Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 4, Episode 2 - Breaking Bad - full transcript

Walt attempts to form a new alliance as he plans his next move. Meanwhile Skyler pushes Walt towards a business opportunity, in hopes of protecting the family.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
So how's it look?

Meaning, do I see it?


Do you see it?

Basically, any lawman worth his salt
is gonna spot that, yeah.

Assuming that's a deal breaker?

Yes, it's a deal breaker.

Well, if stealth
is what you're aspiring to... best go
with something more compact.

Thirty-eight Special.

Snub nose.

Got a concealed hammer... it don't catch on your belt
when you draw.

Tried and true.
No nonsense about it.

- Five shots.
- Yeah.

Automatic has how many?

Ten in the mag, one in the chamber.

If you can't get it done with five,
you're into spray and pray... which case, I wouldn't count
on another six closing the deal.

You load that
with 158-grain hollow points...

...instead of standard wadcutters,
it's got plenty of stopping power.

Can't get more dependable
than a wheel gun.

Try it on with this.

That snubbie will conceal up real nice
if you carry it lWB.

Little harder to draw from,
but there's no substitute...

...if you're intent
on fooling a vigilant eye.

Comes in polymer too.

I prefer the feel of leather.

Old school, I guess.

Sure it's on the correct side?

If you're right-handed, it is.

I don't know, ma... Are you sure?

Maybe it'll feel better
on the left side.

General rule,
you don't wanna cross-draw.

Not unless you're gonna be sitting.

You know, store clerks,
card gamers and such.

Either way, you're gonna wanna
practice your draw. A lot.

Because if you're all fingers...

...well, it might could be him
keeping the peace instead of you.

Catch my drift?

What's this?

That is why you're gonna pay me
five times...

...what you'd pay
your neighborhood gun store.

Serial number's been filed off.

So to state the obvious...

...I don't wanna be caught with this
on me.

No. To state the obvious, you don't.

You know, mister, I've been providing
my services for the past 30-odd years.

Think I'd learn better
than to ask a man his business...

...especially not one referred
by the lawyer.

But I do feel the urge to ask you...

...are we strictly talking defense

Yes, absolutely.



if it's just personal protection...

...aside from a bucket of money...'d save yourself
a potential felony two-spot...

...for carrying a weapon with a defaced
serial number if you buy it legally.

But if you did have to use it,
wouldn't it still be better to use one...

...that couldn't be traced?

This is the West, boss.

New Mexico's
not a retreat jurisdiction.

Man steps to you bent
on doing you harm... got every right to plant your feet
and shoot to kill.

Some call it a moral right, and I do
include myself within that class.

All this to say,
I'm happy to take your money.

But if you're not a convicted felon... might best be advised
to bear your arms...

...within the confines of the law.

It's for defense.


I'll take it.

Thanks, Bonnie.


What's up, brother?

Dude, sounds like an earthquake
out there.

New sound system.

- Check it out.
- Bodacious subwoofers, yo.

Serious cannons.

Eighteen-inchers, six of them.

Aluminum cones, so they're
really, really, like, sonically neutral.

Tweeters are killer too.

Dig all them lines jumping around.

Kind of like just wanna stare
at them.

Yeah, man, totally makes me wanna
crank old Sabbath and blaze one.

It's got, like, parametric equalization.

Automatically adjusts the levels to
changes in air pressure and whatnot.

It's totally digital.

Vacuum tube amp, which is by far
the best, anti-distortion-wise.

Hits 120 decibels
without breaking a sweat.

Hold onto your hats, bitches.

Hey, man, I saw Andrea at a meeting

She asked about you.

Thanks, man,
but 12 steps and all that.


Maybe just a little bump.

Left 4 Dead. Bitches get all cranial
when you cap them in the head, like:

No, no, no, man. Resident Evil 4
takes it by a long shot.

- Please, brother. You're fronting.
- No, seriously.

That chick, the one you gotta rescue?
She's smoking, bro.

And then you're, like,
the last undead dude on earth.

How can you not be dipping
into that?

Talk about inspiring a brother
to kick zombie ass.

They're trying to eat your brain.
A dude don't need no more motivation.

