Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 3 - Breaking Bad - full transcript

The guys put a business plan into action; Walt confesses to Marie.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Hey, Darla. How you doing today?
- Hey, Dan.

- I'm looking for something in a Markowski.
- That'd be Dennis Markowski?

That's the one.

Oh, and I've got my paralegal
with me today.

Paralegal? Coming up in the world.

You know it.

Hey, Dennis.

Have a seat.

You hear about Chow?

- Yeah, people say he skipped town.
- He's dead.

It wasn't me.

It wasn't a message.
It wasn't payback.

It was a mistake made by a third party
who has since been dealt with.

You got it?

- Yeah.
- Second thing.

The deal you had with Fring,
it's still in place.


Don't "okay" me.

You got something to say?

Mike, I'm keeping my mouth shut.

The laundry
was right above the lab.

There's no way I could say
I wasn't in on it.

I'm looking at eight years minimum.

But I'm doing my time
like I'm supposed to.

I'm no rat, and you know it.

I mean, what else is there to say?

All due respect,
what are we talking about here?

The deal is the deal.

How's the deal the deal?

The feds took away my hazard pay.

My wife asks me where the mortgage
is coming from. I got nothing to tell her.

I knew the risks. We all did.

But that wasn't the deal.

And I know for a fact
they got Holt and Perez yesterday.

Now, it's not gonna be me,
but absent the hazard pay...

- ...sooner or later, someone's gonna flip.
- No one's flipping.

Everyone gets their hazard pay,
including you.

I appreciate what you're saying
and all, but the man is dead.

Okay? The lab's a
hole in the ground.

- I just don't see it.
- I've got something new.

It's just starting up.
It's gonna make you whole.

Something new?
With the feds looking at you?

- How?
- "How" is my business.

Hanging tight's your business.

Your family's gonna be fine.
You will be made whole.

Now, you got my word.

You need more?

No, Mike. I'm good.

- Who's next?
- That's your choice.

A.P.D.'s got Martinez across town
McGann's up in Sandoval.

The Sandia tribal cops
are holding him for the feds.

And Holt and Perez
are in lockup in Los Lunas.

You don't mean
to get to them all today?

Yeah, I do.

Hey, let's go! Open up!

Back here.

Oh, hi. How was your day?

Are you moving back in?

Yeah. I'll keep the condo for now.

Selling it in this market,
I'd get killed.

But, yeah, I'm home.

It's time.

Do you really think
that's a good idea?


So you bring him here? Come on.

The three of us,
we're the three amigos.

All for one, one for all.

We don't need a fourth amigo.

Saul, Mike knows the business.
He knows distributors.

- Mike's okay.
- He's okay?

He said he was gonna
break my legs.

And don't tell me
he didn't mean it, okay?

Because he gave me
the dead mackerel eyes. He meant it.

Saul, Mike threatened me.
He threatened Jesse.

He probably threatened someone
before breakfast this morning.

It's what he does.
Come on. Grow a pair.

Let it be noted
that I do this under duress.

Duly noted.

All right. Let him in, Huell.

Mike, I'm extending you--

Now that we're all together,
here are the ground rules.

Division of labour.
I handle the business.

Making the stuff, that's your end.

I don't tell you how to mix
your chemicals and whatnot...

...and you do not tell me
how to take care of business.

Is that absolutely clear?

- Sure.
- All right. Let's take the tour.

Hey, you're okay with that?


He handles the business,
and I handle him.

Clearly, we're talking
about renting, not buying.

You need an ongoing business,
someplace you can slide in... your thing and remain anonymous.
I'm not gonna mince words.

This is your best bet.

Got machines running, forklifts,
people coming and going.

You're gonna stay
way under the radar.

And the owner's solid.
He can't wait to throw up a curtain wall...

...stack some boxes in front of it,
give you the space you need.

After that, he's got his business,
you've got yours...

...and never the twain shall meet.

It's outstanding. Am I right?

Machines like this,
gotta be plenty of power.

What about the smell?

More good news.

I've been here when it's up and running.
This place stinks already.

- You'll blend right in.
- How many employees?

I knew you'd ask.

Sixteen illegals, all highly motivated
to stay deaf, blind and dumb.

You'll want to vet them, I'm sure.

Yes, indeed.

So, what do you say, maestro?

Is it unanimous?

You know, I worked in a box factory
one summer in high school...

