Bones (2005–2017): Season 6, Episode 22 - Bones - full transcript

The search for Broadsky intensifies as he manages to kill one of the Squints. Angela and Hodgins name their baby. Booth struggles to protect those closest to him, which leads to an unexpected situation.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Flip to kill.

That guy is gone. [Exhales]

All you got left is some pink
mist hanging in the morning air.

[Laughs] Hey, you still got it.

So do you.

You bastard. You're testing me.

I need some help.

You're still active.

I appreciate that, Jake,
but I'm done killing people.

Don't worry. I don't
need an observer. [Sighs]

The F.B.I.'s breathing
down your neck.

How do you know?
Well, they called me.

Said that you were off the
reservation. [Bottles Clink]

- You believe them?
- No. Not you.

Not "the left hand of God."

I just figured you were working for
the C.I.A. and the feebs didn't like it.

You know, something like that.

Something like that.

You gotta trust that I'm still
working for the good guys.

Couldn't be any other way.

So what do you need?

Your rifle, for one thing.

Let me think about it.

Okay. To the good guys.

The good guys.

I'm concerned. We haven't
had a case in over a week.

Hey, maybe the world's
just become a nicer place.

I told the department I had to put
all my efforts into catching Broadsky.

Oh... You can't treat this like a
personal vendetta, Agent Booth.

There are other agents.
But it is personal, Sweets.

Booth served with
Broadsky in the military.

They took the same oath, and now
Broadsky's using his considerable skill...

to assassinate people
he arbitrarily deems unfit.

Right, right. So, bottom
line... Until he's caught,

it's all Broadsky,
all the time, got it?

I have massive news. Yes! Oh.

[Laughing] The
Tyrannosaurus rex has arrived!

[Exclaims] That is massive news.

Whoa, whoa. Wait a second. You guys can
just do that? You can just order a dinosaur?

A skeletal replica.

I've been up all night
reviewing the literature.

Were you aware that
Tyrannosaurus rex had fused furcula?

Right. I think my aunt has that.

Mr. Nigel-Murray and I...

are delivering a paper at
an upcoming conference.

"The Comparative
Forelimb Osteology...

and Biomechanics of
Theropod Versus Homo sapien."

- [Vincent, Brennan Laughing]
- [Cell Phone Rings, Beeps]

[Laughing Continues]
Apparently that's very funny.

It's gonna bring down the house.

Somebody just
spotted Broadsky...

placing flowers on
his girlfriend's grave.


[Police Radio Chatter]

He made you. Yes, sir.

I'm so sorry.

I wanted to work with you so
badly, and I totally messed up.

No, no, no, no. It's all
right. You know, it's my fault.

I should have briefed you
not to take his picture. All right?

It's like he had a sixth
sense. You did a good job.

Was he in a vehicle? No, sir.

He took off on foot that way. By the
time backup got here, he was gone.

All right. I'll need Metro at the
train stations and underground.

Put a BOLO out with
his description. Yes, sir.

Anybody touch those? No, sir.

[Phone Beeps]

Special Agent Genevieve
Shaw, 7-4-9-2-0.

- I need a BOLO
on a Jacob Broadsky.
- [Cell Phone Rings]

White male, 6'2", 180 pounds.

[Ringing Continues]

- [Ringing Continues]
- Take this down.


Call the carrier and
put a track on this now.

[Ringing Continues]

[Guns Cocking]

[Rings, Beeps]

Hello, Jacob.

You staking out Paula's grave?

That's pretty cold, Seeley.

Well, that's funny coming
from someone like you.

You feel me looking at you?

Just being careful. That's all.

Do the math, Seeley.
I'm doing good work.

You kill people.

No judge, no jury, just
you making the call.

My conscience is clear.

Since you're trying to stop me,
you're playing for the wrong team.

Oh, you threatening me now?

Self-defense, Seeley.

Sometimes that means
a very aggressive offense.

You forget who you're
dealing with, Jacob?

Not for a moment.
And don't you forget.

You never see the bullet
that takes you down.



Broadsky knew I'd show up at the
cemetery, so he left me the phone. Why?

Well, he wants to keep the
lines of communication open.

Well, yeah, I get that, but why?

Well, he said you crossed
the line, right? Right.

In his mind, you are
two sides of a coin.

