Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 13 - Bones - full transcript

The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Colin Haynes, a struggling country music singer whose remains were found in a shallow grave. When the team learns about the victim's music ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
So, last year

the First Lady
handpicked this location

to kick off her Urban
Green Thumb program.

And now she's handpicked you
to investigate a death on the property.

No, no, no. She handpicked
the FBI and then...

they picked me.

So the First Lady
secondhand handpicked you.

Yeah, I guess so.

And I'll tell you what,
I will take that.

Looks like animals
unearthed the remains.

Oh, is that vomit?

I'll run a sample through

the LC-MS
back at the lab, but...

Okay, I'm gonna upwind.
You guys can have fun picking

through the vomit.

This looks to be the
pelvis and the femur bone

of a common ground squirrel.

Which means we're most likely
dealing with coyote vomit.

Or a whole pack of them,
judging from the amount.

First instar larvae of the aptly
named Calliphora vomitoria

mean these pieces of person
have been here about two days.

There appears to be
severe trauma to the rib cage.

No teeth marks, so this...
isn't from the coyotes.

I wonder what made them so sick.
Maybe drugs

- in the victim's system?
- Probably the wheat.

Rained a couple of days ago,
and when the grain gets wet,

it releases a toxin
known as vomitoxin.

Which, as the name implies--

We get it, Dr. Hodgins.

Based on the slightly receding

zygomatic, the victim
is Caucasian.

I can't tell much more until we
get the remains back to the lab.

Nobody saw anything.

There was no... security tapes,

no one reported anything-- ah,

I don't think this
is what the First Lady

had in mind, you know,

when she wanted everyone
to garden.

Maybe someone just didn't want
to spring for a funeral.

Wow. Okay. Put these little

things down, continue to
look through your vomit.

Bones, don't
bring those

into the vehicle-- whoa!
Can you just hold this for me?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

You don't want it?
No, no, no, no. I don't want that.

Hey, Angela, They should be back
with the remains

any minute.
Wendell, what happened to you?

Oh, a hockey game. I got checked.
What is it with men

that they're willing
to die for a ball?

It's a puck.
Yeah, I mean, it's still round.

You wear
your injury well, though.

Ah, so you like a rugged,
damaged man.

Well, yeah.
I know I shouldn't, but I do.

Does Brennan know about
your arm?

I'm fine.
'Cause if she didn't

think you were up to speed,
then you could...

I'm fine.

And rugged, remember?

Hey, can I sign your cast?


I can sell it for a lot
when you're famous.

There's blunt force trauma
to the rib cage.

The tibias and fibulas
are fractured.

The grave was shallow and short.
The assailant might've

broken the legs
so the victim would fit.

in a hurry.

Yeah, or not strong enough
to dig a grave big enough.

Between the vomit and the body,
we have most of the tissue.

So the coyotes vomited the guy
back onto himself.

We don't know that the victim
was male yet, Mr. Bray.

Are you sure you're up to this?

Aw, it's just
a little boo-boo, right?

Hey, Angie, nice mermaid.

Uh, the rim around
the auricular surface indicates

an age of late 20s, early 30s.

And the heart-shaped
pelvic inlet suggests gender

I don't think

we need bones to let us know
that the victim was a male.

We have no other way,

Dr. Saroyan.
I think we do.

That mangled piece

of meat is his...?

Breaking my arm seems
like nothing now.



♪ Bones 9x13 ♪
Big in the Philippines
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♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

The rib cage
is completely crushed.

The lungs have been
reduced to...

a kind
of organ pudding.

I don't believe this.

No, it's true. I recovered
a portion of them

as I was scooping vomit out
of the victim's eye socket.

Bones, do you remember
that conversation we had

about people trying to eat?


Of course.

Well, I'm a little disappointed

because what will be
our lunch conversation?

I got it.

You like bones; you love
broken bones, right? Okay, so...

check out this video I shot of
me and Wendell playing hockey.



Can I see that again?

Yeah, sure, take it.
Look, huh?

That's the exact moment
where Wendell broke his arm.

That's not right.

No, his was a compound fracture.

It's a hockey play.
It happens all the time.