...and I haven't seen
one of these in years.

Trip down memory lane.
That's perfect.

You know what this is?

It's a corrugator.

It uses steam and salt to crimp
kraft paper for cardboard.

And it makes a hell of a racket
doing it, which is great. Right?


Steam and salt.

When this thing is running,
it's like a jungle in here.

Shit. It'll ruin the product.

You can't just pop down to Costco
and get a couple dehumidifiers?

What--? Fine. Fine. Moving on.

Spacious, isolated location,
no humidity...

...and you get all
the free tortillas you want.

That's the special
feature of this place.

I don't know.

It'll make the tortillas
smell like cat piss.

Somebody's bound to notice that.

All right. Well, there's gotta be
some kind of workaround, right?

It's a technical problem.
You guys are technical guys.

You know, be creative.
Put your heads together.

Anything food-related is gonna have
unannounced government inspections.

All I'm asking
is that you keep an open mind.

Danny's already set some space aside
behind the Skee-Ball games.

- No.
- Hell, no.

I know it's a long shot.

All I can say to recommend this... we're talking about an owner here who
is, how should I put it, highly amenable.

Look, I get it. Just say no
and we'll go get dinner.

All right. So I'll start.

No way we're cooking in here.

No space, nowhere for
the smell to go.

Look at that door. That thing rolls
up and we're open to the world.

I don't know if anybody noticed...

...but there's a cop shop
a quarter of a mile away.

The hammer comes down,
it's gonna be Custer's Last Stand.

- It's perfect.
- What?

How are we gonna fit a lab in here?

Who said here?

A house is infested.

Termites, cockroaches, whatever.

Homeowners hire
a pest control company.

Truck rolls up, homeowners leave.

The crew tents the house.

They bomb the place with poison.

The house stays like that for days.

No one looks twice
at a tented house.

Now, maybe there's a strange smell
coming out of it.

Does someone think
to investigate? No.

Does anyone go inside? Hell, no.

And that's where we'll cook.

They tent, what,
three, four houses a week?

So we pick the one
that's best for us.

Enough floor space, easy access.

Once the tent is up,
we go in, we cook a batch...

...we bomb the place and leave.

So we gotta move
in and out for every cook?

Set up a lab, cook,
and then take everything down?

It's challenging, but doable.

Tell me about these guys.

Mr. Ponytail on the sidewalk, that's Ira.
He's the owner. On the roof is Sandor.

The ladder's Fernando,
and down below, that's Todd.

The pest control operation is legit.
I mean, they're licensed, they're bonded.

They do as good a job
as anyone in town.

But they're also top-drawer
second-storey men.

- "Second-storey"?
- B and E artists.

They're burglars.

Yeah. I mean, hey,
they play it smart.

They don't boost anything
while they're on the job.

They copy the keys,
locate the valuables and alarms...

...and they sell that information to other
crews. Or, after a decent interval...

- ...they'll lift the goods themselves.
- And you know them how?

Oh, I've been pulling their chestnuts out of
the fire, legally speaking, for five years.

Ira and his guys are good. I mean,
they know how to keep their mouths shut.

And if you buy them,
they're gonna stay bought.

You can check into them yourself.

I will, if it comes to that.

So do we take a vote?


- We sound great.
- Rock on, man. Solid.

That Yamaha's got a real nice touch.

You like the sound? It's huge, huh?

Yeah, it's real nice, but we're
looking for something else today.

- You got any roadie cases?
- For sure. What size?

Biggest you got.

That'll fit through, like,
a regular-size doorway.

You got it. Follow me.

Top of the line.

Recessed hardware, foam lining,
quarter-inch laminated walls...

...3-inch casters.

Height is good, width is good.
How much weight will this hold?

It's rated for 900 pounds.

So unless your band plays lead
bricks, you should be okay.

We're gonna need...

Hey, man, I'm trying to do business
over here, bitch.

Sorry. He's, like,
overly enthusiastic.

Anyway, I'm gonna need four of them.

Four? That gonna be layaway? Because
I need to see a bunch of IDs for that.

No, man, cash.

Okay. Hey, you know what?

I'll throw in stencilling.
What's your band called?

Damn, brother.

Not asking no questions, but it sure
looks like you're back in business.

No joke.
You way back in business, man.

Look at this.


You're stacking the benjies
till the rubber band pops.

Yeah, yeah.

All's we're saying is
we know you're major league now...