I think it's possible
that he still hopes...

that maybe you
will stand down...

and let him do what he calls
his "good work" unimpeded.

All right. Just pull out
the magic Ouija board...

and tell me what
his next move is.

You know, someone might
not know what you know.

And that person
would be helping him.

That's my best Ouija guess.


Early days still,

but this is roughly...
[Device Beeps]

what Dr. Brennan
and I propose...

for our demonstration...

at the conference.

You're going to go
dressed like a dinosaur?

No, no, no. These are very accurate
representations of T. rex bones.

Dr. Brennan will introduce...

the topic in the abstract.

"The Comparative Forelimb
Osteology and Biomechanics...

of Theropod Versus Homo sapien."

It's a fight between
Tyrannosaurus rex and humans?

The T. rex's arms
were very short...

relative to the
overall body size,

allowing us to postulate...

an arm wrestling competition.

Arm wrestling. Oh, boy.

Oh. It's gonna
be an annihilation.

On paper only.

I will be charting...

the biomechanical analysis.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait.

After all this buildup,

you and Dr. Brennan
are gonna just...

pop a few equations
on a blackboard?

PowerPoint, but,
essentially, yes.

No. No. That won't
do. [Door Opens]

I got a much better idea.

Oh. Agent Booth!


Oh, God. Don't explain, please.

[Laughs] Don't explain.

We really need to get
back to solving murders.


[Beeping] [Grunts]

So Broadsky's call was too
short for your guys to trace,

but the network did register his
unique mobile equipment identifier.

It's automatically transmitted by your
cell phone every time you make a call.

What will that give me?

It'll tell us which cell tower
is transmitting his call.

How many cell towers are there
in the United States of America?

Well, there's between
175,000 and 200,000,

but maybe only a
couple hundred in D.C.

When he makes a call, the
nearest cell phone tower will track it.

Like this.


It'll geo-tag the cell
tower and text your phone.

Just punch on the app
that I'm gonna send you...

and you'll have it in,
like, four or five seconds.

So you're gonna send
me that app now? Yeah.

- Great.
- This'll help.

No, right. It helps.
Thanks. I appreciate it.

Uh, how are you feeling?

Oh, boy. Like an
overstuffed turkey...

shoved into the overhead
bin of an overcrowded flight.

How about you?

Me? Like I'm chasing a ghost.

Yeah. Just make
sure it's not your own.

I'm sorry?

I-I just meant, be careful.

I will.

- So you're sure
about this, Shaw?
- Yes.

I went through the financials of
all Broadsky's known associates.

All by yourself?

I'm trying to make up for letting
him make me at the cemetery.

I know you don't hold it against
me, but I hold it against me,

if you know what I mean, sir.

Okay. So... what'd you get?

His name is Matthew Leishenger.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know
him. Young guy, spotter.

This is his checking account.

Leishenger made a big
withdrawal about 48 hours ago...

- A couple grand.
- It's cash?

Yeah. Largest withdrawal
he's made in two years.

Okay. And you're sure
the address is current?

According to the D.M.V., I.R.S. and
three marginally legal Internet sites.

Good enough.

Thank you for letting
me come along, sir.

Well, we gotta pick up
one other person too.

[Door Closes]

No offense. Hmm?

Maybe you should stay behind me.

Oh, of course.

I don't measure my manhood
the same way you do.

That came out wrong.

Why did we bring the civilian?

He's the one who
sent us in this direction.

Plus he'll be able to tell
us if Leishenger is lying.


Well, visual assessing
cues provide...

an excellent
method of detecting...

neuro-linguistic anomalies...

Can we pick this up when we're
sure we're not gonna be shot at?

Of course. [Crows Cawing]

Leishenger's cabin is
towards the ridgeline.

The ridgeline with
the crows? Yeah.

[Cawing Continues]

God. I hate when this happens.

[Shaw] It's
Leishenger, isn't it?


We got a hard case here
for a Barrett sniper rifle.

Broadsky took the rifle?

Yeah. Thing is, if he
was gonna go anywhere,

he definitely would've taken the case with
him, so let's just all get very low, all right?

I hate this! I wish he'd shot
us before we got this far.

I'm saying everything wrong.

Agent Booth, there's
a camera on us.

He knows exactly where we are.

Okay. Everybody just stay
put. Make a call in to H.R.T.

