Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 17 - Bones - full transcript

A private girls-only high-school 'model student' is found murdered i the woods. Despite straight AAs, she was miserable, an insecure outcast attracting bullying and somehow involved in drug trade with a juvenile ex-con who had allegedly consensual sex with her and posted compromising pictures. Her dorm-mates fail to steal her compromising diary.

Nah, my grandmother
(indistinct radio transmission)

(indistinct chatter)

Central, this is Tyler O'Brian.

Do you need a response team?

That's negatory.

I found absolutely nada.

Tyler, quit calling in saying
you haven't found anything!

Or you saw a pretty rock
or a bug.

I just wanted to be thorough.

Oh, my God!

(indistinct chatter)

Hey, over here!

We found something!

MAN 2: Come on!
WOMAN 2: By the stream!

Look at that!

Oh, my God!


Based on the amount
of blood absorption

in the nearby soil, I'd say
the victim was killed here.

Yeah, so is this Molly Delson?

Could very well be.
"Could very well be"

isn't enough
to inform her parents.

Did you take a tone with me?

What-What's with the tone?
He's hungry.

So, uh, she was last seen a couple
miles from here at a prep school.

These braces on her teeth
could help with the I.D.

Molly Delson wore braces.

Both of the parents
are orthodontists.

Hair color matches.
Well, Dr. Brennan

should be able to give us
age based on the teeth.

Okay, look. How long's
the body been out here?

Well, this is Hermetia illuc...

Stop, bug boy.
I don't need the Latin.

Fresh from hatching.

They just ate
for exactly four days.

Four days. Why can't
you just say four days?

You gonna tell the parents?
Not until we're 100% here.

I want, uh, Bones to take

a look at the teeth.


Breathe naturally.

And as you breathe out,
squeeze your bottom

and suck your
belly button in and up

to touch
your beating heart.

A belly button
can't touch a heart.

That's an impossible

Sweetie, it's
for visualization purposes.

Well, I can't
visualize it.

I can't do it.
Before I had the baby,

I could put both my ankles
behind my head.

Are you sure you don't want
to go to the crime scene?

No. I'm taking it easier
this pregnancy.

Perhaps when I'm further along.

You are further along.

Further than what?

Than whatever you think you are.

Now pull your abdominals back

to touch your backbone.
(phone rings)

Again, not possible.

The lack of eruption

of the third molars
suggests that the victim

is between the ages
of 14 and 18.

Huh. Pretty exact
with teeth and age,

but when it comes
to your belly...

I have more than three months
to go, Angela.

I've been pregnant before--
I know this.

Now round your back,

put your feet on the floor,

and proceed
to roll up slowly,

letting your spine
lift tall bit... by bit.

And that's it.

Good class, everybody.

Well done.

Thank you.


I-I said, hey.

Oh. To me?

It seems they've found
Molly Delson's remains.

Cam said it was
definitely murder.

I... I spent the last
20 minutes of class

trying to find a good
opening line, and...

(sighs): well...

You went with "hey."

Which... was clearly
neither direct

nor particularly witty.

So I'm gonna just
skip over the rest

of my poorly
planned small talk

and get right to
the point here.

Maybe I could
get your number?

My number?

You'll have to do a
facial reconstruction

to confirm.

Hey, that guy is
totally hitting on Daisy.

Is that strange?

I'm... I'm just not sure
that she's ready

so soon after Sweets died.

Well, it's been
nearly six months.

I remember being quite excited
after my first pregnancy

to return
to normal sexual activity.

Uh, you...
you were very excited.

Yeah. Because it was
with the man I loved,

who got me pregnant,
who stayed alive.

What difference does
any of that make?

Yeah, maybe...
maybe not that much.

I think we might want
to talk to the guy

who fled after
finding the body.

You mean the pot brownie guy?

Name: Tyler O'Brian.
Age: 24.

Guy's a convicted
sex offender.

He did three years for
having sex with a minor--

15-year-old girl.

Wait a second, you think
that he, uh, positioned himself

to find his own
murder victim?

Fits the profile:
highly intelligent,

narcissistic, like he
wanted us to see his work.

So then he drops

the pot brownie and runs?
That throws doubt

in your
"highly intelligent" theory.