It's a fair hit.

Can you send that video to me?

Yeah, sure.
That's a good piece

I shot, right?
It's very cinematic.


This is better

I ran the victim's DNA
through CODIS and came up empty.

How are things on your end?
Nothing in Missing Persons

so I'm running
my facial reconstruction

through the national
DMV database.

Ah, and apparently,
he did not drive.

Hey, so I found this bloody
napkin in the victim's pants.

There's a logo printed

on the napkin beneath
all the blood. Angie, I thought

you might have a way to separate
the logo from the blood.

Yeah, I-I do, actually.

I'll snap a photo using
an 87 filter, and...

that should black out
any visible light.

The blood on the napkin
should radiate at one wavelength

while the logo should radiate
at another.


Track it to the restaurant
he ate at before he died.

- Very smart.
- Okay.

A little infrared.

Lebemi's Bar.
I know that place.

Yeah, it's in Langley Park.

Same neighborhood

where the body was found.

Yeah. Yeah,
this could be Colin.

Colin who?

Colin Haynes.

He a singer?
Cowboy stuff.

Real authentic type.

Colin in trouble?
Oh, Colin's

past trouble-- he's dead.

Oh, man.

What happened?
Colin have a band?

Or a manager?
Anything like that?

No, it was j-just him
and his guitar.

I'm pretty sure
he manages himself, too.

Did he ever have any problems
with anybody in the audience?

Any enemies?

No. Uh... mostly played
to his regulars.

Uh, music nuts.
Uh, they loved him.

All 20 of 'em.

Did he make a living at it?


No, no.

He was always broke.

He supported
his music habit

by mowing lawns or
working construction.

Lived in the Tea Tree Apartments
over on Naylor.

Any family?

Just his audience,
far as I know.

Man, that's just sad.

The guy never once in his life
caught a break.

A musician, huh?
Booth says he wrote country songs.

Colin Haynes.
Never heard of him.

The right fibula
is riddled with cloacae.


Based on the amount of sequestra
on the bone,

he suffered from this infection
for quite some time.

"Suffered" is right. He must
have been in a lot of pain.

How does your arm feel?

Eh, it itches.
Have you

broken bones before?
No. I must be getting old.

Frankly, I didn't think
I hit the ice that hard.

Neither did I.

Oh, Booth showed you
the video he took?

Isn't it awesome?

Did your doctor
say anything

about it while he or she
was setting the bone?

Yeah. He said, "You might feel
a little bit of pressure."

Apparently, pressure feels
like a knife in the arm.

Why didn't this guy get
treatment for his osteomyelitis?

I don't think
he made much money.

Even when he drank too much,
which he did, Colin was polite.

"Courtly". I get
Word of the Day on my phone.

Was he trustworthy?
He paid his rent on time,

if that's what you mean.
How long

did he live here?
I don't know exactly.

Around ten years.

I've only been the super for...
just over a year.

Did you hear or see
anything suspicious

around Colin's apartment
Saturday night?

Nah, Colin was a pretty quiet
guy, except for his music.

Kept to himself.

Pull the door tight
behind you when you leave.

Looks like this guy
was having a hard time.


Old guitar is the
nicest thing he owns.


Lot of old stuff in here.

Hmm. Check
this out, huh?

Johnny Cash.

Waylon Jennings.

Billy Joe Shaver.

Never heard of that last one.
It's old-school.Hard-core country.

How do you know?

What do you mean how do
I know? I was in the Army.

Okay? I have... I have
a grandfather.

I was basically raised
in the Grand Ole...


"She shouldn't do
the things she does,

"She deserves better than dirty
glasses and soggy bills,

She deserves better."
Hmm. Look at this.

A check torn up
for $1,000.

I couldn't see him
throwing out ten bucks.

"BoarHog Record
and Publishing."

Got an address
and everything.

Thank you very much.

These are Mr. Bray's

When did he give you the
authorization to look at them?

He didn't.

This is unethical,
Dr. Brennan.

Mr. Bray is my charge.

I have a responsibility to make
sure that he gets the best care.

That is his decision
to make.

His machismo caused him
to get injured

and will certainly prevent him
from asking for help.

