Bones (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 18 - Bones - full transcript

When human remains are discovered in the belly of a shark, Brennan and Booth are brought in to identify the missing person. Evidence suggesting the victim had been the prey of several fish directs the team's investigation to The A...

On Tuesday morning, a dead tiger
shark washed up on Rehoboth Beach.

Its stomach contained the
undigested remains of a human leg.

- Ouch.
- What's wrong?

- That's gotta hurt.
- A seasoned law
enforcement agent...

who still has empathy for a victim...
I'm glad to know you're out there.

At your service.

Dr. Bryar is from the National
Atmos-Ocean Association.

- Called us this morning.
- The National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration.

Well, Andrew was joking.
He likes to put people at ease.

- It's a nice quality.
- Yeah, everybody
likes to laugh.

- Except that guy.
- [Booth, Bryar Laugh]

The weird thing is nobody reported a shark
attack anywhere along the eastern seaboard.

[Hacker] Do you think you can
make an identification from the leg?

I've seen Temperance I.D. a victim
from a single fingernail clipping.

- But I've never done that.
- Well, maybe not that.

But, you know, things
like that, you know?

She's my partner. I'm
sure we could help you out.

I'd be grateful. Yeah. [Murmurs]

Yeah, I should go and clear
out. I'll let you do your thing...

Well, that was a
speedy exit. Shall we?

[Brennan] The
victim is likely male.

These shallow cuts
and deep gouges,

in conjunction with
location of recovery,

are likely indications of C.O.D.

We... We need to count
osteons to determine age.

But the length of the tibia indicates
a height of between five foot and 5'6".

- A short guy
got bit by a shark?
- [Brennan] Now,

these look like six-ridged
dermal denticles.

Well, that can't be. A tiger shark
doesn't have dermal denticles.

Then the victim encountered
multiple predators at the same time.

- That is highly unlikely.
- Well, this simple
symmetrical bite.

That's a tiger shark.
This is different.

Some kind of small
conical canine.

- That's a red snapper.
- Then... this serrated bite.

Oh, my God. A hammerhead.

- What? This sounds good.
- Hammerheads are tropical.

It's unlikely you'd
find one this far north.

Where's the nearest place a
tiger shark, a hammerhead...

and a red snapper could coexist?

How about the
aquarium? [Chuckles]

You don't get to be
deputy director of the F.B.I...

by just dressing well and
kissing ass. [Chuckles]

Okay, yeah, that's most of it. But
I'm probably right about the aquarium.

[Brennan] According to NOAA, this facility
focuses on marine rescue and preservation.

A rehabilitated tiger shark was permanently
released into the ocean this Saturday.

[Booth] Jaws grabs a quick snack
before heading back out into the wild?

Shark attacks are very rare.

I mean, look, sharks, they
don't even like to eat people.

- That's true. How do you know that?
- Shark Week, you know,

where they do nothing but
make you afraid of sharks.

Wait. They have a week
set aside just for sharks?

Wow. Yeah. It's a TV thing.

- [Woman] Agent Booth?
- Yes, Dr. Stoddard.

Marilyn. I work in the
animal husbandry department.

I'm Dr. Temperance
Brennan from the Jeffersonian.

Was someone eaten here
this weekend? [Laughs] No.

The tiger shark that you
released this past Saturday,

can you show us
where you kept him?

Yeah. Come right this way.

Since when do
fish have husbands?

Animal husbandry is the
science of breeding livestock.

Since when are fish livestock?
The term can be applied loosely.

This is the
tropical reef tank...

where the tiger shark
was kept prior to release.

Originally, he
required isolation.

But once he recovered, we placed him in here
to see how he would interact with the others.

- Recovered from what?
- His fin was nearly severed,
probably from a drag net.

How'd he get on
with the other fish?

- Just fine,
as far as I can tell.
- You also have a hammerhead?

Uh, yes, hiding somewhere.

This tank is over 600,000 gallons.
You can only see a portion from this side.

[Booth] Looks like
an ocean in itself.

[Stoddard] It is, but I'm pretty
sure we would see evidence...

if a human being had
been eaten in there.

Anyone missing?
Employees, you mean?

- Or guests? No.
- How about missing a leg?

No. I think we would
notice something like that.

Anything unusual?

The facilities department
lost an expensive filter.

There was a slight spike
in the ammonia levels,

but nothing out of
the ordinary here.

