Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 14 - Bones - full transcript

A miniature golf star's death reveals the sport's highly competitive nature. Meanwhile, Brennan is afraid that her dad is dabbling in crime again; and Wendell asks Hodgins to help him fix his girlfriend's family heirloom.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Figured you wouldn't pick up.

Who would take a call
from Hollis Pepall,

the least important man
in the world?

Certainly not my wife.

But you know what?

I don't care anymore.

It's over.

This is on your head, bitch.

(gasps in horror)






BRENNAN: Dad, you made plans
with Christine.

You can't just

break them at the last minute.

I'm sorry, Tempe,
this just came up.

I-I have to go
out of town.

What came up, exactly?

It doesn't matter.

I'll be back
in a couple of days.

That's not an
answer, Dad.

It's the only answer
I can give you right now.

You're doing it again.

What? What am I doing?

Keeping secrets from me, lying.

Are... are you
in trouble again?


And when I do
come back,

I'll spend the whole weekend
with Christine.

Just go, Dad.

I-I don't want
you to be late

for whatever it is
you're hiding from me.

(cell phone rings)



Oh, okay.
Right away.

I have to get Christine
ready for day care

and get to work.

No, I'll drive her.

No, don't bother.

Christine, you ready?


Ugh, I'm late.

We'd be on time if we didn't
like each other so much.

Oh, I know.

Being in love is such a drag.

Hey, wait a minute.

We've got plenty of time.

Maybe we could...

Sorry, but that's
not the right time.

That clock was my grandmother's.

I think that's why
she was always late.

Oh, nice clock.

I know.

I was gonna take it in
to get it cleaned.

I thought
that might help.

But I love that thing.

(springs twang,
something shatters)

Everything all right?

Yeah, uh, sure... you know,
I'll tell you what--

I know a great clock... maker.

I can bring it in,
get it cleaned for you.

You don't have to.

Oh, n-n-no,
it-it's fine.

Uh, it was your

I know how much
she meant to you.

I'm happy to do it.

You're the best.


Have a good day.

You're pretty quiet,
what's going on?

It's Max.

What's wrong with Max?

Is he sick or something?

Nothing like that.

He just... he made plans
with Christine,

and now he's
abandoning her.

Abandoning her?


Well, he's going
out of town.

I'm sorry, am I missing
something here?

Are you...
you're mad at Max

because he's going
out of town?

Wait, so where's
he going?

That's the thing.

When I asked,
he refused to tell me.

Well, I guess that's
a little unusual.

He's hiding
something, Booth.

With Max,
that's never good.

Okay, look, let's not
jump to conclusions here.

I mean, Max has been on
the straight and narrow

for some time.

Then why won't he answer
a simple question?

Look, you know what,
it might not be

as bad as you
think, all right?

There could be a very
innocent explanation

for him taking off.



No. No, he's up
to something.

I knew it, he's...
it's no good.

Okay, look.

I can put a tracker on him,
if that makes you feel better.

I-I'd like that.
Okay, fine.

You sure you want
me to spy on him?

Absolutely, wasn't
your offer sincere?

It was very sincere, I'm
just asking, you know...

Hey, so we couldn't get to the
remains from the lower floor,

so I finally get to
use my Superwinch.

BOOTH: Call the media--
bug boy uses a new toy.

Hey, I'm not gonna let
your cold dark heart

ruin my lucky
day, all right?

Well, luck has nothing
to do with it, Dr. Hodgins.

But I imagine there's an easier
way to access the remains.

Wow, you guys are a couple
of real downers.

But you're too late.


Watch out,
he's dripping.

Oh, God,
that really stinks.

BRENNAN: Big part of the frontal
bone of the skull is missing.

SAROYAN: Well, maybe it
was done deliberately

to obscure the
victim's identity.

All idle speculation until we
get the remains back to the lab.

Well, the birds definitely
did their job on this guy.

Yeah, here.

Masks, everybody.

Bird droppings are
extremely toxic.

BOOTH: What are you
talking about?

You got to wear masks

in order to look
at bird poop?

Yeah, bird guano's
been known to carry

more than 60
transmittable diseases.

That's okay-- you can wear
that little bird guano mask,

I'll be over there in the
poop-free zone, doing my thing.

SAROYAN: The remains are
in an active stage of decay.

Which means they've
been here a while.

The slanted squamosal
of the remaining

frontal bones of the skull
suggests male.

Mid-30s, according to the shape
of the sternal rib ends.

