Bones (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 14 - Bones - full transcript

Brennan and Booth investigate the murder of an aspiring singer, and Booth attracts a groupie.

♪♪ ♪
Gotta find my corner ♪

♪ Of the sky ♪♪

All right!

Thanks, Kevin. Another
great performance.

But open mike night
is just beginning.

So let's hear it for the beautiful
and persistent Emma Von Helberg.

All right, Emma!

♪ Get it, get it Get
it, get it, oh-whoa ♪

♪ I'm a slave for you ♪

♪ I cannot hold it I
cannot control it ♪

♪ I'm a slave for you ♪♪

♪ But I'll return so
don't you worry ♪ ♪♪

♪ Workin' 9 to 5 ♪

♪ What a way to make a livin' ♪

♪ Barely gettin' by ♪

♪ It's all takin'
and no givin' ♪♪

♪ If we could talk to
the animals... ♪ Kooky!

♪ Learn their languages
Maybe take an animal degree ♪♪

♪ This time, this place ♪

♪ Misused, mistakes ♪

♪ Too long, too late ♪

♪ Who was I to make you wait ♪

♪ Just one chance
Just one breath ♪

♪ Just in case
there's just one left ♪

♪ 'Cause you know ♪

♪ You know ♪

♪ You know ♪

♪ That I love you ♪

♪ I loved you all along ♪

♪ And I miss you ♪

♪ Been far away
for far too long ♪

♪ I keep dreaming ♪

♪ You'll be with me ♪

♪ And never go ♪

♪ Stop breathing ♪

♪ If I don't see you anymore ♪♪

All right!

All right. Up next, another
Checkerbox regular...

The smooth and smoky
voice of Chris Calabasa.

- Chris!
- Should've left that song in the shower.

Couldn't listen to
you butcher it again.

- All right, Chris!
- Bastard took my tune.

- Play "Piano Man."
- That's original.


♪ It's nine o'clock
on a Saturday ♪

♪ The regular
crowd shuffles in ♪

♪ There's an old
man sittin' next to me ♪

♪ Makin' love to
his tonic and gin ♪

♪ Sing us a song
You're the piano man ♪

♪ Sing us a song tonight ♪

♪ Well, we're all in the
mood for a melody ♪♪

Every bone appears to be broken.

Bless you.

Oh. Thank you.

Pelvic fragments
suggest it's a male.

Are you okay?

- Thank you, fine.
- Just...

Particles from the cut grass are causing his
mast cells to release inflammatory mediators.

- It's just allergies, Bones.
- Yeah, that's what I said.

- Given the degree of decomp,
he's been dead a couple weeks.
- Body dump?

- Lividity's indeterminate.
- Oh.

Now, how does a former
sniper have a grass allergy?

I mean, wouldn't a sneeze
give away your position?

Bones, okay, I worked in the
desert. It was sand, no grass.

It was the crunching
that got my attention.

Well, did you see the
body before it crunched?

It's not my fault. You know, Johnson
grass is eight feet high and dense.

It's like driving in the dark.

Wow. You must've
been driving fast.

I had an Internet date. I
wanted to get home to shower.

She's probably still waiting
for me at the falafel place.

You know, Johnson grass
lets off a ton of pollen, man.

Your eyes could swell
up. If your throat closes...

Allergies, okay? I'm fine.

You didn't, by any chance,
see a head, did you?

- The head's missing?
- I don't see it or
any skull fragments.

- Sorry.
- I've got
some brain matter here.

So he had to have a
head at some point.

- Found it!
- My date's
not gonna believe this.

The blade must've severed
just below the C5 vertebra.

And the force of the impact
propelled the head into the grill.

So, presumably he was killed,

decapitated and mulched.

Phew. Wow! Could it
get any worse for this guy?

The bones are dense, with
a high degree of robusticity.

Well, that's consistent with his
musculature. The guy was built.

He was probably an
athlete. I bet he was hot.

Yeah. Well, now he's really not.

I think he had a cold. Looks
like it was a pretty bad one.

No. I found traces of tea
and honey in his stomach...

and the remains
of a throat lozenge.

Oh, wow. The victim's
watch. It's totally cool.

- Measures heart rate, calories
burned, speed, distance.
- Jock. I rest my case.

It's bad enough going to the gym
without getting yelled at by a watch.

My regimen is easily
completed in my apartment.

Treadmill for 30 minutes, 100 sit-ups, push-ups
and leg lifts and 20 minutes of free weights.