Certainly, nothing
close to a fatal accident.

- [Boy] Look! Oh, Dad!
- [Woman] Oh, my gosh!

[People Gasping, Chattering]

[Man] Step back, please.

Security! Okay, now who's
gonna go in there to get that?

[Booth] Okay, you don't
have to go in, Bones.

Yes, I do. We need to recover
what's left of the victim...

to have any hope
of identification.

Time-out, okay?
Have Hodgins do it.

I look like Richard Dreyfuss, don't
I? "We're gonna need a bigger boat."

No, we don't need a boat.
Why are you wearing that hat?

Keep his brain warm, okay?
Make Hodgins go in there and do it.

There is nothing to be afraid
of, Booth. [Hodgins] Yeah.

- Sharks, they don't eat people.
- Tell that to the guy who
got coughed up by a grouper.

- Okay?
- Okay, who's going in?

- [Brennan] Um...
- You guys know what
you're doing, right?

It isn't a swim in a fish tank.

- Isn't that exactly what it is?
- Yeah, a really big, cool one.

No, no. It's a recovery of a body in
the investigation of a potential homicide.

Any questions, you ask
me. Keep your eyes on me.

Gotcha. Ready?

Yes. I am. Ben here
will escort you to the tank.

Agent Booth, follow me.
You'll be able to communicate...

with Dr. Brennan on our intercom
system. [Booth] Thank you.

Good luck to you.

[Intercom Crackling]
Bones? Bones, you there?

[On Intercom] We're
right here, Booth.

This is beautiful.

Hodgins, I'll get the skull.

You see if there's any
other bone particulates.

I have the interior
aspect of the skull.

- You call it a face, Booth.
- Pipe down there, pal.

Hodgins, over here.


- Hi.
- Hi.

I thought I would stop by and see
if you'd made any progress today.

Oh. Dr. Brennan, she's still
working on the identification.

Wow. It's what we do.

Do you mind if I
ask you a question?

Sure. Come on
in. This is my office.

It's very nice. Yeah, right.

Yeah. I was wondering if you
wanted to go out sometime.

Maybe this weekend. Unless,
of course, I'm a suspect.

'Cause I know you can't
date me if I'm a suspect, right?

- I can't date anyone
who's a suspect.
- I understand.

Yeah, right. It's F.B.I.

Rules, regulations.

Yeah. But, um,

you know, when we're done
with you, um, I can give you a call,

and, um, you can go out with
me or I can go out with you.

- How about both?
- Hey, look at that.


Well, I'm looking forward
to not being a suspect.

I am too.

Let me know if you hear anything
more about the identification.

Yeah, yeah. I will.

All right.

Bye. Bye.

[Objects Clatter]

[Clark] The pelvis
verifies the osteon count.

He was between
the ages of 30 and 34.

The fusion of the vertebrae could
indicate an injury to the spinal cord.

Huh. Anything off the
spectroscope? Yes.

The distal tibia from the
leg we found originally...

It confirms the presence
of perimortem bruising.

When the shark attacked
the victim, he was still alive?

Yes. Take a look right here.

I found a cleft fracture
of the styloid process.

Probably a blunt force
to the throat. And here,

several multidirectional grooves along
the glabella and the supra-orbital ridge.

The victim was
stabbed in the eye?

Varying degrees of
force may suggest...

that someone tried to stab the victim in
the face with a narrow, sharped object.

Okay, well, that makes
this an official homicide.

The victim was assaulted and then dumped
into the tank alive as a means of disposal.

I think I know when it happened.

Meet Diploria labryrinthiformis,

better known as the
groovy grooved brain coral,

native to the Caribbean, Bermuda
and Bahamas. Why is it here?

Coral skeletons
accrete tiny crystals...

of calcium carbonate at night.

So for us, this provides a
timeline similar to tree rings.

Coral can tell us what was in
the water and when it got there.

- If you have a year to wait.
- No, that is the beauty.

Because of the rapid nature of the
growth, the timeline is condensed.

- How specific is it?
- Within hours.

Now, a spike in ammonia and nitrate
levels found within the coral skeleton...

tells us that something died
in that tank on Friday night...

between midnight and
6:00 a.m... something big,

like "human being" big.

[Booth] These here are the 28 people
we know who were at the aquarium...

Saturday morning between the
hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m.

Most of them are employees
and security guards.

[Cell Phone Rings]
Are all of them still alive?