[Sweets] For how long?

- [Cell Phone Beeps]
- This is Agent Shaw
requesting H.R.T. backup.

Possible military
sniper in the environs...

armed with a
.338-caliber Barrett s...

I estimate Leishenger's
been dead for about five days.

I can see multiple fractures.

I'll catalog those
for Dr. Brennan.

But cause of death looks like
Broadsky stabbed him under the chin.

We haven't yet established
that Broadsky was the murderer.

Okay. Hold that thought.

But whoever the killer was, he didn't
take any cash from the victim's wallet.

And crime scene techs
found glove smears on it.

Did you know that
chicken-skin gloves...

were the height of
fashion in the 17th century?

It's not pertinent.

So the murderer went through the
wallet but didn't take any of the cash?

Right. So what
was he looking for?

That is a good
question. [Device Beeps]


Um... Hey. Uh, life and death.

I'm gonna have him
back in three minutes.

[Whispers, Indistinct]

[Whirs] Okay.

Now... give it a try.

[Whirring] Oh!

[Laughs] It works!

Now, if your math is correct,
you are now as strong as a T. rex.

These components will exert the appropriate
degree of force, both resistive and motive.

Yeah, that's what I said.

Are you ready to
represent the human race?

[Scoffs] Always! [Laughs]

[Clears Throat] [Laughs]


Life or death, huh?


Dr. Saroyan, you
are about to witness...

the first confrontation
between man and dinosaur.

- I'm the man.
- Thanks for the hint.


Three, two, one. Go.

[Both Groan] [Laughs]

[Saroyan] Ooh. Okay. Careful.

If you break Hodgins, you'll be
responsible for raising his unborn child.

Come on. Don't torture
me. Just finish this.

No, no. I can't. It's
the scapular joint.

It will not rotate
beyond 40 degrees.

Wait. You can't finish the deal?

[Both Groaning]

Oh! Oh!

The pain, the agony!

Yes! That is one for humanity
and zero for the tyrant lizard!

Dr. Brennan is
going to love this.

We're going to be the
toast of the conference.

[Laughing] Come on. Okay.

Go humanity.


had his hands all over this.

Find out where he is
and/or what he took.

Feel that. Go ahead.

Ow! No, no! No, no, no, no, no!

[Exhales] Every one of Broadsky's
kills was to fulfill a mission.

He finds a bad guy
who deserves to die...

and then gets someone
to pay him for it.

Well, Matt Leishenger... I
mean, he was a good guy.

Former military,
all-around Boy Scout.

How does Broadsky
live with that?

Leishenger must have defied him.

Say he refused to
lend him his rifle.

That would have immediately
put him on the wrong side.

- With me.
- Exactly.

I mean, Broadsky wants you gone
the same way you want him gone.

He wants to kill. I don't. But you
know what? I'll do what I have to do.

I hope so, 'cause with you
gone, you know, we're next.


Well, anybody on your
team is against his team, so...

I should have shot him in the
back when I had the chance.

Professionally, I disagree.

Personally, not so much.

Two simple
nondisplaced fractures...

on the seventh rib.


The average Homo sapien isn't
even a 10th the size of a T. rex.

And yet we are still able to
defeat it on the field of battle.

I mean, granted, arm wrestling is a very
narrow field, but it is a field nonetheless.

I'd like to focus on the
case, Mr. Nigel-Murray.


Left foot...

Crushing fractures to the metatarsals
and intermediate cuneiform.

Hairline fracture
to the C2 vertebra.

So cracked rib, crushed
foot and a neck fracture?

Assault by more than one person?

Step over here,
Mr. Nigel-Murray.

[Clears Throat] Okay,

you are Mr. Leishenger,
and I'll be his attacker. Oh.

Broadsky is an expert
in close-quarter combat.

I assume that I will be
dead very soon then.

I elbow you in the ribs. Ooh!

I stomp on your foot, and an
elbow to the top of the spine.

Yeah. That'll account
for all the injuries.

[Device Beeps] Are you positive?

'Cause I wouldn't mind
seeing this one more time.

All of this is followed
by the coup de grâce,

a knife thrust beneath the chin.

All right. I'm dead, I'm
dead. Just take it on faith.

What does all this mean?

Well, Leishenger was
beaten and stabbed.

