Bones (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 15 - Bones - full transcript

Heartbreak hits the Squint Squad as they deal with the aftermath of the shooting and finally Gormogon and his Apprentice are revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Booth, you're gonna be fine.
You're gonna make it. Come on.

Come on, Booth. It's gonna
be fine. Come on, Booth.

Come on, Booth... No.

No, come on. Come on.

The carbon isotopic
composition of the collagen...

shows a value of minus-16%.

Supporting the theory that the
deceased was born in Provence, France.

In the 16th century.
It's time, Dr. Brennan.

The metacarpophalangeal joints
are smooth, showing dexterity.

Perhaps a musician. That's
enough. We're going. Now.

I have remains to identify.
He could have a family.

He's 500 years old.

They've probably
adjusted by now.

I'm not going. I've
already made that clear.

It's Agent Booth's funeral,
Dr. Brennan. Losing a loved one is...

A partner, Sweets.
I lost a partner.

Someone close to you.

A funeral allows you to grieve so
you can come to terms with his death.

The Arunta aboriginal
tribe in Australia...

grieve by burning down their
village and moving to a new one.

That seems no crazier to me than
gathering around a hole in the ground.

- Being hostile won't...
- Brennan, a word.

Excuse me?
Professional psychologist?

Look, I know how you see
things, and I respect that.

But I need to ask you a favor.

I have to go to the funeral.

I'm not gonna be able
to get through this alone.

I've been crying
for, like, days.

I really need your
shoulder here.

I need my best friend.

I knew Seeley Booth.

He was a good man who
earned my respect and affection.

And I don't like many people.

Booth had a selfless
commitment to his work,

first in the military
and then the F.B.I.

Two weeks ago, he
made the ultimate sacrifice,

giving his life to
save his partner.

And in that brave act,

he showed us what
greatness we are all capable of.

That woman was aiming at me. I
would've happily taken that bullet.

I know.

May God's mercy and love
shine on Seeley Booth...

as he takes his
place beside the Lord.

If there were a merciful God,
why wouldn't he have saved Booth?


Stand by! Port arm!




- Excuse me! Hey!
- Hold it. Hold your fire.

What the hell is going on?

They appear to be fighting.

Bones! Nice shot.



After I got shot, the Bureau faked
my death so I could finally get that guy.

I don't care. Look, I
drove him underground.

He said that the only way we'd ever
see him again was at my funeral, so...

I don't care. Who is he?

What part of "national security"
don't you understand, Hodgins?

"National Security." Catch-all phrase
for "we can do anything we want."

I knew I shouldn't have
gone to that funeral.

It was a complete waste
of time, just like I said.

- You thought my funeral
was a waste of time?
- It was a lovely service.

Thank you. You know, I expected
to see more people though.

- I always imagined a lot
of ex-girlfriends crying.
- Yeah. Me, too.

You guys are pathetic. Just know I
won't be attending your next funeral.

I'm telling you. You were supposed
to know that I wasn't really dead.

- That's why I thought
you weren't crying.
- Informed by who exactly?

I gave a list of people to the Bureau
to inform that I was not really dead.

If they didn't tell
you, it's not my fault.

Dr. Brennan's actually upset because she had
to face strong emotions that she'd rather deny.

Striking Booth indicated the depth of your
feelings for him. It was a very passionate act.

Thank you. Did you hear
that? Passion? Yes! Passion!

Because anger is a passion!
Anger at being manipulated.

Dr. Brennan?
Forget it. I'm not...

Someone left a package for you.

Oh. It's a mandible.

Look at that, huh?
Two silver screws.

Silver screws as in?

- Silver skeleton?
- As in?

- Gormogon?
- That's speculation.

Tooth marks. Hmm. Someone's
been snacking on that.

Snacking? As in cannibalism?

Evidence of cannibalism
does not necessarily mean...

Bones, it's Gormogon. Has to be.

Oh, God. Who has
he eaten this time?

This is the fifth known victim
in the Gormogon murders,

all of which have been
subjected to ritualized cannibalism.

He has apprentices? Yes.

One at all times to help perform the murders,
dispose of the bodies, eradicate evidence.