We're working on
that right now. Booth.

This NOAA thing is turning
into a full-fledged investigation.

Who is that? Uh... [Mouths Word]

Oh. Tell Andrew I said
hi. Bones says hello.

Hello. Tell her I'm really
looking forward to our date.

Did you two wanna
speak to each other,

or is there something that
you wanted to tell me, sir?

I called 'cause I got a heads-up
on your missing person.

Yeah. Okay. Wow.

Gotcha. [Beeps]

What did he say? Uh, he's
looking forward to our date.

- Your date.
- Oh, so am I.

He e-mailed me and said
he had tickets to a play.

He e-mailed you?
What, for a play?

I believe that "play" is
Andrew's code for sex.

- Is it okay for us
to talk like this?
- Yeah.

Well, when he
invited me to the play,

I thought it was a code
for sex, so I said no.

Oh. But I said yes to coffee.

Maybe that's a code.
Mm-mmm. Angela informed me...

that coffee isn't a
code for anything. Ha.

I have a date too.


Catherine Bryar.

Everyone at the
aquarium is a suspect.

And once she's eliminated
as a person of interest...

- Why did Andrew call?
- Oh. [Clears Throat]

Number 19 on our list,
uh, is not accounted for.

Jazz Gunn? Yeah.

- What a ludicrous name.
- You don't know who that is?

My name is Jazz Gunn,

and I have a secret to tell you.

In the simplest terms, the
terrestrial world we live in...

mirrors the underwater
world you see right here.

Same rules that
govern the sea...

also govern the sea of life.

Jazz Gunn is your average... and I
do mean average... self-help guru.

His half-baked theory is
based on nothing more...

than the concept
of natural selection.

But his "Sea of Life"
seminars are packed.

The shape of his skull is
consistent with that of the victim.

I've never heard of him.
[Booth] I've heard of him.

He spent Friday night getting
ready to prepare for this big speech...

that he was supposed to give this morning
at the aquarium, and he never showed up.

He said that he had a car accident
in '93 that left him unable to walk.

But after he swam in the sea off
the coast of Brazil, he was cured.

What, like a miracle?

Like this power of
positive thinking?

- It's preposterous.
- He swam with sharks.

He said that by forcing himself
to face his atavistic fears,

he gained the
strength to fight back.

That's the whole theory
behind the "Sea of Life."

What, so now this guy, he gets
paid a hundred bucks a pop...

to talk about that
in front of fish tanks?

Let's begin with life
lesson number one:

Eat or be eaten.

What if your friends and
neighbors tried to eat you?

Look at this guy. His
name's Tad Benedict.

Benedict used to be Jazz's assistant,
but, uh, now Jazz does it solo.

They had a widely
publicized falling-out.

What does he have in his hand?

[Sweets] Uh, that's a pen. [Brennan]
That looks like a metal stylus.

The victim was stabbed
with a small, sharp object.

Theodore Benedict. He's on our list of people
that were there at the aquarium Friday night.

Maybe Jazz hired him back.

Or maybe he just showed
up with a chip on his shoulder.

And a pointy
pointer in his hand.

Or like life lesson number one.

Eat or be eaten.

[Jazz Continues,
Indistinct] eat or be eaten.

- [Booth] Tad, is it?
- Yeah.

I can't believe this happened. Who
would wanna kill Jazz? People love him.

The easy answer is you. You worked
for him three years ago? Off and on.

- Starting
three years ago, yeah.
- Let's forget about the "on."

Let's just focus on the "off." Says you were
dismissed after an argument over compensation?

I wanted a share of the profits.

I felt like I did a lot of work,
and he made all the money.

I couldn't think of a
clearer motive. You?

- Do I look like
I could do that?
- No, but I've seen the video.

Jazz is about, what, 5'4"?

The way you were wieldin' that little
crazy pen around of yours that you had,

it was pretty fierce.

You do know that that
fight was all over, right?

He called me a
couple of months ago...

when he oversold a
seminar in Santa Fe.

He needed help and apologized.

I needed the job, so
I went back to work.

- Does he pay you?
- I get a percentage after each
seminar, just like I asked.

And he took me and my wife to Aspen
for Christmas. I more than forgave him.

You wanna know what
I think, Agent Booth?

- Sure.
- Jazz loved the sea.

He wanted to swim in that
big tank at the aquarium.

He told me.

Is this a live feed of the tropical
reef tank at the aquarium?

