Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 11 - Bones - full transcript

The team works to find out why a promising young gymnast was murdered, while Cam confronts an identity thief.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(thunder crashes)

Your finger is
blocking the lens.

I know how to take
a picture, Bonnie.

Yeah, of your finger.

We found a dead body, Norman.

We have to document it
for the authorities.

Unless you don't feel
like a real American.

(scoffs) We've gone from bad

to terrorist now, Bonnie?

If the shoe fits...

(shutter clicks)

Okay, now let's get
a few selfies

so the kids will believe us.


We have to cover the body.

Forensic Files says
an undisturbed crime scene

is crucial to
solving the crime.


(both gasp)

(both screaming)

You know what?
You shouldn't be here, not now.

This woman stole
my identity, Seeley.

She was my friend. She ruined
my good name, she betrayed me.

I don't know when I'll be able

to get credit again.

And you wouldn't
even have arrested her

if it wasn't for
what Angela did.

Okay, I got it, okay?
But listen to me.

I take her into
Interrogation alone.

I know. I just want
to look her in the eye,

make sure it's real.

Right. From afar.

I'm sorry, Cam.

I didn't think.
I'm really...

Oh! Okay, back up!
Get her in the room, okay?

I'm good. I'm good.
Thank you for that.

Didn't I tell you "from afar"?

(phone rings)
Just wait. Booth.

Yeah. Okay, where?

Lake Anna.
Great, got it.

Okay, we have a body. Let's go.

What about her?

You really think I care

if she sits in there
for a while?

I don't. Do you?
Let's go. Come on.

(siren wails briefly)

(indistinct radio transmission)

Oh! I'm stepping over her leg,
and what is that smell? Ooh!

Charred tissue

and bone.

It's uniquely amaroidal.

It's actually quite noxious.

Wow. It's nasty if you ask me.
And it looks

like he exploded
all over the place.

Well, pelvic inlet shows
that the victim is a female.

And essentially,
she did explode.

This will be the first
recorded case

of remains being
struck by lightning.

I find myself quite
giddy at the prospect

of discovering how
it destroyed the remains.

Really? Giddy? Great, okay.

It is more acrid
than one would normally find

from a burnt corpse.

'Cause of these babies:

stinkbugs native
to wild rye grass.

Smells like cilantro.
Smell that.

Holding my, okay, bug boy?

Do you have anything
useful here?

Excuse me for enjoying my work.

Based on blowfly larvae,

the body's been here
for about three days.

"Three days." Why can't you
just lead with that?

You know what?
I'm gonna go

talk to the uniform cops
over here.

Did you see the person
who stole your identity?


And I struck her.

Oh, you have no idea.

Judging from the size
and development of this torso,

the victim was pre-pubescent,
maybe ten years old.

I disagree.
Note the slight eruption

of the victim's third molars.

The roots are still in
the process of completion.

Also, there's very
little attrition.

So you're saying
she was a teenager?

I'd posit 16 or 17 years of age.

Definitely a body dump.

There's tire tracks
and drag marks.

Why was development so stunted?

And why does she have evidence
of so many fractures?

I'm sorry. Wouldn't that happen
when she exploded?

That wouldn't account for this.

Give me your pen, Booth.

Oh, here.

How'd that happen?

The victim has
a surgical plate in her scapula.

The lightning magnetized it.

How cool is that?

(Brennan laughs)

No, that's okay.

You keep the pen.

It's got person on it now.

I'm sorry.
I'll wipe it off.

No, it's okay.
I'll just go get another pen.

VAZIRI: What are the chances of
lightning hitting a corpse?

Don't ask that question
in front of Dr. Brennan.

She'll force you
to find the answer.

Look what was snagged
on the C-4.


a locket.

May I?


Here we go.

Mom and dad?

With the skull
in such bad shape,

Angela may be able to use
the parents to get

an approximation
of what our victim looked like.

I'm seeing remodeling here.

And an avulsion fracture
of the olecranon process of the ulna.

That suggests repeatedly contractions
of the triceps tendon.

Stress fractures
to the lumbar vertebrae

indicating spondylolysis.

The epiphyses
of her wrists are fused.

That's why she's so short.

Fracturing to the growth plate
can cause early fusion.

The lunate's blood supply

must have been interrupted,
so the bone deteriorated.

That explains
the need for implants.

This looks like systematic
physical abuse.

And there's a fracture
on the fibula

that hasn't fully
remodeled yet.