"High" part works, though.
Look, you ever hear

of a person, a really smart
person, you know, who, uh,

denies something
that's obvious

to everyone but not to them?

You mean like
Dr. B and her belly?

I didn't say that.
Okay, if I couldn't

see through that attempt
at subtlety,

I don't think
I'd be much of an investigator.

Just bring in the pot brownie guy.

Bring him in,
we'll talk, all right?

Thank you.

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The Lost in the Found
Original Air Date on May 7, 2015

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♪ ♪

You had no right
to search my place.

Except for the
warrant that gives us

the right to
search your place.

We have witnesses
who say

when you saw the body,

you dropped your
pot brownie

and your walkie
and you ran away.

It's not illegal
to run away from a dead body.

You guys watch
Walking Dead?

How about the rape and the
murder of a 16-year-old girl,

huh, is that illegal?

Pretty sure that's
against the law, yeah.

Good, I'm glad we cleared
that up, because this girl,

she seems like
she's your type, Tyler.

Mm-hmm, underaged.

what I got convicted of
was statutory rape.

From the word "statue,"
meaning "not real."

That is not what it means.
I was 19,

she was 15,
and she told the court

it was consensual.

I didn't kill her.
I swear to you guys.

Gonna hold you
on possession charges.

Well, at least that's
better than murder.

Definitely a school uniform.

Molly Delson attended
Pemberley Academy.

They wear uniforms.
There are large numbers

of remodeled microfractures
to the distal

and proximal ends of the femurs.
Also on the tibia and ulna.

Let's take a closer look,
Ms. Wick,

to confirm my suspicions that
these fractures date from seven

to ten years ago.
Beaten as a child?

Is that a thing?

A child being beaten until puberty
at which point the abuse just stops?

You know who was good at
those kind of questions? Lance.

BRENNAN: I suspect
Dr. Sweets would say that

the abuse continued until
the child was capable to explain

her injuries
to an outsider.

(chuckles): It's common sense,
not... psychology.

Still, I miss him.

We all miss Sweets.

So I shouldn't go out on a date?


Of course you should go
on a date, Ms. Wick.

But it hasn't even been a year.
What is the importance

of an arbitrary period of time?
It correlates to nothing.

Okay, but at what point
in the relationship

do I tell the man that
I have a baby at home?

Now the date
is a "relationship"?

Can we get back

to this murdered girl, please?

All right, so I found

some fibers around
the victim, as well as

some beads.
Fancy. From a necklace?

Could be an indication
of a struggle.

The killer
could have torn the necklace

off of her.
I finished the facial reconstruction.

This is definitely Molly Delson.

What happened?

How did Molly die?

We don't have cause of
death yet, Mrs. Delson.

Do you have any idea

who did this to her?

but, uh, my partner and her team

have come up with evidence
that suggests that Molly

was physically abused
as a child.

No. I-I don't...
I don't understand.

We would have known.

Yes, you would have.

MR. DELSON: Wait, are you
accusing us of abusing

our own child?

That's absurd.

You're gonna have

a baby in a couple
months, right?

How would you feel if someone
accused you of something like that?

Well, I'm about...
six months away, actually,

but I... it seems I might have
been wrong about the abuse.


Is this Molly?

The type

of fracture patterns I
identified on the X rays

could very well
have resulted

from her apparent
childhood obesity.

Being overweight
broke her bones?

Yes. A child carrying
that much weight

could cause developing
growth plates to fracture

and spiral out into
the long bones.

I apologize

for my erroneous
conclusion about abuse.

Though you should have been
more attentive to her weight.

(scoffs) Look who's talking.

If she's three
months pregnant,

she's pretty damn
obese herself.

Right, look, you must
have done something right, both of you,

since... Molly did lose
all that weight.

It was all

her own willpower.

Molly was an

She... always had been.

She couldn't stand
to disappoint anyone.

Especially us.

You know, she was number one
in her school class.

Molly was...


We couldn't have hoped
for a better child.


Hey. Tox screen came back negative.
Well, the fiber I tested

is from the generic carpeting
inside a car trunk, and...

SAROYAN: Duct tape.

