Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 8 - Bones - full transcript

A body flies out of an exploding meth lab. As the team tries to identify the body, Booth works on a big case which could boost his career, but he's distracted when his brother shows up and shows some interest in Bones.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[Man] All right,
cadets, listen up!

What I'm cradling
lovingly in my arms...

is an M203 40-millimeter
canister launcher.

What's it for? Cadet Williams.

- Tear gas!
- That's right.

That is a meth lab. Our boys took it three
days ago. How do you think they did that?

- Tear gas!
- Wrong!

And that is why we are here.

I'm gonna demonstrate for
you why we don't fire tear gas...

into a meth lab.

[All Gasping]

[Projectile Whistling]

[Murmuring, Chattering]

We're gonna need a...
Um, a fire extinguisher.

Then maybe some sort of...

trauma counselor.

[Chuckling] Hey, sorry I'm late.

Well, according to Sweets, chronic
lateness is a way of asserting control.

- That's right.
- So you believe that?

No. I figured there was traffic
or something kept you at work.

Exactly. Work.
Work, Bones. Okay?

I was putting the final
touches on a case...

that's about to propel me
into F.B.I. legendary status.

Ah, the big RICO case that...

I'm not supposed to
know anything about.

- Why don't I know about this?
- It's top secret.

- But you told Dr. Brennan.
- She's my partner, okay? Indictments any minute.

Followed by a pay raise, possible parade
and, most definitely, my face on a coin.

- Just in time for your birthday.
- Which I will be
spending in Hawaii.

Huh? Look at that. Mmm.

[Chuckles] Shark adventures.
[Cell Phone Ringing]

- Sharks?
- Oh, I really wish
you wouldn't...

- Booth.
- Answer your phone.

Jared? Oh, God. Give me that.

- That's his brother.
- Booth has a brother?

Sounds good. I'll see you then.

- Don't feel bad. I've never met him either.
- At least you knew he existed.

[Cell Phones Ringing,
Buzzing] Yeah.

Okay. That's enough for today.

Because obviously you have to go
look at some horribly dismembered...

human remains.

[People Chattering]

Any idea how the
body got in there?

I guess anyone could've done
it anytime in the last three days.

Male, 45 to 50 years old. Do we
know where the rest of the remains are?

Yes. One leg is over there, the other
is over there, and the arm is over there.

- Did I kill this man?
- No.

[Exhales, Trembling] Okay.

This man was shot in the chest.

- Would you be at all upset
if I had a little cry?
- Yeah. Take your time.

[Murmuring] Thank you.

What's that there on
the inside of his pocket?

This man was obviously some
kind of technical designer or engineer.

A squint, huh? One of your own.

So these are from the notebook
found in our victim's windbreaker?

schematics, sketches.

Automatic toilet scrubber. Huh.

It's like those little vacuum cleaners
that move around on their own.

Things in a toilet
bowl should not move.

Look at this. This is a... a snow
shovel with an attached heating device.

Wow. Our victim was an inventor.

[Clears Throat]

- Clark, hey!
- Oh, God. Here we go.

Really, you came back, huh?

You said you didn't want
to work with us anymore.

No. I said my preferred working
style tends towards the professional.

See my tie? That's an indicator.

Mm-hmm. So why'd
you come back then?

Because this is the finest
forensics facility in the world.

You want to fight MiGs,
you fly MiG Alley, right?

A Korean War reference?

You do know that we have a brand-new
war, right? It's been in the news.

I got a form letter here
from the patent office.

Good work.

Aren't you the least bit curious about whether
Hodgins and I are back together or not?

And not work. Am I the only one
that can tell the difference here?

Is there a name
on that letter? No.

But there's a patent application
number. We can find out who filed it.

Coleoptera just started feeding on the Diptera
larvae, meaning our victim died three days ago.

Thank you.

Aren't you impressed that Angela
and I can still work together so well?

Uh, there's no
obvious exit wound.

Well, that suggests a .22 or .25
caliber. I'll keep my eyes open.

Multiple points of possible antemortem
inbending with concomitant fracture.