His mission, it seems, is to
construct a complete skeleton...

out of the bones of his victims.

- I've seen enough.
- Booth?

- Hey, Bones, I'm thinking here.
- Thinking about what exactly?

Well, it's a pickle.

The platform's a crime scene, but we
need to access it to investigate the crime.

A "cake and eat
it too" situation.

Well, is it a cake or a pickle?

- It's Schrodinger's Cat.
- That I understand.

Cakes and pickles
meant nothing to me.

Are you paralyzed by
the paradox, Booth?

- I'll make this easy. What do you need first?
- Identity.

- Let's go, people.
- You can't just... Take it easy.

All right, whoa. You can't...
All right. There you go.

Okay, the tooth sockets may
contain enough tissue to check D.N.A.

Zack, there are markings on this
bone that need to be checked out.

It appears to have been boiled.

I'll see if I can pull any mineral traces
that can help us determine the water he used.

Okay, I, uh, give
you all permission...

to do whatever it is
that you squints do.

I'll, uh, just...

Call me.

Let's go.


♪ You got bad, bad luck ♪

♪ Bad, bad luck ♪

♪♪ I need to talk to you!

What the hell, Bones? I mean, my
house, in my bathroom, in my bathtub.

How the hell did you
get in here anyway?

That fake rock by your front
door wouldn't fool anybody.

Why are you wearing a
hat that dispenses beer?

Hot tub plus cold
beer equals warm beer.

Hat equals solution.

Why are you... And that
cigar? Very unhealthy.

Okay, what the hell do you want now, Bones?
'Cause I'm not really feeling too relaxed.

- You should've told me
that you weren't dead.
- I already explained this.

The Bureau has to vet everyone when there is a
security issue. I was just following protocol.

- Protocol?
- Yes!

We've been partners for three
years! You've broken protocol before.

Sometimes putting
my life in danger.

Which makes sense because you
clearly don't have any real concern for me.

- I took a bullet for you!
- Once!

That only goes so far.

Would you like a towel?


What is it that I should've done,
Bones? What did you want me to do?

Well, you could've called me. Did you really
think I needed to be vetted by your boss?

- Don't you trust me?
- Of course I do.

- Then why wasn't I told? It must
have been something you said.
- I don't know why.

But you said that I should be. I
mean, aren't you curious why I wasn't?

Yes! Do you want me to
find out why you weren't told?

- If it's important to you.
- Fine. I will.

Next time I die, I
promise that I will tell you.

I'll look forward
to that. Me too.

What are you reading? A novel.

It's a graphic novel.

Just so you know, I find your lack
of Puritan modesty very refreshing.


♪ You got bad, bad luck ♪♪

The marks on the mandible definitely
indicate that the bones have been gnawed on.

But not with teeth.

The markings were made
by someone wearing dentures.

A toothless cannibal just can't cut it in
today's competitive serial killer climate.

How do you know
he wore dentures?

Zack found traces of polymethyl
methacrylate, monomer...

and tetra silicic
fluromica on the mandible.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and
assume that's what dentures are made of.

But not normal commercial
dentures you get from the dentist.

The main ingredient is
polymethyl methacrylic.

- These dentures were homemade.
- I got our victim's
D.N.A. results back.

Is it the lobbyist? Yep.

- Gormogon's last victim.
- I was wondering when some
part of him would show up.

What's that sucking sound?

You know what? This
is my house, okay?

You come into my house, there's
no telling what you're gonna hear!

Dr. Saroyan, regarding
the denture medium,

if we recreate the process...

It could tell us a lot about
Gormogon's resources.

If you want to do one of
your experiments, just say it.

We want to do one
of our experiments.


Make plastic cannibal dentures.

- You should place the jawbone
in the skeleton.
- Why?

Because it keeps alive an
interactive relationship with the killer.

That's why he
provided the screws.

You know, we give him
something, he reciprocates.

Did you see me on TV? No one
has mentioned that I was on TV.

How would he know if we added
the jawbone to his skeleton?

It's his obsession. He has some way of
finding out, which is another reason to do it.

Okay, both of you are purposely
not mentioning my appearance.

