Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 3, Episode 2 - Breaking Bad - full transcript

Walter, Jr. is having a rough time accepting his parents' separation. Jesse buys his old house from his parents. Meanwhile, two mysterious men have come into town looking for Walt.

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Good morning, Officer.

Sir, can you turn the
music down?

Oh, yeah.

Down means off.

Of course. Okay.

You know why I pulled
you over this morning?

Well, I'm-- I'm pretty
sure I wasn't speeding.

I've been using the
cruise control, so I--

No, sir. Your windshield.

License and registration, please.



This-- This was from Wayfarer 515.

Um, my house was in
the debris field.


Uh, and that's--

that's what shattered
my windshield--

some piece of wreckage
from the plane.

I understand.

Yoknow of-- of Flight 515,
the plane crash?

You're wearing the ribbon.
Yes, sir.

I'm quite aware of Wayfarer 515.

I was one of the first
responders on the scene that day.

Then what are you doing?

Citing you, sir.

What? What, you don't believe me?

Sir, regardless of how that
windshield was damaged,

this car is unsafe to
drive in this condition.

Stay in the car, please.

Wait. Wait just a minute.
Just one minute.

Sir, I asked you to stay
in the vehicle. No, no, no.

I can get out of my own car.
Sir, listen--

No, no, no. You listen to me.

It's time for you to listen to me.

Sir, what you need to do is take a
deep breath, calm down This is America.

and get back in that car now.
I have rights. Do you understand that?

At least have the common
decency to hear me out.

I need you to step back right now.

Did you even hear what I said?
Sir, calm down.

Now you're giving me a ticket?
I told you

that my house was
in the debris field.

Do you have the remotest
inkling of what that means?

Sir, calm down. Hellfire
rained down on my house

Sir, I need you to step back now.
where my children sleep!

There were body parts in my yard!

Sir, this is your last warning.
You gotta be kidding me!

You got about two
seconds to stand down,

or I'm gonna pepper spray you.
You're gonna pepper spray? Perfect!

That is just perfect!
Pepper spray the man

who's expressing his opinion
under the First Amendment!

Lastly, a little
something from down El Paso way.

Border Patrol came
across multiple homicides

just this side of the border.

Truck turn out
to be a chicken run

out of Juarez and Laredo.

Border Patrol's been
playing hide-and-seek

with these polleros
for two years.

But this time,
as soon as they made it acro,

someone hit them-- hit them hard.

We're talking a driver
and nine illegals.

No sign of the shooters.

This truck was carrying
more than just people.

What are we looking at? Weed,
coke, or meth?

Nah. Doesn't look like they
were transporting narcotics.

So, why did the Border
Patrol kick this to us?

They didn't. I pulled it.

You ask me,
ths high-end cartel work.

Los Zetas, maybe.

Question is, why do we
have Juarez-style action

on our side of the DMZ?

They sending a message
or clearing a path?

Or was this about stopping
one particular border-hopper?

Maybe one of those extra-crispies

knew something he shouldn't.

Anyway, keep your eyes open.

All right. That's it.
Slow news day.

Add one more to the countdown.

Oh, yeah? What's that, Gomie?

We're waiting on that
famous blue meth of yours.

29 days since we saw it last.

Yeah, well, it's still out there, Gomie.
Don't worry.

Local PD. I gotta take this.

Gomie, go beat your pi?ata.

Rest of you jokers-
too damned quiet in here.

Go catch some bad guys.


Hey, what's up, Paul?



Hey, Dad.

So you're fixing up the house, huh?

Doing a little work, yeah.

Uh, I'll bounce.

It's-- It's cool.

You doing okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.

I just happened to be driving by

and saw the sign.

So, you're selling the place.

In this market.

Can you believe it?

I see you moved the garage.
That's bold.

Your mother's idea.
It's quite an operation.

We did, all new stucco,
all the master suite,

fumigated the basement...

Right on.


Fixing up the place totally
increases resale value.

I read that in-
I want to say, like,

Time magazine.

So, what'd you do with
the upstairs bathroom?

All redone. New tiles in
the bathrooms and kitchens,

granite countertops,
new appliances--

all top of the line.

Damned. That's great, Dad.

Think, uh, I can get a tour?

Eh, these guys are
trying to finish up.

Maybe we'd better
stay out of their way.

There are pictures on the Web site,
if you wanna take a look.


