Charmed (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Episode #1.19 - full transcript

Previously on Charmed...

I'm Tessa. Your new and
improved Whitelighter.

You're... our new Whitelighter?

The Abiku must have taken over
Galvin's body in the jungle.

That Abiku thing,
it made me kill people.

I don't want anything to do

with any of this stuff ever again.

You're hiding something from me.

I'm a witch.

We meet again. Shall we?

- Who killed the Sarcana?
- Fiona.

Mel, she has Harry.

Fiona is one of the only

witches alive that can match

the Charmed Ones' powers.

What if he left it for us?

Like a bougie

British bread crumb to follow?

We don't have to trust Tessa.

We use her to help us find Harry.

The same way the Elders
have been using us.

Fiona, no!

Harry, how many times
do I have to tell you?

You can't break my concentration
in the middle of a spell.

Don't you remember
how much it upsets me?

Heal me.


Fiona, please.

This has to end.

It will. Soon enough.

See, Harry?

That Vortex Viribus gave
me some fun new powers.

But I broke you out of Tartarus.

I'm on your side.
Why are you doing this?

Because you're just like the Elders!

You all want to use me to control magic.

But I serve no one, witch.

What's the matter, Harry?

You look... shocked.

That was nothing.

Just wait till you see
what I have in store

for your precious Charmed Ones.

Oh, my God.

How horrible.


Macy, are you okay?



Yeah. I'm fine.

Sticking Elder Bari's needle
in your forehead is no joke.

Wait. The anti-surveillance
candle's still lit, right?

Are you sure you're okay?

We shouldn't overdo your evil sight.

I'm fine. The more important thing

is Harry is under Fiona's control.

We have to get him back.

Did you see the way
she made him heal her?

That's probably why
she's keeping him around.

Oh, God.

Poor Harry.

They used to be close,

and he had to stand there just

watching her slaughter those witches.

So, Fiona brought on
the blossoming of death

by killing the Sarcana.

Why is the Keeper of
the Flame paving the way

for the Source of All Evil?
It doesn't add up.

Whatever the connection,
we need to find Harry.

And fast.

You are gonna help me raise
the Source of All Evil.


Did you think I rescued you

out of the goodness of my heart?

Pour me a drink.

And one for yourself, as well.

It's time to move on to the next phase.

I fixed you a drink.

Get someone else to
raise the Source for you.

Do I need to remind you
that you have nothing?

You are nothing.

If it wasn't for me, you would

be wasting away in Tartarus.

Do I make myself clear?


Speaking of Tartarus,

I think it is time for you

to turn yourself in.

Ow. Ow. Hello?

You can lighten up on the arms, please.

In 300 years, I don't
think I've ever seen

anyone surrender themselves willingly.

Well, I'm full of surprises.


What's up?

We are sure you've heard

another sign of the Prophecy appeared.

"The blossoming of death."

Yes, the Elders are trying to...

We have to tell you something

about Harry and Fiona.

You did the right thing telling me this.

Fiona is incredibly dangerous.

I should be able to use my Whitelighter

bond with Harry to track them down.

That's a great idea.

Thank you so much, Tessa.

Listen, you need to stay away

from Fiona while I look for them.

I know you like to go rogue

in these situations. Are we clear?



I have to say, I'm proud of you three.

I'm sure it wasn't easy telling

me that Harry was still alive
given what the Elders did to him.

Oh, it was...

It was the right thing to do.

You're such a good Whitelighter, Tessa.

Aw! Thanks. Aw.

Okay, bye.


Slipped her the tracking ring.

- Good job.
- So we're all set.

I will take the first shift in
tailing her and keep you posted.

She leads us to Fiona and Harry,

and then we take down this
murderous psycho-witch.

And we save our OG Whitelighter.

Galvin. Hey.


Everything okay?

Uh, yeah. Just, um...

Well, Galvin and I broke
up, so it's just...

Well, frankly, he seemed...

He seemed scared of me because...

Well, you know.

Macy, my treatment with Parker

went better than expected.

- He's almost fully human.
- That's great.

I would be happy to help
you out with your...

Your dark side.

Well, that's the thing.

Uh, Galvin had a way
to help me with that,

but I decided not to use it.

I can control it, and I
am comfortable with it.

It's just... the guy I love is not.

Well, all relationships are tough.

But one where one of you is so

much more powerful than the other,

they're nearly impossible.

I learned that the hard way.

I'm so sorry.

You're all better.

Not yet.

Oh, come on. It's been weeks.

My mom has one more dose to give me.

Then I'll be fully human.

I think we should wait.


Tomorrow night.

We'll make it special.

I guess I can wait.

Our first time having fully human sex.

Are you scared?

No way. Once I'm human,
I'll have you to protect me.

With you in my life, I know
my darkness can't take over.

- Is this really necessary?
- You're not returning my calls.

