Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 10 - Bones - full transcript

In an anachronistic dream, Booth is a cat-burglar/master jewel thief who donates the proceeds to fellow war veterans. Breaking in to rob socialite Eva, he finds her burnt corpse in the safe. Brennan is a pioneer female LAPD detective, whose father Max, the commissioner, fires her for maintaining Booth didn't murder Eva. The pair teams up to prove the authorities wrong and turn to paleontology professor Jack Hodgins and his assistant Clark Edison to invent the forensic use of archaeological methods. Dandy millionaire James Aubrey is murdered while informing them about Eve, reporter Wendell Bray keeps the case in the spotlight.

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(film projector clicking)
Announcer: The most highly anticipated film of 1954
Had its premiere this week
At the world-famous grauman's chinese theatre
In the heart of hollywood. Bones
Features two of tinseltown's most beloved stars,
The beautiful and talented emily deschanel
And the leading man's leading man, david boreanaz.
They're celebrating their tenth film together in ten years,
Which means a decade of joy for america.
And here they are joining other great stars
In the hollywood galaxy as they are honored by being
Immortalized in cement for the hours of enjoyment
They've given their fans.
Yes, we couldn't ask for anything more
Than this testament to their great and enduring talent.
But don't be late.
The movie is about to begin.
Yes, it's showtime!
And hollywood royalty files in
To see this new and exciting picture.
Good luck to emily and david,
Even though we know they don't need it.
(orchestral fanfare playing)
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
(owl hooting)
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
(window opening)
(stairs creak)
Miss braga?
Miss braga?
(footsteps approaching))
(door closes)
(glass breaks nearby)
(woman screaming)
Temperance brennan, lapd.
Don't look.
Miss braga. Oh, my god!
Poor miss braga. (sobbing)
Miss braga, poor miss braga.
Bray: Come on, miss brennan! Cut a cub
Reporter a break. Did eva braga have any enemies here?
Or was it someone who followed her from brazil?
It's an ongoing investigation, wendell.
You know i can't tell you anything.
How about a picture? My camera's been
Waiting to capture a beauty all day.
Huh? Flattery won't work.
It'll work on me, doll. He's waiting for you.
And he is not happy.
Brennan: Dad, you have to let me explain.
I'm not your dad now, officer brennan.
I need your weapon.
And i need your badge. I had to do this on my own.
No one believed that booth was even in los angeles so i...
You disobeyed
My direct orders. I almost caught him, dad.
But you didn't. He got away.
Because you didn't have the proper backup.
You wouldn't give me any!
Badge and gun.
You know,
I stuck my neck out for you.
Because i'm a woman. Yes.
But i can't do that anymore.
I could be a great detective, dad.
You know that.
You let a murderer escape.
I don't think booth
Killed eva braga.
I've studied his m.O. And...
It doesn't matter what you think.
This is not your case.
Now, if you want to stay with the department,
There's a stenographer's desk out there next to angela.
Man: Sorry i'm late, chief.
This is, uh, inspector aldo clemens
From interpol.
He has the lead on the braga case.
This is my daughter, temperance.
Well, she's quite easy on the eyes, chief.
You won't have eyes if you keep talking like that.
Booth did not kill that woman, chief.
I've been tracking him for years, my dear.
So i think i know him better than you.
And i will be there
When they flip that switch
And fry him like a breakfast kipper.
The remains weren't even warm.
The bones weren't displaying... That'll be all.
Let me examine the scene, please!
You're making a mistake, dad.
I'm a good detective. I'll prove it to you.
I'm sorry, honey, but you're suspended.
Don't you dare take one of those desks.
You show them you're as good as any guy in here.
And you do it for all of us girls.
Bray: Ditto.
Brennan: It's not time to celebrate yet, booth.
Please put that away.
How can a man enjoy a martini with a gun pointing at him?
I'm in no mood to joke. I'm not joking.
I imagine they took your badge and gun-- that's the only
Reason you're holding a peashooter like that.
I'm not here to talk about me.
Well, i know you're not here to arrest me because i never
Leave any evidence. You didn't.