It sloughed off the body.

Pardon me.

Epithelial cells.


From a tattoo?

Lip gloss.

Someone duct-taped her mouth.

She was kidnapped
before she was killed.

Wow. A beautiful campus.

Should be for the tuition
they charge.

I agree, but 90%
of our girls make it

into Ivy League schools,
so it's worth it.

Do you two have a child
who'd like to attend Pemberley?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, you-you think that we're...?

No. What? Stop.

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth.

This here is Agent Aubrey.

You're here about Molly.

I'm the headmistress,
Amelia Minchin.

Uh, I'm sorry.

No, that's no problem, because,
hey, if we were a couple...

Stop. Can we see
Molly's room, please?

Of course.
Thank you.

If we decided we wanted
to adopt a child...

I understand what you're saying,
but we're not looking into it.

This is Molly's dorm.

Is it possible that Molly was
kidnapped from her dorm room?

Unlikely, though it
is an all-girls school,

so sneaking off campus
is not unheard of.

Was she, um...?

Rape kit came
back negative.

Molly's parents said

she was number
one in her class.

In all of her classes--
everything but music.

Being the best in music
demands more than willpower.

It requires real talent.

So, she was driven
to succeed. Okay.

And-and socially,
did Molly fit in?

Other than the normal
teenage problems,

I wasn't aware of any
issues she had socially.

The police sealed off Molly's
room after she disappeared

so nothing would
be disturbed.

Has anyone had access
to the room since the police?

No, Agent Booth.

I and the students
have been very careful

to follow the instructions
the police gave us.

Respect is paramount
here at Pemberley.


I guess not
for everybody.

You lose something?

This would be Cayla
Seligman and Arianna Donas.

I expect you have an
exceptionally compelling reason

for being in this room?


I'm with the FBI,
so start talking.

We were looking
for Molly's diary.

(scoffs) Why do you think?


Diaries get turned
over to parents.

We were trying to protect her

if there was anything
embarrassing in it.

Molly kept a diary?

Handwritten? In a book?

That's weirdly archaic.

You can hide a book a lot easier
than you can hide a computer.

Plus, no one can hack
a book off the cloud.

Right. So, did you find it?

I did.

That's a new one.

Not my first
boarding school case.

Look at that, huh?

So, you guys weren't friends
with Molly?

We're all friends.

You just wanted her diary

because you care
so much about her?


Where were you four nights ago?

Agent Booth, if you wish
to question the girls,

you must proceed
through channels.

Channels. Right.

These girls weren't
friends with Molly.

Check it out. Got the
college level textbooks,

the impersonality of the room.
BOOTH: Nothing suggests

a social life.
Ah, it's a good one, Aubrey.

I told you, we're
a good couple.

Right. Stop. Okay.

So, if Molly was
taken from the room,

she left without a fight.


We have very good security.

Oh, right, because,

you know,
everybody respects the rules.

So, ladies,
why don't you tell us what

you were really looking for
in the diary? Hmm?

Ms. Wick?

Murder investigation?

Oh! Yes. That's what I was
thinking about-- murder.

Not dating again.

And what has not thinking
about dating given us?

Note the stab wound to
the right sternal third rib.

Okay, a stab to that region
would probably not be fatal.

There are at least 11
other similar wounds--

ribs, femurs,
right ulna, pelvis.

That would explain the amount
of blood at the crime scene.

If you could Mikrosil...
I already did.

'Cause I was not
thinking about dating.

See the double blade
at the point?

Yeah. Scissors?

I found oodles
of particulates here.

Look at. Glue, glitter, blue
and green construction paper.

Blue and green
are Pemberley's colors.

Man, everything leads
back to that school.

Cayla Seligman and Arianna Donas

are a college admissions
officer's dream.

Okay, Cayla is the
captain of the field hockey,

basketball and lacrosse team.

Arianna builds houses in Haiti
on her summer vacations. I mean,

somebody get these girls some
wings to go with their halos.

Right. I don't like 'em.
They said that they were

friends with Molly, but
according to her cell records,

she never texted
or called them.

Who did Molly call or text?

Her parents.

But three days before the
murder, there's a huge spike

in her cell
data activity.