- I'm deceptively strong.
- I'm deceived.

Hey, Odontology got
a match. Tommy Sour.

He was reported
missing two weeks ago.

I hear someone in there.
Hey, break down the door.

It hurts my shoulder when
I break down the door.

What is that annoying noise?

You don't just walk in...

I'm sorry. I had my earplugs in.
Can I help you with something?

F.B.I. Special Agent Booth. This here is
Dr. Temperance Brennan from the Jeffersonian.

You reported Tommy Sour missing?

Yeah. A couple weeks ago.
He lives in the unit next door.

Can we come in?

Excuse the mess. I've
got a show in a month.

You're influenced by
the neo-Expressionists.

No, don't even look
at that. That is crap.

There it goes
again. I can't focus.

That alarm has been beeping every two
minutes ever since Tommy went missing.

- You know? That is annoying.
- That's why I've got
the earplugs.

The cops first showed up, I asked them
to unplug it. They didn't. Maybe you could.

- Mr. Mathews,
Tommy Sour is dead.
- Oh, God.

Before he went missing, was there
anything unusual about his behavior?

- Well, I didn't
know him all that well.
- You reported him missing.

Yeah. Well, his mail started
piling up on his front door.

And then that damn alarm
clock... It's driving me crazy.

This sculpture is
very impressive.

Yeah. It's from my
pre-alarm clock period.

What about, uh, strangers?
Any new faces around here?

Oh, wait. Yeah. Fat Pam.

- Excuse me?
- Fat Pam. She was one
of Tommy's clients.

I thought you didn't
know him that well.

Well, he was my neighbor.
We took the garbage out.

We saw each other. We'd talk a
little bit. You know what it's like.

Anyway, Tommy was Fat Pam's
trainer at, um, Valera Wellness.

- Must you call her "Fat Pam"?
- That's what he called her.

Hey, it's not like Tommy was
the nicest guy who ever lived.

She wasn't really
all that fat even.

You mean overweight. Fat is a
deposit found beneath the skin.

- It consists of lipids.
- Okay, sure.

Uh, Pam just wasn't one of those fitness
robots that Tommy would spend his time with.

She started following
Tommy home from the gym.

She'd sit out on the
curb and watch his place.

And then about a month ago, she showed up,
middle of the night, started banging on his door.

Oh, was she angry?

She was wearing
a teddy and heels,

so I'm thinking angry
wasn't her prime emotion.

You're implying that she
was sexually stimulated?

So, were they, um...

You know, did they... Did
they have sexual intercourse?

Well, if they did, it was
through a locked door.

So, no?

- Very good, Bones. Let's go.
- Why are you clapping
like that?

Thank you for your
help. You're welcome.

Hey, maybe you could go turn
the alarm off? Or just shoot it?

C5, just under the hyoid,
seems to be shaved on its front.

Shaved? Yes. Like
with a cheese slicer.

Must mean someone
slit his throat.

This doesn't look like it
was caused by a knife.

There are no serrations,
even microscopic.

What then?

A cheese slicer seems
illogical under the circumstances.

I'll start looking
for alternatives.


Look, these people are just trying
to get healthy, Bones. That's all.

- There is a fine line
between health and vanity.
- Huh?

Well, this obsession with physical
perfection clouds a society's moral vision.

What? You are ogling that woman.

What? No, I'm not.
I'm just... Yes, you are.

I-I'm just admiring her routine.

Hi. I'm the Wellness
Center's manager, Dr. Jason.

I understand
you're with the F.B.I.

Special Agent Booth. This here's Dr. Temperance
Brennan. We're here about Tommy Sour.

- He in trouble?
- He's dead.

That explains why he's
not returning my calls.

You don't seem
too upset about that.

Tommy was my
most popular trainer.

Since he disappeared, I've had
to deal with a lot of angry clients.

You're with the F.B.I. That
means Tommy was murdered?

Look, you wouldn't happen to
know a woman, a client of his? Pam?

Some people referred
to her as "Fat Pam."

I know who you mean. Pam Nunan.

She booked two-hour
sessions, paid in cash.

- Perfect client until...
- Until?

Until she fell in
love with Tommy.

- Then she started
to freak him out.
- How so?

Said she was too handsy.
She'd rub up against him.

Even invited him on
a Caribbean cruise.

Would you happen to have
Miss Nunan's address? Sure.

Booth! Yeah?

That does not help
the investigation.

He's such a cutie, isn't he?