Yep. With an interactive
interface I implemented myself.

Check this out.
Click on this guy,

the program has an index
that catalogs anything organic.

This is incredible,
Angela. May I try?

[Hodgins] Look what I found
in the filter from the aquarium.

It's a five-inch piece of tanned,
putrescible animal rawhide.

From a fish? From a wallet.

Well, if you go into
a fish tank willingly,

you remove your wallet, right?


Oh, wow.

Oh, you should leave this up.

It's beautiful, peaceful, pure.

It's kind of scary,
though, right?

- Oh, I like scary.
- Yeah, so do I.

Clark is trying to determine what sort
of weapon the killer may have used...

when stabbing at
the victim's face.

Hodgins, please keep me posted
about what you find in the filter.


[Device Beeps]

Did you have time to
examine the grooves?

I did.

Syringe? Taking a closer look,

I could see some of
the deeper grooves...

had a faint semi-circular
ridge near the point of contact.

I thought it'd be consistent with
the hub of a hypodermic needle.

In terms of a diameter, a
14-gauge would be about right.

But there are no matching
grooves on the styloid process.

No. That injury is
simple blunt force.

If the victim was stabbed with a hypodermic
needle, something may have been injected.

It's hard to tell with the
body being submerged.

And I can't find the perfect
needle to match either.

Maybe I can.

Excuse me. We're back.

I see that. Can I help
you with something?

[Chuckles] Why is
she using that tone?

Well, she just doesn't like being
pinned as a murder suspect.

I can deal with that.
What I don't like...

is having every piece of information
I give you double-checked.

- What can I do for you?
- We wanna take a look
at your hypodermic needles.

All right. What sort
of needles? Bones.

Fourteen-gauge with a round
hub and a blunted tip. Exactly.

Uh, we don't carry
anything like that.

Okay. Anything similar?

I realize you need to
double-check, so please,

go right ahead.

Also need to know who had
access to it the night the victim died.

I wasn't back here that night.

What's wrong with
these angelfish?

They've been listless
the past few days.

Most likely due to
something they ingested.

Or someone.

We should take these fish
back to the lab. No, you can't.

These are a gift from Morocco.
They need to be tested...

for trace evidence in
a murder investigation.

- We'll get 'em back to you.
- I may or may not
get them back to you.

Wait. You just said that
you weren't here that night.

You already said that you
were. No. Not in this area.

No one was back
here after midnight.

I was out in the lobby
helping with the kids.

Kids? What kids?

Our education department hosts
field trips for local elementary students.

I was helping the teacher.

[Clears Throat] I
teach fourth grade.

My students are mostly
nine- and 10-year-olds.

We usually do the
Natural History Museum.

And I thought we'd
try something new.

So we tried the aquarium.
Wow. Thirty-six kids overnight.

That's, uh... That's
very brave of you.

Well, kids that age, when they
fall asleep, they're like little corpses.

Did you have any help? Yes.

Four mothers. And they're the
same four mothers who do everything.

- I can give you their names.
- That'd be great. Thanks.

- Where did you sleep?
- In sleeping bags
on the floor.

- In the lobby.
- [Chuckles]

The aquarium people left the
lights on in the big tank until midnight.

- It was beautiful.
- I'm just wondering,

how is it that so many people can
spend the night in front of a tank...

and not see a man
being eaten by sharks?

When they turned the
lights off, it was dark.

Agent Booth, believe me.

If one of those kids had seen anything,
they would all know about it by now.

Why? First of all,
they're blabbermouths.

And second, they were all
issued these disposable cameras,

and they take pictures
of everything. Everything?

Everything. [Exhales]

[All Chattering] Kim,
stop hitting Steven.

[Booth] Just tell me if
any of these kids is a killer.

It's pretty tough to tell your average
nine-year-old from your average psychopath.

Don't say that. I have
a kid nearly that age.

Children are still forming
their sense of ethics at this age.

Like I said, they're
basically sociopaths. It's true.

[Woman] Kids, kids.
Hey. Aw, thanks, Lucy.

Your photos will be returned after they're
developed and perused for the investigation.

But what about the contest?

[Whispering] We told the
kids it was a photo contest.

Oh, that's good. Spare them the
trauma of the murder. Good idea.

- Murder?
- No, no. No, no, no, no.

No, no, no. Photo contest.
First prize: amusement park.

- No one said murder.
- First place goes
to an amusement park.

