Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 6 - Breaking Bad - full transcript

With blood on their hands, the Walter, Jesse, and Mike partnership must first decide what to do about Todd. After that's settled, Walter is ready to cook again, but Jesse and Mike have another idea. Skyler spends some time with her daughter and with Marie, and Walter's invitation that Jesse stay for dinner adds to Skyler's misery. Hank and his team put nearly round-the-clock surveillance on Mike, and a meth producer in Phoenix has a plan.

You guys didn't tell me
this stuff smells like cat piss.

Man, shit happens, huh?

I mean, I'm sorry,
but I had to do it.

Obviously, I guess you
see it different.

Some of you.
But I didn't see any other choice.

I've been thinking about this all
day, going over it in my head...

...and it was the only way.

Well, it's not like I wanted to.

The kid was on a dirt bike.
He could've just...

He could've gunned it and been gone
before we even had a chance to blink.

We never would've caught him.
I thought on my feet. I saw a threat...

- ...and I took care of it.
- A threat?

The kid was waving at us.

He wasn't going anywhere.
He was saying hi.

- Yeah, but you don't know that.
- Yeah, I do.

- He didn't know what he'd seen.
- I didn't want to take that chance.

The whole point of this was no one
was supposed to know we were there.

People weren't supposed to
know anything got robbed.

How could we let the kid go?

He made us. If I hadn't done what I
did, the mission would've failed.

I'm real sorry.

I really am, but I...

But did I make a mistake, Mr. White?
Because to me, you know, respectfully...

...I was looking out for the team.
I didn't want to kill him.

You gotta believe that.

At the end of the day, it was
him or us, and I chose us.

And I would do it again.

Okay, look.

Todd, why don't you step outside for a
few minutes so we can talk this through?

Of course. Yeah, you guys talk.

But I just want to make sure that you
know that my priority is this business.

Okay. That's fine, Todd. Thank you.

I want to be a real part of this.

All right? If you could just see that.
I'm motivated and I've got connections.

My uncle's got his
hookups in prison...

...who I think could be a real help
to us if...

Okay. That dude? Wack job.

- Let's just stick to the facts here.
- Facts? Oh, okay.

How about the fact
that he shot a kid?

A kid that he didn't need to shoot.

Well, the boy had seen us.

And, no, it didn't look like he knew
what he was seeing.

But what if he told somebody?

What if he just mentioned it
in passing?

We can't know what someone--

Exactly. We can't know,
because Ricky Hitler there shot him.

We, us three, should've had
a discussion about it.

We would've figured it out.

But that dickhead just went ahead
and made the choice for us.

- Is that how we do business now?
- I understand you're upset.

And what was that crap about his
uncle with the prison connections?

It's just some bullshit
intimidation move. Come on.

It's true, though.
He does have some connections.

- Is this a problem?
- No. It's nothing to be concerned about.

It came up in the background
I did on him.

Didn't worry me then.
He's just flexing.

All right.

It seems to me that
we have three options here...

...and none of which are ideal.

One, we fire Todd.

- Yeah.
- I'm not a fan of this option...

...seeing that he knows way too much
about this business at this point.

And we'd most likely have to pay him
to keep quiet.

And God only knows
we've got enough of that going on.


We dispose of him.

Which leaves us option three.

We keep him on payroll.

Put him back on tenting houses,
setting up the lab and so forth.

We keep him close.
Under our control.

Now, option three
would be my choice.

Shall we vote?

I vote three, kid.

You're still in.

Right on. Thank you so much.
You guys totally made the right--

The next time you bring a gun
to a job without telling me...

...I will stick it up
your ass sideways.

- You understand?
- Yes, sir.

Hey, boss. What's up?

I was just in the neighbourhood.
Anything going on?

No. He's just hanging out
with his granddaughter.

Well, isn't that sweet?

Here, let me see.

It's a dead drop.

- What?
- A dead drop.

He just stashed something
underneath that trash can.

Write the time down. Roll on it.

Looks like he's leaving.

- Anybody coming for it?
- Nope, not that I can see.

Nobody in sight. Could be hours.

Could be.

What do you want to do?