It's not older than seven weeks.

So she was being beaten

Take a hard look
at mom and dad in that locket.

One or both of them
may be our murderer.

The body was placed carefully,
with respect.

See the arm placement
and the gs?

She wasn't just dumped
there and abandoned.

So the killer took some time?

If it was the killer.

I mean, if the scenario involves
abuse by one parent

resulting in the girl's death.

So the other one got rid
of the body? Oh, God.

I have to consider
every possibility.

Now, see that cloth?

It appears it was used
to cover the victim's face,

which is another sign that
the killer knew the victim.

You know, looking at her
was too painful.

Murdered by someone
who loves you.

I'll never understand it.

Yeah, neither will I.

Lichtenberg figures.

SAROYAN: Yeah, that's what happens when
lightning hits a human being.

Even when the person
is already dead?

I can't imagine
that it happens very often.

You should publish
on this subject

in the forensic journals,
make a name for yourself.

Make a name for myself?

You mean like the one
that was stolen?

They caught her. It's over.
You can let it go now.

Let it go?
I am nowhere near letting it go.

You know what Caroline told me?

To let it go?

No. She said that if I can show
that Haley stole my identity

out of personal malice,

then it becomes
aggravated identity theft

and it can add up to three
more years to her sentence.

Are you gonna do that?

I am plenty aggravated.


You won.

All evidence shows
that the first step

in healing is forgiveness.

I'm more of a
wrath-and-vengeance type.

I'll take the clothing remnants

to Hodgins if you're done.

If you think about it,

identity theft is like another
kind of murder.


(computer trilling)

Hey, Angie. So, I found this
in the victim's clothing,

and with it being blank
and everything,

I thought maybe you
could access the data.

Figure out what it's for.

Yeah, no problem.

The lightning must have
demagnetized the card.


Okay, uh, 16-year-old
Amanda Watters.

Her father, Leon,

a professor
at Buchanan University,

reported her missing
three days ago.

What about mom?

Well, Sweets says that
she might be in on it.

They look nice,
these people, you know?

They look perfectly normal
and nice.

Dr. Watters?

Dr. Watters?

Just, I need
one moment, please.

What's he doing?

It appears
to be vector calculus

and something about motion,

but I don't recognize
the context.

I just told him
that his daughter is dead,

and he's scribbling
on the chalkboard. Dr. Watters,

do you understand
what I just told you?

Your daughter is dead.

Are you sure it's Amanda?

We're certain, yes.

Would you like
to finish this first?


Yes. Thank you.

Just this one part.

No, no, no.
Excuse me, Dr. Watters,

we need to talk to you
about your daughter now, please.

There. Thank you.

We'll need to speak
with your wife as well.

That's impossible.


My wife is dead.

Well, that's an
awful coincidence.

The concept of coincidence
is erroneous.

It's possible to define
a formulation

of patterned interaction between
all things within the universe.

I'm sorry. Is that some kind
of a confession?

No, just a fact.

My wife died of breast cancer
a year ago.

Can you explain why

your daughter showed signs
of abuse?

Amanda was a gymnast,
nationally ranked.

Gymnastics could definitely
explain the damage to her bones.

Did your daughter have any
troubles in school?

Amanda didn't go to school.

She was getting her GED

from an online school
aimed toward prodigies

and child professionals.

You are
a very narrow-minded man,

aren't you?
I'm sorry?

You have an extremely limited
view of the universe.

(sighs) Agent Booth is merely

applying years
of statistical probabilities

to the death of your daughter.
It's a very rational approach.

How's this for rational?

Okay, when did you
last see your...



Three days ago at breakfast.

Which is why I reported
her missing.

Are we done?

Why? You don't have any
more math you'd like to do?

No, I don't.

Look, that guy is nuts.

He's nuts.

He's a physicist, Booth.

One of the best in the country.

Those equations he had
on the board?

I have to admit I couldn't
follow much of it.

Yeah, well, his reactions
are psycho... okay, Bones?

His daughter died and all
he wants to do is math.

What do I do when I'm upset?

You bury yourself in your work.

If I lost Christine and you
within a year of each other?

The only way I would survive
is to do my work.

I'm not even positive
that would be successful.

You're saying you think
he couldn't kill anyone

because he's a massive egghead?

People deal with stress
in different ways.

You taught me that.

You were too hard on him.

The antemortem injuries
can be explainable

as occupational markers.