For all we know, Gormogon is dead and we're
not on the list of people who get to find out.

There's a cry for attention. Bones
broke into my house last night all angry...

There was a key! because
no one told her that I was dead.

And I was just following
protocol. Broke into your house?

There was a key. And
barged into my bathroom.

What were you doing? He was
drinking beer and reading a comic book.

I was taking a bath. You read
comics and drink beer naked?

Wait a second. Bones bursts
into my bathroom, all right?

And I'm weird for being naked?

This thermoplastic has a melting point of
approximately 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

This would work better
if we created a paste...

from the monomer and
polymethyl methacrylate powder.

That would entail the use
of complicated cosolvents...

to allow copolymerization without
substantial phase separation.

The monomer's melting point is far
below the polymethyl methacrylate.

You didn't tell her to leave? You just sat
there naked? It's my own bathroom, okay?

What do you wear
in the tub... floaties?

Ready for the monomer?
Yes. I believe so.

The mold is over
there on the side table.

- Why don't you get the mold,
and I'll mix in the monomer.
- No. I'll mix it in.

Please hand me the
monomer, then the mold.

Since when did I
become the assistant?

Since I became the
uncontested king of the lab.

Hey, hey!

- Move to the exit! Now!
- Hodgins!

I'm all right. I'm
all right. I'm okay.

Oh, my God. Oh, God.

Zack? A medical team's on its
way. Oh, my... I'll get the burn kit.

- Is he okay?
- He's in shock, Bones. Look at his hands.



Is Hodgins okay? He's
fine. Just a few minor cuts.

Don't worry about it. They're gonna fix
you up. You're gonna be as good as new.

That would be impossible,
Agent Booth. The damage is...

We'll make sure we get you the best
doctors. The cartilage is destroyed.

In addition, the trapezoid and
hamate on my left hand are...

Hey, how about a
little optimism here?

I know that I can still be quite
useful. Mentally, I'm still exceptional.

- And with prostheses...
- Hey.

How are you, Zack?
Quite severely injured.

- Are you all right?
- I'm okay, man.

Hey, anything you
need, Zack, just ask.

- Do you know how this happened?
- I just added
the three grams of monomer.

That doesn't make sense.

There were no dipoles like amide or
carbonyl in the monomer, were there?

- No. Just simple phenylethene.
- That's what I thought. And the P.M.M.A. was just...

Hodgins, he has
third degree burns.

The doctor said you
should rest, Zack.

She's right. Hey, we're
gonna figure this out, okay?

And you won't be alone. One
of us will be here all the time.

- No, that's not necessary.
- Yes, it is.

Because we... love you.

I'll take the first shift.

And I'll write us a schedule.

I'll get you whatever you
need to keep your job.

We'll get through this.

Thank you, Dr. Brennan.

A simple monomer
wouldn't explode.

It just wouldn't happen.

Isn't the F.B.I. handling the
analysis of the explosive residue?

Excuse me if my faith in
the Bureau isn't absolute.

So you don't trust
Agent Madison?

I'm just getting my own
results to double-check.

I'm sure he's... fine.
But I'm independent.

You suspect that there could be
a conspiracy within the Bureau?

Do I hear a little
'tude, young man?

No, no, no. But why would
there be a conspiracy in this case?

Totally 'tudeless question.

Prominent public figures
being murdered and eaten.

Evidence that secret
societies are being targeted.

Societies that have great influence
in the halls of power like the Bureau.

You don't think
that's a bit extreme?

You went on Larry King to talk about this case,
and T.M.Z., because you know how big it is.

And to get your piece of it.

I'm a doctor. I'm merely
studying the case like you.


- Oh, man. I should've known.
- What?

You expect me to tell you
the answer, Agent Madison?

It's tricyclic acetone peroxide.

That's not bad.

It reacted with the molten
thermal plastic and...


The containers
must've been switched.

Zack thought he was adding a
monomer he had made himself.

But it was actually
a volatile explosive.

Yes, I'm busy.

Cancel all my patients. You
don't have tell them anything.

What are you doing? A word?

I'm on the phone. Well, hang up.

I'll talk to you later. Tight grip
you got there. Gonna get tighter.

