guys.

Because I so want to
help save the world.

We could rule out

most of the Greek system
in a matter of hours.

And I'm guessing your precious Elders

haven't come up with anything better?

Very well...

- Yes!
- As long as we stay on task,

and remain vigilant.

There's no telling when
the Harbinger might strike.

I really thought there'd
be more people here.

Me, too.



Oh, no. No. No carbs.

No biscuit, no party.

♪ Bumpin' and grindin' ♪

♪ Witchy, witchy, here
for most of the night and... ♪

Maggie, this party is so extra.

The decor, the English
butler, that costume.

I mean, my Insta is lighting up.

I am kind of bummed
about the bar, though.

It's, like, 10:00,

and you're already out
of skinny margaritas?

- Oh, we totally have more.
- Oh, you do?

Yeah, I mean, this is
a Kappa party, right?

Yes, it is. Kappa, Kappa.

- Go get those drinks, girl.
- Okay.

Whoo! You look like a queen.

♪ I'm all in my feeling, feelings ♪

♪ You got me unreeling ♪

♪ This'll be where you
put your spell on me ♪


♪ You're all I see ♪

When I told you to focus on witchcraft,

this was not what I had in mind.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Maggie, our spells rely
on a system of balance.

So when magic is used for personal gain,

say, to wallow in the superficiality

of the Greek system, or
to live your "best life"

on the Snapchat,

I can assure you

there will be personal consequences.

Hold that thought, Harry,
and give these margs

to the zombie beauty
queen and slutty baby.

What is it with your
generation's obsession

with offensive costumes?

Please tell me that's a two-part costume

and there's lingerie under there.

I'm Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Wrong. You're a weirdo in a trash bag.

This is Halloween.

And when Galvin sees you,

there's only one thing
you want him to say.

I have never wanted anyone more
than I want you right now.

I guess I got you under my spell.

- Oh, is that what this is?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, what other kind of magic

can a witch like you do?

This one time, I manifested

a sonic boom that blew up a bone demon.

That is an oddly specific fantasy,

but I'm so down.

I better take this.

What about...

Lara Croft?

Absolutely not.

- Are you insane?
- No.

But I am running out of ideas.

Why are you so allergic to being sexy?

- Stay out of my head.
- I wouldn't have to

read your thoughts if you'd just
talk to me and be my sister.


When I was in ninth grade,

my dad sent me to boarding
school in Connecticut.


Uh, in a class of a hundred
kids, two of us weren't white.

In that environment, you had to solidify

what type of minority you were,
before they decided for you.

So my friend Tasha became,

you know, the sexy, funny one,

and I was always the smart, serious one.

I've played that part for so long,

I don't know how to be anything else.

You're smart and you're sexy.

You're funny and you're serious.

And screw anyone who
tries to put you in a box.

Maggie. It's...

I know. It's extra.

You're leaving, aren't you?

It's bad, Mel.

Three bodies turned up on campus.

Really? Were they students?

Two of them.

- Cam Russo and Penelope Schnurr.
- Cam?

And earlier today, a nun was found

dead at Campus Ministry.

I got to go. I'm sorry.



Not so bad yourself.

Let me guess:


goddess of the underworld?

Very impressive.

I... James Bond,

as played by Idris Elba.

The way he was always meant to be.

So, does this mean

you changed your mind about that date?

- Well...
- Sister emergency,

I need to borrow Macy
right now. I'm sorry.


One victim at an abstinence
club, another was a nun.

Ew, you think it's hunting virgins?

- Yeah.
- What about Cam?

Oh, he was obviously an incel.

Involuntary celibate?

Virgin blood is a powerful
energy source for demons.

If this demon wants to
strengthen its vessel,

then no virgin in Hilltowne is safe.

Maggie, we have to pull
the plug on this party.

You want to send my friends home

while there's a killer on the loose?

What if any of them are virgins?

Okay, I know for a fact
that some of the Kappas

have only let guys put it in...

Sexual proclivities
aside, she's right, Mel.

This house may be the
safest place for them.

Then what if we seal off

the place with a protection spell,

to keep demons from entering?

Fine, but once the house is sealed,

- we go out hunting.
- Done.

Macy, your mother's candle collection

will contain one made of rosethorn.

Find it.


we'll need some dried sage.

- Okay.
- And you,

with me.

Angela. Oh, your costume

is amazing.

It felt natural.

I've got to handle something.

So glad you're here.

♪ Don't say my name ♪

♪ The secrets on your face ♪

Wolfsbane, mugwort...

Seriously, how did we not
realize Mom was a witch?

You okay there, Cinderella?

Uh, thanks to you, again.

Right place, right time.

I'm Parker, by the way.


Wow. She's beautiful.

I was just grabbing a drink.

Can I pour you one?

I'm actually kind of busy
with something right now.

But catch you later, Officer?

Yes, ma'am.

- Oh, let me.
- I got it.

I don't need a big, strong man

to help me make a salt circle.

Do you think I enjoy policing you?

Would I be wearing this if you didn't?

Look, I know these methods
may seem harsh...

Harsh? I can't even have a
conversation with my girlfriend

without you showing up to berate me.

Mel, the last thing I wish to do

is put up barriers between you
and the woman you're dating.

She's more than that.

I don't think you understand
how painful this is.


Our mom raised us without judgments.

She knew I was gay before
I even figured it out.

And she made sure I was

always proud of who I was.

So I have never been in the closet.

I've never had to hide who
I am from the people I love.