Carcass has been deflated
due to the feeding

of dipteran larvae,

and the Calliphoridae flies

the body's been here
about seven or eight days.

Okay, everybody in a mask.

Put him down--
we got some blood

over on the railing,
and it's smeared.

Look at that.


SAROYAN: There's also
some passive spatter

and some overlap
on the smear.

Yeah, somebody
had some trouble

throwing this body
over the rail.

Indicating it probably
wasn't a suicide.

Oh, Dr. Hodgins,
what are you doing?

Yeah, oh, just checking
to make sure

there are no more remains below.

Wh... That's not necessary.

Yeah, it's okay, I'm just
gonna take a quick peek.

All right,
take me back.

Be right back.


Oh, this is not fun.


Uh, okay,
what's going on here?

Got a little problem here.

It's jammed.

Yeah, okay, well,
I'm halfway down and dangling.

Yeah, we're working on it.

Did you hit the red button
and flip the yellow switch?

Yes, I-I hit the red button

and I-I flicked the switch.

Not so super now,
huh, bug boy?

I'll tell you what.

Have a nice hang.

I got to go back
to the lab.

Uh, he-he's my ride.

See ya.

Well, don't go.

Are you sure you're looking
at the red button

and not the blue one?

What was it again?

I thought you
said blue.

I'll try it again.


♪ Bones 10x14 ♪
The Putter in the Rough
Original Air Date on April 16, 2015

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

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♪ ♪

All right, I have neutralized
the bird guano

with a glycol
disinfectant concentrate,

so we should
be good now.

It appears the bird guano has
actually eaten away the bones.

You're right-- there's some
serious osteo-compromise

going on here.

Well, bird droppings
are very corrosive

because birds excrete
both solid and liquid waste

from the same

Ew, not another one

of your disgusting
creature lessons.

More importantly, if true,

the bird guano needs
to be removed immediately,

or my bones will
be destroyed.

that can't happen

until I finish
my particulates sweep.

I've got some interesting
exposed ligaments here.

There's a thickening
of the ligaments

surrounding the median nerve
at the right wrist.

Carpal tunnel?

That would be
my assumption.

I've got a nice sized
piece of liver here

that the predators

I'll run a tox screen and
see if I can find anything.

Take a look at this,
Dr. Saroyan.

That looks like an entry wound.

A bullet?

Probably from a rifle.

It went in small
through the back of the head.

And the exit wound
split the skull,

explaining the missing parts

of the frontal bones,
zygomatic and nasal bones.

I'm going out on a limb here

and saying we just found
cause of death.

Dr. Saroyan found

of beta blockers
in the victim's liver.

He'd be kind of young
to suffer from heart issues.

And he had carpal tunnel
syndrome in his right hand.

Beta blockers,
carpal tunnel.

Could be
a contract killer.

Really? How do
you jump to that?

Contract killers, you know,
they often take beta blockers.

And the army snipers
that I used to train with,

you know, they used to take them
to steady their hands.

And the carpal tunnel's
from the repeated pressure

on his thumb and
trigger finger.

There, it wasn't so hard,
now, was it?

What do you got there?

The, uh, contents of
the victim's pockets.

Uh, got your cigarettes,
condoms, a pencil.

And that looks like some
kind of secret code.

Maybe the killer
was after it?

Then why didn't
he take it?

No cell phone?

Didn't find one on the body.

Searched the area, nothing.

So he didn't have one,
or the killer took it.

You put a tracking device
on Dr. Brennan's dad?

Just stay in your own lane.


Don't you think that it's odd
that the victim

didn't have
a cell phone?

Why don't you call
the service carriers

and see if you get a phone number.

Take the condoms off my desk,
please, too.

Hey, you almost

Don't rush the chef
when he's making a stew.

Hey, I found
cannulated screws

in the greater tuberosity
of the left humerus.

Oh, I know,
I saw those-- right here.

Yeah, it's a shame that screws
don't have serial numbers.

We could have
gotten an I.D.

Right, but tuberosity
fractures are extremely rare.

I asked Angela to run
through surgery logs

at the local hospital,
maybe get an I.D. that way.

You think that's enough
for her to run anything?

Sure, I mean, she has sex
and age from Dr. Brennan,

and the remodeling shows
that the fractures happened

about ten years ago,
which should be enough

to narrow it down even more.
Yeah, that's true.

All right, here we go.

Last of the bones.

Can you grab that?