He thinks he just broke his arm.

Which is what the X-rays show.

To someone not as
brilliant as myself,

which is why I can't fault the
emergency room doctor. Or you.


The impact Mr. Bray sustained
playing hockey shouldn't have

caused a compound fracture
to his radius. Look.

You see the microscopic spots

just above
the fracture?

Those are permeative lytic

Oh, my God.

And that?
Lamellated periosteal

reactions to the lesions.

Mr. Bray has Ewing's sarcoma.

It's very rare.

Bone cancer.

Bone cancer.

Colin had talent.

I thought he was
gonna be big--

this generation's Merle Haggard
or Blake Shelton.

So his music was good?
Yeah, but no one bought it.

Only sold 203 units,
which, you know, is a shame

'cause the kid deserved better.

So you dropped him.
Tough business.

Hey, look, I almost went broke
promoting the kid.

But sometimes talent
isn't enough.

I mean, nowadays
you've got to...

stick your tongue out
or point a foam finger at your

hoo-ha to get someone to even notice.
Is that why

BoarHog's been struggling?
Brutal, baby,

being an independent
label now.

But I make do.
And I got a good ear.

I will turn it around.
So, even struggling,

you cut Colin a check for $1,000.

Like I said, I liked him.

You know, and he had
that bum leg and all,

so I checked in on him
now and then.

If all that's true, why did
Colin tear up your check?

He tore up the check?


I guess the poor kid was
more troubled than I thought.

All right, you know,

I've been reading about you
and your label, Harriet.

Not too many of your artists
spoke kindly about you.


People get bitter
if they don't become stars.

You know, when I started,
it was about the music.

Just the music.

You're saying
you've been misunderstood.

Yeah, but I got
a thick skin.

So, boys, anything else?

I got to go hear
a 17-year-old kid play.

He's gonna be
the next Bruno Mars.

I will be back.

You'll see.

Great. Okay. You know what?

I'm sure we'll talk again.
Well, I hope so.

You are cute, baby.


Okay, I've input the CD

from Colin's place and the one
from BoarHog Records.

So now what?
Now I need you

to help create a psych profile
of Colin through his music.

If we can examine the issues
and emotions in his songs,

we can get an indication
of the kinds

of situations
he got himself involved in.

Well, lyrics can help,
but melody can often

convey more emotion
than words can.

I can analyze tempo
and rhythm and beat.


Okay, this is the CD
that Harriet's label released.

♪ I won't forget
the day I found ♪

♪ My first place
on the edge of town ♪

♪ A few milk crates,
a beat-up couch and an old TV ♪

♪ A little run-down

♪ A little bit small...

The tracks have titles
like "Tomorrowland,"

"When the Sun Rises"-- clearly,
Colin was focused on the future.

Yeah, I mean,
he just got signed.

He really was good.

I mean, I usually
hate country, but...

this is pretty great.

♪ Three best friends
and a radio ♪

♪ That was all we'd need

♪ We put a thousand miles
on an old red jeep ♪

♪ Just to watch the sun rise

♪ On the beach...
Okay, now...

I have sampled
portions of all the tracks.

94% of the songs
contain a fast tempo,

and 87% held a smooth,
consistent rhythm.

Well, both are associated
with happiness and optimism.

Okay, now,
this is the second CD.

♪ ...that set of keys was
a pair of wings ♪

♪ Daddy, pretty please,
can I take a ride tonight? ♪

♪ I swear I won't
get her over 55 ♪

♪ With "Back in Black"

♪ Racing through my veins,
last thing I thought... ♪

It's more struggle.
It's less optimistic.

♪ ...gonna get me killed

♪ I'm pretty sure
my old man will ♪

♪ And seeing his face
when the wrecker ♪

♪ Hauled my freedom away

♪ That's how I learned
to pray... ♪

He's playing
around in minor chords.

D minor in 40% of the songs.

My dad always said that was
the saddest key of them all.

Well, yeah, he was conflicted.

He was struggling
to salvage his career.

And it looks like
from the titles,

there's no love songs.

