Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 12 - Bones - full transcript

When an affluent school teacher is found dead in an abandoned bookstore, the teachers and students at her school become suspects in the case. Meanwhile, Brennan's publisher encourages her ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Terrence, what the hell are you doing?
I told you aluminum is a waste.
Look how big this is.
That's barely 15 bucks worth of metal.
If you want to make money scrapping,
Stick with stainless steel,
Copper or brass.
You know what those are, don't you?
Screw you.
Keep it down!
Last thing we need are cops.
Hey, i think i found something
In this pile of crap. I'm telling you,
The good stuff is buried in the walls--
The copper wiring, the plumbing.
This might not be a wall, but it's definitely buried.
Dude, it's shining. It might be gold.
I got more gold in my teeth.
It's a bracelet, but it's stuck.
(tearing, groaning)
It's definitely gold.
Smells a little funky from the arm, though.
Brennan: No.
I've already made my decision. Absolutely not.
I refuse to pander to the lowest common denominator,
Particularly one which relies solely
On minimal imbecilic thought.
But thank you so much for your call.
Telemarketer? No.
My publisher.
She wants me to start
A twitter account to help promote my book sales.
Can you believe it? Actually, you know what?
Yes, i can. You got a lot of fans.
It's a good way to, uh, you know, connect with them.
I do connect through my books.
Yeah, but that take years for you to write them.
I mean, this gives fans
A chance to connect with you till the next one comes out.
Well, how do i say anything of substance
In 140 characters or less? Well, i don't think
Tweets are meant to be profound or anything like that,
Except if they're flyers updates. (phone ringing)
That's life or death. Booth.
Oh, wow. Okay.
There was a body found in a bookstore in southeast d.C.
Bookstores, unlike twitter,
Are the hubs of true, complex critical thought.
It's abandoned. (sighs)
Well, that doesn't help my argument. Sorry.
(siren wailing)
(indistinct radio transmission)
Buried in a pile of books from the self-help section.
Ooh. Definitely not the way i'd want to go out.
I find this quite tragic.
Well, death is a tragedy.
No, i'm not talking about the victim.
I'm referring to the fact that this
Is what's left of a bookstore. Oh, i know.
I used to spend hours in places like this,
Thumbing through page after page,
Looking for the perfect read.
Hodgins: And that fresh new book smell.
Oh, man, an e-book just does not have it.
Yeah, 'cause who doesn't like huffing a good book? Booth: Ah, i suppose
You all want to go back to riding a horse to work.
Okay, let's move it on here. So, what do we have?
Ripped fingernails suggest there was likely a struggle.
The oval shape of the pelvic inlet
Indicates the victim was a female.
Sexual assault? Saroyan: Impossible to tell
Till we get back to the lab. Based on the cranial suturing,
The victim appears to have been in her early 20s.
The projection of the nasal bones suggests caucasian.
Okay, everyone take a step back.
Why? What did you find there? Booth: Uh, uh, yeah.
Bug boy-- he rarely warns us,
So i would, you know, listen to what he's saying.
It's frightening, yes, but also, a little bit awesome.
Brennan: Are you gonna
Tell us any information, dr. Hodgins, or merely adjectives?
Oh, this webbing
Is from a loxosceles reclusa, otherwise known
As a brown recluse spider. Brennan: Oh.
Right. Yeah, i'm not a big fan of spiders,
So why don't we just, you know,
Wrap that up there so we can get out of here?
Awesome part is, based on the eggs and
The webbing, the victim died about seven days ago.
And the frightening part? Brennan: Well, they can be quite deadly.
I've seen a brown recluse bite
Which caused necrosis down to the bone.
Booth: Who cares about that?
Just put the spider in the container,
Seal it up so we don't get neocro, whatever, all over us.
Necrosis, and it wouldn't be on us,
It would be in us because it's...
Aubrey: Yeah, i'm with agent booth on this one.
Should we get a, uh, bug bomb or whatever?
No. No.
The spider is evidence.
Okay, there he is.
Okay, got it. I got it.
Oh, my. Think that's the only one.
Just, uh, pack up the victim and head back to the lab.
The techs can sweep for anything else.
Brennan: Oh, my god.
Whoa, whoa. What? You get bit?
No, it's my book.
It was in the clearance section.
Warren: Until the bones are clean, it's going
To be impossible to separate all the peri and postmortem damage.
Don't think the flesh is going
To help your facial reconstruction.
So far, all i've got are six freckles and a mole. Montenegro: Ooh.
That's very useful, actually.