Hey, do you know
anything about clocks?

Yeah, actually--
I took apart every clock

in my parents' house
when I was a kid.

Of course you did.

I got in big trouble
for that, too.

Until I moved on to the furnace.

Uh, Andie's grandmother
left her a clock,

and I, uh...

I want to get it
fixed for her.

Aw, so she can see
how wonderful you are.

That's sweet.

The jewelers,
they won't even open it

for less than 500 bucks.

You know I can't afford that.

Yeah, no problem, brother.
Bring it in.

Let's see what Father Time
can do with it.


I found the surgery.

It was done at St. Joe's

ten years ago,

and the victim is Troy Carter.

His brother Jake
reported him missing last week.

Oh, God.

I don't believe this.

What happened?

He was shot, Jake.


No, Th...

that crazy bastard.

I warned him.

Yeah, well,
we know that your brother

was a marksman.

What? Troy? No, no.

He used beta blockers
and had carpal tunnel syndrome,

which usually means...

That-that wasn't for shooting.

That was for golf.

Troy was a golfer.


Yeah, he-he took
the beta blockers

to improve his game.

It steadied his hand.

He was a pro.

I-I don't know
if it was all legal.

Can't imagine the PGA would
allow their players...

No, no, not the PGA.

Troy played mini golf.

Mini golf?

Like, get the ball
in the clown's mouth golf?


He was obsessed with it.

He was starting to make
a little money at it, too.

That's why he was thinking
about quitting the business.

What business was that?

We have
a landscaping business together.

It's A Green Green
World Landscaping.

Just got a big contract, too,
not that he cared.

There's money in mini golf?

Not as much as there is
in landscaping.

You wouldn't believe
how many times I told him that,

but it was all
about the glamour for him.

Glamour in mini golf.


Uh, any idea who might want
to kill your brother?

Those mini golfers.

Troy was kicking their asses.

And-and they're all
getting ready for the masters.

Mini golf has a masters?


The Mini Masters.

It's going on right now.

The purse is only two grand,
but they spend all year

bouncing balls off of windmills
just to get a shot at it.

And where's this Mini Masters
Tournament being played?

Sammy's Tropical Tiki
on Route 7.

It's Troy's home course.

He could've won.

BOOTH: So I tracked Max to Ohio,
then I lost him.

You know, he must have
found the device.

Well, he's definitely up
to something.

Ohio's where he lived
before he went on the run.

I know, look, I'm pulling

his records from Ohio
and the records

of anyone he was
associated with there.

What could he be planning?

He doesn't need money;
I have plenty of that.

Well, like you always say,
just don't jump to conclusions.

Let's just concentrate
on Troy Carter's murder

and why anyone would devote
their life to mini golf.

That's a good question.


(cheering continues)

So good to have you here.
See you again.

Good luck today, okay?

Have fun.

Oh, gosh.

Oh, Hunter!

Hey, great to see you.
Hey, man.

Good to see you, man.
Good luck today.

Thank you, appreciate it.
Take care, buddy.



BOOTH: You ever see
anything like this before?

No, I...

There's a hallucinatory quality

reminiscent of an experience
I had taking ayahuasca once

in the Andes.

But despite
its obvious childishness,

this sport does seem to have an
abundance of serious adherents.

Oh, come on, you think any
of these people

take their game seriously enough
to commit murder?

Come on!


I think you have
your answer right there.
Damn it!


Damn it! Damn it!

Whoa! What the hell

do you think
you're doing, Eric?

Do you have any idea
what a tiki god costs?

This is the only shot
I've missed all day, Daddy.


It only takes one to lose.


Sorry, but you have
to stand back over there

with the spectators;
there's a tournament going on.

Oh, no, I don't think so.

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth.

This here is my partner,
Dr. Temperance Brennan.


What happened?
Did somebody kill somebody?

Yeah, Troy Carter.

Carter's dead?

Oh, my God, Troy's dead?

That's too bad.

Okay, I say that
someone's dead,

and that's all you got?

We just said it's sad.

Now move your ass.

I'm trying to make a shot here.

I'm sorry?

Yeah, can you move?

I can't believe Troy's dead.
How-how did he die?

He was shot.
In the head.

Oh, my God.

We loved Troy. Plus,

Sammy and I put a lot
into Troy's career.

How much? Time? Money?

Both. I mean,
I've seen the best mini golfers

come and go, but...


Sammy said Troy was gonna be
the Jack Nicholson

of mini golf.