You shouldn't be following me.
It's dangerous.

I went back to that tattoo parlor.

Everything that was ransacked
was magically cleaned up.

It was like the Sarcana never existed.

- So the Elders cleaned it up.
- Who?

Mel, it's been my job to investigate

cults and help get people out of them.

I know the Sarcana weren't a cult,

but what happened to them?
You have to tell me.

Is that a magical compass?

Yes, it is, and it's pointing to...

- What the hell?
- Rookie mistake.

Looks like your mark is onto you.

I can't believe it.

Look, I know I'm just a human,

but I also happen to be a kickass PI.

If you need to track
someone down, I can help.

Are you ready to become human?

It's gonna work, right?

Yes, this is going to work.

Just relax. Take a deep breath.




Mom? Mom?


Parker? Parker?

All right. It's all right.

Parker! Parker!





Dr. Julia?

Oh, God.


Sorry. Galvin.

- Something wrong?
- No. Um...

Have you seen Dr. Julia yet?

Nah, but I just got in.

It's just she's usually in by now.

I don't know what happened here.

Well, maybe she's late, and, uh...

Someone dropped a syringe.

Mm. Right. It's just,

I-I called her, and, um, left a message.

She-she didn't get back.

She's a workaholic.
She's always reachable.

It's just, I... think something's wrong.

Macy... mm.

Do you remember when I told
you about that Prophecy?

I told you. I don't want

anything to do with that anymore.

I am barely getting through my days.

All I can think about is

what I did to that customs
agent and Mama Roz.

- You know that wasn't you.
- I saw it!

I saw myself do those things.

I can never get over that.

So please, just...

Leave me alone.

I'm sorry. I-I can't be the
person you talk to about this.

Right. Well, um, just...

Let me know if you see her. Thanks.

What's an "unshackling spell"?

Shh. Don't... don't talk
about this stuff out loud.

Oh, nobody's paying attention.

So, who are you unshackling?

It's not important.

What do you have for me?

Nothing yet. Still waiting to hear back

from my Hilltowne PD contact to see

if his facial recognition
software has located Tessa.

So once we track this
Tessa down, what's next?

What's next is, I say "thanks,"
and you go back to your life.

Oh, come on, Mel.

I'm serious. The next phase
of this plan is too...

Too dangerous to involve you.

Oh, really?

'Cause I just got a hit.

I'll let you see if I can come along.

Fine. Just...


Tessa Flores-Cohen... She's a...

resident adviser on West Campus Hall 7?

Hmm. Whitelighters do have covers.


I'll-I'll explain on the way.

Come on, let's go.


Hey, Mags.

- Hey, Maggie.
- Hey, girl.

Hey, guys.

What are you doing
wearing my trench coat?

What are you doing...

Ditching work?

Niko is helping me find Tessa.

She is?

Oh, your sisters are witches, too!

How did I not think of that?

Sorry. Sorry. Just...
mind blown all over again.

Yup. One big happy coven. Now you know.

By the way, we try to
keep it under wraps.

Yeah. Speaking of...

I'm headed to see Parker.

Guess what's under this.

- I don't want to know.
- Nothing.

Great. You have fun with that,

but remember to keep your phone on you

just in case I need to call you.

- Got it. Good luck!
- You, too.

Dry clean that before you return it.

It's cold outside,

but it's about to get hot in here.


Julia never came in, did she?

No. And I just found
her badge on her desk.

Yeah, and I just saw her
car out in the parking lot.

Look, I know you don't
want to get involved,

but something is wrong here.

The contents of that syringe...

Do not belong in this lab.

I think she's in trouble.
I'm gonna go check her car.


I'm gonna go with you.

Who taught you to pick a lock?

This cop I used to know.

Oh, crap.



Oh, my God.

- What are you doing?
- Calling the cops.

No! Not yet.

If this is demonic, which it has to be,

we cannot have the cops looking arou...

Macy, she's dead.

We can't just leave
her body in the trunk.

We can, and we have to.

Look, I didn't ask you for help.

I just...

I just need you to let
me handle this my way.

She's dead?

And Parker's missing.

That can't be a coincidence.

He was supposed to get his final
treatment from her last night.

And then, when I went over,
all of his stuff was gone.

The syringe I found
in Dr. Julia's office

had in it a highly concentrated

dosage of demonic blood plasma.

Oh, God.

Do you think Parker could have...

Last time he got this
infection, when he was little...

he had a seizure, and
ended up attacking his mom.

No, no, no, I...

I don't think Dr. Julia would
have given Parker that dosage.

There's something else going on here.

Do you think Alistair's behind it?

He's the one who got Parker
sick in the first place.

Either way, you need to find Parker.

We need to know what he knows.

And I will use Elder Bari's needle.

Are you sure?

Last time, it seemed like it...

Got to you.