Angela's looking into that

to see what it's all about.

Now, this... is interesting.

A shoebox?

"Someone do the world a favor

and get brace face
some deodorant."

Shoebox of insults.

These are Post-its,
photos of scrawls

on bathroom stalls, notes
passed in class. I mean,

this girl was being persecuted.

Why would she hold on to these?

I'd say it's a hate-box.

I mean, Molly kept them
as psychological

verification of all

the terrible things
that she thought about herself.


I wasn't expecting
an answer there, Aubrey.

Yeah, I know.

I called one
of the department's profilers.

Then this diary makes sense.

"I hate them!
I hate them! I hate them!

Why won't they let me be happy?
I wish I were dead"?

"Kathryn says I'll wind up
alone, a miserable joke."

She was tormented.
Yeah, she was.

"They're going to be
so disappointed in me.

"I don't blame them.

"I know it's my fault that
no one wants to be my friend.

There's just something wrong
with me."

This poor kid.

Who-Who's "they"?

Her parents,
but I'm more interested

in who this Kathryn is.

Look at that.

Huh. Looks like Molly was gonna
turn in our friend Kathryn

for having a drinking party
in her dorm room every Thursday.

Molly was murdered
Thursday night.


Well, look at this.

The woman who is definitely
not six months pregnant

needs to sit.

I'd prefer to focus on the case.


You doing okay?

The victim owned every book
I ever wrote.

Your murder mysteries?

No. The real ones.

The textbooks
and technical manuals.

And the notes she wrote

in the margins are
exceptionally astute.

Well, according to Booth,

she had a lot
of free time to study.

I assume you mean

because she didn't have
many friends.


she was probably bored by
frivolous adolescent concerns.

Yeah. Poor girl.

She must have been
really lonely.

The other girls ostracized her

because she was different,
and they felt threatened.

Making conclusions

without all the facts
is not like you.

I'm using my own life
as a reference.

Now I have perspective, but...

then, when I was isolated
like Molly... was difficult to imagine
that I would ever find a life

that I would enjoy living.

You never tried to cozy
up to the popular kids?

I could accurately predict

what their response
would be, so, no.


I'm sorry, Brennan.

I have a wonderful life.

I'm sorry for Molly
that she never got the chance

to realize
that she could have one, too.

Well, Booth and Aubrey said
that she did try to fit in,

but that she was
rejected every time.

It was mostly by this
girl named Kathryn.

Now, there were three
Kathryns at Pemberley,

but look at this one.

(computer chirps)

Kathryn Walling.
Those beads.

They look like a match for the
ones found at the crime scene.


You're right.
The necklace wasn't Molly's.

It was Kathryn Walling's.

"I wish Ms. Minchin

"knew what an evil bitch
Kathryn really is.

"But all she sees is
the perfect young lady,

"the athlete
and perfect student.

"If only she knew that Kathryn
breaks every single rule

in the Honor Code."

(scoffs) That is totally
a gross exaggeration.

You're all through this
diary. You tormented her.

She says, "I wish I was dead"
over a dozen times in here.

We have witnesses who
say that you and Molly

got into a fight on Thursday.

The day Molly was murdered.

Look, Molly was weird.

Everyone thought so.

But I did not kill her.

Did you and Molly get into
a fight on Thursday afternoon?


I came home from classes

and found her snooping
in my room.

Why didn't you report that
to the headmistress?

If I reported every single thing
Molly Delson did...

She might still be alive.

MINCHIN: Okay, okay,
Agent Booth,

I will remind you
we are dealing

with a 16-year-old girl.

Are we referring
to Kathryn here,

or the 16-year-old girl
who was murdered?

What was Molly
doing in your room?

Well, obviously, she was
stealing my necklace.

Molly was planning
on telling Ms. Minchin

about your drinking parties.

Wha...? What?

Okay, I'm more than willing

to take responsibility
for my actions, even if

admitting it could
get me suspended.

But I won't admit
to something that I didn't do.

And I certainly didn't
kill Molly.

Who was in your room drinking
with you Thursday night?

Cayla Seligman
and Arianna Donas.

You wanted to see me,
Dr. Hodgins?