Jack Nicklaus, honey.

Anyway, he was
counting on Troy

winning the Mini Masters this year.
BOOTH: Wait,

okay, how much did that cost?

Like Sammy says,
it was an investment.

Couldn't have done it
without Lori here.

Most of the money came
from her modeling career.


I'm s...
You're a model?

Why are you

Booth? Uh...
perfectly formed

phalanges, the elegant

You're a hand model, aren't you?

(gasps): Oh, yes!

Oh, that was
very good!

Oh, Sammy, this one
here has got the gift.

Yes, she does
have the gift.

So, did, um,
Troy have any enemies?

Troy kind of kept
to himself.

I mean, all my golfers
knew him, but...

he really wasn't close with any of them.
There is one guy

who really seemed to
have it in for Troy.

One guy?
Last year's

Mini Masters champion, Winston Scruggs.
Come on,

Winston's kind of a jerk,
but he would never kill anyone.

Well, we'll determine that,
okay? Thank you.

Where is he now?

Out on the course.


Ooh. Is this the clock?

Hey, it's not supposed
to be in here, you know.

I know.. I didn't want to leave it
in the locker room.

Andie said it's pretty rare.

She says yes, very.

Let's take a look.

Uh, you know,
I really got

to finish up here first, man.
Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.

I'm just gonna take
a quick peak to see what

we're dealing with here.
You know, while you're here,

I've got some bones that still
have bird guano on them.

Might need to be run
through the bath again.

Sure, sure.

Just put them to the side--
I'll take a look at 'em

as soon as
I finish up here.

I also found a tiny

hemorrhagic stainon the zygomatic.
The corrosive

properties of the bird droppings

seem to have etched the blood
into the bone.

There are also striations
on the right clavicle

and right fifth sternal rib.
What, knife wounds?

Possibly, but
they're postmortem.

Who would stab
a dead person?

That's a good point;
that doesn't make sense.

Hey, do you have
your phone on you?

I got to get a quick picture
of this so we can figure out

how to put it back together.
Ah. Right.

Now, as soon as I take
this back panel off,

we will know what we are dealing with.

There we go.

♪ ♪
(people whooping)

Scruggs was a pro golfer--

you know, real golf--

but he washed out, so
he took up mini golf.

He was the top dog around
here until Troy came along.

That's him right...

right there.

All right, everybody,
let's back off. Let's go.

Time out.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm lining up a shot here.

FBI. Special Agent Booth.
We have

a few questions for you,
Mr. Scruggs.

Yes, now.

What's that you have in your
hand? Could I see that, please?

I. Yeah. Thank you.

Wait a second-- this is the same
code I saw in Troy's notebook.

It's quite interesting.

It's like Newton's notes

on basic physics.
This whole game's

about physics, sweetheart.

You got to know every
bounce, angle,

pitch and lie
on every hole of the course.

I could show you if you
let me get back to it.

You can get back to it
after you answer a few questions.

Excellent schematic
of this hole.

Uh, that is my lie!

Well, I believe the term is--

"one in the hole"!
No, Bones, it's a "hole in one."

Let's go. Over here.

I have some questions for you.

SCRUGGS: Why are you
interrupting my game

in the middle
of the most important

sporting event
of my career?

Troy Carter
was murdered.

From my understanding,

you two weren't
exactly friends.

No, of course not--
we were rivals.

Yeah. I didn't kill him.

Well, with Troy out of the picture, it's
your tournament to lose.

Sounds like a
motive to me.

You don't own a rifle,
do you, Mr. Scruggs?

BOOTH: Yeah?

Everyone around here does.

Am I gonna need a warrant
to look at yours?

I don't know.

You don't know?
Probably should talk to a lawyer before.




Blood. You wait here.

I'm going to the tiki hut.

(people cheer and laugh)


Blood? Are you sure?

Of course you're sure.

And more blood,
and what appears to be

tiny bone chips,
and possibly some brain matter.

So he was killed here.
Appears so.

Someone tried to clean this up
who obviously wasn't trained

in forensics.
All right, I'll get an FBI team out here

and I'll call Cam.
No, no!

Booth, I want
to bring the tiki hut

back to the lab.
What?! No!

You can't take
my tiki hut.

We're in the middle of a tournament here.
Ha-ha... if the lady

wants the tiki hut
back to the lab,

the tiki hut's going
back to the lab!

Rally it up!

Hey, what you got there?
Bone chips.