Fair point, I guess.

Okay, okay, okay.

Call of Duty: World at War,
zombie mode.

Now, that's the bomb, man.
Think on it, bro.

They're not just zombies,
they're Nazi zombies.

Nazi zombies.

Yeah, man. SS waffen troopers too...

...which are like the baddest ass Nazis
of the whole Nazi family.

What difference does it make what
their job was when they was living?

you are so historically retarded.

Nazi zombies don't wanna eat you just
because they're craving the protein.

They do it because...

They do it
because they hate Americans, man.

Talibans. They're the Talibans
of the zombie world.

I played the game.
They ain't exactly fleet of foot.

I'm saying, where's the challenge?

The zombies in Left 4 Dead
clock a respectable 40.

- You gotta lead them.
- They're not even zombies.

They're just infected.

They got, like, this rage virus...

...amps them up
like they been smoking the schwag.

Apples and oranges, bro.
Totally unfair to compare the two.

Yo, Jesse,
where do you come out on all this?

Agree. Totally.

Did that just happen?

Damn, man.

It's quiet.

You know what this place needs?

You okay?


Can't you sleep?

Actually, yes, Marie. This is me
sleeping. What's it look like?

It looks like you're looking at a rock.

At 2:24 in the morning.

This is not a rock, this is a mineral,
for, like, the 10th time.


Got it.

Blue corundum, to be precise.

Blue corundum.
Well, it's very pretty.

It's encrusted with igneous biotite
in a mica schist.

Would you like some more detail?
Because I can give it to you.

You can keep acting
like you give the first shit...


Found in the Central Cordillera
of lrian Jaya.

Blue corundum.

I'm just saying.

It's 2 in the morning.

I'm just asking if maybe...

You know, last I counted, Marie, there
were four bedrooms in this house.

You know, I mean,
if I'm keeping you awake and all.

You've reached Walter White.
Please state your name...

...number and reason for your call.
Thank you.


Hello? Walt?

Okay, Walt,
could you call me back, please?

Hank's bills are really starting
to pile up here.

And in the meantime...

...I haven't received a check from you
in quite a while.

Second order of business
is the car wash.

- God!
- So it's time to take the next step here.

We need to look
into buying this car wash while we...

Skyler, what are you doing?

What do you mean?

- Wait, are you screening all my calls?
- No, no, no, I'm just...

What are you thinking leaving
a message like that on my machine?

What are you...? What did I say?

You just left recorded proof
of our intention to buy a car wash.

- Now, you think that was wise?
- Proof of our what?

What are you talking about?

Skyler, we should not even be
mentioning the words "car wash"...

...on the phone at all. Period.

Walt, it is a car wash, not a brothel.

I mean, if we can't even say what it is,
why are we buying it at all?

God, look, Skyler, please, just...

- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, hon.

Look, there's some cereal
on the breakfast table.

I'm telling you,
if you're not willing to pull the trigger...

...I'm more than happy
to call Goodman myself.

No, no, no, I will handle it, okay?

I could so use a brain transplant
right now.

Yeah. I'm going to work.

Wake up, bitch.


You're way too sensitive
about your zone, bro.

Come on, man. Cleanup time.

Right on. Least we can do.

Hey, the hell with cleaning up.

Just go out
and get everybody some breakfast.

Stock up on liquor while you're at it.
Keep this party going.

I mean it, yo.

I mean, I want this place kicking harder
than a sensei when I get back.

- All right.
- You got it, bro.

Come on, damn it!

Wake up and party!


- Yo, you the new guy?
- Yeah.

You got something for me?

Two hundred and one point six.

What's the count?

Two-oh-one point six.

Give it a second weigh,
if you would, please.

New policy.

What, waiter?

- Where's Gus?
- Why?

Because I would like to speak
with him.

Because the way we left things,
I would like the chance to clear the air.


you're never gonna see him again.

Oh, look who woke up hungry.

Are you hungry?

Yeah, that's good. Drink that up.

Just a little longer,
okay, my sweetie?


There you go.

Okay, now.

The Dodge gets a detail...

...and the Corolla...

