Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 3, Episode 11 - Breaking Bad - full transcript

Skyler gets more involved in Walt's business, much to his chagrin as Hank struggles with his recovery. Meanwhile, Jesse takes an active role in his new enterprise, leading him to a startling discovery.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Yo, I thought I was going
to see some, like, vaginas.

I didn't say she actually
painted vaginas.

I said

some of her paintings
looked like vaginas.


Not even close.

Georgia O'Keeffe painted
all kinds of stuff.

Everyday items, her surroundings.

Some of it evoked

an erotic nature.

It's who she was.

Not like any vagina I ever saw.

This chick have medical issues?

This particular painting... of a door.

Any other doors we can check out?

Like, real ones or...

You know, I don't get it.

Why would anyone paint
a picture of a door

over and over again,
like, dozens of times?

But it wasn't the same.

Yeah, it was.

It was the same subject, but
it was different every time.

The light was different.
Her mood was different.

She saw something new
every time she painted it.

And that's not psycho to you?

Well, then, why should we
do anything more than once?

Should I just smoke
this one cigarette?

Maybe we should only have sex
once if it's the same thing.

Should we just watch one sunset?

Or live just one day.

Because it's new every time.
Each time, it's a different experience.

Okay, fine.

I guess the cow skull
pictures were cool,

but a door?

I will say it again.

A door.

Why not a door?

Sometimes you get fixated on something,
and you might not even get why.

You open yourself up
and go with the flow,

wherever the universe takes you.

Okay, so...

the universe took her to a door,

and she got all obsessed with it

and just had to paint it
20 times until it was perfect.

No, I wouldn't say that.
Nothing's perfect.



Oh, yeah.

Some things.

That was so sweet,
I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

You can't admit just
for once that I'm right.

Come on.

That O'Keeffe lady
kept trying over and over

until that stupid door

was perfect.

That door was her home,
and she loved it.

To me, that's about making
that feeling last.

Kevin, Tyno

Come on, give me a step.
Give me one step.


{pos(192,225)}Nope, that's it.
Take me up.

{pos(192,225)}You can do this, Hank.
Come on.

{pos(192,225)}It's supposed to hurt.
Pain is weakness leaving your body.

{pos(192,225)}Pain is my foot in your ass, Marie.

{pos(192,225)}If you can get your leg
up that high, I say go for it.

{pos(192,225)}- Take me up.
- All right, coffee break.

We're gonna let you rest for a minute.
{*and then we're gonna try it again.}

Never mind about your coffee break.

I'm done.

{pos(192,225)}We'll pick up where we left off.

{pos(192,225)}Come on, Uncle Hank.
You can do it.

How else are you going
to get out of here?

Don't you have any friends?
Jesus, find something better to do.

I don't need everyone
staring at me hanging here

like a camel's ball sack.

{pos(192,225)}He just wants to be supportive.

{pos(192,225)}It's all right.

{pos(192,225)}I'll be right back.
Okay? I'll be right back.

{pos(192,225)}You gonna get me out
of here sometime today?

We got our first bill,

{pos(192,210)}- and if you're still insistent...
- I am.

{pos(192,225)}Prepare yourself.

They're gonna start coming in
weekly like that, so...


You're sure you can do this?


{pos(192,210)}I'll do that.

{pos(192,210)}What the hell, man?

{pos(192,210)}What, I can't work a scale now?

This is bullshit.

Just say it.

Just say the words.

You think I'm stealing.

{pos(192,210)}Walk with who you are.

{pos(192,210)}That was a phrase my sponsor
used to use with me

{pos(192,210)}back when I first started
coming to meetings.

{pos(192,210)}It's probably just a different
way of saying "Be yourself." Right?

{pos(192,210)}But this idea of "walk"

also tells me

{pos(192,210)}that I have to move forward.

{pos(192,210)}Always good advice,
at least for me.

{pos(192,210)}I see we have some
new people here at group,

a couple new faces.

Let's see some hands.

First time?



{pos(192,210)}Maybe we can go around,
introduce ourselves.