You're looking healthy.

I'll tell your mother.
She'll be happy.


You know, I could
come by sometime

for, uh, dinner or something.




Later, Dad.

You know, look,

he's a high school
teacher over at Wynne.

Never been in trouble
a day of his life.

Found out he's got lung cancer,

and now his wife kicks
the poor bastard-

out of his own house.

I mean, look, guys,

if anybody rates a little slack,

here's the guy.

Hey, Walt, uh,

you remember Officer Cavanaugh?

Officer, I'm very sorry
that I lost my tper.

There's no excuse for my behavior.

It was disrespectful.

She's divorcing me.

Oh, I don't know what
to tell you, buddy.

It is what it is.

She doesn't want
me to see the kids.

She said that?


You don't write? You don't call?


It's a disaster.

It is not a disaster.

Oh, okay. It's not a disaster,
all right?

She's not going to the cops.
She's not gonna tell a living soul.

You wanna know why?

One word:


If she blabs,

it'll be a disaster for her.

That DEA brother-in-law?

Whew! Screwed.

You were right under his nose.

He'll be lucky if they let
him bust glue-sniffers

at the hobby shop.

The kids-- Paging Dr. Phil.

My daddy's a drug dealer,
and my mommy turned him in.

And the house-- gone.

The feds will come and RICO her
and the kids out on the street.

Ooh, good luck arguing
with them on that.

No. It's not gonna happen.

She's bluffing,

and she knows it.

Her going to the police

is not the point, Saul.

She's out of my life.
Do you understand?

I've lost my family,

everything that I care about.

Hey, buddy,

uh, it's bad.

All right... It's a calamity,

but we live to fight another day.

And after a decent
interval of time,


there are other fish in the sea.

You've been out of
circulation for a while.

I mean, you'll be just
amazed at what's out there.

Thailand, the Czech Republic...

I mean, those women are so grateful

to even be here.

In the meantime,

idle hands are the
devil's playthings,

so, uh, you should
get back on the horse

and do what you do best.

First step: talk to our
friend and get cooking.

I can't be the bad guy.


I can't be the bad guy.



You know, we'll,
uh-- we'll revisit.

Just, uh,

promise me you won't hang
yourself in the closet.


Pop-pop, the ice-cream man!



Don't tell your mom. Okay.

-It's me.

We may have a wife problem.

Uh-huh. Look, I need eyes on it.

You got an address?

Hey, dinner's gonna be late.

Uncle Hank and Aunt Marie
are bringing takeout.

But, uh,

if you're hungry,
I could rustle something up.


Hey, buddy, pass the ketchup,
will you?


I've had enough trans
fat for one lifetime.

A two-day drive from the nearest ocean,
and you're eating raw fish.

That's all I'm saying.


Been a while since that minnow
been swimming. Right, buddy?

You know, um, Flynn, uh, here

is looking for a
part-time job, so...

I don't know. If you know of anything,
you might wanna--

My-- My name's Walter Jr.

Like-- Like--

What, you-- you can't
even say his name?

Um, if you've changed your
mind about being called Flynn,

all you need to do is just tell me

that you don't want to be
called Flynn. You know what?

Dad didn't even show
up till fourth period,

and his eyes were all red like
he'd been crying or something.

But you-- you don't even care.

And now, he won't
even drive me home.

He won't say why,

but I know it's because
you told him not to.

Honey, I-- What?

I don't know what your problem is.

You may not love him anymore,

but I do.

I mean, why you gotta be--

Why-- Why you gotta
be such a-- a bitch?

Hey, hey, hey. No, no, no. Oh...

Hank-- Hank-- Hank--
You don't talk to your mom that way.

It's-- It's-- It's all right.

Hey. Hey.

Skyler, I know that you
must have your reasons

for...all of this.


Sky, uh,

I-- I know it's
none of my business,

but, uh,

keeping Walt from the kids...

You're right, Hank.

It's none of your business.

Oh, my G--.

After all of that, please tell me

that you are still not curious.

There's nothing to
be curious about.


The day I heard there was a
second cell phone, I knew.

Believe me. I've seen
it a hundred times.

Okay. All right. So, what?

Stop dancing around it.
What is it exactly

that you have seen a hundred times?

Please, please, enlighten me.

Look, a guy like Walt--

a nice guy, decent,
smart, you know?

Let's face it-- underachiever,
dead-end life, okay?