...but if there's ever anything else
you need from us...

Any way we can get
in on this at all.

Little stuff, big stuff...

We would be all over it.

You know, maybe someday.

That's cool.
I guess we better hit it then.

Yeah. Keep on keeping on, brother.


Okay, it is the same job as always.

You go out, you inspect, you deal
with the customers, regular drill.

Everything's the same,
except for one important detail.

- No stealing.
- No stealing.

Not a toothpick, not the spare
change between the couch cushions...

...not the panties out of the hamper.
Nothing. And I mean nothing.

If you're out with your buddies and they
ask if you got a hot tip on a B and E... tell them you got nada.
You're out of the game.

The bottom line is that these houses
are out of bounds, now and forever.

Got it?

All right.

From time to time,
you're gonna see these two.

Now, as far as you're concerned,
they are ghosts.

You don't see them.
You don't hear them.

You don't say "good morning."

You don't speak
unless you're spoken to.

On the other hand,
if they tell you to jump... don't ask what for,
you jump.

Now, you need a name for them?

You call them
"Yes, sir" and "No, sir".

You got any problems,
you come to me.

Here's the deal.
The finishing tank's a tight fit.

- And with this motor you've got on top...
- The agitation motor.

The agitation motor here on top,
the tank's not gonna fit in the box.

It's just... It's just too tall.

You know, I thought we'd put
a collar on the tank...

...and carry the motor in separately,
alongside the condenser.

And on the day, we just kind
of twist it into place... know, while we're setting up.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- That's good.
- Yeah.

That will work.

And Joe and his guys can
build it, right?

Yeah. You know, they're up for it.

Joe already bought a TIG welder
for the aluminium work.

And, you know, I figure if they can pull
off the magnet, they can handle this.

Now, listen, about the smell...

About keeping it out of people's
drapes and furniture and whatnot...

When I was down in Mexico...

...there was this big, big,
plastic hospital tent...

...they set up inside of the--

Oh, shit. Sorry.

Oh, hi. Sorry.

No, no, no.
We were just wrapping up.

- This is my...
- Friend. Hi. Walt.

- Nice to meet you.
- You too.

This is Brock.

Hi, Brock. I'm Walt.

I've heard a lot about you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I understand you were
in the hospital.

And Jesse told me
that you were very brave.

Yeah. A man of few words.

I'm sorry. He mostly just wants
to play his game.

Oh, I know that.

I have two of my own.
A boy and a girl.

Well, I should go.

I was thinking I could make us
all some dinner.

Are you sure you don't wanna...?

Yeah. Why don't you stay
for a beer at least?

Sure. Why not? A beer sounds good.

Thank you.

- How are you today, sir?
- We're good. Good. How are you?

- Family all packed up, ready to go?
- Yeah.

Here you're acknowledging
that you've removed all pets...

...and plants from the house
and that food has been removed...

...or double-sealed in the bags
we provided.

This acknowledges you've removed or
bagged any medicine, tobacco, pet food.

Better make sure
you got any medicine you might need.

- It's already in the car.
- Okay.

Holy crap.
How much poison are you using?

It's not how much,
it's getting it where it's needed.

Those are your foggers.

They disperse the fumigate
into the structure...

...where it'll eliminate any nymphs
or larvae... well as the
full-grown blattodea.

So do we have all your keys?

Any extras on here
you might wind up needing?

- No, I'm good.
- Okay.

This last one here acknowledges
that you have been informed...

...that you may not
reenter the premises...

...until it has cleared
the post-fumigation inspection.

So you're gonna get them all, right?

We'll kill them dead.
That's a guarantee.

Sir? Sir?


There's a nanny cam
in the living-room clock.

I disabled it.
I just thought you should know.

- What's your name?
- Todd, sir.


You know, I've gotta say...

...seeing you with Andrea
and that little boy...

It was nice.

- Yeah. It's good, right?
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

And the way she looks at you...

- You think?
- Oh, definitely.

So is it moving
in any particular direction?

I don't know. Maybe. Yeah.
You know, sometimes I think... know...

...if it feels right, then...

If it feels right, it feels right.

Sometimes you just
gotta listen to your gut.

I mean, instant family.

What more can you ask, right?


Cut the cards.

Have you thought about
what your plan is?

You know, vis-à-vis honesty?

You mean how much
she knows about this?

She doesn't know anything.