It's not my fault that Murtha's got
his panties in a twist.

It's an HR issue, Janice.

I read the report.

I'm calling again because that's
the wrong case file number.

All right? I don't know what kind of
shoddy stan--

First off, Miracle Whip
is not mayonnaise, okay?

"Looks like it" doesn't equal
"tastes like it. "

Secondly, every time it's like
they gotta slather an entire jar--

--bastard's screwing with us now.
How'd he make you? What'd you do?

We honked our horns
and yelled "yoo-hoo. "

What do you mean, what did we do?
This guy is slippery as hell.

He's been throwing every tail
we put on him.

- The guy's a pro.
- Yeah, well, even pros make mistakes.

One of these days, our pal
Ehrmantraut's gonna slip up.

Just gotta be there when he does.

Teenagers. Sometimes you
just want to strangle them.

How's it going?

Oh, you know. Well, this little munchkin,
I could just keep her forever.

She is just the sweetest
little baby ever born.

Yes, she is.

I don't see much of Flynn.

That car of his keeps
him pretty busy.


More importantly, how are you doing?

I'm okay.

How's the therapy?

I know Dave helped me so much
when I was going through my little...

How's your guy'?

- Peter.
- Peter.

He's... Yeah, he's good.

I feel like I'm making progress.

That's great.

You know,
you just keep working through it.

Honey. Babe, what is it?

It's okay. It's all right.

Why don't you let me take Holly,
and then we'll talk about this?

- No.
- Okay. All right, that's fine.

Then how about you just talk to me?

Just tell me what's going on.

I just...

I need to make the right decision.

I need them to be safe.

The kids?

They're safe. Of course they are.

I just miss them so much.

I just want to be with them.

Hey, you know we can bring
them back home anytime you want.

No. They need to stay. But I just...

I don't know what to do here. I...

Like, whatever I choose is wrong.

Skyler, you gotta tell me
what's going on.

I know sometimes you--

I know you think I have
a big mouth sometimes. I...

But if you felt like you couldn't
talk to me, I don't know what I'd do.

Okay. So, what's this about
the kids not being safe?

Safe from what?

From us.

From Walt and me.

Like what? Like you're bad parents?

Because you're not. Not even close.


...there are things
you just don't know...

...that if you knew...'d never speak to me again.

Try me.

Okay, if you're not
gonna say it, I will.

Skyler, you have to
forgive yourself for Ted.

- What?
- You can't keep beating yourself up...

...over some stupid little affair.

- Walt told you.
- Please don't blame him.

I practically forced him to,
and I wasn't gonna say anything.

But I cannot stand to watch you
torture yourself like this.

You have to forgive
yourself, Skyler.

You were having all these problems
with Walt.

And Ted is a really
good-looking man.

You're only human. Hell,
I've even thought of, you know...

I mean, not seriously,
but I totally get your temptation.


Doesn't it feel good
to get it off your chest?

Oh, yeah.

- I feel better.
- Yeah.

For those who love the taste
but not the price...

...there's simulated caviar
made of kelp, a type of seaweed.

A fraction of the cost, it looks, smells
and tastes similar to the real thing.

Ready to get back at it?

Unlike fish caviar--

We have breaking news
into our newsroom.

We've just learned that police
are now expanding their search...

...for a missing McKinley County boy
after four days with no leads.

Fourteen-year-old Drew Sharp was last
seen by his parents Thursday morning.

Authorities are extending
their search today...

...east from Crownpoint
to Hospah and Whitehorse.

Sharp was last seen riding his dirt
bike into the desert behind his house.

Investigators are asking any--

Jesse, nothing can change this.

- Yeah, it's just that kid's parents...
- I know. Believe me.

I haven't been able to sleep the
past few nights just thinking about it.

But, Jesse, now, finally,
we're self-sufficient.

Finally we have everything
that we need...

...and no one to answer to
except ourselves.

And in a year, year and a half...

...once we've cooked through this
methylamine and made our money...

...there will be plenty of time
for soul-searching. Until then...

...we keep going.

And we run our business our way...

...and make sure that this
never happens again.



Listen, I'll finish this up.

Why don't you go on home?