Tommy is such a wonderful
person. Big heart and so devoted.

You brought a photo album?

You said you wanted
to talk about Tommy.

I figured you'd
like to see pictures.

Those pictures are...

They, uh... They are taken
from quite a distance, Pam.

He's so shy. It's one of
the things I love about him.

We understand that Tommy
was your personal trainer.

He was so much more than that.

Before I met Tommy, I
was so down on myself.

But Tommy... He's
such a sweetheart.

Does Tommy share your affection?

Why do you ask it like that?

Because I don't look
like a scarecrow, like her?

Hey! Wha... What are you coming
after me for? Do I look like a scarecrow?

Well, you... I think
you look good.

Thank you. Like Tommy, you see
me for who I really am. Not scrawny.

What? I am not scrawny.

My body mass index is
well within normal limits.

Could we talk about
Tommy, please?

If he didn't love me, why
would he want to marry me?

Marry you? He was
gonna marry you?

Tommy's my life, and I'm his.

Whatever you think he's
done, I know he didn't do it.

We're not worried about what
he did. It's what you might've done.

Tommy is dead.

She has body image issues which are
not congruent with her actual appearance.

She's someone who's slightly large,
who believes she's a very large woman...

who can convince people
she's only slightly large.

And the way people treat her
convinces her that she's right.

That's interesting.

See, you're only pretending it's
interesting. It means very little to you.

That's true.

You have an irrational
prejudice against psychology,

probably because of emotions that
are too complicated for you to deal with.

And I poke and I prod at them,

which makes them
real and painful.

And yet I feel no pain.
Just a sort of disinterest.

So why don't you take
your powers of observation,

focus them on her?

All right.

- She's sorting her trail mix.
- That mean something?

She's nervous. She's trying to control
a situation that's out of her control.

Or she's just bored. She's
been waiting almost an hour.

I'm sorry to have
kept you waiting.

I didn't kill Tommy.
I loved him.

- What's this?
- I got bored.

I've been here over an hour.

I believe that you loved Tommy.

Thank you, Agent Booth. I did.

But I don't believe
that he loved you back.

- Because I'm not anorexic?
- Miss Nunan...

- Call me Pam.
- Pam.

You were stalking him,
and he was avoiding you.

If he didn't love me, why would
he give me this for Christmas?

P-A-M. Do you know
what that spells?

- Pam.
- That's right.

What did, um, you give him
before he gave you that bracelet?

Ah. Excellent question.

- Why does that matter?
- I'm just curious.

A $1,000 gift certificate to the
Music Center. He loved music.

Thousand dollars.
Wow. That's generous.

Way to obligate him, try and
force an emotional connection.

It's extremely

So do you think she killed him?

Well, there's no question
that she's deluded.

I mean, if she truly believed
that he was gonna marry her,

then she was setting
herself up for a tragic ending.

- Tragic?
- Well, one way to ensure
that he didn't leave her...

- Would be to kill him.
- Tommy had a beautiful voice.

He dreamed of being a professional
singer, and I wanted to support him.

I did everything for
him. He was mine.

Tommy was mine, no
matter what anyone thought.

- When did you find him?
- Last night. He had been
dead for two weeks.

I've been in Florida.
Left last month.

Just got back two days ago. I was with
Mom and Daddy planning the wedding.

The wedding with Tommy?

Of course, silly.

I'm just gonna need you to write
down your parents' number in Florida...

so I can confirm
your whereabouts.


Who's gonna love me now?

I'm sorry.

- No, no, no. Don't touch her.
- Why?

Thank you, Agent Booth.

The pathology is clear. She's
possessive and amoral. Uh...

Her emotional connections are forged
through manipulation and delusion.

- Once a connection
that tenuous breaks...
- So she killed Tommy Sour?

I can't say that, of course,
but she is a dangerous person.

Thank you.

Well, her story checks out. She
was in Florida when he was killed.

Her parents are devastated that their
future son-in-law, who they never met,

will no longer be
her love monkey.

Well, Dr. Sweets still
thinks that she's a killer.

Dangerous. I think
she's dangerous.

- I agree.
- Thank you, Agent Booth.

All those gifts and taking
pictures from a distance...

and showing up in the
middle of the night in a nightie...

It's all very dangerous.

Mocking will not
change my opinion.

I've been mocked
many, many times before.

That came out wrong.
Yeah, that's great, Sweets.

Appreciate your help. But you
know what? She has an alibi.

See ya. Well, just be
cautious of her, okay?