{pos(192,210)}Say whatever's on your mind.

{pos(192,210)}How about you?
You want to start us off?

{pos(192,210)}My name is Andrea...

{pos(192,210)}We don't bite.
No judgments.

{pos(192,210)}You can be as open and honest
as you want to be.

I don't want to be here.

All right.
Fair enough.

Who else had their hand up?

Hey. 'Sup?

My name's Jesse.

Why, hello.

My name is Brandon.

And this is, I believe, Peter?

Right. I'm Peter.
How are you?

Look, I just wanted
to give you a heads up.

It's gonna get a little
slower smuggling product

with Grandpa Anus
watching every move I make.

But don't worry.
I'll keep it flowing.

Great. Right on.

So how's it selling?

Mad volume?

Yeah. It's, uh...

You know, it's, um...

It's not so good.

What do you mean?
How much have you sold?

I sold a teenth.

One teenth?

That's it?


To who?

To him.

It's not so easy
selling to these people.

They're here trying
to better themselves.

Yeah, there's, like,
positivity and stuff going on here.

I'm out risking my ass
to get product for you two,

and you're too pussy to sell?

You're pathetic.

You know what?
I want it back. All of it.

I'll sell it myself.

{*Come on, man.}
Don't be like that.

Selling to these people,
it's like shooting a baby in the face.

It's not natural.

Yeah, Jesse,
it's not easy like you think.

I'll show you exactly
how easy it is.

- Sorry.
- No. Go ahead.

It's Andrea, right?


My name's Jesse,

and, uh, I don't really
want to be here, either.


Aunt Marie's coming to dinner?

Your dad is.

How'd you get her to sleep so quick?

Are you that boring?

I'm comforting.

I'm a comforting presence.

There we go.

Hey, so check it out.

See what that means?

Check out the date.

Next Thursday
is officially six months

that I have had my learner's,

which means I can get my provisional

and start driving by myself.

Since when? You don't
turn 16 for two more months.

It doesn't matter.
It's a provisional.

Look it up. They changed
the law, like, 10 years ago.

Well, I didn't vote for that.

Doesn't matter if you voted for it.
It's the law.

So both of you start thinking about
what kind of car you want to buy me.

{*I think} I'd be good with either

an old IROC or a 'Stang.

A 'Stang.

How about something
with playing cards in the spokes?

Makes a nice motor-y sound,
you know?

Ah-ah, dad.
You're not gonna get off that easy.

Well, I think that this is, um...

We should probably table
this discussion for later.

Your dad and I have a couple things
we need to talk about, so...


A 1971 Mach 1 fastback

in Grabber Lime

with a shaker hood.


I want to write that down
so I don't forget.

Darn it. No pencil!

What is
Ice Station Zebra Associates?

It's a loan-out.
It's fine.

Whose loan-out?

It's fine. Really.

I... have a guy.


Does your guy know

the tax code and regulations
in New Mexico?

'Cause there's very specific paperwork
that has to be submitted quarterly.

Yes. My guy is a top...

- guy.
- Who is he?

What's his name?
What are his qualifications?

This money has to be unimpeachable

when it reaches Hank and Marie.

And it is.

- It will be.
- But how do I know that?

Apparently, you can't
even tell me the man's name.

Jesus. Skyler,
do you really want to know?

Do you really want to know?


Hello. Welcome.

What a pleasure it is to have you.

I'm just gonna call you
Skyler, if that's okay.

It's a lovely name.
Reminds me

of a big beautiful sky.

Walt never told me
how lucky he was...

prior to recent unfortunate events.

Clearly, his taste in women
is the same as his taste in lawyers.

Only the very best

with just the right amount of dirty.

That's a joke.

That's a joke.

It's funny because you are
so clearly very classy.

Here. Please, sit down.

So Walt tells me that you have

some concerns I can alleviate.

Yes, I do. I have...


If we're going to go down this road,

and clearly we are
for the sake of my brother-in-law.

I've heard about him.

He's an American hero.

At any rate,
I need some assurances

that we're gonna go
about this in a manner

that is extremely safe and cautious.