Don't you think that's
kind of weird for a guy

that's in his 20s?
Yeah. And the lyrics

are lamenting his past-- there's
nothing about his future.

And then there's this.

All right, so these are lyrics

that we found
on the typewriter.

They're very personal,

and they're more hopeful.

Looks like a love song.

You didn't find a
recording over there?

Maybe he didn't make one.

Hey, look at the paper, Sweets.



Yeah, there are strike marks
and pencil marks

from another piece of paper.

Other lyrics maybe?

He must have been writing
a bunch of new songs.

You should go back and look
through his place again.

Hemorrhagic staining confirms
the trauma to the rib cage

as the cause of death.
Very good, Mr. Bray.

It was actually pretty obvious
now that the bones are clean.

Which you also did well.

Do you feel any...

swelling around your fracture?

I'm fine.
Or heat?

Really, I'm fine. You really
have become a good mom.

Here you go. Bone bits.

Probably what your arm
looks like now.

His fracture looks

nothing like that, Dr. Hodgins.
No, yeah,

I know. I was just making
a little joke, Dr. B.

A joke implies humor, which was
missing from your comment.

It's okay, Dr. Brennan.
It's just

a busted arm.

If there's nothing else,

Dr. Hodgins.

No. No.

I'd better... get back to work.

There appear to be
jagged fracture lines

on the anterior surface of
the third sternal rib, as well

as the fourth
and the fifth.

The anterior aspect?

That suggests the ribs
were broken outward.

The killer used some kind
of tool to get under the ribs

and pull something out
of the chest cavity.

Are you suggesting the
killer tore open the ribs

in order to remove
the victim's heart?

Please see
if you can confirm this.

I have to go meet Booth.

Ewing's sarcoma.
It's a form of bone cancer.


It's a very
rare strain.

I usually can maintain some
kind of professional reserve,

a... distance, but I
was so awkward with him.

Because you care.

This is horrible.

And you're sure,

Of course.


He's gonna be fine, right?

Ewing's sarcoma has
a very high mortality rate.

Without aggressive treatment,
it could spread

to the rest of
his body in months.

I have to tell him, Booth.

He needs to see a specialist.

Yeah, yeah. For sure. I...

Oh, my God...

What should
I say to him?

Just be honest. Just tell him.

I mean, he's strong.
He can take it.

You can tell him
what to do next.

Well, that's up to him.

No one else knows, right?

For now, just us...

and Cam.

He's gonna beat this.
He's gonna be fine.

Thanks. This shouldn't take long.
Take your time.

I like having guys in suits
in my building.

Kind of classes the place up
a bit.

Cassette tapes.

Who uses cassettes anymore?

Oh, he used that crappy thing
to record himself

- at the bar.
- Oh. What do you got?



You taking that?

Anything that helps out
in the investigation.

You have a problem with that?

I have the songs running around
in my head.

He'd play all the time.
These walls are thin.

You didn't like Colin?

His stuff was pretty
good, I guess, but...

only a loser uses
a cassette player, right?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stay with her

in case he's not alone.


Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Shoot please!

Don't want to live anymore!

Shoot me!

Let's go. Do you want to tell me
what you were doing

in Colin Haynes' apartment?

I just wanted
a piece of him.

Okay, a piece of him-- this is
getting creepier by the minute.

For the museum. Nothing big.
A T-shirt, a hat.

What museum?
The Colin Haynes Museum in Davao.

In the Philippines?
Wait a second. Why did Colin Haynes

have a museum in
the Philippines?

Because he is a great genius.

How can you not know that?

Nobody knows
who he is.

He live in poverty.
You saw his place.

He had his reasons.

Colin Haynes is genius.

Look, how did you even hear
about Colin Haynes

in the Philippines?
His music is everywhere.

He is played on the radio.

But until last week,
nobody knew where to find him.

Most people thought
he was long dead.

Well, he's short dead,
as it turned out.

What happened a week ago?
A video appeared online.

It is my mission
to keep him alive.

You must believe.
Right, well, what I believe

is we got you on breaking,
entering and burglary, all right?

And in exchange, you know what?
You get a free bed and meals.

Welcome to America.
Come on.

This is Colin.