I get that, but how is that gonna
lead me to Broadsky? It doesn't.

Well, he's out there right
now with Leishenger's weapon.

♪♪ [Alternative: Ambient]

[Woman] ♪ Memory
comes when memory's old ♪

♪ I am never the first to know ♪

♪ Following this
stream up north ♪

♪ Where do people
like us float? ♪

♪ There is room in my lap ♪

♪ For bruises,
asses, hand claps ♪

♪ I will never disappear ♪

♪ For forever I'll be here ♪

♪ Whispering ♪

♪ Morning keep
the streets empty ♪

♪ For me ♪

♪ Morning keep
the streets empty ♪

♪ For me ♪

♪ I'm laying down eating snow ♪

♪ My fur is hot
My tongue is cold ♪

♪ On a bed of spider web ♪

♪ I think of how
to change myself ♪

♪ A lot of hope in
a one-man tent ♪

♪ There's no room for
innocence ♪♪ [Beeps, Dialing]

[Steady Beep]

There appears to be some sort of
faint bruising of the mastoid process.

Multiple bruises.
[Cell Phone Rings]

Guys, it's Broadsky. Here.

Oh. Wh-What do I do?

Don't answer it till the fifth ring.
Give me time to get Angela's trace.

[Ringing Continues]
And then what do I do?

Try to sound like Booth.

[Rings, Beeps]

[Computer Beeping]

- [Gasps]
- [Grunting]


- Are you all right?
- Yeah. We're all right.




- [Gasping] - [Woman]
What's going on?

- Oh, God!
- [Man] I don't know!

We need an ambulance!
Someone's been shot! Hurry!

- [People Shouting]
- [Panting]

Vincent... Okay. Look...

- Vincent, can you hear me?
- [Panting]

Vincent, you have to stay
conscious. Help is on the way.

Listen, Vincent. I gotta apply
pressure on this wound, okay?

I know it hurts, but I
have to apply the pressure.

It doesn't... It doesn't hurt.

That's good, right,
Booth? Yeah, it's good.

Please... Please don't
make... Don't make me leave.

No. You don't have to leave.

I... I lo... I love being here.

Don't... Just don't
make me leave.

We love you here. We
don't want you to leave.


Open your eyes,
Vincent. Stay with me!

I... [Panting]

Please... Please don't...
Just don't make me go.

I... I don't wanna go.

I love... It's been
lovely being here...

with... with you.

No, you can stay here with
us as long as you like, Vincent.

You're my favorite.
Everyone knows that.

Right, Booth?

You have to keep
the pressure on!

No, I don't, Bones.

[Brennan Panting]

You did what you could.

You were very brave.
I witnessed everything.

You did everything
that you could.

[Sighs] I can't
believe he's dead.

Well, the bullet nearly
severed his aorta.

It's amazing he lasted
as long as he did.

I think Angela means she's
struggling with the concept...

that we'll never
see Vincent again.

Can we just be sad
for a minute without...

He was the sweetest guy.

With all his facts.

And his confessions.

I mean, really, if those were
the worst things he ever did...

[Door Opens]


Broadsky got away.

He was on a construction
crane when he took the shot.

We recovered the bullet casing.

And it was an amazing shot.

How did Broadsky
see into the lab?

Thermal imaging.

He aimed for the guy
who picked up the phone.

He meant to kill you.

I'm the one who gave
Vincent the phone.

Told him to pick it up.

You didn't know. I
mean, there's no use...

I don't blame myself
for this, Sweets.

I blame the guy who
pulled the trigger.

- Okay.
- You still have blood
on your hands.

Booth, she... She
means literally.

[Clears Throat]

[Hodgins] What do we do now?

We work to catch the murderer.

I'm as tough as
anybody in this world,

but I refuse to perform the
autopsy on Mr. Nigel-Murray.

Why would we? I mean,
we know what killed him.

Guys, just listen to
me for a second here.

All right, I've
been through this...

Lost a lot of friends in war.

So why don't we all just take,
you know, a little time, and...

And then tomorrow, like Bones
says, we'll get this son of a bitch.

[Booth Exhales]

[Door Opens]

You're staying at
my apartment tonight.


Keep the blinds closed,
okay? I understand.

You know what? Just stay away
from the windows, just to be safe.

Safe, yes. All
right, listen, Bones.