So go ahead, tell
her. Tell her what?

Tell me what? What?

Fine. I'll tell her, okay? I sent my list
to the Bureau. They sent it to Sweets.

You were the one who decided not
to tell Dr. Brennan that I was still alive.

He's the one that you should've
slugged. So do it. Go ahead. Do it now.

You chose not to tell me?
Yes, it's true. Technically.

- Technically?
- Okay, I reviewed the list.

I decided, knowing Dr. Brennan as I do,
that she was able to handle your death.

- Slug him.
- It was a national
security issue!

The fewer people that knew Agent
Booth was alive, the safer he would be!

I think that was a good choice.

- Awesome.
- You do?

Yes! You knew that Booth's death was something I
could deal with because I can compartmentalize.

Wait a minute. Why
are you mad at me then?

Because you should've
told me personally.

Oh, I should've just ignored national security
concerns, broken the law and told you?

Yes. You know
I'm very trustworthy.

Yeah, but Sweets? Sweets
made a professional decision.

He knew that I could process your death
and move on, which is precisely what I did.

- There's gotta be other stuff
going on here, right?
- What?

Transference. Uh, paranoia.

Come on! When I offer her a piece
of pie, you say it has deeper meaning.

I don't like pie, Booth. Well, apple
pie. She doesn't like baked pie.

I don't like my fruit cooked. Okay, changing
the subject is a way to avoid your feelings.

My feelings. Now you're
attacking my feelings?

Hey. There's something in the
Gormogon vault you should see.

Slug him.

You know, I think it's
interesting psychologically...

how Agent Booth's constant efforts
to persuade you to enjoy fruit pie...

could be interpreted
as a kind of seduction.

Whatever you two are talking
about, just stop it. Zip it. Let's go.

You think I don't recognize
an experiment when I see one?

You experimented on
us. Beg your pardon?

Not telling me Booth was alive, you wanted to
quantify our reactions for your own research.

You took advantage of us. Booth
and I agreed to let you observe us.

We did not agree to be used as
lab rats, so you'd better cut it out.

Dr. Brennan, why
are you talking so fast?

Because if Booth hears why you
did what you did, he'd beat you up.

Don't you think that'd be
an overly aggressive act?

Not at all. So you'd
better not do it again.

Let's go, Bones. Where
are you? On our way.

Security had the entrance
to this wing locked,

and the vault
itself was secured.

The skeleton.

Where'd it go? We don't know.

I came down to see if the screws
matched the silver in the skeleton,

and the skeleton was gone.

But there are security cameras and
sensors covering every inch of this place.

They all failed. All of them?

When Zack's explosion set off all the alarms,
every security camera in the building failed.

- The door to the loading dock
was unlocked.
- Someone stole the skeleton.

Ten minutes before
the explosion...

Everything is working perfectly.

Fast forward. Hodgins passes Zack the
container of tricyclic acetone peroxide.

I thought it was the monomer.

The explosion occurred
at 12:03 and 22 seconds.

At 12:03 and 22 seconds...

- Aren't there
any backup systems?
- All dead too.

- Where were the guards?
- There was a chemical accident.

That takes precedence
over any other security issue.

All personnel went to secure the lab or to secure
any point that went to the museum proper...

so there'd be no loss of life.

During that time, the vault and
the skeleton would be unsecured.

Yes. Until the security system was
brought back up at 12:18 and 41 seconds.

The explosion was a
diversion set up by Gormogon.

He's here in the
lab. It's an inside job.

Gormogon works
in the Jeffersonian.

Either Gormogon or
his new apprentice.

That is a totally
freaky thought.

Yeah, it's Booth. Listen. I need a full
forensic team sent to the Jeffersonian.

Mobile labs, computers,
analysis... the works. No.

Their equipment
could be compromised.

Hair? Prints? Anything?

Not since you asked
five minutes ago. No.

Dr. Saroyan, please
don't bother the techs.

You have a problem, you see me.

It's my people you suspect here. I
want to make sure you're doing your job.

After all, you're a
prosecutor, not a forensic...

You have been breathing down
our necks for two hours, chérie.