Yeah, so, I ran samples
of Molly's clothes

through the GC Mass Spec,
and I found traces

of Celastrus scandens,
wall-climbing ivy.

From where her body was found?

The only place that we could
find any was... Molly's dorm.


And I found a couple
of white paint chips

that match the type of paint
used on the trellises.

She climbed out the window
on her own.

Which means
she wasn't kidnapped.

So where was she going?

And who did she meet?

She probably snuck out to meet
a boy, could be the killer,

so Aubrey's going through
the diary

to make a list of names.

Well, everything
will help.

I want you to know
that I remember

every single time
we've made love.

W... w, right, yeah.

That, uh, came out of nowhere.

I guess I'm flattered.

No, I have
an exceptional memory.

Yeah. That.


I believe that

I got pregnant
the night you made ravioli.

No, no. It definitely was
the Brunello night.

The baked eggplant
was just perfect.

Impossible. Booth, no,
that was way too long ago.

No, long enough to make you
look this, um...



beautiful thing here.

Beautiful person.

I'm this size because
I've been pregnant before

and I have an appropriately
healthy appetite.

Right, yeah, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. (stammers)

Usually you're so focused
on the-the science and the facts

about the case...

Am I missing something here?

No. Nothing.

Okay, I just thought that...

Can we talk about
the case, please?

(phone chimes)

(keys beeping)
We got...

Oh. FBI techs have
a bag of stuff

that they pulled from the stream
where Molly's body was found.

They're dropping it off
at the lab. How about that?

♪ ♪

Thank you.


DAISY: That looks about the size that
would've caused the stab wounds.

Yeah, seriously.

All right, I'm going to swab
the blade for particulates.

I wish there
was another way

to tie the scissors
to the case.

Uh, fingerprints?


They've been in water for days.

Please, and I thought
that you were the optimist.

Because I've been anticipating
Jake wanting to sleep with me?


That was a leap.

(chuckles): No.
I was just going to suggest

that we run the scissors

through a little cyanoacrylate

Of course. Sorry.

No, no need to apologize.

That's good.

Well, let's wait until
they've been fumigated

before celebrating.

No, I meant about Jake,
not the scissors.

It must feel nice to be wanted.

It does.

And terrible.

Like I'm being unfaithful.

Well, yeah, it's got to be
complicated and confusing.

Yes, and I don't like
either of those things.

I'm a single, widowed mother.

I don't know if I'm ready
to just move on.

No matter how sweet
and attractive Jake is.

Listen, Daisy...

No, thank you.

Let's start fumigating.


This influx

of data on Molly's cell bill

was caused by a ton
of text messages.

Between Molly
and her parents?

No. Hardly any of these
were outgoing.

She was receiving texts?

She's supposed to be
lonely and isolated.

Yeah. Here's why.

These are awful texts.

AUBREY: "Where you been hiding,

"Thanks to those, I've now

"coined the term motor-yachting.

How about a free ride?"

Oh, my God.

These texts came from
all over the country.

So, why the sudden influx?

A nude photo of Molly
was posted on the Web,

with her phone number.

Oh, God, no, no, but we're not gonna
have to look at that, though, are we?

No, no, we'll save that
for the prosecutor.

But it is degrading.

Molly doesn't really seem like
the sexting kind of girl.

It's not a selfie.

So, someone snapped
a photo of Molly,

put it on the Internet?

Okay, is there any way to trace
who took the picture?

Well, I checked every copy
I could find

for the original metadata.

Now, does this name
mean anything to you?

I'll be damned.

It's not a big deal.

She was underage.

You took that photo of her
and you distributed it, okay?

That is
child pornography, Tyler.

She told me she was 18.

Did you have sex
with her, too?

What? No!

I only met her
that one time.

Time you killed her?


A few days before
she disappeared.

She offered to pose for me,

I said yes.
Oh, really?

And why did she offer
to do that, huh?

Your charm? Your good looks?



Those private school girls,
they all want Ritalin

or Adderall to study.

Oh, so you're a drug dealer.

I consider myself
more of an academic coach.

Here's what I think happened.

I think Molly saw you selling
to the other girls,

she called it cheating,

threatened to turn you in
for the dealing,

so you killed her.