- You sure?
- Absolutely.

Yeah. I'll take care of this.

You go on.


Yeah, I was just leaving.

All right.

Hello? Walter?

What are you doing here?

I'm delivering the batch.
What are you doing here?

Might as well get this over with.
Come in. Join us.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Where's your cars?

We parked around the block.

You might consider
doing that as well.


So, what's going on?

Just since this morning, I threw
three separate tails. All DEA.

- What?
- The feds have been all over me.

This has been going on
for a while now.

Did they follow you here?

No. I said I threw them.

I would never come to the headquarters
of our illegal meth operation...

...dragging a bunch of cops, Walter.

- It would be unwise.
- How can you be so sure?

Well, I've been doing this a long time.
It's pretty basic stuff.

How long has this been going on?

Since about the time we started
this little venture.

The DEA, in particular your peach
of a brother-in-law...

...has taken a keen interest
in my activities.

And you're just telling me this now?

What, you didn't think this
information would be of interest?

- Wouldn't be germane?
- I've been handling it, Walter.

We're sitting on a thousand gallons
of stolen methylamine.

How can you be so irresponsible?

Calm down, would you, please?

I can't believe that you kept this from me.
From us. Did you know about this?

- Mike just told me.
- And I said calm down.

- I've got it under control.
- Oh, well, forgive me...

...for not having
complete confidence.

- You know this can't go on, right?
- Yeah, I know.

And I've already decided.

I'm out.

Okay. Well...

Sorry to see you go, Mike.

But I really don't
see any other way.

Neither do I.

Obviously, Jesse...'ll have to take over
the distribution end of things.

Mike, I trust that you'll bring Jesse up
to speed on your side of the business?

Yeah, about that...

Actually, Mr. White...

...I'm out too.

You're what?

I don't think I can do this anymore.


...I'm retiring, I guess.

That methylamine that we stole, that we
nearly killed ourselves trying to steal?

That methylamine, when cooked,
is worth nearly $300 million.

And you're telling me that you're
willing to walk away from that?

We're walking away from the meth.

Not the methylamine.

Jesse and I will be taking
our two-thirds and selling it.

I've got a connection, a guy I
knew from my time with Fring.

This guy has the capital,
and he's motivated. Highly.

Mike's thinking we'll clear
like 5 million. Each.

I'll pay off my guys in lock-up
out of my share.

And those legacy costs you're so fond of
you won't have to worry about anymore.

And then I will be going on my way.

Jesse too.

It's a solid plan.

You can come in on this with us.

That'd be cool.

Course, you know, you are free
to hold onto your third...

...and keep cooking.

You'll be selling to my competitors.

This guy and his crew
are way out in Phoenix.

It's a big country, Walter.

Whole lot of meth-heads.

Pennies on the dollar, Jesse.

And that's what you're
gonna sell out for?

Pennies? Why?

Five million isn't pennies.

It's more money than I've ever seen.

And when it comes down to it...

...are we in the meth business?

Or the money business?

Relax, kid. There's no one there.

You sure?

I wouldn't be here if I wasn't.

Glad to see you could make it out.

I was surprised to get your call.

Good surprise, I hope.

There's one gallon, as discussed.

You take that back home
to your people, test it.

If you're satisfied,
I can get the other 665.

All right. That's fair enough.

Shall we talk money?

That one's free.

The price for the rest
is 15,000 per.

Six hundred and sixty-five gallons,
that's 9,975,000.

Although I would prefer
you round it up to 10.

Makes it easier for my partner
and I to split.


We good?

I'll talk to my guys, but I should be
able to put together that cash, yeah.


I gotta tell you, this is worth it just to
get that blue stuff of yours off the market.

The blue stuff will be
off the market, right?

Now, this whole time,
I was thinking 666...

...that seems like an odd number.

Two-thirds of an even
thousand, though.

When I look at it that way,
it starts to make sense to me.

That's not all the
methylamine, is it?

You two have a partner
you haven't mentioned?

This other party
wouldn't be a problem for you.

- His territory won't impact yours.
- You see, that doesn't work for me.

I'm not just buying this for the supply.
I'm buying this for the demand.