I mean, you know, she's not stupid.
She knows I'm into something, but...

She could make
a pretty good guess.

But I never told her anything.

I'm not gonna.


I mean it.

I know you do.

Jesse, I can't pretend that this
doesn't affect me. It does.

But with everything that
we've been through, the two of us...

...this has to be your decision.

I mean, you've earned that.



Secrets create barriers
between people.

I'm speaking from experience,
believe me.

All that you've done...'s a par': of you, and...

I mean, if you choose to spend the
rest of your life with this person...

...then you'll have to decide
how much you'll share with her.

Meaning what? Like everything?

Like Gale?

I'm just trying to say
that I trust you...

...and I know you'll
make the right call.

If she loves you...

...she'll understand.

They're leaving streaks.

This more ethnic-looking one,
he's doing a great job...

...but the other one is going back and
forth like he's scrubbing a wall.

They have to go in circles...

...or you're going to leave streaks.

That's pretty basic, right?

I don't mean to tell
you your business.

It's just-- It's simple
quality control.

So I've got some good news.

Guess what.


No, really. I want you to guess.

- Marie, I really--
- Okay. Hank's back at work.

- That's wonderful.
- Yeah.

Sure, they love him now, but where
were they when he needed them?

Merkert and all the rest, they
laughed him out of the office...

...when he told them
about that chicken man.

As far as I'm concerned,
too little too late.

If it were me, I'd tell them all
to go to hell.

Do I sound bitter?

But it's what he wants, right?

Yeah, it's doing him good.

I mean, his PT is going gangbusters.

He's hardly using his cane at all.

And thank you for that, really.

I mean, God knows where he'd be if we
had to go through his health plan.

I'm just glad he's feeling better.

So, speaking of which,
we have another big event coming up.

Have you thought about
what you're gonna do?

Walt's birthday.

Whatever you need, I'm here.

Yeah. I...

I don't think we're gonna
do anything this year.

What are you talking about?

Of course we're gonna do something.

Skyler, he was diagnosed
around his birthday, right?


So it's been a whole year.

Listen, I've had my problems
with Walt.

Why he wouldn't come to the house
when we were all practically--

Whatever. Water under the bridge.

But at this point, every
year is precious. We are--

What are you doing?

You don't smoke.
You haven't smoked since college.

You can't be serious!

With the baby and Walt?

You're not smoking around the baby,
are you? And you can't smoke here.

There's gotta be some rule
or regulation, I'm sure.

You can't force your employees
to breathe secondhand smoke.

- I know for a fact that that is illegal.
- Marie, shut up.

What? I'm sorry...

...please don't speak to me like that.
I am simply saying--

Will you shut up?
Shut the hell up.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

- Shut up! Shut up!
- Please stop--

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up!

That's 5.23.


Last one.


That comes to 49.27.

Good yield, right?

That is an excellent yield.

All right.

Hey, Marie.

How you doing?

- Where is Skyler?
- In the bedroom. She's resting.

Is everything okay?

- Breakdown? What does that mean?
- It means I don't know what else to call it.

But I've never seen
her like that, ever.

Well, what did she say
when she was yelling?


She just yelled, "Shut up, shut up,"
over and over again.

Did you know she's smoking?

Occasionally, maybe.
It's not a regular thing.

- I just wish I had gotten your message.
- Messages, Walt.

Plural. I probably
called you five times.

I'm not leaving here until I know
what's got her so upset.

Are you gambling again?
Is that what this is?

Please, God,
tell me the cancer isn't back.


- It's not the cancer.
- Well, something happened.

I don't mean to point the finger, but
this didn't just come out of nowhere.

It's time to tell me the truth, Walt.
All of it.

I mean it.

You're right.

You heard about Ted Beneke?

The accident?

What accident?

A couple weeks back,
Ted took a fall, a bad one.

He gave himself a concussion...

...and fractured a couple vertebrae.

He's still in the hospital.

He may never walk again.

Oh, my God. I didn't know.
I'm so sorry to hear that.


But that couldn't
explain Skyler's...

Yes. Yes, it could.

You do know, right? You...

You must know.

Oh, God.

She was having an affair.

With Ted Beneke.

Listen. It wasn't...

It wasn't ongoing
or anything, and...

Skyler and I have been trying... put things back together.

And then the accident happened,
and she got...

Marie, I'm begging you.
Please keep this to yourself.