I created this new algorithm that
Maps the location of moles and freckles and other
Distinctive facial markers, and
Cross-references them with the missing persons database.
Oh. Like
Constellation mapping, but of the face. That's awesome.
Yeah. If this mole can be our polaris, then...
We should be able to navigate our way to an i.D.
(rapid beeping)
(phone chimes) oh.
Ms. Warren, i warned you.
On the platform, our cell phones are turned off.
Whoa! Supposition much? I'm innocent. Brennan: That was my phone.
Actually, i just sent out my first tweet.
Oh, uh, sorry.
You're on twitter?
That doesn't seem like you. Brennan: Booth and my publisher
Both felt that it would help nurture my fan base,
And i hope to gain anthropological insight
Into online sociological behavior
And how it's destroying interpersonal relationships.
Well, i'm totally gonna follow you.
Uh... (laughs)
Sweetie, was your first tweet
A link to an article about "victim identification
And the challenge of morphoscopic traits"?
It was.
Warren: Uh, dr. Brennan, you have to be pithy.
A 200-page article-- not pithy, no pith in that.
Saroyan: This is fun, but we have a murder to solve
That requires more than 140 characters.
(computer beeps) montenegro: Ooh, great.
I have an i.D.
The victim is mia ferrara,
Age 22, reported missing by her boyfriend
Last sunday.
Man: I got that bracelet
To celebrate mia getting into the united teaching fellows.
College graduates who teach
In underperforming school districts.
Sort of the, uh, peace corps of my generation.
So mia spent a lot of time in rough neighborhoods?
She didn't care.
She just saw it as a chance to help the kids.
Uh, we have evidence
Suggesting that mia died a week ago.
Do you remember seeing her last friday?
For breakfast, but, uh, and i had to go
On a coffeehouse tour in virginia for the weekend.
Yeah. (sniffles) i'm a musician.
Oh. Musician. Right.
You never tried to call her over the weekend?
Sure, but she didn't answer.
Sometimes she got mad when i went on tour.
And when i came home and realized
She hadn't been in the apartment all weekend...
...That's when i called the police.
Pretty nice digs for a teacher and a musician.
Mia had a trust fund.
Booth: Oh.
Looks like you'll be moving now.
This is gonna sound weird now, but...
She put the place in both our names. Aubrey: Yeah.
That does sound a little weird.
Look, whatever you need, just ask.
I want to find out who did this to mia more than you do.
Caroline, what's up? I was just leaving.
I caught wind of this teacher case, cher.
I need you to be extra careful with this one.
Come on. I'm always careful.
It's not like you to question that.
I'm sorry, cher, but i just happen to be
On the board of the united teaching fellows.
These people-- they do god's work
For inner-city communities.
If word gets out that it's too dangerous,
The whole program could suffer. No, the kids
That it could help-- well, that just makes me mad, all right?
I'm not gonna let one psycho ruin all that.
See, this is why i get all tingly
When i see you, seeley booth.
I spoke with the principal of the school
To make sure they knew you were coming.
This is her name and the name
Of the other utf teacher the victim worked with.
All right, thanks.
I grew up with nothing, cher.
No one should have to fight like i did
Just to get a decent education.
All right. Look how you turned out, huh?
Don't worry about it. I got all this.
I trust you.
Don't worry.
Booth: I already had two reporters calling
With questions about how dangerous the school is.
Sometimes i think they love scaring the crap out of people.
Good news is, i'm not seeing anything about it online yet.
But i did start following dr. B on twitter.
Hey, that's good, huh? Tell your friends.
You have friends, right?
That's funny. (laughs)
So i heard the, uh, andy lister character in her books--
He's, uh... He's based on you.
That is right, you heard correct, my friend.
So, why didn't he have sex
With dr. Reichs until the third novel?
I mean, you know, what kind of real man waits that long?
What are you talking about, huh?
Look, their situation was complicated.
Sometimes relationships take a while to develop.
James bond wouldn't have waited till the third book.
That's all i'm saying.
People are already tweeting about it.
Yeah, but in book three, you got to admit,
It's, uh, pretty impressive.
(clicks his tongue) you should tweet that.
I guess. I just read the books for the gore mostly.
Then why'd you bring it up?
Way to pass the time. Mm, okay, keep tweeting there.
(indistinct conversations)
Aubrey: The latest data shows
That the u.S. Is 14th in public education.
But we beat slovakia, so that's something.
Now there's something you don't see every day.
Guys, come on. (chatter and laughter)
Come on, put the car down.
Look, please. I'm not kidding around.
I don't want to get anybody in trouble
If i don't have to.