Fair enough.
I'll walk you through the process.

First step is something
we like to call

money laundering, all right?

Take your money,

represented by, say,
these jelly beans.

You know, I'm a bookkeeper,

so I actually know
what money laundering is.


And, as with most things,

the devil is in the details.

So to begin with,

what are we saying is
the source of this money?

That's simple.

Walt here actually
came up with a great story about

gambling winnings.

Blackjack, right?
Some card counting?

Actually, that was Skyler's idea.


you grow more gorgeous
by the minute.

Well, there you have it.
I'll generate

false currency transaction reports

out the wazoo.

As well as the necessary W-2Gs.

I know a couple casino managers

who will jump at the chance
to report false losses.

It's a win-win for everyone.

Yeah, but you can't
sell that for very long.

Way ahead of you.

We declare just enough
so as not to arouse suspicion,

then Walt's one-time winnings
become seed money

for an investment.

Investment in what?

Drum roll please.
Wait for it.

Laser tag.

Laser tag.
7,000 square feet

of rollicking fun in the heart
of northern Bernalillo County.

Laser tag?

Yeah. There's guns
and glow lights and...

Kids wear the vests,
and they have to split into teams...

Actually, I know what it is.

It's just that in relation
to Walt, it's...

It doesn't make any sense.

It makes more sense than you two.{*being together.}
I'm still trying to figure it out.{*how that happened.}

Do you even know Walt?
I mean...

how would he of all people
buy a laser tag business?

It doesn't add up.

It adds up perfectly.
Walt's a scientist.

Scientists love lasers.

Plus they got bumper boats, so...

Hey, everybody.

Walt suddenly decided
to invest in laser tag.

Just out of the blue.

Really? That's what we're
supposed to tell people,

our family, our friends,
the government?

Let me bottom line this for you.
You don't need to be involved.

Because I've been doing this
for a lot of years,

successfully, believe it or not,
without your help.

So thank you for stopping by.

You want a beer or something?

Or something.

What do you mean?

Like beer.

I'm clean out of anything else.

Even if I wasn't,
we're not supposed to.


I've heard it over

and over

and over again.

You know, don't you think
it's ridiculous

that society says beer

is okay and a little hit
of something

sweet is wrong?

I mean...

What's the point of shutting
yourself off completely

from something that
lifts you off the ground?

I spend so much energy

fighting the urge not to use,

and I feel like crap because of it.

I know. It's just...


I can't get caught using again.

See, the thing is...

not to get caught.

You ever try that blue stuff
that's going around?

Just a little gas in the tank,

and suddenly...

everything is interesting.

Man, I wish I can make
that feeling last.

Like I said, I got nothing here.

What if I could get some?

- Mommy! Mommy!
- Hey, B!

Your Nana brought you home early.

Grandma, I thought
you were keeping Brock today.

I was.
Then I saw your car.

- I thought you had a meeting.
- I did, but we changed the time.

Grandma, this is Jesse.
He's from the meeting.

He's like a sponsor.

This is Grandma.

Jesse, this is Brock.

So, you...

You have a kid, huh?

What's up?

Brock, huh?

That's a cool name.

Give it up.

Brock is almost 6.

You okay with kids?

Yeah, he's cool.

Brock is gonna go play in his room
while the big people talk.

He's gonna go play
with his Legos and his cars.

- Say "Bye, Jesse."
- Bye, Jesse.

Safe and cautious,
that's all I'm asking,

and that man is neither.

I'll admit, he comes across
like a circus clown.

But he actually knows
what he's doing.

Safe and cautious is you
not being involved in this at all.

Well, it's a little late on that.

This is what happens when you decide
to pay our bills with drug money.

This isn't just about
what happened before.

My involvement in this is ongoing.


I can't just quit.

I have something of a contract.

It's all very safe and professional

and structured.

I can't simply quit.

Where are you going?

If you're gonna
launder money, Walt...

At least, do it right.

You worked here four years.

It's a business you understand.

It's a story people will believe.

