Charmed (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Episode #1.17 - full transcript

Previously on Charmed...

You really think your
dad did this to you?

It's a demonic infection,
and only he can cure it.

You remember... Fiona?

The charge I lost.

Losing her made me who I am.

I suppose that's why

I was given the honor of
serving alongside you three.

Charity killed our mother.

You haven't changed.


You're alive?

Okay, okay, okay, I'm coming.

Help me.

Harry Greenwood.

- Yes?
- You are charged

with having an unsanctioned relationship

with Elder Callahan, and
reckless endangerment

of the Charmed Ones.

Can you defend what you've done?

Serving the Charmed Ones
is my greatest honor.

It was never my intention
to fail them in any way.

He must be punished.

Due to the serious breach of trust

that led to your impaired
judgment, Mr. Greenwood,

we simply cannot let you
continue as a Whitelighter.

The rules exist for good
reason, Mr. Greenwood.

Charity Callahan has been
banished to Tartarus.

And you, too, must face consequences.

By vote of the Elder Council...

Ita factum est.

Ita factum est. Ita factum est.

We hereby strip you of your powers.

Wait, I beg you. The sisters are my...

I really hope Harry's okay, you guys.

Every bite of dry cereal is
a reminder that he's just...


Maggie, he's not gone.

He just warned us that we might

not hear from him for a few days.

Now, I know I'm no Harry, but...

These are his recipe.


I mean, even the Elders have to realize

that what Charity did
is not Harry's fault.

I mean, she was right under our noses,

and we didn't see she was Mom's killer.

Yeah, but we weren't doing
it like she and Harry were.

Sorry, I mean,

at least you knew not to trust her.

We were the ones who kept
telling you to ease up.

I know, I just wish we could help him.

The Elders and their whole

"don't call us, we'll call you"
thing is totally messed up.


- Still nothing.
- I'm sure whatever

jungle pit or volcano he's in
just doesn't have cell service.

Volcano? Maggie. That is
not helping my nerves.

He just stopped texting
back so abruptly.

Maybe his grandmother was
right, and his whole mission

to save me from my demon
side was too dangerous.

Well, no news is usually good news.

At least that's what I'm hoping.

Dr. Julia's supposed to tell me

as soon as Parker's out of quarantine.

If he doesn't get better soon...

No, you know what?
I am manifesting positivity.

Parker will be saved,
and so will Galvin.

Hmm, that's weird.

It's Niko, wondering if we can talk.

- I don't know...
- You're supposed

- to let her go.
- _

- Mel.
- Come on.

Niko's engaged.

And she knows I'm with Jada.

But she's also
investigating the Sarcana,

so if she's digging into something,

it's better if I know about it.


- _
- The plot thickens.

There is no plot.

Well, then, why were
you thinking about her

having the softest lips you've ever...


Come on.

Hi, you must be Mel.


Nice to meet you.

I've heard so much about you.

Same. They're back here.

Niko's hoping you can shed
some light on the situation.


This is Scarlet.

Mel, thanks for coming.

Scarlet, can you tell
Mel what you told us?

Um, it's all such a blur.

I remember woods.

The color blue.


We all didn't want to be there,

but we all didn't want to leave.

The word "surrender."


The last thing I remember

from the real world

was reading some sappy poetry

at the student union about me

and my boyfriend breaking up.

I couldn't stop crying.


Niko and I

pieced it together and

that happened over a month ago.

I can't believe I lost a whole month.

Don't worry.

The memories will come, or they won't.

We're here to help you either way.


Okay, why don't you go lie down?

I saw Scarlet at the grocery store

last week with a group of other women.

They were all glassy-eyed,
like they'd been drugged.

Though Scarlet seemed less
out of it than the rest.

She's a long distance runner,

so maybe she metabolized
the drugs faster?

Anyway, I gave 'em my card.

Didn't hear for a couple days.

I checked in on the boyfriend,

but they broke up because
he moved to Wisconsin

and his alibi checks out.

I feel for her, but, I'm
sorry, why am I here?

I'm wondering if the
cult she escaped from

is affiliated with the Sarcana.

The Sarcana are not a cult.

Yeah, so you said, but
you haven't explained

exactly what it is.

We're a women's empowerment group.

And we don't want anybody
who doesn't want to be there.

That mark on Scarlet's hand,

it looks like an "S," wouldn't you say?

I'm making Earl Grey. Anyone want some?

Sure, thanks, honey.

You hate Earl Grey.


You know what?

Never mind, I got to go.

I'm sorry I can't help you.

Goddess Roxy, join me.

Scarlet was your friend, was she not?


How many people do I need
for my ceremony tomorrow?

Ten goddess prefects to serve Viralis,

so that he may be forever blessed.

Where is Scarlet, Roxy?