Go ahead. I saved you.

- I know.
- You can thank me
for saving you later. Next.

So I'm looking for evidence
of shark attack and murder...

while simultaneously
judging a photo contest?

You possess the
necessary overlapping skills.

Well, between 36 disposables
and 10 cell phone cameras,

we've got quite
a selection here.


So you said that coffee
isn't code for anything, right?

Sweetie, I think you need to
stop worrying about sex codes.

Hacker is a very up-front guy...

who is also extremely
politically savvy.

Talk about strange overlapping skills,
huh? I don't know what that means.

Hacker is very
sophisticated in his job,

but he's much more
transparent in his personal life.

Does that sound like
anybody you know?

Me? So you mean
we're compatible?

Well, you know who I
think you belong with.

I don't belong with
anyone, Angela. Do you?

Well, I'm grappling
with those same issues.

So, yes, go have
coffee with Hacker.

And if it goes well, then maybe
you guys can graduate to lunch.

- What should I wear?
- Clothing.

- Look at this.
- Let me see that one.

Let me see if I can scan this.

[Angela] Well, it's definitely a
person. That's not our victim.

The proportions are wrong.

But no one was
supposed to be back there.

At 2:38 a.m.

Hodgins said that the victim died in
the tank between midnight and 6:00 a.m.

So this could
definitely be our killer.


Oh. That is the most
unpleasant smell.

- Angelfish smoothie?
- Man, you killed
the Moroccan angelfish?

No. No, I did not.
They died on their own.

Only afterwards did I puree
them. I hope you can prove that.

Those aquarium people
love their fish. Don't worry.

The angelfish died from a generic,
organic protein-based neurotoxin...

that's found in lots of
different yummy places,

like the flagellum of bacteria.

What, did they absorb
it through their gills?

- I think they ingested it.
- By snacking on our victim.

No. This neurotoxin's not strong
enough to kill a fully grown human male.

Wait. What if it was injected
through his eye more than once?

Well, it'd be disorienting, as
would any injection into the eye.

Perhaps Dr. Saroyan can find traces
in what's left of the body. Thank you.

Oh, hey, Clark. I thought
I should warn you. Yeah?

Angela and Wendell,
they broke up.

I-I'm sorry. What's
that got to do with me?

She may be in the
market for a new intern.


Okay, okay, okay. Listen.

I'm gonna... I'm gonna break
my cardinal rule for you...

and offer some good advice.

Don't do that. Do what?

Channel your own
frustrations into snide allusions.

Oh. Snide's a strong word.

Um, I, uh...

I found this for you. It
was... It was in the vacuum.

Looks like an enterolith.

Well, in cats, you
would call it a hair ball.

Now, in this, I see some bone
fragments within its composition.

- Well, take it. It's all yours.
- Thanks.

Clark. [Sighs] What it
is now, Dr. Hodgins?

Thank you for breaking
your cardinal rule.

I'll, uh... I'll take what you
said under advisement.


Just know that I really don't
need to know the outcome.


Why can't you just lighten
up the guy's face and zoom in?

Because it was a cell phone
camera that was aimed by a child.

The Plexiglas at this
point is a foot thick.

- And 30 feet of water.
- At night.

I was just asking.

So I used some
warping software...

to reverse the direction
of the distortion...

that was caused by the waves
in the surface of the water.

Then I lit it up. But this
is the best that I can do.

Okay. Well, we'll print
that up and get it to Booth.

- I know this man.
- You do?

Yes. His name is Ben. I saw
him working at the aquarium.

- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.

So, why didn't
you clock in, Ben?

Probably 'cause I
wasn't working. Really?

Okay. There you
go. And on top of it,

we have photographic evidence
that shows that you were.

Wow. Right. That night.

Right. That night. Just a
routine night at the aquarium.

A man gets murdered and
then he gets fed to the sharks.

I wasn't supposed
to work that night,

but I switched shifts.

I didn't clock in using my own
card. That happens. It doesn't matter.

The fact is you were there.

So let's start this all over
again, shall we, okay?

Here's a check made out to you.
Ben Marcus... that's you, right?

For $10,000, deposited
the day after the murder.

- I can explain that.
- Signed by one Dmitri Vladov.

Oh, man. Okay.

This looks bad, 'cause he's
a big Russian mobster type.

Hello. Of course it looks bad.
It's made out to you for $10,000.

For what?