But they're convinced you killed eva braga.
Yeah, i imagine they are, and you?
It's not your style.
For you, style is everything.
After jewels.
But unfortunately there weren't any.
They were all gone.
Someone got there before me.
And they took care of miss braga, too.
Which is why i have a proposition for you.
Please, darling.
You're gonna make me blush.
They're going to find a way to arrest you for the murder.
They've even brought in inspector clemens
From interpol. Clemens?
(laughs) that brit drip.
Look, booth, you know all the other people in your profession.
Who else was after braga's jewels?
You want me to help you find the real killer
To prove that you should be a detective.
The way i see it, it's the only way for you
To prove you're not a killer.
Do we have a deal?
Why not?
Let's drink to it.
Brennan: Professor hodgins is a brilliant paleontologist.
Booth: This is no time to play with dinosaurs, darling.
Let's skedaddle. I'm not your darling.
Professor hodgins.
Professor hodgins. Yes?
Who are you and how did you get in here? Well, we chose the door.
I'm temperance brennan with the lapd.
This is seeley booth.
I'm sorry, but i'm working today.
On my t. Rex and my velociraptor.
Beautiful creatures.
71 million years old from the...
Brennan: Cretaceous period, i know.
From the dromaeosaurid theropod family.
The professor really can't be disturbed while he is working.
Wait, mr. Edison.
You are familiar with the velociraptor?
Booth: I'm sorry, but you wouldn't happen to have any gin?
A conversation like this and a man needs a martini.
I'm quite familiar.
This looks like v. Mongoliensis
From mongolia.
I am impressed. Booth: Well, so am i.
But i still need that drink.
I've read your research, and i think you might
Be able to help us catch a murderer.
That is absurd!
The professor is not a flatfoot.
But i'm sure he'll be interested in this.
Booth: You stole that from the murder scene.
Yes. You're full of surprises.
Professor hodgins has made amazing discoveries
Studying bones to determine how dinosaurs died--
Why shouldn't he be able to find clues
On eva braga's bones
That could lead us to the killer?
(scoffing): Please, darling.
I warned you, booth.
Hodgins: She's right.
It should be theoretically possible.
Looking at these, there was clearly some kind of explosion.
It's similar to the damage
From the lightning that struck
Our coelurosaurian theropod.
But the explosion would've obscured any other evidence.
What else do you think we can find?
Brennan: Positive identification,
Cause of death, evidence of a struggle, if any,
And anything else that could point us to a specific killer.
Booth: While you're asking them for the impossible,
Why don't you see if they can send a man to the moon?
Hodgins: The young lady's idea
Is brilliant, sir.
We should be able to connect
Our research to your mystery.
But not without more of the victim's bones.
That shouldn't be a problem.
You're a thief, aren't you?
Let's see how good you are.
A challenge.
Bodies are so much bulkier than jewels.
And yet you seemed right at home.
I guess once a thief, always a thief.
I'll take that as a compliment.
So, have you thought of a plan
When they discover her remains are missing?
They won't.
The coroner needs a fresh corpse.
That's why eva braga's bones were in storage.
Do you seriously think a couple of dusty eggheads can help us find the killer?
I guess you could say that science is a hobby of mine.
I like to think that it could
Be the key to solving crimes.
Don't you have faith in science?
Course i do, darling.
Without science, we wouldn't have television,
And i'm definitely getting one of those.
I told you not to call me darling.
You're used to getting your way, aren't you?
I wanted to drive, and that's not working out.
Mm, so perhaps you could change.
I was thinking the same about you.
Let's get these remains
Over to the professor, shall we?
I think we're the only two people who believe brennan.
That's good enough for me.
I'm on my lunch break, so this can't take long.
Bray: Vaziri is the best fence in town.
If anyone knows who stole those jewels, it'll be him.
How come you're only a cub reporter, big boy?
Injustice, but maybe we can change that.
Little early in the day for a martini,
Isn't it, vaziri?
It's almost noon.
Hmm! He's got a point.
Since you're drinking my booze,
It's only polite to introduce yourselves.