I, I don't know.

Where is she?!

Where am I? What is this? No!

No, I don't want that!

What are we doing here? Run!

Stupid girl!

Now I need another one!

Why was Roxy punished?!

She's a traitor.

Traitor. Traitor. Traitor.

Traitor. Traitor. Traitor.
Traitor. Traitor.

- Traitor. Traitor. Traitor.
- _

Traitor. Traitor. Traitor.

Bring me my Goddess Scarlet!

Kill whoever stands in your way.


I don't understand. If
I wear gloves and a mask

or something, why can't I see him?

When Parker had this before,

he lost control during a
seizure and nearly killed me.

That's when Alistair finally
convinced me to allow Parker

to be injected with his blood.

That's what saved him.

I know, but Parker won't go to Alistair.


No, the transfusion of Alistair's blood

is what activated Parker's demon side.

There's a reason why they
warn you about the bad boys.

Did you know he was
a demon when you met?


No. No, I thought he was

a charismatic millionaire

and I was just a nerdy post-doc.

Next thing I know, I was living
in a real-life Rosemary's Baby.

What about Macy's blood?

No, it has to be full demon.

So, if I get another demon's blood,

would that cure Parker's infection?

There are a whole lot of unknowns.

And it would wipe out
any progress we've made

building up Parker's human side.

But once the infection is
gone, you can use your serum

to bring back his human side, right?

Theoretically, yes.


I got to go.

Anyone seen any demons?

Turns out, I need one
to save Parker's life.

You two look like you've seen a ghost.

Hello, Maggie.


Harry, no! What happened?

I've been stripped of my powers.

My body is in the
process of deteriorating

to what would be its human age.


And given the average
life expectancy, I-I'm...

I'm afraid...

Oh, Maggie.

Oh... please.

No. I haven't gone yet.

I may not have my powers,

but I do have permission to

offer you ladies advice until

- a new Whitelighter is found.
- A new Whitelighter?

We don't want a new
Whitelighter. We want you.

Well, I know I've lived a long life

when Melanie Vera is
clamoring for my counsel.

Don't joke, Harry.

This is serious.

There must be something we can do.

Find acceptance.

Not our strong suit.

My clouded judgment compromised
your lives and your mission.

Listen to me.

You three are my legacy.

And I couldn't be prouder.

I am at peace knowing
you will not falter

in your mission to fight evil.

And, Mel,

if, uh, your path were
to cross with Fiona...

I'd like to see her before, uh...

Now I'm off to rest.

If you need me, I'll offer what I can

in the time I have left.

He was wearing

his old man lapel pin.

Pretty sure he once told me
he wanted to be buried in that.

What are we gonna do?

We don't surrender.


Are you okay?

Who are you?

Hey, glad you're here.

It's happening today.

We're preparing the Keeper
to take on her new powers.

The Keeper? You mean Fiona.

Once she activates, we take over.

We control magic, not the Elders.

What does that mean, exactly?

Put it this way...

The Elders think inside the box,

we want to blow up the box.

Well, then this might
be right up your alley.

The Elders took away
Harry's powers. He's dying.

Wow. Uh, I'm sorry.

He asked to see Fiona.

We need to keep her focused right now.

Tell her that it might be now or never.

Can the Sarcana help,
like you did before,

to break him out of Tartarus?

I'm sorry, but there's
nothing we can do.

You're half-Whitelighter.

You might have some way.

I don't, and asking me to help

an Elder patsy is a tough sell.

Don't call him that.

He is my friend.

The Keeper is my only
priority right now.

I am asking you to do this for me.

I can't help you, Mel.

It doesn't matter how we
feel about each other.

There's a war brewing,
sides are being drawn.

You're supposed to understand,
you're one of us.

Maybe I'm not...

One of you.

And maybe this

isn't what I thought it was.

Everything okay?

Did you hear that?

I heard enough.

You were right to refuse her.

He may have been my Whitelighter once,

but anyone that...

Cozy with my sister is not worth saving.

So, wait, I'm confused.
Did you break up?

Pretty much.

Hmm. Why do I get the feeling

we're not here for comfort cocktails?

If we can't reach the Elders,

I'll make them reach us.

I'm sure with Harry incapacitated,

they're surveilling us somehow.
We'll force their hand.

By doing what?


Here? I can't have these people knowing

I can move crap with my mind.

Trust me, the Elders
won't let it go that far.



So, uh, which one of you is
coming home with me tonight?

Want to see a magic trick?

Yeah, I do.

- Are we seriously doing this?
- This is so dangerous, Mel.

Yeah, it is.

How dare you flaunt your
magic to the public.

How dare you not give the Charmed Ones

an open line of communication.

We demand you reinstate
Harry Greenwood's powers.

He had nothing to do
with what Charity...