Let me sleep on the couch,
all right? You can have the bed.

No. No. I'm smaller.
I-I can fit on the couch.

Plus... you have to kill
Broadsky. You need your sleep.

[Chuckles] That's very logical.

Thank you. Yes.

Oh, uh...

This sweatshirt gonna be okay?

Yes, I'll be fine. Thank you.

All right, let me
help you with the...

No, I can... I can make
the bed. You're right.

Thanks, Booth.

Right. All right.

Good night, Bones.

Good night, Booth.

[Monitor Chirping, Beeping]

Oh! [Gasps] Wha...

[Sighs] Sorry. Sorry.

I... I didn't mean
to wake you up.

Oh, no. That's okay, babe.

I wish you'd gone home.

Yeah. Well, I wish
you'd gone home.


I know you...

You really liked Vincent.

When we found out that our baby
has a 25% chance of being born blind,

Vincent gave me this list...

of other things that have
a one-in-four chance.

He thought statistics
could make us feel better.


Well, what did you find?

Okay. All right.

So... [Clears Throat] The only
thing that appears to be missing...

from Matt Leishenger's wallet...

- It went here in this slot.
- A credit card?

Well, but the F.B.I. checked, and
both his credit cards are accounted for.

But whatever did go there...
Right? It left behind traces of gold.


I know, right?

Hmm. Well, you'll
find what it was.

Bet on it, baby.

[Whispers] You
bet on it too, baby.


Poor Vincent.

Yeah. I know.

[Door Opens] [Gasps]

[Hammer Cocks]

[Gasps] I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. Did you...
Did you hear something?

No. No.

You want me to put the gun away?


Okay. What's wrong?

He kept saying,

"Don't make me go."



He was looking at
me and he was saying,

"Don't make me leave."

He said that he...

[Exhales, Voice Quavering]
that he loved being there.

Why would he think that I'm
the one making him leave?

What kind of person am I?

No. Come here.

No, no, no, no, no, Bones.
You got that all wrong, all right?

You got it all wrong.
No, I-I heard him.

You did too.

"Don't make me leave."

That's what he said.

He wasn't talking to you.

I was the only one
there... and you.

He wasn't... He
wasn't talking to you.

He was talking to God.

He didn't want to die.

No. Vincent was like me, Booth.

He was an atheist.


Then he was talking
to the universe then.

He didn't want to go.

He wasn't ready, Bones.

He wanted to stay.

Well, if there was a God,
then he would have let...

Vincent stay here with us.

That's not how it works.

Can I just...

Yeah. That's why I'm here.


I'm right here. I
know. It's hard.

[Deep Breath]

How are you doing?


Vincent's file.

I had to call his
mom in England.

I'm sorry.

When she saw the
Jeffersonian caller I.D.,

she thought it
was Vincent calling.

Oh, my God.

So I... had to tell
her he was dead...

and, uh, told her how
much he meant to us,

and then I just
listened to her sob.

I don't... I don't know
how you did that.

Well, I promised her that we'd
arrange to have him sent home...

when his body's released.

And there'll...

There'll be a funeral.

He was such a sweet little
weirdo, wasn't he? [Sniffles]


Hey. Hi.

Look at this.

In the slot where I
found traces of gold,

I also found
under black light...

What is that?

It's the impression
from an access card.

Look, it's the
rectangular impression...

from the hole where the
lanyard or the clip goes.

[Hodgins] Yeah,
that explains the gold.

A lot of smart cards
have gold contact plates.

So, it wasn't just Leishenger's rifle
Broadsky wanted. It was his access card?

Yeah, but to what?

Well, we'll let the
F.B.I. answer that one.



Matt Leishenger's boss is
in the interrogation room.

- Right. Hylton Trucking, right?
- Yes, sir.

The kid who was
killed in the lab...

Was he a friend of yours?

Yes, he was.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Well, you know what? Don't be
sorry. Just help me get revenge.

We don't use access cards.

Our trucks go out,
come back in empty.

It's not a big company.
We all know each other.

Matt Leishenger was
one of your employees?

Yes. In our security department.

He was running
checks on drivers,

investigating if a load was
ever light... that sort of thing.

You think Matt was a crook?

Well, someone tried
to take his access card.

He died giving it up, so I
don't think he was a bad guy.