Gymnastics takes
its toll on the body.

I'm just saying,
you can't be sure

that the professor didn't
also abuse Amanda.

I'm stating an opinion,
not a fact.

Coming from your gut, which
you don't even believe in.

Booth refuses to accept the fact
that I understand the professor

because he and I are
quite similar.

You're not a murder suspect,
that's a big difference.

What I think Dr. Brennan is saying
is that she also shares this...

Really? Stop.

You're taking her side
because your training

never told you how
this might end?

This is none of my business.

You were going to agree
with me... weren't you?

I just think that we should
approach this case

like any other and focus

on only the facts, nothing else.

Your entire profession is
based on subjectivity.

Facts haven't even entered
into your process before.

That's a gross oversimplification.
Moving on!

All right? Enough.

Emotions are difficult
for people

like the professor and myself.

Getting lost in our work
can be a refuge.

Booth thinks that
that makes us weird.

We're not talking about us!
Huh? Right, Sweets?

I thought I was supposed
to stay out of this.

Who asked you?
I just don't think

you should be distracted
from looking

at other suspects
because the professor

operates on a level
you can't understand.

We're not!
We're gonna go to her gym.

We're gonna talk to her trainer
and other gymnasts.

Yeah, and I'm getting a court
order to look through e-mails

and chat room conversations
to see who

Amanda's been talking to
at her online school.

I'll be able to discern

personality types
and rivalries...

Good. Then we should go.

What just happened there?

♪ I'm ready for the night

♪ Swings, clubs
and diamond rings ♪

♪ After boys, shoes,
cars and designer jeans ♪

♪ Lights, camera, action,
I'm ready for the movie screen ♪

♪ I'm heading to the top...

Would you look at that?
I know special forces guys

who can't get up
that rope that fast.

Look at that beam.

It's barely wider than her feet.

That's what makes

the balance beam so challenging.

It requires an extremely

low center of gravity,

which is why most gymnasts

are not tall.

This one,
flying through the air

with the greatest of...


Yeah, I agree.

That's gonna hurt.

No, no, not like that, Sharon.

You'll break something.

Do you want to hurt
the team like that?

I've told you a hundred times.

Visualize your landing.

Hey, I'm sorry.

No parents on the floor
during warm-ups.

It distracts
the students from...

Special Agent Seeley Booth, FBI.

This is my partner,
Dr. Temperance Brennan.


I'm Dennis Mclntyre, head coach.
Is something wrong?

I have to ask you
a few questions

about one of your gymnasts...
Amanda Watters?

She's dead.

A-Amanda? Are you sure?

Yes, I'm never wrong
about an identification.

Were you close to her?

We worked together
for six hours a day, minimum.

And her being away for three
days, that didn't concern you?

I-I assumed she was home.
She was injured.

The fractured fibula
from seven weeks ago?


I-I told her to stay off of it

until next week.

Look, Amanda,

she was the best I ever coached.

Well, if she was the best,
I'm sure a lot

of these other gymnasts
were jealous.

Nah, I mean, my-my girls
are... they're team players.

Every single one of them.

that's not reasonable.

Competition is paramount here.

So, uh, how was she injured?

It's not gonna sound good now.

Especially after what you're

assuming about my girls.

One of the girls
was spotting her.

Ellie Pitera.

Amanda was finishing
a tumbling pass, and Ellie

couldn't hold on. It was an accident.
Ellie's a good girl.

Is she as good as Amanda?

Amanda was ranked first.
Ellie was second.

But they were friends.

They were good friends.

And where's Ellie now?

She trains in the afternoons.
Look, I-I've know Ellie

for four years, Agent Booth.

She's a good girl.

Did you finished what
you were working on?

Dr. Brennan.

Was I expecting you?

No. I...

I wanted to see
how you were doing.

Losing your daughter,

I can't imagine what
that must be like.

Have you found who did this?

Not yet.

Some people think it was you.

She was my daughter.

Although I'm sure

Agent Booth

wouldn't be convinced by that.



Why didn't you finish
what you were working on?

It's not important.

It was clearly very important.

Not anymore.

The world will be no poorer

for me not finishing it.

I would find it very difficult

raising my daughter

without my husband.

My wife Elaine,

sh-she was the true parent.

I loved Amanda.

Love her.


But she was the one,
more often than not,

taking care of me.

Making sure I ate.

Making sure I got
to work on time.