Elder Callahan did.

And we need him.

Perhaps it is unclear
who makes the rules.

More like it doesn't make sense

who makes the rules.

We're supposed to be the most
powerful witches on earth.

And you could be,

if you would listen and learn.

You see us as tools to use,

but guess what?

Charity duped you, too.

Where's your culpability?

We are the Charmed Ones.
Who the hell are you?

Harry knowingly broke the rules

and has accepted the consequences.

Follow his example.

What was that place?

- That was like...
- Whoa.

- Mel, you were awesome.
- But it didn't work.

What are we going to do?

- _
- What happened?

Four of them took Scarlet.

They had these animalistic blue eyes.

Maybe from whatever drugs they were on?

I don't think so.

Up close, they were, like, glowing,

and I could've sworn
Scarlet was levitating.

- Wow. I mean, that sounds...
- Crazy.

I know.

Crazy like that
warehouse a few weeks ago

when we showed up to
take the Finches down,

but they were already tied
up and ready to confess.

That was just really lucky.

Yeah, unbelievably lucky.


Don't look at me. I'm the last
person who can explain this.


Are you absolutely certain the Sarcana

aren't involved in this?

I've only been in the
Sarcana for a few months.

There's a lot I don't know,

but I'll look into it.

Okay, cross-referencing
glowing-eyed minions

and that S symbol on
their palms, I give you

Viralis, a soul-sucking virility demon.

He looks into your soul,
sees your deepest desire,

and promises it to you in
exchange for total surrender.

So cult leader makes sense,

and Scarlet mentioned
the word "surrender."

Hmm... He keeps his victims

docile by feeding them his demon
blood, a blue sap-like nectar.

Every ten years, at
the spring equinox...

Spring? It's freaking freezing.

Welcome to Michigan in March.

Climate change is real, people.

Anyway, in a ritual ceremony,

Viralis sacrifices ten women

using a... Ooh... Very
phallic-looking dagger

to maintain his virility and
his life for another ten years.

Ew. He's using these
women as demonic Viagra.

In order to vanquish Viralis,

he has to be killed at
the source of his power

using... and again, I repeat...
His very phallic-looking knife.

Sorry, this is just,
this is really hard to,

uh, to focus on some random
demon when Harry is dying.


the last thing Harry wants
is for us to let innocents die,

and vanquishing this demon

could save Parker.

I need demon blood and this

Freudian nightmare
of a bro demon has it.

W-Why don't I just give Parker my blood?

It has to be a full demon, but thanks.

Too demon for some,
not enough for others.

All right, well,

if we're doing it, we have to do it now.

The vernal equinox is today.

Where are we gonna find Viralis?

I might know where he
hunts for vulnerable women.

The last thing Scarlet remembers

is performing poetry
at the student union.

That pretentious poetry thing
the Humanities Department does?


Where I will totally be performing

a super pretentious poem.

I'll go as bait.

He targets human women, right?

Witches are probably
immune to his tricks.

I'll read his mind and do
what he wants me to do,

and... he'll lead us to the other women.

Don't think you getting kidnapped

is the solution to our problem.


That compass Charity used on you, Macy.

Harry took it, and a
receiver ring from her.

I'll wear the ring.

You guys can use the
compass to track me,

and then swoop in and take him down.

And I'll help free the other women,

get the demon blood for Parker.

What could possibly go wrong?

"What we think we have is not ours.

"The blood courses.
Then runs its course.

"You're lost in the shadow.

"And your White Light dims.

"And I am left holding nothing

"that used to be something.

"Once upon a time."

Thank you.

"We are,

"all of us, nothing more

"than briefly animated meat,

"stalking ourselves
in the barest of feet.

"There is nothing more..."

That was amazing.

Uh, thank you.

I'm V.

Are you okay?

I bet that's him.

Just a little sad.

Do you need to talk about it?

Come on.

You really were so great up there.

You have so much heart.

I feel like I already
know you from your poem.

I see you.

And your pain.

May I tell you your greatest desire?

A love that never leaves.

Look at me, Goddess.

Listen to me.

I am a love that will never leave you.

I will be with you until
the day that you die.

Thank you.

Let it all go.


I don't understand. They were
here, and then they weren't.

- Where did they go?
- Somewhere where they can't be tracked.

He must have blocked the tracker. Harry?

- What?
- Harry!

You can orb again?

Uh, no. No, no.

I was worried about you.

So I, uh, well, I followed you.

In the way a normal person would.

Uh, well, a normal stalker.

Uh, actually I thought you were just

having a sisterly
coffee, so I took a nap.

Aging is exhausting.

So, what seems to be the problem?

Maggie's been kidnapped by
a soul-sucking cult leader

demon who's turned off
our ability to track her.

Oh. Oh...