- She's not stable.
- Great. Thank you.

Oh. And remember, our
session on Tuesday's at 4:00.

Trust exercises. Gonna be there?

See ya.

I got your page. The vic's
tox report just came back.

There were trace amounts
of T.H.C. in his bloodstream.

That's why you paged me?
Because our victim smoked marijuana?

No. Check out the monitor.

His blood was infected
with a bacterium.

E. coli. And given the
concentration in his blood,

I'd say the infection occurred
within hours of his death.

- Well, what was the source?
- I'm getting there.

The C.D.C. tracks
all E. coli outbreaks.

And apparently, the last E.
Coli ground zero was in Virginia...

at the Checkerbox
Restaurant in Alexandria.

The culprit? Tainted raw honey.

The same kind I found in
Tommy Sour's stomach.


♪ So many men seem destined ♪

♪ To settle for
something small ♪

♪ But I won't rest ♪

♪ Until I know
I'll have it all ♪

Finally. I mean, one more show
tune, and I was gonna start shooting.

He has excellent projection. I
heard him while I was parking.

Yeah. Okay. I talked to
some of the patrons here.

- Open mike night is every
Monday and Tuesday.
- Shh.

Actually, some of these
people think this stuff is good.

- What's open mike night?
- It's, uh, you know,
cabaret meets karaoke.

- You know, singers
who want to get discovered.
- Will you please be quiet?

Based on the E. coli
in Tommy's blood,

he definitely was here
shortly before he was killed.

Pam said he was musical.

♪ Gotta find my corner ♪

This guy is not bad.

You're kidding me.

No. He's... I love
his enthusiasm.

Dude! Do I need
to get the manager?

Dude. Actually, you know
what? That would be great.

Why don't you
point him out to us?

♪ My corner of the
sky ♪♪ Ooh, yeah.

All right.

Up next, the smooth and
smoky Chris Calabasa.

♪♪ Excuse me.

Agent Booth, F.B.I. Oh, come on.
I told you guys everything I know.

I bought the raw honey from
a company out of Maryland.

I gave the C.D.C. guy the bill
of sale and the remaining honey.

- What else you want from me?
- No. We're not here
about the E. coli.

We need to speak with you about
Tommy Sour. We believe he was murdered.


- Were you friends?
- Well, he was good
for business, talented.

Showed up at every open
mike night since day one.

When I didn't see him around, I
figured he got a paying gig, you know?

Anything unusual about
his final performance?

No. Everybody
loved him like always.

- Everybody thinks they're
the next Kelly Clarkson.
- Yeah, you got that right.

Who's Kelly Clarkson?
American Idol? "Because of You"?

Because of me? Never mind. Okay?

Just stay here, not up there.

- So did he have any enemies?
- Yeah. You're listening
to him right now.

There was a talent scout here
that night. Tommy stole his song.

- Chris had to default
to "Piano Man."
- Ooh! That hurts.

When Chris finished singing, he pulled Tommy
aside and they started shoving each other.

I told them to take it outside.

They disappeared into the
parking lot. Well, then what?

I don't know. I never
saw Tommy again.

♪ Oh, love is lovelier ♪

Yeah! ♪ The second time around ♪

Tommy Sour was a jerk. He'd fill
the joint with his fitness groupies,

who'd hoot and holler
even when he sang off-key.

Then they'd talk through the other acts. You
know what that does to a singer's self-esteem?

I would imagine it would be quite
disheartening, given your need for acclaim.

- Bones.
- It's a primal human need,
the foundation for royalty...

Okay, you know what? You're
just gonna confuse him. Go on.

Tommy thought he
was gonna make it big.

He showed me a check he
wrote to himself for a million bucks.

Said he'd be cashing
it by Christmas.

Well, was he any good? Last month,
he had some dude videotape his set.

- It's up on his MySpace page. You can check it for yourself.
- This guy is good!

- ♪ Like a friendly ho ♪
- Ha-ha. Thank you, Paula.

Can we just focus here?

So the night Tommy was killed, the two
of you got into an argument over a song?

Not just a song, my song.
"Far Away" by Nickelback.

- Tommy knew that I was
saving that for scout night.
- That make you a little angry?

I didn't kill the guy. We went
outside, I vented, and Tommy took off.

That was it? You just said,
"Good-bye. See you later"?

I came back inside. I wanted to
introduce myself to the talent scout.

- He's back again. You can ask him yourself.
- You know what? I think I will.

Stay here. What?