I don't want Hank to think
less of her. Or me.

When did you...?

Was she--? I'm gonna go.

Okay. All right.

Thank you.

- I'm sorr--
- No.

That looked nasty.

Hey, you okay?

I'm good.



Come on. You wanna fuck with me?

You little cockroaches.

Dad, wait.

You wanna play games?
Okay. I play with you. Come on

- This is it.
- Wait. Wait for it.

- Ready?
- Yo u wanna play rough? Okay!

- Say hello to my little friend!
- "Say hello to my little friend."

Nice. Just--

Hey, Mom, feeling better?

Hey. Hey, why don't you join us,
if you feel up to it?

We have popcorn.
I think there's some pizza left.

If you're up to it.

Yeah, Mom. Join us.

- Oh, my God. Look. Look.
- You whores!

Everyone dies in this movie,


For you and you and me.

Three hundred and sixty-seven
thousand dollars each.

Wait a minute.

After the dealers got their cut...

...we should be
looking at 1,379,560.

Mike, you're short.

You're almost 300,000 short.

You're forgetting about the mules.
They get a flat 20 percent.

- The what?
- The drivers.

They're the ones that take the
product from us to the dealers.

And so transportation
is worth 20 percent?

They're taking a risk.

Two hundred and seventy-five
thousand dollars' worth of risk?

What did Gus pay his mules?

Gustavo Fring didn't use mules.

He didn't need them.

He spent 20 years
building his own distribution.

He had 16 refrigerator trucks
running his product.

And do you know
where they are now?

Government impound.

You don't like paying 20 percent?
Maybe you shouldn't have killed the guy.

Hey, hey. There's still over
a million bucks here, all right?

That's for one cook.

And since you're putting on
the green eyeshade... supplier and I
came to an agreement.

The methylamine is free this time.

But brace yourself, because
the next barrel is gonna cost big.

Can we continue, or you got any more
burning questions?

Okay, kid.

You fronted us 120 to get us going.

So that's 40 from him and me.

One hundred and twenty.

Yes. Thank you, Jesse.


Now, Ira gets 110
for our piece of the business...

...and 25 per cook.

That is 45...

...from each of us.

Ira's guys get 10 each per cook.

Goodman's cut, 18,000 from each.

Legacy cost, $351,000.

That's 117,000 each.

"Legacy cost"?

I got nine guys

You don't know them, but they were
part of the previous operation...

...and they know a lot.
And right now, some of them are in jail...

...and more will be soon.
The feds RICO-ed their hazard pay.

So we are gonna make them whole.

We are gonna make them whole?

What is this "we"?

These were Gus' employees,
not ours.

They might have been Gus' employees,
but they're my guys.

So, what are they doing
to further our interests?

The cops are looking at them
very closely.

We don't want them
furthering our interests.

So we are paying them, why?

Because it's what you do.

It's what you do.

My guys are keeping
their mouths shut.

We make them whole.

One hand washes the other.
It's as simple as that.

It sounds like a simple shakedown...

...simple as that.

We're paying for their silence.
That's blackmail.

Business is my end.

This is business. End of story.

This is your problem.
It should come out of your end.

Hey. Hey. Just take it out of mine.

All right? Go for it.

I don't care. Just take it.

No. Jesse, thank you...

...but no.

I'll pay my share.

Go ahead.

Let me tell you something.

This... how it's gonna be
from here on out.

My guys are an ongoing
expenditure... you best get yourself
comfortable with it.

A hundred and thirty-seven thousand.

That's less than with Fring.

Listen, Walter.
Just because you shot Jesse James...

...don't make you Jesse James.


How are you feeling?

Okay, I guess.

Broke it off with Andrea.

I had to.

She's gonna tell Brock.

I'm still gonna take care
of the rent and stuff.

- It's the right thing to do, but, you know--
- I meant this.

How are you feeling
about the money?

You're looking at it wrong.
When we worked for Gus...

...we were cooking
200 pounds a week.

This last batch was great,
but we didn't even crack 50 pounds.

We maybe cleared less money,
but we got a bigger piece of the pie.

It's like you said, we're owners,
not employees.

I've been thinking about Victor.



All this time...

...I was sure that
Gus did what he did... send me a message.

Maybe there's another reason.

Like what?

Victor trying to cook
that batch on his own?

Taking liberties
that weren't his to take?

Maybe he flew
too close to the sun... his throat cut.