♪ I won't forget
the day I found ♪

♪ My first place
on the edge of town ♪

♪ A few milk crates,
a beat-up couch ♪

♪ And an old TV
What language is this Web site?

Tagalog, which is why

it didn't pop up in my
earlier Internet search.

And what is that?
That's that video

that the fan saw last week that
proved Colin was still alive.

Can I help you with something?

You're Colin Haynes.

Yeah, I am.

Unless you're a creditor.

No, sir. Just a big fan.

Wow, this is amazing.

A fan?

Where-where'd you hear me play?

Duke's? Lebemi's?

The radio.

No. I never got much radio play.

It's been all over
Filipino radio for years.

My music's being played
in the Philippines?

Huh. Seems like Colin
had no idea

how popular he was over there.

Whoever uploaded
this video

also geo-tagged it, giving away
the exact location

of where this
interaction took place.

Which would explain
how that

other crazy fan knew where
to find Colin.

Yeah, or anyone else who
wanted to murder him.


Whoa, Booth,
you didn't tell me

that Dr. Brennan would be
joining us-- that's a first.

Booth didn't want
to worry you.


Is this about my arm? 'Cause
I can work just as hard as ever.

It is about your arm.

Mr. Bray...



I looked at your X-rays.

Perhaps I should... show him.

I think you should just tell him
and then he can decide

whether or not he wants to look
at them later, okay?

Tell me what?

I find I'm more emotional...

than I anticipated
on the subject.

Bones looked

at your X-rays.

Yeah, I-I got that part.

She thinks that you might have
cancer in your bone.

I suspect Ewing's sarcoma.

Ewing's sarcoma?

Of course,
you'll need a more

detailed diagnosis
from an oncologist.

Bones got a... a top guy
for you to go see,

all right?
He's the best

- in his field.

Ewing's sarcoma--
that's one of the...

bad ones.

There's, uh...

less than a ten percent chance
of long-term survival.

That's correct.

Okay, look,
make the appointment

to go see the expert,
okay, Wendell?

That's the first step.

Thank you.

You want to get some lunch?

No, I'm good. Thanks.

I just need a little, uh, time.

We understand.

I checked the manifest
against his boarding pass,

and Adrian's alibi
holds up.

His flight from Manila

didn't get to DC
until Sunday morning.

And since Colin was killed
Saturday night,

it means Adrian
isn't our guy, right?

Back to square one.

Actually, no.

The woman in the video
said that Colin's music

was all over the radio
in the Philippines.


And didn't Adrian say that you
could get his album over there?

Yeah, but from the way
he was living,

he wasn't getting royalties.

Unless that check
from BoarHog Records...

A thousand bucks for both
publishing and performance?

Harriet wasn't giving him
nearly what he was due.

I can account
for a lot of cardiac muscle--

not all of it, but...
So the killer never took the heart?

No. The coyotes
did that after death.

What is going on here?
Oh, it's the victim's shirt.

I'm trying to find the hole
that was created

by the murder weapon--
no luck yet.

But what I did find was...

traces of egg,

rodent, squirrel,
lemon juice

and sugars, esters and ketones
consistent with liquor.

Lemon juice, liquor and eggs.

Some kind of drink?

See if you
can find out

the liquor and match
the ingredients to a cocktail.


So, you're familiar with ASCAP?

Yeah. Why?

So, they track radio play

and publishing, correct?
That's right.

Well, ASCAP says that

the publishing arm
of BoarHog receive

over $100,000

in foreign royalties
for Colin's music.

I'd have to check
with my accountants about that,

but let's...

No, this... this
doesn't look right to me.

Like I said, Colin only sold
a couple of hundred units.

Not counting the Philippines,
right, Harriet?

The Philippines?
You know what, Harriet?

You do the whole innocent
thing really well.

You see, the bigger issue is,
the songs that Colin wrote,

they were registered
under your name.

Well, that's not unheard of
in the music business.

Of all the money
that Colin made

for you, you cut him a check
for a thousand dollars.

No, that was charity.

I did that out
of the goodness of my heart,

to help fix his bad leg.
in 1994, you hired two bouncers

to break the fingers
of a musician

who decided to,
uh, switch labels.