...gets a hand wax.

Right? Hand wax.


Hello. Hello. Just a few more minutes
and then we're on our way home.

Okay, my sweet girl?

Mama's just doing her work here.

Mama's doing her work.

Way to go, Hank.

Come on, way to soldier up.

You're doing it. Come on.

Another few yards.



Look at you. Way to go, honey.

Come on. Come on, Hank.

Keep it going.

Just ten more steps.




- Six.
- Six.

You're almost there, Hank.

All right, buddy.
That's what I call kicking some ass.

Oh, that was awesome, babe.

- Hells, yeah.
- Very nice.



You're a good man, Chuck. Thanks.

It's an honor, my friend.

Same time tomorrow?

Damned straight...

...if I'm still alive.

Great session.
Lots of positive energy.


It's just... it's so great to see that.

It's just...


One day at a time.

All we can do.

I know. it's just...

You've got a real way with him.


You wanna go full time?
We've got a spare bedroom.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Wow, you were so strong today.

Did you work up an appetite?
I'm sure you did.

Listen, I was thinking
about cooking tonight, so...


Get out.

Oh, yo, about time. Oh, my God.

Yo, what's up with the pie, man?
It ain't cut.

- Yeah, right. That's the gimmick.
- What gimmick?

This place, they don't cut their pizza,
they pass the savings on to you.

How much can it be
to cut a damn pizza?

Maybe it's, like, democratic, bro.

You know, cut your own
Christmas tree, cut your own pizza.

Yeah, it's democratic.

- What am I supposed to do with this?
- Don't sweat it.

You got some, like, scissors?

I will cut this bitch up good.

Yo, come in.

Hey, would you...?

Gotta figure, you make, like,
10 million pizzas a year.

Each pizza takes, like,
10 seconds to cut?

In man-hours, that's...

I don't know.

A lot?

Hey, Jesse?

You got...


So how you doing?

I'm dealing.

How's Brock?

Good. He's...

Brock, honey, wait in the car, okay?
Let the grown-ups speak.

Go on, little man.
We'll catch up later.

Guess you know I've been calling.


I'm really busy at work and...

Jesse, I'm not here
to make you come up with excuses.

You got other things going on.
I get it.

There's just one thing
you and me gotta talk about.

And that's this.

After Tomas was murdered,
two dudes...

...bangers he used to hang with,
get run over.

One of them shot in the head.
Same night, I get this in my mailbox.

This was you?

You know what?

Whatever it is you had to do with my
brother's killers, I don't wanna know.

But you gotta tell me one thing...


What exactly am I supposed to do
with this?

Use it to get you and Brock out
of that shit hole of a neighborhood.

Or you can go out
and spend it on glass...

...and I'd have no way
of stopping you.

But I gotta believe
you won't do that.

Go home, Walter.

How you doing?


Ton of bricks?


You want me to wheel them inside?

Thank you.

Marie, is that my minerals?

Yes, Hank.

How many boxes?

I don't know. Three, four hundred.

A million.

I don't know.

Did you check them for damage?

Oh, my God.

- They're rocks, Hank.
- No, they're minerals.

Jesus, Marie. I got some geodes
coming that are very delicate, all right?

I'll not accept any boxes
that have damage.

Those delivery jagoffs, I'm not getting
ass-raped by those bastards.


Honey, would you check?

Just check, please?

Hey, you, too much wax.

Stop wasting it.

Look, tell your brother
that if he doesn't show up tomorrow...

...I'm gonna have to fire him.
So now, go back.

And no more excuses.

Mr. wolynetz,
my name is Skyler White.

How do you do?

- You wanna buy my car wash?
- I do.

And I am prepared to talk numbers
right now, if you'd like.

You think this is an easy job?

You are willing to get down
on your hands and knees...

...and scrub like a housemaid...

...with all the chemicals
eating into your nice skin...

...and stinging in your eyes?

Well, I know a thing or two
about scrubbing.

Any other advice for me?
Because I am serious about this.


I am serious too.

I have worked 30 years on building
this business from nothing...

...with my own hands
and my own sweat and blood.

I can appreciate that. Truly.