These abrasions are patterned.

Repeated blows with
a perforated surface?

Camille? [Beeping]


[Both Chuckle]

It's really you.
Jarheads are marines.

I'm a lieutenant commander in
the navy. Not an acceptable mistake.

He's getting so big. Soon he'll be wanting
a later curfew and a car of his own.

Jared, this here is my partner, Dr. Temperance
Brennan. That back there is a squint.

- Bones, this is
my little brother.
- Bones.

- Dr. Brennan.
- Oh, it is nice
to meet you, Jarhead.

I can see the
family resemblance.

Your facial structure is even
more symmetrical than Booth's.

Is she coming on to me?
No. It's just the way she talks.

- Right.
- So, the Pentagon, huh?

- You're looking at the new head
of Strategic Plans and Policy.
- Basically, he runs the place.

- So, uh, Cam, Jared has
a favor he'd like to...
- I can ask my own favor.

Okay, go ahead.

There's a cocktail party tonight. I'm in
need of a beautiful woman on my arm.

Preferably a very smart one.

- I'm quite intelligent.
- No.

Uh, it's not that you're not
intelligent. I mean, you are intelligent.

- I would be delighted.
- Hey, I got a hit on
the patent application.

It was filed by somebody named
Paul Stegman. I've got an address there.

Whoa. There's more
than one Booth?

[Clears Throat] I'm
Angela Montenegro.

Jared Booth. Hi.

Okay, Jared, Bones and I
have to work on a case, so...

Yeah, no problem. I will grab a cab
and get settled into my new place.

It was very nice
to meet you all.

- And, Cam, I will pick you up
at your place, say 7:00.
- Sounds good.

Are you thinking of
leaving lesbianism behind?

I prefer not to
be labeled, okay?

Well, since you were last here,
Angela ran into her ex-girlfriend,

who is now her ex-ex-girlfriend.

Well, the only "ex" I
care about are X-rays.

- Right.
- Apologize for the pun.

Yeah. Don't give
up your day job, kid.

Okay, Bones, what do you say we
go solve a murder, huh? Come on!

The remains are those of
a man in his 50s, bearded.

5'10", approximately 195 pounds.

That matches the
description of my father.

Was the, um, victim wearing a
blue windbreaker with yellow piping?

- Yeah. That-That's... That's my windbreaker.
- He borrowed it, Paul.

One of your notebooks
must've been in the pocket.

- When was the last time
you saw your father?
- Uh... Uh, three days ago.

Was he drunk? He
used to go on binges.


Uh, how often did your, uh,
father go on these drinking binges?

- We don't really know.
- Jim had just come back
into our lives.

- He said he quit drinking.
- He walked out on me
and my mom when I was a kid.

His father wrapped his car
around a tree drunk driving.

- Paul was injured
and so was his mom.
- He broke both his legs.

- But as soon as he
got crutches, he was gone.
- How did he find you again?

There was an article about me in
this magazine. Dad read it, called me.

Said he had cleaned up his act, wanted to
reconnect, so we invited him to stay with us.

- Did your father have
any run-ins recently?
- Was my father murdered?

We... think it may
be foul play, yes.

Mrs. Stegman?

The day before your father
disappeared, I came home from school.

I teach fifth grade.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I
saw Mike leaving the house.

- He looked upset.
- Who's Mike?

Mike Campbell. We used to be
business partners, but we're still friends.

Your dad said he caught Mike
taking something from your workshop.

We loan each other tools all the time.
I bet Dad just didn't understand that.

Well, I'm gonna
need Mike's number.

[Booth] So there, is it true
that you borrowed his tools?

What? I didn't borrow anything.

Well, then, Mr. Campbell, what
were you doing at the Stegman house?

- I went to confront his dad.
- About what?

When I get stuck on one of my projects,
I like to do a little off-track betting.

Making predictions based on
statistical models clears my head.

- Makes complete sense.
- Yeah.

So, uh, that day, I go
in, and there's Paul's dad.

He's placing bets and
taking hits off of a flask.

Indicating that he hadn't
really stopped drinking.