Where... oh. My eyes aren't
what they were a few days ago.

Ah... Oh.

A simple spell will restore this.

Refricietur quod fractum erat.

Refricietur quod fractum erat.


Wait, we can just bypass

a demon's mystical security system?

You are the Charmed Ones.

There's a lot you can do.


I still have some friends on the inside.

They said you were
fierce in championing me.


Thank you, Mel.

We really tried.

- And we won't give up.
- I know.

Now, off you go.

You're not coming with us?

Uh, at this point,
I could be a liability.

Fine. I'll drive.


- Wait, uh...
- That's right.


- I'm sorry.
- Stairs.

- Only through surrender...
- Can we all be free.


In your sacred spot of
surrender, you will find

your very own dagger of freedom.

I will never leave you.

As our sun moves across
the celestial equator,

we celebrate the ripening of man.

The virility.

Zara gu ban-ngar.

You will shed your flesh vehicles

so that I may continue my blessed work.

Goddess Wendy...

Are you ready to
surrender yourself to me?

I am.

Viralis-ra nam-til ud
sudra sangesh riganib.

Zara gu ban-ngar!

- Who's next?
- Pick me!

This must be it.

The important thing is
to remain unnoticed until...


What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

- I, uh...
- Our sister is missing,

and we, we tracked the GPS on her phone.

Oh, God.

Mel, do you know what this place is?

- Uh...
- It's the cult that took Scarlet.

No! I saw their van on a
neighbor's surveillance camera

and pulled a partial plate;
it's registered to this address.

I'm so sorry.

But I promise you, Mel,

I will get your sister out of there.



He's human now.

What's happening?


This disturbance has
something to do with you.

If anybody comes through that door...

Kill them.

Anything for you, Master.

Where are you, creep-o?

Ow, Maggie!

Well, this makes things easier.


Without your powers, I can't...

You couldn't just stay
under the radar, huh?

Mark my words...

I will get into that mind
of yours before you die.


Maggie, it's me, your sister.
Please don't do this.

Okay, fine, the gloves are off.

What about Parker, huh?

- Remember him?
- Parker?

Who will die and leave me?

I'm with Viralis now.

He'll love me until the day I die.

He gives me everything
Parker and Harry can't.

A love that never leaves!

Maggie, Mel.

I got this, go get him!

Stop it! Get off!

Maggie, you're choking me!

Macy, help!

Yeah, trying!

Damn it!


Oh, my God.


What... what am I doing?

Why are we in a barn?

Oh, please get me out of here.

Actually, I need you to stay here

for a few more minutes, okay?

You were a little to the left.

Okay, come on, and if
anything happens in there...

Is that...?

Is what?

Nothing. Let's go.

Did you freeze time?

Shh. Come on, old man.



Niko. I'm so glad you're here...

- Maggie.
- Harry.

Thank you so much for coming.

I wish I could heal you.

Me, too.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Managed to get my hands on
some of Viralis's demon blood.

It's all yours.

That's gonna help them.

Our cult leader seems to have vanished.


Something weird's going on here.

You always seem to be
right at the center of it.

You should put some cream on that.

You wouldn't want it to scar.


Did it work?

Please tell me I joined
a demon cult and I won?

- Oh, no.
- No, no.

No, no, it-it seems to be working.

- So can I see him?
- No.

I was able to administer

the first dose, but
that means that he has

demon blood coursing through his veins.

I'm gonna give him the
second dose tonight.

This is where it gets worse
before it gets better.

I will call you as soon as
he's well enough, I promise.


I mean, I had my hands
around Mel's throat.

She was coming at me
with this crazy force.

And then Macy swooped in

with the final save.

I guess I did do the swooping this time.

Well, it sounds like

you all worked beautifully together.

And, Maggie, I know it's
not the same, but...

We are a love that will never leave you.

Oh, I can, I can take that.


Uh, do you-you want a snack?

No, no, no.

- Tuck you in.
- Thank you.

I want to save Harry's life.

You came.

And why would you want to do that?

Because I want the Charmed
Ones to be in my debt.

And what about the Sarcana?

Who cares?

This is my choice. What
are you doing here?

She's saving Harry's life.

Fiona, there's way too much

at stake for you to risk your
power on a dying Whitelighter.

That dying Whitelighter's more important

than you could possibly understand.

Understand me, Jada,

do you know what I could do to you?

You'll find two of your
Sarcana friends under my bed.

If you're fast, they
might still be alive.

Is that a yes?


I'll bring him back when he's well.

I don't know when that will be.


There's so much

I want to say.

I'm so sorry, Fiona.



I'm sorry, too.

That which is hidden, reveal itself.

That which is hidden, reveal itself.

That which is hidden, reveal itself.

Oh, there you are.

I guess you're coming with me.