Why don't you go get a latte or
something? You shouldn't be here anyway.

This is my department.

I know. And you have
full security clearance.

And complete access to the lab and
the vault. Are you saying I'm a suspect?

I'm saying someone's gonna put your name
on the list. You were a cop. Wouldn't you?

You've got over 30 agents
here. Find something.

The Medico-Legal Lab
has over 100 employees.

Yeah, and all their records are being
looked at, including yours and mine.

You're just having coffee.
Don't you want pie? I'm fine.

You always have pie. Can
we stop talking about pie?

- Is it because of
what Sweets said?
- I'm just going pieless, okay?

Can we talk for a minute? I have a profile
of someone I feel could be Gormogon.

No pie? You always eat pie.

Enough with the pie. Will
you just sit down? All right.

Whoa. You've been spying
on us? More experiments?

What experiments?
I'm just being thorough.

The dynamics of our work environment play
a role in how I treat you and Agent Booth.

Okay, Sweets. Would you
just get on with it? Who is it?

I believe it's Dr. Hodgins.

What is Dr. Hodgins?

Gormogon. He thinks
Hodgins is Gormogon.

Hodgins exhibits
clinical paranoia...

as well as a rationalized
feeling of superiority.

- Paranoia?
- He's consumed by numerous
conspiracy theories.

My observations today... he's even suspect
of the F.B.I., with whom he works closely.

It's all supposition.

There's no concrete
evidence. No, no, no. Go on.

- Booth!
- What? Hodgins knew all about
the secret societies.

I mean, he figured out the patterns
Gormogon used that led us to the vault.

- Yes. He was doing his job.
- Or justifying himself.

He had access to all the chemicals Zack
was using. He could've changed the labels.

He and Zack are friends. I also had
access to the chemicals Zack made.

Why am I not a suspect?

Well, you have a reverence for life that
belies the cold calculations of a killer.

And the emotional connection
you share with Agent Booth is...

No. I... I don't have
time for this. No.

Don't you know by
now you can't rush her?

We're trying to catch a killer. I
thought it best not to waste time.

Look, he's just
trying to help, Bones.

Well, his opinions won't get you a
conviction. He doesn't have any evidence.

- Yeah, but he's a profiler
with a great track record.
- Who?

- Sweets.
- Sweets says that Hodgins
is the killer.

- Well, that makes sense.
- What?

- Well, that throws
suspicion off him.
- Who?

- Sweets.
- You think that Sweets
is the killer?

He shows up right after you find the Gormogon
vault when Gormogon's most vulnerable.

And in therapy, he plays you two like a cheap
piano until you ask for his help with the case.

Wait. Nobody plays
me like a cheap piano.

Hey, we all trusted the
"brilliant young profiler."

- I got him security clearance
because he was gonna help us.
- He was here.

- He had the opportunity
to switch Zack's chemicals.
- Except he's not a chemist.

He's the only one we can't
account for after the explosion.

Great. Now we sound like
Sweets. We have no evidence.

I was a cop for 10 years,
Dr. Brennan. I can smell it on him.

- I'm sorry, but we need more
than your gut feeling.
- Well, then find it.

'Cause trust me,
Sweets is your boy.

Dr. Hodgins, knocking
would be appreciated.

Right. Sorry.

So, rumor is one of us
is a suspect. Who is it?

I can't say. You know that.

Of course not.

And since it's rumor, it
might not even be true. Right?

Do you have a legitimate reason to see me, or
are you just here to squeeze me for information?

I found something.

Zack said he thought the
mandible had been boiled.

To remove tissue.

So I pulled trace elements
from the mandible...

and ran them through the mass spectrometer
to see what the bone was boiled in.

It was tap water. But
see this spike here?

Lead? Yes.

I thought the city had to replace
all their lead pipes. They did.

But individual
homeowners didn't.

I focused on neighborhoods
with the highest lead levels.

Older homes were
the worst offenders.

This neighborhood matches the
level of lead found on the victim's bone.

Isn't that your house?

Yes, it is.

But there are other
people that live in the area...

Yeah, of course.

I'll pass this along
to the investigators.


Is there anything else?