Wendell bray, from the herald.
Angela montenegro, from the lapd.
Sort of.
Then perhaps another drink is in order.
Seeley booth is in town.
Yes, and mixed up in some nasty business, i've heard.
Framed for eva braga's murder, we're thinking.
And since you fence jewels for a living...
A bit louder, my dear, and we can dance to it.
Bray: The only thing in braga's safe
Was her body-- no jewels.
Montenegro: We thought
You might know what happened to them. I do.
At least six pieces of the collection.
She sold them to me when she arrived in l.A. From rio,
All legal and aboveboard. That's a first for you.
I like to try new things.
Bray: If she was so rich,
Why would she sell her jewels? A word
Of advice, young man-- never try to understand a woman.
Montenegro: Watch your step,
Vaziri, unless you want to wear that drink.
Seeley is one of the best in the business.
He'd never ruin his reputation
By killing anyone, especially a woman.
Now, if you'd like to throw a drink in my face for that,
Be my guest.
Thanks, angela.
Angela is trying to lift the carbons of the files
That are coming in from interpol.
She'll try to stop by after work.
I've never had the law on my side; you know, it's refreshing.
She and a reporter from the herald talked
With vaziri who said the jewels weren't stolen.
He bought them. Well, that puts a new wrinkle in the pants.
If the jewels weren't stolen, why was eva braga killed?
Jealous lover?
Sore loser in a pinochle game?
A poorly made omelet?
I'm serious.
I am, too.
There are many reasons for murder, darling.
Hey, when do i get to drive?
Maybe when you stop calling me "darling."
Should be a lot nicer to your partner, you know?
We're not partners.
People working together toward a common goal,
That's pretty much the definition of a partner.
So, let's head out over toward fountain and vine.
I have to go home and wait for angela.
She's not coming over till after work.
Come on, do your partner a solid, will you?
(tires squealing)
Miss brennan's theory is brilliant.
If we look at these remains as if they were dinosaurs,
Then we should be able to determine
What happened to this poor woman.
But all this tissue.
A hundred million years has a way of removing it for us.
Ah, yes.
Unfortunately, we don't have that kind of time.
Must be another way, there must be...
Dermestid beetles.
They thrive on carrion.
Yes, here, look.
"decomposing flesh."
That is brilliant, professor.
They will devour the flesh
And leave us with perfectly clean bones to examine.
Yes, mr. Edison, and if we can determine
That a stegosaurus was killed by the tail of an allosaurus
150 million years ago, then we should be able to determine
What happened to this poor woman yesterday evening.
The clavicle.
This damage was not caused by an explosion.
(playing blues music)
Booth, why did you bring us down here? For the music, of course.
You like music, don't you?
I don't believe this. (laughs)
And you've brought an angel with you.
Temperance brennan, this is sarge.
We're partners. Temporarily.
Oh, i don't think it's temporary.
You two are made for each other.
I'm afraid you're mistaken. Uh, sorry,
But ever since that mortar round went off next to me, i...
I can see things.
Hey, peewee, what
Can we offer our guests?
Thanks, peewee.
Booth, we should go.
Oh, can't refuse their hospitality now, can we?
Oh, i got a little something for you, too, here, sarge.
Sorry it's late.
Much obliged, corporal.
Booth, what did he do for you?
More than i can say. Well, i'd like you
To say something. I'm sure you would, but for now,
Eat your beans and enjoy the music.
(sarge plays the blues)
¶ ¶
Hodgins: It is certainly easier to detect anomalies
On new bones than on fossilized ones. (chuckles)
Are you thinking about becoming a detective now, professor?
Sherlock hodgins.
Has a nice ring to it.
What else have you found, watson?
Traces of, uh, diatomaceous earth,
Sodium carbonate and nitroglycerin.
Yes, from the dynamite,
But that couldn't have been cause of death.
With all due respect, professor,
The woman was locked in a safe with a stick of the stuff.
I don't think she had time to suffocate.
Nor do i. Look at the parietal.
The concave fracturing juxtaposed
With the outward bowing caused by the explosion.