It's not what you
think. But if I tell you,

Vladov will kill me.

Okay, I want a lawyer. I'm
not saying anything else.

- I'll just go ask Vlad.
- Do you think you could
leave my name out of it?

No? No.

Dmitri Vladov? Yeah.

Vladov the Impaler paid
for a hit with a check?

Yeah. I mean, why would
Vladov hire an amateur?

And pay by check. That's not a
good sign for law enforcement.

That's not a good sign for culture as a
whole. You know what we ought to do?

Pool our money together and
buy a buffalo ranch in Alberta.

Uh, sir, why do I feel like you're
stalling so I don't talk to this guy?

I am stalling, yes. Why?

Why go out on a limb when
you know it's gonna break?

Vladov's under surveillance
by about five federal agents.

Nothing ever happens. So
how's he get away with it?

- What's the Russian word
for "Teflon"?
- I don't know. Teflonistan?

Vladov has been brought
up on 50 charges...

Everything from homicide,
RICO, prostitution.

They've been smuggling
counterfeit vodka for years.

He has a brilliant trick to
keep himself out of prison.

What's that? He denies doing it.

It's gotten to the point when he denies
something, it's his way of saying "yes."

Yeah, well, I'm not
afraid to bring this guy in.

You should be. If you value
your pension, you should be.

Okay, well, I'm not, even
when you sound like Yoda.

You want me with you
when you talk to him? Why?

Vladov the Impaler... the
nickname is self-explanatory.

I can handle it. Good.

But I truly hope that you don't
end up getting eaten by sharks...

because your successes have
done wonders for my career.

This looks like your friendly
neighborhood gill raker.

What's that?

That... That would be your
friendly neighborhood gum wrapper.

[Cell Phone Rings, Beeps]

That's Booth. Hello, Booth.

Yeah, Bones. Listen, you gotta help
me. I got a hot lead and a funny feeling.

[On Speakerphone] I don't
understand the juxtaposition.

All right, listen. I just need a really
strong, really compelling piece of evidence.

Usually all you say you
need is your gun and your wits.

- I've have to come
to depend on your wits too.
- What kind of proof do you need?

I need something that
links a Russian mobster...

to a self-improvement guru who
gives speeches in front of fish tanks.

- I am currently witless.
- This is the Russian mobster
who smuggles booze?

Yeah, well, that's the
nicest thing he does.

Hello? Is somebody
doing something there?

Hodgins is doing a
demonstration in his beaker.

It's a fact that Russian

add blue dye to tankers of clear
alcohol and import it as glass cleaner,

thus avoiding the
high tariff on booze.

Now, once it gets to the States,
they need to remove the dye...

so that they can bottle
the booze as vodka.

The only way to do that...

is from a reverse
osmosis filter.

[Booth] Okay, you know
what, I got "filter" out of that.

Marilyn at the aquarium told
us that they're missing a filter.

The mob can't go buy a
filter? This one is special.

It's really huge and extra good.

See? No, I don't see.
I'm in another place.

I'm driving a car. If you were
here, you'd be very impressed.

Our victim witnesses a
filter theft and gets killed for it.

Hit him with the filter,
Booth. That's your connection.

Hodgins means
metaphorically, Booth.

If you hit a Russian mobster with an actual
filter, he'd probably just impale you.

All right, well, that's
great. Thanks for the tip.

Mr. Vladov, could you, uh,
please describe your line of work?

For the purposes
of this conversation,

importing and exporting
mostly glass cleaner.

What's that, 80 proof?

Agent Booth, you know
what you know. Fine.

But what we're talking
about here is different.

How about you tell me
what it is you think I did?

Then I tell you I
did not do this thing.

Then we part ways amicably.

Okay. Do you know a motivational
speaker by the name of Jazz Gunn?

No. [Chuckles]
It's a silly name.

How about Ben Marcus? Works
at the Aquarium of the Atlantic?

I even more vehemently
deny knowing this person.

Did you hire Ben Marcus to
steal a filter from the giant tank?

I deny this categorically.

That your check?

That's your name. Right
there. Dmitri Vladov.

And that's your
signature right there.

The check was written out to a man who
was photographed at the scene of a murder.

He cashed it the next day.
No, that is not my check.

- Yes, it is. It's your check.
- No, it is not.

It's illegal to provide false information
that may impede a federal investigation.

- I'm not aware of this, no.
- Well, you're aware
of it now...

because I'm telling you.