I'm looking to increase
my market share.

Well, I don't know what to tell you.

I want you to tell me that Fring's
blue will be off the streets.

All right.
Here's a new deal for you then.

I'll pay you 15K a gallon
for the full thousand gallons.

Not a drop less.

It's not mine to sell, Declan.

Well, then, no deal, Mike.


Yes. I guess.

I don't know.

Why don't you come over here?

To my house.

Yes, seriously.


Yo, you sure this is okay?

She's not here. Nobody's here.

All right. So...

Something's come up.

Mike wanted to come here
to give you the hard sell...

...but I figured it'd be better
coming from me.

Mike's connection won't buy
mine and Mike's shares...

...of the methylamine
unless he gets your share too.

He wants the entire
thousand gallons.

Absolutely not.

Yeah, I figured you'd say that.

But I've been thinking about it...

...and it really makes sense.

- Kind of.
- It does, does it?

Look, when you started this thing...

...did you ever dream
of having $5 million?

I know for a fact that you didn't.

I know for a fact all you needed
was 737,000...

...because you worked it all out,
like, mathematically.

Look, if selling the methylamine now means
that no one else ever gets killed...

...then I vote for that, man.
Hands down.

And we could have it tomorrow.
We would be out.

Spend time with your family. No more
worrying about them getting hurt...

...or finding out about everything.
Isn't this what you've been working for?

I have not been working
this hard just to sell out.

- It's not selling out.
- Yes, it is, Jesse.

I have-- We have suffered and bled,
literally, for this business.

And I will not throw
it away for nothing.

I don't know how else to say it,
Mr. White.

Five million dollars isn't nothing.

Jesse, have you heard of a company
called Gray Matter?

- No.
- Well, I co-founded it... grad school with a couple
of friends of mine.

Actually, I was the
one who named it.

And back then, it was just--
Oh, it was just small-time.

We had a couple patents pending.

But nothing earth-shattering.

Course, we all knew the potential.

Yeah, we were gonna take
the world by storm.

And then this...

Well, something happened
between the three of us.

And I'm not gonna go into detail.

But for personal reasons
I decided to leave the company.

And I sold my share
to my two partners.

I took a buyout for $5000.

Now, at the time,
that was a lot of money for me.

Care to guess what that company
is worth now?


Billions, with a "B."

Two-point-one-six billion
as of last Friday.

I look it up every week.

And I sold my share... potential, for $5000.

I sold my kids' birthright
for a few months' rent.

This isn't the same thing.

Jesse, you asked me...

...if I was in the meth business
or the money business.


I'm in the empire business.

I don't know.

Mr. White, is a meth empire really
something to be that proud of?

Skyler, you remember Jesse.

Jesse, this is my wife, Skyler.

Hey, Mrs. White. Good to see you.

You have a lovely home.

- I was just heading out.
- Why don't you stay for dinner?

- No, Mr. White. I'm gonna go.
- Stay.

Come on. It'll be fun.

It's okay with us, isn't it, Skyler?

We don't have anything special
planned tonight.



Why not?


These are great green beans,
Mrs. White.

I like that you got
the slivered almonds going.

My mom always made them like that.

You put lemon in there too?

They are from the
deli at Albertsons.

Well... know, good work
on your shopping then.

Because these are choice.

I eat a lot of frozen stuff.

It's usually pretty bad.

I mean, the pictures
are always so awesome, you know?

It's like, "Hell, yeah,
I'm stoked for this lasagna."

And then you nuke it, and the
cheese gets all scabby on top...

...and it's like
you're eating a scab.

I mean, seriously,
what's that about?

It's like, yo, whatever happened
to truth in advertising?

You know?

Yeah, it's bad.

So, hey, how's business?

The car wash. Mr. White said
it's going really well.

Says, like, you're a great manager.

He did, huh?

Yeah, he says you've
got it running like a...

Like a machine. Like, well-oiled.


What else did he tell you about me?

Oh, you know, just good stuff.

Just really, you know,
really good, good stuff.

We don't really talk
that much about... know, personal things.

Did you also tell him
about my affair?

May I please be excused?

You know my kids are gone?

Thank God.