Not laser tag. This.

This is what we buy.


This is what you buy.

Jesse, right?

- How goes it? Hanging in there?
- Please, just...


Sorry, man. I was trying
to keep it on the DL.

You and that girl,
you do the deed yet?

Do what?

You know.

Sell to her.

What are you two even doing here?

What do you mean?

You can't get your nut up to sell.

What's the point of even coming?

Homie, I'm on, like, step 5.

Deuce, yo.

I'm catching up.



Dude needs to come into the fold.

You know what?

I have magical powers.

You want to see?


That's not real.

It is real.

You want to see something that's real?
Look at this. Watch this.


You like that?

That's science and stuff.
Makes it do that.

Do it again.

Let Jesse eat his dinner, Brock.

It's okay.

It's okay.
Want to see it again?

Could you do a trick
with firecrackers?


I don't have any firecrackers on me.

Who does tricks with firecrackers?


Tom?s does tricks
with firecrackers, huh?

Who's Tom?s?

He's my kid brother.

And we don't talk about him.

Come on.

Eat your food, Brock.

Can I have a chip?

I'm gonna steal your chip.

Hey, that's mine.

That's it?
That's what you want to buy?

People will believe it at least.

I worked here for four years.

Wax on, wax off.
Was that you?

Hey, how come you guys always get
with the air freshener, huh?

I explicitly say
I want no air freshener,

and every time I drive away
smelling like an Alpine whorehouse.

All due respect, I don't see it.
So I vote no.

Makes a better story
than your laser tag.

Is that you talking or Yoko Ono?

She has a point.

It makes more sense
that I invest right here.

Based on her years of experience
in money laundering, I suppose.

Let me tell you something.

If you're committed enough,
you can make any story work.

I once convinced a woman
that I was Kevin Costner.

And it worked because I believed it.

It has nothing to do with the story.

Besides, this dump isn't gonna work
because it doesn't have a Danny.

There's no Danny here.

What in God's name is a Danny?

Danny runs the laser tag.

Danny is the guy who had a vision.

Where others saw a dirt lot,

he saw black lights, rubber aliens,

teenagers running around
with ray guns, right?

It was like Bugsy Siegel
in the desert.

And when the stock market took a shit
and Danny got into trouble,

he went searching for exactly the type
of situation that we're offering.

Danny will look the other way

to keep his dream afloat.

In other words, Danny
can be trusted completely.

That guy, the guy with the
eyebrows that won't quit...

is he a Danny?

You buy this place,

all you got is a big building
that squirts water.

You got no Danny here.

You want to stay for dinner?


What time is it?

Early still.


I thought maybe,

if you're holding,

we can do something.


You know, that blue stuff
you were talking about?

Maybe you had a line on some.



I thought you said
the kid is coming home.

Yeah, in a few hours.

And you seriously want to get high?

I don't know what you're
getting so pissed about.

You're the one who brought it up.

Yeah, that was before
I found out you got a kid.

What kind of mother are you?


What kind of mom gets wasted
with a little kid to take care of?

Nobody can say
I don't take care of my son.

You gonna come
in my house and judge me?

Like you got no responsibility,
so it's okay for you to get high.

What do you know about me?
I take care of my baby.

I'll do anything for him.

The day Brock was born, I swore...

I won't let what happened
to Tom?s happen to my son.

I'll die first.


Look, I'll get out
of here if you want.

That's what you want to do, then go.

It's not what I want.

I was out of line
talking about that stuff.

We both were.

You're right.

I don't know what
you've been through.

You can tell me if you want.

This whole neighborhood
is run by gangs.

They run the drugs,
control the streets.

And they sort of took Tom?s in.

No dad around.

8 years old,

they got Tom?s slinging.

Part of some crew.

Then, when he was 10...

for some initiation or something...

they made him kill somebody.

I heard the rumors.
I didn't believe it at first.

But I saw him a week later.

He told me, yeah, he did it.

They gave Tom?s a gun.

Gave him a choice.

Him or some dude.

So he did it.

Told me all about it
like it was nothing.