I confronted him,

and then the old geezer slammed me against
a wall and told me to mind my own business.

- So then you left?
- That's right.

But then he disappeared,

so I figured why should I spoil
Paul's last memories of his old man.

Mm-hmm. Your inventions are much
more industrial than Paul Stegman's.

Yeah. That's why we
stopped being partners.

Paul's more into
toys and gadgets.

Oh, that is part of a
pressurized industrial sieve.

It has applications in
the sewage industry.

This grating could've caused
the damage to Jim's face.

[Cell Phone Rings]

- Booth.
- Did you catch the murderer?

- [Brennan] We subpoenaed
a possible murder weapon.
- Not a bad day's work.

More important than catching
a murderer, I'm dateless tonight.

What happened to Cam?

Oddly, I think it's more
important to catch this murderer.

I'm working. So who else
you got for me, Seeley?

- What am I, your pimp?
- Don't think
I'm not appreciative.

Clark has everything under
control, so I could go. What?

- Really?
- Huh?

- Why, thank you.
- No.

[Stammering] Wait.
This is Bones, right?

Not some ugly F.B.I.
woman with a mustache.

- I don't have
a mustache, Jared.
- Seeley, would you mind?

Hmm? No. Why would
I mind? It's all right.

- Which means this is
a great time to hang up.
- Mm-hmm.

What did you find?

It's what I didn't
find that's interesting.

You have got to be
kidding me. What?

Oh, nothing.

Nothing, nothing, Dr. Brennan. I
just didn't know that you were so...

[Clears Throat] The
murder victim was...

supposed to be a
long-term heavy drinker,

yet his bones show no signs
of alcoholic osteoporosis.

There's no damage to the cancellous
structure of the long bones either.

Furthermore, he was supposed
to have broken his legs...

in a car accident
approximately 25 years ago.

There's no signs
of remodeling. No.

- These legs were never broken.
- We misidentified the victim.

He is not Paul Stegman's father.


♪♪ [Orchestra: Jazz]
[Guests Chattering]

[Laughing, Chattering]

Thank you, General.
Appreciate it.

Will you gentlemen
excuse me for a second?

Sure. Okay.

Champagne? Thank you.

Don't tell me. You're
sorry you came.

No, not at all.

It is not often that I get to observe
people this powerful in a relaxed situation.

Don't be fooled. It's a
school of piranhas in here.

[Both Laughing]

You're good at this. They
listen to you when you speak.

You want to know the secret?

You have an
incredibly beautiful,

incredibly intelligent

sitting alone, waiting for
you to bring her a drink.

Nah, that was too
corny. Definitely.

I was thinking how Booth would
be bored at a function like this.

This kind of event would
make Seeley very nervous.

I don't mean he's incapable.
My brother's very, very capable.

It's just... It's like
Seeley's afraid of success.

He stays in his comfort
zone. It drove our dad nuts.

Really? Maybe that's what
made him a good sniper.

He doesn't like to be visible above
the ridgeline, so he keeps his head low.


Me, on the other hand, well, I
cannot help but run that ridge.

Can you give me an example?

I bet you Seeley
never took that risk.


[Laughs] To a good night?

Yes. So far.

♪♪ [Continues]

I found a match for our victim's
D.N.A. on the felony database.

[Booth] Have you seen
Bones yet this morning?

No. I think she and
Jared had a late night.

Open the attachment
I just sent you.

Okay. Anthony Pongetti.

Multiple fraud convictions.

[Cam] That's our victim.


So... [Sighs] Pongetti
pretends to be Stegman. Why?

Reads that article in the Inventor and
figures there's something to cash in on?

You know, Bones
never gets in this late.

- You're the one who said you
didn't mind them going out.
- [Exhales] Bye.

- Special Agent Booth?
- Look at that. A full colonel
from the state police.

Ryan Wolchuck. How are you?

- Mind if I sit?
- No, please. Have a seat.

If this is about the RICO investigations,
I've been keeping you guys in the loop,

just like I promised.

- Well, I'm here
about the meth lab body.
- Okay.