He gets cancer. Time's running out.
Midlife crisis.

He acts up. Steps out.

Then the wife-- she catches him.

I mean, it's a story
as old as time.

Look, do the math, Marie.

Only comes out one way.

Knowing Walt, he, uh,

felt so guilty,
he probably told her himself.

Yeah, I--

I don't know. I think...

if he cheated on her,
that she would've told me by now.

It just feels like...

something more.

Yes, yes, yes. 24-7 coverage.
Need you ask?

How much is this gonna run me?

Jesus. I'm in the wrong business.

Yeah. I'll call you.

Return of the prodigal.

Welcome back to the
land of the living.

How you feeling? I'm good.

Of course you are.
The world's your oyster.

Am I right? Unencumbered young man

with, uh, stacks of cash.

Hey, I'm, uh-- I'm jealous.

Hand to God, I'm jealous.

Yeah, speaking of cash,

uh, you know what's giving
me heartburn lately?

Your former partner. This guy...

He works like a bastard, right?

Builds a business, single-handed.

Finally, the big money shows up,
and what does he do?

He walks out.

Talent like that,

and he just flushes
it down the crapper.

It's like Michelangelo
won't paint.

Look, I know you're
out of it and all,

but you--

you wouldn't talk to him,
would you?

I mean, help him pull
his head out of his a--?

He won't listen to me,
he's not gonna listen to you,

all due respect.

You want a job?

A job?

Who's got a job for me?

I do.

Okay, let's see some jokers.

I used to be an English teacher,

so I'd better take
grammar for 100.

All right. Child stars for 100.

Hi. Hey.

Thought I'd, uh,

well, visit, if you don't mind.

No, of course not. You don't, uh...

You don't need the room,
do you? No.

I just needed some more
space to spread out.

Just wanted to say hello
to little Holly here.

Hey, girl. Hi.

Oh, it's okay. It's okay,
it's okay.

Oh, yeah.

She is a beauty. Look at her.

Hey, thanks for being so
flexible on me coming in.

Well, I just wish we
had you back full time.

You do brighten up the place.

Listen, believe me, this is, uh...

I don't
wanna bring this up,

but I-- I can't sign off
on these quarterlies.

I'm sorry. I just can't.

Is that right?

If you're gonna do this, Ted,

you can't be so glaring about it.



That does sound bad.

Uh, show me what's bothering you.




God, I'm sorry.

I know how you feel about this.

Revenue with no backup.

Here, here, and here.

I don't even know what to say.

Yeah. Um...

Yeah, well, uh...

Okay. This is-
This is fixable, right?

How about if I just push,
uh, 28,800,

um, out of this into next quarter?

Would you sign it then?


I'm just saying

I can't sign it as
it currently exists.

Fair enough.

I'll take care of it.

Thank you for the heads-up.

Well, you won't have to
deal with this again,

I swear.

What if your kids found out?

If my kids found out?

This-- what you're doing.

I mean, someday,
they're gonna be old enough.

How would you explain it to them?

Well-- Wow.

Put me on the spot, why don't you?

I guess maybe I'd, um--

I'd say that, uh,
I might have feet of clay that--

But that whatever I did,
I did thinking of them.

You know? Trying to provide.

And, uh, I'd ask them

to try to take the
time to understand...

You know what? Truth is,

I haven't thought that
far ahead, Skyler.

I'm just trying to keep
my head above water, so...

I better get back to it.

Oh, G--.

Hi, Walt. Listen.

I'm-- I can't talk-
I'm at work right now.


Louis dropped him off.
He was here when I got home.

No, no, no. Of course.
No. He's not staying.

He understands that.

I'll-- I'll bring him
anywhere you want.


Well, yeah, it is rush hour.

I mean, I could fight traffic and
bring him down to Beneke now,

but wouldn't it be easier if we...

Right. Okay. Good.

So we'll meet you at the house.

Okay. Bye.

W-Why are you doing this?

She's just trying to
k-keep me from seeing you,

and you're helping her.

No. No, son. I mean, your--

your mother-- she has her reasons.

What reasons?

They're, uh...

Well, they're...

Well, they're just a little

difficult to delineate, but--

I mean, yes, there are
two sides to every story.

Always. But, uh,

she, uh...


This is just how it has to be.

For now. Okay?

And, look, your home is your home,

and that is where you belong, okay?

But it's where you belong.