And now you blame yourself

because you didn't protect her.

It's a logical extension
of your reasoning.

Although I believe that

contemplating suicide is

an emotional rather than

a rational choice.

Excuse me?

People like us?

We're nothing without our work.

Your daughter mitigated that.

With her gone,

if you abandon your work,

you'll have no reason to live.

Well, that sounds like

a supremely rational thought.

However, you're leaving out
a crucial part of the equation.

You do want
the person responsible

for your daughter's murder

to be caught, don't you?
Of course. Yes.

That may not happen
if you take your own life.

I don't understand.

Follow the logic.

If you kill yourself,

the authorities will be
convinced that you did,

in fact, abuse and
murder your daughter.

She took care of you so
you could keep working.

Not everyone understands
people like us.

Inertia demands
that you keep going.

For Amanda.

Find who did this.

Hodgins found a security card
with her effects.

It's degraded but he's trying
to save the magnetic strip.

You think it could tell us
where she went before she died?

That's my hope.

Found cause of death?
Not yet.

But I separated the
perimortem injuries

from any post or
antemortem ones.

Look at this.

See the fracturing and
the increased separation

to the outer edges of
ribs six through eight?

And the fracture

on the posterior plane

of the sternum?

Signs of a struggle.


That would fit with the tissue

remaining on the scalp.

It showed subgaleal hemorrhaging

and contusions consistent

with a chunk of hair
being torn out.

So she didn't go down
without a fight.

Let me know if you find cause.

Are you really gonna do it?


Up the charges against her.

Absolutely. Why?

I thought maybe I had
some effect on you.

I'm sorry I'm not a saint.

I still can't get a credit card.

I get an allowance

from a court-appointed

like a child, and I don't want

to talk about this anymore.

I was persecuted in Iran.

(sighs) I lost my home.

My cousin was killed
so I have an idea

of what it means
to want vengeance.

And I held on to that anger.

I became that anger
until that's all I was.

Until I decided to let it go,

and realize that sometimes
the world is an unjust place

that we have to accept.

If I didn't decide to forgive

I wouldn't have the
life I have now.

I wouldn't be able to have you.

Well, I guess we now know

who the good person
in this relationship is.

I'll let you

get back to your work.

(triumphant orchestral
music playing)


Okay, so how is
that even possible?

She's, like, six feet
off the ground.

MclNTYRE: She couldn't stick
that four months ago.

Broke three toes,
but she powered through it.

It was a beautiful landing.

That was truly incredible.

Now, tape your ankle, Ellie.

Judging by the swelling,

you may have
a fracture to your talus.

I know.
This is Agent Booth

and Dr. Brennan, they want
to ask you about Amanda.

So, you must be, uh,

really upset, losing
someone so close to you.

I am, but we have a competition
in five weeks.

Amanda would understand.
Is that right?

I know why you want
to talk to me.

Why is that?

Everyone thinks

that I let Amanda fall
on purpose

because I wanted
to be ranked first.

But she over-rotated
on a double pike.

I couldn't push her
out of it in time.

The fracture to Amanda's fibula

could have been caused by that.

Well, we've seen
that injury before.

I didn't kill her.

We'd been training
together for years.

She was like a sister to me.

Amanda was coming back
to practice next week.

Ellie was going to help
her with her floor routine.

I should really go over
to my students.

Sure. Yeah.
Thank you.

Thanks. Thanks.
Just... keep flippin'. Yeah.

Wait up.

Wait up?
I don't think Amanda was coming back.

What do you mean?
She was skipping physical therapy,

hanging out with
some new kids, getting high.

She was in no shape to compete.


Thank you.

I think I found
the victim's drug connection.

What? How?
I trolled her online school chat rooms.

You spied on kids?

You could call it surveillance

if it makes you feel better.

Tell me what you found out.

Well, a kid kept
asking Amanda Watters

if she wanted to meet Molly.

She kept saying "no,"
then she said "yes,"

then he asked her
if she wanted to meet Molly again,

then she asked him
to meet Molly.

Molly is a drug.

I know.
It's a slang term

for a type of, uh,
purified Ecstasy.

I work in the law
enforcement industry.

I-I know that, okay?
What was the kid's name?

His real name.

Right, uh... Julian Anton.

Okay, you did research on the kid,
so go question him.



That's a little old to still be in
high school, isn't it?

What are you, 22?

Pretty weird you're a suit.