Yeah. Go! Go!
What you got?
Man: Oh, hey.
You must be the gentlemen from the fbi.
Fbi special agent seeley booth. This here's agent aubrey.
Shane gentry.
I was told you guys would be coming.
Welcome to south grant high school. Great. Thank you.
Do you want us to help you out with that? Oh, no.
No. They usually leave it on the front lawn.
I like to think this is how we bond.
A handful of the kids are actually
In my ninth grade class.
Right, 'cause what better way to bond
Than by encouraging illegal activity?
Oh, better pranks than gangs.
Aubrey: I'd believe you
If we weren't here about mia ferrara's murder.
Don't assume
These kids are killers just because they're poor.
It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Right. So, did they mess with her, too? Mia?
No. No one messed with mia.
You show us where she taught? Yeah.
Agent booth, agent aubrey, this is our principal, anne franklin.
I spoke to caroline on the phone.
She's a friend.
This is just horrible.
We're all devastated.
We need to know if mia had any trouble
With anybody here at the school.
And not just parents.
Faculty, students. No.
And if she had, i'd make sure it never happened again.
Was anyone fired to make room for her? Shane: No.
Utf teachers don't take away any faculty positions.
We're supplemental.
And the other faculty members are overworked
And underpaid, so people like mia and shane are a godsend.
Since they've come, test scores have been up across the board.
Mia was up 23%, shane over 40.
Aubrey: Do either of you remember seeing mia
Friday afternoon around 4:00?
Franklin: It was a district testing day
For our ninth graders. I had to oversee it all.
Shane: And i didn't see her. I was collating
The exams my class took.
(chuckles) cigarettes, gum.
Franklin: I'm sure she confiscated those
From students.
Who's "m.M."?
Probably marcellus miller.
He's in her class.
One of her stars.
Nobody thought that
He had it in him except for mia.
He was an example to her class.
"187, bitch."
That's police code for homicide.
Wouldn't want that example.
So, keith, uh, let me get this straight.
You are marcellus's legal guardian, correct?
Yeah, that's right.
So don't try no tricks.
My brother's a good kid, you hear?
Marcellus, my name is caroline julian.
I'm with the justice department.
We need to ask you some questions
About your teacher, mia ferrara.
She's dead, isn't she?
Yes. Keith: Wait, wait.
I see where y'all going with this.
Why y'all after cellus?
Why? Because, uh, no other kid wrote death threats
To their teacher.
Marcellus: That was just a joke, all right?
But not to her, to some other guy in class.
Me and miss ferrara,
We were cool.
Right, and you weren't causing any trouble in her class?
At first, yeah.
That's... That's because i got frustrated.
You know, i felt dumb.
And my brother ain't dumb.
Like i told her in that little conference thing,
Ain't no bitch gonna make...
You don't use language
Like that in here, you understand me?
Marcellus: He's just trying to look out for me.
Listen, just been us for three years now.
He doesn't mean anything by it.
Right. So it must've made you angry
If your teacher made you feel stupid.
She was just trying to help me.
She tutored me if i asked.
She said that if i kept improving,
She'd help me get into college.
I ain't never had no teacher like that, man.
And ain't no teacher at that school
Ever helped me get into college. Booth: Maybe because
When you went to that school, you used to bring weapons.
Caroline: The school make you do that?
Are you gonna blame every screwup
On other people, keith?
Cellus, go on.
Tell them what they need so we can get out of here.
So where were you last friday after school?
I went to see miss ferrara
To get some extra help, but...
She said no, and that's the first time that happened,
So i just went home.
And that was the last time you saw her?
Yeah. Then she told me
That she'd make it up to me.
She'd give me some extra time on monday.
She was the only teacher who ever thought
That i could do better.
So the victim's shoes and clothes have
Polyethylene and polystyrene particulates on them.
Styrene? Like styrofoam?
Yes, styrofoam and plastic.
Now, i also found traces of the following:
Potassium bromate, sodium nitrate,
Benzoic acid, methocyclopropene--
Basically all the compounds that preserve
That delicious cafeteria food.
So at some point she was stuffed in, what, a garbage can?
Well, it seems like it.
Now, check this out.
I was also able to pull
Some flesh from the inside of her shoe.
Oh, the purplish-red color suggests
There was lividity in her ankles.
So her blood had pooled in her feet?
Yeah, during hypostasis.
Which means that after the victim was killed,
She was kept in a standing position for
About four to eight hours.
My guess is she was stored in a semi-public place.
Why public?
Well, i ran an analysis of the substance she was doused in.