It's extremely embarrassing for the
state police that this homicide victim...

was blown up during
a training exercise.


And the superintendent, the
governor, various movers and shakers,

would look
kindly on it if you...

If you simply neglected to give
that small detail to the press.

And if the press digs up that the bodies
were burned and blown into several pieces,

it makes the F.B.I. look sneaky.

Well, the F.B.I. is sneaky.

[Both Laughing] Right.

Not today, sir.

Careers are made when men
of good intent help each other.

I tell you what. Why don't we just tell the
truth and take our lumps when we have to?

No signs of remodeling.

[Clears Throat]
Did you just get in?

I haven't been to sleep.

Can I offer you a little insight
into Booth's little brother?

Oh, God. Why am I always
standing precisely in the wrong place?

I didn't have sex with him, Cam.

Didn't have sex with who?

Jared Booth. Good.

Why good? Because...

Because... Because
he's Booth's little brother.

It would be a creepy way
to have sex with a Booth...

without having sex
with the real Booth.

- Kudos. I would not have had
the guts to say that aloud.
- Jared is a real Booth.

Mmm. Jared's Booth-lite.
Booth is the real Booth.

Well, what if
Booth is Booth-lite?

- Angela found
the real Jim Stegman.
- [Brennan] Where?

Here, in the
Jeffersonian cold storage.

Only he's known as
John Doe 100803.

- Looks like a drowning victim.
- Only if he drowned after
being shot in the heart.

How did you find him?

The real Jim Stegman has D.N.A. on file
stemming from an assault charge 12 years ago.

I ran a search,
and this popped up.

He's been a John Doe right here
in the Jeffersonian since last week.

Washed up at
Anacostia Naval Station.

Last known address...
Bowie, Maryland.

[Officer] Well, this is
Jim Stegman's place.

Landlord says nobody's been
in here since he went missing.

This guy's gone missing
twice and nobody reports it.

- You say Jim ended up shot
and dumped in the river?
- That's right. Shot and dumped.

Ol' Jim did not deserve that ending, what
with quittin' drinking, quittin' betting.

Well, it looks like he fell
off the gambling bandwagon.

No sign of booze anywhere. Here.

Booth. Yeah?

- One of these is made out
to Anthony Pongetti.
- Pongetti?

- Well, that old boy is
another whole earful of wax.
- Bad egg?

Black-hearted son
of a bitch, yeah.

- Had him in custody,
oh, two months ago.
- For what?

Running a bogus
roof repair company.

He'd give an estimate and
take a deposit, then skedaddle.

Mind I ask what's going
on here in my own town?

Yeah. The real Jim Stegman, he was shot,
killed and dumped in the river a week ago.

Pongetti shot and
killed four days ago.

After pretending
to be Jim Stegman.

Sounds like maybe Pongetti killed Jim
and then committed, uh, whatchamacallit...

Identity theft.

[Cell Phone Buzzes]

Yeah. Uh, thanks. Bones, you know
what? I gotta get you back to the lab.

Thanks, uh, Sheriff.

[Hodgins] Paul Stegman had
66 inventions in his notebook,

and this one was
marked with a star.

All it needed was
a little more torque.

Yeah, well, if the gears
can handle it. [Motor Starts]

[Whirring] [Clattering]

Clark, I was wondering if you
had a chance to look at the grat...

[Motor Winds
Down, Putters, Stops]

Is this one of Stegman's
inventions? [Hodgins] Yeah.

It's a garbage sorter, and,
thanks to Clark, it works.

I only indulged in this
diversion after he asked for help.

I wasn't wasting time.
I came in for the, uh...

The grating you got
from Mike Campbell...

was not the weapon used to
strike Anthony Pongetti in the face.

The zygomatic
bones were fractured.

The screen, while it
resembles stainless steel,

is actually a rather
malleable magnesium alloy.

So for it to cause
that much damage...

Yes, it would've been
bent from the impact.

Yes. So what we're looking
for is something heavier.

[Siren Blares]
[Police Radio Chatter]

[Man On Radio] Dispatch,
the R.O. is Jared Booth,

U.S. Navy Lieutenant
Commander. Over.