Okay, I hit a nerve
there. I apologize.

Tell me what I can do to help.

Can you think of any reason why
he was carrying an access card?

The port. Everybody needs
an access card at the port.

It's international.

The port in Wilmington.

[Men Shouting]


Have a good one.


You've been staring at Leishenger's
skull for a really long time.

Are you trying to get that
thing to talk to you? [Chuckles]

Are you being metaphoric?

No, I was just trying
to lighten the mood.

It didn't work.

The mastoid process is generally
not a target in close-quarter combat.

Perhaps I should
examine it microscopically.

You told me that an hour
ago. What is going on?

I mean, is this about Vincent?




I got into bed with
Booth last night.


Why aren't you saying anything?

Because I don't
wanna yell "hallelujah"...

so close to losing Vincent.

I think I did it
because of Vincent.

Wait. Whoa. [Exhales]

What exactly
happened after you...

After you crawled
into bed with Booth?


I got the G.C. mass spec results
back on the bullet that killed Vincent.

Honey, no, not right now. I'm
sorry. I love you, but go tell Cam.

- Go. Away.
- [Sighs]



I got the G.C. mass spec results
back on the bullet that killed Vincent.

You gonna holler
at me to go away?

No. Have you told Dr. Brennan?

Let's just say I tried, and I
got shouted at to go away.

Well, Vincent's death...
it's put us all a little on edge.

But you look like you're out of breath, so
you must have found something pretty good.

Right. Okay, so, uh, most of the trace
burned off when the gun was fired, right?

But I managed to identify what was left in
the primer pocket of the casing we recovered.

- And what does this tell us?
- I think it tells us
something about the bullet,

since Broadsky built the bullet.

Now, ethanol, sodium citrate,
glycerin and E-polylysine,

which is a biofungicide used to
decontaminate fruits and vegetables.

But also sodium chloride with traces
of borate, strontium and magnesium,

and you know what that means.

Of course, but remind me anyway.

Sea salt.

The bullet was
made near the ocean.

Someplace where they
decontaminate produce.

That's very good.

It is, isn't it? See,
that's what I thought,

and that's why I
didn't understand...

Don't you think Booth will want to
hear this information right away?

Right. Right.

Yeah, I know the guy.

- When was the last time
you saw him?
- About an hour ago.

- Okay, was he coming or going?
- He was coming onto the yard. Why?

Did he leave? No.

I think he's part of
the crew on some ship.

Now you gonna tell
me what's going on?

No. I'm gonna tell you to
shut this place down now.

You got the authority to do
that? 'Cause I sure as hell don't.

I want you to get him to
call his boss, then his boss...

Whatever it takes to shut this
facility down. [Phone Rings]

Yes, sir, but what
are you gonna do?

Then I want you to call H.R.T. and
have them report everything to you.

Yes, sir.

[Ringing Continues]

- Booth.
- Broadsky made his bullet...

at a location near the ocean
where produce is disinfected.

Okay. Hold on. [Gate Buzzes]

This guy here... did he ever crew a
ship that carries fruits and vegetables?

Yeah. The Persephone.
That's the ship he works on.

Where can I find
that? Right down there.

Far south side. Pier
8. You can't miss it.

Okay. Thanks, Hodgins.

Hey... Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. Don't you want any details?

Okay, look, I found sodium
citrate, glycerin, E-polylysine...

You hung up, didn't you?
Booth? Yeah. Okay. [Beeps]


Okay, when the cavalry gets here, you tell
them I'm heading towards the Persephone.

Armed and dangerous.
Get on with H.R.T.

[Shouting In Spanish]

[Crane Whirring]

Whoa! Sorry, man!

[Phone Vibrating, Beeps]

[Brennan] Booth?

He's there, but
he's not answering.

[Hodgins] Maybe he can't.

Okay. Single click
"yes," double click "no."

Is this Booth? [Click, Beep]

Are you in danger? [Click, Beep]

- Are you after Broadsky?
- [Click, Beep]

[Brennan] I have
information for him. Hold on.

Booth, the two bruises
on the mastoid process...

were inflicted by two knuckles
on Broadsky's right fist.

Do you understand what that
means? [Two Clicks, Two Beeps]

Dr. Brennan, listen.

If he is playing dueling snipers with
Broadsky, you gotta get to the point real fast.