So it was ethanol, isopropol,
Chloro-obenzylphenol, potassium hydroxide cocktail.
Disinfectant. Yep.
So the killer was trying to mask the smell of the body.
So the body must've been near a semi-public place.
And in something tall enough to keep it standing upright.
Why couldn't all these tests just give us
The name and address of the killer?
Criminal records of everyone in or tied to the school--
Students, teachers, parents, staff...
Yeah, no, we already have them.
You really don't trust us to get this one done, do you?
Just trying to help, cher.
Marcellus said the victim seemed to be
Mad about something. Well, i checked
Her credit card records, bus pass, phone.
Nothing was used after 4:00 that afternoon.
I don't think she ever left the campus.
So she was killed at the school.
Just what i was praying to avoid.
You know, just because one person there is guilty
Doesn't mean that they'll think everyone is.
You really believe in that, don't you?
Stupid, but sweet.
So aubrey is checking out the other kids
And the employees at the school.
I mean, even the kids, you know, with juvie records have alibis.
Except for keith and marcellus.
Except for keith and marcellus.
It must be very difficult for them taking care of themselves.
Keith's only 19; his frontal lobe isn't fully developed,
So his judgment isn't yet reliable.
Unfortunately, that's not a defense.
You know, i don't get it.
You know, when i went to school,
It was a safe place. Safe.
Some sociologists say it's income inequality,
Some say it's the welfare state, some blame the decline
Of the family, lower standards.
I didn't really want an answer.
Oh, that's fortunate, because i don't think there really is one.
Right. Mm. (phone chimes)
Oh, i am proud to say i'm now up to ten twitter followers.
Ten followers-- that is really bad.
It's probably just the squints that are following you.
You know, you need hundreds, thousands of followers.
Well, i'm twittering fascinating articles
I think people would like.
Oh, right, yeah. Fascinating.
You know, i looked up your twitter account;
You were posting articles on bone disease in cavemen.
Miocene hominids, not cavemen.
Sorry. Well, now that's exciting.
You know what, you should ask
That new squint girl in your lab.
She looks like the tweety type. I'm fine.
No. You want to be the best, right?
How can you be the best with ten followers?
You should ask her. (phone ringing)
What, you got another caveman following you?
There are avulsion fractures
To the right and left humeral heads.
Okay, is there something in that that i can use?
Not yet, but i should get back to the lab.
Sure. A quick lunch together is better than none, right?
Ten is pretty pathetic.
It's better than nothing.
The greenstick and hairline postmortem fractures
To the ribs and scapula appear to show
That the victim was confined to a very small space.
And based on cam's assessment of lividity,
She was confined in a vertical position.
So there must be other corresponding injuries.
Ms. Warren, i only have ten twitter followers.
Which is dismaying.
Yeah, i can imagine.
I'm used to dominating any field i'm in,
So i need your help.
Hmm. So now i'm the mentor.
First off, please stop labeling your tweets
"tweet 1," "tweet 2," "tweet 3."
Well, it's an organizational strategy.
Also no polysyllabic words.
Keep it casual.
I can't change the title of scholarly articles.
Yeah, the articles.
I can't even start with that.
Um, you want to connect with people on a personal level.
Here, take out your phone.
All right.
Well, you can't take a photo of evidence;
It compromises an ongoing investigation.
I'm not, i'm not. Look happy to be you.
(camera clicks)
Brennan: Although our facial expressions are a bit peculiar,
I have to admit it's amusing.
The art of the selfie.
Okay. "solving crimes and taking names.
Did you just post that to my account?
Yep, and i retweeted you.
Prepare to become a twitter sensation.
All right. So i don't know if these are related,
But i also noticed these postmortem
Moustache-shaped fracture lines on the parietal.
I know what it is.
It's a standard two-pronged hook inside of a high school locker.
The victim's head was shoved against it.
Wait, how did you know that?
Because in high school,
I was shoved in a locker multiple times.
This also explains the victim's shoulder injuries.
Before i tell booth about this, do you really think
Your strategy of photographing ourselves...
Taking a selfie.
And yes, i do. Check your phone.
Ah, i have 98 followers!
(phone chimes) now it's up to 103!
Too bad it would jeopardize the case,
Or i'd selfie with the skull.
It is a noun, dr. Brennan, not a verb.
Right. I'll tell booth about the locker.
(phone chimes) oh! 105!
Seek. Seek.
I took a selfie with a skeleton in my office.
I put its arm around me.
(laughs) right.
You're gonna have to work on those hashtags.