Is this guy a star, or what?

♪ Oh, love's more comfortable ♪

- You his agent?
- No, I'm just a fan. You know, a fan of the music.

- So, what label are you with?
- I'm an independent.

Oh. You know, me and my
roommate, we had a band in college.

We weren't half bad. I mean, all the
A&R guys, they'd sit in the front there.

- What are you doing
in the back?
- What's it to you?

- Hey, what are you drinking?
- Excuse me! Hey!

Ooh, what the hell
is this? Doodles?

Everything okay here? What do
you say we step outside? Come on.

I want to know why you're
impersonating a talent scout.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Answer the question, or I'll
arrest you right now for fraud.

- But I didn't...
- Wait a second. I get it. You two are working together.

You knew that if there was a
talent scout in the audience,

more singers would show
up at open mike night.

Sell more booze. You make more
money. I-I just started the rumor.

I asked Mitch to wear
a suit, take some notes.

I didn't do anything wrong. It
was just a job. Just a job, right?

Give Tommy the idea that he was gonna get
his own contract. I-I didn't hurt anybody.

You lied to them. You exploited
their need for attention. That's cruel!

I'm not going down
for your crap. I get it.

Tommy figures it all out.
There's an argument. It escalates.

- He confronts you.
- No, no. I swear it.

Tommy knew nothing
about Mitch. No one did.

You pull this scam again, and
I swear I'll arrest both of you...

for conspiracy, fraud
and misrepresentation.

You got me? Yes.


Come on.

And don't even think
about leaving town...

'cause both of you are
under investigation for murder.

They are? No. I
just don't like them.

- How's it coming, Zack?
- I'm still looking.

The shaving was wafer thin
and conformed to the curvature...

- I need the bones, man.
- As do I, Hodgins.

I need to swab the ligature
furrows for elemental analysis, so...

- Did you know
that I sang too?
- What?

- As a child.
- You?

My parents felt that singing lessons
would help integrate me socially.

- Really?
- Yes. I was quite good.

I received acclaim and a new stature
amongst the parents of my peers.

What about your actual peers?

My mother said they were
jealous and not to worry about it.

Jealous of your singing?

Yeah, I-I'm trying, Zack,
but I just... I can't see it.

♪ Love is a
many-splendored thing ♪

♪ It's the April rose
that only grows ♪

♪ In the early spring ♪

♪ When your fingers
touched my silent heart ♪

♪ And taught it how to sing ♪

♪ Yes, true love's ♪

♪ A many-splendored ♪

♪ Thing ♪♪

Whoo! Whoo! Ow, ow!

Wow! That was great.

That was great.

Thank you. I should
get back to work now.

Listen, Pavarotti.

I need the C5 vertebra, the hyoid and
the temporal bone. We need a weapon.

And by I.D.'ing the particulates in the
wounds, I can give you more to go on.

Thanks for the concert.

- Is there something you need?
- No.

Uh, no. I'm just doing my...

Just... Thanks.

I get it when a college
kid wants to be a rock star,

but half of those
singers were over 30.

Do they really think
they're gonna be famous?

- The need to stand out
from the crowd is innate.
- It's obnoxious!

- You were the best sniper
when you were in the army.
- I was just doing my job. Well.

And that set you
apart from the others.

Bones, we're talking about singing
some nightmarish Broadway songs.

No, it doesn't matter.

Whoever is best has
the status and power...

and becomes a superior being.

Yeah, well, I tell ya, some of those people
are not gonna be mating. That's for sure.

But they will have the
power and prestige.

You enjoy it because
you are a superb agent.

You think? Yeah, of course.

Since I am the best in my field,

it would be self-destructive for me to
work with someone who's beneath me.

Oh, okay. Well, that's good...

because, um, you know,
I have to be honest here.

Sometimes I think that you
feel that you're better than me.

Well, objectively, I'm more
intelligent... There you go.

In certain areas.

And in others, I
understand my limitations...

and I... admire your expertise.

Oh. You admire me?

In certain areas of expertise.

Well, I admire your expertise.
You know, the whole science thing.

Thank you. I'm an
author too. I know.

Best-selling. And that also gives me
elevated status. Here comes the ego.

No. I'm not saying that
society's correct to elevate me.

I'm not saying that I
deserve the elevation.

I'm just saying that it occurs.

Society should elevate
scholars and teachers.

Not actors and athletes.
Yeah, what about cops?

- Very important.
- Yeah? It's Agent Booth.