Uh, copy. Notify. We'll
stand by for transport.

You all right? Yeah, yeah. I
fell asleep at the wheel. I'm okay.

Yeah, fell asleep. Local
trooper here says he knows you.

Agent Booth.

Colonel Wolchuck.

Is that what we're going with
here? He fell asleep at the wheel?

Well, I'm sure you'll agree it's best just to
tell the truth, take our lumps when we have to.

They get me for D.U.I.,
I lose my job, Seeley.

I mean, I lose my whole career.

Shut up. Shut up, please.

Can I talk to you
for a second? Yeah.

The first body you found wasn't
my father, but the second was?

So the man we actually met, the
one who said he was Paul's father...

Was not. That's correct.

- This Pongetti guy,
did he kill my father?
- We don't know that yet.

- Were we in danger?
- Well, Anthony Pongetti was...

He was harmless. He
was a con man. That's all.

Did Pongetti leave anything
behind? Luggage or papers?

He left a duffel bag in
the coat closet over there.

Hey, Bones, let's check it out.

What did this man want from us?

We think it's possible that he
wanted to profit off of your inventions.

He'd be the first one that ever did
that then. Don't do that to yourself.

Whoa, look at this thing.
What is this thing... a robot?

That's a battery-operated electrostatic
dust trap. I gave up on it months ago.

Uh, it's... Hold on.

Oh, that's not
supposed to be in there.

[Booth] Oh-ho-ho.

- What is that?
- Oh, my God.

Twenty grand, give
or take. [Whistles]

Do we get to keep that? Paul,
he wasn't even really your father.

- So what?
- That is the best motive
we've seen for murder yet.

Right there.

My name is Colonel Ryan Wolchuck of the State
Police Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

I have the great pleasure
of announcing today...

that the grand jury has
handed down 62 indictments...

following the state police
crackdown on organized crime.

This victory is the result of a six-month
RICO investigation by our department.

The state police would like to
acknowledge the very fine support work...

of several F.B.I.
field officers.

Yeah, support.

[Trash Can Clatters]


[Cell Phone Ringing]



Hey, Cam, what's
up? What's so urgent?

Your people found a
fingerprint on the bag of money.

I know. We don't have an I.D.

Why is that so urgent?
What's going on?

What happened?

I watch TV. State police getting
all the glory for that big RICO case?

- What the hell?
- Relax, okay?

It's political. Came down way
far above my head. All right?

Don't you lie to me,
big man. I'm your friend.

I know where this came
from, and it wasn't from on high.

Cam, just let this one slip by.

You must be Agent
Booth's brother.

Yeah, I'm Jared. You F.B.I.?

F.B.I. Uh, yeah,
yeah. Lance Sweets.

Nice to meet you.


Yeah. I know
Seeley's a Flyers man.

But, hey, when in Rome, right?


I still haven't gotten him
anything for his birthday.

My brother doesn't
like birthday presents.

Anyway, these are more like
a thank-you... or an apology.

You know what it's like
with brothers, right? No.

Only child. Oh, having a big
brother is like having an extra dad.

Only a dad who protects
you from your real dad...

and always thinks
of you as a kid.

I have the same
problem with Booth.

There's nothing worse than somebody
who always thinks they're right.

- And then they're right. Right?
- Yeah.

It was a pleasure, Agent Sweets.

Doctor, not Agent.

[Clark] Jim Stegman
was shot four times.

I postulate that each gunshot
was both precise and deliberate...

and did not occur in a
rapid fire succession.

There's no way to tell
that from the bones.

No. Not from the bones.

Close-range injuries.

Middle of the foot, middle of
the knee, middle of the shoulder,

dead center on the heart.

Small-caliber weapon.

You believe this was
done on purpose?

Yes. Torture.

- Someone was trying to get
information from this man.
- Pure conjecture, Dr. Edison.

But it has logical integrity.

So, three years ago, Stegman
and Pongetti, they were arrested.

They were working
some scam together.

But we already knew they were accomplices.
There was a third guy involved.