It was the biggest gift she gave me.

And now, here I am,

in the closet.


Let's just get this over with, okay?

Okay. Seriously?
How did they not realize

their mom was a witch?


I was, I was just gonna say,
I'm-I'm gonna bounce.

No. No, no, no, no.

You've barely said a
word to me all night.

Family emergency.

Look, I-I really like you.

Okay? I-I just,

if I'm headed down a one-way
street, I need to know.

I promise we will talk
about this, but first,

I need to handle a sister thing.

Can you just stick around a bit longer?


All right.

I will be right back. I'm sorry.

Once the spell is cast,

no magical entities,
including ourselves,

will be able to cross the circle.

Why isn't it working?

Well, if the house can't be sealed off,

there's only one explanation.

- The Harbinger's inside.
- No, Mel. Don't.

The demon's far too powerful.

All that'll do is freeze your friends

and make them easier prey.

Then what are we supposed to do?

When you want to lure a shark,
you don't use live bait.

- You chum the water.
- Great.

But where are we gonna get
our hands on virgin blood?

Right here.

Wait, so is this why
you've been so weird

about dating Galvin?

I'm not being weird about dating Galvin.

I've been cautious. And, yes,

maybe a part of that
is me being a virgin.

Back in high school,

I wanted my first time to be perfect.

You know? Perfect place
with the perfect guy...

- Yeah, but there's no such thing as...
- Perfect?

No kidding. Especially
once I started analyzing

the statistical probability
of an unplanned pregnancy,

the transmission rate of HPV...

I really psyched myself out.

I had sex with a guy once.

You're not missing out.

Yeah, and it's totally normal

to be freaked out about your first time.

Maybe at 18.

Not at 28.

Because now, whenever I tell
people, they react like this.

- No, we were just surprised.
- The concept of virginity is really

just a tool of the patriarchy
to control our sexuality.

Could we stop talking about this
and go vanquish this demon?

We're only gonna get one
chance at this binding spell.

And we can't afford
any juvenile mistakes.


Put my phone in airplane mode.

Shh. Shh, quiet.

It's coming.


But I watched her eat that cookie.



Captus aqua.

Captus terra!


No. Macy, run!



I warned you these glamours
would have consequences.

I've got this.

I'll turn them off.

Lux veritas.

You feeling better?


Let's go.

Macy, I'm coming!

I'm so sorry.

I don't know if it's the adrenaline

or the glimpse of certain death,

but when I was running, I
didn't even have time to think.

All I could do was react and it worked.

- My powers worked!
- You're super excited

for someone who almost just got eaten.


Get down!

No! Not the spell.
Mel, they're too close.

Solaris incantatio!


Harry, please do something!
She's not breathing!

- Oh, God.
- Macy?

Let's just hope it's shock.

Please, this is not happening.

Macy, come on.

Come on.

Oh, God.

Are you okay?

- Oh, thank God.
- Oh, God.

I thought... I am so, so sorry.

Oh, God.

- Okay.
- Uh...

Will you ever forgive me?

You did save my life.

I think I can let this slide.

- Come on.
- Come on.

What do we do about her?

Well, the Elders will want to weigh in.

Why don't you go clear out the house?

I'll handle things here.


You were right.

I was being reckless

and I almost killed Macy.

See? Teachable moment.

But lest you forget,

you also brought down
an immensely powerful demon

and you were the first to suspect

Angela Wu might be the vessel.

Hold on.

Was that a compliment?

You really are just like her.

Like my mom?


Then who?

There is a reason

I've been so hard on you.

You're not the only witches
I've ever looked after.

Her name was Fiona.

She was passionate, talented...

and stubborn, like you.

What happened to her?

She trusted the wrong
person with her secret.

Fiona was...


They thought she was schizophrenic

and drugged her until
she doubted the truth.

And then...


She couldn't take it anymore.

Losing her made me who I am.



And I suppose that's why

I was given the honor of
serving alongside you three.

I'm not gonna tell Niko.

For now.

But Harry, I'm not Fiona.

I'm not gonna be reckless anymore.

When this war against evil
is no longer at our doorstep,

I will help you get
permission to tell her.


Do you mind if we slow down?

I did just almost die.

Can't. I have to do damage control.

With the glamours gone, Lucy might be

sucking on a lime instead
of a skinny marg.

You run on ahead, but you
might want to do something

about the giant wart that's
appeared on your chin.

Oh! Stupid personal gain consequences.

Hey, I didn't know if you
were coming back or...


All right, cool, man.

Lucy, wait.

Look, I know this party wasn't perfect

and maybe the Cinderella

- theme was too much, but...
- Oh...

I get it now.

Royal ball before midnight,
janky decor after.

I saw it on Pintrest.


But... the thing is,

I busted my ass to make
this night happen.

Even if it meant pissing off my sisters,

who are everything to me.

Maggie. This party was lit.

You're gonna make a great Kappa one day.

- Can't wait! Yay!
- Yay!

Oh, you really committed to
that costume change, huh?

Ew. Oh, Parker!

Baby. Uh, this is the girl
I was telling you about.


Parker, meet my favorite pledge, Maggie.

Maggie, meet my boyfriend, Parker.




Don't let the chains fool you.

This demon will still do whatever it can

to raise the Source of All Evil.

Until the Elders arrive,

you must keep it under
constant supervision.


Now we get to babysit a monster.

Just think of it as the puppy
that you've always wanted,

but Mom never allowed.

Or not.