Oh. This is
A terrible loss.
Good teachers are rare.
Franklin: Mia meant a lot to her students.
We're gonna find out what happened to her.
Officer: Good boy, good boy! (dog barking)
You smell something? We got a hit here. Oh.
Looks like we got a hit. You smell something?
Can you open up this locker? (dog barking)
Officer: All right, come on, come on.
Good boy.
This locker is currently... Unassigned.
There's blood smears all over the inside.
Size of the locker corresponds
With her postmortem injuries.
She was placed in here until the killer was able to move her.
Franklin: This hallway was closed because the floors
Were going to be waxed later that night.
(barking) whoa, what's going on over here?
Whoa! Stay back!
Right there. Fbi, okay?
You're not going anywhere.
Me and my deputy dog here
Have a few questions for you.
(dog barking)
All right.
Let's take a look at your record here, shall we?
First of all, we know that you lied about your name
When you applied for a job at the school.
You are steven brady, not paul garnett.
Then there's the possession charge,
Possession with intent, assault, assaulting an officer--
That's never a favorite around here.
Fine. I admit it.
But it ain't easy getting a job.
I figured i'm living a good life now;
Who needs to know my past? Good life?
Man's best friend smelled eau de dead body on you,
And you started to run.
I was worried the dog was gonna smell drugs on me.
Well, that's a great excuse, but you weren't carrying, paul.
On my hands, my clothes.
Miss ferrara and me, we'd catch kids doing drugs
In the parking lot. But rather than report 'em,
She'd make 'em do chores and stuff,
You know, give 'em another chance
So they didn't get a record.
I wish someone had done that for me. Okay.
But how do you explain the blood that we found
On your custodial cart?
What are you talking about?
Mia was moved from the locker
Using your cart.
We have evidence on the body and in the cart. Anybody could've
Taken my cart. It's not like it's locked up.
Miss ferrara gave this to me. For my birthday.
She said i helped her understand the kids.
Now, why would i hurt someone like that,
Someone who believed in me?
Ms. Warren, do you have any updates?
Yes. You are up to 1,023 followers.
Oh. (chuckles)
With your status as a public figure
And my twitter expertise,
I think you could build an online empire.
Well, i was actually referring to updates on the case,
But i find your twitter news #strangelyexhilarating.
Nice one.
I also found subtle fracturing
To the sixth cervical vertebra.
I agree.
Interesting that the injury is specific to the laminas.
The connection between the body and the spinous process.
Yes. Do you see how both the anterior
And posterior sections of the laminas display breaks?
So a strong force compressed the sides of the neural arch?
Well, i would say that it was strangulation,
But the hyoid is still intact. When the victim is strangled
Putting pressure on the lower cervical vertebrae,
The hyoid usually does not fracture.
Awesome. So we finally have cause of death.
Celebratory selfie?
Oh, for the love of god, not you, too.
What did i do? And don't sneak up on me.
Why are you tweeting and not working my case?
I am working our case. And i know
That the victim had a twitter account.
And? She didn't tweet that much.
Now i like her even more.
Most of the people she followed were her students.
She used social media as a way to keep up with them.
Because she wasn't a dinosaur.
It turns out marcellus was right
About how upset she was the afternoon she died.
This was her last tweet.
"sucks to be so wrong
About someone. #heartbroken."
Think she was talking about one of her students? No idea.
Angela's going through mia's computer now. Maybe she'll find
Something that will tell us who mia was talking about.
In your dreams, hashtag.
Saroyan: So what did you find on the victim's computer?
Well, 90% of what was on her home computer
Was dedicated to her schoolwork,
Mostly tracking her students' progress.
She used these spreadsheets and metrics.
Wow, she was
Truly dedicated.
Yeah, she was almost obsessed.
And after looking at these e-mails,
It was clear that she was losing touch with old friends
And even canceling plans with her boyfriend. Well, being a good teacher
Can really take up a lot of time.
Their day doesn't end when school lets out.
Another interesting thing though,
Her browser history was cleared at almost the same time
Every day. Was she trying
To hide something? No, not her.
It was happening when she was at work.
It was her boyfriend,
And he was covering his tracks.
I used this forensic cloning program
To retrieve the browser history.
He was cheating on her.
Yeah. With multiple women.
And what's worse is i found an e-mail to hunter's account
Saying that his coffeehouse tour was canceled.
So, he was in town when she was killed.
Booth: You lied to us, hunter.
Your little coffeehouse tour was canceled. No, i can explain.
You were also spotted at the school the day mia was killed.