Most likely pieces of
the frontal, glabella,

zygomatic or nasal bones.

Do you know that I found three
holes in the wall of this baby?

Bullet holes?
Well, too small to be bullets,

but most likely fragments
from the same bullet.

The weird thing,
though, is that

they were equidistant
from each other.

Is that unusual?

Very. Plus, whoever cleaned up

took the bullet fragments,
so matching that golfer's rifle

to the crime, it's
gonna be pretty tough.

You wanted to see me?
I was about to run DNA

on the piece of tissue
I found in the tiki hut

when I noticed
something interesting.

Take a look at this.

It's from
the victim's eyebrow.

There appear to be stitches,

so he was injured
before he was killed.

Yes, but the stitches

are ordinary thread--

no doctor did this.

Mr. Bray found
remodeled fractures

of the right

metacarpals and scaphoid.

This injury you found
could be from the same fight.

Do you have any date range

on the remodeling?
Ten days?

Well, that's in sync

with the healing
on the tissue.

And I also
found this.

I found antibodies
in Troy's blood

from hepatitis B
and yellow fever.

(phone ringing)

Oh, I have to get this.

Hi, Booth.

The Ohio State Police
just picked up Max.


I knew it.
What-what is it this time?

Grave robbing.

Why would he do something
like that?

Must have been something to do

with the guy that he,
uh, dug up.

Real bad guy by the name
of Marvin Barlow.

I'm not familiar with Barlow.

He was still on the FBI's

Ten Most Wanted list.

We didn't even know he was dead
until Max dug him up.

Well, how did Max know?
Well, that's gonna be

the first thing they ask him
when he gets here.

Max is coming back?

Well, of course.

I mean, Barlow was
a federal fugitive. Right?

Max is right in the middle
of all this.

I looked into the accounts

on Troy's phone.

He was communicating with
someone named Darla Simms.

Looked pretty steamy.

That's not good.

Not at all.

He's a healthy male, he...

a healthy 36-year-old male.

Darla Simms is only 18.


That's barely legal

and totally creepy.

Darla was on the circuit.

She was a pro mini golfer
like Troy.

She's managed by her father,

who Booth said
is super protective.

"Psycho" is how he put it.

What the hell am I doing here?

Now, look, a man has been
murdered, Mr. Simms.

It happens.

But life goes on.

Why don't you tell that
to the tiki god

you just beat the crap out of?

I... I was frustrated.

All right?
I'm trying to make something

of my daughter's life.

By playing mini golf?



Why am I here?

I had no motive to kill Troy.

Well, your 18-year-old daughter

having sex with
a 36-year-old man...

that sounds like a motive to me.
I saw them flirting,

but it never went
further than that.

Darla tells me everything.

I think you know
that it went a lot further.

Look, I get it.

I'm a parent.

My 18-year-old girl

has sex with
a 36-year-old man?

I'd want to kill him, too.

Maybe it was a mistake.

This guy comes along

and he ruins everything
that you taught your daughter.

All the training,

just down the drain.

Huh? So you snapped.

No jury's gonna convict.

I know my rights.

I want a lawyer.

How pissed was your dad

when he found out
about you and Troy?

He never found out.

Sure about that?

Tough to keep it from him

when he's looking
over your shoulder.

I didn't even care
if Daddy found out.

Sleeping with Troy...

with someone that good
with a putter...

Do you actually mean "putter"?



If you saw
him play golf,

it was pure magic.

He could've been the best
mini golfer, like, ever.

Well, somebody worked
Troy over pretty badly.

Did he ever say
anything about that?

I was there.

We were at the
Wonder Vista Motel.

Some guy burst in on us in bed.

He grabbed Troy
and he dragged him outside.

Did you see the guy that did it?

The room was
so dark

and it all happened so fast,

but I ran to the window
and I saw this big guy

stuffing Troy into his truck.

It wasn't Daddy.

Well, why didn't you
tell anyone about it?

Who was I gonna tell?

My father?

Well, do you think you could

describe the face you saw

to one of our artists?

I want to do that.

Mini golf lost
a legend.

And I lost...

Man, some of these
pieces are bent.

Or rusted. They
don't fit together;

the escapement wheel
doesn't seem to fit right.

It will. It will.

All we need is the lever, okay?
Look at this.

Together, they're the last wheel
in the gear chain.

See that?

You know why I wanted
to do this, don't you?


Yeah, I think so.