I don't think you were
there for the education...



Yeah. And we got a warrant
to search your car.

You know, hiding things
in a door panel

that's really loose
is really...

you're not that smart.

What is that?

It's not mine.

We don't care about
your drugs, Julian.

We care about what
happened to Amanda Watters.

Oh, I never had sex
with her or nothing.

And even if I did,
she was legal.

She was murdered.

Oh, man.

And right now the prime suspect

is her drug dealer.

I never had a problem
with Amanda.

Why would I kill her?

Maybe she yelled rape?


I'm not evil.

Ask her friend.
She liked me.

What friend?

Rachel Howes.

Was she with Amanda
last time you saw her?

I never saw them apart.

When was it?

Okay, so, look...

I realize in the short time

you and I have
formed a relationship,

you have established
an opinion about me

that's gonna make
what I have to say

seem kind of bad, but...

it was the same day
she disappeared.

They bought Molly from you?

Yes, but I refuse
to answer that

on the grounds that
it might incriminate me.

You just...
all right.


So, the first
question is, uh...

how did you get hurt?

Why does that matter?

Well, forensics says that, uh,

Amanda fought her attacker.

If she can explain

the injuries that
she got on her arm,

then I can eliminate her
as a suspect.

Three days ago,
Rachel came home stoned.

I slapped her.

He slapped me

and I fell down the stairs.

That's the truth.

MAN: I saw how high she was,
then she said she was

gonna quit cello, and...

I overreacted to both.

We work three jobs.

We've given up everything
for Rachel's cello.

We're in family counseling.

Please, check it out.

So you get mad enough

to slap your own
daughter, who you love.

I can only imagine
what you would do

to someone who

tried to hurt your daughter.

We've never even heard
of Amanda until now.

That's true.

I met Amanda online,
through school.

You and her were doing
Molly together, right?

We had fun.

We just wanted to stop being...

prodigies for a minute.

It's just...
it's too much pressure.

When was the last time
you saw Amanda?

Just before I went home,

the night Dad and I
had our argument.

Amanda was going
to tell her dad

that she wanted
to quit gymnastics, too.

And Amanda was gonna talk
to her father that night?

We made a pact to quit.

And I never heard
back from her.

So I just figured that
she chickened out

and that she didn't
want to tell me.

All right, now I coat

the magnetic strip

with carbon tetrachloride,

and as it evaporates...

That's amazing.

The second barcode
should tell us

where the card is from.

But it looks incomplete.

If you turn on
the laser scanner,

I can upload it and apply

the software to repair
the missing barcode.

HODGINS: So cello-girl's
parents spend, like,

a quarter of a million dollars
on lessons, but she decides

to do drugs and run off
with gymnast girl.

They'd probably end up

following One Direction
or something.

All right, so, then,
Booth thinks

cello girl's dad might have
done something worse

than slap his kid
down the stairs?

(computer beeping)

You get something?

Yeah, it's for an access card

for a building at
Buchanan University.

What would she be doing there?

It's where her father works.

She went into his building

at 7:18 on the night
that she was killed.

The dad said that the last time
he saw her was at breakfast.

Well, this says that he lied.

You lied to us, Leon.

I don't know what you mean.

You said you didn't
see your daughter

the night that she was killed.

I didn't.

I was working.

I was constructing
an invariant measure

of the phase space of
cosmological spacetimes.

I have my notes.

Your notes aren't
exactly an alibi.

You understand that, right?

I am telling you

that I did not see
my daughter that night.

She would have had to buzz me

to get into
the building after hours.

There's security protocol.

Do you have your security
access card, Dr. Watters?

Uh, I-I misplaced mine,

but the guards know me, so...

Well, that security access card
was found on your daughter.

According to

the security logs,

your daughter entered
your building at 7:18 p.m.

May I see that?


Did you eat that night,
Dr. Watters?

I imagine so, I...

Chicken, if it was Thursday.

I like predictability.

That's great, I'm glad
you enjoyed your chicken

and you like predictability,

but we are talking
about your daughter, here.

And it says here that

she entered the building at 7:18 p.m.

Dr. Brennan's right.

Amanda brought me
dinner that night

on her way to practice.

And you didn't remember that?

I wasn't a very good father.

I think we've established
that quite clearly.


when we're in
the middle of work,

even a loved one's presence

can be a distraction.

An annoyance, even.

(Booth sighs)

Hmm. Maybe it was easier
to get rid of her

instead of be bothered by her.