It's Pam. Pam Nunan.

How can I help you, Miss Nunan?

- Are you available to meet?
- I'm sorry. Uh, how did
you get my number?

Your office patched me
through. I said I was your mother.

Yeah. Dr. Brennan
and I can meet with you.

No. Just you.

Well, if it's relevant to
the case, Miss Nunan,

I think it would be
important that Dr. Brennan...

I can be at your office in a half
hour, but you have to meet me alone.

I'm sorry. Is this about Tommy?

What else would it be
about, Agent Booth?

Okay. Half an hour.

What did she want?

She wants to see me
without you. Did she say why?

- Probably because you
make her feel uncomfortable.
- How so?

Well, because you're you, and
you're a well-adjusted woman.

And a best-selling author. I was on
the New York Times list for 18 weeks.

And I won the Ed...

Right this way. I really
appreciate you seeing me.

Uh, it's my job.

That's precious. It's your job.

- You said you had
information about the...
- Hockey fan.

I have that same
print in my office.

And it's Pam. I have
season tickets to the Capitals.

- We should go sometime.
- Miss Nunan, about the case?

Seeley, please. Pam.

- I need to ask you something.
- Okay. Well, usually
I ask the questions.

Are you dating Dr. Brennan?

No. She's my partner.

I see.

Your nephew?

- It's my son.
- You're married?

I'm not. Listen, I'm kind
of busy here, Miss Nunan.

I brought you something.

Okay. I know you've
got a thing for socks.

How did you, uh... I
noticed them last time.

On the outside, you're
this big, tough F.B.I. guy.

But really, you're just like me...
unpredictable, like Tommy was.

- Please.
- I know. We shouldn't talk
about our old flames,

especially when we're just
getting to know each other.

Miss Nunan, you said you had
information about Tommy Sour's murder.

Really? I have faith you'll
find out who killed him.

And Tommy wouldn't
want me to grieve forever.

Look at all these commendations.

You're really great at
your job, aren't you?

It's one of the reasons
I'm drawn to you.

Ma'am, this is
way inappropriate.

"Ma'am." That is so cute.

I can't wait to tell my
mom you just said that.

Well, bye for now.

♪ Sunrise There's
a new sun a-risin' ♪

What are you watching?

Oh, Dr. Sweets found
Tommy Sour's MySpace video.

He's got an okay voice. He's
trying a bit hard, don't you think?

Yeah. There are two
types of performers.

Presentational singers
crave attention. It's ego driven.

And the representational
singer wants the audience to feel.

It's about evoking a
cathartic experience.

He's showing off.

Easy on the eyes,
easy to forget.

One-hit wonder at best,
like Chumbawamba.


"Tubthumping"? Oh,
come on. Are you serious?

It's a great song.
It's anthemic.

So this is all simple
psychology to you?

People's actions are
motivated by their need.

When we discover our needs,
we discover who we are. So, yes.

No. Society makes us who we are, not
psychology. Society shapes our actions.

Culture compels us, not
some toilet training mishap.

Okay, look. I'm just gonna break you
two up. You're giving me a headache.

You keep this fighting up, no one's
getting dessert. Oh, we're not fighting.

It's just a collegial
debate, right?


- How'd it go with Pam?
- Wait. You saw her again?

What's the big deal, Sweets?
She just gave me a pair of socks.

- What? It's not funny.
- It's not funny.

- Then why did I laugh?
- Pam Nunan controls
her emotional agenda...

through seeming vulnerability
followed by generosity.

- It's classic manipulation.
- Then I'll just mail
the socks back.

Look! Tommy was
about to release a CD.

I Can't Do Better Than You.

I wonder if Pam thought
that was meant for her.

Yeah. She probably saw secret
messages in all of his songs.

Until I was 13, I wanted to
be the next Cyndi Lauper.

I'd say you were kidding, but I
don't think you know how to kid.

The other girls and I
referred to her as "rad."

- My mother said
that I sang just as well.
- As well as Cyndi Lauper?

- Yes.
- Mothers do that. It's healthy.

No. This wasn't just flattery.

My mother told me that I sang "Girls
Just Want to Have Fun" better than she did.

It was an expression
of affection, Dr. Brennan,

not an objective
evaluation of your abilities.

- Well, I think you're wrong.
- Okay, then go ahead. Belt it out.

No. Absolutely not. Yeah,
come on. Give us a few bars.

Come on! I can't
just bust into song.

I have to have music and an
appropriate atmosphere of frivolity.