Yeah, but i didn't kill her. I was trying to find her. Not too hard,
'cause you didn't report her missing for two days. Look, i know this looks bad,
But i thought she was avoiding me because she was pissed.
Pissed because of this. Your dc hook up profile.
There is no way you're six-one, by the way.
You didn't want mia messing with your, uh, social life.
I didn't kill her. You know what i think happened? I think you went
To the school, and mia confronted you
About the philandering you've been doing.
Philandering? It's a word.
You two started to fight... I swear i didn't.
Booth: Things got out of control,
You snapped, and you strangled her.
Look, i couldn't have.
I was with another girl at a bar. Mm-hmm.
Right. When mia ditched me
And my gig got canceled,
I needed a hookup. Can anybody from the bar
Verify your story?
The girl.
I got her number.
Ask her.
Woman (recorded): You have reached the get lost hotline.
Unfortunately, the person who gave you this number (chuckles)
Didn't want to hear from you ever again.
We know this sucks. (chuckles)
That is not a good alibi, hunter.
Have you found anything pertinent to the case?
I found a remodeled incision wound to the proximal phalanges
Two through five on the right hand.
This happened because of a deep laceration across the fingers.
Slight remodeling indicates this occurred about five weeks ago.
I agree. So...
I was thinking that whoever stabbed mia back then came back
To finish the job.
Uh, whoa. Um, aren't you destroying the evidence
By scraping off the remodeling?
Not in this case. The woven aspects
Have not yet hardened into cortical bone.
By removing the new growth, we should be able
To get a mold of the initial wound.
Wow. How cool is that? Very.
Have dr. Hodgins swab, then make a mikrosil of the injury
So we can determine what blade was used.
You got it. And please use the twitter to tell my followers
About the incomplete remodeling i removed.
They'll be fascinated. (chuckles)
Yes. (chuckles)
Hey, caroline. So according to mia's medical report,
She got 28 stitches on four fingers about a month ago.
Did she happen to tell the doctor the name of the sick soul who stabbed her?
She said that she cut it on a piece of glass,
But bones says it definitely was a knife wound.
You think the boyfriend took a blade to her?
Well, look at this.
Look where the clinic was where she got stitched up.
The same neighborhood where keith and marcellus live.
Keith has an assault charge for using a knife.
I was sort of hoping it was the boyfriend.
(sighs) you know, that neighborhood has been through enough
For us to jump to conclusions.
We're just going with our leads. That's all we can do.
You're a good man, seeley booth.
You sure you don't want to dump that beautiful doctor you've got
And run away with me? Tell you what, just give me
A day to think about it, huh?
I'm gonna have to bring keith in.
I understand.
Warren: Based on the injury profile
On the victim's fingers, you should be able to reconstruct
What the knife in question looked like.
Well, let's not endow me with superpowers.
The puncture wound to the fifth phalange
Marks the end of the blade.
And the laceration stops halfway through the bone
On the index finger.
A distance of 6.35 centimeters.
Kerf marks show that the blade was serrated.
Right. Adding that now.
Also, from the mikrosil, we know the width of the blade
Was four millimeters thick. No.
From the striae, it appears that the killer twisted the blade,
So it makes it seem like it's wider than it actually is.
Mm. Talk about sadistic. Maybe.
But an injury like this could happen
If the victim tried to grab hold of the blade.
Wow. You really know your sharp force trauma.
I got to tweet about this
For dr. B. Oh, uh...
(chuckles) listen,
You're getting brennan crazy.
She's more competitive than other people,
So she's just gonna want to have more twitter followers
Than everyone else.
What's wrong with that? It's a waste
Of her time, it's a distraction,
And it's contributing to the end of our civilization.
Twitter is a fact of life, angela.
Yes, and life is better when brennan tweets
About the most promiscuous tribe in timbuktu.
Who else would do that?
Did i just get slapped down?
Well, i use mind control.
I don't believe in violence.
Should we finish with this knife? So, hodgins found trace
Of a synthetic lubricant
In the wound. Lubricants are used
On switchblades and other folding knives. Right.
Okay. So if we change the handle to a folding knife...
We have our weapon.
Booth: So, we tested your knife, keith.
We found blood in the liner.
Okay, i cut myself.
So what? Caroline: It's not your blood type.
It's b positive, like mia ferrara's.
Yeah, okay. Whatever.
It's hers, but it's not what you think.
You know what i think? I think mia
Came around to tutor marcellus, right?
You didn't want her there, so you pulled out the knife... No. No, look,
Check my rap sheet. Look, i haven't been arrested
In three years. And i've been good-- i mean real good--
Since me and marcellus has been on our own. But this
Is your knife, isn't it?