Dad, it-- it's your house.

Uncle Hank, Aunt Marie--

everybody knows that you hen't done

anything wrong.

Everybody is on your side.

Well, it's-- it's--

it's not about
taking sides, though.

How can-- How can you let
her treat you like this?

Now, come on. How-- How--

How can you just-- just take it?

Just listen to me,
okay? No matter what,

all of this has nothing to do

with how we feel about you, okay?

We both love you very,
very much, okay?

You and your sister
will come first, always.


Now, come on.

Let's, uh...

Let's try to see this in
a positive light, okay?

Both of us.

Let's just buck up.

Then I'll take you home.

Uh, let me first just

hit the old bathroom.


Good afternoon. Nice to meet you.

Saul Goodman. Nice to meet you.

You're not that lawyer on
late-night television, are you?

Better call Saul!

I get it all the time.

We're here to discuss
the sale of the property

at 9809 Margo.

I get it. Flat-fee clients.
Am I right?

Well, folks,
today's your lucky day.

I represent a client who
shall remain nameless.

However, for our purposes,
you might just as well

visualize a large bag of money.

This individual wants to buy
your use today, for cash.

Cash? Cash. I know.
In this economy.

In fact, the money is already burning
a hole in my client's account.

You can ask Mr. Gardiner. I've shown
him all the pertinent financials.

It the only reason
we're sitting here.

Fair enough.

We, uh, get a few papers
signed and notarized,

we can take care of this right now.

In fact, I can wire you your
money this very afternoon.

There's just one little
hair in the soup--

uh, the price.

We feel 875 is very fair.

But I suppose there's always a little,
uh, wiggle room.

Well, you wiggle us on down to 400,

and you got yourselves a deal.

400,0? What is that, a joke?

No, that's my offer.

That's less than half price.

We put almost that much
into the renovations alone.

Why don't we just cut the clown act

and you tell us what you're
willing to come up to?

400,000. That's my final offer.

Well, this is a waste of time.

How could you possibly imagine that
we would entertain this? Come on, hon.

I don't know. I just thought
some allowance was in order

once I heard about the meth lab.

The one that used to
be in the basement.

I looked over your signed
disclosure statements,

and I don't see any
mention of a meth lab.

No. No. Oh, you got
your termite inspection.

That's good. But no meth lab.

Now, some would call that fraud

in service of concealing a felony.

I, myself, am more open-minded.

But it is tricky.

Don't get me wrong.
I applaud your cojones.(?)

I mean, good try in sneaking

a meth-contaminated
property past the buyer.

I mean, you know,
could've been a good deal for you.

Too bad. Now, I uld

file a suit and encumber
this property indefinitely,

or I could start some
criminal proceedings.

But I don't think any of
us want that now, do we?

How about it,
counselor? Do you concur?


Here you go, son.

Come on. It's not Devil's Island.

Okay. Ooh.

Here we go.

Oh. Hey.



Uh, mmm. Brought pizza.

Yeah. Well, I'm making dinner.

Oh, okay. I'll just, uh,
put it in the fridge.

It's even better the next day, huh?

Hi, honey.




All right. Skyler...

Honey, what kind of example
do we want to set here?

Right? I mean, can't we
at least just sit down

and eat a piece of pizza together?

Just to hash things out
like adults? You know--

We have...discussed

everything we ne to discuss.

I thought I made myself very clear.

I got dipping sticks.

You've reached
Walt's temporary number.

Please leave a message.

When I went out this
morning to get the newspaper,

I saw a pizza on our roof.

Would you know anything
about that?

Listen to me, Walt.
You need to control yourself.

Calm down, accept the situation,

and keep your distance.

If you can't manage that,

I will get a restraining order.

Skyler. Skyler.

I got your restraining
order right here!

Restrain this!


Oh, yeah.

Breaking even's not so bad.

In this economy, a lot of people

would kill to break even.

Poor Jake. He had his heart set

on going to space camp.

Oh, no.

Oh, God. This is all we need.

Hey, Mom, Dad.

How's it going?

Uh, Jesse, it's, uh,

really not a good time.

Jesse, the house has been sold.

The new owners are
expected at any moment.

Where do you think
you're going? Inside.

I bought the place.

Be back by 7, okay?

I love you.




Come on.

Oh, God!


Oh, shit. No!

Oh, God.

It's me. There's something
you should know about.

Hold on.