They ratted him out. He
went to jail for five years.

Five-year sentence, three
years with parole. Is the stool out?

"Is the stool out?" No.
You mean "stoolie."

And the third guy wasn't the
stoolie. Stegman and Pongetti were.

Okay. You go in
there. I'll be in here.

Steve Jackson.

What the hell are you wearing?

I'm on parole. They won't
let me work on Wall Street.

Of course, I'd make less there.

- What's this about?
- Stegman and Pongetti.

Parole officer told me
to stay away from them.

But you didn't stay away
from them, did you, Steve?

Fine. I met with Stegman.

- Why?
- He was making amends,
apologizing in the program.

One small parole violation
and the F.B.I. gets involved?

Stegman and
Pongetti are both dead.

- You gotta be kidding.
- Shot.

It's okay. You can take a moment to rejoice
in the death of your enemies. Go ahead.

Pongetti's dead...
Good. I'm glad.

Stegman, he was okay.

- He ratted you out.
- Pongetti ratted me out.

Stegman backed him is all.

I don't begrudge.

- I got an alibi anyway.
- I didn't tell you
when they died.

Tracking device.

Somebody somewhere knows where I am 24 hours
a day since I got out for the next two years.

Do you think he did it? No. We'll check his
whereabouts, but you know, I don't think so.

Nice hat, huh? Come on.
I'll take you back to the lab.

What happened
with your RICO bust?

Nothing. Why?

You been talking to Cam?

- No. Did you do
something wrong?
- What do you mean?

You didn't get the
credit you deserve.

- What did you do?
- Life is not always
about credit.

That's not what you said before.
You said life is all about credit.

You were going to Hawaii. They
were gonna put you on a coin.

Let's just forget about it.
Okay, Bones? Forget about it.

Jared warned me that you
tend to sabotage yourself.

Jared said that? Mm-hmm.

He said that you're
afraid of success.

Hmm. So, basically, I'm a loser.

No. He never said
the word "loser."

Do you think I'm a loser,
like that guy in there...

Some clown in some dumb-ass uniform who
can't do any better? Is that what you think?

Well, anthropologically, males tend
to rank themselves into a hierarchy.

There's no shame in not
being at the top of the hierarchy.

You're not answering the question,
Bones. Answer my question.

[Cell Phone Ringing]


Your forensic techs got an I.D.
for the fingerprint on the money bag.

- Is it Stegman or Pongetti?
- Stegman.

- But not the one
you're thinking of.
- The son?

No. The wife.

The fingerprint
belongs to Lily Stegman.

Thanks. The fingerprints belong to Lily
Stegman. We know because she works with kids.

- She acted like she'd
never seen that money before.
- Well, she was lying.

- Booth...
- Bones, let's just go
and do our work.


I thought he was Paul's
father. I would never hurt him.

- We found your fingerprints
on the money.
- Can you explain that?

I'm ashamed.

Well, whatever you're ashamed
of, believe me, murder is worse.

The day after Jim...

The man we thought was Jim...

The day after he disappeared,
a package arrived for him.

When he didn't come back, I started
to think he meant for us to open it.

- That doesn't make any sense.
- No, I understand. He's gone. It's sitting there.

- Maybe he meant for you
to have it.
- Yes.

Plus, you have a family to take care
of. We do whatever we can for family.

I opened it. It
was full of cash.

And... a note.

"Jim, do me a big favor. Hold on to
this until I can get it back from you.

Help yourself to
whatever you need. P."

"P." Pongetti.

I know I should've called the police.
And when you came, I should've told you.

But by then... You
needed the money.

And in a way, you felt like you earned
it for taking that old man in. Family.

My teaching salary barely pays the bills,
and we're trying to have another child.

So you were the one that hid
the money in the dust trap thing?

- Yes.
- What does your husband know?

Nothing. I promise.

- She could just be
protecting him.
- I am...

By not letting him know about the
money you found, or the... rest of it.

- The rest of it?
- There's more?

Yes. I put it into our
safety deposit box.

Okay. How much?


So I figured what happened is that Pongetti
got his cash in some, you know, illegal way,

maybe in a way that
could get him killed.