I could've fudged the facts.

I could've left my
neighborhood out.

Yes, but that would've raised suspicion if
someone had double-checked your results.

If you need me, I'll be
at my station... helping.

Hey, this is a surprise. Yeah.

Hey, Sweets, where were
you after the explosion?

- I was with you.
- No. You were with us
when the explosion occurred.

I mean after.

Uh, let's see.

- I ran to call 911.
- Where?

In your office. Why? Then what?

Then I went to the door to show the E.M.T.'s
where to go. You didn't come in with them?

No. I find it's best to stay out of the way
of the professionals in those situations.

Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot
one thing. What's that?

I went down to the vault and
I stole the silver skeleton...

because, um, I'm
Gormogon's apprentice.

That's a confession. You know,
I can lock him up for 72 hours.

- You'd lock me up for sarcasm?
- I think you should.

- Wait. You guys actually think
I'm Gormogon's apprentice?
- Well, somebody is.

I can lock you up, check out your story and
not worry about you running off to Bolivia.

This is fierce wretched.
Better safe than sorry.

- Yeah.
- No. You're projecting,
Agent Booth.

You have a reasonable
hostility toward Gormogon...

but you have no outlet for those
feelings, so you're using me...

Am I gonna have to
break out my cuffs?

You know what? Yeah, you
are gonna need your cuffs.

'Cause I'm not about to
make this easy for you.


How is Zack?

Oh, he's in a lot of pain.

But he won't let me
push the painkiller button.

He's scared of polka dots, but screaming
agony is just an interesting phenomenon.

Drugs give me bad dreams.

Oh, hey there, Zack.

I'm walking somewhere, and suddenly
someone takes me by the hand.

And I look, and it's a skeleton.

And the skeleton's on
fire, and my hands hurt.

Take the painkillers, sweetie.

I've been thinking about
the explosion, Hodgins.

No one could've
switched the chemicals.

I locked up the container
when I left the room.

I had the only... key.

You... would know, but...


I'm afraid the painkillers,
while pleasant, dull my intellect.

Sometimes your
friends gotta step in...

dumb it up for you.

Don't you think it's
time to go home?

Sorry, Cam. I seem
to be a bit anxious.

Don't worry about
it. It's going around.

Hodgins came to talk to me,
and I almost jumped out of my skin.

What's keeping you so late?

Looking at the tissue we
used for the D.N.A. test,

the victim's D.N.A. alleles
in the roots were destroyed...

and the marrow
alleles were altered.

Then I remember when I first looked at the
jawbone, it seemed lighter in color than expected.

- It was treated
with ultraviolet light?
- I think so.

- Who would do that?
- We would.

Standard procedure for skeletal remains
when we put them away for storage.

We have over 10,000 sets of
remains waiting to be identified.

What better place
to hide a skeleton?

How do we sift through
10,000 sets of remains?

I'd like to welcome all of
Dr. Brennan's grad students to Limbo.

It's Modular Skeletal Storage.
I don't like the moniker Limbo.

Over 10,000 lost souls remain
here, sweetie. Unidentified, waiting.

It's a good name.
Let's just go with it.

Each of these boxes contains
the skeletal remains of one person.

In this case, a skull,
two femurs, five vertebra,

miscellaneous phalanges
and three molars.

What we want you to do is conduct an inventory,
making sure that's what's in the box...

corresponds not only to the card in
the box, but also to the computer record.

Does this count
toward our final grade?

Listen, Brennan's grad students.

What we're trying to do here is catch a
serial killer, not get a gold star from teach.

We think that he's hidden the remains
of one or more of his victims here.

Bones tucked into boxes
where they don't belong.

But I think it's fair to say that if
you help us catch a serial killer,

that you'll pass
your precious course.

T-That's not necessarily true.

If anyone else shows up down here
indicating an interest in what you're doing,

either tell Ms. Montenegro
or shout for Security.


Because serial killers get mean
when you get close to catching 'em.

This is just creepy.

Well, it's the natural order of
things. We all end up this way.

Thank you, chérie. Now you've
made it creepy and depressing.

I found an extra femur in one of the
boxes and an extra fibula in another.