No, no.

I'm telling you,
she did it for the pills.


So why isn't there any sign of
benzodiazepine in her tissue?

I don't know.

Science is not my thing.

Yeah, making up a story
isn't your thing either.

Benzodiazepine is not
an upper like Ritalin, Tyler,

it's a sedative.

Well, then she needed
to relax, I guess.

I don't know,
she was high-strung.

Why did you post her photo?

I don't know.

I do.

So you could share it
with all the other pervs.

I am really going to enjoy
locking you up.

(door opens, closes)

BRENNAN: You're right.
DAISY: It's a puncture wound, right?

I believe so.

I'm sorry I didn't see
it the first time.

You caught it, Ms. Wick,
even though it was obfuscated

by remodeled fractures from
the victim's childhood obesity.

If Agent Booth were killed
in the line of duty,

would you go to bed with
another man six months later?

Booth will not be killed.

Lance was a psychologist
and he got killed.

Booth is an actual agent.

You have to admit,
that's a high-risk job.

Actually, you both
have high-risk jobs.

This conversation is not
pertinent to the case.

I know, but would you?

Uh, sex is a need
like hunger or sleep,

Ms. Wick.

Why won't you just answer?



I wouldn't.

Then why would I?

I should,

if the situation arose.

It makes no logical sense,
but I wouldn't.

This is getting us nowhere.

The puncture wound
to the lateral aspect

of the femoral neck suggests
the victim was injected.

But the tox screen
came back negative.

We should check again

because I'm obviously
seeing things incorrectly

or not seeing them at all.

You mean the situation
with me and Jake and Lance

and you and your baby and
Booth and love and death?


It's possible the victim
was injected with something

that has an extremely fast
metabolic breakdown.

Have Dr. Hodgins swab
the puncture wound.

There may be residue
on the bone.

Tyler's car came up negative
for any signs of Molly.

Well, that guy's a freak
and a perv

but he's definitely not
a murderer.

He sure seemed like
a murderer to me.

But I guess guilt is in the eye
of the beholder.

Everything's in the eye
of the beholder.

It doesn't make any sense.

Why... why would Molly

degrade herself for drugs
and not take them?

Maybe she was saving them
for later?

Nah, we would've found them--
we didn't find them anywhere.

So, she got them for a friend?

Right. No friends.

Okay, so maybe she got them
to make friends?

Or because she was bullied
into getting them?

Whose trunk was she in?

I mean, where was she going?

Who was she going to see?

We got more questions
than answers here

and we're definitely
missing something.

Yeah, but what?

I don't know. Why don't you take
a look at this diary again,

see if you can find anything.

HODGINS: This is definitely
the murder weapon.

I found matching

for the glue, construction paper
and glitter.

Any luck with the fingerprints?

We're about to find out.

So, you add a little bit
of superglue, right.

Then you put it in an airtight
heated chamber.

Now, once the actual
superglue boils,

the vapors will
reveal any fingerprints

that survived submersion
in the stream.

Did you get the
results back

from the puncture
wound swab?

Uh, no, it's still
in the Mass Spec.

Well, I did a localized
fat tox screen

on the corresponding tissue.

As I expected,
it came back negative,

but I took another
look at the tendons

and I'm pretty sure they
weren't torn by predation.

They happened before death?

During the struggle?

Which would indicate
that either her assailant

was extremely strong
or there was more than one.


Okay, all right.

So... because the chemical
deposits are white

and the handles are white,

we're going to need to dust

in order to find contrast.

That's not a fingerprint.


Cyanoacrylate fuming also reacts
with other latent chemicals.

So I'm guessing
this is some kind of resin.

SAROYAN: It looks like letters--
is it a word?

It's a name.

These are her scissors.

Cayla isn't big or strong enough
to kill her alone.

Someone had to help her
kill Molly Delson.

So, squints put Cayla Seligman
at the crime scene.

Which means that Kathryn
Walling's alibi is shot.

And since all three used
each other as alibis

and the squints think that
there were multiple killers...

One of those girls
must have a car.

All right, get a warrant
and search the trunk.

Me and Bones will talk
to the girls.

You got it.