Look, yeah. But it's not what you think.
I didn't cut her. You're saying
Your brother did? Cellus? No way.
Look, that crazy bi...
That crazy lady cut herself.
She grabbed the knife
Off the table and sliced herself. You think
Any jury in the world would believe that, fool?
It's the truth.
Look, she started coming around, like, a month ago
Because cellus had missed a couple of days of school.
Look, i work all day, so that was
The first time i heard of it.
He started skipping school
Because he wanted to earn, too.
Hated that i had to do everything.
But like i told him, that's what big brothers do.
And i wasn't gonna be like our father.
You didn't know he had a job? No.
Look, when miss ferrara came, when she showed up,
That's when he came clean.
But then that's when she thought
I forced him to skip school.
That's when she grabbed the knife off the table
By the blade,
And she was bleeding all over the place,
I mean, saying that-that marcellus was smart
And if i... If i didn't let him go back to school
That she was gonna tell everybody that i attacked her.
So i'm sorry,
But she was a crazy bitch. So she cut
Herself to force you to keep marcellus in school?
That's it.
Look, look, look, look.
I guess it worked.
'cause cellus hasn't missed a day after that.
Let's say we believe you for a second.
Where were you the day that mia died?
Look, i can't tell you that.
Look... But, look,
As-as god is my witness,
I didn't hurt that woman.
You have got to tell the other guy-- agent booth--
That my brother didn't do anything, man, i swear.
Well, we want to believe him, but he's hiding something,
Marcellus. It's not what you think, all right?
Keith knew what miss ferrara was doing for me.
And after that night, he
Made sure i had a good breakfast every morning.
Made-made sure my homework was done and everything.
All right, i need more, marcellus.
You know i need more.
The reason keith can't tell you...
He's protecting me.
What did you do?
It's just that keith's already got two strikes
And the third strike and he goes away for a long time.
And you go into foster care.
Keith promised that he'd never let that happen.
Well, i'm sorry to tell you that it probably will
Unless you can tell us where keith was
When miss ferrara was killed.
He was...
He was at the grocery store getting some food.
He didn't get paid for a couple of days
And i had a test coming up, so he didn't want me to be hungry.
He robbed the place.
Not for, like, cash or anything.
Just took a few things.
Eggs, milk, stuff like that.
Put it under his shirt and he ran.
Keith's gonna be so pissed if he find out that i talked.
It's all right, okay?
We're not gonna press charges against your brother.
You're not? No charges were ever filed.
And i'm talking to you without a guardian present,
Which means this conversation never even happened.
Thank you.
Seems the brother didn't do it.
And the epithelial cells from the locker were a dead end.
They're from the victim. Any luck in here?
No luck, but skill and acumen
Have proven very fruitful.
Even better. We are focusing on postmortem fractures
To the spinous processes
Of the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae
And blunt force trauma to the patellas.
The fractures to the patellas are consistent
With a hard object striking
Against the bone. Question is
Why kneecap someone who's already dead? And you're certain
The damage to the knees and spine didn't result
From transporting the body? These were
Intentional strikes. But why damage
Only the knees and back? It's just random.
No, no, it's not random
At all. The knees and the spine are both fulcrums.
Which means? Perfect.
This makes perfect sense.
Just once,
I'd like her to tell us the big discovery
Before she runs out.
Brennan: Because cam found
Livor mortis on the soles of the victim's feet,
We know the body was stored
In the locker for at least six hours.
Which means by the time the killer moved the body,
Rigor mortis would've set in.
Montenegro: So the body was stiff.
That would make it difficult to move.
Must have been why the killer broke the bones.
To bend the body. But typically, you only
Have to bend the spine to fit a body
Into the trunk of a car. Well, then why
Did the killer make minced meat out of the victim's knees?
Angela, bend the victim's knees 90 degrees.
Okay, now do the same
For the spine, pivoting the torso 90 degrees.
Oh, so the body was put in a seated position?
I've heard of
Serial killers like ed gein posing their victims,
Making them seem like they're still alive. Or...
The killer seated the victim for practical purposes,
Because he didn't have a big enough trunk for the body.
Wait, so the killer put
The victim in the passenger seat next to him?
Okay, that's really creepy. So we're looking
For someone with a car that has seats and no trunk. Hey,
I found vinyl particulates that came from an eraser.
Not the kind from the end of a pencil--
This is a high-end eraser...
Useful if you're changing answers.