I would never hurt you, Booth.

I would have gladly

given up my work

to be able to relate to Amanda

like a normal...



I imagine

I barely looked
at her that night.

And I... I'm sure that
that hurt her.

But I did not kill her.

She would have gotten my dinner

at the Chicken Shed
on Garfield.

They knew her.

Talk to them.

Come on. Let's go.

You were like his lawyer
in there, Bones.

I believe him, Booth.

His behavioral patterns are
reminiscent of my own.

And I am excellent at
pattern recognition.

Okay, you know what?
He lied, okay?

No one forgets seeing
their own daughter

the night she died.

There are times I can describe

a set of remains
in great detail

but I can't remember
what month it is.

We each survive in our own way.

Yeah, but in this case
someone didn't survive, got it?

Oh, and next time,

I'd appreciate it
if you didn't take

the suspect's side
in the interrogation room.

Thank you.

(sighs) (buzzer sounds)


Oh, I-I thought
that was your name.

They told me
I'd be seeing my lawyer.

I know.

Helps to be friends with
a federal prosecutor.

What do you want?

Why me, Haley?

We were friends.

It made it easier.


I-It was easier to steal
the identity of a friend?


Do you even...

know the meaning of that word?

Someone you can
count on to help you?

I asked you for a loan.

You're clearly doing well,

but you couldn't be bothered.

I don't know what kind of
money you think I have,

but I'm on a government salary.

I have a daughter in college.

I didn't have a job.
The money you stole,

the credit you used?

You bought expensive clothes,

took a vacation,
bought a $5,000 watch...

You wanted me to give
you money for that?

And now I'm in here.

So we're even, right?

No. No, we will
never be even.

It is gonna take me years

to crawl out from under
what you did to me.

Do you have any remorse at all?

It was always so easy for you.

You got out of school,

got a great job, got promoted.

I worked hard.

Something you clearly
don't feel the need to do.

Doing what I did is not
as easy as you think.

I didn't get caught for a year.

You are unbelievable.

Did you just come here
to give me a lecture?

Because you can
save your breath.

I came here to...

You know what?
You don't need to know.

(buzzer sounds)

I was reexamining
the cervical vertebrae

when I noticed these two
extremely subtle fractures

on the C-3
and C-7.

Did you measure the separation
of the two injuries?

10.16 centimeters.

They appear to be subluxations

caused by hyperextension.

That would mean
that she was laying

on top of something
elevated and was pushed.


I know how Amanda died.

Angela should be
able to confirm it.

Wait, wait. How?

Okay, on the right
is the victim.

Can you lay her on her back?

Now, place

a 10.16 centimeter-wide plank

her cervical vertebrae.

Raise the height of the plank
by two inches.

After an initial fight,

the killer got the victim
on the ground

and knelt on her torso.

The assailant would've
placed their hands

around the victim's neck
and pushed.

The strangulation over the plank
caused hyperextension fractures

in the spinous processes
of the C-3 and C-7.


But what was the plank?

10.16 centimeters.

Four inches.

It was a balance beam.

Look, I know how important it is

for you to keep
your team together

so you must've been
pretty angry

when you found out
that Amanda wanted to quit.

Or compete stoned.
I would never hurt Amanda.

And I know
what you're looking for.

But do you have any idea
how many athletes bleed

and sweat on those things?
Yes, I do.

Which is why I'm
not looking for either.

Found it. Vomit.

Amanda was strangled
to death on this beam.

But that's ridiculous!

She couldn't be killed here
in front of everybody.

That's right, but it was late.
You probably met her here,

tried to convince her
not to quit.

Look, she was going
through a rough patch,

but she wasn't gonna quit.

What are you doing now?

BOOTH: What do
you got, Bones?

During strangulation a victim
will flail and convulse.

Biting themselves is
not uncommon.

I believe this is a piece
of Amanda's tongue.

Her tongue?

I didn't kill her.
I wasn't even here

that night.
I was at home.

Really? You might want
to rethink that

because according
to the security logs here,

someone used your pass code

to unlock the doors
at 8:30 p.m.

Same night that
Amanda Watters was killed.

Let's go, turn around.
You're under arrest.

Come on.

I was not in the gym that night.
You used your pass code.

My pass code is an open secret.

It's the word "triumph."

The girls use it to sneak in.

Get extra practice.

Extra practice after working out

for six hours a day?