- Are you sure?
- The remains in the box were
of a four-year-old child.

The femur was from a man in his
mid-40s to early 50s. And the fibula?

Also from a middle-aged
man. It had recently been boiled.

Three other people
found extra bones as well.

I found an extra manubrium, a male ulna
and a humerus in a box of female remains.

Okay. Lay out all of the
extra bones anatomically.

It's already done. Over here.

Nice job. I'm third in my class.

I would like the names of
the two students in front of you.

Forty-five to 50 years old.

Fibula and femur show a height
of approximately 180 centimeters.

- How tall is that in English?
- Approximately 5'8".

Have Dr. Saroyan
take D.N.A. samples...

and compare them to all of
Gormogon's known victims.

- You suspect something?
- I have no facts yet. My opinions are not relevant.

Let me make the call, chérie. Give
me some of that big brain of yours.

Someone removed the
mandible from the skull.

- It's the one
that was sent to you.
- I can't say with certainty.

Dr. Saroyan should see
if the D.N.A. matches.

Didn't you hear her?
Get this up to Dr. Saroyan.

- Now.
- Dr. Brennan?

I think you should
take a look at this.

All the canines have been removed
from these skulls. Just the canines.

I want the security tapes from
this room for the last six months.

- This room isn't covered.
- Why not?

It's Limbo.

I need to reexamine the mandible
Zack was working on before the explosion.

Of course you do.

That's the lobbyist
that disappeared.

D.N.A.'s a match,
and so are the dentals.

Dr. Brennan's gonna want to take
a look at the markings on these.

What's that... more cannibal
teeth marks on the bone?

Gormogon went after this like
Henry VIII after a chicken leg.

These appear to have
been gnawed on too.

They'll probably match the
denture markings Zack found.

- They won't.
- You haven't
looked at them yet.

Zack said these markings on the mandible
were made by artificial dentures...

made from polymethyl
methacrylate and other polymers.

- And?
- They were not made
by artificial dentures.

Zack should've known that.

- He made a mistake. It happens.
- Not often.

Hey. I heard Zack was
wrong about the dentures.

- No.
- What do you mean? Cam and Caroline said...

He knew they weren't artificial. Any
first-year student would know that.

The dentures were
made from real teeth.

- All canines.
- Oh, whoa.

Canines are a symbol of the wolf which
appears on the Gormogon tapestry in the vault.

Certain ancient sects revered
the wolf as a symbol of freedom,

as a representative of the forces
that will deliver us from persecution.

Okay, Bones. Enough about
the wolf. What's going on?

- Zack lied.
- Why?

He... He took...

the teeth from bone storage...

and he made Gormogon's dentures.

Zack has complete
access to the lab.

He arranged for the
explosion himself.

It's Zack. He's
the killer, Booth.

It's Zack.

"The theory of
conditional expressions...

is a non-profound generalization
of propositional calculus."

What does it say
after "Boolean forms?"

Well, there's a little thing that
looks like a Japanese stool.

Then a "B" with a
tail, then a fat fish.

Does this make sense
to you? It doesn't to you?


I'm gonna need the room.

I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Are
you absolutely certain? Because...

Wow. I did not see that coming.

- You looked at the mandible.
- You had to know
I'd see it eventually.

I didn't foresee the
extent of my injuries.

I was going to sneak
out of here, but...

Your friends
never left your side.

And you intended to steal the
jawbone and add it to the silver skeleton.

But you designed the explosion.

You must've known
exactly how big it would be.

Hodgins argued with
me. He stood too close.

The delay allowed the thermoplastic
to reach the boiling point.

As a result, the explosion was three
times more powerful than I calculated.

- You must've known how badly
you'd be injured.
- Yes.

Who is Gormogon, Zack?

- That's not what he's called.
- Then what is he called?

The Master. And
you're his apprentice?

I need a name. I can't tell you.

The apprentice is
expendable. I'm expendable.

Who is he?

Zack responds to logic. Really?

'Cause I'd love to hear the logic of killing
and eating people to change the world.

- The Master's logic
is irrefutable.
- Irrefutable?

I saw him choking a child
at the bottom of a pool.