My evil side is the best way

to know what really happened.


No luck yet. The signal's faint.

He's under Fiona's control.

I'm sure that's not helping.

Don't worry, I'll deliver
Harry straight back to you.

Hang on, I think it's working.

What are you doing?


I've got him. Gotta go.


Nothing. Keep looking.
Pull that one out, Harry.

It's not in here!

I beg you, Fiona, using
the Flame to control magic

is not gonna change what
the Elders did to you.

It won't take away your pain.

Oh, Harry, I thought you
knew me better than that.

No... Ah... Aah!

Magic ruined my life.

I don't want to control magic,

I want to destroy it.

And I'm not gonna let your
little Charmed Ones stop me.

I'm strong enough now. I can take

them on when the time's right.

The Charmed Ones can help you.

They're different from
the Elders, the Sarcana.

They would never use you. So, please...

Stop this.

It's not too late.

Stop trying to manipulate me,
just like everyone else!

It won't work.

If you want to destroy
magic, why are we here?

Is it just me, or were you smarter

before I went to Tartarus?

We're trying to find the Origin Dagger.

The dagger that controls the Flame?

It's here?

That's what the little
map I placed inside

that handsome head of
yours said, at least.


Well, it's in one of these
coffins, let's keep looking.

Over here.


Right there.

Show me Dr. Julia Wagner's death.

Are you ready to become human?

It's gonna work, right?





Mom! Mom!

And that's the last
thing you'll ever hear.

Oh, Maggie...

Parker. Parker!

I've been looking everywhere for you.

My mom...

I know. I'm so sorry.

What happened?

I killed her.

Oh, God.

Your demon side came back.

I didn't mean to. I didn't
even know what I was doing.

Maggie, please...

You're scared of me.

Your mom was so sure she could save you.

That's all she wanted.

She believed in you.

She must have been so scared.

You know me; you know I would
never hurt anyone on purpose.

I love my mom.

Maggie, you're all that I have.

It's like taking candy from a baby.

It's only a matter of time.

The Origin Dagger's here
somewhere, I just know it.

Where do you think you're going?

I thought I got rid of
you and that tracker.

I told you to avoid unnecessary danger.

Ugh! Open this one.

Fiona's unhinged.
I need to go to the Elders.

No. We need to stop her now.

If Fiona gets that dagger,
she's going to end all magic.

That's why I need to go to the Elders.

Fiona will have the dagger
by then. We can't wait.

Macy and Maggie are on their way.

This is our fight, Tessa.

My sisters' and mine.
So let us fight it.

Fine. But I want there to
be no confusion about this:

Fiona is the Elders' priority.

She must be turned over to them.

She killed the Sarcana.

She deserves whatever
hell is coming her way.

Where is it?!

She's cool. And we're gonna
need all the help we can get.

- Is it in there?
- It's not here.

Just some bones.

She mirrored the Sarcana's
powers, remember?

Our powers are useless against her.





This is your fight, so fight it.


Tessa's dead.

Are the Charmed Ones going to cry?

Where the hell did she go?

- What the hell are you doing?
- Let go of me.

Just because you were
helpful down in Tartarus

doesn't mean I'd hesitate to kill you.

It's nothing, I swear.

I'll ask you one more time.

What were you doing?

Trying to reach my sister, Fiona.

She's the Keeper of the
Flame that controls magic,

and she's about to
retrieve the Origin Dagger.

But I need the Origin Dagger.
Why would a witch want it?

Find me Fiona.

You stay with Harry. I'll find Fiona.


Harry. Kill them.

- Mel, the unshackling spell!
- "Sever the binds..."

No. No!

"Sever the ties..."
Crap, I'm forgetting it.


Let go.

Please stop, you're hurting me.

She's too powerful. Save yourselves.

Aah... ahh... go.

Not without you.

"Sever the tie that binds to
that which no longer serves."

I couldn't find her.

Do I have to do everything myself?

She can't mirror the Power of Three.

You can't win.

Maybe not today.

She can't be gone.

She doesn't have the Origin Dagger.

It's not here.

The map must have been wrong.

So the dagger's still out there,
waiting to be found.

And now, so is Fiona.


There is no nobler death than
one in service to your charges.

Thank you, Tessa.

You were a good Whitelighter.

Her light is extinguished.



You still have your powers.

But if Fiona restored them,
wouldn't she take them back?

The Vortex Viribus restored my powers.

The only thing that bound
me to Fiona was her collar,

from which you all freed me.

I think this makes you an
independent Whitelighter.

I suppose it does.

Harry, you're free.

You can do whatever you want.


You don't have to answer
to the Elders anymore.

You're bound to no one, not even us.

Like I would leave you to
make breakfast on your own.

Come on, now.

I don't understand.

Why does Fiona want to get rid of magic?

Fiona feels she's been used by others

to gain power her entire life.