I find that really hard
to believe.

Look, Amanda was one
of my top two gymnasts.

Why would I kill her?

Because she was doing drugs
and she was gonna quit.

I've been working
with these girls for years.

Y-You-you can ask anyone,
I'm-I am a patient man.

I-I've never lost my temper.

You wanted to speak
with me, Dr. Brennan?

Yes, Mr. Vaziri.

Did I miss something?


We both did.

Actually, it's time

to go over the evidence again,

more critically.

You want to take a fresh look?

Yes, I should've
said that first.

Um, in strangulation death
I guess it makes sense

to start with the hyoid.

I agree.

Note the fracture on the
right antero-lateral area

of the hyoidal body.

It's typical in strangulation.

The microfracturing is...



The forces were unequal.

Whoever strangled
Amanda Watters

was significantly weaker
in her left hand

than right.
I concur.

Go through the suspects,

see who matches that profile.

Good job, Mr. Vaziri.

Thank you.

Amanda Watters was
strangled to death.

So you think I did it?

I'm sorry.

Why would you say that?

Because it would take
the strength of a man,

and you think I'm violent

because I lost my temper
and slapped Rachel.

Which is when Rachel's
hand was hurt?

Yes! Why are we going
over this again?

You want to tell your parents
what happened, Rachel?

We found DNA evidence
that Amanda was in Rachel's car.

They were friends.

In the trunk
we found the evidence.

We also have evidence
that she drove Amanda out

to where the body was dumped.
This is unbelievable!

You're grasping!

Rachel went out again the night

you knocked her down the stairs.

Despite her injuries,
she got into her car

and she drove off.
Where'd you go?

She-she just rode around.

To cool off.

No, she didn't.

She went to Amanda's gym.


We were both quitting.

We were gonna do it together.

Amanda changed her mind.

I had already quit.

I told my dad.

And he freaked out, but...

Amanda didn't keep

her part of the deal.

She made it seem like...

like I was crazy.

Well, you were.

You killed her.

Amanda was my only friend.

It was wrong of her
to lie to me.

It was gonna be great.

And then it was...

it was just...


Still here?

You know Dr. Brennan
and paperwork.

Did you see your friend?

Your ex-friend I mean.

I knew what you meant.

And yes.

Feel better?

Yes, I do.

I am not moving forward

with the aggravated
identity theft.



Is it because of what I said?


No, seriously.

Well, because of what you said,

and because I spent five minutes

in a room with that woman

and it was...


That much anger and bile?

I don't want to spend
one more minute

in that than I have to.

She stole my identity.

She doesn't get my soul, too.


You say that
like "I told you so."

(crickets trilling)

There you are.

Oh! Um...

You still irritated with me?

A little.

'Cause I was too hard on your
freakazoid mad scientist guy?


And I think you're
still doing it.

Look, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

You're right. Okay, I...

I didn't understand him.

And I thought he was our guy.

I was wrong.

And I was right.


It's good to say it.

You were right.

And you're still upset.

I feel I'd like to see
how Dr. Watters is doing

even though I have no excuse

to check on him now
that the case is over.

Well, you don't need an excuse.

I'm worried
that he's gonna give up

now that he's alone.

Why don't you go?
Just go, all right?

Go, Bones.

Being kind doesn't
need an excuse, okay?

All right?

What should I say to him?

Oh, I don't know.

Luckily you two speak

the same freakazoid language.


Dr. Watters?

Dr. Brennan.

How are you?

I see you've been hard at work.

You may find this
difficult to understand,

but, yes,

I took your advice.

I think I understand.

This is Amanda?

At rest?

In her crib, yes.

She's crawling.

(laughs) Her first steps.

This circular motion...

Somersaults, yes.

Okay, this is a smooth,

stable velocity

in a gradual curve

on a single plane...


(laughs) Yes.

Here she is being carried.

On my shoulders, yes.

A bicycle.


I'm sorry, this is beyond me.

Oh, uh, trampoline.

The equations for acceleration

and twisting are much harder.

And, see...

These must be
her gymnastic moves.

Tucks, straddles,


Her life in movement.

This is the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.

Thank you.

Better than any speech.

Any photograph.

This is absolutely...

perfectly beautiful.

She was...


She flew through space

in perfect arcs.

Perhaps that's what people mean

when they...

they talk about angels.

(quiet laugh)

At rest.

Amanda's at rest again.

What's that mean?