Stegman, he's about
to go visit his son.

So Pongetti sends the cash to his friend
for safety. Then Stegman gets killed.

So, to go get that cash, Pongetti
decides to pretend to be Stegman.

People make stupid,
irrational decisions.

- [Cell Phone Rings]
- Brennan.

Well, they act from the heart
sometimes, Bones. It's not a crime.

Okay. I'll be right there.

Cam needs me.

Hello. Dr. Brennan.

I don't want you to think
this is an intervention.

I don't know what that means.

An intervention is when a group
of loved ones bands together...

to help one of their own
make a difficult decision.

Oh. Then... Then
it is an intervention.

Are you my loved ones?

I was troubled by a conversation
I had with Jared Booth.

Sweets came to me with some
theories about Booth's family life,

and he pretty much nailed it.

Nailed what? Sit down.

Booth and Jared are children of a
physically abusive, alcoholic father.

Booth's been digging Jared out
of trouble since they were kids.

Jared always comes up smelling
like a rose, and Booth takes the hit.

He's denying his
brother the opportunity...

to take responsibility and
learn from his own mistakes.

You have no evidence of that.

I've known the Booth
boys for 15 years.

Now, it's natural to be
protective of a younger sibling.

Of course, Jared is a grown man,
an intelligent, talented, capable adult.

- I like him very much.
- Yeah? Well, cut it out.

Booth shouldn't be threatened by the
fact that his brother is more successful.

I am absolutely certain that however it is
Booth lost all the credit for that RICO bust,

it's because of Jared.

We're all scientists
here, right?

Well, not you.

What is your evidence?
How about this?

The last time I told Booth what I thought of
Jared, he didn't speak to me for six months.

That is an anecdote.

We're saying maybe Booth
deserves the benefit of the doubt here...

until all the evidence is in.

Evidence. I am
comfortable with evidence.

Okay. Here's some evidence.

The bullets that killed both Stegman
and Pongetti were fired from the same gun.

Which suggests they were killed
by the same person. Thank you.

Should I tell
Booth? No. I'll do it.


Hey. Thanks for coming, Jared.

When a beautiful woman asks me
out for lunch... [Cell Phone Ringing]

- Something wrong?
- [Ringing Continues]


I need to know the truth.

I've heard that about you.

Do you know anything about Booth
losing credit on the RICO case?

No... What? I mean, that's
the first I've heard of it.

People are telling me that somehow all the
credit went to the state police because of you.

Is that possible?

[Sighs] Oh.

So it is possible.

- What did he say to you?
- Nothing.

I think this is something
between brothers.

No offense.

- Tempe.
- You took advantage of him.

You know, you made
me think that he's a loser!

And what really makes me
angry is that I believed you!

I wouldn't blame Booth if
he never spoke to me again.

You're the loser!

[Clears Throat]

- [Jared Grunts] -
[Patron] Come on, man!

You all right?

Why didn't you pick up? Were
you in the bathroom or something?

To be honest, I was... Okay, never
mind. Just never mind, all right?

Agents recovered the rest of the cash from
Lily Stegman's safety deposit box, right?

The bills were bundled
with evidence bands.

What does that mean? The money is from
the county sheriff's headquarters in Bowie.

It was confiscated during a
drug bust. Oh, so, drug money.

It was scheduled for transfer to
the Federal Reserve two weeks ago.

A driver from the
Reserve shows up,

he flashes his credentials,
drives off with the dough.

Forty minutes later,
the real driver shows up.

Oh, so the fake one was
Pongetti? Well, it had to be, right?

I mean, geez, he got
away with over 200 grand.

Wait. He was in custody there.
How come no one recognized him?

What? It's a logical question.

You are a genius. Hold on a
second. Why am I a genius?

Why? Because I let that big sheriff know
that we'd found $20,000 at Stegman's house.

Why is that bad?

If he was in it with Pongetti, then he thinks
he knows where the rest of the money is.


We turned everything
over to the F.B.I.

All the money, everything
the guy touched.