The cancer made you feel
like you lost control

and by fixing
this clock,

even if you can't fix yourself,
it gives you the sense

that you're in control
over something.

Wow. That's actually
kind of beautiful, Hodgins.

But no.

I'm doing this because
I broke the clock.

And Andie is gonna kill me
if she finds out.

Well, if she does find out,

you'd better go with
the cancer story, man.

It's like a Get Out
of Jail Free card for you.


We'll fix it. We'll fix it.

Grave robbing?

Even for you, Dad,
that's a new low.

I didn't have any choice, baby.
BOOTH: Look, why, Max?

I mean, why'd you dig up
Marvin Barlow?

I just had to make sure
that it was Barlow.


Honey, there are things

you don't need to know.

More secrets,

more lies?

I don't know why
I ever trusted you.

Oh, Tempe, don't... don't...

Max, you gotta give us
something here.

I gave you Barlow.
Isn't that enough?

I mean, you didn't even
know where he was

until I dug him up.

Which is why I got
the charges dropped.

And I appreciate that.
BRENNAN: But you're obviously

still in the middle of something

and you won't tell us
what it is.

Since I have a daughter now,
I have to protect her.

Listen, don't do this.

Dad, you're...

She's clearly not
safe with you.

Just give me one...

Must've been
some fight, Jake.

Excuse me?

The fight that you got into

with your brother, Troy.

It was a nasty one.

How did you know about that?

There was a witness.
What, did you forget about her?

She gave us a description.

Turns out, a really good one,
in fact.

He was an idiot.

I caught him in bed with a kid.

Darla Simms, yeah.

She's 18.

Like I said, a kid. And I knew
what her father was like.

So you were protecting Troy.

He was my
little brother,

and I knew her father
was a nutcase.

I dragged him out,
but he tried to go back in.

That's when the fight started.
Well, we looked into the

financials for your
landscaping company.

Looks like Troy
leaving was pretty

bad for business
there, wasn't it?

How'd you get this?
Court order's

a wonderful thing.
You are in a fiscal

free fall, Jake.

You lost a solid
third of your customer

base in the last six months--

since Troy started
training for mini golf.

All business has
its ups and downs.

We're just in
a little bit of a slump.

You blamed him for ruining
everything that you built up.

So what happened?
The fight get out of

He was my brother, for God's sake.

Just curious, uh... You, uh...

You own a rifle, Jake?



Just didn't want that
search warrant to go to waste.

We should really
be focusing on the clavicle,

the humerus and the rib.

Can't rush guano
removal, my friend,

so we might as well

finish up with the clock
while we wait.

All right--

moment of truth.
Okay, I mean, it should work, right?

The escapement
and-and the stem gear,

they all fit together
the way that they should.

We've done everything right.

why don't you wind it and see?


(clears throat)


Okay, maybe you should
wind it some more.

That's how I broke it
to begin with.


(crunch, rattle)

Man, I am so screwed. What am
I supposed to tell Andie now?

Don't worry about it.
I got you covered.

Well, this

is our backup clock.

As soon as the clock
exploded in the bone room,

I figured we
needed a plan B.

Where'd you get this?

Craigslist. Nine bucks.


So Andie's clock isn't worth anything?
I don't know,

maybe nine bucks was a fortune
when her grandmother bought it.

I can't swap clocks
on her. I mean,

Andie's grandmother's clock has
all these little nicks on it.

Nine bucks or a million,
it means a lot to her.

She'll notice.
I thought you might say that.

Then we take the inner
mechanisms of this clock

and we put it into her
grandmother's clock.

Dude, you're a genius.

Yeah, I've heard that before.

Oh, and your bones are done.

See? Life is grand.

Not so grand for the victim--

these are bullet wounds.

So these are the three

bullet holes that you found
that were obscured

by the corrosion
from the bird guano.

One on the
right clavicle,

one on the right fifth
sternal rib and a small nick

on the right humerus.

Along with the head wound,
that means the victim

was shot four times.

Well, he was hit four times,

but not necessarily
by the same shooter.

Based on the angles at which
the bullets hit the bones,

their trajectories come from
four totally different angles.

Four shooters?
Well, it appears that way.

Nothing about this case
follows the laws of logic.

The injuries make
no sense, Booth.

Okay, look, usually
you're not this upset.

Maybe it's not about the case.
No, no. Look at these.

Do these bullet hits make sense
to you? I don't think so.

I really don't believe you're
this upset over bullet hits.