Blunt force trauma,
Like the kind caused by the tail of an ankylosaurus.
Which could have caused enough damage to the brain to kill her.
She was killed before she was put into the safe.
But then, why blow her up? To obscure evidence.
But theoretically, we should be able to find tiny particulates
In the bone, which might tell us the true cause of death.
I find i am quite enjoying this, mr. Edison.
Brennan: No one will ever suspect
You're hiding out at my place.
The couch is very comfortable.
Right. So, you never let anyone in your bedroom before.
Must be cold in there.
Men have been slapped for less.
And more.
You still haven't told me about sarge.
(doorbell rings)
The bedroom now. Oh, miss.
Go! (giggles): Oh!
Are you talking to someone in here?
No. Why?
Oh. Well, this person who isn't here,
Don't make him sleep on the couch, doll.
Do you have the carbons?
All the information collected so far
On eva braga.
So, eva was dating an american in brazil.
Some broke playboy named james aubrey iii.
Aubrey lives here and recently came back from rio.
Rumor was, he stole one of her rings.
I haven't told your father or the limey yet.
Thanks. No problem.
Booth is a dreamboat i'd like to take a sail on.
How about you? He's a jewel thief.
No one's perfect, doll.
Where is he hiding?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Okay, so, i'll get you anything else i find.
Good-bye, booth.
Take good care of her, or i'll kill you.
Quick. Get dressed.
Aubrey should be at the velvet fox. You know aubrey?
Oh, i almost robbed him once when he had money. Almost?
Oh, some people deserve to be robbed, and others don't,
Darling. What did i tell you, booth?
That i had to sleep on the couch, but i'll get over it.
Now change. Quick. We have to get to the velvet fox
Before the cops do.
(lively latin intro playing)
¶ cao, cao, cao ¶
¶ maní picao, cao, cao ¶
¶ cao, cao, cao ¶
¶ maní picao, cao, cao ¶
¶ what the people want ¶ ¶ cao, cao ¶
¶ oh, the people say ¶ ¶ cao, cao... ¶
¶ but the people like it ¶ ¶ cao, cao ¶
¶ oh, the people dance it ¶ ¶ cao, cao... ¶
¶ quiquiriquí picao ¶
¶ quiquiriquí picao... ¶
¶ quiquiriquí picao ¶
¶ atop the table, maní picao, cao, cao ¶
¶ what do i care? ¶ ¶ cao, cao ¶
¶ i live my life ¶ ¶ cao, cao... ¶
¶ what do you care? ¶ ¶ cao, cao ¶
I'm working.
And if you don't want anyone to know you're a cop,
You're gonna pretend you're having a good time, darling.
Well, seeley booth,
You make these tired eyes want to see clearly again.
Temperance brennan. Temperance, caroline.
She owns the fox. Brennan: We're looking
For james aubrey. Oh.
If you're smart, sugar, you'll stick with seeley.
Booth: We're here on business, caroline.
Well, you don't need an eagle to spot him, sugar.
He's the one with the spoiled little rich girl.
Thanks, caroline. Shall we? ¶ quiquiriquí picao ¶
¶ atop the table, maní picao, cao, cao ¶
¶ give me a light... ¶
Booth, old sport. Good to see you.
Yes. Very good.
Champagne? No, thank you. We're here about eva braga.
Booth, old sport,
Tell this lovely woman that i never kiss and tell.
Booth: Right.
Well, we're gonna make an exception this time, old sport.
Daisy: Yes, jimmy.
Don't mind me,
As long as the story's good enough.
Eva braga is dead-- murdered.
Yes, this is going to be a good story.
Eva? Well, that's dreadful.
Positively dreadful.
Eva was paying your tab in south america, right?
I don't know what you're talking about, old sport.
He means...
You need to find women like me to bankroll you.
It don't make no never mind to me.
Jimmy's a hoot,
And calling him "boyfriend"
Annoys daddy to no end.
Aubrey: Okay, so the cupboard's a bit bare, old sport,
But dead or alive, how would i get evie's money?