If you knew what I
know, you'd understand.

You'd be proud of me.

I've always been
proud of you, Zack.

I've never met anyone
more rational or intelligent.

But there's a
fault in your logic.

With all due respect, you
aren't cognizant of his logic.

Assumption number
one: Secret societies exist.

Accepted. Hodgins has been
explaining this to me for years.

Assumption number two: The human experience
is adversely affected by secret societies.

Accepted. Assumption
number three:

Attacking and killing
members of secret societies...

will have an ameliorating
effect on the human experience.


All of your assumptions are
built upon a first principle, Zack.

To wit, the historical human
experience as a whole...

is more important than
a single person's life.


Yet you risked it all so
you wouldn't hurt Hodgins.


You are correct.

There's an inconsistency
in my reasoning.

- Bones, I need a name.
- We know.

He first approached
me three months ago...

at a symposium on
burning plasma diagnostics.

Zack, I need to
know who this guy is.

I need to go get him now.

I don't know his name.
I've never known his name.

But I've been to his house.

I was blindfolded when
he first took me there.

But I remember
every turn he took...

and I was able to
estimate his speed.

So when he brought me
home, I found it on a map.

It's in Benning Ridge...

on a street called
Savoy Crescent.

It's a big place. Almost
as big as Hodgins's house.

But rundown.

There's a flight of stairs
at the back, outside.

There's a blue door.

It'll be locked, but there's a
key hidden in the crevice...

to the left of the door
just above eye level.

You will see a hallway.

If he's found someone,
you will smell meat cooking,

and that's how you'll
know you're getting close.

One last door. And
you'll have to be fast.

It'll be at the bottom
of an incline in the floor.

He'll have a knife.

He's very fast, and
he's very strong.

Did you get him? Got him.

- Who was he, Booth?
- Nobody.

Am I right? He was nobody.

An invisible man angry at
history for not seeing him.

For a nobody, he sure
wrecked a lot of lives.

Zack confessed to killing the
lobbyist. Stabbed him in the heart.

- He never ate anybody?
- No.

- So how did this happen?
- Logic.

No. I'm sorry, chérie. That
might cut it with you eggheads.

But this happened the
way this always happens.

A strong personality finds a weak
personality and takes advantage.

I hope we fry the guy.

That's not gonna be necessary.

Good riddance, I say.

What'll happen to
Zack? I cut a deal.

He pleads guilty, cooperates,
and we find him non compus mentis.

That way, Zack is moved to a secure psychiatric
facility instead of going to prison.

No. That won't stand up.
Zack isn't actually insane.

What? Sweets, you're
gonna give this one to Bones.

You understand?

I understand. Good.

I probably could've
spent more time with Zack.

You know, get him to
see the world a bit more.

Those things I say about
secret societies and conspiracies,

I never knew he was listening.

- I should've gotten him
a girlfriend.
- The hell with Zack.

He's an adult. He made his
choices. People are who they are.

- There's nothing any of us
could've done for the guy.
- We love Zack, Cam.

Yeah? Well, he killed someone.

He deserves to be locked
up for the rest of his life.

I feel I must point out that
what Dr. Saroyan just said...

is obviously her way of handling
grief... she doesn't mean it.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

I knew the day I met
Zack he'd cause me pain.

So what do you
got there, Hodgins?

This is, uh, Zack's
favorite stuff.

What are we gonna do with it?

Where he's going, they
might actually let him have it.

Oh. I got him that.

Yeah. Thanks. He waved
that in my face every day.

Pocket Kama Sutra.

I gave him this so he'd stop
asking Booth sex questions.


I got Zack this
before he went to Iraq.

Hey. I drew this for him.

It's interesting that all of his favorite
things are objects you people gave to him.

I never gave him anything.

Brennan, he totally loved you.

I mean, as much
as he was capable.

But I never gave him anything.


"Dear Mr. Addy, it is my
pleasure to offer you...

"the post of my intern in
Forensic Anthropology.

"I chose you from hundreds of
applicants because of your knowledge,

your desire to learn...

and because I feel you
will find a home here."

I think you gave him
something great, Bones.

What's that mean?