Am I under arrest?

I don't know. Are you?

I like you, Agent Booth.

And I've told you everything
I know on this issue.

- You now owe me a favor.
- I owe you a favor?

[Laughs] I don't
owe you anything.

Yes, you do. [Laughs]

No, I don't.

May I interest you in our
final selections from the filter?

Dorsal fin from a
foxface rabbitfish.

I believe this is some
sort of sea turtle feces,

uh, a rusty paper clip and
the broken spine of a lionfish.

- And that's all she wrote.
- [Clark] Throw in
the embryonic cells...

of a blue shark and the
remains of a human vertebra.

Embryonic cells.

I need to see your
virtual aquarium.

Yeah. Sure.

Is there a blue
shark in this tank?

Uh, I don't think so.

No. No blue shark.

Well, that's not possible. How would
those embryonic cells get into the tank?

It's a closed system. They weren't
in the tank. They were in the victim.

The embryonic cells of a blue shark
can be injected between the vertebrae...

to form an infrastructure matrix
that facilitates neural transmission.

It restores the spinal cord.

It was progressive surgery that
restored Jazz Gunn's ability to walk.

- It had nothing to do
with his ridiculous theory.
- What a little liar.

Well, I have to tell Booth there's
a scientific explanation for this.

Dr. Brennan, you know what
else is missing from this tank?


Looks like a 14-gauge.

Jazz Gunn was a liar. He wasn't
cured by swimming in Brazil.

He underwent
experimental surgery.

Think of all the people he misled.
That's motive for murder right there.

Is this what you're looking for?

The edge of this
tank is damaged.

It still holds water. We're
on a tight budget around here.

This explains the cleft fracture
on the victim's styloid process.

- Uh, you lost me, Bones.
- The lionfish protects itself
with venomous spines...

containing the same neurotoxin that
stunned our victim prior to his death.

- So no hypodermic
- No.

There were several spines
from one venomous fish,

all coming into contact with the
victim's face at the same time.

So this fish stabbed
him in the eye?

That is consistent
with the wounds, yes.

This the only lionfish
you have here? That's it.

Pterois antennata.
I call him Bob.

Bob! [Chuckles]

Bob is our murder weapon.

The victim and the killer gained
access to the back area of the aquarium...

before the door was locked.

Jazz saw the
lionfish in quarantine.

This represents the
quarantine tank. Clark?

Jazz was all about
facing his fears.

He saw one of the world's
most venomous fish...

and was taking a look at it from
above the surface of the water...

when someone forcefully
pushed his head down into the tank,

causing a cleft fracture
of the styloid process.


We used to do that in junior
high, but we used a toilet.

This man died of a
lionfish swirly. [Clark] Yeah.

Now, several of the venomous
spines penetrated the eye area.

A few broke and
remained embedded.

Now, with the victim disoriented
and possibly unconscious,

it was very easy to drag
him off to the big tank nearby.

Unconscious underwater, he
was dead with his first breath.

And those fish tore him apart.

And that's where this poor nutcase's theory
actually holds true... eat or be eaten.

[Booth] Jazz Gunn flew
to Brazil every six months.

He had surgery at a special clinic
in a small town called Itamaracá.

That would be consistent with the
maintenance injections required semiannually,

although, Itamaracá, Brazil,
is a long way to go to get them.

Well, he's gotta
keep up the front...

Tell everyone he's going for
another swim in the sea, right?

But guess who else paid a
visit to Itamaracá this year?

So Brazil's a pretty expensive
vacation for a schoolteacher.

I love to travel.

To the very same beach where Jazz Gunn
claimed to have been healed by the sea?

How many of his
seminars did you attend?

The F.B.I. will find out.

You said you didn't
know who Jazz Gunn was.

I went to nine of his seminars.

I have fibromyalgia.


And that bastard convinced
me that if I just faced my fears,

that magically, all this
pain would just disappear.

- He lied.
- So you brought a group
of fourth graders along...

as an alibi for murder?

No. It was a coincidence.

He took me back to
see this poisonous fish.

"Come face your fears," he said.

[Exhales] Last thing he
should've said to me right then.

I'll tell you what though. He might
have been on to something, that bastard.

Because ever since I shoved his
lying face into that poisonous fish,

I haven't felt any pain.

I'm going to have
coffee with Andrew.

All right. Have a
good time. Thank you.

