Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 51 - Bluey - full transcript

When Mum goes out to a baby shower, Dad takes charge of the girls' evening routine. But with Bluey missing Mum, Dad has to pull out all the games he knows to keep them entertained.

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[up-tempo music plays]

[music stops]

[all] Mum!

[music resumes]

[music stops]

[all] Dad!

[music resumes]

[music stops]

[all] Bingo!

[music resumes]

-[music stops]
-[all] Bluey!



Look at those big muscles!


Sorry, Bingo.
You slipped.

I'll see you in the morning, kids.

I don't want you to go.

I know, sweetie,

but Mummy has to go
to a baby shower tonight, okay?

-Oh! Again!


Will I already be asleep
when you get back?

Yes, but I'll still come in
and give you a kiss good night.

But I won't feel it!

Yes, you will.

Who'll put us to bed?

Your dad!

It's a Daddy putdown.



Don't worry, Bluey.
I'm all over it.


Whoa! That was a close one.

No more of that game.

[Bluey] This episode of Bluey
is called Daddy Putdown.

[horn honks]


Okay, kids, what should we do?

Ring Mum and ask her to come back.

We're not doing that.

But I miss her!

Well, let's take your mind off it.

How about we play a game?

Let's play Follow the Leader!


[Bluey and Bingo giggling]

-[both] Ooh!

I'm your Magnificent Leader,
and you have to follow me.

You kids got that?

[both] Yes, Leader!

[both giggle]

Now off to a better tomorrow!

♪ Follow, follow, follow
the Leader ♪

♪ Something, something,
united, we are strong ♪


♪ Follow, follow,
follow-- ♪

Oh, hello, there!

I-- What?!

[both giggle]

You were supposed to
be following me!

[both laugh]

Get back in line!

Sitting around will not be tolerated!

♪ Follow, follow, follow
the Leader ♪


I'd best check on these followers

to make sure
they are indeed following me.

Hey! What?

[both giggle]

Where are they?!

They've gone again!

[both giggle]

Where are you?!



[all screaming]

I demand you come back at once!

[both giggling]

Where's that giggling coming from?


Where are those cheeky followers?

[both giggle]

There's that giggling again!

[both quietly]
One, two, three...

-Boo! Booooooo!


You little traitors!

-[Dad growling]
-[Bluey and Bingo screaming]

[all] Oof!

[Bluey and Bingo giggle]


Oh, no, mate.

The Magnificent Leader needs a break.

I miss Mum!

Maybe that game wasn't swingy enough.

I know!

Come Here and Go Away!




Okay, kids, come here.

Now, the thing is--


Come here!

So, as I was saying--


I said, come here!

Right. So--
What? Aah!

[both giggle]

Now play Go Away!

Okay. Go away!


-[both laugh]
-I said, go away!

-We're back.

Go away!

[both laughing]

You still missing Mum?


The games only take my mind off it
for a little while.

Please, can you tell her
to come back?


Thanks, Dad.


It's just that she was really look forward
to this baby shower.

I don't understand it.

Why would you want to watch
some stinky baby have a shower?

[both laugh]


That's not what a baby shower is!

Yeah, it is.

Mum and all her friends go into town
and give some dirty baby a wash.


That's not a baby shower!

You don't really
think that, do you?

Well, then, what is it?

It's a party for a lady
who has a baby in her belly!


You know that.

Are there presents?


But they're all for the baby.


What presents
does a baby want?

Oh, I don't know.
Like bibs and rattles and stuff.

Yeah, and onesies.

Oh, yeah. Babies love onesies.

And are there games?

Oh, yeah. I think so.

Like Guessing the Baby Name
game and stuff.

Yeah, and Pregnant Lady
Obstacle Course.

Well. There you go.

It's ringing.

Hang the phone up.

Oh. Okay.


Hey, where are you going?

I think I thought of a game.

[toys squeak]

Okay, ready, Bingo!


Snowdrop, Mummy has to go
to the baby shower now.

Okay, Mumma.

No. Bingo, you have to be sad.

Oh, okay.

No, Mumma. No go!
Me sad.

Oh, don't worry, sweetheart.

Bye, Mumma.

Sorry I'm late.

Snowdrop really didn't
want me to leave.

Who's starting
the baby shower?

My guess is... a boy!


Oh, another onesie.




Bye, everyone!

I've got to go home now!

[keys clatter]

[up-tempo music plays]