The '90s were tough

in the music business.

I did my time.

Hey, I am a grandma now.

Right. I think you did
the same thing to Colin Haynes

when he came around looking
for his money that you stole.

I'm, uh, seeing
Dr. Sidikaro this afternoon.

Thanks for making
that happen.

If you'd like to leave now...
Actually, I don't really know

what I'd like, so I
may as well stay here

until my appointment.

Uh, ribs two
through five

show fracturing consistent
with the outward trauma.

But the heavy

of the bone on the posterior
aspect indicates

inward trauma.

I assume you've done research
on your condition.

Yes, uh, four cycles
of alternating chemo

every two weeks to start.

The combination of both
inward and outward trauma

suggests a fulcrum.
So one end of the murder weapon

pushed the lower ribs
into the body

while the other end
forced the upper ribs out.

Probably radiation as well.

I know.

It appears a shovel
was dug into the rib cage,

possibly while the grave
was being dug.

The incision on the third rib
is too narrow for a shovel.

It's more consistent
with the blade of a knife.

The splintering

that the blade was being
moved around in the bone.

Excellent observation, Mr. Bray.

We were becoming a good team,
weren't we?

We are.

We are a good team, Mr. Bray.

Actually, I, uh...

I will leave now so that
I'm not late for my appointment.

The evidence Mr. Bray
discovered suggests

that Colin was stabbed
in the heart.

The blade became stuck
in the third rib.

When the killer
tried to pull it out,

the blade must have broken off.

Oh, so the killer knocked Colin out
with the shovel

so he wouldn't struggle,

and then used
to dig into his rib cage

and retrieve the blade.

I want you all to know that

Mr. Bray's work
was invaluable.


A broken arm is nothing.

Wendell. Hey.

Hey. This a bad time?

No. No, no. Come on in,
come on in. Hey.

Can I get you anything? I mean,
not that I have anything.

I'll tell you what,
we can go raid the kitchen

for some stale donuts.
Nah, I'm fine, Booth.

I don't need anything.


I just came
from the doctor.

Well, not, uh, just.

I've been walking around
for a while...

Right, I get it.

Then I headed back to work,
and I thought, uh...

...what am I doing?

Well, what did the doctor say?

Well, there's chemo.

You know, I knew that.

Then there's, uh, surgery

to remove the radius, replace it
with an artificial one,

if they... uh,

don't have to amputate.

Then there's,

uh, radiation,

and another...
13 cycles of chemo.

Even then
there's no guarantees.

Well, look, there's
never any guarantees, right?

So... so, when do you start?

He wants me to start on Tuesday.

Tuesday. Okay.

I'm wondering if it's worth it.


The mortality rate
is still high.

I could...
I could just ride it out.

M-Maybe it's my time.
No, no,

it's not your time, it's...
not even close to your time.

No, I saw my dad

go through it.

Sick from the chemo
until the end,

and he missed out on living.

I'm okay with it.

I could just... take off.

I've always wanted
to see South America,

the Galapagos, you know,
the Adriatic.

I'd just kick back, drink, sleep
with as many women as I can.

No, no, you're not
gonna do that, okay?

You're gonna get the treatment,
you're gonna throw up,

and you're gonna feel miserable,
but none of that's gonna matter

because you're gonna live
to be a hundred.

You should be my doctor.
Come on, I'm serious.

You can fight this.

You have to fight this.

Why? Because there's a life out there

that you haven't even lived yet.

There's a woman waiting
to be your wife.

Okay, a-and there's kids
waiting to be born,

waiting to find out how great
of a dad you're gonna be.

Plus, you have
your friends, okay?

Your friends, they need you.

That's why.

Don't worry about that.

Get it. You're working.
We'll talk later, man.

Just hold on.

Don't-don't move.


Hey, Booth?

Hey, listen, Sweets, can this wait?
You-you work.

I'm going. We'll talk later, man.
No, no, no.

Just hold...

You okay?


What is it, Sweets?

So, these are all
the lyrics I've found.

Some were in the trash,

some were hidden in a box
in the closet.