Diva, forensic genius,
best-selling author.

Better than Cyndi Lauper?

Wait, look. Freeze
the video. Look at him.

Tommy's singing to the woman
next to him, the one who shushed us.

Look. His corrugator
muscles are furrowed.

His lips are tight, teeth
clenched. His mentalis is crinkled.

- The corrugator muscles
are the...
- We know.

I don't know. I don't know that.

He appears to be very angry.

Like, "get out of my way" angry.

- He plays the guitar.
- Yeah?

That's how Tommy died.

The guitar string could
definitely be the murder weapon.

Because it cut the cheese?

Because the exemplar wound approximates
the tool marks on the victim's C5.

Yeah, he knew that. He just
wanted to say "cut the cheese."

Okay. Hodgins, you
are the guitar player.

Zack, you are Tommy.

Reenactment. Fascinating.

Not for me. I'm always
the one that gets killed.

Dude, you're the singer.
The singer was the vic here.

Tommy was strangled from
behind with a wire or guitar string.

- The guitar string
was pulled tight...
- Slicing his throat and trachea.

- Of course.
- As he lost consciousness,
he fell forward.

Fracturing his chin. Wait a
second. He was a big guy.

According to your
scenario, he was passive.

Nothing in the data
suggests that he fought back.

Wait a second. Tommy was... He was high. He
was toasted. It could've dulled his reflexes.

This also explains the
shaving of the vertebra.

A guitar string would slice
a wafer-thin sliver of bone...

as Tommy dropped to the ground.


Tommy Sour was strangled,
Dax, possibly with a guitar string.

Now, I know that, uh, you
didn't like him singing to your girl.

What the hell you talking
about? My girl's in Texas.


That. That's Helen.

We perform together.

You know she's married,
right, to someone else?

Well, why do you look so angry?

Because Tommy
was a son of a bitch.

Look, I'm feeling a little paranoid
in here, like I'm being persecuted.

Persecuted? Really? Maybe
because you're feeling a little guilty?

A couple years ago, I introduced
Tommy to my trainer, Jason.

Jason runs a wellness center. He needed
personal trainers, and Tommy was a trainer.

Jason? As in Jason Bergman?
Yeah, that's right, man. You know him?

Yeah, we've met.

Tommy and Jason wanted to open
up a place together, one they owned.

So they went down,
they got a loan.

Tommy stole the
money. Fifty grand, man.

Tommy used the money
to produce his own CD.

High-end musicians,
arrangements, publicity... the works.

So that's why I'm harboring
the negative vibes, dude.

Yeah. I can only
imagine how Jason feels.

So I contacted the bank. Dr. Jason is on
the hook for the full amount of the loan.

Which he conveniently forgot when
we spoke to him before. All right, Bones.

If you're looking for Dr. Jason,
he didn't come in today.

I've been calling him, but his
cell isn't on. Is that unusual?

This place is his whole life. You could
call him day or night, he'd always answer.

Great. Thanks. Yeah.
Hi. It's Agent Booth.

I need a BOLO for a Dr. Jason
Bergman, wanted for first-degree murder.

Oh, Dr. Hodgins.

Hey, Dr. B. What's up? Did you swab
the C5 vertebra for elemental trace?

I swabbed the C5 vertebra,
the hyoid and the temporal bone.

Analyzing the particulates now.

I'll need your results
as soon as possible.

Okay. I'm on it. How'd
it go with guitar guy?

Booth doesn't think it's him.
No motive. But the wound...

No, it's definitely a wire or a metal
string of some kind, but not from him.

Booth suspects the manager
of the wellness center.

So you're looking for some wire
used in a gym or by a physical therapist.

Yes. Assuming that it
was a crime of passion,

the killer would've
used something handy.


Yeah, okay. I'll meet you there.

- I need those results.
- Right away.

I quit my job, decided to
move out of town. So what?

Officer pulled you over
on the interstate in Ohio.

You've been traveling nonstop
since yesterday morning?

- Is that a crime?
- Maybe.

We know about the
small business loan.

Then you also know that I'm the last person
in the world that would want Tommy dead.

With him out of the picture,
I'm responsible for the whole nut.

- What? The nut?
- Fifty grand!

I couldn't see another way out.

- So you thought you
could hide from the bank?
- I'm not married.

I got no close family. So, I thought I
could disappear, just fall off the grid.

- You hear about it all the time.
- I think you were pissed
and you just snapped. Huh?