Okay. He struck the mastoid,

which is nearly 44
millimeters thick.

Ah! Yes! Yes! Broadsky's
right hand is broken.

You may have just
saved my life. [Beep]


Damn it!

Broadsky! You missed!

Happens to the best of us.

[Booth] Not to you.

Not to me.

You want to give
up? [Clattering]

You want to give up?

You know that's not my thing.

Drop your weapon, or
I'll blow your head off.

[Broadsky] Breaking
tradition here.

Snipers go for
high ground, Booth.

Your hand's broken.
You can't adjust.

How could you
possibly know that?

The boy you
killed... The squint...

He was a good kid.

You did wrong there.

Collateral damage in the
pursuit of a greater good.

Drop the weapon. I'm
not gonna ask you again.



[Screams] Booth!

Shut up, Jake.

You're really so damn positive
you're the good guy in this?

Yeah. Positive as you are.

Difference is, I'm right.


[Phone Rings]


Yes, I-I understand.

Thank you.

[Phone Beeps]

Booth got Broadsky. Yes!

[Laughs] [Sighs]

I knew he'd get him.

[Hodgins] Yes! Okay.

[Patting] [Hodgins] Thank God.

[Hodgins] Oh, boy.


[Sighs] Maybe she's not coming.

No. She'll... She'll be here.

Well, Dr. Brennan has been known
to retreat into hyper-rationalism...

in times of emotional turmoil,

which could very
well result in...

Okay, even I want
to slap you now.

All right, guys. Bones
said she will come.

She will definitely
be here. [Clattering]

[Exhales] Oh.

[Exhales] Hey, uh... Hey, guys?

Let us handle that,
okay? Okay. Here you go.

Do you... Do you
want to say something?

What? Me? I...

Yeah. I barely knew him.

That's true.

Booth only ever called
Mr. Nigel-Murray "the English squintern."

Wow. Some of us were
worried that you wouldn't make it.

I stopped to get this.

Right. Because nothing
says "rest in peace"...

- like a potted plant.
- [Chuckles]

Did I do something wrong?

No, honey. You did
something exactly right.

You know, Vincent gave
me a great piece of advice.

He said the busiest
shopping hour the entire year...

is between 3:00 and
4:00 on Christmas Eve.

So I never shop
during that time.

Oh. He told me that
Quebec City in Canada...

has the same amount of
street crime as Disney World.

So it's a safe place to visit.

[Clears Throat]
Vincent informed me...

that the crack of a whip...

was actually the tip
breaking the sound barrier.

He told me that the
top of the Eiffel Tower...

is actually six inches
shorter in the wintertime,

so it's better to climb it then.

Vincent's favorite song was
"The Lime in the Coconut."


'Cause that's
like... That's my jam.


[Off-key] ♪ Brother bought a
coconut He bought it for a dime ♪

♪ Sister had another
one She paid it for a lime ♪

♪ She put the lime in the
coconut and drank 'em both up ♪

- ♪ She put the lime
in the coconut ♪
- ♪ The lime in the coconut ♪

♪ And drank 'em both up ♪

♪ She put the lime in the
coconut and drank 'em both up ♪

♪ She put the lime in the coconut
and called the doctor, woke him up ♪

♪ Said, "Doctor, is there
nothin' I can take?" ♪

♪ She said, "Doctor, to
relieve this bellyache" ♪

♪ I said, "Doctor ♪

♪ Ain't there
nothin' I can take?" ♪

♪ I said, "Doctor, to
relieve this bellyache" ♪

♪ Now let me get this straight ♪

♪ You put the lime in the
coconut and drink 'em both up ♪

♪ She put the lime in the
coconut She drank 'em both up ♪

♪ She put the lime in the
coconut She drank 'em both up ♪

♪ She put the lime in the
coconut and drank 'em both up ♪

♪ She put the lime in the coconut,
called the doctor, woke him up ♪

♪ Said, "Doctor, is there
nothin' I can take?" ♪

- ♪ She said, "Doctor,
to relieve this bellyache" ♪
- [Saroyan Laughing]

♪ I said, "Doctor, ain't
there nothin' I can take?" ♪

♪ I said, "Doctor, to
relive this bellyache" ♪

♪ Lime in the coconut ♪♪

What's that mean?

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