Well, it's probably just a breakdown
in jurisdictional communication.

I'll check with the F.B.I. Why don't
you check with me right now, huh?

Better yet, why don't
you just come with us now.

The grating is what
hit Pongetti in the face.

Old school, huh? Perp
was handcuffed in the back.

You sped up, slammed on the
brakes. Slam, sped, slam, sped.

- [Brennan] He couldn't protect his face.
- [Paul] No, stop! Let her go!

- Mommy!
- Mr. Stegman,
take your little boy inside.

Do it, honey. Please.

- [Door Closes] - [Sheriff]
This is what's gonna happen.

You're gonna get in your vehicle and
drive away, I'm gonna do the same thing,

and everybody lives
and everybody's happy.

Well, that... That
sounds like a good idea.

No. Not a good idea. You drive off
with the evidence? Not gonna happen.

[Lily] Paul! Oh, God!

Agent Booth, you are by far the worst
hostage negotiator I have ever run into.

Don't you know you're supposed to
talk? Disorient? Distract the perpetrator?

- Booth?
- Not now, Bones.

- You want me to try
and shoot him?
- No.

- Why? I'm a good shot.
- You are not a good shot.

Well, you are. Maybe if we switched weapons,
you could hit him right between the eyes.

- [Gunshot]
- [Groans]
- Bones!

- [Engine Starts]
- Bones, are you okay? Bones!

I'm okay!


Lily! I'm okay.

Are you okay? Huh? I'm okay.

♪♪ [Man Singing
Rock, Indistinct]

I would like to propose a toast
to my partner, Seeley Booth.

To Booth. To Booth. Cheers!

I know who he is,

but I forget
sometimes because...

Because he never
shines a light on himself.

He shines it on other people.

Yeah. Right after I conked
'em on the head with it.

[All Chuckling]

Anthropology teaches us that the
alpha male is the man wearing the crown,

displaying the most colorful
plumage and the shiniest baubles.

He stands out from the others.

But I now think that
anthropology may have it wrong.

In working with Booth,
I've come to realize...

that the quiet man,
the invisible man,

the man who is always
there for friends and family...

That's the real alpha male.

And I promise...

that my eyes will never
be caught by those...

shiny baubles again.

Happy birthday, Booth.

- Happy birthday, Booth.
- Happy birthday.

Thanks, Bones.

[Booth] Thank you.

Uh, Bones. All right,
what are we doing?

Come here. What?

Just come here for a second.

What you are doing
for your brother isn't fair.

Don't get me mad at you after that
great speech. Not after I got you shot.

You didn't get me
shot. I got me shot.

I don't want to talk about my
brother. Would you prefer Sweets do it?

I'm listening.

Well, I forgot all the
psychological stuff,

but basically, when you
rescue somebody all the time,

if you keep getting
them out on bail...

"Bail them out," Bones.
If you "bail them out"...

You're thwarting their
ability to help themselves.

- [Grumbles]
- Now you're angry.

Bones, you have to admit, getting a
psychological lesson from you is like...

Getting an anthropology
lesson from you?

The RICO case.

I traded my one shot at glory to
keep my brother from being arrested...

for drunk driving.

Booth, you know,
what if he does it again?

What if he kills someone next
time? You shouldn't have done that.

Right... says the woman who
got her father off murder charges.


Face it.

We do things for family.

You're right.
You're totally right.

No, I'm not. What? Why?

There's no risk that
your father will kill again.


You, uh, bringing me out here to
give me advice on your partner?

Because I think that
ship has sailed. No, no.

What I gotta do
here is, I, uh...

I gotta stop. Do you understand?

Stop? Yeah.

And you should stop too.

I gotta stop what?

The drinking. Stop it.


I'll take that under
advisement. [Laughs]

I'm serious, Jared.

No more stepping in
to make things go away.

I carry my own water, Seeley.

Now you should go back inside
and enjoy your birthday party.


Cheers. Yeah.

Happy birthday to me.


You gonna come back in for cake?

Bones, I just need some time.

Do you need time and space?

Just some time.

My dad drank.

What's that mean?