What else would it be?
Well, I don't know, maybe Max?

Ma... That's absurd, Booth.

That's already been resolved.
Maybe you should just

give him a call and just,
uh, try to work things out.

No, he's not

answering his phone, Booth, and
his car isn't at his apartment,

so talking isn't an option, is it?

I understand, you're right.

Got it.
Well, look at this file.

Wendell found three more
bullet wounds suggesting

multiple shooters
and Hodgins

found what appeared to
be three bullet holes

inside the tiki hut,
but they're too small

to be from bullets.

from fragments.
Well, that could

be the work of one shooter.

These bullets hit from
three different angles.

Could be a multiple
impact bullet.

What's that?
New type of ammo.

The Bureau just
sent us this video. Watch.

AUBREY: Note that when the multiple
impact bullet exits the barrel

of the gun it splits into three
separate smaller projectiles

held together
by Kevlar strands.

I made a little reenactment

to explain how Troy was killed.

The killer confronted Troy
on the mini golf course,

shooting him
in the chest.

BRAY: Causing the clavicle,
sternal rib

and humerus wounds.

Which would have been

Right, so my theory is

that the killer shot
him in the chest,

and then Troy ran
to the tiki hut

and hid inside.

So the killer pursued him
to finish the job.

The killer found him

and shot him
in the head

while Troy was on
the inside looking out.

And the striations
on the bones?

Caused when the killer pulled on

the Kevlar straps
to release the bullets.

This type of ammo
is pretty new.

We should be able
to find out who bought it.

Security cameras at Angelo's
Gun and Sport show the owner

of the mini golf place buying the ammo.
Wait a second.

Why would Sammy
Tucker kill him?

Okay, Troy was
his meal ticket.

No, Troy was gonna be his own
meal ticket. Check this out.

Troy was planning a trip
to South Africa.

Angela found that Troy applied
for an expedited passport

just two weeks
before his murder.

The yellow fever antibodies
that Cam found

are from vaccinations.

Why was he going
to South Africa?

There's a world championship
mini golf tournament

in Johannesburg this month.

The purse is big-- 20 grand.
You all right?

I just need one of them
back scratchers. That's all.

Means, motive and opportunity.
I love that.

Why am I here?

Why were you guys
searching my house?

Shut up and sit down,
will you?

We're looking
for a murder weapon.

Sort of our thing.

Murder weapon?
I didn't kill anybody.

What are you talking about?

We also found
your special ammo.

See, our lab connected it
to the wounds on the victim.

I can't be the only one

in the state
who bought that ammo.

No, but you're the only suspect
in Troy's murder who bought it.

Why would I kill Troy?
He was my friend.

Your boy Troy was about
to bail on you.

What? No.
Troy and I were tight.

Troy got his shots,

applied for a passport
and a visitor's visa

to play mini golf
in Johannesburg, South Africa.

That is a beautiful course,
by the way.

Fourth hole got a waterfall.

Enough with the waterfalls,

All that time

and money you invested
into Troy,

and your buddy was gonna
just leave you high and dry.

No. You got it all wrong.

I was going
to South Africa with him.

I was paying for the whole trip.

We got it all wrong?
I'm sorry.

Can you prove that?

I got receipts for everything.

Troy was my
best friend.

I wish it was me that got shot
instead of him.

Did you test the hemorrhagic
stain on the zygomatic?

Test it? It was etched into
the bone by the bird guano.

So you just assumed
it was blood?

What else could it be?

That's not an answer,
Mr. Bray.

That's an assumption.

I'm sorry.

I-I should have
tested it.

Mr. Bray,

I understand that fixing
your new girlfriend's clock

may be a great way

to impress her, but here,

your job is to impress me.

A pretty small sample.

I gave half of it to Dr. Saroyan
so she could run DNA.

HODGINS: Well, whatever it was etched
pretty deep into the bone

by the bird guano.

I'm gonna need
to break this down

to determine
the chemical content.

What's that?

This? This is my new

particle size
distribution analyzer.

Cam bought it for me.
She just doesn't know it yet.

All right, here we go.

Nitrocellulose, butyl acetate,
dibutyl phthalate,

camphor, Red No. 7
and Red No. 34.

Not blood. I don't blame
Dr. B if she fires me.

No, it's red nail polish.

That little piece of bone
you gave me

was most likely a human nail,

judging from the
keratin content.

I'm running the DNA right now.