Lack of confidence, maybe?

All he wrote before
were anthems.

These are all love songs.

Okay, why would he
be embarrassed

about something like that?
'Cause I believe

for the first time in his life,
Colin was in love.

And he-he was nervous
about declaring that.

The songs don't
mention a name?

Like "My Sharona" or
something like that?

No. But Kara,

the landlady, said that a lot
of girls came through here--

one-night stands-- until
a few months ago; then nobody.

So what you're is that being
in love got him killed.

Wouldn't be the first time.


Would you give up?


While I accept its limitations,

I have great faith
in medical science.

Wendell's just talking
about taking off,

traveling, sleeping around.

It sounds quite nice.

But I'd need my work.

That's what will
live on when I'm gone.

And my family, of course.

It's not fair.

Wendell's a good kid.

I thought your belief in God
gave you the sense

that the universe had
some kind of loving plan.

Well, God tests us
to see what we're made of,

so we can appreciate
what we have.

Well, I can appreciate
the universe...

without cancer.

I'm gonna have to call in
another intern

if he doesn't
show up tomorrow.



at a Peruvian restaurant

said that she saw Colin Saturday night--
he was with a woman

matching the description
of his super.


Great. Yeah, yeah.
Okay, got it.

So Kara threw a drink
in his face

and told him to drop dead.

The same drink Hodgins
found on his clothes.

Kara said that she didn't see
Colin the night that he died.

Well, if I was the killer,
I would say the same thing.

This room looks like the

place they bring people
they think are guilty.

Right. Why didn't you say that you
were on a date with Colin Haynes

on the night that
he, uh, was murdered?

I go on lots of dates.

You threw a drink in his face.

How often does that happen?

It happens.
It does with you,

'cause you have a past.

Assault with a deadly weapon.

My ex-boyfriend attacked me
with a baseball bat.

I tried to get away in my car,
and ran over his foot.

Now you see why I
don't talk to cops.

Did Colin Haynes attack you
with a baseball bat?

Look, unlike my ex,

Colin seemed like
a very sweet guy.

I lived next-door to him
for a year

before he built up
the courage to ask me out.

Was this your first date?

Yeah, which I thought

was going really well, too,

until a couple drinks in
he starts bragging

about how he's a big star.

So what, that made you mad
because he told you

he was a big star?
The lie made me mad. I-I got excited,

because I finally
found a decent guy...

and then he started
trying to impress me,

like every other guy who
wants to get into my pants.

So you threw the Pisco Sour
in his face.

I told him to stop.

But then he starts in on how
he has two tickets to paradise,

and he's headlining a festival
and he wants me to go with him.

So I say, "Where's the tickets?"

And he says, "The overnight
delivery guy lost 'em."

Come on.

I overreacted...

and I tossed the drink.

Then what happened?
I told him to drop dead...

and that's the last time
I saw him.

I swear.

Morning, Dr. Brennan.

Good morning,
Mr. Bray. Wh...

Why aren't you
in your lab coat?

I, uh, just... came by
to say that I'm going.

Going where?
I don't know yet.

All I know is that I may not
have a lot of time left, and...

I've got to spend it wisely.

Did you see the oncologist?
Yes, yes. You were right--

even with aggressive treatment,
I-I don't like my odds.

I don't like your
odds, either.

I don't like them one bit.

I should see the world
while I can.

Booth disagrees.

I know.

The world is
a wonderful place to see.

So I've heard.

Look, wh-what is that?


Three parallel abrasions.

You should
have seen that.

I am clearly too much
of a distraction.

These appear
to be inconsistent

with the damage
caused by both the...

shovel and the blade.

Excellent work
yet again, Mr. Bray.


You should call one of the other
interns to help you.

The victim didn't lie
about the plane tickets

to the Philippines?
According to the tracking system,

an envelope from the Philippines
was delivered to the super

at his building
the day before his murder.

Colin told

Kara O'Malley that
the tickets were lost.

That's why she poured
the Pisco Sour all over him.

She is the superintendent
of his building.

Oh, my God.
So she did kill him.

I don't think so.