Brennan: You didn't need her money.
Just her jewels.
And with her out of the way...
Aubrey: I'd never kill anyone, my dear.
It's them that you should talk to.
They were on the boat when evie came over.
You see, she got bored with me in rio, and then i heard
That she took up with the cuban
On the boat. The singer's his wife.
Can't imagine she was too happy about that.
The fuzz is here. I figured you'd want to know.
Right. Okay, let's dance.
No, too dangerous. I'll distract them
So you can talk to the singer. You owe me a dance, darling.
If you say anything to the cops, old sport, you're toast.
Daisy: Oh, jimmy,
You have the best friends.
¶ quiquiriquí picao ¶
¶ atop the table, maní picao, cao, cao ¶
¶ ¶
¶ eh, maní picao, cao ¶
¶ maní picao, cao... ¶
(indistinctly): Hey, can you tell me...
¶ ¶
¶ quiquiriquí picao ¶
¶ quiquiriquí picao... ¶
¶ quiquiriquí picao ¶
¶ atop the table, maní picao, cao, cao ¶
¶ cao, cao, cao ¶
¶ maní picao, cao, cao ¶
¶ eh, maní pi-- ¶
Hey. What...?
Who are you? What are you doing?
¶ cao, cao, cao ¶
¶ maní picao, cao, cao... ¶
Who the heck are you? Let me go.
When i get some answers, doll.
Answers? What kind of answers?
Like who killed eva braga, 'cause right now,
It's looking like you. Yeah, why would i
Kill eva braga? Because she was on the boat
Having an affair with your husband.
What? She and rodolfo?
(speaking spanish)
You contemptible cuban cad. How could you sleep with her?
Who? Eva braga.
(speaking spanish)
(groans) i hate you.
(speaking spanish)
Seeley. The heat's closing in.
We got to boogie, man. I'm still trying to get
These chowderheads to talk. No time.
Your girlfriend's in the car.
Come on. Come on. All right.
All right, all right.
I'm going to kill you!
(rodolfo speaking spanish)
Come over here right now.
You get over here.
(speaking spanish)
I thought i was an early bird.
I guess i'm the one who wants to catch the worm. Coffee?
I think it's time you answered some questions, booth.
No "thank you" for the coffee?
Thank you.
Are you protecting sarge?
Is he who we're looking for?
(chuckling): If you think sarge
Is the one who killed eva, you are a very bad
Judge of character. I'm suspicious.
It's part of the job description.
You don't have a job anymore, remember?
But since you asked...
Out of uniform, sarge wouldn't hurt a fly.
He's seen enough killings; so have i.
But you paid him. I take care of him.
Like he took care of me at omaha beach.
Are you having second thoughts about me?
Do you really care?
I shouldn't.
(phone ringing)
Thanks, angela.
The inspector and my father know
I was with you at the fox last night.
One of the officers saw us leaving.
They're sending a team out to look for us.
I hate to run before i had my coffee.
Well, then knock it back, because we've got to scram.
These are eva braga's clothes, taken from her closet.
Should help us to positively identify this poor woman.
Size-four shoe. Impossible.
Look at the calcaneus and the phalanges.
Eva braga was too large to fit into these shoes.
Bring me the dress.
The woman only wore the latest fashions.
If this is her dress,
It should fall to the middle of her tibia.
Look at the length of the femur.
She's at least
Four inches too tall for a dress like this.
Eva braga doesn't seem to be able
To fit into her own clothes. Which means
That this is probably not eva braga.
What do you mean, it's not eva braga?
That's what the professor said.
The woman in the safe was five-eight-and-a-half.
None of eva braga's clothes fit her.
Wait a second. Aubrey was seeing eva braga
When he was in brazil.
If i had a sketch of the dead woman,
Maybe aubrey could i.D. Her.
She must have some connection to braga.
Well, the professor can show
What a dinosaur looked like from the bones.
Angela is an artist.
Perhaps she and the professor
Can make a sketch
Using the victim's skull.
We have to get to a phone.
Now i know why you got suspended.
They're all jealous of you.
Aubrey. Hey.