So with that in mind... there a figure you can quote me?

One which you think would...

Ten million dollars.

Well, let's try 879,000.

Where do you come up with this
number? You pull it from your behind?

On a typical day,
you average 19 cars per hour.

Extrapolating, I added the extra
revenues for hand waxes and detailing.

Subtracted your overhead in salary...

operating fees, depreciation...

...which I obtained from businesses
in Albuquerque area... me an estimate
of your annual cash flow here.

I applied industry-standard multiplier,
added market value of your real estate.

Giving me a total estimated value
of $829,000.

On top of which I generously added
an extra $50,000.

So as not to be insulting.

Twenty million dollars.

Okay, Mr. Wolynetz, this...

This is the price for Walter White.

Oh, yes.
You don't think I know who you are?

I remember.

- Well, I have not pretended to be a...
- Your husband.

He quit without giving me notice.

He broke my air fresheners,
he cursed at me, and grabbed himself.

And now he wants
to buy my car wash.

But he's not man enough
to come in here and face me himself.

- Instead he sends his woman.
- Excuse me.

Walter White wants
to buy my car wash.

The price he pays
is 20 million dollars.

Now, please leave.

Have you recently lost a loved one
in an aviation disaster?

Have you suffered injury,
shock to the senses...

...or property damage
as a result of airplane debris...

...or, God forbid, falling body parts?

Then call me, Saul Goodman.

It goes without saying,
that the six, seven...

...perhaps eight-figure
cash settlement that I can win for you...

...will never fill the hole in your heart
caused by your tragic loss.

But you deserve justice.

So if you want to tip the scales
back in your favor...

...better call Saul.

Saul Goodman, attorney-at-law.

We are just about ready to go...

You might wanna learn
how to tail better...

...if you're planning
on making a habit of it.

May I buy you a drink?

Next round, when you're done.

Why not?
You make a hell of a lot more than I do.

Another round for him,
and I'll have the same.

No ice.

I feel like I need to explain myself.

There were some actions that I took
which I want you to understand.

I didn't want any of this to happen.

Everything I did,
I did out of loyalty to my partner.

And then, later...

...of course...

...purely out of self-defense.

I hope you can appreciate that.

Just like I appreciated that...

I appreciate
that when you were going to kill me... were simply following orders.
I get that. Completely.

And I harbor no ill will.

Well, there's a load off my mind.

- Mike, I'm trying to tell you...
- I get it.


Drink up, Walter.

Hell of a last couple of weeks.

Makes a man wonder exactly
where he stands.

I mean, I cannot be alone
in feeling this way.

Not after what happened to Victor.

So, what's with the piece?

Right hip, inside your waistband.

I noticed it the other day at the lab.
You wear it if it makes you feel better.

But if push comes to shove,
it's not gonna help.

Mike, do I have to come right out
and say this?

You and I...

...we're in the same boat.

Drink your drink.

If it happened to Victor,
it could happen to you.

And what the hell was that, anyway?

A message?

He cuts a man's throat
just to send a message?

You won, Walter.

You got the job.

Do yourself a favor
and learn to take yes for an answer.

Yeah, I got the job.

But for how long?

Get me in a room with him.

Mike, just get me in a room...

...and I'll do the rest.

You done?


Thanks for the drink.

Pinkman, man,
you know how to party, brother.

Epic. Epic.

Seriously? Where you two going?

Jesse, I've been awake
for, like, three straight days.

I'm turning into a Sleestak.

So crash here.

It's not like I ain't got the space.

Yeah, that's cool and all,
but I think I got, like, this cat.

Think I'm, like, supposed to feed it.

Whatever, you little bitch.
What about you?

You sticking or do I gotta flip you over,
check you for a slizz?

Bro, I'm kind of pushing flowers here,

I ain't proud of it,
but it's God's honest truth.

Hell, brother,
you know we got mad love for you.

Now that you're back in the mix,
it's, like, nothing but good days ahead.

Plenty of time to pace it out,
is all I'm saying.

Yeah, man.


I was thinking, like, next week?

Yeah, sure, man. Next week.

We cool?

We are cool.