Well, that makes sense,
based on the nail polish

we just found in the sample.

That looks very expensive.

Did I buy it?

Yes! Yes, you did.

And I am very grateful.

I'm sure the prosecutor
will be, as well.

BOOTH: Lori, there were
only three people

at the miniature golf

the night that Troy Carter
was murdered.

It was your husband,
Troy and you.

You can't make me testify
against my husband.

There's some law about that,
isn't there?

Look, your husband
didn't kill Troy Carter.

You did.

That's ridiculous.

A piece of nail was found
on the victim.

DNA tests confirm
that it came from you.

You thought you
were being smart

by pulling off those
Kevlar straps from the victim,

but, uh, that's how
you cut your nail.

Why'd you do it, Lori?

I should have come clean.

I know.

It was self-defense.

He attacked you?

He attacked my life.

That's the same thing, right?

He took Sammy
from me.

They spent every minute

I was just a couple
of beautiful hands

that could pay the bills.

So, when they
came home that night,

drunk, and told me they
were going to Africa...

When Sammy
passed out,

I took his gun and...

I'm a family-values person.

I was saving my marriage.

That's self-defense, isn't it?

Is she serious?

That's not self-defense, Lori.

Killing Troy is murder.

But Sammy would be lost
without me now.

Can I just get community service
or something?

♪ So let me turn the page ♪

♪ Inside out ♪

♪ When nights begin again ♪

♪ You seem to be yourself ♪

♪ You seem to be ♪

♪ Yourself ♪

♪ And I'll be all right ♪

♪ I might as well see light ♪

♪ I'll be all right... ♪

Hey. Sorry I'm late.
Hey. No worries.



Oh, you got it back.

Doesn't look
like they cleaned it.

Uh... no.

Andie, I have a
confession to make.

Um, I was winding your
clock this morning,

and... I broke it.

Oh, Wendell, no...
I'm sorry. I-I really am.

But-but it's okay.

I fixed it.

Um, well, Hodgins and I did.

But you didn't break it.

That clock never worked.

It didn't even work
when Grandma was alive.


After Grandpa died,
it stopped working.

She thought it was a sign,
so she never got it fixed.

You must have freaked.

Mm. Yeah.

Aw. (laughs)


it works now. I hope that's okay.

If not, I can always
break it for real.

It's perfect.

You know what that means,
don't you?

That I should quit my job
and become a clocksmith?


It means that this is
our clock now.

It's marking our time together.

Wendell and Andie time.

♪ And I'll be all right ♪

♪ I might as well see light ♪

♪ Might as well see light ♪

♪ Anyway... ♪

Oh, Bones. Wow, that smells
good. What are we eating?

I hope leftovers

are okay.
Christine wanted the l...

Why are you here?

Well, because I...
can talk to you now.

Because now you've had time
to construct a new lie?

Come on. Just give him
a chance. That's all.

I did.
I tried to call.

I stopped over, and
he'd already disappeared again.

I had to go back
to Ohio. Had to go

and take something from
the, uh, evidence locker

in the coroner's office.

so you went back
to steal something?

No. No. Retrieve.

What is this?

I remember this ring.

I lost it when I was little.

You didn't lose it.

Barlow took it off you
when you were asleep.

Showed it to me
the next day,

said it was proof
he could kill you

any time he wanted
unless I did

whatever he said.
What kind of psycho sneaks

into a kid's room like that to make a point?
Well, you don't get

on the Ten Most Wanted
list for nothing.

That's why I couldn't
tell you about this.


when you left us, that's why?


Yes. But 12 years ago,

he disappeared,

so I came back.

But I was always looking
over my shoulder to make sure

that your family was safe.

I wish it still fit.
I loved this ring.


I know that you
can't forgive me.

But I am so sorry.


Oh. Hey, beautiful.

Are you going
to have dinner with us?

Of course, sweetheart. And look,
Grandpa brought you a present.

Thank you, Grandpa.

I love it.
I think the lasagna is burning.

Uh, I'll get it,
I'll get it...

You guys go sit down,
you go relax. I...

I'll take care of the, uh...

Can we play Ready Set Fun?

Okay, but I am
Tom Foolery.

Better be careful. Your mom gets
really mad when she loses.

BRENNAN: That's not true.
You cheated

last time.
Frankie Fireworks

doesn't cheat.
Wendy Whoopee does.

No. The rules clearly state
that if you land on a star

and you're sweet as sugar, you can...
Just play.

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