Seeley, old sport.
Where's your beautiful police officer?
Listen, i don't have much time.
Pity. I was hoping we could all get a drink.
They're trying to frame me for eva braga's murder.
Well, that's a frightful inconvenience. And it turns out
That the dead woman's not even eva.
The murder victim-- you recognize her?
(chuckling): Seriously, old sport?
You don't know who this is? I don't think
I'd be asking if i did, old sport.
Okay, then. While not the best rendering, this is...
(squishing thud, aubrey groans)
Aubrey, are you okay?
(people screaming and shouting)
Brennan: Whoever killed that woman
Must have killed aubrey to keep him from talking.
Makes sense.
You need another scotch?
A double.
He ditched me.
Why would booth take off and ditch me? He must have had
His reasons, sugar. Or he was looking out
For his own skin because the heat was closing in.
Not seeley.
All any of us really know about him
Is that he's a thief.
That doesn't make me feel any better.
You know why that man steals, sugar?
For justice.
To right the wrongs he's seen.
Eva braga was his last job.
I don't understand.
He saw horrible things in that war.
D-day, liberating the camps, all the friends he lost.
There were people who made money from that war.
Lots of it.
They'd sell to hitler as easy as our side.
It didn't matter to them as long as they made a profit.
Seeley couldn't let that stand.
So he stole from them?
And gave the money to his chums
Who were having a rough time since they came home.
He said it was his way of making things right.
You fell for robin hood, sugar.
(chuckles) i haven't fallen for him.
Then i stand corrected.
But i don't believe you.
Phone call for you, miss brennan.
This is brennan.
I have discovered cause of death.
There was still blood in the fracture on the parietal.
That's a bone in the head.
Also slivers of polished wood.
I believe she was pushed down a flight of stairs.
And the explosion?
The decay of the nitroglycerin in the trabecular
Tells me that the explosion took place
Three hours before the remains were discovered.
Thank you, professor.
No. I should be thanking you.
You have opened up an entire new branch
Of forensic science, young lady.
I'll talk to you soon.
Good news?
Booth couldn't have killed her.
He was nowhere near the house at time of death.
Singer: Hey! Hey!
Hi. Sorry i left you back there. Lately, people have
A tendency to die around me. Let me go, you brute.
Booth: Look at this.
You recognize her?
I don't know.
(speaking spanish)
You know you're always too late, don't you?
Yes. I will work on that.
Who is this?
She might have been with eva braga.
I don't know. The woman
You said you were fooling around with
On the boat, who said she was
Eva braga-- what'd she look like?
This is awkward, señor.
Answer, fuentes.
She was...
I'm sorry, mi amorcita.
She was tall, dark, exotic, with a sultry beaut...
Pretty loose with those adjectives, you louse.
Goodness gracious, booth, this is eva braga.
What? The maid.
It was the maid, booth.
The maid killed eva braga.
What? The maid? Come on!
(speaking spanish)
Brennan: Aubrey was killed
Because he knew the real eva braga.
Because he met her in rio, not on the boat.
So it was the maid on the boat?
Yes. And those were her clothes
They tried on eva.
That's why they didn't fit.
She stole eva's jewels, took off,
Posing as eva on the boat.
So then the real eva found out her jewels were missing,
Figured out the maid took them and came after her.
The maid kills eva to protect her secret
And frames you because she knows
You'll be coming after her jewels.
How would she know that?
Because eva braga's family
Got rich during the war selling arms
To hitler on the black market.
She knew you'd never let that stand,
Not when you have sarge and peewee
And the others to take care of.
You seem to have me all figured out.
I'm a detective, remember?
Got it. State route 34. See you in 15 minutes.
(grunts) my god.
What are you doing here? You're the man they're looking for.
You get away from me. And you. Save your breath, baby.
We know you killed eva.
Me? That's absurd. And you killed aubrey
Because he was going to give you away.
That's why you're leaving.
No, i'm leaving because i no longer
Have an employer.
What are you doing?
Brennan: The light refracted off this crystal
Will create a prism which will show
If there are blood traces anywhere.