Wasn't there standardized testing for ninth graders
The day that mia was killed? Yes, and
According to booth, the same utf teacher
Who administered the test
Drives a small, eco-friendly car.
These are the tests your students took
The day mia was murdered.
Answers were erased and changed--
All of them. Changed in a way that makes
You look like an exemplary teacher.
I am a good teacher.
And the students are allowed to go back over their work,
So if there are any erasures... The marks are from
Your eraser. We found your epithelial cells
In the particulates from the eraser.
And when you strangled mia, those shavings from the erasers
Were transferred onto her. Mia caught you cheating,
Didn't she?
She was dedicated to her students, and all
You did was think about yourself.
If she turned you in,
She would have ruined your career.
Come on,
Some bits of eraser are not enough
To prove somebody of murder.
Actually, it is. There's more.
To position mia's body in your car, you used
Your steering wheel lock to break
Her bones and acetone to clean up, but...
See, acetone doesn't mask blood.
Lucky for us, he's not a science teacher. Lucky for us.
You don't understand... No, i don't.
I don't understand, and neither will the prosecutor, so
If you help us out...
I had an interview lined up.
At the department of education. And mia knew that.
It was a good position. So you were falsifying the results
To make yourself more attractive.
I didn't want to fight with her.
I tried to get the tests back from her,
But she just kept swatting me away.
So you killed her.
I just wanted my tests.
But then she started to scream, and...
I guess i must've...
I don't know.
Strangled her to shut her up.
I thought she would understand.
(soft laugh)
I mean, who really wants to teach
In a school like that, right?
What are the odds that any of them are ever
Gonna amount to anything?
Caroline: You boys both eat up.
I don't want y'all robbing some store
Because your belly's got a case of the grumbles.
You know what, i appreciate it, miss julian.
Where's your manners?
Thank you, miss julian.
Don't talk with your mouth full.
I heard from the utf, and they won't be able
To send any replacements until next year.
Well, cellus is still gonna study hard,
Right, cellus? I mean, that crazy...
Won't have died for nothing.
I'm gonna do right by her.
And me, cher.
Because i'm gonna be your new tutor.
And you do not want
To get a "b" on my watch.
(laughs) yes, miss julian.
What are you laughing about?
You're gonna get your ged.
And if you don't, i'll find some way
To put your scrawny behind in jail. Well, look, i got
A job. Oh, boo hoo.
Poor baby's gonna get tired.
You two aren't gonna make me waste my time, are you?
No, ma'am.
Okay. You two want anything else to eat?
No, ma'am. Mm-mm. Oh, of course you do. Miss?
Yes? Bring these young men some pie.
Oh, certainly.
(laughs softly)
Thank you.
Booth: Can't believe they gave christine
Homework already. Well, it's just
Tracing letters to help develop her
Small motor skills. Well, i should be thankful.
It's a good preschool.
Right? Plus...
The teachers are alive. And christine enjoys
The work. Without challenges, life becomes dull.
Guess that's why living
With you is never dull. You saying
I'm a challenge? Well, you're definitely not easy.
(tablet chimes) oh, another tweet.
You don't have to announce every time you got one.
I thought jessica was doing that for you. No, she felt
I'd learned enough to take over myself. My publisher
I have almost 3,000 followers.
Well, look at you.
You're tweeting about, uh, caroline's teaching program.
Yes. And some people have even donated.
The sociological and anthropological effects
Of social media can be quite positive. That's great,
Bones. I've even learned to use emoticons.
Emoticons? No, no, you're not, uh, emoticon material
Type of woman. Apparently i am.
Smiley face, wink, wink. Okay,
Smiley face, wink, wink-- it's dinnertime. Let's go.
You cooked? Course i cooked.
What do you think i've been doing here the whole time?
I hadn't really noticed. Why haven't you noticed?
Because you've been stuck in that whole tweety bird
Kind of thing here. Come on.
I don't think you deserve this.
Well, it smells good. Course it's good stuff.
Look at this-- i made the homemade sauce,
I got salad, fresh bread.
That's pretty romantic, booth. Yes, it's
Amazing what you see when you step out of the virtual world.
What are you doing? No, no, no, no, no, no. (camera clicks)
What? I think my followers will appreciate this.
(soft whistle) that's not too bad. Yeah, that's good. Okay, you can
Do that. How about a picture of me serving you?
No, i don't think so.
Right. Wine.
Yes. Wine, huh?
Tell you what-- why don't you take a selfie of us
Drinking the wine and you can put #bottomsup.
I don't think that's a good idea. Okay, hashtag...
What's that mean?