That place was
everything to you.

Tommy ruined it for
you, so you ruined him.

You know what I think,
Agent Booth? Hmm?

I think motive without evidence
is like riding a stationary bike.

You get nowhere fast.

Like right now?

Dr. Bergman, did you use any
wires or wire-like instruments...

at the gym or in your
chiropractic practice?

Any further questions will
have to go through a lawyer.

Yep. Well... Oh. Hodgins.

Sorry to barge in. Oh, no!
You can't just barge in here.

There was elemental evidence on the
vertebra. You wanted to know A.S.A.P.

- What's the evidence?
- It's phylosilicate minerals
and aluminum oxides.

- Oh.
- What? English?

- It's clay.
- Hey, very good.

- I have nothing
to do with clay.
- You're gonna be cleared.

You can't say that.
This is my place.

And there was silver particulates
embedded in the composite.

- On his vertebra?
- Yeah. There is a company
called Clay Global...

which infuses sculpting
clay with silver powder.

They sell direct via the
Internet. And get this.

They recently shipped a package of the clay
to the other unit of our victim's duplex.

- A warrant to search my place?
- Oh, he can read.

I'm the one who reported Tommy
missing. Why would I be hiding anything?

Because you killed Tommy, and you
reported him missing to cover your own ass.

No, no. Hey, excuse
me? What are you doing?

Oh. Are you asking because you have
an interest in forensics, Mr. Mathews?


This clay-cutting wire is consistent
with the object used to kill Tommy Sour.

I'm testing it for blood. Just
look at it. There's no blood on it.

If the liquid turns blue, it means this
wire came in contact with human blood.

Wait. Guess what. You are under
arrest for the murder of Tommy Sour.

Wait, wait, wait. You don't understand,
okay? I didn't want to. The noise...

- The noise?
- Yeah, you hear it. The alarm clock.

These walls are so thin. And I-I needed
to work, to concentrate for my show.

Tommy, he'd just sing at the top of his
lungs day and night. He never, ever shut up.

I begged him to lower his voice,
to sing quietly, but he didn't care.

And that gives you the right
to strangle him into silence?

No. I was just
trying to scare him.

He was taking his trash to the alley
and singing at the top of his lungs.

So I went after him. But he's bigger
than me. I never thought I could kill him.

He was stoned. He
couldn't fight back. I just...

I pulled on the wire,
and he fell down.

And... And he was dead.

But it was quiet.
It was finally quiet.


- Start in a low key,
then go to a higher key.
- That was great.

What's going on? Why
did you call me here, Booth?

Your need to sing in front of a
live audience. It's innate, Bones.

- No way.
- Hey, I got the music,
the frivolity.

- What else do you need?
- Come on, Dr. Brennan. You can do it.

We're here for you!
We're here for you!

You are very controlled. I think it'd be
a good idea for you to let yourself go.

Really? Yeah.

What about you? Hey, I will be
singing "Lime in da Coconut" after you.

You will be extremely impressed, as was
my Abnormal Psychology class in college.

This opportunity is a
gift from Agent Booth.

Trust yourself. Trust
your friends. Let it rip.

Let's hear it.

♪♪ Come on!

Ow, ow, ow!


♪ I come home in
the morning light ♪

♪ My mother says When
you gonna live your life right ♪

♪ Oh, Mama dear We're
not the fortunate ones ♪

♪ And girls they
wanna have fun ♪

♪ Oh, girls just
wanna have fun ♪

♪ The phone rings in
the middle of the night ♪

♪ My father yells What
you gonna do with your life ♪

♪ Oh, Daddy dear You
know you're still number one ♪

♪ But girls they
wanna have fun ♪

Look at me, not her.

♪ Oh, girls just wanna have ♪

♪ That's all they really want ♪

Seeley! Seeley! ♪ Is some fun ♪

- ♪ When the working day
is done ♪
- I'm doing this for us.

♪ Girls, they wanna have... ♪♪

Zack, you call 911!

Booth, you're gonna be
fine. I'm right here. Come on.

You're gonna do this.
You're gonna be fine.

You can make this.
Come on. Come on. Booth!

You're gonna make it. Come on.

Come on! Come
on, Booth! Come on!

Come on! Come on. Come on.

You're gonna make
it. Come on. Come on.

Come on. You're
gonna do this. Come on.

Come on, Booth. It's gonna
be fine. Come on, Booth.

Come on, Booth. No.

No, come on.

Come on, Booth!

What's that mean?