Like there on the banister.
A real maid would've cleaned better, camille.
You're brilliant. Of course i am.
Why is everyone always surprised by that?
You are under arrest for the...
Both of you. In the closet.
Put the gun on the floor and slide it
Over here, or i'll kill him.
Booth: Don't do it.
I've taken plenty of bullets in my day.
Move it.
Open the closet and get in.
We should probably try to escape.
Yes, i imagine we should.
You, come with me. What? No.
You can't... Yeah, i can, chump,
'cause i'm the one calling the shots here.
And if you ever want to see your girl again,
You'll stay put. Move.
¶ ¶
Clemens: The maid? Bray: That's what caroline told me.
Told you?
Sure. People talk when they don't hate you.
You should try it sometime.
Well, i don't believe you.
Booth has to be the killer.
I believe him. Clemens: You're just trying
To save your daughter.
His daughter is brilliant, jeeves.
I wouldn't have been able to give this beautiful artist
The victim's description
Without his daughter's visionary help.
Montenegro: You really
Think i'm beautiful, doc?
The golden ratio
Is hard to argue with, miss montenegro.
As is the forensic fact
That the murder occurred three hours before
Mr. Booth entered the house. You actually believe all this?
Max: Yes, i do.
So, inspector, you're not needed here anymore.
Are you serious?
Very serious.
Now you get out of here, you bombastic twit.
This is absurd.
You will be hearing from interpol.
So the braga house is empty. Where is the maid? Bray: No idea.
No idea where miss brennan or booth are, either.
Start the plane! Start the plane.
Get this duffel out of the trunk.
What are you, deaf?
Sometimes. I said move it!
We gotta get out of here, now!
Hold your horses, little lady,
First, there's the issue of my fee.
Oh, good lord! Can't that wait? 'fraid not.
I've already gassed her up, changed the oil...
Okay, okay. ...Checked the plugs...
Now we're talking.
What do you have in here,
A dead body? Unconscious,
But not dead yet.
We'll dump her over the ocean to finish her off.
That's gonna be extra.
Time to board!
Go, go, go!
Get this bucket of bolts moving now!
Go, go, go!
Get this tub off the ground! Move it!
¶ ¶
All this dough i paid you
And you couldn't get me a door that works?
I didn't know you wanted the luxury getaway package.
Oh, shut up and help me!
Then who flies the plane?
Oh, no, you don't!
You got your seat belt on?
Are you kidding me?!
Better safe than sorry.
Just fly this thing!
(brennan grunting)
Bad move, chump.
Booth: Thank you, darling.
I mean, temperance.
Now, we're all gonna stop fighting.
What's that racket?
What in blazes is going on back here?
Uh-oh. Don't stand there, lindbergh, do something!
¶ ¶
Don't even think about it.
My jewels!
Ah! Ah, geez.
Forget the jewels!
Are you kidding?
Did she...?
Yeah. Greed has that effect on people.
But you solved the case, detective.
And now we're going to die.
Oh, no, i would never let that happen.
¶ ¶
(laughing) see?
This is why i like to drive.
Oh, now, look at you, huh? You got what you wanted.
You're a detective now, with a medal of honor, to boot.
You know i couldn't have done it without you, booth.
Honey, i just got word from the department...
And you are going to head up
The new office of forensic anthropology.
Thanks, chief.
Dad. Ah, come here.
Look at you. You did it.
Hey, i... I'll call you bones now.
Hey... You watch yourself,
Or she'll be on you like a cheap suit.
Right. Well, we wouldn't want that, now, would we?
How 'bout that picture, detective brennan?
(blues playing)
Booth: Thanks for letting me drive.
Only seems fair.
Wait a second.
Didn't you have to turn that in? I thought that was evidence.
It fell out of the plane, remember?
You surprise me.
There's a time for the law
And a time for justice, darling.
Darling? Yes.
And tonight belongs to justice.
Oh, lord have mercy.
(resumes playing guitar)
There is one more thing.
We haven't kissed yet.
That doesn't seem like justice to me.
What's that mean?