I'm going to set

some ground rules here.

If I feel the questioning
becomes too aggressive,

I will stop and call in
the girls' parents.

Well, there's no need
to get aggressive

if everybody
tells the truth.

The truth isn't always
easy to accept.

Sometimes it's hard to
open our eyes to it.

Which is why we brought
scientific evidence.

Isn't that right, Bones?

Yes, but I'm just saying
that Ms. Minchin might have

to question her own instincts
and beliefs.

Which are what?

BRENNAN: To protect these girls
and your institution.

Is there something wrong
with that?

Only if it helps three
murderers go free.

Oh, my God,
do you mean us?

We have forensic evidence
that ties

all three of you
to Molly's murder.

Those your scissors, Cayla?


those scissors were found
where Molly was murdered.

You're looking
at the murder weapon.

Somebody stabbed Molly
with my scissors?

And guess whose car
was used to move Molly

to the woods,

My car? That's impossible.
I haven't taken it out

in, like, a week.
The text

Agent Booth received
a moment ago confirmed

that traces of Molly's
hair and blood were found

in the trunk of your car.

Ms. Minchin, this is crazy.

Okay, can I ask a question?

I already told you Molly was
a jealous little klepto sneak.

She stole my necklace,
why not Cayla's scissors?

What about Arianna's car?

As captain of Pemberley's

mock trial team, I can

tell you your argument
is both specious

and circumstantial.

You have no proof
that her hair

or blood was there
because of us.

Not to mention
that it is permissible

for police to lie to
suspects during interrogations.

Two of you held her down. She

fought back.
You kicked her,

fracturing her ribs.

You yanked her arm
out of its socket.

But that
wasn't enough.

No, one of you picked up those

scissors and stabbed her
not once,

not twice, but 12 times
before she died.

Dr. Brennan.
No, that's

not true, because we were all
in Kathryn's room, drinking.

What? Uh...
Okay, "we"?

Molly brought some booze.

One of those
half bottles of vodka.

She said she wanted
to be friends.

What happened next?


We all woke up
the next morning at 8:00 a.m.

Except... Molly
wasn't there.

You all passed out?
They're 16-year-old

girls, they aren't used to drinking.
There isn't enough alcohol

in a pint bottle of vodka
for all of you to black out.

Look, I'm sorry I was mean to Molly.
I'm sorry I bullied her

and I wish I could take it back.
But I'm not a killer.

I'm sorry, that's not
enough. You're all

under arrest for the
murder of Molly Delson.

All right. All right, I got it.

No, I... I've been
reading the same page

for 15 minutes.
I just...

I just keep thinking
about those girls.

Their story
made no sense at all.

That's the one
thing that bugs me.

What, that their story
was stupid?


Because they
aren't stupid.

You think they're innocent?
I think that they're mean.

I think that they're bullies,
but I don't think that

they, uh, murdered Molly.

That's one of those gut things
I have that you're gonna

laugh at me for.
I'm not laughing at you.

Why not?

evidence can always be explained
by more than one story.

Hmm. Okay, so then
what do we do now?

We look at the evidence
again, we...

we search for another story,

we find the truth.
Whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa, wai-wait a second-- now?
We... Of course, why not?

This is the best time.
I'm gonna go to the lab

and look at everything again.
No, no, it's... this is not the best time.

Love you.

(door opens, closes)

Hi. Is everything
all right?

It's almost
10:00 at night.

Thank you
for meeting me.

Yeah. Well, you
called Hodgins in,

so I didn't have
anything else to do.


Honey, I was joking.

You're really important
to me, obviously.

What's... What's wrong?

My size.

Oh. Well, you'll
lose the weight after

the baby's born.
Not... Not that.

Activity in the amygdala
has been shown to increase

with hormonal changes
during pregnancy.

Oh. So...

you're saying I was right.

Essentially, yes.

I-I... I'm six months pregnant.

I have to be.
I just didn't...

just didn't want to be.

Well, I'm not gonna
argue with that.

I tried to convince myself
that maybe I was having twins.

But the doctor would know
if I were having twins.

Yes, she would.

Then why do I
keep trying

to insist that I am
less pregnant than I am?