The Elders, the Sarcana.

So she wanted the Origin Dagger

to take on the power herself.

Well, yes, the dagger
would give her the power

to control the Flame of Magic.

Whoever pierces themselves with it

can sustain a massive amount of power

without being consumed by it.

Well, it's a good thing
she didn't get it.

So why is Fiona going for the Flame

also bringing about the
blossoming of death?

Yeah, that's... from the Prophecy

that's supposed to be about
the Source of All Evil.


So, either the timing of this

is a big coincidence, or...

Or the Flame and the
Source are the same thing.

My God.

That would mean...

Both witches and demons...

Get their power from...

From the exact same place.

And whether it's good or evil

depends on who possesses it.

Glee laakh helltaakh.

Here we are.

Vegan breakfast patties.
You really are back.

Still no response from Parker.

He's out there somewhere
thinking he killed his mom.

I just got an e-mail from the lab.

Dr. Julia found dead in her home.

Of a heart attack.

It was a situation that
needed to be handled.

So I handled it.

Okay. Still getting used
to this new independent

Whitelighter look on you.


I'm thinking it suits you.

We have even bigger
things to worry about now.

Like Hunter out there
shape-shifting again.

I agree.

How did he even get out of Tartarus?

It has to be Alistair.

If he has competition against the Source

of All Evil, he's upping his game.

Guess I'm gonna need to use the
old evil sight more and more

- from now on.
- Macy, let's not go to that right now.

You're playing with your dark side.

I suspect it'll come at a cost.

You haven't felt your...

Demon within growing, have you?

Of course not.

Like I said, it's all under control.

So, Dr. Julia...

Died of a heart attack.
Just like the e-mail said.

Look, this doesn't change anything.

I still want to keep all
of this out of my life.

I don't know how I'm gonna do this.

With everything that's happened,

seeing you here every day.

You won't have to much longer.

I took a job. Doctors Without Borders.

They need epidemiologists.

I leave in a month.


I'm recommitting to saving lives.

- You're trying to atone.
- Maybe.

For something that demon did. Not you.

Look, I can't compartmentalize
like you can, Macy.

That's where we're different.

Who knows, maybe...

That would've broken us up
sooner or later anyway.

- Wow.
- I'm sorry.

Maybe I'm just...

Trying to make this easier.

Letting you go.

Oh, my God. Tessa's dead?


I'm sorry I left you hanging,

but things are getting really bad.

- Your life must be complicated.
- It is.

And it's always, always dangerous,

but especially now.

Which is why you and
I can't hang out anymore.

Please stop asking questions.

Do you remember how I told you

I changed careers two years ago?

Yeah, well,

that was sugarcoating it.

I... kind of had a nervous breakdown,

I guess you'd say.

The thing is, I think something happened

to me two years ago.

Some sort of trauma changed
who I was supposed to be.

Oh, no.

But now that I know magic is real,

I can't help but feel that

there's some sort of supernatural
explanation for all of it.

Are you sure?


But knowing about magic
is a path to try to find out.

No matter how dangerous it is.

- I brought this for you.
- What is it?

This ring will protect
you from all magic.

How does it work?


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God! You just...

You pressed "pause" on... life!

Have you ever frozen me?

Wait, of course you have.

This makes so much sense.

I can't believe it.

You know, I could just take off
all my clothes right now

and all these people would have no idea.

You could.

So I could try to figure out
what happened to me

without getting, you know...

Stomped by Bigfoot?

As far as I know, Bigfoot is not real.

It won't change what
happened to you in the past.

But it might help you move forward.

Prodigal son returns.

I've been trying to find
any way out of this.

But I can't.

I can't escape my demon side.

And no matter what I do...

I will never be good.

Now my mom is dead
and it's my fault, and I...

I was fond of her, too.

At one time.

It's your human side

that is torturing you, don't you see?

That's why you feel this...
shame, this pain.

It's your human conscience.

But there's a way out.

It's always been available
to you, the demon...

Born of a human.

Take on the Source, son.

Lose yourself in it,
and I promise you...

Nothing will ever hurt you again.

No return address?

Oh. It's, um...

It's from Parker.

He's saying good-bye.

"When I saw how much I scared you,

"when you pushed me away,

"I realized I had nothing
left to lose." I...

I don't know what he's
talking about. I...

Pushed him away?

I haven't even seen him since...


I saw Hunter shape-shift into Dr. Julia.

What if he shifted into you, too?

To convince Parker he has
"nothing left to lose."

Oh, God.

Parker said as long as he has me,

the darkness can't take over, but...

If he thinks he has
nothing left to live for...

There's nothing stopping him

from giving in to his demon side.

And taking on the Source.

Which is just what
Alistair wanted all along.

Are you ready to accept your destiny?

I am.

Then let it be so.

Receive the power.