[Punches Button] I'm
going to see someone too.

Dr. Catherine Bryar.
Case is closed.

She's very nice. The two
of you seem compatible.

Maybe. You know, we'll see.

She's easily as pretty as I am.

I mean, using me as a standard.

Well, Bones, you
are the standard.

Andrew is not as
handsome as you...

Using you as a standard.

He is, however, taller.

[Inhales] Catherine
isn't as smart as I am.

Well, I'm not as
smart as Hacker.

What? You once said he was a
doofus. He is a doofus... a smart doofus.

Well, I hope you have
a good time together.

Yeah, you too.


[Woman Singing: Alt Rock] ♪
There's only so much you can say ♪

♪ Before it all
just dissipates ♪

♪ You see, there's only
so much you can take ♪

♪ God, I hope I'm
one of those things ♪

♪ I hope you never leave ♪

♪ Leave me ♪

♪ You stole my breath ♪♪

- I'm not late, am I?
- Not at all.

I... We were catching
a murderer. I heard.

Catching a murderer is the best
excuse for being late I've ever heard.

But you said I wasn't late.
I was putting you at ease.

It's one of my strengths... that and I
can write longhand perfectly in the dark.

[Laughs] Oh. [Murmuring]

[Clears Throat]

Congratulations on
solving the murder. Yes.

Now Booth can have
sex with Dr. Bryar.

Because she was
involved in the investigation,

and the F.B.I. does not allow
socialization with suspects or consultants.

And for a while, she
was both. Oh, my God.

Andrew, are you allowed
to see me socially?

- Absolutely. I got clearance.
- From whom?

From myself. [Laughs]

In fact, I not only granted permission,
I insisted that I see you socially.

That's funny because you're
satirizing bureaucratic rules...

by adhering to the letter of the
regulations instead of the spirit of it.

[Both Laughing]

You've got a great laugh.
You do. It's a Rat Pack laugh.

- I don't know what that means.
- You don't know
about the Rat Pack?

That's awesome. I-I... Why?

The Rat Pack does not
sound like a good thing.

'Cause you will not be
able to resist the man...

who showed you that the
Rat Pack is a good thing.


[Bryar] Tell me the truth. Did
you think, even for a second,

that I might be
the murderer? No.

I may not know who
did commit the murder,

but I definitely
know who didn't.

Yeah, yeah. I know.
You're a scientist,

so that whole intuition thing
is just a load of crap, right?

I have an intuition about you.

Really? Mm-hmm.

[Chuckles] It tells me that
you could use some company.

Oh. I could use some company?

Really? Hmm. Mm-hmm.

I make you laugh.
You make me laugh.

You're gonna make me laugh?

- Do you think these
diamond earrings are real?
- I don't know.

I could tell that they were real
the minute my ex gave them to me.

How so? Because no one would
buy fake diamonds this small.

[Both Laughing]

All right. See?

So give me a call if you
wanna have dinner sometime.

Hey, Catherine.

You wanna have dinner sometime?


[Man Singing: Alt Rock]
♪ Contact with a friend ♪

♪ A long time, but it's
never quite the same ♪♪

[Brennan] Angela and Hodgins
find the fish tank to be very romantic.

[Booth] Mystery of the
deep... the great unknown.

It's a body of enclosed water...

filled with aquatic
ectothermic vertebrates.

Not unknown at all, but pretty.

Maybe that's what
they like. Yeah.

That's probably what it
is. I bet that's what it is.

So, your date, h-how was that?

Oh, quite enjoyable.

- Andrew is charming, very funny.
- I can see. You're still smiling.

What about you and Catherine? Did
you have a good time? [Chuckles] Yeah.

Yeah. We laughed, a lot.

It felt good. I'm
gonna see her again.


You deserve a good woman,
Booth. So do you, Bones.

I mean, not a woman, but
a... You know what I meant.

[Laughs] Yeah. I know.

So, um, what did
you laugh about?

Uh, she said something about her
earrings. She wore amusing earrings?

No. She said that they were a gift,
and she knew that they were real...

'cause no one would buy
fake diamonds that small.

They might if they
were on a tight budget.

No, no. It's, um... Uh...

It doesn't matter. Never
mind. You had to be there.

Andrew is going to
introduce me to a rat pack.

He was very excited about it.

They must be
extraordinary rodents.

Yeah. Talented too.

Do you know them? Mm-hmm.

What's that mean?