It makes no sense.

Sweets would say
it's because you're

trying to control something
that you can't control.

But what do you say?

I agree. I think
it makes you question

whether having another child
is the right thing to do.

No, we-we're both very happy

about having another child.

I'm sure.

But you're smart, Brennan.

Right, so

you must have
thought about your work.

About what you and Booth do.

I love what I do.

So does Booth.

we all do, but we don't
like being shot at

or seeing somebody we love die

or seeing them locked up.

In one second,
everything can just change.

Your children
could be left with no one.

And not being able
to control that...

is really scary.


that's just the price we pay
for the things that we love.

Hey. So Booth's gut
may have been right.

Yes. I should have this baby
in about three months.

And I'm not sleeping
with Jake. Not yet.

Okay... good to know.

I got the results back
from the puncture wound swab.

It's positive for Lidocaine.

But the victim
bought benzodiazepine.

Lidocaine is a nerve blocker.

when Molly was killed,
she was numb to the pain?

Does that seem

like something 16-year-old
bully girls would do?

No. Way too creepy.

Because even though

the victim wouldn't
feel the attack,

she would've been conscious,
watching her own death.

That is freak territory.

It would be unusually cruel.

What? What spark just went off
in your big brain?

We've been deluding ourselves.

I noticed earlier
there's a distinct

lack of injuries
to the victim's left arm.

There are no corresponding
fractures to those

on the right scapula
and glenohumeral joint,

which I would expect to see.

And why is that delusional?
Based on

the handwriting
in Molly's diary,

we know she was left-handed.

W... Wait,
you say that as though

it explains everything,
but it...

I guess we should be
used to this by now.

(door opens, closes)


Booth, Booth, wake up. I know
what happened to Molly Delson.

All right, okay, what time is it?
Oh, and also,

I'm-I'm very pregnant,

I'm at least six months.

Whoa, you're having the baby now?

Did you hear what I said?
I know what happened

to Molly Delson.
I should have seen it

right from the beginning,
but I've recently learned

that many issues can cloud the truth.
Just relax, all right?

I'm listening now.
It was there right from the beginning.

The directionality
of the puncture wound,

the stabbings, the fractures,

I-I just didn't
want to see it.

See what?
Molls parents

are dentists, that's where
she got the Lidocaine.

The benzodiazepines,

they weren't for her,
they were for

the mean girls, to put in
the vodka to knock them out.

who killed Molly Delson?

Molly Delson killed herself.

We know she was
depressed and suicidal

from her diary,
but we also know that

she couldn't stand the thought
of disappointing her parents.

Kathryn, Cayla and Arianna--

they didn't kill Molly.

BOOTH: But they pushed her
over the edge.

BRENNAN: She tried to get revenge
on them by framing them

for her own murder.

BOOTH: She wanted them to suffer
for what they did to her.

Yes. She was lost and in pain.

But she was also brilliant.

She knew exactly what injuries
to inflict on herself,

exactly what clues she should
leave with her body.

It's why she stole
a nerve blocker

from her parents' office--

So she could harm herself

and stay cogent
to finish the job.

She got the benzodiazepines
from Tyler to put in the girls'

alcohol so they couldn't
account for their time.

She was meticulous.

And now...

that beautiful,
brilliant mind is gone

because she couldn't
see a way out.

People delude themselves.

Y... I didn't want to see
the reality of Molly's death

because I couldn't imagine
someone that intelligent

deciding to kill themselves.
You know,

kids delude themselves
all the time.

Molly's parents deluded
themselves into thinking

that she was happy.

I know what she went through.

I just wish that...

instead of convincing herself
that suicide

was the only option...

if she had
someone to talk to,

if she felt safe enough to...

I know.

I have you now.


I can tell you how scared I am.

Scared? You?



The reason I convinced myself

I wasn't as pregnant
as I am is...

I just kept thinking...

the more our family grows,

the more we have to lose.

Yeah. On the flip side,
we have more to gain.

Hey. We're gonna
be fine, Bones.

What, faith?



Lots of love.
(softly chuckles)

Okay? Come on.
Come on over here.

I'll take love.
All right. I'll give you love.

Got love in here.
I can feel it.

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