I called up
the overnight delivery guy,

told him I work for the FBI--
white lie-- asked him

to describe the person
who signed for the tickets.

The bartender.

he answered her door
in his boxers.

Yeah, me and Kara
have a thing.

On again, off again,
you know.

Yeah, I know.
So what?

The shovel's clean, Booth.

'Cause it's brand-new, which means
he knew it was the murder weapon.

This is all crap;
you're fishing.

Fishing takes patience.
Okay, let me ask you a question:

Why'd you steal the plane tickets?
Plane tickets?

I don't know what you're talking about.

The overnight delivery guy
already I.D.'d you

as the guy who signed
for those tickets.

Well, he made a mistake.

- Done.
- No, no.

You're not done.

You're not done
until I tell you we're done.

You didn't
want Colin going

to the Philippines with Kara--
that's why you stole

those tickets.
You thought she was your girl.

Huh? Didn't you?
Stealing some tickets.

That's not murder, though, is it?

His watch-- the stems

on the side, that's
what scratched the bone

- and created the parallel lines we found.
- Come on,

give it up.
It's a gift from my grandfather.

You're not going
anywhere near it.

Search warrant says
different, all right?

Take it off, or I'll
rip it off your wrist.

Well, blood in the beveling.

You took that man's life!
Just when he had

everything to live for!

What? I'm supposed
to just give up my girl

because Haynes writes her
some stupid song?

No, you're supposed
to give her up because

she deserves someone better
than you. Let's go.

Colin was a big star?


In the Philippines?

Yeah. He only just
found out about it.

It's probably what
gave him the courage

to ask you on a date.

If he was such
a big star,

he could have asked
anybody out.

That's right.

So he was telling me the truth,

and I threw a drink
in his face.

I feel bad.

At the time he was murdered,

he was writing a song for you.

Why couldn't I just trust...

...that he was as good
as he seemed to be, huh?

These are all of his songs.

The last one's
about you.

Are you telling me this
to make me cry?

'Cause I-I don't cry.

I don't do that.

No, I'm telling you this because
somebody has to mourn him.

You know, someone who's
more than just a fan.

Someone that'll miss him.


♪ You can starve me
for affection ♪

♪ Till my soul's
just skin and bone ♪

♪ And make the words
"I'm sorry" ♪

♪ Feel the same
as throwing stones ♪

♪ In a room full of you

♪ I might be
standing all alone ♪

♪ But love

♪ Don't die easy

♪ I will stand in the thunder

♪ And shiver in the rain

♪ While I'm tied to the mast

♪ Of a leaky boat
in a hurricane ♪

♪ But I will find my way
back to you ♪

♪ Even if it's all in vain

♪ Love

♪ Don't die easy

♪ It won't be denied

♪ It just does what it does

♪ And there ain't no way
to kill it ♪

♪ When it's coursing
through your blood ♪

♪ Shoot an arrow
through the heart... ♪

This isn't really
good to dance to.

Well, when a song
isn't good for dancing,

you know, the solution
is just to dance slower.

That doesn't sound true.
Yeah, right, well,

sometimes you just have to dance
to the music that's given to you, hmm?

Trust me
on this one, all right?

Ah, you get a reprieve, okay?

But it's temporary.

Mr. Bray.

Come in.

I was, uh... I'm sorry
to come to your house.

No, no, come on in.

Do you want a
beer or anything?

No. No, no, no.
I was, um...

I was leaving,
and I came here

to say good-bye, but, uh...

...I decided to fight.

I'm not going down.

Maybe I want to be remembered
in the right way.

By the people
that I care about.

Maybe I want to be remembered
as someone who fought back.

- That's good. That's really good.
- Now, will you

stay and have a drink with us?
No, no.

I might need that sort of thing
later-- I don't want to...

use up my share.
Right, right.

We will help you

in any way that we can.


Good night.

Drive safe.



So... what do you want to do,
do you want to call it a night?

I don't know what I want.

Sometimes you just have to dance
to the music that's playing.

♪ And there ain't no way
to kill it ♪

♪ When it's coursing
through your blood... ♪

Really, really slowly.

♪ The heart keeps on beating

♪ Love

♪ Don't die easy...