No. I don't mean
they're out for the night.

They're gone.
They're staying with my in-laws.

She made me kick
my own kids out of the house.

She told me...

...that she was counting the days
until my cancer came back.

My wife is waiting for me to die.

This business is all
I have left now.

It's all I have.

And you want to take
it away from me.

I thought you might try
something stupid.

- Look, Mike--
- Don't bother, Walter.

Come join me in the office.

I don't think so.

That's not a request.

Might as well get comfortable.
This deal's going down tomorrow.

It's happening, and there's nothing
you can do to stop it.

- Got it?
- So it's okay for you to steal my--

To ensure that,
you and I are gonna spend...

...the rest of the night together
in this office.

- Like it's my birthday.
- Mike...

When the deal is done, you'll
get your money. I guarantee that.

Let me cook it. I'll double
your five and you still walk.

You know, I have never seen anybody
work so hard not to get $5 million.

Mike, you need to listen to me.

No, Walter. The last thing I need to
do is listen to you. Now, sit down.

All right.

Walter, I've got a bit
of a quandary here.

I've got something I need to attend
to before this deal happens.

But for some reason, I don't trust
you alone with the methylamine.

I'm gonna have to restrain you.

You gotta be kidding.

Stand up for me, please.

Stand up.

Turn around for me.

Arms out to the side. Up.

- Oh, man.
- Sit down.

Sit down.

Give me your wrist.


To what do we owe the pleasure?

Well, gentlemen, we're here to discuss
your illegal harassment of my client.

This should be good.

Mr. Ehrmantraut has become the
subject of a vicious, relentless...

...and unwarranted DEA persecution.

- Gomie, does that sound right to you?
- I have no idea what he's talking about.

Play it as cool as you like, Fonzie.

But we all know you've been
following my client day and night.

The man can't spend a few minutes
with his granddaughter...

...without you guys quivering
in the bushes...

...and peeping through your binoculars.
It's... Well, it's disturbing.

And it's taken a toll on his mental
and physical well-being.

Your client looks fine to me.

Well, some hurts only show
on the inside.

Now, you guys don't even have
warrants for these tails, do you?

these tails you refer to would be...

...within the bounds of the law.

We don't need a warrant to follow
somebody through a public place.

- Theoretically.
- Yeah, that is theoretically correct.

However, I would counter that an
open-ended, unrestricted surveillance... this amounts to stalking.

Which is illegal.

Now, I don't know what it is
you find so interesting...

...about my client,
and I'm not here to judge.

Different strokes and all.
But sadly, he's just not that into you.

So I have filed for a temporary
restraining order...

...against the DEA
on behalf of Mr. Ehrmantraut.

Where'd you get your law degree,

The same clown college
you got that suit?

You know who likes this suit?
Judge Papadoumian.

She thinks I'm a snappy dresser.

You know what
Judge Papadoumian hates?

Police harassment of
a senior citizen.


Expect a visit from
the sheriff, agents.

You should have your ex parte
within the hour.

Let's go.

What kind of judge
would issue this thing?

Papadoumian, man.
She's like Ho Chi Minh

So, what do we do?

Well, not a lot of choice, you know?
We back off.

For the moment. TRO won't stand up
and Goodman knows it.

I don't see what they're playing at here,
but if Ehrmantraut wants a fight...

- ...he's gonna get one.
- All right.

- That was a hell of a gamble.
- Worked.

Yeah, well, not for long.

And he's right about that TRO.
It's gonna get tossed tout de suite.

Meanwhile, Schrader's hard-on for you
just reached Uncle Miltie proportions.

So have fun with that.

How much time I got?

Maybe 24 hours.

It's enough.

It better be. Whatever you got
planned, you best pull the ripcord...

...while you still have a chance.

- Where is it?
- Mike...

- Mike!
- Get out of my way.

You sit down.

- Mike! Mike! Hold on, okay?
- I am gonna count to three.

Mr. White's got an idea.
Mike, I'm serious.

- One. Two.
- It's a great idea.

Look, you get your 5 million, we both do,
and he gets his methylamine, all right?

Just hear him out.

Is that true, Walter?

Everybody wins.