Who did he say he killed?

Some dealer...

from some outside crew.

Right around the corner from here,

over off the Central.

Just rode up on his bike
and shot him.

Off the Central?

Like, over by the train tracks?

When was this?

A few months back.

What else did he tell you?

He shot the guy
right through the neck.

Shot him dead.

Just because he was
working the wrong corner.

It won't happen again.

Not to my son.

Guess what.

People who say "Guess what"

and then actually
expect you to guess...

I hate those people.

Well, I just heard

about a certain patient
named Schrader-comma-Hank

who is going to be released
at the end of this week.

Isn't that fantastic?

Are they planning on rolling me
out the front door at least,

or they'll put me on a greased plank
and slide me out the window?

Listen, I don't care what any damned
insurance company thinks.

I'm not leaving here until I'm well.

Hank, this isn't about insurance.

I've talked to everybody,
and they all say

that you are healthy
enough to go home.

Oh, I'm healthy enough, huh? Yeah.

Hank, you get stronger every day.

You don't need to be in a hospital.

In this condition, yeah, I do.

You'll be just as comfortable
at home as you are here.

- You'll have all the same equipment...
- All the same equipment?

The equipment that you have here,
that you need.

Short term.

You'll do your PT at home,
and it will be great,

because you'll be home.

Wait till you see the bedroom.

I had them move the plasma in.

I know that's how
you always wanted it.

You only had to get shot
to get it, right?

I got you a new bed.

A hospital bed?

You put a hospital bed
in my bedroom?

You'll be home.

You get that out of my house.

You hear me, Marie?


I leave this hospital

when I walk out of here,
you understand?

And not before.

What's a Danny?

Danny is an accomplice,

someone who's in on the scheme,

who knows about laundering,

who's paid to look the other way.

Now, while I agree with you

that laser tag is a hard sell,

without a Danny,

the car wash isn't really an option.

He can't get you another Danny
to run the car wash?

Easier said than done,

if we're looking
for someone trustworthy.

What about me?

What about you?


I'll be the Danny.

No, Skyler.
That is not a good idea.

I'm perfectly capable
of managing a small business.

A legal business, not this.

Who else could we trust?

I'm in this.

And if I'm in it,
I'm going to do it right.

You are not in this.
You are not...

- We're married. How am I not in this?
- We are not married.

We're divorced.


I never actually got around to...

filing the papers.

Married couples can't be compelled
to testify against one another.

So there's that.



I'll be there.

What was that?

An invitation.

You're right on time.

Please, come in.

I hope you like paila marina.

It's a fancy name for fish stew.

It sounds like a clich?, but indeed,
it's like my mother used to make it.

Come on.

You can help me cook.

This is a Chilean dish

that I love,
but I never get to make it.

The kids won't eat it.

You know how that is.


Do you mind?

Would you slice the garlic?

Very thin.

Why did you invite me here?

We're working together.

Why not break bread together?

Now the garlic.

It always amazes me the way the senses
work in connection to memory.

I mean, this stew is simply
an amalgam of ingredients.

Taken separately, these ingredients
alone don't remind me of anything.

Not very much at all.

But, in this precise combination,

the smell of this meal, instantly...

it brings me back to my childhood.

How is that possible?

Basically, it all takes place
in the hippocampus.

Neural connections are formed.

The senses make the neurons express


that go right back to the same part
of the brain as before,

where memory is stored.

That's something called

relational memory.

Don't quote me on that.

I'm rusty on my biology.

That's very interesting.

I would like to help you,
if I could.

Help me how?

When I first started out,
I made a lot of mistakes.

More than I care to admit.

I wish I'd had someone to advise me.

Because this life of ours,

it can overwhelm.

You are a wealthy man now.

And one must learn to be rich.

To be poor, anyone can manage.

What advice do you have for me?

Never make the same mistake twice.

What's up?

You Tom?s?

Heard you were the man.

Yeah? What you want?


You think you could hook me up?

- 300.
- For a teenth?

Shit, come on, yo.


Hey, what's up?