Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 42 - Bluey - full transcript

Bluey, Bingo and Dad always take the bins out. Over a few weeks, Bingo tells dad about a new kid at kindy who is mean to her and Mum offers some good advice.

Hi, bins!

Hey, those dogs are back.

Ooh, they've got food.
Gimme, gimme.

Om nom nom nom!

Great curry. Oh, that's good.

Nom nom nom. Burnt rice.

That's not so good.

Oh, wait, are these... Yeah.

Spring rolls! Om nom nom!

Hey, man. What about me?

Just cardboard tonight, yellow bin.

That's cool, man.
I love cardboard.

Hey, how was kindie, Bingo?

Good. There's a new kid.

His name's Banjo.

Oh, way to go. What's he like?

I don't know.

Hi, Doreen.

Oh, your bin's full.

Mr Crow will be coming tomorrow.

Yeah, Mr Crow!

Night, girls.

Night, bins!
Night, bin.

This episode of Bluey
is called Bin Night.

Good one, Bluey!

Hey, Bingo,

why don't you try and play
with Banjo today?


it can be hard being the new kid.

He might like having someone
to play with.

OK, Mumma.

Bin man's here!


There it goes.

Hooray! Thanks, bin man!

Come on. Let's get to school.

Can I be a bin lady when I grow up?

If you like.


Hi, moon.

Frosty breath.

Yellow bin, where are you?

It's not yellow bin's turn, red bin.

I miss you, yellow bin.

It's OK, red bin.

I think they're sisters.

Hey, how was kindie, Bingo?


Wait, no. Bad.

Oh, why bad?

Banjo called me a Bobo head.

What's a Bobo head?
I don't know.

Did he call anyone else a Bobo head?

he called everyone a Bobo head.

Oh, OK.

Well, still, not nice, Banjo.

Ooh, bin's full this week, girls.

We had a barbie!

Mr Crow will definitely
be coming tomorrow.

I'll be ready!

Good one, Bluey.

Hey, Bingo, if someone at kindie
calls you a name,

just tell Mrs Retriever, OK?

OK, Mumma.

Mum, can I be a scarecrow
when I grow up?

If you like.

Thanks, bin man!

OK, team.

Let's get to school.

How was kindie, Bingo?

Good. And bad.

Banjo called me a Bobo head.


What did you do?

I told Mrs Retriever.

And what did she say?

She said, "Well, Bingo,
are you a Bobo head?"

And I said, "No,"
and she said, "Well, there you go."

So I played in the sandpit
with Felix.

Nice work, Bingo.

Oh, there's not much rubbish today.

Why you no feed me properly?

Oh, come here.

Oh, far out, Doreen.

Kids, go and give her a hand.

Thanks, girls.

I had the ladies
from mahjong around.

Don't worry.
I'll keep your bin safe.

Thanks, Bluey.

Well done, Bluey!

How was kindie, Bingo?

Good. Banjo called me a Bobo head.

Oh, what did you do?

I said, "Banjo,
I'm not a Bobo head."

What did Banjo do?

He ran off and threw his hat in the
bubbler, so I played in the sandpit.

Oh, well done, Bingo.

Hey, what's with all the salad?

Sorry, red bin.
That's OK.

Dad, are there aliens on the moon?

Yeah, maybe.

Mum, can I be an astronaut
when I grow up?

If you like.


Thanks, bin man!

Ah! It's too wet!

Hi, Doreen's bin.

Hi, Bluey and Bingo's bin.

Oh, you look full.

Yeah, these guys eat a lot.

Hey, Bingo, are you OK?

Banjo said my arms are too stubby
to reach the monkey bars.

Oh, man, this Banjo.

He said they're too stubby
for me to be four.

He said I must still be two.

But I'm not two. I'm four.

And what did you say?

I said, "I'm not stubby"
and then Felix said, yes, I am.

Oh, come here, mate.

Thanks for telling me, kid.

It's good to get that stuff out,
isn't it?

You know, Bingo, when I was your age
I was a bit stubby.


We're heelers. We're a bit stubby.

But we're tough.


Hi, moon.

How was kindie, Bingo?

I can hang on the monkey bars
longer than anyone else.

Oh, way to go.

And how's Banjo?

Good. And bad.

He called Felix a Bobo head.

I hope Felix told Mrs Retriever.

He threw Banjo's hat in the bubbler.


It made Banjo cry,
so I played with him in the sandpit.

We're friends now.

Oh, good one, Bingo.

Hey, yellow bin, you sure you
meant to be here tonight?

Oh, good question.

Hey, Doreen,
is it both bins tonight?

Don't ask me. I just copy you.

No, it's only red bin tonight.

You sure?

It's only both bins
when the moon is a big moon,

or a half-moon or a no moon.

And tonight's not any of them.

Look, it's a smiley moon.

That's my favourite.

Oh, you clever little dog.

Oh, Bluey, I think you'll be
a scientist when you grow up.

Oh, can I?

If you like.

Maybe I can invent a robot
that takes the bins out for you.

Oh, I hope not.

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